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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  July 15, 2019 6:00pm-7:01pm +03

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really the iranians have to see some action from the europeans words are no longer enough statements declarations are no longer what the iranians are looking for they're looking for concrete action from the remaining signatories of the deal the iranian foreign minister is in new york for 6 days where he will have a series of meeting at the united nations including meeting the secretary general antonio terrace where we believe that he will discuss the future of this nuclear deal now the iranian president hassan rouhani on sunday applauded zarif and his team for signing this deal 4 years ago exactly on sunday and he said that with this one single agreement the iranians were able to abolish 6 united nations security council resolutions against them so it's a very very important deal for them but they are really seriously doubting whether or not it will have a future because the have started to scale back their commitment to this agreement because they say they've simply not seen all the benefits that they were promised
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since the united states withdrew from the deal last year and imposed a series of oil and banking sanctions on the country so really they are hoping that today's meeting in brussels will come out with some tangible results for the iranians so they will have some hope in the future of this deal. thank you. still ahead on al-jazeera slowing down a trade war with the u.s. is one of the factors driving china's worst economic growth figures in years and monsoon rain leads to devastating floods across india nepal and bangladesh details in a moment. logan it's good to have you back well here just to the east of the philippines we're going to be watching the potential of a cycle in developing and as you can see on our satellite there's plenty of clouds
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out there and we do start to see a circulation developing as we go from tuesday and into wednesday making its way towards the northeastern part of the philippines now at this point on wednesday we're not really sure if this system is going to develop into a travel to freshen with tropical storm but we do expect to see plenty of rain across those on anywhere between $150.00 to possibly $250.00 millimeters of rain as it makes its way towards the area so we're going to be watching that very carefully i want to now take you down here towards parts of australia we had one big major weather system pushing through the southeast now the system is pushing into the tasman sea as you can see the clouds right there the big problem that is still lingering with this is the gusty winds now here on the analysis chart notice these lines right here those ice apart so when those isobars a closer together that means it's going to continue to stay windy going here towards tuesday the winds are going to continue across much of that area we're talking parts of tasmania victoria as well as into new south wales so expect to see those winds really start to gradual gradually slow down across much of the area up here towards britain though plenty of sun in your forecast we do expect to see
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attempt a few of about 21 degrees. fly cattle and experience economy class like never before qatar airways going places together.
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hello again the top stories on al-jazeera the former south african president jacob zuma has told an inquiry into government corruption that he is the target of a conspiracy zuma was forced from office last year accused of overseeing the mass looting of state funds. european foreign ministers are meeting in brussels to find ways to convince iran and the u.s. to start a dialogue after months of tension britain's foreign secretary says the window to save the 2050 nuclear deal with the one is closing. the hong kong leader has further anger protesters demanding her resignation by calling them riots or as she made the comments at a hospital where 3 police officers injured were injured during clashes on sunday we're being treated tens of thousands of people in hong kong are opposing a proposed extradition bill with china and with more rallies planned in the coming
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weeks the police say they want better protection let's talk about this with the. she's joining us from hong kong and carrie lamb did condemn the violence that she described was committed against the police is the statement surprising coming from her government. no it isn't and it's also signals an impasse basically. 0000 of the of the current situation we're seeing basically that there is no change in the position of her administration and it is in and and it is unlikely that it will it is it isn't surprising for the protesters we've spoken to and it may signal just a continuation of the protests here. we've seen over the past few days violence breaking out in protests that start off as peaceful it remains to be seen just how the administration is going to solve this problem simply because we were
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seeing young protesters a lot of people here in hong kong venting their ire on the police actually calling them abusive asking them to do to back off during rallies and to stop being violence both sides are actually accusing each other both sides of violence so this is not surprising the statement of kerry lamb what it seems basically is an impasse that there is no change in its policy and it's unlikely basically that they're just going to be any concessions that will be acceptable for both sides and speaking of the. hong kong police association is now asking for improved protection a very private homes they say they're more more concerned about their physical security what are we to make about. well that letter was issued yesterday was made public basically junior officers asking for better protection particularly for their families they see themselves as oppressed by the the current state of affairs here in hong kong but if we look at what the
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protesters are saying and what the police or so. both sides feel oppressed in this situation but we've seen how rallies turn out on saturday we've seen the police surrounded by processors outnumbered we've seen bottles throwing umbrellas thrown at each other we've seen pepper spray is used by police against protesters sunday last night was also different here in hong kong the police managed to push them back they managed to disperse they were the protesters were cornered off in the mall we've seen videos of both sides to be violent but i guess what this reveals though this letter all of these are again it's basically a sense of basically it to a certain degree and needs for a better. i guess strategy for the government to deal with over the last few years and even during that 2014 berlin movement there has been no violence that is comparable to what is happening over the last month and the last 2
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days we've seen the level of violence and the chaos scaleup both sides accusing each other of violence the police saying they feel oppressed protesters are saying this is police brutality then it is what this clearly needs to be done is basically the administration to come over and find a better solution a proposal where both sides can find concessions to. talk and thank you south korea's president who's urged to resume talks on an escalating trade row. recent restrictions on high tech exports to south korea will be harmful to the japanese economy treated for talks on the dispute last week but failed to reach agreement meanwhile thousands of small business owners have rallied in south korea's capital calling for a boycott on japanese goods the restrictions imposed by japan are seen as retaliation for a recent south korean court rulings which ordered japanese companies to pay
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compensation for forced labor during world war $2.00. well china's economy has grown at its weakest pace in more than a quarter of a century data for the world's 2nd largest economy shows it grew at just 6.2 percent in the 2nd quarter of the year the slowdown follows lower domestic consumer and business demand and made an ongoing trade war with the united states when he has more from beijing. well the chinese government weren't set out right but there's no doubt they will be concerned about some of the economic numbers that are coming out it wasn't all doom and gloom on the release of these latest figures there were some bright spots retail sales and industrial output both showed some positive signs in the 2nd quarter of the year industrial output in particular will be welcomed because that sick to had been struggling recently resulting in many factories around china laying off staff but it's the overall trend in economic
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growth that has been falling that will be causing a lot of concern really since the end of 2012 it's been declining with the odd reprieve along the way part of a global trend of course the global economy is slowing down and in fact many countries in and around the world would welcome would want to have some of the numbers that china is reporting right now but china of course needs to be looked at a little bit differently to most countries and around the world because of the remarkable economic growth that it has been through if we go back to the global financial crisis in 2009 even in that difficult time china didn't report quarterly growth below 6.4 percent well we're beneath that now so naturally that is going to be causing some concern both within china around asia and beyond and of course all this happening amid the trade dispute between china and the united states the latest trade statistics came out on friday as well showing that imports and exports
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are down and perhaps the most concerning thing is that we don't know when this trade war is going to end yes there's been a truce declared between the 2 presidents meaning no new tariffs are being placed on each other's goods but we still don't know when those face to face negotiations are going to restarts annual monsoon rains have left a trail of devastation across 3 countries in the path least 67 people have been. flash floods and landslides dozens of people are missing and 10000 others are displaced continuous rain since thursday has swamp homes and destroyed roads and bridges. and at least 10 people have died in floods in bangladesh where some of the worst damage has been in refugee camps in cox's bazar area is home to a 1000000 refugees who fled persecution in neighboring me and mar 5000 of their shelters have been destroyed. 7 people have died in northern india after monsoon rain cause the building to collapse police say rescue teams have pulled 13 people
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from the rubble but fear more are trapped under the debris the building houses the small restaurant on the guest house 30 people were inside the time. south africa government has sought to reassure people living in cape town over the deployment of the army in the city saying it's only a temporary measure the move which is expected to last 3 months is aimed at tackling the rising violence in the city's poorest neighborhoods from either miller reports. all too familiar scenes on the cape flats in cape town we communities are terrorized by gang violence and the. mobile phone footage shows opposing gangs in manenberg open fire at point blank range in a field just across from high rise flats in another video a man who we are told is a gang member shoots across a parking lot and yet another taken in hanover park shots are fired in defiance of
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police as they arrive at the scene people in these communities say they live in fear and the police have lost control and many welcome the government's decision to send soldiers to 10 areas they say of being held hostage by gangs and violence. one of them is dawn peters who has lived in manenberg for 17 years her son trevor was shot dead a month ago as he walked to the shop to buy snacks for a football match gone things she ran for cover as the shots rang out outside a home. for the guns and then but i couldn't see their faces 1st thought obviously . and so i saw. for the doors and for for them with the corner was for them shot so i knew i wasn't going to make it the fight on that side the people that these guys come in with guns. as i had rain
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the shots just. and so i just and so on and in i just it's 3 lines. aside from mourning her son dawn says she's had to plead with the other 2 sons to not take revenge for their brother's murder she says the cycle of violence has to stop we've been in manenberg for 2 days and throughout both days they've been multiple shootings on the streets around us just to further down this just been a gang shoot out that happened minutes ago and people here say that was between rival gangs we've been told not to go any closer because it's not safe. because. nobody else community leader jeremy bruce speaks at a community meeting he says it's up to people living here to keep the community safe and that deploying the army is a temporary solution to the greater problem of poverty and unemployment this
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community holds marches every week some may argue in a futile attempt to keep the community safe when it's the gangs who appear to have the power the minister of police says the military's mission will be to stabilise these areas while they continues to be uncertainty around when that will happen these narrow streets continue to be the playground of gangs with guns for me to miller al-jazeera cape town doctors have confirmed the 1st case of the ebola virus in a major city in the democratic republic of congo goma is home to a 1000000 people experts are concerned the virus could spread quickly in the densely populated area close to the border with rwanda since the latest outbreak last august's almost a 1700 victims have died the health ministry says the patient being treated in goma is a church preacher who touches the hands of who are shippers. a campaign has been launched
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in georgia tourists after a dispute with moscow led to a big fall in visitor numbers president vladimir putin a flight ban and ordered russian citizens to return home and reports from tbilisi. continues to break up the phone many russians normally have at this time of year in this part of the world from the beaches black sea to the capital city to russian tourists easy to find on the i'm going to strike group. although some of them are ethnic russians who were initially quite scared about making the trip. here because i watched and. i came here and. in fact is ok. nations should live to get. our history. shows that we love each other. without mentioning him by name
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many people are blaming vladimir putin for all this problem what's happening now is a fight but. a campaign to try to persuade people. to come to georgia. spend in georgia and started growing and growing it really went viral and currently there are 265000 members and around 40 percent of. what started as a small facebook campaign among young volunteers as quickly morphed into something much bigger the campaign is also reaching out to russians but you can also see that there are a lot of people who are against political position and politics of their own country and they just one travel freely to this country they wanted experience georgia and they are more than welcome to do so just so. it is a russian business woman who lives in georgia she says polluted has. made false
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claims that russians are safe here i don't feel it now and i don't feel old damn i live here i live here 8 years and old georgian people are old time was a very a very friendly. and now it's not change the georgian government heard forecast more than $1800000000.00 russian tourists would visit this year now one bank is predicting half that number and $300000000.00 of revenue will be lost if the flight band goes on the placing that short for with new markets will be hard if not impossible andrew simmons al-jazeera to please. hello again the headlines on al-jazeera former south african president jacob zuma has told an inquiry into government corruption that he is the target of a conspiracy zuma was forced from office last year accused of overseeing the mass
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looting of state funds i've been a subject of. talk in this country for. more than a decade it's. been vilified. to. the killing of. corrupt people european foreign ministers are meeting in brussels to find ways to convince iran and the u.s. to start dialogue after months of tension earlier iran's president said his government is willing to talk to the u.s. if washington lifts economic sanctions and returns to the 2015 nuclear deal. we are totally committed to keeping the middle east the new. if you close the weapons and other countries in the region with us comes
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a very very tough dangerous situation so we are looking to find a way to pursue the nuclear deal which we think is the best way of keeping the middle east is a nuclear weapon free. iran is still a good year away from developing nuclear weapons we think there is still some closing thoughts window to keep the. hong kong's leader a carillon has further angered protesters demanding her resignation by calling them rioters she made that comment at a hospital where 3 police officers were injured during clashes on sunday we're being treated tens of thousands of people in hong kong are opposing a proposed extradition bill with china and will monsoon rain have left a trail of devastation across 3 countries in nepal at least $67.00 people have been killed in flash floods and landslides the rain has also displaced a 1000000 people in northeast india and flooded refugee camps and bangladesh. those
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are the headlines on al-jazeera witness is up next then it's the news hour with so hell raman thanks for watching back. as iraq rebuilds itself following years of conflict women struggle to play a bigger role politically and domestic violence also remains a problem. some of the brave women battling abuse talked al-jazeera about the struggles they faced and their pursuit of justice.
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night going to be a one of up one of those but i think on it and they get one of the all of the. endianness know me and. you know the little bit of what i thought of my mother in the ending with my name i am innocent but let me. the story goes that the statue of an ancient greek gold he beat the waves for millenia. until a palestinian fisherman on earth the priceless relic. the story continues but as the world's attention was drawn to. mysteriously the day it disappeared once again. the apolo of gaza. on
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a. business updates brought to you by qatar airways going places together. business updates brought to you by qatar airways going places together. in the
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127118 accounted italian agent set out on an extraordinary journey i mean travelled the furthest reaches of the muslim marco polo as world feel radically altered beijing the city established by quickly caught is still today china's strong economy now and china is again a superpower we reflect on how the relationship between east and west has changed. marco polo on al-jazeera. this is al jazeera. columns that all right when you're watching al-jazeera news are live my headquarters here in doha coming up in the next 60 minutes. i've been vilified.
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too. of. course that. accused of abusing state finances south africa's former president jacob zuma faces a corruption inquiry also we think there is still some closing thoughts when you go to keep the deal allies britain says the iran nuclear deal is not dead as a european foreign ministers gather in brussels. and hong kong's leader further inflame tensions with protestors as she calls them rioters. and in sport england are celebrating their 1st ever title win at the cricket world cup the host nation beating new zealand. played final. welcome to the news our former south african president jacob zuma is making a defiant appearance before a public inquiry saying there is
6:50 pm
a conspiracy against him as he faces questions about government corruption during his time in office now the commission is looking into allegations that he oversaw the mass looting of state funds most of the accusations and link to his relationship with the wealthy family they're accused of using their links with zuma to influence government policy and when lucrative business contracts the inquiry is all part of the current president several rubber poses pledge to clear out corruption but he replaces zuma last year when he was ousted from the ruling a.n.c. party zuma denies all the allegations against him. i've been a subject of. talk in this country for more than a decade i've been vilified.
6:51 pm
alleged to be the king of. corrupt people. are we toss our correspondent joins us now from johannesburg and obviously we've seen a little bit of what zuma has but he really has come out fighting. he has when he started speaking he said that at some point he's going to name officials he says are corrupt but he asked commissioners to give him some time to inform these individuals so that when the names are fired near a doubt at this commission they will be prepared right now he's giving his side of the story and he says he's angry he seems to fire and he says he's doing this because he's been provoked he feels that this commission was set up to target him specifically he says there's a plot to remove him from the scene a conspiracy against him and he says this plot goes all the way back to the dine 190 s. when during his time when he was in intelligence and afterwards and he says he thinks it's because he knows too much he gave
6:52 pm
a history of the corruption allegations that he's been through from his 2009 corruption case to where he was accused of using taxpayers' money to upgrade his private residence he gave a long history of why he thinks he's being victimized and he basically was trying to give his side of the story telling people that he really feels a bigger forces here a player out to target him fairly he will be at this commission for about 5 days but commissioners have said to him that if they feel they need to bring him back to display more things to give more details then they will do that at a later stage for him and of course are all huge implications horror to what ever he says because everyone in that ruben outside of it is hanging on every word. exactly and every time he's opened his mouth to say something literally people have been sitting on the edge of these seats trying to figure out what is he going to say next is he going to implicate any senior officials and that is what some people
6:53 pm
here are waiting to see he's threatening to give. this list who is on this list or what i think and when the name is right now and what is the way forward zuma has always said or in or for a couple of months he is not corrupt he said sometimes in the past some senior officials have used his name when he was president to try and thirdly personal interests for example an official could approach an investor and say i know jacob zuma i'm close to jacob zuma so if you give me a cut in the deal our next you are awarded a contract for example but some south africans blame jacob zuma for the corruption that happened under his watch when he was president for 9 years they blame him for the money that's gone missing they blame him for the state of the quitely right now but that said those who are here inside that room who are supporting him who feel that this is a political witch hunt and they say that zuma is not being cheated and they are people within the ruling a.n.c.
6:54 pm
party outside players trying to target him my final question touched upon it really about the fact that there is really a court of you might say public opinion how true and after disappointing general election results the a.n.c. needs to restore not only faith in the public and the public but they lost at the ballot box but they also need to try and regain a new generation reinvigorate south africans to reassure them that they are the party that can truly look after south africa. current financial picture. exactly that is why presidents are a month or so has pledged to tackle corruption head on and this commission i suppose is one way he seemingly trying to do it but a lot of people in perth are also watching the commission very closely there is a sense from some quarters that it is one sided saying that if zuma is guilty of corruption he saw really couldn't have been the only one they are maybe some people
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who are still in the ruling a.n.c. party maybe in business it is elsewhere in the country who may have also been involved it cannot just be seen to be zoomers allies being brought to this commission they also want to see the other side as well maybe people who are. aligning with them and most of us are but also come and have the say it's very important that this is seen to be balanced and not a witch and save some analysts otherwise the outcome of the commission may not be seen as credible or for the moment we'll leave it there and join you through that i thank you roger syndrome has witnessed the close relationship between jacob zuma and the group brothers who's the author of indentured behind the scenes at gupta t.v. and joins me now live via skype from new delhi good to have you with us mr syndrome on our program you're one of the very few people really that's witnessed i believe resumed his dealings with dealings with the group has so implicated in some of these corruption allegations against the former president how would you describe the relationship between the former president and the captors. well there were very
6:56 pm
close relationship. relations that was not just between one of the group the brothers and presumably but across other families not all the people the brothers and his family especially his son done to mother who was. in the company that i was working with which was a joint venture television station present to my son had a perfectly about occurred stake in the company and there was for president zuma to get the biggest government departments in the seas to be advertisements. and a share of that who the president who must hunt so they had many flaws of any coalition i was part of the business meeting that the cover others had. and i saw from many close quarters that this is not just a relationship between a head of state and a corporate entity but it was much much more than that i can use it to paint
6:57 pm
a little bit more of the picture for us in terms of the types of deals they used to talk about it wasn't just about media deals i presume it must have gone on and talked about various other elements of south africa's infrastructure. when you know the 3 meetings that i attended at. the dentist and 2 months official residence in pretoria 2 parts one was when they discussed about the biggest challenges they were facing for their media businesses which is the television station in 7 and the newspaper read the 2nd part of the meeting was about the other businesses now i was part of the 1st. half of the plus part of that meeting and he was privy to all the discussions about having about getting minister for instance to events that they were holding. that there was enough sense for many of them in the coming they would use they would come back to britain 2 months been installed.
6:58 pm
on the even subconsciously that they were only also they would speak with him as a partner in the kind of inventor you know i was part of the team that went and give presentations and the president would speak to me and i want to see more than that company off the mark and i'm to be there about you know the speed to prevent the television station that the studio the design. even the name of the station was given by the president so that's the level of legions of that i thought i could give you one instance you know there was a time when the independent election commission of africa had an advertisement budget which they were giving to the latest television stations and newspapers and the media. did not get a stand on that and they will be angry about that in the complaint of the president that he should be and ensure that the got in line with all of that but just wasn't
6:59 pm
so and i was torn off of the meeting that they had and that the president had spoken on them through the independent election commission about about this particular issue so this was of a nation ship but it was a post of relationship as well as a business in a sense of. a lot of the businesses having people from prison to my family as the. company is fascinating insight service to drum thanks very much for your time from new delhi. it's the latest diplomatic effort to call months of heightened tension between iran and the united states foreign ministers from the european union countries are in brussels discussing ways to convince them to return to the negotiating table but iran's decision to enrich uranium above limits in the 2050 nuclear deal is a concern. we are totally committed to giving the middle east denuclearized if you are on the rise of nuclear weapons and other countries in the
7:00 pm
region with a particular comes a very very toxic and dangerous situation so we are looking to find a way to preserve the nuclear deal that we think is the best way of keeping the middle east as a whole nuclear weapons free. iran is still a good year away from developing nuclear weapons we think there is still some closing thoughts on the window to keep the deal alive while speaking to reporters in new york iran's foreign minister accused europe of failing to keep the nuclear deal alive there are leaders want the u.s. to lift sanctions as a precondition for talks well we have correspondents following the story in iran and at e.u. headquarters dorsetshire bari is live for us in tehran but 1st let's go to dominic kane in brussels and dominic i mean what can we expect from this meeting. well certainly there's a united for.


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