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tv   Inside Story 2019 Ep 201  Al Jazeera  July 21, 2019 10:32am-11:02am +03

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because it uses a completely different system of watcher billing pay through general taxation. over a 1000000000 euros were set aside for water maintenance and operation so people think those paper water through taxation is a little bit crazy we really only country in the o.e.c.d. that has 0 war poverty and we're the only one with the a lot of poverty because we're the only one that pays for to progress in general taxation that's the one thing we got right i'll keep it that. we really need to modernize our water structure so now we really have to and. so we need a structure to invest we need to wage borrowed money and then we need a way to pay for it paying out of general taxation and people who work would probably end up paying more tax. we are losing 47 percent of our treated water into the ground uniques before it gets to the top. now 5 a 1000000000 euro to
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spend do i choose to spend it on meters or do i choose to spend not 1000000000 euro in fixing the leaks and building a new war structure. despite water being paid for through general taxation no tax exemption was planned for the irish as a counterpoint for the new charges. of forcing more than made against abel as worse as many irish people feared they would end up paying for watcher twice they saw the proposed introduction of meters and charges as yet another austerity measure and the establishment of irish water as a 1st step towards water privatisation. us real. centers of this office and i will of course we all know privatisation is
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ultimately envisaged. and then there was a letter from the centers of this example saying you're stuck you can say that would you please take these words out of the report. so then the report came back to me was that woodward. following the examples of berlin and it's really a popular vote was planting greece in 24000 the people of this in an e. key were asked to take part in a non-binding referendum on whether they were in favor of the government's proposed privatisation of the water company but they were faced with
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a last minute problem. october if you. thought about it those are difficult it is likely to take somebody that there is a shit they say that they did it and that if they didn't receive it got it they could not quote the enter into the school and the people who are making a little bit this is the minister of the interior yeah i like east sent out a letter to the minister polities to declare the referendum illegal then the mic at the top you can occur in the middle not what i've said in the christmas number a lot of my pickup was asleep but they were saved as moscow after going to the victim i believe the speed limit of course making sort of physical is going to become some of it is all about education that it will generally the guy who will likely become one of your new single you know the government is a little ahead of me here locally we're going to be like what am i going to latch on to the man that he.
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might make me feel. but up also there to cope with as much about this if you tickle bases to say off surface i don't need to eat but i've been up officer to somebody needs to be good at this chemically none of them has unsteady support if a given system if he has a couple a bit of steam excess vista posts should be easy if it is serious even if he's got a man in the city to call b.c. to put them on all sort of them on a place to put up some of the border for the. thank the french president's emmanuelle mccall is on an official trip to athens he is
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accompanied by for. the french businessmen who are interested in the greek privatized program. they will have the opportunity to receive answers directly from the prime minister of greece alexis tsipras. amongst them is sean luis assad's c.e.o. office aware. of any part of hell of a problem. because he got it while on the program a because. this is. the goddamn outlook you know but it will probably have more years now and the left bell brought out. but often lost focus on your left over if you could easily missed the whole of the washable so there was a message that if there is should be
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a stop gap that you can hear from him years ago and already they have. killed the good ones that you just give up and their family does not. get that make it because of the up all the shit that's political. after getting into should be. in portugal fernandez became minister of the environment in the newly formed left wing government in the 2015 elections water policy would soon change. oculus let a small deal 1st that was the vs what the believe it. but they meant that yeah it is in this movie c.b.s. could they call sawyer was. the vice.
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no but it is sort of the that was and we see this is that we will see that. unfortunately the government washes its hands of privatisation cases according to portugal's constitution municipalities are autonomous and the state is forbidden from intervening by syllables and passions defended i have to get by on their own. the mayor of bar stalest has been left to deal with the compensation charge of 172000000 euros to the group of private water companies the municipality also realize it had lost all technical know how regarding water was released on my return started. just before. the fart. you'll see if that's where. the mayor of passions defense.
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brito witnessed the troubles in barcelona and tried to negotiate with the company new good. no seems new is that a big out of the world look mr vehicle goes into google pretty uses of. course. the bus freedom at the leaf of a. bison wasn't going to see. oh you know me. activists against water charges often patrol this neighborhood of cork when they find an irish water crew installing meters they do what they can to stop the. you know what we need when we know. nothing has been
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set in stone yet but the commission keeps pushing ireland to comply with the community directive in order to impose meters and water charges on its citizens there is this principle which is. framed in the water directive that the polluters should be so there should be a direct responsibility of this cannot be done with a general taxation obviously faced with unprecedented public disobedience the government is trying to maneuver through public discontent and the demands to impose water charges from brussels what are trying to do you know in a small way they would say has to happen because the european union told us it has to happen because the troika tours that's what it hears but because tom logic on its head very very quickly because when the european commission offers a different opinion something else for example that apple corp all the citizens of
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this country talk to been taught in 1000000000 euro. some of the ideology works in theirs and certainly the new liberal say the european commission it's only an opinion we're part of europe but it doesn't it doesn't take away our ability to meet our own decisions in relation to how we tax how can do european commission take away our ability to make our own decisions in relation to water. for an opinion of the very same body and the very same people allows this to be her own decisions in relation to give an apple a 13000000000 year old gift well all you have to do is look at who profits to explain those contradictions where asking people to stick with the comp to the company over $5.00 a gallon the demonstration isn't done and it's apparently friendly demonstration. it's about money money is the bottom line you're going to be date without water it's not just not an option and it's to part and it's much too important to
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everybody everything left in the hands of for profit companies. i was like cool. how. was i was how you how i was you was all of you situations and all of the peoples of europe need to start having an honest conversation with each other i think i like to go to. russia europe people are saying you know. enough is enough. here we have our social europe by. the. mess was
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a who he was the who are you are who was. your car. or who c was better 2. come up no not more fool who would. prefer to see only because. obviously a lot of people think we almost want this i know you are the one who who was a who was who who.
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it could be the biggest land grab in history. as powerful nations lay claim to territories under the oceans $21.00 geologists are secretly plotting new borders. as the struggle for resources intensifies some of the world's most powerful scientists speak out. oceans manakin on a. hello
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there we have been telling you all about this dangerous heat that's been building a hole so central northern regions of the u.s. on right the way across towards the northeast the cloud is on its way this is actually ushering some cooler abbott also bringing with it some rain so the temperatures will really begin subside certainly had off into sunday and by monday as well so look at some of these temperatures 25 in chicago 26 in minneapolis meanwhile ahead of this rain we've got a very warm day in new york at 35 but remember this heat we're talking about it's not just the actual temperature it's how it feels because it's about the humidity says a lot of that in the picture is very warm moist air is pushing across and then as we head off into monday there's the rain the temperatures even across the northeast the mid atlantic beginning to come down but look at i mean about these temperatures behind so 22 in chicago on monday that's actually 7 degrees below the average it does come back up again and then you can see in kansas city a similar story about 5 degrees below the average that rain training right the way
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down towards the gulf of mexico and then from there we had to further to south wales the caribbean and we've got want to see showers fairly heavy rains that time across the areas of hispaniola samus stories they had off into monday and actual monday fairly widespread rains in particular to southern mexico with a high the of $22.00 celsius. on counting the cost the trillion dollar lunar bounty 50 years up to man 1st stepped on the moon we find out why there's a scramble to return and the number of people going hungry has risen for the 3rd year running we find out what's gone wrong. counting the cost on our just you. know this is up to. the very moment where we're there. we don't. go in behind the scenes of one of mexico's most loved so using fiction to mirror
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the struggles of the. real life giving a voice to those suffering in the dark this week the story line focuses on hiv and aids an illness still shrouded in superstition and fear the making of them is the result of the media attitudes the writers want to tackle head on the. soapbox mexico breaking tbilisi on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. from doha i'm hella mohit in with the al-jazeera news are coming out in the next 60 minutes. the security concerns in the gulf following around seizure of
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a british flag tanker. british airways and live tons or cancel flights to cairo citing security concerns. marching to remain silent and say to the streets of london in a show of solidarity with europe 3 months before the u.k. is set to leave the e.u. . or. are. up and 50 years on the world remembers man's 1st steps on the moon. the u.k. foreign secretary is warning of dangers to in sanaa tional shipping after a british flag tanker was seized in the straits of hormuz jeremy hunt called it a hostile acts and is expected to announce further measures against iran on monday
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for now the u.k. is warning all its 1st. will serve oid the streets which is one of the world's busiest shipping lanes and this is what triggered that response commanders from iran's revolutionary guards seen here seizing the oil tanker on friday the u.k. says iran has tried to justify it as a tit for tat response after the earlier capture of an iranian tanker in gibraltar well france and germany have condemned the iranian action while u.s. central command to set up its patrols over the streets around the says the british flag tanker was involved in an accident with a fishing boat and has opened an investigation into whether it broke the law made parker has more from london. this is the moment the british tanker was seized by iran's revolutionary guard in the strait of hormuz. special forces dropped down on to the back of the speeding bessel forcing it into iranian waters
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the 30000 ton stana imperio was on its way to saudi arabia nothing's been heard from her 23 crew since the revolutionary guard who released these images say the tanker was being escorted by a privilege warship that tried to stop the seizure britain's ministry of defense declined to comment on the claim but detain tank is now at the center of a diplomatic storm these images were released by news agency linked to the iranian government iran says the ship breached maritime rules when it collided with a fishing boat and has been taken to the nearby port of panda for investigation. a british flag tanker was involved in an accident with an iranian fishing boat on a transit route a distress call was sent to assist the causes of the accident unfortunately the british vessel ignored this and began to change course contrary to international regulations a 2nd tanker the british operated liberian flag was also briefly detained before being allowed to resume its journey to produce government warned u.k.
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vessels to stay away from the strait of hormuz for an interim period in a phone call with his a rainy and counterpart britain's foreign secretary jeremy hunt told mohammed javid zarif he was extremely disappointed with the seizure serif said the vessel would face legal action this is totally and utterly unacceptable it raises very serious questions about the security of british shipping and indeed international shipping in the straits of hormuz the seizure of the tanker comes after british forces detained this iranian vessel grace one of gibraltar earlier this month saying it was transporting oil to syria in breach of e.u. sanctions iran denounced the detention calling it an act of piracy and senior iranian officials threatened to impound a british tanker in retaliation. which is why many in britain's foreign office view the seizure of the stoner impera as direct tit for tat retaliation jeremy hunt
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britain's foreign secretary has said that he needs to find a delicate way of defusing tensions over grace one without endangering more british ships it will require very nimble diplomacy it's all about getting the greats one back and now they have a lot more leverage in this game because the the the british government now is to make sure that they get their tanka back as silly as it sounds but i think that's the kind of environment we're in at the moment the u.k.'s in the middle of growing tensions between the u.s. and iran over the u.s. is decision to pull out of the iranian nuclear deal and impose tough new sanctions on the country the u.k. opposes the move but remains a key u.s. ally it might seem counter intuitive for iran to cease the stand imperio given britain's support for the nuclear deal but this could be one way of getting the u.k. and its european allies to encourage the u.s. to ease off iran barca al-jazeera london. well you know lawrence is
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a professor at the elliott school of international affairs at george washington university he says the u.k. response needs to be measured in order to avoid escalating the crisis the u.k. is about to announce action sanctions either sunday or monday. briefing the parliament on the situation and it's possible that they were put in place the same sanctions that they imposed on iran prior to the iran nuclear deal and if they go that far if the sanctions are that severe we could create another reason for rand to to continue to violate the terms of the nuclear agreement and increase its richmond over uranium etc etc so it's very much in britain's interests right now to disconnect as much as possible the sanctions from the iran nuclear situation and from the us maximum pressure campaign and to just connect it which was the reason this was done to the of course the seizing of the iranian tanker in gibraltar and
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then it will be interesting to see going forward whether the the british can can can open up lines of diplomacy that can deescalate further by making concessions to iran right now of course theresa may is stepping down next week and the british are in a very weak position in terms of you know what they're going to do in terms of their own domestic organization politically and how that plays out internationally and they did not join yet the international coalition operations center and all that's there to protect shipping in the straits and that was a mistake on britain's part so they're going to have to figure out what they're going to do to protect shipping going forward. british airways and german airline the tons are have suspended flights to the egyptian capital cairo so it's in security concerns be a suspension will last 7 days so low for a security assessments there alone has given no details but what prompted the move
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which it's vital to is and sector was already under pressure after a series of attacks on visitors and 2015 more than $200.00 people were killed in the bombing of a russian passenger jets in sharm al sheikh well the u.k. as long a devised against all but essential travel to certain parts of egypt the government's website warns terrorists are very likely to carry out attacks in egypt the most attacks occur in north sinai there is a risk of terrorist attacks across the country. all seen as over the years a foreign policy adviser at gulf state analytics he says security problems may take a toll on economic growth i do not believe the growing problem in. in the short term but because egyptian economy is heavily dependent on its tourism if it continues for a long period of time i think it will show impact it impacts on the egyptian economy egypt for the fiscal year of $2829.00 team has had
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a 5.6 percent economy growth which after year that has it's going to it is rebounding but as i said if it's going to this going if this is going to continue for for a long period of time it will impact the growth and the position of president sisi in egypt i believe president t.c. . is really on able to establish or maintain security in it in certain parts of parts of the country especially the time peninsula and the western desert and what i was looking at the state department u.s. state department travel advisory website it said as i as of july 2nd they have increased the risk of travel to egypt which as i said it's going to have a negative impact on actually gone to me by going back to what i was saying i don't
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think cairo is able to maintain security or sufficient security in some parts of the country. thousands of people have marched in the u.k. paul months hoping to persuade the next prime minister to stay in the european union organizers of the march for change say they want to send a pro europe message to boris johnson the man tips to take office next week and he reports ok. by demanding a rethink with time running out until britain's next breck's it deadline campaign is from around the country rejected the idea of leaving the e.u. with no deal something both prospective conservative leaders say they can live with is dangerous and democratic now the electorate but we think the brits is a better idea to want to make sure that they know what we think we should now have a settlement and and so that now the people are well informed and know exactly what we're doing or just knowing it what we were told in the name of to reason may's
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replacement is conservative leader and prime minister is announce next tuesday these protesters accused by the county takes jeremy hunt on boris johnson attracting the same populist grounds as nigel farrar as leader of the brics it policy but few doubt johnson he famously made the now defunct claim breaks it would say 350000000 pounds a week is headed for 10 downing street here to see if the fact that we are back to get prime minister and paste on us a very very very slow and incredibly unrepresentative portion of the population has elected who is peddling the worst kind of bricks at a new deal crush out bricks that will hurt jobs young people's opportunities and potentially even peace mainly it's boris johnson and his commitment to leaving the e.u. home what may that's motivating many of these protesters ironically the chances of a no deal breaks it may have diminished in the last few days.
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this week britain's independent economic for costa said a new deal breaks it would plunge the economy into recession next year and chancellor philip hammond has hinted he would vote against his own good. limits to stop a no deal scenario. in some cabinet colleagues rebel going to come of this vote which effectively stops the prime minister suspending parliament to the run up to the brics it deadline at the end of october still the threat remains real for these marches and with an early election a real possibility they want the politicians to listen to the al-jazeera of the. plenty more still to come on the news are included i'm going hey on the great wall of china built to keep the enemy out we report on some of the challenges facing today's china and what a slowing economy could mean for the communist party. and so we meet some of nicaragua's former sundanese star revolutionaries to find out if they think their country's changed for the better. and in sports irishman shane lyra
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hits a course record $63.00 at the open championship but one hands on the famous private jet. the 2 main suspects behind the murder of a turkish diplomat in northern iraq have been arrested on korea accuses the 2 men of killing the region's deputy consul general and to other people on wednesday it's believed the suspects are members of the armed kurdistan workers party or p.k. k. the group is cost as a terrorist organization by turkey and the us it's a good name has more from arbil kurdish intelligence is confirming that at least 2 members of the team that assassinated a turkish diplomat are in custody they say they have their shooter and he is 27 year old muslim.


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