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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  July 21, 2019 12:00am-1:01am +03

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in their location i can only speculate that they may be there to protect saudi arabia from some of the missiles that they see emanating from yemen at this would appear to be a routine deployment of troops to go ahead and i said this this would appear to be a routine deployment of troops rather as we do throughout the region based on the threat level we do this at the invitation of the countries we come in when asked we leave when asked and i wouldn't overstate or. address any specific significance to this particular deployment but in the face of all the heightened tensions and particularly what's going on in the strait of hormuz in the tensions between the united states and iran does this deployment actually increase the tensions in the region or doesn't diffuse them no i think it actually demonstrates that the united states and its coalition allies are willing to protect their troops and protect their allies. the tensions would probably increase if the iranians
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continue to make these threats and the countries in the region felt that they had to go it alone i think when everybody takes a look at what's been deployed why it's been deployed it will be an it is understood or should be understood that this is merely defensive in nature and it's there is simply to send a clear message to anybody that would want to attack our allies that our allies have sufficient capability of their own and with us assistance to fend off a majority of any type of violence that they want to send their way writes mark kimmitt we thank you for speaking to us on al-jazeera. 3 main suspects behind the murder of a turkish diplomats in northern iraq have been arrested ankara says 27 year old muslim dog killed the region's deputy consul general and 2 other people on wednesday he is believed to be a member of the armed kurdistan workers party or the p.k. k. the group is then they terrorist organization by turkey and the united states but
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also the name is following the story from north of erbil so we've been told by kurdish authorities that 3 suspects presumably the team of 3 men suspected of assassinating the turkish diplomat of the month and erbil restaurant as he ate lunch on wednesday with a seating this is so as we're visiting with the grieving families of the their friends died in the shooting of course it became an international incident because of the assassination of the party's diplomat but there were 2 iraqi kurds who were simply sitting at a table is a restaurant having lunch one of them was saying there are mines giuliani as a family says that he had had a day he doesn't move in or below he's gone into the city which is several hours away from where he lives to renew his passport and he was enjoying a large with a friend. and i still can use one of 5 brothers i 30 to one of his brothers about
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the news of this arrest and they are reading the news with a bit of the russians optimism if you will the brother was saying you know we don't know exactly is it and then arrested are actually the ones responsible believed to be more time for the investigations for details certainly will please that in a matter of days that some suspects have been captured and for killing it will leave also for the people of erbil the family of qatar and certainly and for people who are concerned about the general security situation in erbil. there have been explosions across the capital. strikes saudi media says coalition jet fighters targeted military camps across the city destroying air defenses storage sites there have been no reports of casualties it comes after a series of drone attacks from yemen the rebels targeting airports in the south of
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saudi arabia. they have targeted the. what is known the 21st park which has been which has been used as a military camp for long decades also they have targeted a military camp to the north of the capital sanaa as well such strikes have made many people here in the capital saad to wonder why the saudi arabia has targeted. the capital sanaa after a long period of nearly 4 more over one month they haven't resumed their targets on the capital sanaa is even during the whole of these attacks of on the saudi vital economic anomic targets. what we have found also that the host these military spokesperson has released that the have targeted the saudi king.
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base in jaime smoosh raid in the tally ation to what he described the saudi attacks on the different yemeni civilian areas so we couldn't confirm who started the even the saudis or the host these but so far the attacks that have that have taken place in the capital sanaa have been resulted in any casualties because we have targeted. military comes which have been the same targets for saudi fighter jets for over 4 years or more had on the al-jazeera news hour including protests and counter-protests in hong kong probation demonstrators take to the streets after weeks of anti china rallies. for the 1st time millions go to the polls in pakistan's tribal northwest a vote for a political assembly. and then sport the l.a. galaxy star player lives up to his failing and. other goals coming up.
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but 1st thousands of people are marching to the u.k.'s parliament hoping to persuade the next prime ministers to stay in the. organizers of the march for a change say they want to send a pro europe message to boris johnson the man tipped to become the next prime minister and stop that chaos that sent this update from the march. well this protest wasn't as large as the previous exit demonstration in london but there are a number of groups and people have trouble from all over the country saying that they're determined still to stop right to it but also to oppose the man that they assume will be the next british prime minister boris johnson obviously he said he's willing to take britain out of the european union even without a deal at the end of october or the last few days
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a number of events have suggested that perhaps that's less likely for example the chancellor of the exchequer philip hammond said he would vote against the government to stop or no deal and several other cabinet ministers took part in a vote in parliament which effectively stops the next prime minister from suspending parliament to force through a no deal we're also hearing that brussels behind the scenes is offering the british government the next prime minister an extension which they could sell to the conservative party and peace as a technical delay but in fact that would be more time to negotiate some kind of a new breaks it deal what this crowd want is clearly no breaks it but they say for democracy to be seen to be done with this on pass what they want is either a referendum or a general election in which the parties clearly at least some of them come out and campaign for remain nobody knows if that is going to happen it's clear though that
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people are worried by the prospect of such a prime minister as boris johnson in power unelected by the general population thousands of support as a pro china groups have held a rally in hong kong organizers say the rally is to condemn violent acts during recent protests and to show support for hong kong's police from mcbride reports. in a city more used to protest against its government this day belong to the pro establishment camp down. thousands turned out for a so-called safeguard hong kong rally calling for unity in a city that's become deeply divided and angered by pro-democracy demonstrators a minority of whom have turned to violence. if you break the law you go to jail they chant. among the government supporters this local business association worried the continuing unrest is hurting hong kong's economy. and i am not we are
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on people but we seen on t.v. a lot of people coming out because of the chaos and we need to protect our home we need to create more positive energy but as well as people from hong kong it was clear many protesters were being brought in as organized groups from mainland china . still they would argue as a chinese city they have the right to defend it and its embattled police force accused by protesters of using brutality to break up largely peaceful demonstrations far from using excessive force these people say the police have shown remarkable restraint against hostile demonstrators and have paid a heavy price in terms of officers injured it comes amid reports that morale in the police force is also suffering and on saturday news of a new threat is this standoff continues police show off a cache of weapons they say they seized in a raid on
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a warehouse unit that included a large quantity of an explosive often used in bomb making along with material linked to the movement opposed to a proposed extradition law that's now been suspended at the moment we're still investigating the motive. of that fences and whether the explosives what other uses of that explosive we're still investigating with no concrete evidence to prove that it is relating or not relating to the incident the tomorrow he's referring to is sunday which will see another big rally by the pro-democracy groups still angry at what they see is the growing influence from mainland china rob mcbride al jazeera hong kong polls have closed in pakistan's northwestern tribal areas after the 1st provincial vote in the region's history official results are expected in 2 days territory was merged with khyber
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a pact province last year and borders afghanistan. well the merger and saturday's vote are bringing the region into the political mainstream with candidates vying for 16 seats in the provincial assembly the tribal region is home to 6000000 people and until now has been ruled by councils of tribal elders it's long been seen by the u.s. as a stronghold for al qaeda and the afghan taliban hides or has the latest from generals and khyber province. for the 1st time since independence buggiest on. their tribal area after an act of parliament were brought in by over. where they. had relatives there people of their drivers had been demanding that they should be my. country. after the u.s. led invasion of afghanistan when many fighting groups. make movement of dawn
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the afghan taliban out. all came across the border and then you. ground against the u.s. led coalition forces however lost. by an act of parliament that the drive to be merged on that day will have the same course that security forces. liberated to the rest of the province go a long standing there mourn. the people of their driver larry are taking part in an election. member who will be representing them in the provincial parliament. was indeed a major step as far as pakistan is going to include the tribal population with the mainstream population. at least 39 people have been killed and more than 5000000 affected by monsoon rains and flooding in northeast india animals are also at risk
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in india's kudzu. rango national park home to the largest population of the protected one who are and indian rhino one of the 100 animals have died the reports . marooned on what looks like an island these one honed rhinos in buffalo have no choice but to wait for the floodwaters to recede they've taken refuge on one of 33 artificial highlands built 3 years ago at catherine national park they almost certainly would not have survived otherwise. i wouldn't be a concert that i wanted to last year out of your concert on 1000 kilometer on the 3rd or. 4th this baby rhino didn't get to high land in time to escape the flood water instead after numerous attempts a rescue team succeeded in dragging the panicked cough to safety catherine
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a national park is home to several protected and endangered species but it's the conservation success of the one honed indian rhino that turned this park into a world heritage site. but the animals still face 2 big threats the annual months in floods and poaches the park has 199 and watch towers most of which are currently surrounded by floodwater ranges a working round the clock where the poaches may take advantage of the diet conditions to launch more attacks. and to take care we've been very vigilant we keep a close eye on the animals day and night i'm expecting more poachers to come now because they take more chances during the runs india rhinos were once close to extinction today there are nearly 3000 and catherine good is home to more than 80 percent of them but demand for rhino horns in neighboring south-east asia remains a huge threat as do the monsoon rains victoria gave him be out. still
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ahead on the al-jazeera news our priorities. are. what seemed impossible became a reality we explore 50 years since humans 1st set foot on the moon. learning to walk again we need a group of. changing the lives of patients one step at a time. and from legendary champion to challenger in many ways and for the latest title fight stories coming up with. how i once again not see much right in the forecast across the middle east no surprise to get a little bit of cloud just around the black sea georgia could catch one of 2 shows
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over the next a day or so you see signs of somewhat weather up towards the coaxes but for many it's going to be the sunshine we're talking about yet again $29.00 celsius there in beirut $28.00 in jerusalem or into the forty's the mid forty's. baghdad and also for kuwait city because it's a $39.00 in terror around an all to fall flat for kabul and also in karate c.n.n. picture as we go on into monday the hot sunshine that stretches its way down across the arabian peninsula to again not too much glad to speak of but some pieces of cloud just around the southern coast of amman as one would expect the lala $27.00 celsius with the hoary flame continue to push its way into the fall southwest of the country here in doha damages down on recent values 38 celsius is 100 in found by means co may while local cites a pleasant sunshine across southern parts of africa but some places a cloud as a rolling across the southern cape it will be a lousy dry fall most want to see showers
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a possibility just around the coastal fringes of mozambique on sunday but the sunshine returns on monday. how does you know we're close to god just to calm down a trial. he used to rely on their expertise sneak. like now perform their traditional music and down to adapt and survive a modern internet. practice 10 feet dance series on how to. is different because there's a maturity about it's used in the is generally a little child but the parents take the risk of a story like the. whole thing on going anywhere else is in
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a sense you know a good way to do it the reality on the ground the reality of the blow the only becomes the magic of the people and that's what we do and i think that's what we do well. hello again the top stories on the al jazeera news hour britain's foreign secretary has spoken with his iranian counterpart and expressed quote extreme disappointment over. ship in the strait of hormuz on friday the u.k. has warned all its ships to avoid the strait for now france and germany are calling on iran to release the vessel and that says it's deeply concerned. the suspects
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who allegedly shot and killed a turkish diplomat in northern iraq has been arrested ankara says 27 year old killed the region's deputy consul general and 2 other people on wednesday. thousands of pro-government protesters have held a rally in hong kong organizers say it's to condemn violence and during demonstrations against the new the now suspended extradition bill meanwhile police say they seized the largest amounts of explosives uncovered in the city. well going back to our top story and that's iran seizure of a british fly tanker in the strait of hormuz is only the latest in a series of incidents that have raised tensions around the region so let's take a. look at some of the key moments over the last few months in the strait of hormuz on may 13th for oil tankers were damaged by explosions off the coast of the u.a.e. the united states accused iran of sabotage a claim iran strongly denies
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a month later it happened again 2 tankers were reportedly targeted in the gulf of oman an iranian vessel rescued the cruise but the u.s. accused the iranians of attaching mines to the ships just 6 days later. a u.s. drone that it says violated its airspace the u.s. says the drone was over international waters on july the 4th british marines seize the iranian tanker of gibraltar in the western mediterranean and britain says the ship was carrying all to syria in violation of sanctions there rain ians called it piracy then on july the 10th the british navy chased away 3 arabian vessels it says were threatening a british tanker then on thursday the u.s. claims it shot down an iranian drone threatening one if it's warships in the region iran denies these claims the next day as we've seen iran's revolutionary guards seize the u.k. flag stana imperiled claiming it violated maritime laws well we can now speak
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tomorrow. head of policy analysis at the arab center for research is joining us here on the set thanks very much for being with us on the news hour why are we seeing. these attacks take place quite regularly over the past couple of months in the strait of hormuz because the iranians are not. what they are trying to do actually is that they will not as they said many times before they will not allow other countries to export the oil why they are actually not not allowed actually to export their own or the iranians and they are actually trying also to send a message that they will not tolerate any attempt. by other nations to prevent them from exporting what is the means actually from beer or oil production because the production actually has more than decreased by more than half since the us in was sanctions on on iran. last november. and is today the art of
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producing only 2000000 barrels of oil most of that actually go for local consumption for domestic consumption and there are actually exporting something like 302400000 barrels of oil a day even that the americans are trying to stop it so i think that these are deliberate acts by iran and the strait of hormuz to send a very clear message absolutely they are going to have that they have been very clear about this from the very beginning when they say they were what about the united kingdom and the americans i mean we saw the u.k. seize the grace one it's that iranian ship is in gibraltar we saw the americans at least trump says that the americans shot down an iranian yeah i mean this is what i'm saying the iranians are having this sort of reaction to the actions of the americans and the british because the american policy actually is try to strangle iran economically in order to bring them back to the table of negotiation that the administration is trying actually to to have its own deal about iran if you have broken arm because they want to just dismantle the deal which was concluded by the
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previous administration and the president so this is why the americans are imposing all sorts of sanctions against iran has not done to have the maximum impact on the iranian economy which is that they are having. now so the iranians they are not accepting the fact that the americans want them to get actually have to buy their act without without acting so they are as are we acting that way in order to send this message that americans that if we are actually here to buy these sanctions we will also make other nations get really hurt by the sort of actions that we are we are having the iranians are trying at least to increase the price of oil in the international market because that would hurt the american economy as well that could convince president trump to ease the sanctions on iran so it's action and reaction to what to what extent do all of these incidents in the strait of hormuz complicate any sort of. negotiations on.
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complicate on one side but on the other side actually it might facilitated the sort of diplomatic efforts that are taking this fight now because today the iranian foreign minister is in new york and is having talks actually not with the officers but with people close to that time but mr nation on thursday he met with senator board who was given a green light by you because then trying to talk to. so there there is this this diplomatic it's iraq on one hand but what the pentagon is trying to to do is to strengthen the hand while trying actually to open the sort of negotiations with the time but mr nation so on one hand it does complicate that diplomacy but on the other hand it might be actually pushing maybe harder to wards the sort of diplomacy that the 2 sides are trying actually to have in order to resolve this conflict and we're just playing on our screens right now footage that has been released by iran
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on. the tanker seizure and that is the british tanker seizure that was seized just about 24 hours ago by iran so these are the latest pictures that we're getting what could be going on behind. right now when it comes to this particular seizure of this tanker we know that iran was saying it was violating international maritime law but how likely is it that. well release the gibraltar tanker is currently holding a job or alter in return for the release of their tanker in the 1st place what the did in gibraltar actually was illegal in terms of freedom of navigation navigation and international waters what the americans did actually in the city of homs was also illegal because the unions regard the excuse the voided is also illegal because they are actually preventing the freedom of navigation in international waters but what we are having here is that the iranians are trying to have this
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sort of forethought with the british as we said as you mentioned actually probably not that we'll have the sort of exchange between the 2 ships because the ship which was which was seized by the british. is actually carrying more than $2000000.00 barrels of oil but the ship actually that the iranian seized yesterday or that they've got yesterday actually is said to be empty actually it was in its way to or one of the saudi saudi arabia ports in order to be to get to get uploaded with with with oil but anyway i mean regardless of that i think that the iranians are trying to have a sort of exchange between the 2 ships ok thank you very much for your analysis. now the u.s. president donald trump is blaming fake news for the backlash against racist chance at his campaign rally in north carolina on wednesday there's been an outpouring of support for so molly born congresswoman omar after trump supporters chanted send
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her back at the events in a series of tweets trump had urged omar and 3 other progressive democratic congresswoman to go back to their countries of origin. that stadium was packed it was a record crowd and i could have filled it 10 times as you know those are incredible people those who are incredible patriots but i'm unhappy what a congresswoman goes at said i'm going to be the president nightmare he's going to be president like. he's lucky to be a wish for you let me tell you and the things that she has said are just grace to our country will trumps common skin tinubu to draw international condemnation. imagine if people were saying to me in britain send him back i know how i'd feel but i'd like to think most of society would think that's just completely unacceptable in a more your liberal democracy to have that kind of situation and not be appalled
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over comments made. were hurtful wrong and completely unacceptable. and. i want everyone in canada to know that those comments are completely unacceptable. and. should not be allowed or encouraged in canada. i want to make it clear that america's strength from my perspective lies precisely in the fact that it's a country in which people of very different nationalities have contributed to the strength of the country so these are statements that run very much counter to this impression of mine which i strongly believe goes against what makes america great. july 20th marks the 50th anniversary of the 1st moon walk as this historic milestone is being celebrated the world is also looking forward to what could be
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the next moonshots rosalyn jordan has more from washington d.c. . and. apollo the weapon was the result of hard work little sleep and billions of dollars 300000 kilometers away a small blue planet watched in all 4 of. our. american neil armstrong setting foot on the moon we didn't get to see. the moon until we were just practically at the end of our trip through it when we were when we rolled out oh it was. on awesome sphere really was the current head of nasa tells al-jazeera the u.s. is ambition was field both by science and by politics the president of the time john f. kennedy said we need to have a vision and a goal. we choose to go to the mood industry again and do the other things not
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because they are easy but because they are allowed and the goal was to get to the moon and so it it resulted in this space race at the time that was i think. it was motivated by that basically competition return american astronauts to the moon establish a permanent base there and develop the technologies to take american astronauts to mars and beyond. nasa's new plan return to the moon by 2024 hoping that naming its mission after apollo is twin sister artemis will be the key to success apollo had an infinite budget and skeptics wonder if artemis is limited by both time and money and when nasa was really pushing during apollo era they were getting something like 4 percent of the national budget now it's about point 4 percent of the national budget and it really depends on what the political
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will is to fund the agency buzz aldrin the 2nd man on the moon says the u.s. can't do this alone this is not just national interests us we have an alliance of nations that need to venture out a view echoed by space law experts we need to explore space as a human species not as americans and chinese and russians and indians we are humans are in this together 50 years on the footprints left by 12 men are a challenge as one of them put it to return to the moon with peace and hope for all mankind rosalyn jordan al-jazeera washington. well reaching for the moon was the mark of a superpower and defined the space race between the united states and the soviet union but 50 years later the elite club of nations with lunar ambitions has expanded felicity bards claims the u.s. space agency nasa wants humans back there as soon as possible the 1st new mission
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could be as soon as 2024 and the construction of a lunar base could begin 4 years later it's estimated nasa will need $20.00 to $30000000000.00 in january china made history by landing the china 4 on the mysterious far side of the moon it's still there collecting samples that help us understand how the came to be india is also on track to becoming a major space power is chandra and won over to the moon back in 2008 and confirm the existence of ice at the poles it also wants to launch chandra to destination the south pole of the mood the 1st human made machine to go there let's make a child who's a former nasa astronaut an international space station commander who's joining us via skype from use and thanks very much for speaking to us on what is the 50th anniversary of the moon walk or leroy chiao you also flew yourself on 3 space
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shuttle flights 1st tell us why this date is so significant. well this is a huge deal because 50 years ago most gay humans landed for the very 1st time on the surface of the moon and walked on the moon and it was such an amazing event i remember like it was yesterday i was 8 years old at the time and this is what inspired me started my dream one day wanting to become an astronaut myself and i think what it did it made everyone around the world it matter what country you were from just amazed that humans could reach such a goal and i think it made everybody individually and collectively try to little harder dream a little higher and reach a little higher yes speaking of rating a little higher though how realistic do you think is the u.s.'s plan to go back to the moon by 2024 and ultimately the plan is in fact to get to mars. right so it depends on the way that it's done i think 1st of all you do need the political
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will you need the funding those need to show up and so i'm not sure that that is going to happen in time to make 2024 i think we're going to try but if you're creative about it and partner with some of these commercial companies companies like space x. and blue origin who are building spacecraft watching rockets space x. has been resupplying the i assess the international space station for a number of years now they have a heavy lift rocket cutout going heavy if you're creative in how you do this and you do have a funding then it's possible why do you think that the u.s. stopped going to the moon and why has it taken so long to what they still try and get back there or announce plans to get back their. share with driving force for apollo was the cold war we were in a technology or with the soviet union the united states that is and what really was demonstrating our ability and going to land astronauts on the moon which showed
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that we were better and would drive our technologies and better our defensive systems as well and so you had a very strong political impetus and receipt for doing that doesn't exist today we're more in a cooperation mode we have been building we have built the i access we're operating it with all these other countries former cold war enemies former group we're 2 enemies came together and created this on a ship structure that is working very well and so that would be the model for future exploration of the moon and mars that we what about companies how are they changing them the space race. now there are actually disrupting the industry quite a bit must. be like must space-x. has launched has demonstrated they can recover 1st stage boosters from iraq next they are dramatically reducing launch doing things that the traditional aerospace companies have said time and time again were impossible and so this shows you get
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all the american that competition is in fact creating a better product for a lower price and you want to ask himself he wants to travel to mars he wants to colonize mars he's building prototypes of the starship spacecraft now to go do that and if you look at his track record he he gets usually gets done what he says he's going to might take a little longer but he gets there all right. there we thank you very much for speaking to us from houston my pleasure thank you now physical therapy is considered a luxury in ethiopia there are few therapists available to treat tens of millions of people not all have received their doctorates a global standard for the practice they are hurting met the 1st class a physical therapist trying to make a difference in the capital. rebecca nya dec lost her legs in a land mine explosion she's a refugee from south sudan and was sent to add as a buffer physical therapy treatment now after 2 years she's learning to walk again
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. when we came to ethiopia they welcomed us we came because of the crisis now we're waiting to learn how to use these artificial limbs this is the 2nd time for me to come here. ethiopia's physical therapy program is just getting started and the demand is staggering with an estimated 105000000 people in the country there are only 7000 doctors a physical therapy but will give an example here was one of the 1st their hands a program started in 2002 in going to remember i was among. the students to enroll into this program and after 10 years or in it took them down to the stockton program i was also the fattest to go to this program so for sure i feel like playing at the school fish and 3 doctors a physical therapy work at this clinic in alice avodah and treat patients like rebecca others are scattered across the country as of now they're graduates from the 1st and only doctor class in ethiopia mohammed hussein is another patient he
12:38 am
had a stroke and relies on his rehab to move again. who thought he knew i suffer from this and was shocked when i found out there was physical therapy here i thought it was a luxury not this i feel awful that's. the services here are free paid for by the government but when we visited there were a few patients getting help at the clinic. one of the biggest challenges with physical therapy in ethiopia is lack of awareness most people don't even know that facilities like this exists but even if they did there still aren't enough therapists to treat everyone and this is a misconception existed in most parts of in our country because not only physical therapy you can order have difference obviously is considered a luxury some of the physically disabled are often reduced to begging at times relying on their disability to make money even though ethiopia's physical therapy program is relatively new it's still more developed than in neighboring countries
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many patients from south sudan sudan and eritrea rely on the facilities here to gain their life back for rebecca her new legs mean she can get around in the refugee camp where she lives part of her treatment is learning how to walk on an even ground similar to the surfaces in the camp during the time when i didn't have these legs i was just sitting at home with no place to go because i had no mobility progress on a national level is slow going but for patients here it comes one step at a time leah harding al-jazeera at us africa still ahead on the al-jazeera news hour we'll tell you why the south only had to wait 11 years to get her olympic medal that's coming up with peter in sport right after the break. going behind the scenes of one of mexico's most loved so using fiction to mirror the struggles of real life giving
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a voice to those suffering in the dark this week the story line focuses on hiv and aids illness still shrouded in superstition and fear the making of it was that it was going to be the attitudes the writers want to tackle had gone. soapbox mexico breaking taboos on al-jazeera. al jazeera. and for your.
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kind of again time for the sports news with peter there in thank you very much the new african football champions algeria ever turned home off to clinching the continental title for the 1st time since 9090 by beating senegal in the final in cairo the team known as the desert foxes are enjoying a victory parade through the streets of the algerian capital city algiers we have moderate zombies team have made history by becoming the 1st algeria side to have won the tournament outside of their own country. earlier we spoke to algerian journalist maher him who like thousands of fans was trying to get home after the final in cairo. kyra i was i was older and supporters
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trying to bring to your actual jurors for the last crazy schedule the sacking judge or national t.v. what was he was willing to say the mission's title was making a choice that objection was. the time to discuss it with you i think the focus was i think ok so how was i wish. we could make this work you want to hold hearings i was just going to go home i the celebrations have extended all over the world thousands of algerians took to the streets or various cities off the match including london leon and say one of the biggest expatriate area in the communities in paris sent thousands partied in the city center but those joyous scenes turned sour when supporters clashed with french police until the early hours at one stage tear gas was fired into the crowds.
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fans in the united states were treated to a stunning display from swedish superstar strikers a latin abraham of h. he describes himself as the best by far in major league soccer and as you can see here was very much living up to that building ibraheem of each school in a breathtaking open for l.a. galaxy as they took on l a f c a 37 year old striker then went on to complete a hat trick in a 32 victory. the leaders are all outs on the royal portrush calls for the 3rd round of golf's open championship american j.b. holmes is joined leader 10 under par that's 2 under 4 this round already england's lee westwood is also at 10 under the 46 year old has picked up 3 shots so far as he looks for his 1st major title and one shot behind his overnight leader
12:44 am
from the republic of ireland shane lowry he's a 9 on the par he's tied in that position for 3rd with tommy fleetwood of england. boxing legend manny pacquiao has weighed in for what will be the 71st fight of his career a filipino fighter will challenge he thurman for his w.b.c. a super welterweight belt in las vegas both weighed in at 146 and a half pounds back arrow is the only boxer to win titles in 8 weight divisions. could it be a good fight. i won i want to provide something i'm so focused for this fight for this thing and i'm ready for tomorrow. it is my time this is one time i can't still champion but tomorrow night made it back i do like to be buried. australia into the final of the netball world cup of the just ageing south africa 5553 australians go
12:45 am
shoes are catered for weights helping seal the win as she made all 30 other attempts on goal australia the defending champions and go into the final as hot favorites having already won the title 11 times they will play arch rivals new zealand in the final of the baby host england 4745 imagine waiting 11 years to receive your elim pick middle that's what happened to british javelin thrower goldie sayers on saturday she finally got her bronze medal from the 2008 olympics in a special ceremony at the anniversary games in london says finished 4th in beijing but was upgraded after russian athlete maria to come over was disqualified for doping american surfer corrosive has moved to the top of the world surf league standings after winning the latest round in geoffrey's bay in south africa it was the 3 time world champions 1st to a victory this season also making waves was defending world champion gabriel. who had his 1st win in south africa after taking the men's title beat fellow brazilian
12:46 am
tallow farah with and near perfect score. whenever they have an almost ball for me again later during the series later peter thank you and thanks for watching the news hour on al-jazeera we're back in just a moment with much more of the day's news of the day's top stories coming your way in a minute see them public. they call this bleeding the tree. for a substance the world is addicted to now at the center of a global trade war. it's latex in its purest form found in tires phones
12:47 am
toothbrushes satellites or mattresses it is an essential element to daily life and so deep in the ivorian forest where you had a book goes from tree to tree scarring them for the precious liquid trump is imposing $200000000000.00 in tariffs on china the world's largest manufacturer of rubber goods china in response imposes tariffs on synthetic rubber the west produces while in the short term this is bad for african producers in the long run some hope the continent could benefit from this trade war i know where of the global trade war and despite falling prices at opa calls rubber white gold at least for now. every reclaim news cycle brings a series of breaking stories this maximum jail term has jumped from 5 years to 175 years telling their listening post as we tend the cameras on the media donald
12:48 am
trump shouldn't be the one deciding who is a journalist and who is a food fight goes on how they would call it on the stories that matter the most they will close or closer to the tire shut down both international and domestic news coverage on al-jazeera. out. britain calls iran's. oil tanker a hostile act the vessel broke a law. from a headquarters and. also ahead turkey arrests
12:49 am
a man suspected of killing one of its diplomats in the kurdish region of northern iraq. accessors take to the streets of london as the country closer to a change in leadership. we examine how animals are surviving the deadly floods brought about by monsoon rains in india. hello britain's foreign secretary has spoken with his a rainy and counterpart and expressed quote extreme disappointment over its iran seizure of a u.k. flying the oil tanker in the strait of hormuz on friday the u.k. has warned all its ships to avoid the strait for now and this is what triggered that response commanders from iran's revolutionary guard seen here in this video seizing a british flying the oil tanker on friday the u.k. defense secretary has called it a hostile act and the foreign office has summoned the iranian diplomats a log
12:50 am
a protest. we will respond in a way that is considerate but robust we are absolutely clear that if the situation is not resolved quickly it will be serious consequences well france and germany have condemned the seizure in the u.s. central command has intensified air patrols over the strait and responsive to ron's actions and it's also deploying troops in saudi arabia against what it says are credible threats iran meanwhile has opened an investigation into the alleged violations by the british like tanker and says it was involved in an accident with a fishing boat before being detained me barker is joining us from london to tell us what more we're hearing about or thirty's over there and particularly the cobra meeting taking place leave. just to remind you what cobra is it's a high level meeting of senior military intelligence and political figures of course jeremy hunt the foreign secretary as attending that meeting we believe that
12:51 am
meeting may have already now come to an end before that meeting started the jeremy hunt did say the following that the seizure of the tanker raises some very serious questions about the security of british shipping and international shipping through the strait of homo's we know that there was a phone call between jeremy hunt and his radiant counterpart foreign minister zarif jeremy hum said that he was extremely disappointed with the seizure of the tankers the reef said that the tanker would be held for the time being and undergo some sort of legal process so we don't imagine that this will be over any time soon but the fact of this legal process was mentioned by the iranian foreign minister does seem to mirror pretty much what's happening to the grace one just to remind you that's the a rainy and seized by the british at the beginning of july off the coast of gibraltar accused of busting essentials by trying to deliver or oil to syria that
12:52 am
ship we now know is going to be held for an extra 30 days on top of the 14 days which is in which it's already been impounded to allow some sort of legal process to take place so you can see what's happening here what's been described by some within the british parliamentary circles as a tit for tat action a direct retaliation by the iranian authorities when it comes to trying to get its own ship the grace one out of the hands of the british authorities the british government has made it clear that they want to put diplomacy 1st but we've seen some very dramatic footage released by the iranian revolutionary guard shown on iranian television all busy of the ship being boarded by special forces and. a mosque dropping down from ropes onto the deck of the ship they quoted the iranian revolutionary guard there was also a british warship flanking the vessel at the time in which it was c.s.
12:53 am
which does imply that british forces and the radio forces may have come very close in proximity indeed tensions clearly at a high and yeah we are looking at footage that's been released by the iranians right now i need but for the time being thank you for that update from london let's not cross over to washington d.c. and bring in chris and salumi to tell us what's been the reaction in the u.s. so to all of this so far. well we know the united states has been ramping up its military presence in the middle east in recent weeks and now we know that 500 troops are 7 headed to saudi arabia to help with efforts there the u. s. central command says that this will provide an additional deterrent to what the united states considers emergent and clear threats in the region this is the 1st time since 2003 that u.s. forces have been in saudi arabia but apparently this is part of a new deployment that was announced some weeks back we just now know specifically
12:54 am
that some of those troops will be in saudi arabia the pentagon also announced that it is working to put together what it describes as operation sentinel which is a multinational maritime force that would be the idea would be to scorch ships through the gulf of a arabia and also that very precarious strait of hormuz where these latest incidents have happened the idea would be to promote stability according to the statement that was put out by the pentagon to ensure safe passage and deescalate the situation in international waters they also concede that it would be extra surveillance extra eyes on the ground for the united states and its allies in the region they're very much stressing the international nature of this force something they say they're discussing with their allies in the region they say having other countries involved will be crucial to success there so that's the latest that we're hearing from the pentagon and speaking of reaching out to our allies that kristen
12:55 am
do we have any information at this point on who else might sign up to this maritime operation according to the americans. no official word on if for whether any other countries have signed on the united states said that it would be looking to partners in europe the middle east and asia presumably anyone who has business interests in the region and assets to protect might be become involved we know 5 the united states obviously working closely with saudi arabia and other middle eastern allies. question right now though is how will the european allies respond of course the situation between the u.s. and iran is put european allies in a really tough position the united the europeans have been trying to preserve the nuclear deal that the united states pulled out of the deal that was signed in 2015 and ever since the united states withdrew from that post sanctions on iran leading
12:56 am
to these tense times the europeans have been trying to walk this fine line between preserving the deal and appeasing their very powerful allies so it will be interesting to see how and if the europeans respond yeah ok for the time being christmas salumi thank you thoughts and your bari has an update from to her on. the spokesman for iran's revolutionary guard has said that indeed there was a 2nd british vessel that was trying to prevent the iranians from seizing this tanker on friday in the strait of hormuz now the revolutionary guard has also released dramatic footage which shows the moment the tanker was seized by them we see the number of the iranian commanders in a helicopter and they are parachuted down into this british navy a british vessel rather before it was seized on friday because the iranians said that it was causing a dangerous situation in the strait of hormuz the iranians have said that those
12:57 am
tanker had turned off the tracking devices and it was not responding to any communications that were trying to be made with the crew on board the iranians the size decided to seize this vessel because they said it was traveling in the wrong maritime direction and also it was not responding to any of the calls the seize this vessel and took it to the nearby support city of bam that also where the $23.00 crewmembers are now still there waiting to be questioned by the authorities the foreign ministers of all 3 says also commented saying that this is a very very different incident the union revolutionary guard was simply upholding international maritime law by seizing this vessel and it's not comparable to what the british navy did in the strait of gibraltar by seizing the iranian oil tanker grace one on july 4th where they still kept it there indians have said that this is a very very different situation and it's not comparable with the other one industry of gibraltar for now the crew members awaiting to be interviewed by the authorities
12:58 am
on the foreign minister has stressed that the ship will go have to go through the proper legal channels in iran before it can be released. 3 main suspects behind the murder for turkish diplomats in northern iraq have been arrested ankara says 27 year old muslim dog killed the region's deputy consul general and 2 other people on wednesday he's believed to be a member of the kurdistan workers party or the p.k. k. the group is deemed a terrorist organization by turkey and the united states that's where names following that story. so we've been told by kurdish authorities that 3 suspects are presumably the team of 3 men suspected of assassinating the turkish diplomat of one of the in an orbital restaurant as he ate lunch on wednesday with a seating this is so as we're visiting with the grieving families of the their friend who died in the shooting of course it became an international incident
12:59 am
because of the assassination of the thirty's diplomat but there were 2 iraqi kurds who were simply sitting at a table with a restaurant having lunch one of them was saying there are mind you the ali i can see only says that he had had a day he doesn't move in or below he's gone into the city which is several hours away from where he lives to renew his passport and he was enjoying a large with a friend. and i still can use one of 5 brothers i 30 to one of his brothers about the news of this arrest and they are grieving the news with a bit of our passions optimism if you will the brother was saying you know we don't know exactly if we did and then arrested are actually the ones responsible believed to be more time for the investigations for the details certainly will please that in a matter of days but some suspects have been captured and for killing this month it will be all settled for the people of erbil and the family of qatar and turkey and
1:00 am
for people who are concerned about the general security conditions in erbil still ahead on al-jazeera. millions head to the polls and talk to fans tribal areas to vote for provincial assembly for the 1st time in. what seems impossible became a reality weeks for 50 years since humans 1st set foot on the moon. how are they seasonal rains continue unabated across the good parts of central china coming saying $132.00 millimeters of rain in just 24 hours in the.


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