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tv   Pre- Crime  Al Jazeera  July 24, 2019 4:00am-5:01am +03

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a lot has i'm saying here in doha the top stories are nigeria boris johnson has won the race to leave the u.k.'s governing conservative party and will become prime minister on wednesday johnson says he will take the u.k. out of the by the end of october we're going to get bricks it done on october 31st to take advantage of all the opportunities that it will bring in a new spirit of can do and we are once again going to believe in ourselves and what we can achieve unlike some slumbering giant we're going to rise and ping off the guy ropes a self doubt and negativity with better education better infrastructure more police fantastic fiber broadband sprouting in every household we are going to unite this amazing country and we are going to take it forward i thank you very much the newly
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appointed e.u. commission chief has warned of challenging times ahead as she congratulated barres johnson attachable has all the european reaction from powers. well the main concern for many european leaders really is what world boris johnson's appointment mean for the briggs's process boris johnson has made it very clear that he doesn't wish to shy away from a deal breaks it but a no deal breaks it is something that most european leaders have been saying all along for months and for years it's something they would like to avoid they say that it doesn't serve the interests of any member state in the european union and that it doesn't serve the interests of britain and they've worked very hard to push away a no deal scenario so they'll be very worried about boris johnson's next move now we've heard from some key european figures the french presence a man on my call who congratulated boris johnson on his appointment as britain's
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new prime minister he said he looked forward to working with not just on breaks it but on other issues in which france has collaborated with britain very closely such as iran we also heard from the main drags it negotiator michel barnier who said that he looks forward to now completing the brakes a process if you like to an orderly breaks it also heard from another european leader who took perhaps a different angle on boris johnson's appointment. is the a far right interior minister of italy also italy deputy prime minister and he said in a tweet that because boris johnson was seen by the left wing as a dangerous more dangerous than matter is sylviane is far right party that so made boris johnson for matters of any a very likeable character indeed johnson will immediately find himself in the middle of a diplomatic standoff with iran when he takes of italy denmark the netherlands and
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france are backing britain's proposal for a european led naval mission to ensure safe shipping through the strait of hormuz that's where iran sees the u.k. flag all tank on friday but iran's deputy foreign minister says it will secure the strait and not allow any disturbance to shipping. syrian state media has reported an attack in the mountainous region of tal aha that's in that province reports say several israeli missiles were fired the areas known to be a base for iranian backed fighters no casualties have been reported russia is defending its 1st joint air patrol with china south korea says it fired warning shots and scrambled its jets saying the planes violated its airspace japan's government also raise complaints but russia says the planes flew over neutral waters as funerals have been held for 6 people killed in protests in nigeria's capital abuja security forces had class was shia muslims who were calling for the
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release of their leader in prison since 2015 a reporter and a police officer were also among those killed mark asper has been sworn in as the new u.s. secretary of defense it ends the longest period the pentagon has been without a permanent top official has been received strong bipartisan support in the senate 19 votes to 8 he replaces james mattis who quit last year of a policy disagreements with president donald trump the 55 year old has had a long career in the military and served as army secretary since 2017 those are the headlines next pre-crime.
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the term pre-crime comes from this movie a minority report in which a prediction is being made about something any individual has not yet done but is going to do and a preemptive arrest is made of someone before they performed an act.
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if you would have asked me 37 years ago if we would have gunshot detection or video cameras in neighborhoods or be able to predict where crimes occurred i would have said you're crazy. as a lemming to a certain future of the future is already in the present right now it's the securitize ation of fossil sizes. i have no idea what the next 5 or 10 years is going to be to law enforcement in terms of technology advancement. just look in a world we've come so far it's going to be mind boggling. so. can we predict an actual crime offense. before had occurred.
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our strategic subject list is called the s.s.l. is a system that we worked with a professor from the illinois institute of technology an academic partner here in chicago to be able to assess and analyze those people that are at the greatest risk of being a party to violence this system is able to prioritize and tell us those individuals that we really have to focus on the work with the try to prevent that violence when you have so many different datasets or you have so many cameras watch which ones do we watch social media right so many different social media communications out there
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how do you know what the concentrate on that's what our predictive aspect towards is for teacher of subject list that's what i thought. when i heard of this story for the 1st time i thought now it's finally happening hollywood has eventually merged with real life software that predicts where and when the next crime occurs police that arrive at the crime scene before the perpetrator computers that generate lists with tomorrow's murderers. pre-crime they call it. a friend writes to me there's something foreign lumen on the horizon and we can only guess that a question a press entirely one day. they
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experimented with a with it a little bit in 20122013 is really when it took off they came the police department came up with. more than 400 names of people who fit that bill. individuals who are most likely to be prone to violence and either as a victim or perpetrator each of the 22 police districts came up with 20 names and they were chosen i don't know the science of it but it was all through mathematical algorithms basically and it didn't have anything to do so much with them being hardened criminals as much as it had to do with who are they arrested with.
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mr makes no difference ties i'm commander west and i'm with the 15th just as common pleas department may we come and. take robert mcdaniel for example he was not a hardened criminal he had been arrested for many minor offenses like gambling shooting dice or smoking marijuana minor offenses but the people who he was arrested with during those crime. some of them or at least one of them was
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a victim of violence so the logic was that while robber belongs on the list because he has a relationship with somebody. who's been a victim of violence because he's been arrested with that person before. it was an employee. a school dropout it was either both get work or see a drugs in the street and sell in june 1 from. trying to get my ged that didn't work and in the midst of me trying to get my z. the. star given falling home and started having police officers walk up on me rattled on the salmon a government aimed where i have been and like just things like this there.
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i am is all for so wes and a social worker i can't remember his name but they had their my home they stop at my house in some pain and told me that i was put to some type of test this and i was. supposed to be a l's going to shoot somebody or give also some dad i was put on a heinous a phony people as a god mr mcdaniel as part of my violently dungeon strategy i someone has generated a list of potential criminals actors and that. we are here today to inform you in effect that our computers have placed you on the hit list of the police department now since should you decide to continue to engage in criminal activity you know we're going to charge you and we will prosecute you to the fullest extent of the law. i guess we was associated or carefree
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as opposed to being an extreme sought out as an aerial go but we've put through a test and we both came out the most top the like telephony dangerous people ask out now yet again our guys who how can i be dangerous for smoking weed or should know who does this or. the timeline shows all the criminal activity that their persons associate with if you see on the bottom those are all interactions he's had with the police either as an arrest as a contact as a victim and with it so you know who we hangs with you know where he's been everything to do with him that we've documented through police interaction scroll down police were 1st got that this shows this is what they'll compile and put together and get back out into the field within 15 minutes so if this person is the victim of a shooting or of violent crime they'll pull of their it's got their criminal history. that's associate so everything you saw before was all the criminal history
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involved with that individual so there's probably maybe about 2530 arrests that you saw on that saw subject to associates people that they're documented is having an affiliation with. that's again a pretty comprehensive list. we can actually do even like a link analysis to be able to show how that network interacts. the idea that you could essentially connect all of the data streams that government
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collects in different ways everything from you know your arrest records to your contacts to your foreclosures to your mental health records to your social benefits and put them in a particular computer database and then be able to do this where you connect a phone number from all the different sources and go out you know several links and be able to see the world is something you would never imagine that is technologically possible now. let's summarize. firstly they are quite serious about fighting crime with the algorithms. secondly robert mcdaniel is on the wrong side of the
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algorithm. thirdly apart from its developers nobody knows how the algorithm behind the heat list works fourthly in 2016 statistically 2.0876 people are killed every day in cheek aagot. i think good enough words. of it. is lost on these cats over it. if. if i made up words it will inform enough what is the book an assumption why next. and the fact the fukushima just as you don't know what else they fall for the next
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to paul act if you don't call it an extra if. soon at the consumers. they have like a ranking system which shows how many times more likely are they than the general population to be prone to violence so all robert had a rating of $215.00 which meant he's $215.00 times more likely to be prone to violence but robber wasn't i mean that paled in comparison to a number of other people on the list there were a lot of people on that list who were more than 500 times more likely to be party
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to violence and again that's not because of their criminal history that's because of the people they've been arrested with. you know this is what's really frightening is that there are companies now scoring every subsides that information's out there it's not really out there whether they're a felon or not but it is out there and so what the police here are doing is they're literally just purchasing information other people already have now that scored society of course is frightening of course it's not just a privacy sense that you're giving out this information it's about a government owning this information right it's a different situation in. america we're pretty willing to let big companies like google and apple know pretty much everything about ourselves more more reluctant to
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have government it's a good line to draw what's happening here is this sort of data convergence where you're really seeing private companies collecting this information and then essentially selling it or offering it through different services to law enforcement and people do know that information in the police don't have it the private companies do have it and that's part of where we are now as technology is collecting as much information about us as as i can. facebook like click safe. we deliver the data which generates information about us that circulate on the internet until the next update create yet another data set and so on data mining endlessly. somewhere fairly lost at the
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bottom of the digital food chain there are people like robert mcdaniel. privacy what privacy. if august will influence this. is a comma and says it's now almost next month and you still have a democrat just in time voyager does. he compared to only a dozen squabble consul views him to news and for hobby sponsors sponsors so he did he needs i didn't point just on top. of the bill is up a. find wisdom dhaba is still a guy i admit is up inspired just baby because one wins one exemption of august own
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2 indians us young folks out at number 5 events of sox to it too and us i didn't even get a sketch for dean on t.v. a tough act to. have in finding ya in the house before the dust man made because the initial docking with him scoring meant that the viet often mention c.f. you get for dean come on having just about some best some of the discipline other course an internet can gun owns a leaping smile can give you an induction hob to leaping smock alstom silicone betty. you're. going to. whenever someone fills out an application for a loan they're going to be providing certain information. the be where software they access databases and financial institutions the courts any type of loaning
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institutions the where has the ability to access all of those databases i'm a genius so when a call comes into our dispatch center and it is categorized as a life threatening call henri in progress prime then and there is an address attached to the view where software automatically searches all of these databases and then provides the operator in the real time crime center information specific to that address the people that have lived their lives there their cell phone numbers prior addresses associates the other piece that be where allows for is to research social media and and to gather any type of information that might be in there in terms of threats. the theory behind the wear makes a lot of sense if i was. on the street i was entering a house and i don't know who live there i want all the information i could but the
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problem is if it's so worse through these data brokers there just isn't really much accuracy so you might be arriving at a house in the address alert says a dangerous place it may be so many lives there may be the dangerous person moved the problem is accuracy i mean the wrong catalog in the mail i'm like why did someone send me a catalogue i don't have children why do i have it that's the inaccuracy that comes along with these data brokers right they don't need to be perfect because what they're really doing is trying to sell products to people. well if the algorithms used in the private sector allow them to become more successful in targeting their audience products then we should take advantage of that same algorithm that allows us to become more successful in. preventing crime.
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in the case of the beware software i think the bad far outweighs any potential good and i can see how in a perfect world and if the software were perfect it could help make police officers safer the problem is. nothing is perfect as one of the things that the software company says that it looks at are postings on social media such as facebook and twitter there was one woman in another city who was flagged in the software for making comments on twitter about rage rage has a very specific meaning in terms of anger violence but the raise she was talking about was a card game called rage that had nothing to do with violence or aggression or anything like that yet she was flagged as being a possible problem because she had some of these messages about rage and what if someone is making some answer about that they don't trust the police is that going
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to flag them as being a potential problem so there are too many opportunities for the computer to get it wrong and if they get it wrong coupled with a police department that already is much more likely than other police departments to shoot citizens. that's a recipe potentially for disaster. taking up one question again. why are we forcing these technologies upon ourselves. the silicon valley's of this world are making a lot of money with them ok. we the users have enjoyed the comforting google land fight and that's it. what if the internet fed by the permanent feedback of its users already had its virtual awakening. what if it developed its own needs and interests if it was always leading us to more convenient technologies
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because we pay for it with private data. what a freedom was just an illusion. metropolitan police territorial police and working together for a safe on the. make of. the much put on police service and one of his own is a commit to me just enough and gain great. information in the case did you have or associated to the gang days of the crime if you involved in credit and you know stuff. you have all been crap and you know stop you mean in target by police on agencies under a piece of legalization would join and oppress you may be convicted of a crime and prison for just being present when
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a serious crime is committed or even with those persons you commit a crime and you don't. you would need to change unless the. we can help you to do this for. you can speak in confidence to a police officer and or any of the organizations listed at the end of this no i would encourage you to speak to them as they can they hope you break any gang links your since you are a commando. that's. the doctrine join in front was actually brought in over 200 years ago to stop people encouraging jews so if 2 people joining with us by pistols all swords this seconds or that support them they could be done for joint enterprise if someone's killed so that doctrine is not actually lol it is doctrine adopted by the courts
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but it has an operational tactical implication in terms of the matrix. the diagnosis he has been sick for around 6 months now the challenge ahead one of these $96.00 could be a new cure or a basis of a new cure for colors are. illness or disability al-jazeera examines priam meaning treatments so this is the next i see yes it's basically a wearable robot pira revisited on al-jazeera.
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al jazeera. you have 3. victims. being his past as an instrument of pinochet's brutal dictatorship a father tries to forget. but his son's quest for answers reveals there are often 2 sides to even the darkest of stories witness the color of the chameleon amount is there. going. out. how.
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a lot has i'm seeing the headlines on a 0 boris johnson has won the race to lead the u.k.'s governing conservative party and will become prime minister on wednesday johnson says he will take the u.k. out of the e.u. by the end of october we're going to get brits done on october 3rd it was going to take advantage of all the opportunities that it will bring in a new spirit of can do and we are once again going to believe in ourselves and what we can achieve unlike some slumbering giant we're going to rise and ping off the guy ropes of self-doubt and negativity with that education better infrastructure more police fantastic food fiber broadband sprouting in every household we are going to unite this amazing country and we're going to take it forward i thank you very much and us president donald trump has welcomed boris johnson's fick tree. we
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have a really good man is going to be the prime minister of the u.k. now worse luck. and smart. they say britain tried the corporate trap and speak with st that's a good thing that they like me over there that's what they want out of the early 1000 a.g.l. get it done for us it's good it's going to do a good job iran's foreign minister has congratulated johnson on twitter and says his country is not seeking confrontation the u.k.'s calling for a european led naval mission to ensure safe shipping through the strait of hormuz that's where iran sees the u.k. flagged oil tanker on friday russia's defending its 1st joint air patrol with china south korea says it fired warning shots and scrambled jets saying the planes violated its airspace japanise also raise complaints russia says the planes flew
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over neutral waters funerals have been held for 6 people killed in protests in nigeria's capital abuja security forces had class was shia muslims they were calling for the release of their leader who has been imprisoned since 2015 a reporter and a police officer world among those killed mark esper has been sworn in as the new u.s. secretary of defense he got strong bipartisan support in the senate it ends the longest period the pentagon has been without a permanent top official those are the headlines we're back in half an hour right now it's back to pre-crime.
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the term pre-crime comes from this movie a minority report in which a prediction is being made about something an individual has not yet done but is
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going to view and a preemptive arrest is made of someone before they form. the london not tricks works like that he closed in chicago identify individuals connect them detect patterns and social networks calculate this to just a call possibilities. score people issue warnings keep an eye on. i'm doing an end to gang projects in the local area here in east london i have clients who are saying i have never been involved in
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a guy but the very real issue is the subjectivity to get people on the criminal intelligence system the trauma system and then how that then goes into the matrix to then associate people in certain kinds which are questionable so that the thing is who's checking the data entry who's checking those offices who commit those they to entries. i don't see myself as i got them well look i'm the. mustang number you know and said i'm just a pop on the support of the so. it's a problem which always gets. you know her name. and always will but. if you are not in the game there as you were community are you from often ask women
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ok those are body snatchers ova those are folk want to ask you a phone how can you tell me what i am because of my address because of our state is probably why i can only afford to leave that makes no sense i just got a job to do and they want to do it if they had a brief crime if they had to make criminals if they got to see here convince you to a criminal in provoke you to do it they are doing actually i had a frame kill a couple like couple ones couple weeks prior to that so i was only partly i guess a is it a they they labeled in a gang male. now i guess that's how i got affinia because me and a person that was murdered was so close but that is now i actually don't know the legacy i know none to the next you. know. they haven't told us what the algorithm is that they're using to identify
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people they haven't told us what that data is and there's no way to get off the list that were up once you're on it so that. that's scary to a lot of people it's frightening to not know how the list is created or to be able to get out of it on the backend and they can say that you know we're using meth we're using science is a way to do it math and science aren't always right. because you see fulfilled in theater shows that we've been struggling. that i've just picked you to see did you confront the most unfair and says that avoiding the 2nd place to. ski for the film isn't going to instruct the the collector example it's
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for the most remote but for. all data is biased. police department data incident data has the potential to be bias in a number of different ways and we cannot eliminate what we can potentially offset it to some extent by incorporating other data we have a number of different components of the software one is either as a component that someone can use at a police station the 2nd component of the software is a mobile version of. software that can be in a car or other vehicle on the police officers able to see as the car moves around are they inside one of these priority mission control areas. is actually using the g.p.s. from the tablet to track our location and as we enter boxes is going to update the display with information about them so we actually are just driving through
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a box right now which is about robberies and if this was our final destination we would start patrolling for about 10 to 15 minutes in this area is still relatively unlikely for any crime to happen in that location at that time it's just that this is the highest risk location amongst all the choices that we have available and so it's the best place for the officers to spend that free time. while we are positioning an officer in a particular place which means that they're going to be paying attention to that place that should not give them the authority to assume that anyone in that place is a criminal unless they see something that's actually criminal in nature. so give up and put in a good mother instead of simply doing
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a good move here. bugging me did you do to me when are you going to meet the people in the. they do in the. community do you do then it was good to make that but only 3 suits him and some from littleton will stop when this is even the community as this was characterized. said wanted to just in a mess you know. in to make a mess out of. but the sort of going. to shows you that social skills. i don't. see those in the most competent films because people outside. the building open that's all humans and old oh look i'm going to them let go of the movie i do it over. we have generally been very cautious about any incorporating any kind of person centric data into our models we believe there's
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a number of substantial problems with us whether that's proper privacy concerns or just that accuracy of the actual modeling. we're not using surveillance data and hunch lap i think it's a key question that our society is going to be asking and under what circumstances is it reasonable to take advantage of that kind of data. big data we the users and our privacy well. who could have imagined years ago that google can i will rhythmically calculate what i will do tomorrow. similar tenuously we activate things our person
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island until now everything that once was quiet starts communicating with the world and sending our data to the internet my tooth brush my t.v. set the chip under my skin my fitness tracker the toys of our children. i was not aware of these kind of technologies quote unquote being implemented by the police etc it's not particularly surprising because the technological developments in terms of policing domestically or globally is developing all the time and it's something that we're all privy to don't see it on our t.v.
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screens especially when it comes to foreign policy and conflicts the rest of conducting abroad i don't feel about it i'm really concerned because i work with a lot of young people and young adults and children who are or have been or will be unfortunately in the short term most likely to be involved in the criminal justice system because they come from troubled backgrounds or they're working class and they're black people so if you can use some kind of predictive technology and software it's not going to predict anything politically positive for them but if you want to make money software they have algorithms to give to the police just it's. indicative of how awesome he is is progressing away from human solidarity and human approach to just squeezing people as hard as you can in any and every which way.
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enough that's one form of yeah. then there's the one over there the other that's one camera over there it's a. yeah. and then there's another camera just by the sea. as remote as last year in the park so what this time is that if they're not being used . or receiving some kind of. this may hit the ball to say the people were doing something there and if you look at these cameras they're not the kind of ordinary c.c.t.v. cameras i definitely think it's the kind of books to you see think about it 3 murders happening here you know right as kids play it's crazy my son is almost on
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a plane crossed the little thing here and that's one more instance happen here when they do in this light and they all want to find him think about how small this park is and how many cameras there are they've got full coverage of it. happening is when they're not able to prevent in the intelligence they have. sting ray triangulation to this kind of stuff i'm not surprised that it's on this scale and i think there's actually we probably don't know most of you know the kind of surveillance abilities they have i think it's interesting that maybe some of the way that they experiment on gangs in the black community is also to. be used in political protest and political organization as a way of so pioneering in developing i mean of course is just reflective of the way in which a new piece maybe target black now soon it comes to crime and how they're disproportionately
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stopped and searched you know. we in london and the other parts of this country our place is so you've got to know what that means means accountability and transparency and all of your processes and practices. now i challenge that when i was in the met when i was chair of the black police association. i also gave evidence to there's inquiries that said that this was institutionally racist because of the way in which they conduct themselves now the matrix for me isn't on the form of institutional racism it is racial profiling it is unaccountable and as far as i'm concerned that has to be a way in which you can get off this system whether it's the matrix the d.n.a. database you know it got to how you know a process where people believe that the police service can be held to account.
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mad tricks strategic subject list no fly list so i like to list terrorist watch list ones on the list always on the list because the computer says so because due to the algorithm nobody is directly responsible because there is no regulator procedure against the errors of the machine because let's be honest nobody cares about what consequences the decisions of a program have for the life of robert mcdaniel are smart.
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is wrong is wrong to be profound is wrong to be saying that your son that you're not is wrong to say you are a killer like. oh no. you mentioned so school i'm just pushed into lists of things as it's not kind of human nature can twist it to be just one force to feel out of this i'm for some kind of flushed idea of the idols atman i. that's. an improvement on having facebook facebook likes also just become to be a season men see like britney spears or desperate housewives season from its clients of. homosex. decent in from it's all in up collided. likes to the end even and as the levant annoy him for months on the fear just can't be done by myself so i listed for 4. months almost 6 so as on
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their money i'm. off to list them it until this other even norma's tion suppose he puts in to give a shiela since he does his house as a speech to him and off. it does it i'm told but so going to test as it is a russian i'll die from it but. we don't have the person for person to keep in touch with millions of people thousands of people social media does this a double is sort of how do we try to navigate and i think to stay in the peace a fully aware of this. i think ultimately they're going to be just one step ahead they're going to know exactly how to batten down or how to limit for example thousands of people attending a demonstration or less just cut off all their invites let's just not let it be imprinted in social media let's fix the algorithm. who's sending more messages
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who's posting more right is no for us we use it with the intention of we don't care we're going to begin to know anyways so we organize openly particularly i think it's a really worrying thing because we have no way someone is or what they're doing and we have no idea of discussion which powers they have and the technology they have in terms of mass abilities and databases. at some point i have stopped thinking about who might know when and who might story what about me why and since when. probably because it doesn't make a difference anyway it's like with hollywood computer games and television everything is inextricably interwoven with reality reality being just the medium of the basic code 01 like don't like buy don't buy guilty not guilty just to remind you code has no conscience.
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you know i was one. of those. this for. when i say a best friend bravo. i watched them sleep his mind on the role of like it to me. like dad put them to me and. i said i was a kid. when. my friend was 18 and i can. get
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a song right now. that has the a look at that beloved way i think i'm his the it. i now know. is wrong is is is too much. if policing is going to use software to predict what these people do in the future it's assuming that certain people with a certain history are going to do certain things and that's just not necessarily the case because humans can change according to what support i want us to the stations they make according to that support but again it's a metaphor for that but it's also it's it's it what policing is policing is not preventative it's no it's no it's not just in any kind of way and so it's just there as a punishing mechanism as a criminalizing mechanism and as
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a punishing mechanism. that it's only a start off a couple months ago a full 100 but now schizo feels he much that's a big no because in a level him oh crims right there so yeah who is a good folk is it good for the street was it good for the police you got more criminals who are good you got most cases to solve you guys who think you've got more problem. see my story my not me nobody because it wasn't you but what about when they got chosen when they got your daughter you know jail you know when is you now is the paul. now everybody want to make it seem like. it on a face nobody has come i can only go.
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so right now i think people are willingly giving up this information right not just what you're giving up on the internet but as we move into a world of the internet of things your smart house will reveal when you've left for the day when you take your shower you know what temperature your bath is your television can listen to you your car will be able to monitor where you're going if you have like an on star system tells you where to go your cell phone knows all of those things and what you're doing and the conversations going on like we're just giving up this data to private companies in a way we're not really thinking about the consequences we're not thinking about what these data trails mean and for law enforcement you could see just how valuable that information would be why do you drink cold coffee in
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a hot car surveilling some guy when you can just use internet things to track them all the way through right this is the new world and right now the policy makers and even the lawyers haven't really thought through the consequences haven't figure out how to forth and adapt how do privacy laws to death how do laws so we have about telephone technology apply in a world where suddenly your watch is talking to the world and giving them your heart beat and and the rest of it are we haven't figured that out yet and it's important i think to ask these questions now i think we're at the very beginning of a very big conversation about what we should do with this new data. not in this nomination and for the officer who lets us via exit and i insist in the
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end because a shaft national symbol of some an all star and eva home. underlined in. style and on the league and i'm sick i have. robert still has a score of 215. smurf has left tottenham. the internet as ever learning and evolving. observers surveys collects ses above the city as a friend wrote to me the sky is for the color of
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a television tuned to a dead chime in. time to say farewell and go back home. back to my smartphone my ip address my emails my bookmarks my twitter account my facebook timeline. welcome to the mattress. the. how do the east coast heat wave from the us is being brushed out of the way and
4:58 am
it's this frontal system is doing you see the progress going towards the atlantic as it does so it knocks temps back about 10 degrees in sunder storms so new york turned out on wednesday to be 26 degrees in clearer skies blue above you wet pavement admittedly but fine weather once again it's still going to sticky as a good southern georgia florida not green could produce some pretty heavy rain fresh from it seems quite likely that the rest of us is remarkably quiet we've got to fog coming across the bridge into san francisco bay but that's not so unusual this time the a 90 degrees at best and we got to it 29 but not humid in washington on thursday move over to new york but again is unsure florida's the place to watch probably and the bahamas i suspect we've got some pretty well it's coming in the bahamas next 2 days south of this the breeze brings on frequent light showers to lesser antilles rather more in the way of concentrated rain on the coast of honduras a big showers building in mexico there's
4:59 am
a line of rain that runs more or less from bolivia down towards southern parts of brazil the temps are disappointingly lou. in south korea around 2000000 dogs are eaten every year but now animal rights groups want the ancient tradition taken off the menu when no one east investigates korean dog's friend. or knowledge is iraq. it could be the biggest land grab in history. as powerful nations lay claim to territories under the ocean $21.00 geologists are secretly plotting new borders. as the struggle for resources intensifies some of the world's most powerful scientists speak out. oceans manakin on
5:00 am
a 0. this is al-jazeera. has i'm saying here this is the news hour live from dot coming up in the next 60 minutes it is deliver bricks it unite the country and defeat the qubit boris johnson lays out his plan as britain's next prime minister. tehran warns any attempt to form an international coalition to protect shipping in the gulf will only bring in security to the region. japan take south korea off the list of favored trading partners as a dispute between the 2 turns bitter.


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