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and mine explosion she's a refugee from south sudan and was sent to add as a buffer physical therapy treatment now after 2 years she's learning to walk again but when we came to ethiopia they welcomed us we came because of the crisis now we're waiting to learn how to use these artificial limbs this is the 2nd time for me to come here ethiopia's physical therapy program is just getting started and the demand is staggering with an estimated 105000000 people in the country there are only 7000 doctors a physical therapy but to give an example here was one of the 1st the hands up program started in 2002 in going to enlist and i was among. the students to enroll into this program and after 10 years or in you took them down to the stockton program i was also the farthest thing in order to this program so for sure i feel like playing a part of this profession 3 doctors a physical therapy work at this clinic in alice abba and treat patients like
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rebecca others are scattered across the country as of now they're graduates from the 1st and only doctor class in ethiopia mohammed hussein is another patient he had a stroke and relies on his rehab to move again. who thought he knew i suffer from this and was shocked when i found out there was physical therapy here i thought it was a luxury not this i feel of that's one. of the services here are free paid for by the government but when we visited there were a few patients getting help at the clinic. one of the biggest challenges with physical therapy in ethiopia is lack of awareness most people don't even know that facilities like this exist but even if they did there still aren't enough therapists to treat everyone the same misconception exists in most parts of you know county because not only physical therapy can have difference obviously is considered a luxury some of the physically disabled are often reduced to begging at times
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relying on their disability to make money even though ethiopia's physical therapy program is relatively new it's still more developed than in neighboring countries many patients from south sudan sudan and eritrea rely on the facilities here to gain their life back for rebecca her new legs mean she can get around in the refugee camp where she lives part of her treatment is learning how to walk on an even ground similar to the surfaces in the camp during the time when i didn't have these legs i was just sitting at home with no place to go because i had no mobility progress on a national level is slow going but for patients here it comes one step at a time leah harding al-jazeera at its africa. 20th marks the 50th anniversary of the 1st moon landing. far. from. normal but i want to go over the top as this historic milestone is being celebrated
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the world is also looking forward to what could be the next moon shot reaching for the moon was the mark of a superpower and defined the space race between the u.s. and the soviet union but now it's 50 years since american mistral supplanted by flying on the moon surface and the elite club of nations with luna ambitions has expanded 50 bar small. the u.s. space agency nasa wants humans back there as soon as possible the 1st new mission could be a soon as 2024 and the construction of a lunar base could begin 4 years later it's estimated nasa will need $20.00 to $30000000000.00 in january china made history by landing the china 4 on the mysterious far side of the moon it's still there collecting samples that help us understand how the moon came to be india is also on track to becoming a major space power is chandra and won over to the main back in 2008 and confirmed the existence of ice at the lunar poles it also wants to launch chandra to
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destination the south pole of the main the 1st human made machine to go there brother dawn is a story in the marshall space flight center joins me now from huntsville alabama via skype good to have you with us i mean the scientific community of the world as a whole continues really to mark with pride the achievement of this and how spaces opened up for exploration for many nations around the world but in your opinion why was this a landmark date and why should generations who weren't there to remember it or weren't even born why should they mark it as a significant diary date. thanks for the you know a little 11 there that that bill meant that mission going to these goal of winning a man on the moon or trying to play peter really was a very long complex program borne out of the cold war but it was also a sign of what we can do one week or so but a monster any humanity the astronauts when they return to the moon and when to
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travel the world one of the things they heard was that we did it it wasn't just america america may lead the way but you know the people around the world were watching so i think it's basically when we put our minds together just a symbol of what we can accomplish in terms of the space race you just mentioned it was born out of the the space race between the u.s. and soviet union in scientific terms i mean how has this advent chili changed our lives here on earth. yeah i think what is smart was a good answer as they were developing new technologies technologies that you know or within our pockets every day a new new computing power or a young generation that went into that program and learned how to build things like a guidance computer after that program was over they drifted back out in the industry and continued to innovate and continue to do great things you know over
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the past 50 years nasa has continued to inspire the space shuttle program today the international space station and as you mentioned that journey back tomorrow back to the moon and on to mars through the artemis program so it's there's an incredible lot that interview i mean there is some suggestion that the human race should have pets explored beyond the solar system by now i mean 50 years old is old was that ever feasible possibly all was it just not technically sophisticated or where they are not as technically sophisticated then as we are now. there over the past 50 years there's been a lot of developments but you know that space hasn't gotten easier everything about going into orbit is still very complex but over these past 8 years we've learned an incredible amount of lesson making space space travel more reliable making it more efficient and really plotting our trajectory that is incremental step by step and different from apollo alo was as it was not evolvable and that's basically why it
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had came to an end we had to return we had to learn but now we're ready to go back to that knowledge of the world today is much different than it was a night you know well it is a fascinating journey that continues and what about what brought it on thanks so much for joining us from hud so. thank you richard. still ahead here on al-jazeera in spall the l.a. galaxy star player lives up to his billing in the m.l.s. all those goals coming up so they go on. a conflict that is now considered to be the world's worst humanitarian crisis how many did not know how to dive like this or stop these harnesses on are really for sale and investigation into how billions of euros are made from supplying arms to saudi arabia a leader of the coalition fighting a war in the south the case is interesting. because the amounts of money involved
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yemen war profiteers coming soon. from the foreign ministry.
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it's time for his role and a lot of fun with not really intending to runtastic i mean very dramatic say in the car yes the new african football champions algeria have returned home after clinching the continental total for the 1st time since 1990 bar beating senegal in the final in the egyptian capital within the last hour that plane has touched down in their capital algiers morris and his team have made history by becoming the 1st algeria side to have won the africa cup of nations outside the country having been haris in 1900 thousands of fans lining the streets to welcome home victorious players well and we spoke to our gerry and journalist mohammed thousands of fans back in cairo was desperately trying to get home for that parade. thanks i want to thank those old friends where there's thanks frank you actual jurors were thinking mastering staging the sacking yet your emotions make you look this way and
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we thank you so the missions title thanks thanks thanks thanks for coming. kind of discussion it's getting easier i think you think folks. think. i have one thing. and we can make this thing single to a jury and it just makes the whole thing. well jaron so all over the world have been celebrating the desert fox is victory thousands took to the streets of various cities including london and one of the biggest ex-pat algerian communities in paris and thousands party there in the city center bots. scenes turned sour when supporters clashed with french police at one stage to gases fardy into the crowd the clashes continued until the early hours of. living away from the africa cup of nations found in the u.s. were treated to a stunning display from the sky behind me as not funny but have it described
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himself as the best by far in the m.l.s. and on this evidence he would not disagree with him scoring an amazing for the galaxy as i took on neighbors and i f c b 37 year old sparky to complete a hat trick in a 32 victory. the 3rd round of golf open championship is got underway at world port rush in norman shane lowry and j.b. holmes share the lead to a tee off in the next hour. from the republic of ireland but the local fans cheering him on on friday long birdie putt on the 10th house and take the lead briefly before falling back again to finish on 8 under par he'll tear off alongside car leader homes in what's being dubbed the battle of the beer the american held on to his lead from the opening round. but the course proved tough going for some of the world's best golfers among them rory mcilroy who missed the halfway cut the northern irish from bounce back from a not in the 1st round to finish on to are of
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a par on friday but that wasn't enough to see him through to the week. today was probably one of the most fun runs a golf ever played a strange saying being standing here and you know having you had a bit of success and you know won this championship before and just to be battling to make the cut but. to plan front of those crowds said. to feel feel the momentum and you know you really dig in. it's going to be a tough one to get over when other forward champion he's going home is targo woods the 15 time major winner finished on 6 are over par with parts from good parts he struggled in the rough and at 43 years old woods is conscious that he's not as consistent as he was in his head. that's when the hardest things to accept as. as an owner as an older athlete as that you like to be as consistent as you were 23
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and on those things are different and i would have my hot weeks. i'm going to be there in contention with a chance to win and i will win tournaments but there are times when i'm just not going to be there doesn't seem to be a barrier for boxing legend manny pacquiao he weighed in for what will be the 71st fart of his a luxury to carry the philippine are far to world challenge keith thurman for he's probably be icy but well white belt in las vegas berth weighed in at $146.00 and a half pounds only boxer to win titles in white divisions. american surfer teresa moore has moved to the top of the world surf league standings after winning the latest round by in found africa it is the 3 time world champions 1st told victory this season also marking where you see what i did that was defending or champion gabriele medina who had his 1st win in south africa after taking out the men's talking with beating federer brazilian italia ferreyra with
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a near perfect score of 19.5. i really feel for our who more later thanks very much for hope i'll be back with more news on the other side of the break but you have been watching the al-jazeera news hour with me so around the patent for me and the news team thanks very much for your time and your company. education is struggling to keep pace often failing to prepare children for today's woes. at some schools the changing the rules are good to have how the day is happening and how they meet up with astonishing results the last 5 all different books are in. rebel education early learning mexico on al-jazeera. talk to al-jazeera. we ask problems and besides the instability is corruption we listen bin
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ziad and bins are pushing the united states and president trump into conflict we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that matter is there a. new leaders placed childred in this refugee camp the latest victims of the unending sectarian violence in central african republic among them are survivors of unspeakable violence 10 year old celine black as mother is dead her father is gone killed because they were christian by their own muslim neighbors this is the least you home an overcrowded refugee camp of 23000 people surrounded by armed militia groups celine wants answers she says she wants to be asking the questions and so we traded places inch took the microphone will we find peace how can we make the violence stop when will i be able to return home.
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it could be the biggest land grab in history. as powerful nations lay claim to territories under the ocean $21.00 geologists are secret could plug the new borders . as the struggle for resources intensifies some of the world's most powerful scientists speak out. oceans monaca on a 0. britain's foreign office summons the iranian envoy in london to discuss its seizure of a british flagged oil vessel. or rather this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up in the next 30 minutes
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turkey arrest the man suspected of killing one of its diplomats in the kurdish region of northern iraq. also millions headed to the polls in pakistan's tribal areas to vote for a provincial assemblies for the 1st time. plus and city is take to the streets of london as the country edges closer to a change in leadership. welcome to the program the u.k. foreign office has summoned iran's diplomat for talks as tension continues to escalate in the gulf britain has already warned all its ships to avoid the strait of hormuz for now now the caution from the u.k. foreign secretary comes after iran sees a british flying to oil tanker in the strait on friday gerri month spoke to the iranian foreign minister jobs are if to express what he called extreme disappointment. we will respond in a way that is considered robust and we are absolutely clear that if this situation
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is not resolved quickly there will be serious consequences france and germany have condemned the seizure and the u.s. central command has intensified air patrols over the strait in response to terror on's action it's also deploying troops to saudi arabia against what it says are credible threats their arms opened an investigation into alleged violations by british like a tanker and says it was involved in an accident with a fishing boat before being detained let's cross over to dorsetshire bari our correspondent in tehran who's monitoring effects for us. and indeed a serious ratcheting up of sort of the rhetoric and certainly it's the obviously upset the united kingdom they've called in the iranian chargé d'affaires the iranians and are speaking as well what are they saying. well we've just heard that the reigning foreign minister mohammad javad zarif who
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is on a visit in venezuela has spoken to his british counterparts and they said that the ship will go through the due legal procedures before it is going to be released he said that this incident is an act of a legal seizure on like the seizure of the iranian oil tanker in the strait of gibraltar on july 4th by the british navy they rein in foreign minister and told the british foreign secretary that this has to go through the legal process and the british foreign secretary for his part expressed his disappointment at the events that unfolded in the strait of hormuz on friday now we've also heard from the spokesman of the guardian council that is a governing body that monitors various different things in the islamic republic one being that any of the laws that are passed in parliament they go through the guardian council it's a 12 member body they don't usually comment on the day's news such as this but they
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have today they said that this is an act of reciprocal measures based on international law and they say it's not a surprise that iran did this but for now the reaction seems to be that iran was carrying out its jus diligence in the waters of the strait of hormuz when it sees this british tanker illegals deals we know that the ship actually got into territorial waters but was. well the last we heard this ship is now in the port city of bam that up boss of the parent what happened was on friday this ship had turned off its transponder so we had gone dark and this was a concern because it had hit a fishing vessel in the strait of hormuz in a minor accident and when the local authorities alerted the revolutionary guards who were patrolling that area they try to establish some kind of contact with the vessel and the crew on board and they were not responding in this is why the
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revolutionary guards have said that they brought the ship into the ports and they are now going to be going through the process of interviewing the 23 crew members that are on board this ship to try and figure out what exactly happened on friday for the moment we'll leave it thank you correspondent into road well leave balkan has more reaction from london. british authorities of some of the iranian charged affair the iranian envoy to answer questions on the seizure of the imperence earlier on of the day jeremy hunt britain's foreign secretary had said that britain's response would be considered but also rebuffed but he also warned that if the ship wasn't released any time soon that they would be serious consequences indeed what those serious consequences could be well nobody is prepared to say right now but the british authorities are saying that they want to put diplomacy 1st although nimble diplomacy we imagine is what is needed 1st and foremost
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as jeremy hunt mentioned in a tweet earlier on saturday the grace one of the iranian vessel being held off the coast of gibraltar remains very much are at the heart of this dispute the iranian vessel was impounded by british authorities accused of busting e.u. sanctions by trying to ship oil to syria that is being seen as the underlying reason for why the iranians have now decided to seize this british vessel the strait of hormuz is one of the busiest most strategic and important shipping lanes in the world 18 and a half 1000000 barrels of oil a day are transported through the region is hugely important for the crude oil producing countries of the region when it comes to getting their goods to international markets but under the current circumstances the main advice coming from the british authorities for british ships is to stay away the british
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government has already raised the security threat levels towards british ships in the region to the highest level to critical and this now is the logical next step undoubtedly it will have an impact politically and economically. 3 main suspects behind the murder of a turkish diplomat in northern iraq have been arrested ankara says that 27 year old a muslim dog killed the region's deputy consul general and 2 other people on wednesday is believed to be a member of the armed kurdistan workers party or the p k k another group is deemed a terrorist organization by turkey and the us natasha going to miss following that story from john deanne in north and. so we've been told by kurdish authorities that 3 suspects are presumably the team of 3 men suspected of assassinating the turkish diplomat of microsoft in an urban or restaurant as he ate lunch on wednesday we're receiving this news so as we're visiting where the grieving
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families of the their friends died in the shooting of course it became an international incident because of the assassination of the party's diplomats but there were 2 iraqi kurds who were simply sitting at a table a restaurant having lunch one of them was a mare i'm on duty ali as a family says that she had had a a day he doesn't move in or be old has gone into the city which is several hours away from where he lives to renew his passport and he was enjoying a large with a friend. and i still can use one of 5 brothers i 30 to one of his brothers without the moves of this arrest and they are grieving the news we have are a bit of our passions optimism if you will the brotherhood saying you know we don't know exactly is it and then arrested are actually the ones responsible will need to be more time for the investigations for us because certainly we're pleased that in
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the matter of days that some suspects have been captured and for killing more they will leave also for the people of erbil the family of course are in turkey and for people who are concerned about the general security conditions in erbil but it's in constant talk it's a little western tribal areas for the 1st time in the region's history the territory was measured because of the fall off province last chance i'm told as often as some. saturday's ayatollah bringing the region into the political mainstream candidates vying to 16 seats in the provincial assembly the tribal region is home to 6000000 people and until now it's been ruled by councils of tribal elders means. seen by the u.s. is a stronghold of clinton the afghan taliban. spoke to politicians and kind of opposed to war profits about how important these elections all the time in the region. it's a historic day and budget on tribal area which was once known for all the militant
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outfits including al qaida the movement of the biggest on the pakistani taliban and the other one taliban however speculative military operations have meant that people are now feeling secure enough to come out and cause their ward for the 1st time they have been electing their members who of course will take care of their needs in the provincial assembly. it was a difficult task in tribal cultures for a woman to take part in the election but i took this challenge and others will follow me. to this area was once known as a no go area you had to seek permission to visit here today we got our identity and freedom everyone here is celebrating and healthy that after the merger they will get the jew rights which they were deprived of. august on of course still fated the challenge of having i located. in order to build this area it just for the 1st time in the history of the tribal areas there now they are celebrating this day is in
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one independence day off pakistan and it is now people they are hoping for the arbitrament of their lives now the area as it is really much peaceful for the people of their tribal area they did a new beginning and of course david be pinning their hopes and expectations on the representatives from the radio political parties and also independent candidates to take their problems to the provincial assembly buggiest on has taken a major step by merging pakistan's tribal areas into that type of book while province and the government also has to give serious attention in order to develop this region which has been empowered patient and of course left behind the rest of the country the people of course will now be hoping that this is indeed a new beginning and a historic moment. thousands of supporters of pro china groups have held
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a rally in hong kong organizers say the rally is to condemn violent acts during recent protests and show support for hong kong's police but what pride has more. in a city more used to protests against its government this day belong to the pro establishment camp thousands turned out for a so-called safeguard hong kong rally calling for unity in a city that's become deeply divided and angered by pro-democracy demonstrators a minority of whom have turned to violence. if you break the law you go to jail they chant. among the government supporters this local business association worried the continuing unrest is hurting hong kong's economy. and we are on people but we've seen on t.v. a lot of people coming out because of the chaos and we need to protect our home we need to create more positive energy.


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