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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  July 19, 2019 8:00am-8:34am +03

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the route exactly but to show that if their oil shipments are going to be impeded so will the oil shipments from other countries be impeded in there doing it in a very minimal way to start off with a way that has possible deniability there in all these the attacks on some tankers most assuredly it was he ronnie and proxies or iran itself but it wasn't 100 percent sure so iran is is taking small steps to try to show that it has leverage of its own and the danger is that as the united states and its partners escalate so too will iran escalate in the gulf mark fitzpatrick great to get your insight thank you very much happy to talk to you well or on announcements of the ship cesar coincide with a visit by the u.s. central command general kenneth mckenzie to saudi arabia he met the saudi general in charge of the coalition fighting yemen's who the rebels they discussed the
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situation in the gulf and how to ensure safe passage for ships off the coast of yemen and iran let me just emphasize that we don't believe war with iran is inevitable and we don't seek war with iran. what we seek is to terrorism from destabilizing and malign activities across the region and we believe the recent adjustments that we've made to our force posture have had some effect toward that end i still acknowledge that attacks by iranian proxies are occurring against the kingdom of saudi arabia from yemen and that's a problem that needs to be addressed. well the united nations has called outside the arabia and the united arab emirates for failing to honor their aid pledges to yemen both countries promised to give $750000000.00 of humanitarian assistance at the u.n. a fundraiser in february but the u.n. aid chief says only a small proportion of the money has been handed over in the past 6 months saudi arabia has given just over $120000000.00 while the u.a.e.
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paid nearly $200000000.00 those who made the largest pledges yemen's neighbors in the coalition have so far paid only a modest proportion of what they promised and as a result the response plan is currently just 34 percent funded compared as i said to 60 percent this time last year but saudi arabia defended itself against the accusations this year alone which you are referring to we have paid more money into yemen than any of the dollars in the world none of them none of those members of the security council or any other do not has delivered to the united nations or to the yemeni government more aid than what saudi arabia and then i have so i reject this statement that you need to put your
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money where your mouth is. earlier the u.n. special envoy for yemen martin graphic this again alleged significant progress towards peace has been made but he warned all warring factions that conflict could escalate further the war in yemen is now in its 5th year we are facing a crucial moment for the destiny of this war we need to think together of the realities and opportunities which define chances of making a move of peace the redeployment of some coalition forces in parts of yemen. as a senior coalition officials have themselves confirmed this act is intended to place peace 1st at the center of their of efforts to restore peace and stability in yemen and this is a reminder of the view already expressed that peace will come on the back of the
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promises made in stock now becoming promises kept in yemen. plenty more still ahead this news hour including containing a crisis we'll look at the struggle to protect people from the ebola virus. and some of puerto rico's biggest stars are joining protests demanding that governor ricardo rosello step down. and in sports one of the favorites for golf is open championship pass had a nightmare start to the tournament we'll have the details. an emergency meeting of the u.s. capitol police board has been called because of heightened threats against 4 democrat congress women who come under attack by president donald trump the president is now trying to distance himself from his supporters particle hand has
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this report from washington. his campaign is known for controversial chants but this was a new one. the crowd at wednesday's really chanting center back they were talking about this member of congress representative phil han omar a somali refugee the president has been saying she should go back to her country she's an american citizen now president don't trump is trying to backtrack i disagree with that but it was quite a chant and i felt a little bit badly about it but i will say this i did and i started speaking very personal but it started out rather well as you probably know. in reality he did pause for a while for 30 seconds his target the congresswoman says she won't be silenced i want to remind people that this is what this president and his supporters have
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turned our country that is supposed to be a country where we allow democratic debates. and this to take place and so this is not about me this is about us fighting for what this country truly should be and what it deserves to be analysts say this is all about the next election is the base is eating this up just as much as you give meat to a lion they are loving this he just needs to keep his base engaged in those key states anough for them to come out and vote big time for him again that's what he's banking on but in diverse communities like brooklyn new york this isn't just about words or one rally it's about racism in america the country has. disintegrated you know it's just not going to get any better. it's a culture of immigrants it's kind of the country diction to hear it from.
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the highlights racism is that of addressing it and trying to put it into it highlife it he makes it like it's a laughing matter when it's a serious matter a matter that the president is likely going to continue highlighting and it's just the beginning the election is still 16 months away. al-jazeera washington. is a professor professor. and the author of how fascism works he says trump is setting a dangerous precedent and should focus on other issues for his reelection. it focuses attention on citizenship on stripping citizenship from political opponents athletic and religious minorities people have referred to this rally is reminiscent of the nuremberg rally and what's right about that is that the nuremberg laws are concerned citizenship one of the main one of the 3 laws is about
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citizenship it strips citizens ship from. german jews and political opponents and and far supposed supposed foreigners generally so this obsessive focus on citizenship on who is a real american that is an appt of a focus that's reminiscent of fascist ideology and that's what's so disturbing about send her back it is a puzzle to me and to me it is not explained what has a clever political strategy why a president who's presiding over a healthy economy chooses to focus his reelection campaign on a hysteria about immigration why is this the focus when there are so many other things that he could run on well there are some other things he could run on but but instead he's chosen to focus on nonwhite political opponents
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raising panic about loss of our culture to immigration and loss of our future to socialism. and puerto rico thousands of people have marched for another day in the streets of san juan demanding the governor to resign ricardo a cell of faces accusations of corruption sexism and homophobia after leaked messages between him and his aides on the has more from the puerto rican capital. in puerto rico growing protests on the streets of tens of thousands of people but ask most puerto ricans why they want governor ricardo rosello to step down and they not only mention his group chat messages with aides leaked over the weekend but also something else the lack of quality in basic services that we are here because it's unfair what's going on with how we have the patience to stand like harry
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potter he was already in a bad situation in puerto rico is without power for almost a year after hurricane maria devastated the caribbean u.s. territory 2017 dozens of people were killed in the storm but some estimates concluded thousands more died after the storm for lack of medicines and electricity and some of the text messages the governor joked about those who died it's infuriated people here but they say a sign of larger problems he hasn't addressed in this respect in the country disrespecting who we are. on the bed buddies diversity and that's not what we need i mean we need to have education we need to have health the governor said he's sorry for the hurt he's caused his people but that he won't step down analysts say his problems are deeper than his text messages within the attack that was released you see how all these things that were already troubling things
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having to do with the debt crisis the debt cow the count after many of the broader questions of governance democratic problems relating to the fiscal board here all of that was contained in the tat and so the tat became the symbol for the broader discontent that people had last week the f.b.i. arrested 2 of the governor's cabinet ministers on allegations of corruption one of which was it occasions. now investigators are looking to see if they can link the governor himself to corruption as well but the growing political crisis has confirmed what many here long suspected that their governor and those around him are not working for their best interest and need to be removed gabriels. san juan puerto rico. police and saddam have fired tear gas at protesters that
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a rally honoring those killed in the months long protests hundreds of thousands of demonstrators marched in khartoum to remember more than $200.00 people killed since december the rallies came a day after the military genter and protest leaders signed a power sharing deal to form a joint civilian military body now the deal is meant to pave the way for a transitional civilian administration that would govern sudan for more than 3 years. so we have we will proceed with this revolution until all our demands are met even though an agreement was reached we will not accept military rule but a civilian one the agreement has not satisfied our demands however the country is now heading in the right direction. our home with them wherever we are we will continue with the revolution and we will not give up and not lose hope but keep fighting until the end people are happy because an agreement was signed we hope that these is the beginning of
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a better life for the sudanese people. around 200 south african soldiers have been deployed to patrol the streets of cape town they're expected to be there for 3 months to tackle rising crime in the city's poorest neighborhoods more than 2000 people have been murdered in western cape province in the past 6 months residents who had accused the police of incompetence say they're hopeful the troops will make a difference. thank. you. and i want to thank god for my goodness isn't. because. people of evening. if we're all kind a member claims the bahraini government recruited him to assassinate members of the country's position thousands of bahraini opposition members and activists have been arrested following a violent crackdown on mass protests in 2011 the bahrain government says the
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accusations are false trial structured has our exclusive report. the bahrain government's violent crackdown on sheelagh protests in march 2011 to the world's attention the already security forces and pro-government militia with the help of saudi and emma ranchi troops challenged protesters at the pole roundabout in the capital manama. the bahraini government says 35 people were killed in the crackdown thousands were arrested human rights groups say many detainees which tortured into giving false confessions many opposition leaders and activists have since been jailed. critics said it exposed the political oppression that the country's majority shia population that suffered for decades. now according to the tapes testimonies acquired in an al-jazeera investigation a form of al qaida member says the government recruited him to kill shia or
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position members in the country. mohamed saleh was jailed in saudi arabia in 2003 for his links to bomb attacks in the saudi capital riyadh that killed at least 36 people but he says the saudi authorities released him a few months later he says he returned to bahrain and was repeatedly contacted by bahraini security officials. senior officers came to my house and told me they were working in behalf of the bahraini king they thought the growing power of the shear in bahrain was a danger to the sunni population of the country they said you. will be able to deal with this issue. one of the officers told me they wanted assassinations i asked them is this a request from the government and the king and they said yes i asked them how they wanted to carry out the assassination they told me they would give me the details and addresses of opposition members movements they said you start working on them i
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remember asking them how they said we count on you you know your thing you take care of it. says he contacted tried a members in saudi arabia to arrange for weapons to be brought into bahrain for the mission. but when he tried to travel to saudi arabia to finalize the delivery saudi police arrested him on the bridge that connects the 2 countries he says he spent 4 months in a saudi jail but was released of the bahrain government intervened. here when i heard more than once from my family and senior saudi investigators the king hamad of bahrain sent more than one delegation asking for my release finally thank god i went back to bahrain and was received by the king he wished me all the best and said he hoped i continue my work. the bahraini government has said these claims are utterly false. but soon after al-jazeera is investigation was released solid told an interview on by her own state t.v.
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that he did not deny making the claims but said he lied. he says he made the recordings to uses blackmail if the bahrain government ever stretton him because of his links to al qaida. in relation to whether i was asked to carry out assassinations and bring weapons from saudi arabia this is untrue we made the recording so we wouldn't get arrested again. denies that he killed anyone associated with the shia laid off a zisha in bahrain are the american body the king of bahrain wanted to create a conflict between the shia opposition with the sunnis based on their sectarian differences in order to evade national responsibility toward the bahraini people this is why the royal court started supporting the sunni hardliners. rights groups say it's because of strategic and military ties with countries like the u.s. and the u.k. that the international community turns a blind eye to abuses by the government of bahrain chance strafford al jazeera.
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and. japan tries to make sense of one of the worst attacks in its recent history. and cricket in zimbabwe suffers a major blow we'll have the details in sport. however have again been flash floods from big showers in new york in toronto and other cities in the eastern side of north america because of the summer heat and the amount of humidity making heat stress increased the likely particularly if you look at the temperatures in the forecast throughout most states right back to the mountains to denver $36.00 in fact there are heat stress warnings in force anywhere
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from more or less central plains to the eastern seaboard so many states it's probably unusual if not unique experience there it's not going to last forever but it could be there for quite a few days and that of course prompts more big showers as far north as the midwest and again across the eastern canada the showers will still be potentially flash flood type showers this the heat that will be noticed if you're on the pacific coast enjoy it it's not too hot and it suddenly and there are no thunderstorms around now throughout the caribbean we've seen some active weather in the last few weeks and it carries on a pace the breeze is still quite full of showers obscuring most of the lesser antilles during friday they're moving fairly quickly so don't expect flash flooding but useful rain and that's true in santa domingo as well. the story goes that the statue of an ancient greek god he beat the waves for
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millenia. until a palestinian fisherman on earth the priceless relic. the story continues but as the world's attention was drawn to god as mysteriously the day it disappeared once again. the apollo of ca's. on a. it's 50 years since the world watched as u.s. astronauts lost off on a mission many to impossible or whatever then modeled as they made those 1st uncertain steps a majority. are. now join us as we look at the ingenuity and those who made the journey of apollo 11 possible. landing 50 years on and al-jazeera news special.
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allegheny watching out is there and his reminder for top stories this hour. u.s. president donald trump says an american warship has shot down an iranian drone over the strait of hormuz was called it a defensive action but iran's foreign minister says he's not aware of any missing drone. the united nations is called outside the arabia and the united arab emirates for failing to honor their aids pledges to yemen both countries promised to give $700.00. $50000000.00 but the u.n. aid chief says only a small amount has been handed over. an emergency meeting of the u.s.
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capitol police board has been called because of heightened threats against 4 congress women who've come under attack by donald trump president trump is now trying to distance himself from supporters a chance to send her back at his latest rally. now a suspected arson attack at an animation studio in japan has killed at least 33 people firefighters searched the building for hours hoping to find survivors with several people critically injured or the number of dead could rise. as hard a honor port's. the fire broke out thursday morning in this popular animation production studio in kyoto. fire and smoke in gulf the 3 story building as rescue teams searched for survivors. and there were some women inside the building firefighters had to break windows to pull them out. many were unable to escape with the rising death toll japan fears are this could become one of the
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deadliest fires in its recent history if you cut it when the fire broke out about 70 people were inside the building so we checked the whereabouts of these people using their mobile phone contacts we also checked the number of the people who made it outside safely what's left of the building is also a crime scene and the man in this video is a suspect he's accused of entering the studio employing a liquid onto the floor and igniting it while shouting die he was arrested and taken to the hospital. he seemed to be in pain irritated and suffering he was also angry and seemed resentful prime minister shinzo aba has called the fire to a polling for words he offered condolences to the victims and their families as the country tries to make sense of what's happened. katia locus of the yuan al-jazeera. turkish security sources say
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a suspect has been identified in the shooting of a turkish diplomat in northern iraq. they say 27 year old the muslim dog was captured on c.c.t.v. at the restaurant an air bill where ozment cause was shot the accused of being a member of the kurdistan workers party or p.k. k. turkish security sources say he was working as what they call an urban operative as a waiter in the restaurant reviews military say they conducted airstrikes on a combat zone near i build following that attack and they say that's where the suspected shooter fled from after the shooting which they claim was ordered from within it. protesters in lebanon have tried to force their way into the parliament during a meeting on a controversial budget cuts most of the demonstrators were army veterans angry at proposed cuts to their pensions protesters have been camped outside parliament for 3 days now while parliament discusses the measures ahead of a vote on friday. at lebanese authorities say they plan to scrap
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a requirement for palestinian refugees in lebanon to obtain work permits and as one of the demands from the palestinians have been protesting for days they say they're being unfairly treated since the government began cracking down on unlicensed foreign labor. they have taken to the streets. tires. close their shops and block entrances to their camps i i lebanon's palestinian refugees are protesting against a government crackdown on undocumented foreign labor that they say is affecting their livelihoods. i cannot afford to pay $1000.00 for a work permit how will i be able to feed my children. i'm surviving lebanese law already bans palestinians from working in many professions as part of a long standing policy to discourage them from staying palestinian officials now
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fear the new measures will cause even more suffering. palestinian workers not a foreign visitor but rather a refugee you've forced to be living in lebanon ministry of labor to implement a 2010 law that exempts palestinians for paying for work permits the labor ministry says it is in forcing the law to protect lebanese jobs it also denies targeting palestinians but critics say it is part of a campaign directed at the larger syrian refugee population to force them to return home. and. lebanon understands the difficult situation of palestinians however laws should be applied to everyone but we will work on a law that takes into consideration their difficult conditions. unemployment among the palestinian workforce is 18 percent in recent years tens of thousands have left the country legally or illegally affected by the dire economic conditions here and government regulations that deny them basic rights. have long complained of what
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they called discriminatory laws against them refugees have repeatedly said they don't want to permanently settled in lebanon but israel is preventing them from returning to their lands. many palestinians believe they should enjoy special status as refugees the lebanese government is promising to find an arrangement but that is doing little to calm fears for these people it's been more than 70 years in exile in a country that hasn't been welcoming. beirut. health workers in the democratic republic of congo are optimistic about the world health organizations decision to declare it international health emergency they say the move will help with getting more resources to fight the disease more than 1600 people have died of the bowl in the d.r. c. in just the past year catherine sawyer reports from nairobi. there's a pensive mood in the market southwest in uganda
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a congolese fishmonger who visited the market to buy fish for trade died of a bolo and she returned home she came by road on a motorcycle was a regular interacted with many people health workers looking for several high risk contacts some of whom i say to have gone into hiding. who knew the woman does not believe she died of it it's a believe many people also share complicating government efforts to deal with it. she was pregnant and she had a miscarriage everyone knows that people who touched her have not died why are you saying she had women bleed when they haven't miscarried that's what we know. this is one of the busiest trade routes between uganda. but the border is porous and many people use informal crossings to get from one country to the other but. if someone comes to the market how are we supposed to be took not everyone uses for.
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the wall help. organization has now declared the airball outbreak an international public health emergency he says based on the high risk of the disease spreading across the region the fact that it's still flaring a year after it started and the incredibly volatile security situation health workers are working on the health workers we've talked to say the declaration could not have come soon enough they want more logistical help and money they're also dealing with local communities or don't trust them and in areas where militias have been attacking them as well as a bullet treatment centers up to 10 health workers have been killed since the outbreak began a year ago. the security is a man. people have expertise really work with the community but i think the force really struggled to lizzie's to really get foreign. aid certainly protect it will help. these capital forces for now the focus is to make sure
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that it does not spread in goma a strategic city after preacher who tested positive of the disease died and to regional countries or other parts of congo catherine sawyer nairobi. then i jerry in navy says a search and rescue operation is underway to free 10 crew members of a turkish cargo ship attacked last week the ship is berth and after being taken there by the good name navy on monday. the only media to gain access to the ship and the crew of the address has the latest. so when the pirates boarded the ship they came to the bridge which is the most important part of the ship and when they came here they were violent they fired shots look at the radar screen here that was shot at to disable the ship start a few more areas that were attacked by the pirates shot and shots fired there when the one such is fired that the engine the ship has been just able and it cannot
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move farther they brought out the crew and made their way all walked away with at least 10 of them 2 days later because i mean maybe we're stair to bring them to safety here with me is a command. ready commando operations of solving this thing about command you know talk to us about the rescue operation how you brought this this ship to to port it took i would be a master of the ship all in a good tent with you know we live in the engineers the intention was to just disable this ship so that nobody can move is she but luckily for them the medic gun and he and our ship escorted them all deal with it not come us to come out and put it here right over here what is left of members of crew of this ship they told us. if you don't come into here we are burdening the ship and. all my friends are sad and so when the pirates
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boarded the ship they actually threatened to burn down the whole ship if the crew members don't come out. a prominent senator chuck schumer has called on the f.b.i. to investigate one of the most popular applications in the world face up he's concerned it could pose national security add privacy risks for millions of americans because the companies based in russia not face have has been installed in more than 100000000 android phones and have the most popular applications in the i tunes store so you take a photo then and use artificial intelligence to manipulate the image to make your local older or younger and it can even change your gender privacy watchdogs say users need to read the fine print because they're granting the company a license to use their images forever and however it wants to face abscess it
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deletes most of the photos from its servers off to 48 hours and doesn't send the data to the russian government americans have some of the worst rights when it comes to privacy in the world were a little better in the e.u. with the general data protection regulation the g.d.p. our but in america it's a free for all i mean remember that when it it when it comes to face google doing the same thanks. you know americans call it innovation and disruption and they celebrate it it's again only when the russians and chinese are involved when they're like ok this could be bad yeah but it's bad in general you know we should be looking at alternatives we should be looking at funding alternatives because you know all the funding goes into these sort of businesses venture capital billions are spent creating new types of businesses based on surveillance you know we should be looking at alternatives there how do we spawn technology that is in the common good maybe we need to start thinking about funding it from the commons maybe
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instead of big tech we should be thinking about small tech how do we fund that knowledge that are just tools for people not surveillance divide.


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