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if he does name these people who are they on what are they being accused of and what will be the way forward he was very angry very defiant throughout the day had this warning he says people are all over provoking me over provoking me i've been quiet or this time all these allegations have been thrown at me he says he has intelligence and he's not afraid to use it as kind of a warning to people that if you come up to me i'll come up to you if that happens if this list is released and these names are revealed to the public people into there for the world gets a feeling of who could have been involved in some of these corruption scandals that have dogged the country for many many years. in johannesburg thank you roger syndrome witness the close relationship between zuma and the group the brothers he's the author of indentured behind the scenes to t.v. . when they were very close relationship. they were relations that was not just between one of the brothers and president zuma but across other families and all
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the people the brothers and brings them to my family especially his son who was on the zuma who was. in the company that i was working with which was a joint venture television station present 2 months somehow to her beauty about a 3rd stake in the company and the deal there was for president zuma to get the biggest government departments in the seas to get advertisements to the station and a share of that to go to president who must run so they had been he throws a very close relationship i was part of the business meeting that's a cover others had with president obama and i saw from many close quarters that this is not just a relationship between a head of state and a corporate entity but it was much much more than that also they would speak with him as a partner in the kind of inventor you know i was part of the team that went and
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give presentations and the president would speak to me and i want to say more than that company would ask about finance it is about. the state of preparedness that the television station was at the studio the design. even the name of the station was given by the president so that's at the level of the legions of that i thought i could give you one instance you know there was a time when the independent election commission in south africa had an advertisement budget which they were giving to the biggest television stations and newspapers and the media on a stand on that and they were very angry about that in the complaint of the president elect you should be interviewed and ensure that the court dined. off of that but just wasn't there and i was torn off of the meeting that they had that. and that's because the president has spoken on their behalf through the independent election commission about about this particular issue so this was of
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a nation ship which was a post immigration ship as well as a business relationship a lot of businesses having people from prison to my family as director of the company. plenty more ahead here on the al-jazeera news hour including a renewed threat from a bowler in the democratic republic of congo person faction is detected in a densely populated area. and after another weekend of a rest home calls leader risks further inflaming tensions in refers to protest as well as rioters. burned in sports so the girls football fans see their country take another step towards their 1st africa cup of nations total. now the u.s. president is under fire for a series of racially charged tweets against democratic congresswoman told trump called the foreign born troublemakers and told them to go back from where they came
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. to has more from washington d.c. the dehumanization is not only with those families but it's also with the agents that we've had told to do this to these families their 1st time congresswoman and vocal critics of the u.s. president and it appears they've gotten under donald trump skin he took to twitter to say in part progressive democrat congress women who originally came from countries whose governments are a complete and total catastrophe should go back to the totally broken and crime infested places from which they came however 3 of the congress women were born in the u.s. not elsewhere as he suggested alexandria cortez of puerto rican descent was born in new york ayana presley is from massachusetts and russia to tell you the palestinian american was born in michigan she responded to trump's attack on social media this
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is our country and no amount of heat shield myleene from the white house is going to change that we're going to fight back together and we're going to become stronger for it please know that i'll never back down. no bully no kind of attack to silence me is going to work another target of trump congresswoman ileana omar was born in somalia came to the us as a refugee when she was a teenager and became a u.s. citizen nearly 20 years ago omar responded to trump by tweeting mr president as members of congress the only country we swear an oath to is the united states which is why we are fighting to protect it from the worst most corrupt and inept president we have ever seen the racially tinge tweets came on the same day trump said immigration officials would be conducting raids throughout the country to arrest any victim undocumented migrants with removal orders it stoked fear in
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immigrant communities of being caught up in a dragnet of mass deportations and earlier in the week trump threaten to go around the supreme court and demand people answer a question in next year's census on whether they are u.s. citizens analysts say it's all part of a trial pattern this is a president who once said that he called for the total and complete shutdown of muslims entering into the united states once referred to mexicans as the rapists once started the barack obama birth or controversy and so it's really important when you see this sort of racism zina phobia massage any islamophobia coming from the commander in chief it's really important for minority communities here in the united states to act as intersectional allies to one another ensure that he's a one term president trumps anti immigrant and racially divided undertones in the run up to the 2016 election did not prevent him from becoming president he won anyway he now likely thinks that his latest rhetoric will not hurt his chances for
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reelection next year gabriels on dough al-jazeera washington will complete the snow line from washington d.c. what is the white house saying about this. well it's really notable that the white house isn't think anything about this in fact there have been opportunities in the last 24 hours or more for white house officials to speak on national television about this most are letting the president and his words for themselves for his part donald trump has continued to tweet doubling down even early this morning here in washington once again attacking those same progressive congress women especially declaring that every time they're confronted that their defense is to call those who attacked our challenge their views as racist now we should point out in all of this says gabriel osama has reported race relations in the united states continue to be particularly fragile most are pretty shocked in the united states that these
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kind of comments are coming from the president the united states they really are something more that many people would expect sort of a disorderly elderly uncle to say it at a family reunion that most would be embarrassed not something that sort of put out in social media for all of this we should point out that the president is likely to speak a little bit later today or at least there is the opportunity to speak when he hosts a made in america forum that will be taking place in the lawn of the white house in the coming hours we do expect that the media will challenge some of these tweets and we are very eager to see what the president might have to say about that but of course that can be gabriel alluded to in his report about the timing of these comments on the back of his rights across the country it's sort of so you can get to get. u.s. policy on what's coming out of the white house and how the white house. is really
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gearing up to selling those policies nationwide in the in the light about 2020 presidential election. yeah donald trump is a master manipulator of the news narrative but it's something that he did on the campaign trail a twin. 16 he continues to do it in the white house and presumably if he wins re-election will continue to do so he's very tuned to how the media works how he can control the narrative what he's doing right now by putting out these tweets we're talking exactly about what he wants to talk about it as and some would even argue helping his reelection bid by putting out discussing these very inflammatory issues in the united states this may be a part too because donald trump is facing some testimony on capitol hill the could perhaps be unfavorable there are a number of hearings that will take place particularly in the house side this week discussing immigration issues particularly with regard to the top administration policy is there's the robert muller testimony that will be coming it was originally
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scheduled for wednesday now will be next week and we've also gotten just the last few minutes or so some new news coming out of the department of justice as well as department of homeland security that the trumpet ministration is now putting into effect starting tomorrow some new rules with respect to asylum essentially what this will do is restrict those who can claim asylum in the united states this will particularly affect those that are flooding the southern border of the united states from central america essentially arguing that if you are entering from a so-called safe country in this case it would be in mexico that you cannot claim asylum what this would do essentially is limit those who may be migrating to the united states for economic reasons really putting to the front of the line those that are claiming that they are seeking asylum because of persecution so maybe in all of this the president mindful that this is something that will be discussed is trying to get ahead of that news narrative wolf that i believe if i can we hope of
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our correspondent in washington d.c. thank you. well u.s. congresswoman spoke exclusively to al-jazeera she says the u.s. is living through what she calls a historic toni's in time and double leadership. polarization in this country really has existed for a long time and what we're seeing right now is the an earthling of the kind of cancerous that could really present. but the positive things that every time when there is a challenge there is an opportunity so because we have the most the face of president we're living in. historically traumatizing time at least in my generation in this country. and you can watch our full interview with the lamo more on saturday at 430 g.m.t.
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. when the seller is co-founder of the women's public leadership network she joins me now live from washington d.c. via skype good to have you with us on the program some may argue that the only real americans are these sort of indigenous native american indians that everyone else originates from elsewhere including trump i mean what's your reaction to what his comments have been on twitter. i have to say i had to take a moment when i saw those tweets i was not only disgusted i felt really wronged because i'm a woman of color i'm a daughter of immigrants i was born and raised in a very rural part of west virginia surrounded by predominately white people and i never realized my color because growing up in the early eighty's in southern west virginia i felt like i was just as american as everybody else and today that there is no mary i ruffin is a race that supports this president and the people overwhelmingly voted for him gave him this presidency and there's a sense in me that maybe there have been
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a lot more people who carry the sentiment that this president reflected in those tweets more so than i thought all these years i mean his own party have for the moment sort of remained quiet on the matter a lot so you for the moment are you expecting any critical comment. you know i think right now everybody is doing what they usually do with the president outlandish comments and what i say everybody i mean we're all in members of the u.s. senate and the house inside they're likely troubled and aghast lightly not believing that there is somebody who occupies the oval office clearly doesn't understand our constitution doesn't understand the values that are in strength in our constitution that these people these elected officials on the republican side are likely going to be quiet that the jury of that because they worry about their big worry about being reelected if they lose the ybor republicans nationally as well as the white
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house but you are republican yourself and so i have to ask you know does the policy performance the statements of the code it republican president and his administration really fit with who you are i mean do you still have the same ideology and stunts all the all the republican movement in the usa in 2019. yes simply put so you know i don't i don't reflect the republican electorate these days i've been a republican strategist long before president truck came down the goal of the escalator declaring his candidacy as a republican at that time myself and many established republicans who lived in washington worked for other republicans years felt that he was a joke we felt that he was hijacked the republican party big unions and i feel the same today that you answered your question do i in my inbox that with today's republican party absolutely not with you i believe in the core values of the party
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was very founded upon that i know that the party really cares about grounds i'm physically more conservative than i am socially and that's ok because i don't think this president is really a republican i think he hijacked the party and remade it in the in can eat youth image and therefore the party is going to require a real soul search after he has done it in office so the moment i would you say that this sort of stunts from president trump will affect his support base as he sort of heads towards reelection in 2020 i mean it's based still there was it's really behind to hold the base that he thinks he has. so there are 2 things here i think number one the republican electorate is not as racist as perhaps the mainstream media in the us paints it out to be accountable to the country and have a great privilege of doing so for my work over many years i have the privilege of traveling the world i can tell you there are good united states that don't hold these to white supremacist values but the real calm has been that the city present
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united states has not denounced white nationalism this primacy he's not denounced it. and that of course it has given rise to a faction of republicans that do have weak and carry racism and therefore the color of the whole party in that sentiment i think there are a lot of republicans me why at this moment secondly do i think the base is going to abandon him for remarks i don't think so because they have their full support behind him and there were 3 tribalism has meet them where he rose colored glasses or the president and therefore they weren't and got him simply because of these comments he said much worse indeed we shall see what does happen for the women we know she has been a pleasure to have you all to play with thanks very much for your insight thank you so much as to whether the his cabinet back in the states is to looking at hurricane barry well the hurricane is the over was talking about
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a depression now but really really with depression there's still some circulation as well as a lot of moisture with this particular storm so the flooding situation is still going to go on but it was a very disorganized system as you can see on satellite image we really didn't have a good circulation with the clouds but most of the rain had always been towards the east and you can see here the a lot of the video coming out showing widespread areas of flooding for parts of the wheezy ena gulf coast mississippi alabama as well as now into arkansas you can see here with the flow is coming know the air of low pressure is still in arkansas that's going to be weakening just about there but the flow of moisture is going to continue know the next few days we're still going to get that that pump. moisture as well as the flooding across much of the area and we could be seeing another $200.00 possibly $250.00 millimeters of rain in some locations so the flooding situation will continue of the next few days as long as we have this particular circulation going on in terms of that your blish and this is where we do expect to see it anywhere from arkansas and still down here towards parts of louisiana now our other story for the united states is what's going to be
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happening as we go towards mid week and later we do have a heat wave that's going to be building across much of the east coast take a look what we do expect to see for new york as we go towards the weekend not too bad for thursday friday 34 saturday 37 our normal highs are normally 29 and this is only one out of the east coast cities that will experience a he way of. thanks ken well still ahead here all the news are slowing down the trade war with the u.s. is one of the factors driving china's worst economic growth figures in years. also monsoon rains lead to devastating floods across india and nepal and it's well we'll hear from the new wimbledon champion of the world he's described as the most demanding final of his career the stories after the break. traditional wrestling family guy has a village. now it's
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a national male and female school board to. make money. their love for this unifying cultural fold. i don't play all the. senegal wrestling with reality on al-jazeera. indicates to me you have or associate those in the police department has the potential to be biased in a number of different ways there are too many opportunities for the computer to get all those officers who commit those data entry is wrong to be saying that your son the true knight is wrong to. kill becoming a suspect before the actual crime and in-depth examination into preventative policing pre-crime on al-jazeera.
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welcome back you're watching up there was news with me so rob a reminder of all top stories are europeans. and ministers are meeting in brussels to find ways to convince iran and the u.s. to start dialogue after months of tension to harness said it remains committed to the agreements along those other parties also maintain their commitment. the former south african president jacob zuma has told an inquiry into government corruption that he is the target of a conspiracy so what was forced from office last year accused of overseeing the mass looting of state funds and the us president is under fire for a series of racially charged tweets against democratic congresswoman from call them foreign born troublemakers and told them to go back from where they came.
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to health workers fighting the break in the democratic republic of congo have been murdered they were killed in their homes in north kivu province earlier doctors confirmed the 1st case of the virus in a major city go it's home to a 1000000 people experts are concerned the virus could spread quickly in the densely populated area close to the border with rwanda well since the latest outbreak last august almost 1700 people have died the health ministry says the patient being treated in gober is a church preacher who touches the hands of worshippers. while the confirmed case in goma has prompted the world health organization to reconsider whether it should declare the above break a global emergency the identification of the cases in goma could potentially be a game changer in this epidemic we are confident in the measures we have put in place and hope that we will see not for the transmission of ebola in goma
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nevertheless we cannot be too careful i have therefore decided to reconvene the emergency call me as soon as possible to assess the threat of this development catherine soy has more from nairobi in kenya. so ministry of health officials in the our congress say that the situation in. the cops all of north is pretty much under control they say that they have been preparing for months for such an outcome and have been sensitizing people as well as setting up hand washing areas in different places so they say it's unlikely that the disease is going to spread farther but it's always a concern because this is one of the major cities in the congo has about a 1000000 people living there it's right at the border with this man whose case was confirmed is actually a pastor who had traveled to about 200 kilometers north of the to pray for patients
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so he was quickly isolated or an arrival in goma and is being transported under very heavy security from the military back to the people who were with him in the bass was traveling in have also been isolated and are being vaccinated as well but we also did speak to an official of the international federation of the red cross who has just come back from those areas and he's saying that he's concerned that this seeing the disease coming back in areas like benni where it had been contained . exactly flaring up in beni again a place where we had cases of the beginning where the number of cases are gone down and where you see now. the outbreak raging again this is the new with the center of of the outbreak the ministry of health has also confirmed that 2 community health workers who were very involved in spreading awareness in some of these areas
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that have been affected in particular that they were killed on saturday night it's not clear who killed them but they have been receiving threats from their work they've been receiving threats since december and this just goes to show how precarious the security situation is in some of this areas. specific know where home combs the courage and good protesters demanding her resignation by calling the rioters she made the comment to the hospital 3 police officers injured during touches on sunday were being treated tens of thousands of people at home are opposing a proposed extradition bill with choice with more rallies planned in the coming weeks the police say they will better protection to really move from home. caroline a statement condemning the violence and basically vowing to make those responsible accountable violence committed against police force is not surprising for the protestors that just basically is a reaffirmation that there has been no change in her policy and approach the words
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how to deal with this crisis and this is essentially a trust issue the protestors also believe that their interests really are not focused on the welfare of the hong kong people as they describe it but towards more of her loyalty to beijing and mainland china in general and the letter issued by police officers junior police officers requesting for better security for their homes and their families signals basically that the police force is going through as a very difficult situation compared to the 2014 movement several years ago both sides accusing each other of violence we've seen that over the last few days it remains to be seen what sort of concessions can carry lands a government offer but what is clear though based on what the statements we've gotten from this protest here is that there won't be an end to the current situation that there will continue to protest until real political reforms are in
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place the truth will with the united states is hoping to try to it's a call to be economic growth was not slow it's the 27 of the past 3 months 6.2 percent growth the g.d.p. was down from 6.4 percent in the 1st quarter of this all important trade struggles despite tax cuts boosting spending to stimulate the world's 2nd largest economy when he wants more from beijing. well the chinese government weren't set out right but there's no doubt they will be concerned about some of the economic numbers that are coming out it wasn't all doom and gloom on the release of these latest figures there were some bright spots retail sales and industrial output both showed some positive signs in the 2nd quarter of the year industrial output in particular will be welcomed because that sick to had been struggling recently resulting in many factories around china laying off staff but it's the overall trend in economic
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growth that has been falling that will be causing a lot of concern really since the end of 2012 it's been declining with the odd reprieve along the way part of a global trend of course the global economy is slowing down and in fact many countries in and around the world would welcome would want to have some of the numbers that china is reporting right now but china of course needs to be looked at a little bit differently to most countries and around the world because of the remarkable economic growth that it has been through if we go back to the global financial crisis in 2009 even in that difficult time china didn't report quarterly growth below 6.4 percent well we're beneath that now so naturally that is going to be causing some concern both within china around asia and beyond and of course all this happening amid the trade dispute between china and the united states the latest trade statistics came out on friday as well showing that imports and exports
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are down and perhaps the most concerning thing is that we don't know when this trade war is going to end yes there's been a truce declared between the 2 presidents meaning no new tariffs are being placed on each other's goods but we still don't know when those face to face negotiations are going to restarts. south korea's president is urging japan to resume talks on their escalating trade dispute. as the japanese economy will suffer from the recent restrictions imposed on high tech exports to south korea trade negotiators failed to reach agreement in talks last week and that ban has for dozens of small business owners in the capital seoul to urge south koreans to boycott japanese goods japan's restriction of high tech exports is seen as retaliation against court rulings in south korea judges ordered japanese companies to pay compensation for forced labor during the 2nd world war. and your monsoon rains have left a trail of devastation across asia in nepal at least 67 people have been killed in
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flash floods and landslides dozens of people are missing and tens of thousands of others are displaced continuous rain since the state has swamped homes and destroyed roads and bridges at least 10 people have died in floods in bangladesh monsoon rains have swept away houses leaving thousands of people displaced some of the worst damage has been in refugee camps in cox's bazar which is home to 1000000 written go refugees and in near heavy rain and high river levels of forced thousands from their homes to the northern kitchin state is the worst affected. the monsoon rains have also caused havoc in northeast india with more than a 1000000 people displaced flash floods in the region have killed 10 people farmlands and residential areas have been submerged after rivers burst their banks so record has more. those living in northeastern india were prepared for the
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monsoon rains but not for this. so much rain has fallen the brahmaputra river has burst its banks watering up entire villages. this family is safe and now . they are among nearly a 1000000 people who have been displaced by the flooding in the state. with thousands of homes under water some have been forced to take refuge on rooftops. while others are doing all they can. protect their families from the ongoing rains . to tell each has also triggered mudslides and several people have been killed. those have turned to government run camps for relief. all farmers are worried about their crops so that. as soon as farmers began sowing and irrigating the land that's when the rain began it's been extreme 72 hours of continuous rain the water
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level kept rising and then slowly submerged our farmland nearly all of our crops have been destroyed so it's not just india affected by the heavy rains dozens have been killed in neighboring nepal and bangladesh. while this couple didn't let the rain dampen their wedding there's not much to celebrate for thousands of others here in india more monsoon rains are for cost and the floodwaters are expected to continue to rise in the coming days so to hide out and josina. so many people died in northern india after monsoon rain caused the building to collapse but police say rescue teams are full 13 people from the rubble but fear more trapped under the daybreak the building a small restaurant in the guest house 30 people were inside at the time. so to africa government leaders in south africa for reassuring people living in cape town but soldiers so to patrol the streets just temporarily troops are helping
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police tackle going crime and drugs doesn't murders a day in poor neighborhoods from either miller has bought. all too familiar scenes on the cape flats in cape town we communities are terrorized by gang violence and the. mobile phone footage shows opposing gangs in manenberg opening fire at point blank range in a field just across from high rise flats in another video a man who we are told is a gang member shoots across a parking lot and yet another taken in hanover park shots are fired in defiance of police as they arrive at the scene people in these communities say they live in fear and the police have lost control many welcome the government's decision to send soldiers to 10 areas they say being held hostage by gangs and violence. one of them is dawn peters who has lived in manenberg for 17 years her son trevor
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was shot dead a month ago as he walked to the shop to buy snacks for a football match gone things she ran for cover as the shots rang out outside a home. for the guns and then but i couldn't see their faces 1st dog obviously. and so i saw them walking for they wasn't far from when the corner was from the shot so i knew i wasn't going to make it if i had on that side of the people that these guys come with guns. as they are in the shots just. and so i just that and so on and then i just it's that era lying. aside from mourning her son dawn says she's had to plead with the other 2 sons to not take revenge for their brother's murder she says the cycle of violence has to stop we've been in manenberg for today.


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