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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  July 18, 2019 9:00pm-10:01pm +03

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but about that more so you can but he didn't come up with that more so now in. a lot of it got up was something i did on a mobile out of the slaughterhouse. i would love to live out of on the local from the harbor and i had this go under sort of the bottom was just somebody. on the sector of the house so on the look i am to want to look at that i'm going to win over. the norm the heart of the
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mission the bottle good luck just because of. the smile you just say i didn't. then look at that i really can feel half of the year within a few of them and by the member for the. amount of men see and i must serve with them on the floor i love when most of them we should message. we got an amount of them stuff about them about otherness you know human michael from my. heart if you know how i feel souther you know an escort is. a mask id. but i had a yes q how do you mean it when the ones i like in the ones i'm going to can fit but i'm going to try to power some of them with water. aloha to govern or the. rock the i love it was written
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a few years it's one of it's not just a little bit of a cormac at the michel martin and by then the men are going to have an off. martin and all of them and on the record with their head was all this for the belle of the . moment on. the. women of course you mean. this is issued idukki marcos you look even 50 she. says of the really cool issue for.
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each year a new event in the new one every 2 via an awful lot of them sell lost like oh i see those you need love done i'm a i love. a story down mark already. went on and you know for those of you love blue i need many seek it and we need they known. not only put their dick revealed done i'm a loser some bit and multiple i've got on deep movie the law may have i guess so we declare me and. no different with on m.s.n. you. see these done and therefore she told her for. you know 2 of people's.
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you know see if there are more laid out a he did he did it the day i said no i guess i don't eat up here type of thing but leeching in to the possibility. of a perceived that i put on his energy then maybe he placed my sock yorkies of a senior to. the on. the front not have people one can see the saw. cut even to the corporate evil
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show and the. mayhem nishi or in the with. a porn movie has buckets of a cd by the iraq t.v. we knocked him. with some of the show was. for i think the new. mission to be self elegy the loddon in the us since a recent government was developed at a body that anymore. because.
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8 i live. in the can i live. in. and. i mean that. and i feel. that the greek there. was the kind of and he was the head kind that could be a kind of. medina to hold in medina the north of where the unit.
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was the head. of a deck and. done inside. the whole vision of what a massive. and . sock sock the intern and the bully who are. the inside of a manic hub that we are in 80 yet just in the whole mess do they allow the lot and must. be must get up on the hill.
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the hell. with the belt a little man. trying to have fun movie version where you. got to show you only without kind of doing a lot to observe evolution of op if. i lived in one of the 3. then i tell a very good. book on i want to. reduce our filomena later so. tellus up enough to. is a medieval cut them something. but they're not going to win a lot of nothing. that's almost one in a small. 130 got an income no one can help
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whom should tell them in the end when the euro. was unmarked the whole bush the the have. a much more you said you don't have a stimulus to almost none of the i'm. going to have a fish it's just. sort of good in a small but it was really good it was a model one a lot of problems at the. beginning to move on ship. the ship had a. big scoop of beautiful model information. on it but it signaled a if you. know your friends out here and it wasn't.
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a sudden out of shape because they had you know us here on a federal it should lessen the fairy. tale one on the on the. cover just a little smaller than what do are very good with the weather. and i have been on. a lot of some you know been. going to bed the most warm yet here i would imagine most law field but yeah you know that interesting i'll go oh yeah you can you can most of them have been. on the. chart in our neighborhoods far. into the new. and in the shower yes in a feeling that's what. they're in the back of your hydro that's what will do with any kind of actually. just an engine good or more gifts young finance
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everything that i've said it. does not actually. do to to to move there though you know no kids young group. was needed to put. up their teen newborns or sell for a song. or ship to not business will go to new york where you did for 2.
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so a new mall to live there look if you spare us. where to send your we'll look at sand on my lower number most of the benefits of this and what my aunts who don't says in perth go girl aboard the new book looking back today with this is it going to get a yes or suppressed for the more cut out for them i shouldn't have taken your gear so because go up there for more than walk for 4 men or get up acted risky just like when i was the bad things up or step on the immediate danny offer to say look he does your ok so he sold the board remember our crucially is your militiamen come instead acted tell us what the good door itself is directed only mean and then you may take them said the guy say oh. to be picky fargo's i said mr i don't is your group on or you know new do for vo know who says she. saw the dish this is
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a good question black off it kills it do you see a queue sign leverkusen left he said there are about women boards that's going to suggest said take your bed you bought it i said take you can't question it's your policy group early by the lazy the lazy does it go off it don't go that way myself who can't let fair. not know we haven't done i. know. all about had the us and are going to earn money she told me she can you. should have been owns who could be up in the house from there because the it went a lot more about the commitment than us what was it about on one house but i will look here. yes and had this in county against me because i mean on the individual
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boat i got a baton pass all over and over there so there's a kind of fellow home that hasn't been 100 i was there as i had just realized that i had them so i think that and i'm sure many of those judgments are under for on the news so you have bones became a you hadn't you know. limited or telecommute kill osama christian can you think of on our. law and then coming here michel the law will come and value my. piece. that i should like to see look at a little disloyal if you look at the sort of you know him now who grew up with one of the you know in the. us and when the snow and was going mad and kermit's mishmosh what when and on.
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the big baby a little bit about the. agenda i would just assume a lot of i missed for you the look i celebrate and i'm going to have to go to vegas with a new item in. our head i'm going to get him i'll get my head mad then the show can help madness meant to do what he. time and set a little caught on a bit of the mungo if you have a dick and look at all good for perfectly in it for months at them because of.
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the you said you have who doesn't need him p. to fight to get to the last. minute you know that he was sick you see can he see it you think you know it's no. one. who's a hold on a mom with which if you meet. somebody saucy he's a fool. i mean it was a hoax. i've been looking at what instagram account and reading takes him to the apple store behind the scenes this is
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a dialogue when donald trump announce his candidacy for president carol after that everyone has a voice the best chance the democrats have to beat donald trump is to nominate an exciting inspirational callus maverick nominee joining the global conversation in your thoughts get twitter and find out is iraq. the latest news as it breaks it is long campaigned against what it calls attempts to undermine the state of israel from within. with detailed coverage called power being replaced by eco friendly plants all. the world environmentalists hear the pulse of what's been said. from around the world this is just as visible above ground and on the surface and under all the. information in the case to have or associated to it. least has the potential to be biased in
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a number of different ways there are too many opportunities for the computer to get wrong who's checking those offices who commit those data entry is wrong to be saying that your son the truth is wrong to. kill becoming a suspect before the actual crime and in-depth examination into preventative policing pre-crime on al-jazeera. i'm sami's a diamond with a look at the headlines here on al-jazeera now iran's state television says revolutionary guard serve seized a foreign tanker and its crew believed to be smuggling oil in the gulf tanko is reportedly taken just south of island in the strait of hormuz it's a critical shipping channel also has the latest from to head on. it was
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initially. rescued by the revolutionary guard. in the strait of hormuz on sunday after it's on par with stress and no we would say that may change age 8 to help with. carrying a 1000000. fuel and then the 3rd one. into iraq in the strait of hormuz they understood that it was actually mother will be or else so that's one reason that there were 12 crew members on board we do not have any more information about the ship so long to reach governments where it was coming from or where it was trying turkey has called the u.s. decision to suspend it from the f. 35 fighter jet program unfair it says it will harm relations washington after turkey accepted the delivery of russia's s 400 ad defense system
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the body of the turkish diplomat shot dead in the northern iraqi city of irbil has been taken back home hey and to iraqi kurdish civilians were killed in the attack it's a restaurant the un special rapporteur on human rights in says her team is not getting access to what's happening on the ground that as more violence is being reported in iraq and state says villages have been burned down in recent days she says she's being prevented from gathering information from a pakistani prime minister. has been arrested in connection with a corruption scandal he was taken into custody over a deal involving the import of liquefied natural gas from qatar during his tenure as energy minister. denies the allegations. those are your
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headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after witness and of course there is our website see if.
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the fear . of. god. god. how. about if need be. no longer.
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i thought of ali possibly loaf as genevieve your issue going. how can a pot of millionaire show i will happily and in the back of my columbus speeches by . far right now shove it the irony. of all of us military. injured then. is somehow going to has in. the new land the 10th share of shore who are best left with the many best left loose in a more i can sure who was sure terri for sure but a child fishing. with
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passion only gonna learn a young lady to come back to. the shell of the malay god looks might be really. pushed. some of the other fish and to different groups on the front group you can you. see me are. sorry for cantelli. no more talking one for the whole. feel like i'm often asked she had a new girl you know this what we did with her. i got in the stream and probably not half dozen of my friends a mobile yeah just laying here very different than me i did i'm only valued in my financial shape. i don't know why they're not lending and have now fallen.
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for anakin when i will maybe in bell well have been shot are a little foggy lead in shekel. between shakeel best edition of will. be all come see 1000000 of the lot missions really i will at least listen another 30 min b.b. a 34 min to be a little maybe a fast look. maybe about 6 to start the hell you are that are added in ana. bella the other to nominate more care for him ellie year a women can phyllis than ian or obama could if it is the knee in the hollow robot aluminum crowd the lot are minimal care for the ice a bit of a balloon has. the. kind of fall of article collision of of the for quality of care can i'll be able to shell out. but not for. you do your militia of the don't feel.
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you know no sure lynnette you have no shares keep up the education and. cheap you can be had a meal you would not then don't be young. suffered a sleep over it or keep daily that you. sit up only to not repeat the 6 your name. is the exception in process of the process that i know he's even. if he is it i sit there i don't see the new object of fear leisure when there were men in the door with a book to do it on the obstacle of the new one of the really easy to do you know probably. let the hay internationality a did was she there not to just make the fall. who.
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is having the contact that we cannot expect for said it it clearly will never feel called to show the world is your body the push people who've watched see locos you eat the minnesotan not made above go forces should look it to clean it up that. line lit where you're at home i you know i'm. on a court on our political or the dinner on this very often you should come so you've had a prayer or 2 point when you're in a store as young and buy to duck a putting an m.p. to stand in the. nursery and looking market at those numbers here says a fairly.
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i know that the somebody was in touch with the museum to bring it here to restore these here and i think that. the war at the end stop and interrupt these negotiations. as you can see those are sculpture that are from all the paragon. d.v.d. and of course we have our beautiful venice coming from but. we
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have. the ana sauce we have the matter we are artemis we have. never a tuna. we have. 2 issues of the goddess of the fortune. we missed the point of the theory. for me to to look at material culture to understand to find an object that is so rare is 20 percent better this time it's like to attach a piece of history it's like going back to to this moment. if you want to present to a lot of people these sculptures these could be a is a natural. place. that
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. had to do. with kermit listen because what i would do with the simplest decision and your free will. i that in 30 years and you all of you look young you just. came to mind though with 30. 1 others with a 3 year old it's up and move on and i wouldn't have as. good looked at it but let's see the show a little earlier but they are off limits was i read where your team lost what it was. 33. bush in law as a serious looking man was he doing.
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in his year let out if and used as willits and says. the mistress of. the movie does tell you that you are mr. wilder. had the hit of if you had the macand the. pima i highly educated then but on in this bit elite can erlich here to humiliate her daughter i dida messel and feel what he there like when been one half of the holly had cold front men look of old minister a she. there to tara of on. would you that the medina if you teddy were almost had it but are about the left
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coast meter on talk leave them. with difficulty and one of the about that has me time after that one in a few years will settle for not about us of hobbit akeelah a thought about that but i thought the government should have cost in saudi. a mini bottle or all of. that might have. been the other might have had the feel of the it had been the. other through. a terminal and you know and you're going with her for a muggle. other of her the luck and her. ilaiah the. american. commander of the men. that can
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lead the from in the world had the med well a certain her father. should have her. know. her who had him i mean yes. you got me something. to live differently going to leave me yeah. key new redefine task but did it get you clue. like i could apply for citizenship it or she niggled message up i mean what does
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this mean by volume but he won last year not look it up but you will know what i'll sit with i'm going to hammer the dollar my love it knew it all feel your shop. we'll do more ever end up a bit of an ebook about it it's good to maturity on that after all. you have a beautiful home to love such issue. you got me i look at the. loyalty i think about. to put if you do his job if you give more effect but you need between a good guy like do the bell and the images that you don't get biodiversity reform for looking for your doctor's duty hitty. mr halo be good to command and do it in. my head members that are bill murphy had bits that i will mean dish that i will give
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give these 3. industry. kids do what good is give do more of. the income scale hire of the by your plan it's a give give and that a good bye heart. was the haley and it was that. it is the only. wish some dish fellow firm i'm not pushing sunders fellow for. however shit the one. i was always ever the had no lira he had
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all. the laws our head of the pile some up i shut the fuck up. so have been back and on my. arm a lowly some art and national letter the hobby of a. sudden felony and. then the law how allison i thought you were. 3rd in the land and then i thought you who are going to live they have a power law at the far world mahboub the. original in the. home. be my blood or my bloody or them out of the for let me at the. female brain a home for love was that the family was of this that it was that the blood was at
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the see how the 3rd. leftists and i were more. when the michael milken who. then when i. feel. well the. shot and. but the love not to look. to see how all of a frog. in the same in the clothes. and i was totally in free.
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the night on top of a young woman should reveal also going to. live not an official book but it. was me and i never did get a chuckle from. the trial of. the community nationally and i don't know i'm with my math and emotional weakness in sending them. or song the song. look provide old murphy then moan. that groovy under mo. ma i guess i'm making up early magic definitely but.
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surely best song keep bush said he told. us defend me to my future good proof the home plus new blog. on sit by. this. you see it is a long story by a big secret very classified. this study showed the light over international media came to gaza after absence all the time we are talking about gaza bloodshed destruction something like this but suddenly they have something beautiful something i really want to love a part of a god of love and other things. there is something really not really going to war
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there is something important which is on his gun and everybody was talking about girls i got some guys and girls are because of this piece of bronze you know which i like it by the way i love it but nothing happened it has this disappeared well nobody owns him as a journalist for me i think i cannot say on the big behind us whether white simply because we here it is said that it is owned now by a massive military wing is it a true or not i don't know i believe this this rumor because if it is a government we will see it happen in something public we will see it but as long it is with as long as it is with that military wing it is not easy for a to see it or 2 to one or 2 from this story. it's to talk about. militant groups or the idea of resistance.
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so when they say that it's in the hands of the resistance groups so we know that we are not allowed to talk about it. and militant groups are. to talk about if we can't make a. point we believe that there is this agreement between the armed wing of hamas and the officials the government. we felt that the officials are afraid to talk about. stuff they are afraid to talk about we have no right to talk about. this story but. you know who did want to. show us.
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a few little. people who couldn't. you know she was sort of how. could. you do goes. mad out of the side of. the wood was. your. use a. new
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. button which will take. you home. and tell you that if you're going to hug and a bump on the side of. i don't know what jenny hutt. john to whom. i just on the head of. the law. now would you pick on me and i'm not a significant. well noticed on the top of the one. i'm a little bit studied out of. any other year of. the month of us to learn. how to. do so we. could assure you.
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sometimes this is a. tsunami you. were to decide. who she was. don't step on almost all of that in this business the. 2 we don't want to have but you should know and. i will see this end if it can despite. a long. is it just on the need to teach the need to use the others own. it alters yes it's. said get your news in in a measure homebodies to live. in this up plan and or in this our system up
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a said don't you fit with that name sick and enjoy your food just like you'd be sure that the film. showcase of fortunate adversity. i thought you looked. cooked was me in the not a. sort of sub. a book but the reason it didn't finish. the book not looking for. you christians. who goes oh you need christian.
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victims. being his pasta as an instrument of pinochet's brutal dictatorship a father tries to forget. but his son's quest for answers reveals there are often 2 sides to even the dacosta stories witness the color of the chameleon amount is there.
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hello again welcome back to international weather forecast well not a lot of weather to talk about here across parts of the amazon but down towards the south we are looking at a frontal boundary that's pushing through one is out as in a will push to want to video as well we're going to see some clouds over the next few days but not a lot of rain with the system pushing up here towards the north as well as the northeast as and so on you'll be seeing a few showers there in the line continues appear towards the northwest with some rainfall apos attempt a few of 15 degrees and as we go towards a caribbean not too bad over here towards the east as well as the north fairly dry for this time of year what we are seeing the weather is going to be central america nicaragua particularly it is going to be heavy rain over the next few days and by the time we get towards friday that rain really expands managua is going to be storms in your forecast for the tempter there of $33.00 degrees and speaking of temperatures the heat is on across much of the central and eastern part of united
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states a heat wave is building in many of these locations affecting over 100000000 people across the region kansas city here at 35 degrees over here towards washington at $32.00 and as we go towards friday those temperatures are climbing across much of the area we're going to be seeing washington at $36.00 new york at $31.00 and chicago is sunny day for you at 35. sponsored by. this is al jazeera. hello i'm sam is a this is the news hour live from coming up in the next 60 minutes iran's revolutionary guard seize a foreign oil tanker in the strait of hormuz they say it was smuggling oil plus.
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the u.s. expels turkey from its f. 35 fighter program. delivery meanwhile of russian missiles plus. donald trump supporters repeat his racist comments during his 1st campaign rally since insulting for congress women. face sap is one of the most popular internet applications in the world but if you use it the russian based company owns your image forever. and in sport gold's final major tournament of the year has teed off in northern ireland tiger woods is targeting his 1st open championship win since 2006. but let's begin the news hour with developments in the gulf iran's revolutionary
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guards have seized a foreign tanker they say it was trying to smuggle oil the announcement was made a few hours ago but the tanker was reportedly seized on sunday just south of lara kyle and in the strait of hormuz the island is home to a guard base and is the closest iranian territory to oman. well this is how the tank a seizure was announced on state television about 100 to a patrolling operation of ships passing through the posing gulf in order to find and far to fuel smuggling on sunday revolutionary boats found a foreign ship carrying 1000000 liters of smuggled fuel enough to coordination with authorities they seized it and 12 crew members of those who joins us now live from also what more they announced about this time well apparently sami the iranian revolutionary guard carried out this surprise operation to seize this tanker after they sought the appropriate your dish all documentation so this is the
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1st became aware of this vessel and then they went to the courts to get a court order to carry out the seizure and the 12 crew member on board the revolutionary guards have said that they will be protecting this region of the strait of hormuz from this very specific type of incidents from people smuggling fuel and oil to other areas so the revolutionary guards have said that they will protect iran's interests as well as the nation's best interests in the strait of hormuz we know that they have said that they will go to any lengths they need to to protect their routes of oil supply through the strait of hormuz this vessel we don't know where it is from or where it was heading but we do know that the revolutionary guard had had this vessel in their sight and they identified that it was going to be smuggling fuel to other areas so that is when they actually started this operation and they announced that this morning
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a lot of suspicion will point or people will suspect this is linked to the seizure of another timecode grace one gibraltar i don't suppose officials are saying anything about. no certainly not at the moment sammy i think they the perception could be that at the beginning but once we got more information about how the seizure took place this is a tanker that doesn't belong to any specific government or any specific entity it is. smugglers who own this tanker and vessel and the crew members we still don't know what nationalities they hold the grace one incident is something very different that is a tanker that was carrying 2000000 barrels of iranian crude oil and it was seized by the british navy in the strait of gibraltar on july 4th because according to the a british government it was heading to syria and the syrian government is under a series of e.u. sanctions but the iranians have said that this was not the destination so the
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seizure was an act of piracy and we've heard from a number of different levels of authority within the islamic republic from the defense minister to the supreme leader himself on wednesday who said that this act that was carried out by the british government was an act of piracy maritime piracy and that it will not be able not go on responded but it appears that this seizure by the revolutionary guard is a different incident for the moment at least or thanks for that. now the u.s. house of representatives says rebuke the president by voting to block the sale of some arms to saudi arabia a similar measure was passed by the senate last month but president donald trump is expected to veto the resolutions miko reports from washington d.c. joint resolution is. the house passes 3 bills expressing disapproval of sales to saudi arabia 238 vote in favor 190 against the 1st
9:54 pm
bill dealt with the sale of precision guided missiles the 2nd with the export of smart bombs and the 3rd was aimed at blocking the sale of hughes's needed to. the bulls had earlier been passed in the senate and will now go to the white house but president trump has made clear he exercises veto and it appears neither house nor senate could raise the 2 thirds majority that would be needed to reject the veto and possum laws without presidential signature yet this bipartisan move by congress will have an impact this moment congress is clearly not interested in excel or reading american support for saudi arabia in its war in yemen and does not like having its authority usurped by the executive branch when it comes to approving arms sale so it's making a statement it's laying down a marker it understands that the president will ultimately get his way but over
9:55 pm
time it can wear down the opposition and potentially even override a veto. there are layers of reasons for congress's anger about president trump's relationship with saudi arabia earlier this year the president vetoed a bipartisan bill demanding an end to u.s. support for saudi's war in yemen. then he invoked emergency legislation citing a threat from iran to override a congregational ban on weapon sales and thirdly this still intense and gain congress at the murder of journalist jamal khashoggi and the steadfast refusal of president trump to hold the saudi leadership accountable but even if or when the president vetoes the latest round of legislation there will be more to come in particular a bull demanding a report from the u.s. intelligence community about the call shoji murder that has been included in the house version of the defense authorization bill 2020 that was passed by a resoundingly vote of 405 to 7. mike hanna al-jazeera washington.
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the united states and turkey may be long time nato allies or that wasn't enough for to stop washington from kicking turkey out of its f. 35 fighter jet program that's a move ankara says will harm relations the program is designed to sell turkey 100 american f. 35 stealth jets and trained turkish pilots and now it's been suspended the pilots being expelled from the u.s. the announcement came after ankara began accepting deliveries of russia's s 400 air defense system last week nato secretary general has expressed concern about turkey's expulsion from the f. 35 program and praised its role in the alliance and the saying that turkey as a nato member is much more than $407.00 course although has more from istanbul. the u.s. decision to suspend and expel turkey from f.
9:57 pm
35 fighter jet program will sure have impacts on by later of lay sions between washington and turkey along with its relations with nato because at the end of the day it targets to accuse air defense systems which might end up this dancing turkey from its western nato allies and bringing it to a much closer to russia which is not actually desired by the nato allies however this the solution by do s. that was presented last night is seen as a unit late real decision. and turkey is the 1st in the street directorate had a statement saying that they are waiting for this decision to become office short and turkey turkey has completed its commitments to the program and turkey will not buy into foreign products in defense industry unless it is absolutely necessary turkey has long had desire to fulfill its own defense industrial equipment to
9:58 pm
produce and to produce by itself and to be in to be only self dependent however in the air defense industry. projects that turkey is producing by itself also requires some imports from the united states and also the f. $35.00 program is not something that only us can decide to expel or suspend according to the turkish officials in ankara because according to the f. 35 contract terms you cannot expel a country by yourself by saying that we don't want you or a country apart their country cannot say that i'm being held without without compensating the loss of the other countries. the un special rapporteur on human rights in miramar says her team is not getting access to what's happening on the ground as more violence is being reported in iraq and state ganguly says villages have been burned down in recent days and she's been prevented from
9:59 pm
gathering information the question is. did the government of myanmar impose the internet than to inflict more time on the people living in rakhine. the internet blackout has also prevented individuals wanting to engage with me from being able to make contact it is challenging to get information on what is happening on the ground under these circumstances but i have been told that 3 villages in rakhine have been burned down by that and i don't in the last 2 weeks. june has covered the ring across extensively joins us here now in the studio good to have us have you with us. we just heard there from the un special rapporteur as a senior person you and she's i play about a bunch of things including the fact that you can't get her investigation work done . i mean what can the u.n.
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do to make sure she gets to do her job there were several stunning points semi in this press conference today by a young elite now it's not surprising to hear her be critical of what's going on in myanmar and critical of the crimes that she alleges were committed by me in march army against the rainbow and other ethnic groups inside of me and maher but today she really want to step further she talked about how the rangar and other ethnic groups are still being prosecuted persecuted inside of me and more that the destabilization inside me and more is affecting the region because there's been an exodus of at least $1500000.00 refugees who are now in neighboring countries most of them of course in neighboring bangladesh and she also talked specifically about the news that came that emerged yesterday that the u.s. was going to be imposing sanctions on 4 military leaders in me and more and yankee least said we're going to take a listen in the 2nd to what she had to say but she said that simply doesn't go far enough it's better late than never.


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