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tv   The Forgotten Heroes Of Empire  Al Jazeera  July 21, 2019 8:32am-9:01am +03

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sess of governments the revolutionary one and those who came after up to the president try to use education to get their political ideas across to change the story today evolution and to mental. health for the country's poor has also been tight political patronage but here the sundanese to government has achieved more says next up and down your vice minister of planning in the early years and now a noted economist or not said it on the air this government has been as close with the poor as the previous 3 governments were with the rich that's very clear and it was aided by something that doesn't exist now the oil funds from venezuela 40 percent of those loans went towards reducing poverty. with the loans drying up and the current political turmoil fuelling an economic crisis of a done deal says those advances against poverty are being paid back not all of the failures or successes of the last 40 years can be tied to the sandinista front
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there have been 3 other of ministrations between their times in power but the growing of thora tarion isn't and the brutal crackdown on protests with all that's brought with it has to be laid squarely at their duel. the question is if that rather than the early tribes will in the end define the standard and don't hold it out does it or when our. at least 39 people have died as a result of the monsoon rains and flooding in northeast india millions of others have been forced from their homes but won't life is also at risk and india's national park called to the largest population of the protected one horned rhino more than 100 animals have died the tour again in the reports. marooned on what looks like an island these one horned rhinos in buffalo have no choice but to wait for the floodwaters to recede they've taken refuge on one of 33 art. official
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highlands built 3 years ago at catherine national park they almost certainly would not have survived otherwise. but all over the island. i didn't do thanks to a concert that i wanted to last year out of your concert at around 1000 kilometer hold it said lord lord come highland so it's basically something about. this baby rhino didn't get to higher land in time to escape the flood water instead after numerous attempts a rescue team succeeded in dragging the panicked kaf to safety catherine the national park is home to several protected and endangered species but it's the conservation success of the one honed indian rhino this park into a world heritage site. but the animals still face 2 big threats the annual months in floods and poaches the park has 199 and watch towers most of which are currently surrounded by floodwater ranges
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a working round the clock where the poaches may take advantage of the diet conditions to launch more attacks. there to here we've been very vigilant we keep a close eye on the animals day and night i'm expecting more poachers to come now because they take more chances during the runs india rhinos were once close to extinction today there are nearly 3000 and catherine good is home to more than 80 percent of them the demand for rhino horns in neighboring south east asia remains a huge threat as do the monsoon rains victoria gate and be al jazeera. physical therapy is considered a luxury in ethiopia there are few therapists available to treats tens of millions of people and also have received their doctorates standard for the practice they are doing met the 1st cos a physiotherapist trying to make a difference in the capital addis ababa. rebecca nya dec lost her legs in
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a land mine explosion she's a refugee from south sudan and was sent to add as a buffer physical therapy treatment now after 2 years she's learning to walk again . when we came to ethiopia they welcomed us we came because of the crisis now we're waiting to learn how to use these artificial limbs this is the 2nd time for me to come here. ethiopia's physical therapy program is just getting started and the demand is staggering with an estimated 105000000 people in the country there are only 7000 doctors a physical therapy but to give an example here was one of the 1st the hands up program started in 2002 in going to enlist and i was among. the students to enroll into this program and after 10 years or in into the stockton program i was also the farthest thing in order to this program so for sure i feel like playing a part of this corporation 3 doctors a physical therapy work at this clinic in alice avodah and treat patients like
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rebecca others are scattered across the country as of now they're graduates from the 1st and only doctor class in ethiopia mohammed hussein is another patient he had a stroke and relies on his rehab to move again. who thought he knew i suffer from this and was shocked when i found out there was physical therapy here i thought it was a luxury not this i feel awful that's one. of the services here are free paid for by the government but when we visited there were a few patients getting help at the clinic. one of the biggest challenges for physical therapy in ethiopia is lack of awareness most people don't even know that facilities like this exist but even if they did there still aren't enough therapists to treat everyone the same misconception existed in most parts of you know county because not only physical therapy can is a hoarder have difference obviously is considered a luxury some of the physically disabled are often reduced to begging at times
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relying on their disability to make money even though ethiopia's physical therapy program is relatively new it's still more developed than in neighboring countries many patients from south sudan sudan and eritrea rely on the facilities here to gain their life back for rebecca her new legs mean she can get around in the refugee camp where she lives part of her treatment is learning how to walk on an even ground similar to the surfaces in the camp during the time when i didn't have these legs i was just sitting at home with no place to go because i had no mobility progress on a national level is slow going but for patients here it comes one step at a time leah harding al-jazeera at us africa. still to come on al-jazeera the skateparks getting syrian children the chance to dream of them that gold they say will have the details for you in sports.
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a conflict that is now considered to be the world's worst humanitarian crisis how many did not know how to dive behind this stock is hard says palmer really for sale an investigation into how billions of euros are made from supplying arms to saudi arabia a leader of the coalition fighting a war in the south the case is interesting to watch as amounts of money involved yemen war profiteers coming soon water an essential resource for all humankind across europe pressure to recognize water as a human right and put its management back into public hands is increasing i think that the european commission will be very very clear water privatization on anybody is the only field. those people who seem ever to do something to invest a profit of they want are up to the last drop on al-jazeera.
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it's time for the sport here's peter. thank you very much ireland's shane lowry has one hand on the clara jug of the shooting a course record 63 in the 3rd round of golds open championship lowry's a bogey free 8 under par round gives him a 4 shot lead over tommy fleetwood going into the final day but the 32 year old will have to battle for cost storms and he's nervous at the royal portrush on sun for years to win his 1st major took a full force lead into the final round of the 26th the us open only to blow it and
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finish 2nd. i think i learned a few things that they plan the final round of major willie you know you need to just hang in the live very last minute. you know you never know what can happen and i'm going to do the same tomorrow so. that's a long time ago i feel like i'm a different person i don't think i'm much of a much different golfer but i feel like i'm a different person now and i think that's what will help me tomorrow the new african football champions oj area have returned home after clinching the continental title for the 1st time since 1990 by beating senegal in the final in cairo the team known as the desert foxes were given a victory parade through the streets of the algerian capital city algiers. sandys team have made history by becoming the 1st algeria side to have won the tournament outside the country. 2 months out from the start of the rugby world cup and defending world champions new zealand have been given
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a skin argentina the all blacks were in when are cyrus for the rugby championship but it was not the best performance tries from nani lomov pay and brody returning help new zealand to a narrow 2016 victory. earlier debutant scrumhalf hershel yankee school to try to south africa you have the yard and corsi and also crossed the line in a 3517 bonus point victory over australia in johannesburg. australia into the final burnett pool world cup after just ageing serve africa 5553 australians go shooting caitlin thwaites helping seal the win that she made all 30 of her attempts on go busy astray or the defending champions and go into the finals hot favorites having already won the title 11 times they will play arch rivals new zealand in the final of the baby hosts england 4745. norway's
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cost involved home has won the men's 400 meter hurdles at the diamond league event in london in a world lead time of 47.12 seconds while in the women's 100 meter hurdles race jamaican danielle williams set a national record in a new personal best as she won by 2 tenths of a 2nd. imagine waiting 11 years to receive your elim pick middle that's what happened to british cherilyn through a goal they say is on saturday she finally got her bronze medal from the 2008 olympics in a special ceremony at the anniversary games in london say it's finished 4th in beijing but was upgraded after russian athletes maria become over who originally onceover was disqualified for doping. in major league baseball the new york yankees put in a strong performance to secure and a live in 5 victory of the colorado rockies new york 9 nothing at one stage and a lot of that had to do with the pitching of muscle hill tanaka the japanese star
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largely keeping the rockies quiet it's a 4th straight win for the yankees as they strengthen their position at the top of the american league east. american surface has moved to the top of the world surf league standings after winning the latest round in jeffreys bay in south africa it's the 3 time world champions 1st to a victory this season also making waves was defending world champion gabriel medina who had he's 1st win in south africa after taking the men's title medina beat fellow brazilian a telephone with a near perfect score of 19.5. 0. skateboarding will make its debut as an olympic sport next year in tokyo on the path to a limpid glory has just be made easier for a group of displaced syrian children who dream of one day becoming professional skaters paul van de were reports. mohammed has been knocked down more times than he
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can count. so. i had my arms legs and shoulder fighting force the 13 year old from his home in eastern hooter 7 years ago and despite watching skateboarding videos for years he's only just learned how to write. when we used to sit on the skateboard we didn't know how to stand up on it because we never experienced it before. german n.g.o.s skate aid has built a skate park in his hometown of damascus so other children can learn the sport with the hope that one day one of them can turn pro one really important thing is and that's very good and this country's conflicts steve i think shows most important thing in their lives is to have to stand up one more busy say and you'll fall down these kids may not be carving up in tokyo next year but it's hoped this project will help them achieve their dreams and maybe even find the next skating superstar that works al-jazeera both sport on the way again later will for u.n.
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. i remember there's much more available on our website it is 0 call my quick on the orange stop in the right hand corner and sports live wherever you want that wraps it up tonight stay with us somebody at the in just moments with more of the things news. recruited to win a war exploited to on the battlefield the call the new regime faced a different value an effort from the right you given your peers and then abandoned
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for a lifetime we should be ashamed but for the same for for all country all division over 3 people in power investigates the plight of imperial britons african troops begin tonight the forgotten heroes of empire on al-jazeera. the diagnosis he has been sick for around 6 months now the challenge ahead there
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when one of these 96 could be a new cure or a basis of a new cure all for colors are near an illness or disability al-jazeera examines pioneering treatments so this is the explosive yes it's basically a wearable robot like iraq revisited on al-jazeera. a new security concerns in the gulf war when iran seizure of a british like tanker. an alibi he'd say this is al jazeera live from doha and also coming up. british airways on live tons of council flights to cairo citing security concerns.
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marching get to remain values and state to the streets of london a show of solidarity with europe 3 months before the u.k. is set to leave the e.u. . and a new space capsule is ready to take nasa back to the moon 50 years after that history making giant leap. the u.k. foreign secretary is warning of dangers see the ensign national shipping after a british flag tanker was seized in the strait of hormuz jeremy hunt called it a hostile acts and is expected to announce further measures against iran on monday for now the u.k. is warning all its vessels to avoid the straits which is one of the world's big. izzie is the shipping lanes and vis is what triggered that response commanders from
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iran's revolutionary guard seen here seizing the old sign kerr on friday you cases iran has tried to justify it says a tit for tat response to the earlier capture of a rainy and tanker in gibraltar well france and germany have condemned the arena in action while u.s. central command's has stepped up air patrols over the straits iran though says the british flag tanker was involved in an accident with a fishing boats and has opened an investigation into whether it broke the law the barker has more from london. this is the moment the british tanker was seized by iran's revolutionary guard in the strait of hormuz. special forces dropped down on to the deck of the speeding bessel forcing it into iranian waters the 30000 ton stana imperio was on its way to saudi arabia nothing's been heard from her 23 crew since the revolutionary guard who released these images say the
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tanker was being escorted by a privilege warship that tried to stop the seizure britain's ministry of defense declined to comment on the claim but detain tank is now at the center of a diplomatic storm these images were released by news agency linked to the iranian government iran says the ship breached maritime rules when it collided with a fishing boat and has been taken to the nearby port of panda for investigation. a british flag tanker was involved in an accident with an iranian fishing boat on a transit route a distress call was sent to assist the causes of the accident unfortunately the british vessel ignored this and began to change course contrary to international regulations a 2nd tanker the british operated liberian flag was also briefly detained before being allowed to resume its journey the british government warned u.k. vessels to stay away from the strait of hormuz for an interim period in
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a phone call with his a rainy and counterpart britain's foreign secretary jeremy hunt told mohammed javid zarif he was extremely disappointed with the seizure serif said the vessel would face legal action this is totally and utterly unacceptable it raises very serious questions about the security of british shipping and indeed international shipping in the straits of hormuz the seizure of the tanker comes after british forces detained this iranian vessel grace one off gibraltar earlier this month saying it was transporting oil to syria in breach of e.u. sanctions iran denounced the detention calling it an act of piracy and senior iranian officials threatened to impound a british tanker in retaliation. which is why many in britain's foreign office view the seizure of the stoner impera as direct tit for tat retaliation jeremy hunt britain's foreign secretary has said that he needs to find a delicate way of diffusing tensions over grace one without endangering more
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british ships it will require very nimble diplomacy it's all about getting the greats one back and now they have a lot more leverage in this game because the the the british government now is to make sure that they get their tanka back as silly as it sounds but i think that's the kind of environment where the u.k. is in the middle of growing tensions between the u.s. and iran over the u.s. is decision to pull out of the iranian nuclear deal and impose tough new sanctions on the country the u.k. opposes the move but remains a key u.s. ally it might seem counter intuitive for iran to cease the stand imperio given britain's support for the nuclear deal but this could be one way of getting the u.k. and its european allies to encourage the u.s. to ease off iran barca al-jazeera london. well william lawrence is a professor at the elliott school of international affairs at george washington
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university he says the u.k. response needs to be measured in order to avoid escalating the crisis. the u.k. is about to announce action sanctions either sunday or monday. briefing the parliament on the situation and it's possible that they were put in place the same sanctions that they imposed on iran prior to the iran nuclear deal and if they go that far if the sanctions are that severe we could create another reason for rand to to continue to violate the terms of the nuclear agreement and increase its and richmond over uranium etc etc so it's very much in britain's interest right now to disconnect as much as possible the sanctions from the iran nuclear situation and from the us maximum pressure campaign and to just connect it which was the reason this was done to the of course the seizing of the iranian tanker in gibraltar and then it will be interesting to see going forward whether the the british can can
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can can open up lines of diplomacy that can deescalate further by making concessions to iran right now of course theresa may is stepping down next week and the british are in a very weak position in terms of you know what they're going to do in terms of their own domestic organization politically and how that plays out internationally and they did not join yet the international coalition operations center and all that's there to protect shipping in the straits and that was a mistake on britain's part so they're going to have to figure out what they're going to do to protect shipping going forward. british airways and german airline lufthansa have suspended flights to the egyptian capital cairo sites and security concerns be a suspension will last 7 days to a life or a security assessments but the airline has given the details about the move egypt's faisel tourism sector was already under pressure after a series of attacks on businesses 2015 when 200 people were killed in the bombing
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of a russian passenger jets in sharm el sheikh. well the u.k. has long advised against all but essential travel to certain parts of egypt the government's web site warns terrorists are very likely to try to carry out attacks in egypt or the most attacks occur in north sinai there is a risk of terrorist attacks across the country well seen as saudi is a foreign policy adviser at gulf states analyst 6 and joins us now i live from tampa florida by skype good to have you with us on al-jazeera we're still unclear as to the the nature of the threat that has caused be and have tons of council these flights but what sort of impact do you see this having. i do not believe it's going to have any impact in the short term but because egyptian economy is heavily dependent on tourism if it continues for
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a long period of time i think it will show impact impact on the egyptian economy egypt for the fiscal year of 20182019 have had a 5.6 person economy growth. which after years of growing it is rebounding but as i said if it's going through this growing this is going to continue or prolonged period of time it will impact the growth and the position of president fifi in egypt and this appears to be a recurring problem we referenced there the fact that there was that that the dining of the russian passenger jet at least 200 people killed i and i we are seeing security threats which are impacting the aviation industry and we imagine that would have knock on effects why is egypt's unable to deal with the security problem in north sinai in particular.
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i believe president p.c. . is really on able to establish or maintain security in it in certain parts of parts of the country especially the time peninsula and the western desert and but i was looking at the state department u.s. state department travel advisory website at that as either as of july 2nd they have increased the risk of travel to egypt which as i said it's going to have a negative impact on actually caught me by going back to what i was saying i don't think cairo is able to maintain security or to patient security in some parts of the country ok seem as though they will have to leave it there but thank you very much indeed for sharing your thoughts with i'll just say i'm a thank you. thousands of people have marched to the u.k.
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parliament hoping to persuade the next prime minister to stay in the european union organizers of the march for change say they want to send a probe message to boris johnson the man tipped to take office next week and in baba reports ok. by demanding a rethink with time running out until britain's next brics it deadline campaign is from around the country rejected the idea of leaving the e.u. with no deal something both prospective conservative leaders say they can live with is dangerous and democratic know the electorate but we think the brits is a better idea to want to make sure that they know what we think we should now have a step in the end and so that now the people are well informed to know exactly what we're being up to snow when they're what we were told in the name of to reason may's replacement is conservative leader and prime minister is announce next tuesday these protesters accused both candidates jeremy hunt and boris johnson of treading the same populist grounds as nigel farrar as leader of the brics
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a party but few doubt johnson he famously made the now defunct claim breaks it would say 350000000 pounds a week is headed for 10 downing street here to see if the fact that we are about to get a prime minister and paste on us that a very very very small and incredibly unrepresentative portion of the population has elected who is peddling the worst kind of bricks at a new deal crush outbreaks that will hurt jobs young people's opportunities and potentially even peace clearly it's boris johnson and his commitment to leaving the e.u. home what may that's motivating many of these protesters ironically the chances of a no deal breaks it may have diminished in the last few days. this week britain's independent economic full cost set a new deal breaks it would plunge the economy into recession next year and chancellor philip hammond has hinted he would vote against his.


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