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tv   The Colonised Society  Al Jazeera  July 15, 2019 11:00pm-12:00am +03

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and it's thought that the it got. all that but it wasn't and i was going up to the meeting that they had and that they have. really independent election commission about about this particular issue so so this was a relationship which was the relationship as well of the business relationship with a lot of businesses having people from president family as directors on the company well still ahead here on al-jazeera slowing down the trade war with the u.s. is one of the factors driving china's worst economic growth figures in the. monsoon rains lead to devastating floods across south asia.
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hello again it's good to be back well it's i want to take you down here towards the southeastern part of china particular down here towards going joe over the last few days we have seen some very heavy rain across much of the area this is due is video showing the flooding situation as it continues here now over $670000.00 people have had to be evacuated across much of this area and we're going to be seeing more rain as you can see it's going to continue over the next few weeks to the forecast map as we go towards tuesday the rain's going to continue across much of the area there but for hong kong it is going to be just cloudy conditions and very humid for you we do expect to see a temperature there of 33 degrees getting a little bit clearer so more sun coming into play in your temperature rising to about 35 as we go towards wednesday well here across india the rain has been quite hard across much of northeastern india we're talking a pall as well as proton as well you can see those clouds right there pushing through the rains going to continue here on tuesday so the flash flood threat is still a very significant problem up towards new delhi though we do expect to see some rain. yes that's going to bring the temperatures down to about 30 degrees maybe
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coming up to about 32 as we go towards wednesday but down here towards carola state rain very very heavy of the next few days bengaluru we do expect to see a temperature of 20 some degrees and i do about rain at 33. as iraq rebuild itself following the years of conflict women struggle to play a bigger role politically and domestic violence also remains a problem. some of the brave women battling abuse talked al-jazeera about the struggles they face and their pursuit of justice. life.
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welcome back to al-jazeera with me still robin a reminder of our top news stories european foreign ministers are meeting in brussels to find ways to convince iran and the u.s. to start dialogue after months of tension to iran and said it remains committed to the agreement so long as other parties also maintain their commitment. former south african president jacob zuma has told me choir into government corruption that he is the target of a conspiracy so it was forced from office last year accused of overseeing the mass looting of state funds. now the us president is under fire for a series of racially charged tweets against democratic congresswoman donald trump called the foreign born troublemakers and told them to go back from where they came under as more washington d.c. . that the human is ation is not only with those families but it's also with the
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agents that we've had told to do this tv's families their 1st time congress women and vocal critics of the us president and it appears they've gotten under donald trump skin he took to twitter to say in part progressive democrat congress women who originally came from countries whose governments are a complete and total catastrophe should go back to the totally broken and crime infested places from which they came however 3 of the congress women were born in the u.s. not elsewhere as he suggested alexandria cortez of puerto rican descent was born in new york ayana presley is from massachusetts and russia to tell you the palestinian american was born in michigan she responded to trump's attack on social media this is our country and no amount of heathfield myleene from the white house is going to
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change that we're going to fight back together and we're going to become stronger for it please know that i'll never back down no bully no kind of attack to silence me is going to work another target of trump congresswoman ileana omar was born in somalia came to the u.s. as a refugee when she was a teenager and became a u.s. citizen nearly 20 years ago omar responded to trump by tweeting mr president as members of congress the only country we swear an oath to is the united states which is why we are fighting to protect it from the worst most corrupt and inept president we have ever seen. the racially tinge tweets came on the same day trump said immigration officials would be conducting raids throughout the country to arrest any vict undocumented migrants with removal orders it stoked fear in immigrant communities of being caught up in a dragnet of mass deportations and earlier in the week trump threaten to go around
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the supreme court and demand people answer a question in next year's census on whether they are u.s. citizens and it was say it's all part of a trial pattern this is a president who once said that he called for the total and complete shutdown of muslims entering into the united states once referred to mexicans as the rapists once started the barack obama birth or controversy and so it's really important when you see this sort of racism zina phobia massage any islamophobia coming from the commander in chief it's really important for minority communities here in the united states to act as intersectional allies to one another ensure that he's a one term president trumps anti immigrant and racially divided undertones in the run up to the 2016 election did not prevent him from becoming president he won anyway he now likely thinks that his latest rhetoric will not hurt his chances for reelection next year gabriel's on dough al-jazeera washington the
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us president has doubled up with more tweets attacking the colas within the last few was. more from washington d.c. . the white house is distancing itself from the president's comments even as donald trump continues to defend his earlier tweets that many have described as not only xenophobia but also designed to divide the nation it is notable that no prominent republicans members of the president's own political party have spoken out in defense of the president the question becomes why the president is making these very inflammatory remarks in an already divided nation when it comes to race now this may have to do with a number of hearings that are set to take place on capitol hill looking into trump immigration policies this also could have something to do with the fact that the department of justice and department of homeland security have just announced that
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they are putting in place affective on tuesday new rules regarding seeking asylum that essentially will have a major impact on those migrating to the united states from countries like hunt douras nicaragua guatemala essentially making the argument that no longer will they be able to claim asylum if they have to travel through a so-called safe country in this case it would be mexico what this will do is restrict the number of people who can claim asylum essentially the attorney general bill barr saying that this will stop what he called forum shopping essentially restricting those who are claiming asylum for economic reasons living and putting to the front of the line those that are claiming asylum because they say they're facing persecution. to health workers find to be about a break in the democratic republic of congo have been murdered as they were killed in their homes in north kivu province earlier doctors confirmed the 1st case of the virus in a major city where it's home to a 1000000 people exposed to concern the virus could spread quickly in the densely
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populated area close to the border with no wonder well since the latest outbreak last august only 1700 people have died the health ministry says the patient being treated to go by is a church preacher who touches the hands of worship as. the confirmed case in goma has prompted the world health organization to reconsider whether it should declare the break a global emergency the identification of the carriers in goma could potentially be a game changer in this epidemic we are confident in the measures we are put in place and hope that we will see no further transmission of ebola in goma nevertheless we cannot be too careful i have therefore decided to reconvene the emergency committee as soon as possible to assess the threat of this development. my ruby in kenya so ministry of health officials in the our congress say that the
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situation in goma the cops all of north is pretty much under control they say that they have been preparing for months for such an outcome and have been sensitizing people as well as setting up hand washing areas in different places so they say it's unlikely that the disease is going to spread farther but it's always a concern because this is one of the major cities in the our congo has about a 1000000 people living there it's right at the border with a random and this man whose case was concerned is actually a pastor who had traveled to temple about 200 kilometers north of to pray for patients so he was quickly isolated on arrival in goma and is being transported and a very heavy security from the military back to the people who were with him in the baskets traveling in have also been isolated and are being vaccinated as well but
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we also did speak to an official of the international federation of the red cross who has just come back from those areas and he's saying that he's concerned that this seeing the disease coming back in areas like benny where it had been contained . the average is actually flaring up in bernie again a place where we had cases of the beginning where the number of cases that gone down and where we're seeing now. the outbreak raging again this is the new wave the center of of the outbreak the ministry of health has also confirmed that 2 community health workers who were very involved in spreading awareness in some of these areas that have been affected the temple in particular that they were killed on saturday night it's not clear who killed them but they have been receiving threats from their work they've been receiving threats since december and this just goes to show how precarious the security situation is in some of this areas.
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further anger protesters demanding her resignation by calling them rioters she made a comment to the hospital where 3 police officers were injured during clashes on sunday and they were being treated tens of thousands of people in hong kong are opposing a proposed extradition bill with china more rallies are planned in the coming weeks . caroline a statement condemning the violence and basically vowing to make those responsible accountable violence committed against police force is not surprising for the protestors that just basically is a reaffirmation that there has been no change in her policy and approach towards how to deal with this crisis and this is essentially a trust issue the protesters also believe that their interests really are not focused on the welfare of the hong kong people as they describe it but towards more of her loyalty to beijing and mainland china in general the letter issued by police
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officers junior police officers requesting for better security for their homes and their families signals basically that the police force is going through. a very difficult situation compared to the 2014 movement several years ago both sides accusing each other of violence we've seen that over the last few days it remains to be seen what sort of concessions can carry lands a government offer but what is clear though based on what the statements we've gotten from spro testers here is that there won't be an end to the current situation that they will continue to protest until real political reforms are in place china has released its latest economic figures. being helped by the trade war with the states growth in the 2nd quarter of the 27. 6.2 percent from 6.4 percent in the 1st quarter of china's old important export
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trade tool so it fro despite. spending to stimulate the rules 2nd largest economy. well the chinese government weren't set out right but there's no doubt they will be concerned about some of the economic numbers that are coming out it wasn't all doom and gloom on the release of these latest figures there were some bright spots retail sales and industrial output both showed some positive signs in the 2nd quarter of the year industrial output in particular will be welcomed because that sick to had been struggling recently resulting in many factories around china laying off staff but it's the overall trend in economic growth that has been falling that will be causing a lot of concern really since the end of 2012 it's been declining with the odd reprieve along the way part of a global trend of course the global economy is slowing down and in fact many
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countries in and around the world would welcome would want to have some of the numbers that china is reporting right now but china of course needs to be looked at a little bit differently to most countries and around the world because of the remarkable economic growth that it has been through if we go back to the global financial crisis in 2009 even in that difficult time china didn't report quarterly growth below 6.4 percent well we're beneath that now so naturally that is going to be causing some concern both within china around asia and beyond and of course all this happening amid the trade dispute between china and the united states the latest trade statistics came out on friday as well showing that imports and exports are down and perhaps the most concerning thing is that we don't know when this trade war is going to end yes there's been a truce declared between the 2 presidents meaning no new tariffs are being placed on each other's goods but we still don't know when those face to face negotiations
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are going to restart. a normal soon reins of left a trail of devastation across several countries in nepal at least 67 people have been killed and. landslides dozens of people are missing and 10000 others are displaced continuous rain since those days swamped homes and destroyed roads and bridges elsewhere in asia at least 10 people have died in floods in bangladesh monsoon rains have swept away houses leaving thousands of people displaced some of the worst damage has been in the refugee camps in cox's bazar home to 1000000 refugees from the monsoon rains have also caused havoc in northeastern india with more than a 1000000 people displaced flash floods in the region of killed 10 people hurt as more. those living in northeastern india were prepared for the monsoon rains but not for this. so much rain has fallen the brahmaputra river has burst its
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banks watering up entire villages. 6 this family is safe and now. there are among nearly a 1000000 people who have been displaced by the flooding in the state. with thousands of homes under water some have been forced to take refuge on rooftops. while others are doing all they can. to protect their families from the ongoing rains. to tell each has also triggered mudslides and several people have been killed. others have turned to government run camps for relief. all farmers are worried about their crops so that. as soon as farmers began sowing and irrigating the land that's when the rain began it's been extreme 72 hours of continuous rain the water level kept rising and then slowly submerged our farmland nearly all of our crops have been destroyed so it's not just india affected by the
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heavy rains dozens have been killed in neighboring nepal and bangladesh. while this couple didn't let the rain dampen their wedding there's not much to celebrate. for thousands of others here in india more months soon rains are forecast and the floodwaters are expected to continue to rise in the coming days. and josina well further to the east and meanwhile heavy rain and high river levels of displaced thousands the northern kitchen state is the worst affected with 14000 people forced to flee their homes to the banks of the irrawaddy river. you want to have 0 with means a whole romney a reminder of our top news stories european foreign ministers are meeting in brussels to find ways to convince iran and the u.s. to start dialogue after months of tension to iran has said it remains committed to
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the agreement so long as other parties also maintain their commitment the former south african president jacob zuma has told an inquiry into government corruption that he's the target of a conspiracy zuma it was forced from office last year accused of overseeing the mass looting of state funds have been the subject of. talk this country for. more than dick. a fact. killing off. quite apt. to health workers fighting the break in the democratic republic of congo have fun were found murdered in their homes also in north kivu province doctors confirmed the 1st case of the virus in the capital go for the city's home to a 1000000 people experts are concerned the virus could spread quickly in the
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densely populated area close to the border with rwanda since the latest outbreak last august almost 1700 people have died the confirmed cases in goma has prompted the world health organization to reconsider whether it should declare the break a global emergency. the identification of the case in goma could potentially be a game changer in this epidemic we are confident in the measures we are put in place and hope that we will see not for the transmission of ebola in goma nevertheless we cannot be too careful i have therefore decided to reconvene the emergency committee as soon as possible to assess the threat of this development hong kong's leader kerry lamb has further angered protesters demanding her resignation by calling the rioters. comment at all spittle where she was visiting 3 police officers injured during
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sunday's clashes so the headlines here were the al-jazeera news hour and a half hour stay with us. on counting the costs 3 decades after the collapse of the soviet union russia is engaging with africa to raise its political clout and we look at the economics behind his decision to buy the s 435 still. counting the cost. moving rebuilding house by house. pursuing reconciliation of one person what happened to her. first the american invasion and. then sectarian strife and the battle with isis. in iraq is emerging from more than
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a decade of intermittent conflict. not only has the country reconstructing its cities and institutions. in some ways you might say it's reconstructing its national identity. women hope will not only be given more of an expanded role in the political sphere but they'll also be given greater rights. last december the iraqi government and the un launched a national campaign to combat domestic violence against women yet a proposed law that would protect victims has been stalled in the parliament for several years. this is a woman we'll call lina she told us the ceiling her identity is a matter of life or death however she wanted to share her story to shed light on the challenges iraqis victims of domestic violence face in their pursuit of justice
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. wanted to share custody. on the settee i would tell you that i would cadia had done my time and i they are there and how much time i the quality or cong no one else often want to hear of how she wondered if. there is no current national figure tracking domestic violence in iraq the most recent data available from 2012 estimated that one in 5 women were victims. civil society groups say based on the growing number of women seeking assistance they believe the figure today is much greater. hannah is a long time activist and founder of the nonprofit social services group called. she's taken the lead on the effort to raise awareness about domestic violence in iraq and is pushing to pass
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a law offering victims greater protection the lives of the traditions is so high on the woman on the girl and to the engine over what do you think is the reason for the ongoing increase in domestic violence in iraq the how you say the instability in the country. the absence the weakness of their. they increasingly over the tribal. tribe belongs and traditions the increase in coffee and how you say it outside. the state of. the increase in conflicts in the country it's the increasing poverty the discipline . the extremism if the. spread of domestic violence continues how do you think it's going to impact the overall rebuilding
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instability of iraq down the line of course 1st of all when to bring a no a very bad word of a new generation. you know affected by violence and affected by extremism it is not a crisis exactly. so i wish to. show that what made you think that he was someone that you would want to be married to be that hard to know and when i say again. how the show had the aspect about ice get enough sleep. second for next month. or be as often i know almost day on the morrow and it caught. in the why on you know i went out one of the best to shout to done what i felt that i. had said. how was it and alluding all the hotel what. didn't and the lies lena
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discovered were that her future husband was married to not one but 2 women feeling she could no longer trust him she tried to call off the wedding she says he responded with threats and violence further as a. jew i do want out of the. overhead. and one has so i doubt what i have and. i took off with. a gun and now on how we can download the hook a lot about how into and if i can mr. mike i missed his argument and. if i thought of the i'm a shocking. shocking. shocking new mug that i had not my not that. here in the. sun of lot of a lot of. young. artists want
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these are photos taken by lena after her husband beat her they show bruises all over her body on her shoulders legs arms hands and face you felt he would kill you ne. ne had that. without a. little knee. jerk . how did life progress in 3 years what was it like on a day to day basis and i thought about wasta son and nobody. for generating and. the whole. of health and i came in to tell you we want to. you know i knew i wanted to hint. at a bit why haven't i had to see it and i had to look at.
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how and i just want to. know i said. but it must. serial to finish your degree and you're able to work at the same time was he putting pressure on you to sort of family work on how and how and equip not to fit in the home when you had. by now had they started we didn't want to. quit and the phone would go to the as to why they had to go to hand the. fatah. tom in the home. last fall when. i never sickly to say it. on the conclusion and no. they had taken a sort of jihad they shot for had to opt for them is. to
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go home. do you say. we. need to you know my. home i mean a lot to within. your. own little koat can without out and to and i knew what the heck you mean be it and to. say it with. just 10 days after their wedding lina escape from her husband and his children he responded by threatening her and her parents even showing up at their house in military vehicles. lena concerned about her family's safety gave in and returned to her husband but the beatings and threats continued how is the one that took a vision for their luck and they did a. high 5 and how them although i know it's he who. flushes it up
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quite a high on the before the vote open the cutter oil on my ass which she i. did what had a on the. a no go maku da we haven't moved out of the hole for today had did it you make that is so we on the way i wish to wish you would have done so with dolly cadia on their show idea this oil in the has it never said a how i want you on the. the what was it i talked indian day on what he was not enough to know on the mind the shia so we. know that a but to beat. he had to otherwise why do you think there is still with him knowing that they he does the same thing to them . why have they stayed and what gave you the straight to lean on top of them in the whole time on what i thought the 5th. no.
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it's not i meant i would tell you i thought. for a bit thought it. time and had to time it with tony wanted knock on new and know within. the hey dude you me it will sort it out for us i went to the leg when i and i had to distill for how much. we know how you want to go during all these injuries it was very clear what was happening your family was aware you made multiple trips to the hospital at any point in time did you consider going to the police. with what i thought. for that as the argument and. i couldn't walk. with and as i don't have it that you had to have. this with tanya when you're out of. oh you know in the. war you know if you must i was quoting on the woods i would go with him and he. would
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go to john no more wild males little or other women that the hunt for the awkward and no more for the on the. and the whole by the male and then we judged what a. few might be if i didn't have a father how thick if he hadn't been in the job to know me a little how to judge and a half on the wheelbarrow why them you just saw the millions she has. to live with they have to look. at that stuff a minute the soon get done in the face the hey i'm in there but if i'll be done i'll twat him in. a when it's an all. women's rights groups in iraq has been working to advance legal protections for victims of domestic violence although more women are now members of parliament then ever before 83 out of 329 members are women it has been an uphill battle. the penal code allows husbands to discipline
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their wives there's no law criminalizing domestic violence for almost a decade women's groups have been pushing the parliament to pass a law that would change that with a new government initiative combat in violence against women they hope this year the law will finally have this year we are really very optimistic about no. civil society that is no the demands of the government number or no the the prime minister said that even they tried to push it the minister for. justice minister for education minister for more optimistic could i ask or was i have to make that should be biased because most you know a number of other countries they have already adopted son jordan did such low regard is this. tell me about the day you finally decided to.
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what i'm about. to say out of a. woman if rush now has said just a 2nd watching. all that. more and he's gone be an incompetent chunk shot and. all. should only serve other majority. for. the queen and i want to him to dolly on the wheel. for has said no santa how would. i and then want. fair. to him alone on the on his side of the by she had seen now on the. 400. to hit up on what i. put on and read the following also to bob it and he was after. a loss and. my mother had a heart of
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a gun. again you might get it in young people that can be. made to do that. but your troubles were just beginning it seems like ok so what happened soft had to do that. much the hotshot up at a bank coolish tice a lot accomplished. hurt them in a cell with. and to chew on this and i had to get that off want. to do if. if. so i thought it. was a. or gummy had didn't believe the message out. there which. rests with on the what day indeed lena situation would
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soon turn even more serious her husband filed a police complaint against her with a sensational allegation he claimed lena and her relatives kidnapped him and held him for ransom for several days she discovered this after she went to the police to file a domestic violence complaint against him. i want to. talk i know him over can they. can i mean. i want to. know which out of the title couple. who would die when he saw the so wish to a whole recommend condemned to die when the hanukah tough to watch. a cartoon about the fact that he had a tough time with that about you i'll come sit on your head just a few beauty or
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a lot of lot of men. out of the house and now he or she love looked ahead to what they said we did darwin with a comment i had a house in cali b. i want to call couple had they just did have the one i seen in may i ask what you were was going through your head at that time. and no on the refer. so as to have to miss him a shock and. you can one can as you. want to know. how to move on. and how much it would. fall on you know. how to add says the fact that lean as husband was able to bribe lawyers for protection is indicative of a larger issue permeating iraqi society you know corruption has you know.
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the. budget and wealth of what iraq this is it is really one of the big concern for us billions of billions of dollars the court is in the state does 1st of all in the very high state about us does that's what a tragedy in iraq until now when they speak about court options i don't feel that there is serious and this in this doke. they tried to make it nor put up a gun but they tried to make some good forming get a high council and so pleased we we wanted but at the end before them all experienced last years we haven't seen. the results of leno was sent to jail she spent the next year and 4 months behind bars what was that like for you if you're going to sit in the sun be you know you're not home wife i thought. you know if we can if you are to could have been.
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talking about me or seamus joining. us to not be my fantasy i'm just i seem. to fit in when there's so much. at the bottom of the so few. for can when i do money and. come. out of it the little when i said b. and the able to i lay i had that nose and i watched. what were you doing to try to make sure that your case moved forward on the question are about to show. if you have a fit that i. was out of. there we can i'm not a calamity and we get associate. now so how do i know it now is that we would keep life what were you doing it while
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you were in prison to keep your spirits up and advocate for yourself how is and. come by the kind of. 2 inch offset to do and. how it come in the shop lot. because another i'm a shocking us. there was a question on sunday. and they said. no. home. question to. the activities. of the mayor for finally her case came in front of a criminal court. decision let. me clear mohammad javad file it away and said i needed. to sign on monday while i'm hot.
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by that point lina cycled through 4 attorneys and spent $5500.00 then came a referral from her tribe the 5th attorney took no payment and suggested a compromise her husband would stop pursuing his case against lena in exchange for her dropping the charges against him she says mounting pressure from the tribe on both sides finally put an end to her legal ordeal. of 1 o'clock and. with a good win but. had lost a genuine josephs on it just said i think if i had to look on it off. lena dropped her domestic violence complaint against her husband and divorced him in
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2013 she says she keeps the legal file as insurance in case her ex-husband tries to come after her again. how do you feel knowing that you did everything right in this circumstance you filed police reports you ultimately tried to go to court and hold your ex-husband accountable you continued to advocate for yourself while you were in prison you continued to make sure that you had excellent representation and yet it every single stage you failed and ups wasting more than a year of your life behind bars and i had. to happen. to share my lot that in the heart of. what i could. get of the know he's. lucky that to sit on it was. so cool we had to shut out.
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we don't want to ruin she can you can also i said mark modra what a lot of. snow aashiqui up sean. best jani ethic and no feeling. salty also not me i. won't going to shut them in what i can. to lose a yacht in the end though i too would have thought as did many in the us a lot of. us saw. my now on my now why that i. may get the money if in one of the other facade they. would what would you say to members of parliament who have the ability this year to pass a law that would criminalize domestic violence and offer protections for victims such as yours with tanya another. one to condemn the thought if it can and.
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then. doesn't it. idea to could have been washed out and go out of one half of the facades are called la la react emotionally by the quarter and hear what you . want to know what would you say to other women who may be watching this who might be going through the same thing that you with through her cheated on him in on a facility. that this this new man. so she and yet i have yet i had and to how to have and and the whole of to. me and i had. a job yeah. when they started. and now it's. i watched them in their entirely to the end and. indeed how.
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to cheat at a job watch what they had shut the 25 notes the 20. leaders has been married more times last she heard he now has 4 wives and 8 children.
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it's 50 years since the world watched as u.s. astronauts lost set off on a mission many to impossible or whatever then marveled as they made those 1st uncertain steps. join us as we look at the ingenuity and those who made the journey of a 111 possible. landing 50 years on and the al-jazeera news special discover new developments in surgery i'm going to shove it up when i'm in here ashima japan to meet the surgeon pioneering new techniques in regenerating on and could a breakthrough medical trial provide some much needed only to cystic fibrosis sufferers based on all of the evidence but the virus at least a 100 fold more effective fighting every night to get the cure revisited on
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al-jazeera and her husband gavin were sleeping when 4 teenagers broke down the back the teenagers described as being of african appearance still on the run before all of this happened i wasn't scared out of black people or people of color. whatever the focus on african gang crime began in march 26th jane when violence broke out at the moon the festival at federation square in the center of melbourne to gird so that african young people coming together and no one there was a far cry guarantee card by rolling bowling feel like some of it was because the place became involved only start of choice and they just play ball and that crowd all narrative in the media at the top a lot of political pressure on this people to commit crime can through single race whole human gets blamed for the actions of the few. to people have to pay sites i have to feel saif side there's a lot of perception issues i think that we need to deal with this one. water an
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essential resource for all humankind across europe pressure to recognize water as a human right and put its management back into public hands is increasing i think that the european commission would be very very. words of privatization on anybody it's the only field. those people who see everything as something to invest the profit of they want. to the last drop on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. hello and welcome i'm peter dhabi you're watching the news our live from our headquarters here in doha coming up in the next 60 minutes we think there are still
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some closing thoughts all when you go to keep the deal alive britain says the iran nuclear deal is not dead as european foreign ministers meet in brussels. at a find jacob zuma faces a corruption inquiry accused of the mass looting of state farm's was president of south africa. i've been vilified. too. keen of. course that. the u.s. president donald trump demands an apology from the democratic congresswoman that he attacked in racially charged tweets. and support england cricketer share their world cup win with the fans they deem celebrate their 1st ever title with supporters in one.
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top story iran is appealing to the european powers to take practical and effective steps to keep the 2050 nuclear deal alive as months of heightened tensions with the u.s. threatens to kill the agreement to iran's plea comes as foreign ministers from the european union countries are meeting in brussels to discuss ways of convincing iran to return to the negotiating table iran's decision to enrich uranium above limits in the 2050 nuclear deal is a major concern we are totally committed to keeping the middle east denuclearized if you are on the rise nuclear weapons and other countries in the region will find you it comes a very very toxic dangerous situation so we are looking find a way to preserve the nuclear deal which we think is the best way of keeping the middle east as a whole nuclear weapon free. iran is still a good year away from developing a nuclear weapon we think there is still some closing thoughts window to keep the
11:51 pm
deal alive well iran has said it remains committed to the agreement so long as other parties also stay committed as well a statement from the foreign ministry says tehran expects europe to take the necessary steps to fulfill the deal we've got correspondents following this story in iran and at the e.u. headquarters dosser job is live for us and to run 1st let's go to dominic kane in brussels saddam they are trying to find unity how do they do it. well on the one hand peter let's be clear about this that the european union has been trying as hard as possible to keep iran within the terms of this deal basically since may of last year and so far at least they think they've succeeded but the sort of language we heard from the british foreign secretary jeremy hunt talking about this closing window of opportunity will marry that also then with the sort of sentiment that came from the french foreign minister even did the deal
11:52 pm
where he said that he believed that both the iranian government and the u.s. government had made bad decisions the iranians for deciding to enrich more you rhenium than they are are supposed to under the terms of the deal but also the united states government pulling out of the deal in the 1st place the question about whether what they can really achieve here well there already they have already been putting in place measures to help the iranian government to get around to circumvent legally the full weight of u.s. economic sanctions with a scheme called in stack's which is designed to facilitate transactions between western companies and iran it's not entirely up and running it's certainly the u. believes that this is a mechanism that can help the arena ends but clearly the e.u. wants to see some sort of quid pro quos some sort of gesture from the iranian side also to indicate that they are still within the terms of of this deal and they
11:53 pm
remain committed to it more than just statements like the one that you that you mentioned in your introduction we expect this meeting a news conference to come from it any time from now on and of course when we have that news conference we'll bring to you as soon as we can what is said at it dominic thanks very much dorsey joins us live now from tehran to also tell us more about what the foreign ministry has been saying about all this today. well the same in that was issued by the spokesperson of us mousavi highlights the fact that a rainy and so are really have had enough of this talk from the european signatories of this agreement they say that 14 months on from when the united states decided to pull out of this deal the europeans have not upheld their end of the bargain and the iranians are tired of waiting they're not going to remain in this deal by themselves or at any cost the reigning president has said that from me $8.00 he said 60 day deadlines for the europeans that every 60 days the rains will
11:54 pm
scale back their commitment to this nuclear agreement to try and force their remaining signatories to uphold their end of the deal one of the main issues they have is that the europeans have not really invested in iran's economy as they were supposed to under these this nuclear agreement the iranians said that they're not going to be in this by themselves they need some kind of a show of support from the europeans some kind of concrete action that they are not going to just stand by and let the steel go on without the iranians holding back their nuclear program and one of the reasons they've decided to enrich uranium at a slightly higher level is the agreement states it should be at 3.67 percent the arrangements have upped up to 4.5 for now they're saying this is all measures to show and force the europeans that we are serious about this agreement and we don't have to stay in it that we can take measures to show that we are trying to force you to uphold your end of the deal so we'll have to see what the europeans come
11:55 pm
back with those thanks very much still also was hinting at this dominick was saying we are expecting a news conference from federico. the foreign policy chief as soon as that news conference kicks off we'll carry it live for you she used in other news out of iran the french foreign ministry says iran has detained a franco iranian research. has more from paris. well the french foreign ministry has confirmed that free adult car franco irena in research are based here in paris has been arrested by iranian authorities now what the french foreign ministry say is that they are in touch with a radian authorities in order to try and gain more information about adult karr about the conditions of her arrest and also make sure that she has full consular access which it seems has not been the case so far now adult call is a researcher with parsons prestigious c.l. s'pore university she researches and writes about iran and iranian society and so
11:56 pm
there's still a question over when she was arrested that's still not clear there are some reports suggesting that she was arrested in june and i said he spoke to a professional colleague of hers also a research on iran here in paris who said that she had not had any news from model car for at least 2 weeks so that suggests that perhaps end of june beginning of july maybe the sort of period of time in which this researcher was detained by iranian authorities plenty more still to come for you here on the news clipping here a new threat from the democratic republic of congo is an infection is detected in a densely populated area. after another weekend the restaurant comes into its further inflaming tensions closer to protesters as growing interest. also had passed all of its signing of stunt work at his new club has moved in about 35.
11:57 pm
the former south african president jacob zuma has made a defiant appearance before a public inquiry today saying there's a conspiracy against him as he faces questions about government corruption during his time in office the commission is love. into allegations that he oversaw the mass looting of state funds most of the accusations are linked to his relationship with the wealthy family they're accused of using their links to him to influence government policy and to win lucrative business contracts inquiry is all part of current president several run the post his pledge to clear out corruption he replaced zuma last year when he was ousted from the governing a.n.c. party zuma denies all the allegations against him i've been a subject of. talk in this country
11:58 pm
for. more than a tick. i've been vilified and too. keen of. correspondent in johannesburg welcome back to the news a lot is being said today about the family walk us through what they were saying. what a lot of time was spent talking about the gov't as jacob zuma was accused of using his influence back when he was president to help them set up a news paper it's alleged that he made a phone call to a government official a transcript of their conversations in algeria in the commission and it illegitimate zuma said this to this government official my brother they are these gupta guys who need to me to if you need your help please help them zuma was in our sort of spontaneous and he said i don't remember making this call it might have
11:59 pm
happened he didn't deny being friends with the doctors and he said of his family are in contact with the governor's but he said no law has ever been broken he did night allegations of the doctors use their influence to influence government policy and to make sure certain ministers or appointed into certain positions and now he's finished testifying in day one for today he's now at this public garden just down the road with the hearings to place he's addressing his supporters any saying that he is defiant he has done nothing wrong and when this commission is over and done the investigations he insists he'll be found innocent peter horton implications for him and potentially the people close to him. while in africa is very rare to see a leader who is brought up to corruption here and made to our answer questions about corruption so that in itself is significant and what i suppose a lot of people are waiting to see about the broader implications of all of this as president to name a people who he says are corrupt and he needs
12:00 am
a bit of time for that so these people can be told that they will be named to this commission to give them time to prepare but also very angry when he spoke he's adamant that this is a conspiracy theory that's gone back to at least 20 years he says. the years people have tried to poison him people are trying to kill him and all these corruption allegations are all part of this biggest scheme he says bigger plots to try and remove him in definitely the next few days he's going to be making several more appearances up until friday answering a numerous amount of questions mainly to do with the gupta family in particular after that the commission is safe in need to come back. but he is adamant he is innocent and he said this is all just a witch hunt and his supporters 30 the ones who turned out at the commission today also saying the same and they plan to also be aired.


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