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tv   Bog Snorkelling  Al Jazeera  July 20, 2019 11:56pm-12:01am +03

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and among some is the can be this is some sort of tit for tat a reprisal for the seizure of the grace one of the iranian press one that's still currently held in. the sense in iran the this is exactly what's happened know many officials have said that this is not iranians reciprocating this is not an access piracy by the iranian revolutionary guard this is them enforcing international maritime law in the strait of hormuz the iranian foreign minister mohammad javad zarif as the commenting on this in his visit during his visit in venezuela today he said that this is very different from the act of piracy that was carried out by the british navy in the strait of gibraltar on july 4th when they seized the new. tanker that was carrying 2000000 barrels of iranian crude oil we also have to note that this ship that was seized by the iranians on friday was
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empty it was heading to saudi arabia where it was going to be loading up with fuel that when they seize that it is if there was nothing on board the radiance of said that it's very very different we have international maritime law to uphold in the strait of hormuz and that is exactly what we've done and there will be a legal process that is to follow before we can talk about releasing this british vessel ok i got a day or so jabari with an update from to iran thank you. so as we mentioned earlier the u.s. is the pulling troops to saudi arabia is the situation in the region bros tenser the pentagon believes the deployment will provide an additional deterrent some if it's over $500.00 military personnel have already arrived at the prince sultan air base south of riyadh the u.s. withdrew its forces from saudi arabia back in 2003 markets is the former assistant secretary for political military affairs under president george w. bush he is joining us live from washington d.c.
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thanks for speaking to us again on the news hour so as we were saying u.s. forces withdrew from saudi arabia back in 2003 and that was a joint decision between the 2 countries what's changed today what's changed in both their calculations that now there is a redeployment if you can call it that to troops to riyadh's. well i think the concern back in 2003 and earlier was that the presence of american troops was a distraction that in fact the particularly the religious clergy inside the country saw that as a violation of the tenets of islam to have infidels based inside the country of the religious establishment it's not as strong as it used to be and candidly the need for us protection is greater than it has been for quite some time. could we see a repeat of that tension. the religious clergy may complain about the presence of u.s.
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troops but i don't think they are in a position as they were pre the last gulf war to impose the kind of restrictions on the on the saudi royal family that they did in the past reports are that in june the u.s. military actually began moving some military equipment as well as some troops to the region and perhaps maybe it's a saudi arabia but is it clear to you this late is the point in this announcement as part of that previous one or is the united states now sending additional troops to the kingdom well they don't say it has always been very clear about when they deployed troops i don't know particularly when these troops were announced but it is clear that over the last few announcements there rotation has not been revealed likely these are troops that are manning patriot units that are providing air defense protection in case of a search in case of an iranian either missile or aircraft attack or perhaps not knowing their location i can only speculate that they made be there to protect
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saudi arabia from some of the missiles that they see emanating from yemen this would appear to be a routine deployment of troops to go ahead and i said this this would appear to be a routine deployment of troops rather as we do throughout the region based on the threat level we do this at the invitation of the countries we come in when asked we leave when asked and i wouldn't overstate or. address any specific significance to this particular deployment but in the face of all the heightened tensions and particularly what's going on in the strait of hormuz in the tensions between the united states and iran does this deployment actually increase the tensions in the region or doesn't diffuse them no i think it actually demonstrates that the united states and its coalition allies are willing to protect their troops and protect their allies. the.


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