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tv   Counting the Cost 2019 Ep 29  Al Jazeera  July 20, 2019 1:32am-2:01am +03

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i don't know but i want to. look. it. recently she found a job working for the bobo quarry alongside has 7 children. the workers here don't use going to no pressure on machines to break down to run it into gravel only hundreds. of cut. cut cut. cut. cut. so it does love the most one
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of the adults need to get their son like. a last look most the most simply that they go it's ok so much done it all slides up against scott as nuclear. but see then when he takes to run it is extremely hard to break talents. around a 100 men and women toil away here every day. cut cut cut. cut in knots and her children walk in the production line a. minute on cats out on a it's believed until this minute that came out of the 6 right.
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in fact i asked. him this very much and i'm about to come. back while all seems at least. at the moment down to their comments to their own teenage son to be uncool moans and magical. 100200000. wait until you see. the fruits of the gravel walk as rests in the hands of one man amara performing. that slightest challenge to his authority can lead to immediate dismissal of. each other but not ok. i'll keep my comment about gay bashing ok. back it up with talk about me i would. not know
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how to follow you pretty quickly look where you're going to that you're in but if you don't you're not going to die got any freemium that the 50 is what if you get hit on a limb with a mara is as tough as he is shrewd he quickly understood that the country's reconstruction would lead to an explosion and demand for gravel. the kauri doesn't belong to hannity but he negotiated the right to mine it. sure be. sure and i didn't carry these. so when i had him to find out there had been be sure i wouldn't go back to our side of the so why are there not ok when i started ok there you are you. it's free yes our free will get your shot free.
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answering at small. mining low for months i didn't get it now i mean it's in a month from us we. got a d. . i'm a little seminar. there mundo but you're with patty souls and yes 00 body of you know. i'm lads right with them and they just to hold back the band. and keep. recovering from 11 years of civil war takes time especially as the state has limited resources the country is burdened by a lack of public services and widespread corruption. the road connecting sierra leone and liberia is a major trade route between the 2 countries and yet it is practically impossible during the rainy season.
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but about 5. it is vandy 8th attempt of the day. this time these men have lined several metres apart with stones and branches. but just metres away from the top of the hill the trucks wheels lose their grip. of stock. they have to try again if. they don't but there are number of seats that will be mentioned they're looking for by about from 6 o'clock this morning but it's hour that if they've mind from 6
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o'clock this morning 5 hours. behind avanti some of the drivers are getting impatient 000000000. well not really but. the feel under pressure one taxi driver agrees to lend them the strap. oh no no no but it will clear cut the likelihood of yes if the road is. not. to close down a final attempt vandy his workers and with the help of some of the watching passengers attempt to pull the truck.
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ironically the driver of the white truck gets by without any trouble unlike his own standing who stuck at 5 hours. that we're going to tell you. this much up front end today yet. numbering. the. entire story. from point one to one speed slowly until we. get to the good it's own this damage of people's books is the only road up to a gun out of. question really. the 2 guns i need from north. korea.
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for her. i get off to 18 hours on the road to come boy is only huff way through its journey. please. please please. feel. that one. right liberal please bring out my strong. belief last not these did not really influence.
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god love their lives. influence and incidentally don't show the fit inside. of the. lower limb. history is repeating itself of bondi and his men just like this morning they find themselves facing another obstacle about what. can only do. nothing while i give them up. but the driver of the white truck is most concerned about the ditch running along the side of the road if i go on like it in my car. yes let me. let me just right because i'll be moving on that's. how far we go will be like right under that tunnel people.
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thank. you you do sound you know you know. when i'll be from. you get the. hell out of that.
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bondi can only think of one solution to stopping struck from tipping over filling in the dips in the road for. us a lot of people you think it will be gone small. you see all some of these things that you see. and i want to take it from you know if you make peace on time it will . seem we all need always just the bus to feel. if you feel. like i feel.
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the men off the top. that would be out of the ball you know no one i think they'll want to fuck him up if you. believe. going behind. and it's illegal to play go after. that functional. if you have one. possible to continue to get.
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so free so large. so. i'm not only gets you. i'm 34 in my system no. after 24 hours travelling only 150 kilometers the complaint finally arrives. they are so proud i was on the. back with. the 3 of them that it
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was time to cool. down to slowly is that ok i want to be in the theory that lambeau field goal war won't. on counting the cost the trillion dollar luna found 50 years off the man 1st stepped on the moon we find out why there's a scramble to return and the number of people going hungry has risen for the 3rd
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year running we find out what's gone wrong counting the cost and i just you. just you know we're close to god just to me to compound the trial. he has to rely on their expertise sneaks. mcalpin standard traditional music
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and down to adapt and survive the modern internet. crowd just hands down series on how to see. ron reveals evidence that it says proves the u.s. warship didn't shoot down its drone. on life from a headquarters and. also ahead south africa's president says an anti corruption
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report finding that he intentionally misled parliament doesn't tell the full story . he says it's carried out air strikes in the kurdish region of northern iraq has hunted down the suspect in the killing of one of its diplomats. and the dutch supreme court rules the netherlands is partly liable for the killings of hundreds of muslim men. in 1995. fellow iranian state television has just released the video which it says shows a u.s. warship filmed by a drone that washington claims it had destroyed the iranian revolutionary guard says this is tangible proof the unmanned aircraft returned to its base on thursday president donald trump said the worship the u.s.s. boxer downed an iranian drone in the strait of hormuz trump called a defensive action because it came within 900 metres of the vessel and ignored
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multiple calls to stand committee halkett is in washington d.c. for reaction from there but 1st we'll cross over to dorsey jabari joining us from the iranian capital tehran to tell us what we should make of that video just released by iranian state television. well there and this is what the iranian revolutionary guards aerospace division is calling hard evidence that what the u.s. president this claim happened did not in fact take place the footage appears to show this drone in the strait of hormuz they say the revolutionary guard says that once the u.s.s. boxer entered the strait of hormuz along with 5 smaller ships accompanying it this standard procedure for them to send their drones to monitor the movements of any ships that enter and that is exactly what took place on thursday morning they sent the surveillance drone to take footage of the u.s.s. boxer for 3 hours they monitored this ship and they surveyed what was on board that
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we can see from the footage that they managed to get quite close to the warship and they said that at no point was there any confrontation between the drone and the u.s.s. boxer and what happened after their surveillance mission was complete this strong return to its base and there was no incident and what the american president is saying is sheer lies according to the revolutionary guards here. we see yet another incident take place or another alleged incident but is take place in the strait of hormuz how is iran viewing all of the authorities there see this as further escalating tensions with the united states. certainly they see this as a repeat of a type of behavior towards iran carried out by the u.s. government 1st they withdraw from the 2015 nuclear agreement and they pose
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a series of sanctions on iran and there were a series of incidents in the strait of hormuz which iran revolutionary guards believe it is their territory to protect they police the strait of hormuz and they're very proud of the fact that they managed to bring security to that area they say that the americans are continually trying to try to get the iranians to react to their for writing the provocator rather the iranians in this area they are saying that their behavior is not welcome they're trying to get the iranians to react and that is not something the array's will stand for but also not just the americans the british government as well the rain ians had an oil tanker grace one that was carrying 2000000 barrels of oil in the strait of gibraltar on july 4th the british government apparently at the request of the u.s. government sees that this tanker because they said it was heading to syria and that is under sanctions the iranians have denied that that was the destination they've called that an act of piracy and
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a legal seizure and they are demanding it be released but it's just another example of how heightened the tensions are in this region but also the relationship that has been very very strained between the united states and iran and it appears to be continuing to wardes a further escalation ok a durso jabari with an update from to iran thing q let's now get an update from our white house correspondent kelly calicut she's standing by for us in washington d.c. so now the iranian state television has put out this video which they say is evidence that disputes u.s. claims that it shot down a drone any reaction from the pentagon or the white house almost. yeah the u.s. president donald trump has been speaking inside the white house in the last hour it was at a photo opportunity marking the 50th anniversary of the apollo 11 moon landing and donald trump is disputing that video well he did not reference it directly when asked by reporters he said unequivocally we shot it down now with regard to that
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drone what we are hearing here in the united states that was actually shot down but it was brought down through electronic jamming but that is the verbiage that the president used we shot it down he referred to his national security adviser john bolton saying that it was in his national security advisors view that there was no question it was iranian drone and in the eyes of the united states that it was brought down because it believed that it presented a threat in other words coming as we've heard from defense officials within 900 metres of the u.s.s. boxer now another senior administration official has also told al-jazeera in the last hour or so that the president has repeatedly said he's willing to sit down with the runs leaders but in order for that to happen iran needs to make a serious gesture which needs to start by ending its uranium enrichment so the white house reacting will not directly to the footage saying unequivocally that it believes that it brought down that iranian drone ok thank you. south
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africa's president cyril ramaphosa is rejecting accuse ations that he deliberately misled parliament the allegations center around the donation by the company both saw saw to ram oppose those 2017 presidential campaign the anti corruption watchdogs failed to report the $35000.00 donation and denied any knowledge of the funds when asked about it in parliament last year. i have come to the conclusion that there is a marriage to the allegations relating to this suspicion of money laundering as alluded to in the complaint and that again is an explanation that she didn't know. a little nations activity. and also that she was very actively involved in speaking to some. here's from either miller with the latest developments from pretoria. president himself in
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a very difficult position now that the report by the public protector was released that says that he violated the executive ethics code in that he received money that he didn't declare but also that he misled parliament when he answered questions around the campaign donation public protector's said that he should have declared these amounts and that when he spoke before call him and saying that the money in fact to a foundation of his sons and. he then came back to say that that money in fact was received by his campaign there is also an issue of potential money laundering in that money was donated to his campaign that money was then channeled to war rather was channeled of from a trust to his campaign and then channeled through to other beneficiaries the public protector once this investigated by the national prosecuting authority has also said that she wants this report referred to parliament ethics committee ethics
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committee is likely to investigate further but this also doesn't prevent members of parliament who are perhaps pushing for a motion of no confidence in this comes at a time when the former president jacob zuma is sitting before a commission of inquiry into. and the narrative in south africa south africans are concerned to the extent of corruption not only is a film a president being questioned around his possible role but now a sitting president as well. also being implicated with regard to money that was donated to his presidential campaign for the african national congress or return calendar is an associate professor at the university of cape town's public law department and he says the person leading south africa's anticorruption body could have all teary or motives with these findings this latest report from the public protector must seem as must be seen as part of a pattern of conduct on her part where she is essentially siding with
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a faction that is aligned to the former president jacob zuma and is trying to stop ram opposes reform efforts which are designed to clean up the state and reclaim lost integrity in public institutions so that's the context of therefore in my view the public protector lacks credibility and her latest report is yet another effort by her to harm the president politically and she may well once again as the count of course of more than one occasion recently she may well of overstepped her own authority in terms of her recommendations meanwhile the former president jacob zuma has agreed to continue giving evidence at a corruption inquiry he had earlier refused to do so saying he was being treated unfairly the commission is looking into allegations of corruption in government and state owned companies. thousands of algerians have returned to the streets once again to demand a change of government i. doubt it's
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the 22nd week since the protests began across the country the demonstrations led to president optimizes beautifully because of resignation ending his 20 year rule the mass rallies continued to flee because their own allies were kept in government protesters say they want complete political overhaul and the ruling elite to be held accountable for corruption. demonstrations are taking place across iraq protesters are out on the streets of several cities to voice their anger against the lack of jobs there's also a growing discontent over the government's failure to provide basic services like electricity and water. or turkey says its warplanes and drones have hit multiple targets in the kurdish region of northern iraq the air strikes were in response to the murder of one of its diplomats on wednesday a gunman shot and killed turkey's deputy consul general and 2 other people on
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turkish and iraqi authorities are looking for this 27 year old man muslim dog who is the main suspect is believed to have joined the kurdistan workers party or the p.k. k. and 2014 the group is deemed a terrorist organization by turkey and the united states that's also going to aim has more from erbil on the investigation so far. investigators now have some answers regarding who assassinated turkish diplomat awesome on costa and why the shootings which took place in erbil restaurant on wednesday and killed a total of 3 people were all caught on security cameras now police are widely distributing a photo of a man they say is their primary suspect he's one of a team of 3 people that investigators say with inside the restaurant to execute this hit his name is muslim day he is 27 years old he's from car turkey it's a.


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