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tv   The Stream 2019 Ep 112  Al Jazeera  July 16, 2019 5:33pm-6:01pm +03

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because they made those 1st uncertain steps for him. or are you. joining us as we look at the ingenuity and who made the journey on the 11. 50 years old and she's here in the special. welcome to the stream team has bought health benefits to millions of people over said trey's but now there is a rising concern over a potentially dangerous tease which came to transform your body now at some of the most popular up of o.t. by celebrities on instagram. i really could be out so you will look at the risks of drinking these teas and ask whether influencers are abusing the trust of their fans in your thoughts or twitter and you tube.
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that betty teeny teeny sales of these so-called detox drinks are rising around the world spurred by pay promotions for people like him. be i'm britney spears many consumers say they're happy to pay up to $50.00 a month for t. tuxes which came to post and unity and richie's waste but many so-called slimming teas are packed with laxatives and directs and can cause diarrhea and vomiting health officials warn that it's easy to drink more than recommended increasing the risk of serious damage to the heart liver and colon. acted to me lead to male is a leading the charge against detox recently denounced model amber rose for promoting a pregnancy version of flat tummy us politicians have also chimed in with sen which implement al urging regulation on both the sale am promotion of detox teams to quote protect consumers from harm and our community also has
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a lot to say on this topic here's one person who urges caution with the so-called detox teens take a look the problem with detox to use is they often contain nutritional supplements that are and tested and regulated i spoke to a nutritionist who works with several eating disorder patients and she said that. these talks lead to things like. john even irregular heart beat the bottom line stay away from stuff. we're joined from madison connecticut by body patton she is the executive director of truth in advertising a nonprofit media watchdog. live is the founder of 130 that's a u.k. based herbal tea company she's in london and stephanie mendell is a holistic nutrition consultant she joins us from new york hello everybody it's good to see you i was trying to find out what was actually in some of these teas to
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work out how they would work so i'm looking looking at this one here our mission on tommy we're here to get you back to looking good and feeling good. there for me our purpose to help you live happy a healthy lifestyle and we are blenders at heart meaning we love mixing tea and natural ingredients i was looking for the ingredients of the tea and i can really find a ingredients and then how does beauty work fantastic name no fancy words all jargon just natural help gets that deliver results stephanie if you were going to examine what it is that these teas do now i would i said so many different ones that are out there but the idea of drinking a drink from a nutrition this consultant's point of view what could that do to your insights that spazzed that's positive yeah so i mean t.v.
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has been around for a long time thousands of years and a lot of herbs use into your various benefits you know we can talk more about that but certainly you know there's a wide range of different herbs used in these kinds of teas and that is that woman was saying there are things like laxatives and dryer and x. and things that have very real. next on the body so you know in terms of positive benefits you know herbs like ginger we know it's into inflammatory there are there can be good things in these. so i want to show this week from ashley lauren a member of our community actually says i want to flat stomach like the celebrities plus t.v. is mostly known to be healthy i would never want to try this way strainers that some celebrities use moving a rib is not my cup of tea itself however comes from the ground i guess on
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monday meeting today and today so stephanie when she says you will shock us she's of course talking about some of the things that people don't know are in their cup of tea especially when you think comes from the ground and tea is all natural what is she talking about there. yes so again i think like anything which nutrition there is a bit more nuance to it than is friendly to marketing. but certainly you know the laxative typing gradients like santa that are in some of these teas are you know they stimulate the muscles in the body to alabama to be frank right off the bat. and you know short term use in someone who's generally healthy of mind and body. may not be a problem very short term but it should be. monitored and certainly anyone with
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any sort of just issue in a whole range of issues should not use something like senna and nobody should be using it long term meaning more than a couple of weeks at most i mean there are of course exceptions to that and that comes down to individual basis and should be discussed with a trained practitioner show i see needs and nodding their knees and makes nice as one of the team on the instagram account of nisa these are one of the things that you say about your t. is that there are no laxatives in this team no i do not use any luxa to any of my teens and this is a promise i make to myself as a consumer of the tea and to my. customers who value customers to me so i've been making these tea for near about. a year and a half and a little bit more know and the marketing through to the u.k. and marie shows where i come from so what i did to ease i found this story of my
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own so when i started my babies and i started trying to do is wait i couldn't and i started to use these products so effectively had laxative. it kind of really exacerbated my i.b.s. and it caused me a lot of you. which in turn made me go and find my own. and i looked into the different that i'm using and i am very proud to see is that i am one of the few who do not use any luck that leaves and i have so many good reviews from customers but also i am very transparent in all my ingredients i know you were saying earlier you wanted to find ingredients on the website but if you go on my website you will literally find all those ingredients and i for losing you can guide every ingredient in order the person to do is use yes i do use my diary which is the underlined and bud of crude but i do it completely. and it's completely doe's
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properly and i also have a very good to destruction was a packet i also do not believe that this is the only thing that's going to cause your weight loss but i do believe and what i do promote via my instagram my social media my face and everybody who meets me wherever i go i see it's a t. it's a head of the thing and it's also being able to control what we use the t.v. for is to help you and also as a team that are stronger i have these that you cannot repeat these are to the ports because this is not a nice as one ditty ad but i do appreciate your. way it's almost over impossible to avoid it was ok to take a pause for a moment. just that there were so many of these t's out there they are detox teeth and slimming teas and dieting to eat and healthy and who knows which ones work and which ones don't work but from an advertising point of view
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a truth in advertising point of view this is something you have looked into how much can you advice the consumers about which ones to go for because they all ways have beautiful women as people as the advertisers are out there they all seem to be wearing bikini's and have amazing abs of flat stomach some before and after and before psych approach and after sucked in and already knows who knows what's true and what back. it is very hard to know and it also is detox it's got an ambiguity to it what it may mean to one person it may not mean to another person and i agree you're seeing a lot of these different ts on social media instagram in particular with women who don't look like they need them at all here in the united states one of things the law says is that if you're going to endorse a product you have to be a user of the product and that if there are other factors that are causing you to
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have your 6 pack abs that you should be disclosing that as a consumer so that they are starting to get information about how that influencer went about getting that incredible black tummy another issue is you need to tell consumers that what they're viewing a lot of times is an ad that these influencers are getting paid to do it or they're getting free product because if we don't know it's in that then we might think that this is an organic endorsement by someone that we at my or that we want to look like or attain or sort of lifestyle so there are a number of issues that that can be raised and i think on the ingredients level consumers absolutely want to know what they're drinking and putting into their bodies and so if these health claims are fitness claims are being made then i think it is incumbent upon these companies and marketers and influencers to let consumers
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know what is causing this fat flat belly or how or are they operating busy you know all these different ingredients to have these health effects on us so i hear you're saying there and i want to play a video comment that we got from a gastroenterologist in chicago this is dr jonathan foster and here's his view on the so-called slimming teas. i. you know maybe the research firms are hoping this is a black berry. however should be. let me see may actually be read. by right. here with me. and prove my. first show was on top with the primary physician. so the
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active ingredient including laxatives and i write excited i wonder if audiences know that we got this comment from someone on you tube talking to us live they write cinna the ingredient that you mentioned there earlier stephanie sin has never done anything for me but gives me all full stomach cramps and really irritated my i.b.s. so talking about the medical aspect there was a video comment from the doctor but bonnie talked to us about where we might see this in an add on instagram because of course on television you see it at the end you hear it very fast talking about all of the things that might be side effects to a drug or to a medicine where we see things like this well here in the states the law really says that you need to identify an ad as an ad in a clear and can click us manner so hash tag add is one way to do it at the very beginning of an ad but anything that immediately lets us know that what we're
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looking at is some sort of paid indorsement or that they got this for free is incredibly important so we shouldn't have to search for that information and then any. information that is really material to our wanting to purchase the product should really be disclosed there and i think you know the problem is not only should they be touting the benefits of of these supposed to detox ts but they should also be letting consumers know about the risks so that there's a balance in that marketing material just as you have to do for other drugs or over the counter drugs laxatives i mean what we have here really is a really great polishing and rebranding of laxatives i don't think if we had kim carr dashi and you know touting her laxative it would probably sell as much as when she gets on there promoting flat tummy tea or 50 or what have you i want to
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show you go ahead stephanie. oh no i think those are great points and yeah no i think there's just a lot more that people need to be aware of like for instance ahead. you know not in need to take a look at that one but in some of them i have seen there are things like caffeine and people need to be aware of that it's an obvious stay or attic and. and just being that i think just some sense of the potential downsides to these or at least the potential effects would hopefully prevent someone with something like i.b.s. from trying this without consulting their practitioner 1st let me just play this to you this is jamil jamil who is an act she was in a broken conference in los angeles in february and she got quite angry about the idea of these detox teens being promoted by celebrities with
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a lack of responsibility look what she had to say. we people look up to us if you accept money to promote a product and therefore you are telling someone that if you want to be like me you're going to dress like me if you want to drink what i drink and you are telling them to be like you to emulate you you have a responsibility to the consumer to make sure that you're not selling them a toxic substance or toxic rhetoric what are not granted if you've got thousands of followers and his followers are young and you have a platform use it responsibly well just go to hell where you belong nice i mean your teen is out there in a market where there are sexy models there influencers there or promoting different teas and you were in the middle of all of that how did you decide that you were going to go ahead with your marketing strategy. i don't think. marketing strategy which using women. using force marketing what i do use my
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customers. my customers experience but i also do not believe that. should be promoting some things that i do want you to 1st of all me and my family. but also. the product comes with all sorts of different and as i was saying you know it comes with the bent you know the benefits and side the person possible side effect of the ties it on instagram and i also informs the clients of for example people who are breastfeeding people who are pregnant cannot be having cities there as a couple asians and they can have that that's different but the thing is what you have to think as a as a seller here as a as a person making 60 my. my main responsibility is how would my customers i have to give them a product that they can use in good faith and not be affected by it and if it doesn't work was it wouldn't be selling it to them and i think this is what
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everybody should do i do not use any kind of. influences or anybody like these anyone who i used to promote my tease completely gives honest reviews and also proves that it's from their lives and ditties that it's working and going to the gym which i could do was well so it's not just about it's a load of different issues and i think this is what they don't promote on social media when you see kim k. putting on the as a t. kim k. doesn't say oh my god i have this amazing cher oh my god i have this personal trainer you know i don't have a shift i make my own soup and sometimes it doesn't taste nice you know what i mean is i would be. that's the issue with social media right we have all these influencers who are only showing us the positives of their lives right we're not seeing a lot of negative and i think the issue here is that there are
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a multitude of influencers promoting these detox teas on things like instagram they're not disclosing busy that their ads so they're bringing down sort of the critical thinking that many consumers would do they're not telling about their risks which is another issue. they're not telling about all the things they do in their life to obtain the figure that they have and so that it's completely deceptive and misleading and the problem is that because social media skews young you're getting a lot of kids and young adults that are going to try these really laxatives or you know drugs that they really need to be cautious about and so i mean i think there's more than a 1000000 hashtags associated with the term detox ts on instagram so not only
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are consumers seeing these ads but they're also engaging on social media about it you know putting up their own before and after pictures and so i think there you know is a real issue here about how do we. engage in responsible marketing so that there isn't harm to consumers and i think that's a great you know issue that needs to be addressed when we talk about before and after pictures i want to share one from ms as wonder t. this is your instagram account there and you can see the caption is my own weight loss journey green was july 26th april 2017 in orange is april 20 my personal battle to lose weight so you see pictures like that of course your account to stop the only one we got this. to hear from who says these teas are really funny in ads how could a common t.v. reduce 50 kilograms of pot belly and some men that don't like jimmy keep dreaming
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talk to us about what you know and how you learned it. when it comes to being able to have a balanced diet weight loss regimen and use those before and after pictures to get the effects you want and the after. so for me my husband the one who kind of push me towards. taking care of my head is the it's very simple to do. and he's been trying to help me. to maintain my balance so what i do is i replace food like for example replace of rice. from stick you know are still have my. list or an order pretty or in a used roads a vegetable to bulk up my plate. and this is what i do and also what the tea has done for me i had a big i was literally eating like a 1000000 but what does. that mean plus the right time that i can manage having
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a healthy appetite. back all the hour i'm going to agree with that but. what what. what i what i was what i'm seeing what my t. has it has helped me reduce bloating and it has helped me keep me food but then the reality of it. if it helps you green tea has has been if it is known worldwide but obviously you shouldn't be abusing it so is the one thing that people need to know you cannot you can't abuse something and you've made that point really really well it's not there's no magic bullet here there's no magic company that's going to do it but money i want to show our audience something that tina dot org so you're. organization as she investigated and looked into and this was the flat tummy tea and the ads that was appeared on instagram a couple of years ago with a british reality star and she says nothing's going to get you flat the same as
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this and this is apparently before and this is apparently i think she's just sucking it in but that's just been said in a co but you pointed out that there's no scientific evidence anything in this tea will give you a flat stomach all we now look at legislation regulation or if people with that gullible go for it oh no i mean i would never take the position that you know consumers are gullible when it comes to these things i mean a picture is worth a 1000000 words right so you see this happen the problem is that if a company t. company is going to make a claim this tea will flatten your stomach this tea will melt away the fat pounds whatever it has to say they have to be able to back that up they can't just make that and so the problem is with a lot of these teas that they're making health claims or diet claims that they have
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no scientific evidence to back up and that's a huge issue and that means that they're making deceptive claims that are just not permitted in most countries under the law so you know what we want is truthful advertising we're not saying that you can't promote the product but if you're going to promote a product and you're going to use it with health claims then you've got to have a backup for. it here your point there and i want to share this from someone on twitter who says we look up to celebrities and we want to be like them but their lifestyles are not easy to reach for the everyday man i can afford a trainer a chef a stylist a plastic surgeon so if the t.v. is cheaper than the above then maybe a short cut to so stephanie in the closing minute of the show here would you like to see regulation to help people like this person on twitter. of course i think it would be helpful whatever's going to be helpful to give people perspective that it's not either or you know it's not just the t.v.
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news or you've got the celebrity lifestyle and all that support around you i mean there are a lot of things that people can do or around diet and lifestyle that can make a big difference and yes t. can provide some benefits that support the body toward certain goals but it needs to work for the person and that can come down to the really individual level of so the more education and the more. the more information out there the better about how these teams can work complete new agreements that i mean unfortunately the companies they understand this right you can afford the chef but you can afford the t.v. and that's what they're banking on over a incredibly expensive like the most expensive cuppa tea i've seen for a long time i bought a nice stephanie thank you so much for your input for helping us understand the so-called detox teas and the dangers and the things that we should be aware as consume less efficient you joining us from the stream today and you can i will see you next time thanks for watching everybody.
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