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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  July 21, 2019 5:00pm-5:34pm +03

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rance pepper spray and tear gas or police brutality we urge you around the world keep guys in hot cars will only force be used by the protest we hope sure persis on peaceful and non violence way however governments do ignore our aipac spec 100000 people who show our anger and discontent government again this is another weekend of protests they seem to go on and on are you getting the sense that people are getting tired of this there's a frustration that support is drifting away i am tired and really hope to take a rest but it's time for it's time for us to continue and now it's the summer of discontent so sure thank you very much indeed well martin at the marchers have stopped at the front of the march is actually just about 100 meters or so out there and there are still literally thousands of protesters in victoria park waiting to start the march what typically happens here is it could be a couple of hours before the actual march has passed but it remains to be seen
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exactly what happens when this march reaches the place called one shy about a kilometer or so from here where they are expected to be met by police who have said that is as far as the march is going to go and we simply have no idea at this point what is going to happen will the police to give way will they fall back and allow the protesters still to vent their anger as they have done in the past or taken a more lenient response if you like or will they stand firm and take a tougher line fearing that if these protesters given the strength strength the feeling the sense of anger at these demonstrations that again buildings will might be targeted as we saw on july 1st when protesters stormed the parliament building here in hong kong marty all right for now rob thanks very much indeed rob mcbride our correspondent will keep us right abreast of all developments in hong kong today . lots more to come here at al-jazeera including a look at china's strata. to remain one of the world's major economic play is.
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and meet some of nicaragua was form a sundanese still revolution is to find out what they think of their country's future for she is after the revolution. we've got a very warm week ahead for parts of western europe temperatures picking up here as we go on through the next couple of days nestle tucking in behind this area cloud now which is pushing across germany poland that will continue to make its way further south with eastwards tending to fade away on the showers as we go on through the next couple of days but we are going to see the hate building you've got this ridge of high pressure just tucking in behind and temperatures will respond accordingly already saying things picking up there across the passage and
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this is northern germany people heading for the bait say said they will be heading in droves as we go on through the next couple days 25 for berlin that wet weather speaking about their coming out to scandinavia through the baltic states right down across poland into could parts of austria and around the alps behind looking at highs of 23 celsius in london at 29 in paris and rising most here as temperatures getting up to well getting up into the low thirty's as we go on through the next couple of days disturbed weather continues to drive this way further east with and then coming in behind 33 in paris 28 in london again right around 39 there formatter it further south into northern parts of africa again lots of warm sunshine on the cards here temperatures in algiers getting up to 29 degrees. the weather sponsored by countdown to. talk to al-jazeera. we are problems and besides the instability is corruption we listen in ziad and vince who
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are pushing the united states and president trump into conflict we meet with global newsmakers and talk about the stories that matter how does iran. time for us to take a look at the top stories here it out britain's junior defense minister says it's sending quote assets to the strait of hormuz after iran seize one of its tankers a mom has to release the tanker and is calling on all parties to exercise restraint
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and resolve their differences diplomatically. at least 8 people have been killed in 2 attacks in the western pakistan 2 police officers were shot dead at a checkpoint in delta is small car and 6 other people including civilians died in a blast at a hospital entrance the pakistan taliban has claimed responsibility. protests in hong kong are gathering for another mass rally as they continue to put pressure on the government there demanding the official withdrawal of a planned extradition laws and an independent inquiry into the handling of weeks of demonstrations. against asians between the u.s. and china to end the year long trade war may resume soon after president trump said his treasury secretary had had quote a great talk with his chinese counterpart it comes as china confronts its biggest slowdown in economic growth in almost 3 decades in haiti has more now on how this
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could affect the communist party's future policies. for thousands of years people in china have been gathering around tables trying to outsmart each other in the game of mahjong it's increasingly caught on around other parts of the world to a source of pride for experts in the game teach foreigners visiting the chinese capital beijing this game people together you know during this game it's not about to winning but if a player does want to win they need to strategize something china's communist party has done very well to survive and succeed in the late 1970 s. the party changed its strategy of isolation to modernization by opening up to the outside world. by embracing capitalist ideals of business and trade china became the factory of the world with the 2nd largest economy behind its current trade war enemy the united states but economically china is slowing down recording its lowest quarterly growth in 27 years and the world is watching what happens next the great
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wall of china was built primarily to keep invaders out the greatest fear of today's rule is the communist party is of domestic political instability which could lead to their overthrow that's why they know they need to continue to reform and develop the economy to ensure most people have jobs and an opportunity to improve their lives the theory being that as long as it's delivering those things it can run the country largely the way it wants continuing to restrict free speech and stamp out disinter long the way. if the economy becomes stronger the party has a last incentive to change it will only change we did feel its roots challenged in the opening and the reform process only happened because the economy was collapsing if the economy grows there will think the model is successful with more than one. and it's been able to use that model to become an economic superpower while
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rejecting scrutiny of things like alleged human rights abuses most recently the government denounced 22 nations for signing a letter condemning china for the detention of we get muslims in shin jang province but it embraced a supporter of letter signed by $37.00 countries including several muslim majority nations that have large economic deals with china. but many chinese believe there's a lack of understanding about this country and its people which leads to what they say is unfair treatment by others particularly the united states they reveal it it'll look at another country the reveals the look and another perspective so they only hear what they want to hear china's strategy is to be a modern powerful socialist country it's proved it's a serious player and in some cases is rewriting the rules of the game like wayne hay al jazeera beijing. japan's governing coalition is set to win
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a majority in sunday's election but it's still unclear whether prime minister. will get the 2 thirds majority needed for a constitutional change that could loosen restrictions on the armed forces fadi salami has the latest from tokyo. bull's indicates solid win for the ruling coalition in japan in the but house elections the main themes here are amending the constitution increasing taxes consumption tax from 8 to 10 percent and fixing the defaults on bobbins in the pension and social security system by mr abi who has the liberal democratic party is growing the same voters ability he has been by mr for 6 and a half years and he's now becoming the longest serving prime minister in japan's history after the war amending the constitution would mean changing article number 9 in the constitution which really announces war and defines the status of the self-defense
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forces many of japan's neighbors they're worried about this change if it takes place and they are board changing the pacifist constitution they're afraid that it could mean that japan is heading again to the militarization. is known to be a close friend to. tokyo many times but it's more in guaranteeing the security and stability of the region through military cooperation so all eyes now are on the results of this important elections. ukraine's president is facing his 1st major test as voters go to the polls in a snap polman trail action volodymyr zelinsky dismissed parliament 3 months ago following his landslide victory the former comedian on a promise to get rid of corruption in what is one of your poorest countries so the power with the cabinet and politicians who are mostly loyal to his predecessor say
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he wants to change that. thousands of people in the russian capital have been demanding a free and fair moscow city council elections the electoral commission has refused to allow 30 opposition candidates to register for the september polls the bard hopefuls say they secured the required numbers number of signatures to run but they were excluded for their views. among the 1000 firefighters is a battling wildfires that are spreading across central portugal because of strong winds 9 people have already been injured in 3 major blazes in castillo blanco which is about 200 kilometers northeast of the capital list and a village has been partly evacuated as a precaution and some soldiers have been sent to help. the united states is in the grip of another severe heatwave with temperatures exceeding 38 degrees in some cities well 150000000 people are affected across the country the heat waves already
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claimed 6 lives including 4 in the state of maryland. nicaraguans governing sandinista party is celebrating the 40th anniversary of the revolution that toppled the dictator anastasio samosa it made ripples around the world and was a claimed by many but amid a brutal crackdown against the opposition there were questions about what that revolution has actually achieved john home and has more. this week 40 years ago in the can i will take to the young sandinista rebels who toppled him at the chance to remake the country that lofty ideals education and health care for an end to crippling inequality and to the brutality of the outgoing regime 40 years later we're asking some of those who took part in that revolution how things have turned out as a young man khaled sprained his was a senior sandinista commander but now in his sixty's he's just spent 11 months in prison after protesting against form
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a comrade and now president daniel ortega. burney says that he's become what they feel again. this i told them i am going to you there's no sector that hasn't been attacked for its political position so we've gone backwards in journalism in social and economic order it's an imperial aggressive punitive government. and the repression is get worse it's mass protests began last year hundreds arrested civil society groups some pressure down tens of thousands fleeing to neighboring costa rica it's a far cry from the hope of a 15 year old holds a feeling of a hill fell when she joined the sundanese to successful literacy crusade teaching those in remote areas to read but after the original advances she says education's been hijacked for political gain. no the big problem is that successive governments the revolutionary one and those who came after up to the present try to use education to get their political ideas across to change the story today
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evolution and to. help for the country's poor has also been tight political patronage but here the sundanese to government has achieved more says next up and down you vice minister of planning in the early years and now a noted economist or not. this government have been as close with the poor as the previous 3 governments were with the rich that's very clear and it was aided by something that doesn't exist now the oil funds from venezuela 40 percent of those loans went towards reducing poverty. with the loans drying up and the current political turmoil fueling an economic crisis of a done deal says those of pulses against poverty are being paid back not all of the failures or successes of the last 40 years can be tied to the sandinista front there have been 3 other of ministrations between their times in power but the growing of thora tarion isn't and the brutal crackdown on protests with all that's
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brought with it has to be laid squarely. the question is if that rather than the early tribes will in the end define the sound of the. don't hold it out does it or when our. british airways in the german airline of chancellor have suspended flights to egypt's capital cairo because of security concerns the be a ban will last a week to allow for a security assessment the airlines given no details about what prompted the move egypt's vital tourism center was already under pressure after a series of attacks on visitors seen as a day is a foreign policy adviser a goal state analytics he says the longer the suspensions are in place the more damage it will do to egypt's economy i do not believe it's going to have any impact . in the short term but because egyptian economy is heavily dependent on tourism if it continues for a long period of time i think it will show impact impact on the egyptian economy
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egypt for the fiscal year of 20 $182019.00 has had a 5.6 percent economy growth which after year that has it's going and is rebounding but as i said if it's going to this going this is going to continue for for a long period of time it will impact the growth and the position of president sisi in egypt i believe president p.c. . is really on able to establish or maintain security in certain parts of parts of the country especially the time and the western desert and when i was looking at the state department u.s. state department travel advisory website if that out but as of july 2nd they have increased the risk of travel to egypt which as i said it's going to have a negative impact on actually caught me by going back to what i was saying i don't
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think kyra is able to maintain security or separation security in some parts of the country. that skateboarding is to make its debut season and then picks for next year in tokyo and the polish olympic glory has just been made easier for greece's displaced syrian children who dream of becoming professionals cases full band of effortful. muhammad has been knocked down more times than he can count. i had my legs and shoulder fighting force the 13 year old from his home in eastern one to 7 years ago and despite watching skateboarding videos for you is he's only just learn how to ride. oh. yeah we used to sit on the skateboard we didn't know how to stand up on it because we never experienced it before. german n.g.o.s skate aid has built
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a skate park in his hometown of damascus so other children can learn the sport with the hope that one day one of them can turn pro when the real important thing is and that's it's very good and this country's conflict stabilising souls so most important thing in their lives is to have to stand one more busy busy so and you fall down these kids may not be carving up in tokyo next year but it's hoped this project will help them achieve their dreams and maybe even find the next skating superstar for that with al-jazeera. t.v. to take a look at the top stories here it out to syria britain's junior defense minister says it's sending quote assets to the strait of hormuz after iran sees one of its tank a man who says he ran to release the tanker and is calling on all parties to exercise
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restraint and resolve their differences diplomatically that he has the latest from london. britain is now pushing back and saying that iran had no right to seize this vessel on friday they say their response will be road considered but robust jeremy hunt spoke to his counterparts in homage of a series on the phone on saturday said he was extremely disappointed but it's possible now that the pressure could be ramped up further in the coming days the taliban has claimed responsibility in northwest pakistan for shooting and bomb attacks both of the attacks are in the city of there is now car gunman shot dead 2 police officers at a checkpoint then 6 people were killed in an explosion at the hospital where the injured from the 1st attack were being taken. protests in hong kong are gathering for another mass rally as they keep the pressure up on the government demanding the
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official withdrawal of a planned extradition law and an independent inquiry into the handling of weeks of demonstrations japan's governing coalition is due to win a majority in sunday's upper house election but it's still unclear whether prime minister shinzo rb will get the 2 thirds majority needed for a constitutional change that could loosen restrictions on the armed forces ukraine's new president is facing his 1st major test as voters go to the polls in a snap parliamentary election for large amir's alinsky dismissed parliament 3 months ago following his landslide victory the former comedian won on a promise to get rid of corruption in what is one of europe's poorest countries. british airways in the german airline of transit have suspended flights to egypt's capital cairo because of security concerns the be a band that will last a week to allow for a security assessment the airline has given no details about what prompted the move
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those are the latest headlines talk to al-jazeera is next. a group of women fighting for the right to enter a sacred hindu temple that has long been the exclusive denying of men one i want to investigate. the comes centuries of discrimination in india on al-jazeera. hash tag trump is racist and hash tag racist in chief just some of what's been trending on social media platforms after the u.s. president told some women in congress to go back to the quote totally broken and crime infested places from which they came it was a month before a backlash began americans from all walks of life from politicians to raising their voices against donald trump's tweets warning them racist and xenophobic and how normal the 1st muslim woman to be elected to the u.s. congress said as
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a member of congress the only country we swear an oath to is the united states she's been at the receiving end of several of trump's attacks in the past before these latest treats us representative talk to others iraq. congresswoman thank you very much for talking to our jazeera thank you so much for let's not by talking about today's politics in the united states you've got a president who is arguably the most divisive president you've had in a very long time to say the least that the region has given way to a discourse which is often filled with. hate speech against minorities and society's most vulnerable but at the same time you've got a congress which is probably the most diverse that you've also had in a very long time how's that happened. the polarization. in this country really has existed for a long time and what we're seeing right now is. everything that kind of cancerous
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that could really present. but. the positive things that every time when there is a challenge there is an opportunity so because we have the most the face of president we're living in. historically traumatizing time at least in my generation in this country so many people are rising up to not only resist the detrimental policies that are coming from this administration but also insist on having the america we all know we deserve so that's why you're seeing the rise of so many people who have always sat on the margins of society say this is our time to seek our seat at the table we have to make sure that we're representing all of our voices but i mean
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a lot of people would say that those examples of hope let's say your positivity in the face of. the more thoughtful they don't necessarily represent a strong enough trend that would give hope what do you say to them. oh i think it's the contrary i mean we've seen what hope and change can produce with obama and we're seeing what hope and change can produce with like you said the most diverse congress. there has been a really great opportunity for people to mass mobilize this particular year in my district we increased for turnout by 100000 and we did that because people were extremely eager to get involved and make sure that their voice was at the table i'm going to come back to obama on the idea and concept of hope but let me just stay with trump here for
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a 2nd because he's also been accused of collusion with foreign governments right during his campaign and then obstructing justice in the investigation through that collusion do you think that he should be impeached i always said it wasn't the question of whether he should be impeached it's when. and we are seeing now so many people are coming to that conclusion and this president said he didn't see any problem in having a 4 and hostile government intervene in our elections he didn't understand how that could be a problem i mean to be fair he said he didn't see anything wrong with a foreign government giving evidence or against one of the candidates rights that in itself is problematic we do not accept information that is going to change that to reject 3 of our elections from hostile governments we've
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made that very clear he knows that even senator graham lindsey graham said you know this is a mistake and this is not in line with law and we want to make sure that. that this country that is a country of law remains that way are you worried though that if there was a case of impeachment and it was successful there would be a huge backlash because trump has often position to myself as the representative of the voice of middle america of working class white working class americans that he claims have been marginalized for so long now if you was impeached he would most certainly try and build that as an attack on democracy and an attempt by the liberal elite as he often refers to them to silence white working class americans and in the climate you have in the u.s.
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where very easily people can pick up weapons and maybe take action in their own hands are you not fearful that attempt at some peach months could create a massive violent backlash absolutely not i mean when we think back to the impeachment of nixon. over 60 percent of americans did not believe in starting impeachment proceedings. right now it's less than 60 percent by the time within i think 10 months of those proceedings the number of americans didn't think we should have started was at. you know one example centers on a president who would tell his supporters to attack journalists he wasn't somebody who would ride that kind of hatred amongst people when it comes to the issues of protecting our nation we can't have it be
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a political thing i think there are people who are making political considerations but this is a matter of protecting our constitution we took an oath and we have to uphold that oath and we can't allow law and lawlessness to rule this nation critics of your party say that the reason why the democrats want to impeach trump is because they can't beat him at the polls you still don't have a cure candidate for the 2020 presidential election is the only one in the democratic party that you feel represents your views there are many what we are interested in and excited about is the progressive movement that says we don't leave anyone behind. and there are so many amazing candidates that are running on the democratic candidate that are right now getting him in the polls i mean you look at bernie sanders senator warren and even some of the other ones
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there is a great opportunity for us to speak directly to the american people to talk to them about what it means for us to have economic justice what it means for us to have the kind of prosperity that is supposed to be guaranteed so you're wrong in this country there's a more i don't understand i haven't decided. who to support publicly yet because i think it is too early there are great opportunities for people to hear from all of the candidates without leaders getting involved in choosing sides so you talk about this progressive movement that's being born out of the. at a party together with congresswoman richie don't leap was a palestinian american you have xandra cortez the youngest in congress i believe you were seen as that new generation right. but in reality you're just an exception
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to the rule i mean you don't really have the support of the old guard of the democratic party in fact when you were under attack by many in the right wing media you had the more senior figures in the democratic party like nancy pelosi not come out and defend you in fact you know some would say pursue was perceived as maybe pushing you into a corner i mean so support i think is measured by the people who duly elected us to represent them in congress and so i represent a district that is 70 percent white. i won my general election by 80 percent there are a lot of. people who are not just moderates are also progressives who are not just young or diverse that believe in the vision that i believe in and those are the people that we want to have a conversation with and talk to them about the kind of direction we want to lead
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this country what's a bigger struggle for you the struggle against trump and the right wing or the struggle against the political establishment that maybe also isn't willing to accept for this progressive politics. i mean i think the bigger struggle that we have it's against people who don't want change and so that would be the status quo or anyone who has benefited from the kind of political structure that existed that is pinned against one another that is allowed for few to benefit on the backs of many is really who we are struggling against when we are talking about lifting all people it doesn't matter whether you are black or white whether you're an immigrant or not. the majority of us are struggling to pay our student debt majority of us are struggling to have proper housing majority of us are
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struggling to have proper education majority of us are one step away from filing bankruptcy if we were stricken with an illness and so that. to me is the majority of americans in the majority of americans want people who will put them in the center of our politics and not put the few and the greedy in the center of our politics. so just one last question on this point the right wing attack you almost constantly since you've come into office and some commentators have said it's because your body everything the hate i mean your black visibly muslim woman do you think that's true that's the reason behind them and also on you surprise now going back to your point about the hope that obama brought term don't you feel a bit disappointed that the man who built that idea and concept of hope and based it on the fact that he was challenging
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a lot of the inherent underlying racism that exists in the political establishment that he hasn't come up to support and more focused on the massive support. that i have on a grassroots level the amount of people that see my story as an inspiration. the kind of rallies that happen in my home state when people like pence or trump. set food on on the soils of minnesota that's the people that i care about those are the opinions that matter to me and those are the people who i fight for you nancy. but i mean that right now that i think and i don't rush and it's problematic because you know if it's as if you're talking to a child and you say oh no no you're really don't worry about the support that you have from your parents or you worry that you're not getting support from your teacher where you put plays well over and i for mission.


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