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tv   Inside Story 2019 Ep 209  Al Jazeera  July 29, 2019 10:32am-11:01am +03

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not worth the woman. but he shall bellew she's activities came to the attention of the iranian security or. according to the video recordings he escaped across the border to pakistan and from there attempted to return to bahrain he anything with the money and happiness. and by how he had let it go massacred by the son of this is what it would only be my one quarter euro. doubt you have believed what you don't need an army. one what god was one of the iranian are no good i mean i sorrow. so far already that i'm very good but i mean what i asked of me and the land and how it will be are. we what about who are you. going to meet it is so odd well that it would go by only to go home because. well the failure only of all the father come inside the concert and often we have
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those. who are going to receive you know why and. men because of our. well ok who isn't any friend a little bit don't want to harvest. the food. i need to focus on what. i was saying was on my feet. but i think it is behind the plate is a philosophical. decimal yes this is a very. well for them on the quality. i don't need a job or money a wins and good answer my daughters in law only if i want to be able . to have contact the police will not sit a fag would come to knock with
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a view on me but i know no i said it was oh i should have. been are you for. the wrong ease. if i feel more for you when i actually like what they are going well i do walk back a lot going. on i was a week off and. i'm going because of that wife and i was. wondering why cases like your. focus on the center onto a new version and give them a line and then the other to find a new man as young mom and i'm hardly any of your work for them either just going to see them some of the. stuff we are not the home on. monday and for example for us and them. and their mom left in the stuff i am not the one i said i
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was a awful good hope for your for your. heart to. hear on your boss's vomit what he will be. around to have decided on was what the joe was up. well that i mean after. all. what exactly. what you had did i listen. to years after he recorded his video testimony in july 27th. emerged in 2013 as the leader of an armed group in iran known as and. according to the iranian authorities all blue she was killed in april 25th teen by iranian special forces in southern iraq. but that's not the.
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afghanistan from iraq. at. what army for. mother. but what about the thought of. who what if what. had. been the decision about the letter what i read. why i thought of that. one. this leaked document was a 2009 diplomatic cable from the former us ambassador to bahrain adam airily
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published by wiki leaks it refers to meetings with senior bahraini officials at a time when several security related detainees were released from custody in brain . the american embassy expressed concern over prisoners receiving royal pardons saide early mother thought and them a quilt the as hell if we can leaks a little bit well it i would have had the action in may i think what is our been an attitude what in america who are behind the if it and we're mad with a lot of athena soon the 100 in the uk i meant more that smile who had just yet almost thought of as of was but we have here. that the remarkable the 2nd most them are aware you are very good here and are supported by honey it can at the end because i had it to have a look at what was not the it and to give out and turn now to have a coalition of the yes you know it all i don't recall that i think. based on what
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you said a thing my words are pretty clear i think that the government of bahrain as i spoke to the attorney general and he said that they are going to prosecute him and and monitor him and. force the law was at the heart of. what he thought the other ms arm will in. a better. stall comes from him. that if added but it didn't matter if and if you check with arctic. well constructed so that the 1000000 to 10 feet up the assault what about n e m b a g m i thought if that was then how the gym at the so what the devil only a definite knowledge then had no point like canada and then you could then i love the hell out of myself i i would i would be extremely skeptical of any such evidence that you have that's point $1.00 is
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as i said during my time there based on what i saw based on who i talked to based on my relationships with the senior levels of the government of bahrain in the senior levels of the government united states there was absolutely no way possible there was nothing going on that could be called classified or or characterized as support for extremist stuff really american. religious and. or. i would live in or around. our. i live in a moment yeah yeah and you don't regard. wanted
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to give the bahraini government the opportunity to respond to the allegations made by mohammed saeed al bellew she and others in this program so he called the foreign minister khalid. and the information minister ali i remain to ask them to do so. i want to. smack them as how. it was in. the arabic version of this film was broadcast on the 14th of july 2019 and has received a strong reaction throughout the gulf region the day after broadcast the bahraini foreign minister was quoted as saying that the program was filled with quote lies and fallacies against the state of bahrain the buffer a news agency reported the information minister is saying that there were quote
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attempts made by al-jazeera channel to contact him and other officials through unidentified telephone numbers to record their conversations without their knowledge or official consent and to provoke them by using despicable methods another report question mohammed. is reliability quoting sali a saying they all agreed to make the recordings and to include false allegations in order to give them weight that would help international human rights groups build pressure on bahrain's government and security agencies mohammed saleh also released a statement on video. before the broadcast of the english version of the program al-jazeera wrote to the office of the bahraini royal household the ministry of the interior and the
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ministry of foreign affairs to ask them to respond to the allegations made against the king and the government of bahrain at the time of broadcast they had not replied. say to me ok for them to do a sora and most. behind unfortunately it's a dark picture and it's a dark future you know when you the future of this repressive corrupt regimes. to me as a as an academic that who has studied the history of authoritarian regimes i don't think they would last long because ultimately you can push the people to our corner and you can force the people to to yield to your demands but in the end you cannot control them for ever i mean the whole moment you talk to them and the
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shia sunni and that is. what i mean one out of the sunni. nothing. but the heart of the 1000000 and not so often. said he saw some machinery but the bent out of if the other moderate the sunni part . from behind the behind. the. the. we are sure the hero with delhi had a dictatorial that we had seen when i meant that i'm really going to win the most productive office and i sat me down for free berent. the did allie with a bow. who'd. say that for
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so big me a little fashionably composed and a game in bullet. was the cause of my own mother who had a whole life. in. a dinner and from what will it help you at the end if somebody with a heart will manner that as. well as across that means in. the controversy over the allegations that the bahraini government secretly conspired against its opponents in 2011 has had a major impact on relationships in the gulf region in the past 2 weeks. it remains to be seen how the geopolitics will play out and whether the differences can be repaired in the medium to long term and gulf cooperation restored.
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out of an essential valley of california there's a warning out for extreme heat and as you can see the satellite picture what you can see is the stones that been running around the far south of california more especially yes or canyon counties canyon country and general high grounds for the cross the northern plains and this i think will develop into a line of thunderstorms the head of the circulation somewhere in eastern canada not unusual for summer of course some of them could be quite deep they might sports tonight and more likely just a bit of hail and some heavy rain ahead of it is warm quite human 34 or thereabouts
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in washington san francisco of course is always code in central valley 17 or 18 in the sunshine that's a picture coming tuesday with the showers of moved a bit further east of all this significant rain daily showers usually but in this case quite big ones of running through the lesser antilles right up to the greater antilles and they are still there in the forecast on monday and probably tuesday this is going to be a wet spell for the caribbean further west castell big showers in cuba jamaica at the coast of guatemala and down towards costa rica not as heavy as it was temp. back up to normal but as there is a little bit shy right it should be there's still some rain in southern brazil. going behind the scenes of one of mexico's most love soaps using fiction to mirror the struggles of real life. this week the story line focuses on the basis of
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systematic violence in mexican society and issues close to home for the producers and actors alike as they struggle to portray in fiction the mackie face of reality soap box mexico every day mafia on out to 0. 00 m. jews iraq. where every. conflict that is now considered to be the world's worst humanitarian crisis how many would not know how to die with this horror still his heart says all are really
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for sale and investigation into how billions of euros are made from supplying arms to saudi arabia a leader of the coalition fighting a war in the south the case is interesting to watch the amount of money involved yemen war profiteers on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. malcolm i'm going to figure pollard any watching the news hour live from coming up the next 60 minutes. at least 65 people are killed in. these nigerian attacks carried out by suspected boko haram fighters. doubling down on baltimore president donald trump steps up his rhetoric on the us city as part of his attack
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on a black congressman. hong kong city center under siege as police fired tear gas to disperse thousands of protesters. russian opposition leader jailed for calling protest in moscow is rushed to hospital. we begin in nigeria where as many as 65 people have been killed in a suspected boko haram attack on a funeral it happened near the northeastern city of my degree in borno state president muhammadu buhari has condemned the attack and ordered a military operation to hunt down those responsible. killed thousands in this place millions in the region over the past 10 years.
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more details now from ahmed address who is in could do in a state. over the last few months especially the last 3 or 4 months we've seen a spate of the rising cases of attacks by boko haram on. positions as well as isolated villages and the military's of the region jerry cameron and china have conducted joint operations center some extent they have there was able to guesstimate the population or rather the numbers for both qualified to speak on both the lecture side and on the some before print use of some of the supporters in the know the some of the country so the new directive by the president will probably mean that the military know the star general will step up their
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operations against these fighters eventually we will hear. moderates complain i'll go quite quite yes but this is the rainy season by the way and it's difficult to conduct military operations in some of these areas because they are waterlogged and heavy military vehicles can hardly penetrate some of these areas so the question is how much power can the government commit through aerial surveillance through aerial bombardment of these places and that's one of the best options before the militaries in the region how to tackle boko haram. ok to some other news now on u.s. president donald trump is being once again called racist after launching a blistering twitter attack on an african-american democratic congressman and the district he represents the comments has sparked widespread outrage especially from residents of baltimore also in jordan expert explain. the president of the united
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states donald trump is the president of the entire united states but residents of baltimore maryland are angry trump has called their city quote a disgusting rat and rodent infested mess he's a horrible president. and says he's racist and he's fraudulent. he's an embarrassment to what our country thinks that we stand for having been overseas and you know it makes me you know a bit embarrassed for the country trumps lampe baltimore and economically and socially diversity near washington as part of an attack on its longtime congressman elijah cummings cummings leads the committee investigating the president's political and financial toddies he's also criticized the president's immigration policy trump called cummings corrupt and quote a brutal bully there is nothing racist and stating plainly what most people already
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know that a life of cummings has done a terrible job for the people of his district and of baltimore itself. he also attacked the house speaker nancy pelosi the daughter of baltimore's former mayor on sunday the baltimore sun called the president quote the most dishonest man to ever occupy the oval office and said it's better to have a few rats and to be one the mayor also weighed in we're not going to ignore anyone degrading. no one even the house is only black republican condemned trump's attack allies are cummings and chairman cummings is someone who i have worked with closely on all kinds of legislation he is someone that cares passionately about his community and has been working tirelessly on his entire adult life on behalf of his country and his community and he is someone that he can defend himself
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a senior white house official defended the president's attack on cummings i understand why but that doesn't mean that it's racist the president is pushing back against what he sees as wrong it's how he's done in the past and he'll continue to do in the future but in baltimore the public's not having it because the downgrade everybody knows. the fix but the problem is is that a downgrade. a message to the man who was supposed to be promoting unity as part of his job rosalynn jordan al-jazeera washington. trump's racist rhetoric is seen as part of his election strategy for 2020 s. he reaches out to his base and ignites other parts of the population that are credited or nancy pelosi has accused him of planning to make america white again so let's take a look at the demographics of the united states as of 2018 white americans make up 76.5 percent of the population the widest states are maine vermont and west virginia african-americans make up 13.4 percent with the highest black populations
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in the district of columbia mississippi and louisiana maryland who are baltimore is located is 6. 5.9 percent of the population are asian the states with by far the highest percentage of asians is why a followed by california and new jersey an addition 18.3 percent of the population is also identified as hispanic or latino the highest numbers and new mexico california and texas sightless sloan is a senior principal consultant for the national capital strategy group and he says one demographic in particular could have an impact on next year's election white women in particular are a demographic that is becoming increasingly turned off by his racist rhetoric and that demographic of white women helped him greatly in the 2016 election he can ill afford to lose any of these support groups going into 2020 so.
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to double down on this type of rhetoric hoping that it will help to get him elected when we are a country that just elected our 1st black president not just one but 2 terms in 200-2012 seems to be like a failed strategy what the democrats need to determine is what will be the unifying singular strategy going into 2022 he's thrown trump are we going with the economy are we going with you know we need to improve infrastructure health care you know what will be the unifying message what is something that the democrats will be using as are talking point going into 2020 not just for the presidential election but for the congressional elections as well democrats need to get their talking points together and make sure that everyone is on the same page so they can come out victorious in next year's election. we can now bring you some
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breaking news out of the u.s. and police are responding to a shooting at a food festival in california at least 11 people have reportedly been injured in the incident that happened on the final day of a garlic festival in gilroy south of san jose one witness said he could feel it bullet passed by as head as he was leaving the event but of course bring you more on this as we get it. saying in the u.s. the president says his top spy chief stepping down dan coats will resign as the director of national intelligence next month his departure follows weeks of speculation after a public disagreement with donald trump on foreign policy mike hanna has this report . this was the moment that it would appear most and good president trump replying to vice fellow intelligence chiefs dan coats presents the annual worldwide threat assessment to the senate intelligence committee and essentially says that the basis
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for the president's enthusiastic endorsement of north korea and good intentions is not just flawed but wrong we currently assess that north korea will seek to retain its wm d. capabilities it is unlikely to completely give up its nuclear weapons and production capabilities because its leaders ultimately view nuclear weapons as critical to regime survival. in response the president angrily tweeted that intelligence should go back to school today. no i disagree with certain things that they said i think on the way but time will prove that time will prove me right probably then an oval office meeting with the intelligence chiefs followed by this version of events and they said that they were totally misquoted and they were totally it was taken out of context so what i do is i'd suggest that you call them they said it was faked is so which frankly isn't surprised that this was not the 1st time they'd
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been disagreement the director of national intelligence repeatedly did mining the president's view that there was doubt about the level of russian involvement in u.s. politics and on at least one occasion visibly surprised that news coming from the white house we have some breaking news the white house has announced on twitter that lattimer putin is coming to the white house in the far him again i dan coats was the last national security figure left from the very 1st time cabinet and even though he had no intelligence background he'd earned bipartisan respect in congress with many messages of support in recent weeks d.n.i. done coats is a good friend to former senate colleague and leader of integrity who's always served our country well said senator susan collins i served on the joint economic committee with dan coats as representative done by
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a he was widely respected and trusted by everyone on both sides is a man of integrity but trump doesn't want integrity he wants people who tell him what he wants to hear and intel leaders who will agree that 2 plus 2 equals 5 and i beautiful spring it's unlikely that dan coats will read to children with his wife at another white house easter egg roll. it was a boy. here was a girl and enjoy disagreement with no consequence to like the story. washington in guatemala hundreds have protested against a controversial migration deal between their governments and the u.s. demonstrators rallied in front of the presidential palace in guatemala city against the agreement president giving morality signed with washington on friday they want him to resign over the deal which was agreed after president trump threatened to impose tariffs on guatemala it means migrants passing through the center.


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