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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  July 16, 2019 7:00pm-7:34pm +03

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well we were. going. out when we were. but this isn't what our country is about nevertheless they are free to leave if they want donald trump says he doesn't have a racist bone in his body as he faces growing criticism for what many call racist comments against 4 u.s. congresswoman. you're watching al-jazeera live from our headquarters here and also coming up in the next 30 c.m.'s the gate. into this incident has been closed. u.s. officials say they don't have enough evidence to prosecute
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a case that sparked months of us civil rights protests. we are unite on the. front. and the next hour the e.u. commission begins a secret ballot to decide if the former german defense minister. will become the group's new president. and fighting for their future so we're grappling with drug problems and violence in a turbulent part of. the top story so far today u.s. president donald trump is due to begin a cabinet meeting in front of cameras shortly now that comes as he faces growing accusations of being racist for his attacks on for congress when he said the women all u.s. citizens 3 of them born in america should go back to where they came from democrats in both houses are calling for a vote to condemn mr. trump the resolution says his tweets have legitimized and
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increased fear and hatred of new americans and people of color mr trump is refusing to back down he's demanding that the women apologize for what he describes as the foul language they have used and the terrible things they have said to the women accuse donald trump of trying to sow division and distract attention from his failed policies on immigration health care and taxation as we all know the recent tweets and words from the president are simply a continuation of his race this is you know phobic playbook we cannot allow these hateful actions by the president to distract us from the critical work to hold this administration accountable to the inhumane conditions at the border that is separating children from their loved ones and caging them up any legal horrific conditions this country was founded on the radical idea that we are created equal and endowed by our creator with in inalienable rights and yes we
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have a long way before we fully live up to those values it is for this reason precisely that we have to take action when a president is openly violating the oath he took to the constitution of the united states and the core values we aspire to as martin luther king said all we say to america is be true to what you say on paper political hay and as a correspondent in washington here on al-jazeera so patsy even by mr trump standards he's using strong language. he really is and there's something different about it this time the president's been controversial since he basically announces running for president but this is the 1st time the american media pretty much across the board has labeled his statement as racist so now he's facing this this
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resolution in the house that's going to call not him a racist but to call these racist comments and now he's firing back on twitter he wrote this those treats are not racist i don't have a racist bone in my body the so-called vote to be taken is a democratic can gain republicans should not show weakness and fall into their trap this should be a vote on filthy language statements and lies told by the democratic congresswoman so the president's trying to send the message to the republicans there that he's watching and we do know that there is a lot of fear in the republican party that if they go against this president he would help them help the primary challenger possibly get them out of a job so we've seen more of more than a dozen republicans come out and condemned these remarks but really i think a lot of them are just trying to stay away from the cameras and try and waits this controversy blows over it's not going to in large part because the president was having a cabinet meeting it was supposed to be behind closed doors but i can tell you the white house pool has just been called summoned to go to that meeting and it seems
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almost impossible the trump won't actually talk about this controversy that he's created how does he possibly think he can carry off saying something like if you don't like it go back to where you came from you're talking about 3 women born and bred in america you're talking about the 4th woman who left the horn of africa when she was 12 and has got a ferocious degree of intelligence to rise to become a leading member of the u.s. congress but somebody that should be you know being embraced not pushed away. well this is a again this is a president who has gotten into this office in large part because he says things that nobody would ever say in polite society before that's not forget that he came down announces bid for presidency and he called mexicans rapists so this is a president that likes to cross those lines he thinks his base likes that we're talking about for women progressive's women of color too are muslims these are the
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people that the president wants to lift up to his face and say you should fear this this is the end of your way of life and so he thinks that he has made it clear his strategy for 2020 is to do more of what he did to get his 1st term that is to be a very divisive president to say the things that people aren't supposed to say in public and his base is stuck with him if you look at his approval rating on the republican party it's pretty high pretty much off the charts the problem the political analysts will point out to the president is you can't get elected with just republican support he didn't he had independents he had women in the last election republicans self identified republicans make up between 26 and 20 percent of this country still the president's made clear that if he says the things he thinks his base wants to hear him say and he does it basically to rile up the democrats that he'll get a 2nd term so 20 this is 2020 and it's just probably going to see even stronger language than what we've seen now and i see thanks very much. staying in the states
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new york police officer will not face federal charges over the deaths of eric garner an incident which played a key in months of civil rights protests and the growth of the black lives matzoh movement daniel. gone in a choke hold despite gun this repeated pleas that he couldn't breathe until you stop going on the stuff not on the street for allegedly selling cigarettes after an exhaustive investigation. department of justice has reached the conclusion that insufficient evidence exists to prove beyond a reasonable doubt. but the police officers who arrested their coroner in staten island on july 17th of 2014 acted in violation of the federal criminal civil rights act consequently the investigation into this incident has been closed let's bring in our correspondent kristen salumi
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kristen any family reaction yet well this is a big disappointment for the family there is no doubt but the department of justice disputed what has become a common cry of the people calling for panta laos dismissal and calling for him to be charged that he used an illegal chokehold so while it's been described as an illegal chokehold the u.s. attorney who gave the press conference announcing the decision richard donovan said that there was insufficient evidence to prove that in fact that was the case he described the maneuver that was used by panta layo as starting as a proper maneuver and said the bar was simply too high for for the prosecutors to reach and pressing charges after an exhaustive investigation of
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course that death was caught on videotape in the words the last words of eric garner i can't breathe became a symbol of a movement the black lives matter movement garners mother gwen carr says that her family feels let down by the decision. we had to go we had to fight this is not easy fight but we kept on pushing. and make no mistake about it we're going to still push. push back but we're pushing forward because this is not the year. and we're asking that commissioner the right decision. that officer officer pat the mayor and all the officers who are with them but they must sidestep that they need to be off the porch the streets of new york city is not safe with them walking around the top story here on al-jazeera today donald trump and the twitter storm over race and race relations a salutary reminder maybe kristin that that race is
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a tinder dry issue in many parts of the u.s. off the back of what you and i are discussing today is there a feeling there that there might be a reaction to this anyplace in the u.s. i guess the areas that this man lived in primarily i suppose on the street if you will as well. absolutely there is already call said gather outside of city hall look officer daniel plan to laos still faces possible disciplinary action from the new york police department and the police commissioner is under intense pressure to remove him from the streets of new york local officials are calling this decision not to prosecute him under civil rights charges a miscarriage of justice and it does as you say come at a time of intense racial tension in the united states the u.s. attorney who made this announcement said that attorney general william barr
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president trumps attorney personally reviewing this decision that is apt to fuel the fire fuel the debate going forward the local decision not to press charges in a local courts years ago prompted the outbreak of protests in the streets and again we are already hearing calls for more people to take to the streets in protest of this decision as well so that the discussion in the debate is sure to continue from here christine thanks very much. iran's supreme leader has spoken for the 1st sign of the u.k. seizure over an iranian tank at the of gibraltar it was the grease one tank that was detained by the u.k. earlier this month close to gibraltar in a move which only raised recent tensions between iran and the west and still further. the vicious british government committed piracy and a top down ship they commit crimes and legalize it they're trying to legitimize this maritime robbery these lawmaker public will not leave such vicious acts
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without a response. from tehran. this supreme leader also went on to comment about the current status of the 2015 nuclear agreement he said that according to our foreign ministry the europeans have 11 commitments to fulfill under this deal and they have yet to fulfill one now when we decide to scale back our commitment they voiced their concern he said this is an act of insulin so they will not tolerate it this said he also said that iran will continue to scale back its commitment under this agreement and advance its nuclear program and that is something the country is the side of to do because the europeans have not there and the deal the supreme leader the highest authority in the islamic republic has made the position of this country very very clear when it comes to these 2 very important issues the tanker the seizure of the grace one oil tanker will not to go on respond that the iranians will respond to this and the nuclear agreement is something the iranians will now
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for the foreseeable future slowly gradually cut back their commitments to because they feel that the other signatories since united states withdrew from this agreement last year have not upheld their end of the. members of the european parliament and started voting in secret on he gets europe's top job on for the 1st time it could be a woman these are live pictures coming to us out of the chamber in strasbourg we're talking about. wanting to replace. as president of the european commission she's resigned as germany's defense minister to concentrate on winning over her critics she's laid a vision of a greener fairer europe including an improved minimum wage and a deal on asylum seekers jonah hill has the details from strasburg. ahead of the seasonings time to vote in the european parliament. and will be hoping that she was able to do enough in her morning address to any piece to sway the doubters but those who doubt her ability to carry out the job of commission president looking at
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her record as german defense minister and those who doubt and are extremely angry about the electoral process that put it here in the 1st place she was not one of the candidates selected by the parties to face the actual voters in the parliamentary election in may instead her name emerged about 2 weeks ago after a torturous negotiations among european union heads of state a subversion of democracy some any peace who want to see their leaders going forward being more democratically accountable well she's had to make sweeping promises ambitious promises some say overly ambitious promises to win support particularly on the left and among the liberals parliamentary reform electoral process reform higher taxes on multinationals big spending promises on education programs and this is what she had to say on climate change promising a green deal for europe to be unveiled in her 1st $100.00 days almost pressing
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challenge is keeping our planet. this is the greatest responsibility and opportunity of our times i want europe to become the 1st climate continent in the world by 2050 so the vote very much on a knife edge we won't know whether she's done enough until those votes are counted they are going to make her sweat these m e p's if indeed they approve. at all. still to come here on al-jazeera sanctions against turkey for drilling off the coast of cyprus. and a look at the power struggle with days of flooding devastation.
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by the heavy rain that's continue for central and eastern parts of china fam out of cloud down towards the southwest but the main thrust of that wetter weather is up towards shanghai you can see the darkest shading on a chart here is where we're now looking at latest spell of flooding rains to the south of that we have dry weather across the south but things will become a little more wise but this week i wanted to thursday that things a little further south is but for many southern fringes it will be dry for the time being you can see our next system that's pushing its way in across the philippines this saves was unlikely locally known as storm falcon brings some very wet and windy weather into the philippines at the moment may develop into a tropical storm over the next couple of days flooding a problem too of course into the far north and the northeast of india into bangladesh me and ma plenty of cloud still showing up here western ghats also seeing further spells of those mom soon rains as we go on through the coming days
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increasing cloud and a day some rain peg in the temperatures back in new delhi to around 30 celsius so was starting to lose that intense heat that has been a problem for some time which up to 32 as we go through thursday elsewhere stays pretty wet for many western and eastern parts. fly cats are airways and experience economy class like never before qatar airways going places together.
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ok let's recap you substories so far this half hour the us president is due to have a cabinet meeting watched by the media following his tweets attacking for female members of congress to hold from space and growing accusations of being racist but having called a white nationalist agenda democrats in both houses calling for a vote to condemn mr trump. their own supreme leader has warned britain the seizure of an iranian tanker will not go it is accuse the u.k. of committing piracy for detaining the grace one nature palter this month. the european parliament has begun voting on who will replace sean cole in the race for europe's top job and for the 1st time it could be a woman on the line is in line to become president of the european commission but
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she is facing opposition in german defense minister needs a majority to take charge. a palestinian man has died in an israeli jail palestinian rights group says as a result of medical negligence the group says 31 year old nasir cocked was being held in solitary confinement following his arrest in a raid a month ago and smith has more now from his hometown of be at 5 in the occupied west bank. 31 year old was arrested on june the 19th and we know that in just less than a month in israeli custody he's dead the family described. as an active healthy man a working man worked on a construction site we know that he was kept in solitary confinement saw his lawyer only once last week for a few minutes when he was in court to have his custody extended and then his lawyer asked for nasa to be given a hospital check up that was done and he was released from hospital without any
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unusual findings according to the israeli all forat is now a palestinian or 40 says the israelis are responsible for not nasa's death and they want an international investigation overseen by the red cross the issue of palestinian prisoners hits home is very close to home for many palestinians to be hard pressed to find anybody here who has got a relative or know someone who hasn't been at some stage arrested by the israelis there are some 5000 palestinians in israeli prisons and since 1967 more than $220.00 have died in israeli custody there will be a post-mortem into nasa's death of course and the israelis say they were allow a palestinian pathologist to look in on that post-mortem. in india disaster response teams are searching for survivors in the rubble of an apartment block which collapsed at least 4 people were killed in mumbai and others were injured the 4 story building or interventional monsoon rain. turkey is sending
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a full ship to explore for oil and gas off the coast of cyprus in defiance of european union warnings that that is illegal and you foreign ministers met on monday for talks with turkey over transport agreement in the cold for the european investment banks really lending to the turks greek cypriots controlled the south of the island to control of the north is not internationally recognized as a 1000 when i yup that i'm there for many years we told if the greek cypriot side the e.u. or the un do not recognize the rights of the turkish cypriot side as a guarantor state and we shall protect it and we started drilling what comes next as we told the e.u. if they take measures like these ones we will increase our drilling activities we currently have 3 ships in the area and we shall deploy the 4th vessel to the area. to build censoring saudi arabia passed the lower house of the us congress won't
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seek sanctions over the murder of the journalist jamal khashoggi the other condemning human rights abuses its attention to female human rights activists was also sense you'd. vote for the bill because the director of national intelligence to name murder suspects despite bipartisan backing the bills may be challenged in the senate dominated by republicans now is the time to make clear that reckless behavior whether the murder of an american resident or the kidnapping of the lebanese prime minister where the blockade of cutter carry a price that the men rule saudi arabia need to take our interests and values into account rather than always counting on us to cover up for them. certain rains have caused havoc across big parts of asia unleashing flash flooding and landslides and washing away buildings more than 130 people were killed the power of india pakistan bangladesh all being affected in myanmar more than 21000 people have been forced to
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leave their homes rising rivers and lightning strikes have killed more than a dozen people in bangladesh some were the refugees in overcrowded camps buildings have collapsed in northern parts of india killing at least 14 people but the worst affected area is in the power at least 78 people were killed and more than 165000 displaced by widespread flooding there sabina shrestha has more now from russia hot in the power. i'm here in the village about improving the district wrote the heart . i'm on the banks off the back with the river which generally is a much smaller river this is an embankment that keeps the water from going into. a local server here along with security forces have been trying to ensure that the banks don't get swept away the river currents are quite high as you can see and
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this is after 3 days of dry weather this people have been saying that in the past few years these floods have become more and more common and specially this year they have actually expected this kind of a flood the monsoon rains were not that bad it was not a cloud burst like a couple of years ago and this is what we keep going back to it which is that size is having morning that because of climate change it's either going to be prolonged periods of drought and then intense rain that is going to cause serious damage and flooding in areas like this and staying in south asia at least $24.00 people are feared dead in heavy rain and flash floods in pakistani administered kashmir roads and homes are damaged and rescuers are struggling to reach those stranded in the neelam valley. south africa's former president jacob zuma says he received death threats and after giving evidence at a public inquiry on corruption on monday mr zuma has also been at the 2nd day of
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the hearing in johannesburg on tuesday he's denying overseeing the most looting of state funds and says he is the target of a conspiracy or a baton so has more now from johannesburg jacob zuma says his personal assistant received a phone call on monday night from a man she does not know this happened a few hours. at the corruption inquiry and this person said to most. that you are going to kill him will also kill his children. as well as some people around him. so she informed me this morning and i'm sure you called that day said a lot about how my life has been. tempted but also my sin that cancer. scare can this follows threats that we make to him serious ones as well. zuma says he's
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a victim of a conspiracy to bring him down and he's afraid for his life the commission then turned their attention to the doctors the wealthy indian family zuma was asked if he allowed the govt as to influence government policy or appoint government ministers he was also asked whether the govt is use his name to win lucrative government contracts zuma denied any wrongdoing denied breaking the law so that. it happened when he was president say the orsa take its course and they want him held accountable for his suspected role in government corruption scandals but those who support him say all this is just a political witch hunt the united nations says the global fight against aids is stalling due to a 1000000000 dollar shortfall in farms as well as mixed progress in different regions since 2010 the number of hiv related deaths overall fell by about 30 percent however the middle east and north africa saw a 9 percent rise and
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a 5 percent increase in eastern europe and central asia wrestling is a way of life and the region in southern russia produces many of the sports world champions a step vast and report says not only the number one sport but also a way to keep young men away from going violence and illegal drugs. rich or poor city kid or village boy these dagestan teenagers all share the same dream becoming an olympic champion many are brought to these wrestling schools by their parents who are worried about their future in what is known to be a turbulent part of russia that is stan has seen violence by armed groups in the past and hundreds of russians many from this region are believed to have joined eisel the message on the school's banner is clear sports against drugs and terrorism. 13 year old. started training 3 years ago growing
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up without his mother in the outskirts of the main city. you found a new family in the wrestling school he says his coach did not only teach him wrestling techniques but gave him a purpose in life. i became calm my character his trail used i became more respectful i now start to help people help them in times of trouble if they fail or if someone likes something i always give. ramadan and hundreds of danny boice trained for many hours each day in an effort to reach the top but only if you make it there they say frightening is in their blood trying to better use it in a positive way even children from the poorest families can become restless but to these kids wrestling is not just a sport it's a way of life that keeps them out of trouble and gives some moral guidance. for many this man is the inspiration undefeated mixed martial arts fighter no marco
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made of who was born in the mountains of darkness stan president vladimir putin on of him after his last winter in 2018 to gather with his also famous father who was recognized with the title of a new record of russia. i use my own methods my work is in the sports hall in my job is to prepare people so they'll be useful for society those people who destroy our society and what we have built we will always fight against them. it's difficult to tell how much impact wrestling has had on efforts to prevent young men joining armed groups but for boys like grandmas unless no means for an expensive education it has offered more than that one dream of becoming a champion. want to open a school and teach kids how to wrestle so they can stand on their own 2 feet become champions so they have success in life and make their parents happy and wealthy. and maybe one day he can teach or brought officials in dagestan are planning to
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open wrestling schools all over the world to prep not only desperate but own way of life that passes al jazeera sacristan russia. and you can find much more on the web site the address as al-jazeera dot com. this is al-jazeera these are the top stories the u.s. president is holding a cabinet meeting watched by the media following his tweets attacking 4 female members of congress all trumps facing growing accusations of being racist and having what's called a white nationalist agenda democrats in both houses are calling for a vote to condemn him. a new york police officer will not face federal charges over the death of eric garner it was an incident which was key in months of civil rights protests and the growth of the black lines matter movement daniel pence and kept
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garner in the chokehold even when garner said he couldn't breathe easy until it stopped him on the staten island street for allegedly selling you cigarettes. after an exhaustive investigation. department of justice has reached the conclusion that insufficient evidence exists to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the police officers who arrested eric garner. instead niland on july 17th of 2014 acted in violation of the federal criminal civil rights act consequently the investigation into this incident has been closed iran's supreme leader has warned britain the seizure of an iranian tanker will not go unanswered he's accused the u.k. of committing piracy for detaining the grace one near gibraltar this month. the european parliament has started voting on who will play sean in the race for
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europe's top job for the 1st time it could be a woman she's. she's in line to be president of the european commission but she is facing opposition going german defense minister needs a majority to take charge a palestinian man has died in an israeli jail palestinian human rights group says as a result of medical negligence the group says the 31 year old is being held in solitary confinement following his arrest in a raid a month ago. 130 people have died in monsoon rains across south asia who needs to be displaced as floodwaters in landslides washed away many buildings. you are right up to date with all the top stories the news continues here on al-jazeera after soapbox mexico i'll have more news in about 28 minutes i'll see that.
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from the border so it goes you know it was good is this it and whether it's a mom or. didn't live in the. book to a letter that is staying with us a part of this is for a most. cement but a sad so induced death of the most adventurous one panel band on i robot. in the wake of a slick honestly it goes against the state that he killed in significant numbers with little in indiana. let me show you got on that most of them based on this an academic you caught. up.


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