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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  July 16, 2019 7:00am-7:34am +03

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from around the world all the dangers over 30 years ago and yet this area remains one of the most heavily boy in the world. we cannot we will not be silenced. for years congresswomen hit back at donald trump is accuse them of being anti american. and how the magazine this is al jazeera line from doha also coming up. changing the rules the u.s. unveils a new asylum policy aimed at limiting the number of central americans arriving from mexico. u.s. politicians vote overwhelmingly for a bill that would sanction those responsible for the murder of saudi journalist
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jamal for short. and in the zeer fishes for solutions to the plastic pollution threatening its coastlines. it's everywhere those for a democratic u.s. congresswoman have responded sharply to attacks by president don't trump on their patriotism and citizenship they are among the highest profile members of the new house of representatives and so for reacted strongly to trump's tweets and comments this country was founded on the radical idea that we are created equal and endowed by our creator with in inalienable rights and yes we have a long way before we fully live up to those values. it is for this reason precisely that we have to take action when
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a president is openly violating the oath he took to the constitution of the united states and the core values we aspire to as martin luther king said all we say to america is be true to what you say on paper what trump is refusing to back to him despite the growing criticism of his racially charged comments about the women instead he's calling on them to apologize to america for what he described as the final language they have used in the terrible things they have said this latest storm began at the weekends when he attacked the women and tweets widely condemned as racist white house correspondent kimberly hall kitsis more. these are people that in my opinion hate our country despite widespread outrage and accusations of xenophobia u.s. president donald trump on monday escalated his twitter tirade against 4 democratic
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congresswoman from diverse backgrounds arguing they should return to where they came from if you're not happy here then you can leave so far as i'm concerned if you hate our country. if you're not happy here you could leave trump's comments follow a series of tweets sent over today's attacking democratic party representatives alexandria o'casey or cortez of new york and omar of minnesota where she did to leave of michigan at a on a press lee of massachusetts of the group only omar is foreign born but all are u.s. citizens democratic house speaker nancy pelosi and else to resolution condemning trump's tweets as the congresswoman fired back this is simply a disruption and a distraction from the callous chaotic and corrupt culture of this administration all the way down i am not surprised at
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what he's doing. but i also know that we're focused on making it better because we don't leave the things that we love and when we love this country what that means is that we propose the solutions to fix it we love all people in this country despite pushback from democrats congressional republicans have been slow to can down one senator charged crossed a line another one of the few black republicans in congress accused of using racially offensive language but another top republican senator defended trump's attacks on the democratic congresswoman their socialist they are anti semitic they stand for all the things that most americans disagree with one analyst argues that all this is part of trump's reelection strategy and the president believes that he got elected because he talked about the war he talked about the immigration he talked about the muslim being and so what we're seeing is donald trump $2.00 for
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his part donald trump denies any racial atomised and boasts of his record of lowering unemployment to take it literally among people of color and despite the shock of millions who hoard donald trump's latest statements there exists in the united states millions more who support the president's attacks can really help at al-jazeera the white house. of the u.s. has announced tough new asylum rules which aims to stem the flow of migrants crossing the us mexico border the rule goes into effect own choose state but is expected to be challenged in courts the plan blocks migrants seeking asylum in the united states if they have traveled through another safe country 1st with applying for asylum there however those who have been traffics will be excluded from the new rules are likely to affect central american families who travel through mexico to
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seek asylum in the u.s. when one's friend comes. course in guatemala blocks president jim marlice from signing a separate deal with the u.s. that would have designated the nation as a safe 3rd country mexico has also rejected the new meshes model repel the has the reaction from mexico city. there was pushback in mexico in response to that change in policy announced by the united states the asylum laws and i'll give you what we need to talk about the context here if you are a migrant traveling from central america say hunter is sort of solved or making your way through guatemala and through mexico that automatically disqualifies you from being able to seek asylum in the united states under this new policy now there's a reason why there's so much pushback here in mexico on one end mexico in the united states have no agreement that would force mexico to house asylum seekers that's something that mexico would have to ratify via legislation it would be up to the mexican congress to determine that mexico is to be designated
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a quote unquote safe 3rd country without approval from congress mexico is in no way obligated to adopt or accommodate to this new change in policy in the united states this is something that the foreign minister of mexico my sent abroad has said is not going to happen the foreign minister has also said that he does not agree with this decision by the united states and in no way will mexico be changing its own immigration policies or its own asylum policies to accommodate for this new change in the united states furthermore this is one aspect of the migrant crisis that keeps getting brought up in this stemming the flow of migrants it being up to mexico to stem the flow of migrants that's the pressure that the united states has on mexico yet these policies do nothing to address the root causes of migration in central america countries like honduras guatemala as well as a salvator which are rampant political corruption widespread poverty and of course the high levels of violence plaguing these countries. jack kingston is a former republican congressman from georgia he was
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a senior advisor to trump's 2016 presidential campaign he says the white house plan will keep people safe because people traffickers exploits migrants making the journey north every country has the right that control its borders that's why countries have borders and yet there are many democrats in the united states congress who support open borders and they even promise free healthcare if you sneak in here illegally and that is not the way to run a country again if you want to. allow in the legal number and by the way america i think allows more legal immigration than any other country in the world might be wrong about that but it's about a 1000000 people a year who come here legally and become citizens if you want to change that and have the debate that maybe the numbers of the 5000000 then the democrats in congress need to be working for that but the chaos not know what news coming is is absurd and it wasn't in controversy you know we say that's dangerous in the country
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but you have to remember a lot of these people are used and absolutely exploiting kids it's almost a. situation where many many of the quote families don't even have a d.n.a. connection to their alleged children so if you talk about abused kids this is bait for people to abuse kids and many of these young girls are right along the way and they became victims of sex trafficking in. the world is a hard place and again if the democrats in congress really care about these people they would be argument to say we need to increase immigration from 1000000 to 5000000 a year are they should say we be we need to send economic aid and assistance to guatemala and honduras. the lower house of the u.s. congress has passed 2 bills on saudi arabia condemning human rights abuses and seeking accountability for the murder of society journalist jamal khashoggi it's also criticized riyadh for detaining female human rights activists. received an
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overwhelming $405.00 to $7.00 votes but despite strong bipartisan backing the measures may be challenge day in the republican dominated senate now is the time to make clear that reckless behavior whether the murder of an american resident or the kidnapping of the lebanese prime minister or the blockade of cutter carry a price that the men who rule saudi arabia need to take our interests and values into account rather than always counting on us to cover up for them gabriel elizondo has more now from washington d.c. . this was the saudi arabia human rights and accountability bill and it sought to do just that as you mention seek accountability for the murder of washington post journalist jamal khashoggi overwhelmingly passed monday night house of representatives 405 lawmakers for it only 7 against it it has 3 key components
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number one the bill asked that the director of national intelligence dan coats provide answers to a series of very simple questions who planned ordered executed and then covered up the murder of a that's number one it's important to note that already the central and terror teligent say agency or cia in the u.s. has already identified saudi crown prince mohammed bin solomon as the one that ordered the murder of khashoggi but number 2 the 2nd part of this bill is that anyone then identified by the director of national intelligence as being part of in any way the murder of the shoji would then be sanctioned by the u.s. have their visa or ability to travel to the u.s. then revoked again already 17 saudis directly associated with the show murder are already sanctioned and and that those are the key elements of this bill so it's come on al-jazeera the monsoon rains have put the death toll is rising on the
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grounds in the home for the latest. kate saying accuse the police of letting gang violence i will have controlled. hello model forecasts for to round for the last few days as suggested temperatures really high close to record valleys and there's not much cloud around there are no showers any significant in the last 24 hours and the forecast is still stuck at record levels now yesterday it was $41.00 so we're not far off at the average about $35.00 so this part of iran is particularly hot but again is in contrast with iraq baghdad's not this time of year no $42.00 yes but average really and the breeze is
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still quite strong running down across the dusty ground secured beyond the keystone to the arabian peninsula clearly further west it's not unlike as hot the onshore breeze for lebanon makes things pleasantly cool about 32 so that's still a rising temperature middle forty's now for bahrain qatar and all across saudi arabia that brazen particularly dusty knows it particularly humor about halfway between the 2 so it's just about bearable mid summer and as you know how to set in quite pleasantly facilities in days of overcast weather some trees and eventually it will tune green back to the south of all this we expect dry fine weather has been warm recently but i think probably not now. the weather sponsored by qatar and. i have been looking at your instagram account and reading takes into the atmosphere behind the scenes this is
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a dialogue when donald trump announces kerensky for president after that everyone has a voice the best chance the democrats have to beat donald trump is to nominate an exciting inspirational callus mother nominee you can join the global conversation in your thoughts get twitter alyan on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera quit trying to of the top stories this hour for us democratic congresswoman say they will not be silenced by president donald trump they were responding to his claims that they are anti american and his call for them to go back home mexico and guatemala have rejected new u.s.
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measures aimed at stopping more immigrants seeking asylum the new rules require migrants to request safe haven in other countries on their way to the u.s. and the lower house of the u.s. congress has passed 2 bills on saudi arabia they condemn human rights abuses and seek accountability for the murder of satie journalist jamal khashoggi that the measures could be challenged in the republican controlled senate. yemen's warring sides have agreed on new measures for reinforcing the cease fire in and around the key port city of the data which has repeatedly been violated in recent weeks the united nations says represents us and yemen's government and rebels also discussed ways to pull back their 4. says the talks which are the 1st in 5 months were held up or to un ship in the red sea on saturday earlier the un security council voted unanimously to continue their monitoring mission in
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a data for another 6 months. european foreign ministers of called for dialogue between the u.s. and iran to try and save the 2050 clear deal the leaders held talks in brussels an attempt to salvage the agreements which the e.u. foreign policy chief insists is still alive dominant came reports live from brussels. for more than a year the e.u. has trying to preserve the nuclear agreement with iran devising schemes to help the tech run government reduce the impact of u.s. sanctions but now that deal is in danger like never before we are looking to find a way to preserve the nuclear deal which we think is the best way of keeping the middle east as a whole nuclear weapon free. iran is still a good year away from developing a nuclear weapon we think there are still some closing thoughts more window to keep the deal alive one of the brokers of the original deal known as the j c peer a is
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clear about what must happen next we want to see iran going back to full compliance that is that has been in this in this years. but we know it's that technically all the steps that have been taken and that we regret i've been taken reversible so we hope and we invite you to reverse the steps and go back to full compliance with the agreements but how much sway do european voices have although the strength of feeling here in brussels is pretty clear no amount of words from the e.u. alone can compel the u.s. and iranian government's to negotiate with each other for vamp to happen there has to be a willingness on both sides to give ground and on that the view from the government into its clear. when a big power that is a bully well then we have to stand up to it it must stop being a bully we have always believed in talks always right this hour right this moment if they stop the oppression they stop the belligerence if they lift sanctions
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return to the table return to logic we are ready so iran denounces the current us administration while maintaining its commitment to the nuclear deal it negotiated with the previous one and yet iran is also operating outside the terms of that deal in some areas for several weeks iranian your anian enrichment has exceeded agreed limits. all of which has emboldened the trump administration with the us president recently warning officials in tehran they were treading on very dangerous territory which means that on the face of it this meeting on its own risks achieving little and over while iran is technically in breach of its commitments under the nuclear agreement dominic al-jazeera brussels. to health workers facing a ball in the democratic republic of congo have been found murdered the killings in north kivu province follows several attacks on clinics health officials are
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appealing for calm after the 1st confirmed case of the virus was discovered in the crowded eastern city of goma catherine sawyer reports. the people sitting in this stand in goma are being tested for a boy they touched or interacted with a man who's now sick with the disease a preacher who traveled 200 kilometers north to the site of an outbreak to pray for those who'd been infected and doctors are also searching for some of those who were traveling with him on a bass from the news has caused fear in the city of more than 1000000 people and that's by the border. because. this is information to scare us. what's going on why is it happening in goma how did it get here from so far away a country great in one now a country free in goma where like street food. health workers say many people in remote areas don't trust them and they've been attacked by local militia groups
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whose fighters have also raided and burned treatment centers just days ago 2 community health workers were killed in their homes they'd been receiving death threats for months this health director says he's also concerned that the disease is returning to areas where it had been contained this is concerning because it shows that somehow the gains that have been made were lost very very quickly and so we need to build resilience into the systems resilience into the communities so that the virus doesn't keep spreading. into new location that are clear from the virus and then a few weeks or months later they get infected in geneva delegate in a meeting convened by the world health organization and the un office for the coordination of humanitarian affairs discussed the ebola response and the need for more resources if those on the ground are to make effective gains for the identification of the carriers in goma could potentially be
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a game changer in this epidemic we're confident in the measures. in place. and hopefully we will see not for the transmission of ebola in goma this is the 10th outbreak in the r.c. in 40 years and the 2nd deadliest in the history of the country health officials in goma say the parity now is to find everyone who has been in contact with the preacher but they don't have much time in the city is a getaway to neighboring countries as well as other areas in the congo and that includes the capital kinshasa catherine al-jazeera. former south african president jacob zuma is expected back at a state commission hearing on government corruption in the coming hours on monday he told the inquiry that he is the target of a conspiracy similar was forced from office last year accused of overseeing the mass listing of state funds he denies any wrongdoing during his 9 years as
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president. was saying in south africa were communities in the city of cape town say police have lost control of gang violence where the 900 people have been killed in turf battles since the beginning of the year and the government's no preparing to deploy the army it's a clamp down on the arm rest for me to miller has the story. for people living here the cape flats is a war zone turf battles between feuding gangs that means hundreds of lives are lost every year many of them bystanders unable to escape the bullets michael ware not using his real name belongs to a gang he says he can't survive outside it only biden who will know police in the situation. he should picking through all of the stuff. you feel you are i've got a little ability i've got the skills but i think you know with dewey reaping the power will go i'll be removed to good never been starved but he just used to
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you would you be looking at the gangs make money by selling drugs the battle for territory means more customers and higher revenue 18 months ago the government set up the anti gang unit whose work is to root out gangs guns and drugs it conducts daily raids searching the homes of known drug dealers and drug dens while the unit has made hundreds of arrests the city of cape town says there are nearly not enough officers now the army is being deployed to help curb the violence special operations like this haven't stopped gang violence on the cape flats according to government statistics the number of murders has increased this weekend alone 43 people were murdered more than half of them by gunshot people in this community who say there aren't enough police and they think the presence of the army will make things safer. many people here accuse the police of being ineffective and corrupt
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in 2016 a police officer in charge of disposing confiscated firearms was jailed for selling the guns worth half a $1000000.00 to gangsters. this man who doesn't want to be identified and belongs to a gang in lavender hill says poor policing is common i don't think the people here think the people the only women that would basically lives are only interested in the clothes of so you know was in india get it in something in a in an. optional in what to do would you drop them dr levy is what i'm going to think miley they did get you now going to get in i would worry she did go walking again while they may be from different gangs and often find themselves on the streets at. all the gang members we spoke to agree on one thing cindy in the army would only bring a temporary peace and that violence would likely return to the cape flats as soon as it withdraws from al-jazeera on the cape flats in cape town. at least $24.00
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people are feared dead after heavy rains and flash flooding in the neelam valley in pakistan administered kashmir several people are missing floods stanage roads and more than $250.00 homes officials warn the death toll may increase as rescuers struggle to reach affected areas in the poll at least 67 people have been killed in flash floods and landslides sabina shuster reports from the southern district of parser the commies firmly in power any poor village are in mourning 16 year old me was drowned while out with his friends in the city of their guns he had great dreams of being an engineer and working at nasa space agency his father says he had just built a drone. when anyone would visit he was the one who would pull up a chair and make food. to think that he would be taken away from this
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world. this is what then tire southern belt of nepal look like until sunday swollen rivers broke their banks forcing thousands from their homes 48 hours of nonstop rain all over the park triggered floods and landslides both in the southern plains and high in the mountains to monsoon season takes the lives of many every year and our government has a disaster management plan which is supposed to be activated in times like these. the water has receded from the village of para where people have lost all their belongings they crowd around us to tell their stories most of them said even in these disastrous times they feel exploited because of their cost or position in a party society this is one of the poorest communities in the path they call them with sars one of the so-called untouchables now every year they get flooded and
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every year they say that they have not been getting any help from the government and right now they have been trying to access a local school which they say has been locked despite the fact that this entire area was flooded for at least 3 days we went to the school and found the classrooms locked. up their neighborhood was a hard as they've been badly affected as in any investigation team but they'll start working as soon as possible the parties are relieved that the floodwaters have receded and they can get on with their lives they want the government to build new infrastructure as well as improve the amount of assistance but fear their pleas will be forgotten until disaster strikes again sabina stretched and says there are parts of district in a poll indonesia has been cracking down on illegal fishing by destroying encroaching vessels the measure has helped boost its fish stocks but sars florins
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lawyer reports from summer on illegal balls aren't the only threats to marine life . after half a day out at sea it's time to sort the whole small boats such as these into marring city central java contribution 70 percent of the nation's catch a few years ago these waters were in danger of being overfished foreign vessels illegally worked off the indonesian coast stocks only recovered after the government started thinking unlicensed boats significant improvement bear with other countries in the war one of the main reason because of the weak on that in the recent assaults and the impact infected. on not only. fishermen indonesia but also to other industrial like board but now the industry faces a new threat indonesia's fisheries exports may have improved but this country is also the world's 2nd largest plastic waste contributor some of that waste
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inevitably ends up in its waters and makes its way into the food chain as plastic degrades it breaks into small chunks some of which get eaten by fish and other marine life pieces smaller than 5 millimeters are called micro plastics food technologists in a total is starting micro plastics in seafood in indonesia and its effects on humans so far really fallen from about almost $100.00 samples we we've done with the digestion and microscopic observation we found that almost. all samples contain particles that we suspect that this micro plastics are not far from the laboratory our fish farms movie has been working in the aquaculture industry for 15 years. more and more of his work involves clearing rubbish. pollution is
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a big problem every year the trash accumulates in the river making it more and more shallow it's really bad for the fish farms to fish caught in plastic waste can suffocate or water quality also affects their growth the government wants to cut plastic debris by 70 percent by 2025 but until that happens plastic will continue to be on the menu for fish and us florence al-jazeera somare indonesia. this is just here and these are the headlines for us democratic congresswoman say they will not be silenced by president donald trump they were responding to trump's claims that they are anti american and his call for them to go back home. we ran on a mandate to advocate for and to represent those ignored left out and left behind
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our squad is a bit our squad includes any person committed to building a more equitable and just world and that is the work that we want to get back to and given the size of this squad and this great nation we cannot we will not be silenced mexico and guatemala have rejected new u.s. measures aimed at stopping more immigrants seeking asylum the new rules require people to request safe haven in other countries on the way to the u.s. the lower house of the u.s. congress has passed 2 bills on saudi arabia they condemn human rights abuses and 6 accountability for the murder of saudi journalist jamal. measures can be challenged in the republican controlled senate. european foreign ministers have called for dialogue between the u.s. and iran in a bid to save the 2050 nuclear deal the leaders held talks in brussels as they tried to salvage the agreements yemen's warring sides have agreed on new measures
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to reinforce the cease fire in a duran the port city of data which has been repeatedly violated its in recent weeks the u.n. says representatives from yemen's government and the rebels also discussed ways to pull back their forces to health workers fighting the a ball i break in the democratic republic of congo have been murdered in their homes the killings in north kivu province alair attack follows attacks on the bull the clinics and stuff health officials are appealing for calm after the 1st confirmed case of the virus was discovered in the craziest eastern city of goma the world health organization is describing the discovery as a possible game changer in the spread of the disease well those are the headlines these continues here in al-jazeera after the stream stay with us.
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