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tv   Inside Story 2019 Ep 209  Al Jazeera  July 29, 2019 2:32pm-3:01pm +03

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dogs overseas because the local population reluctant to adopt so cool. oh this is me. meaning that i leave. her alone or you do might see you on the other side of her for. use. ok nami is a former university professor who gave up her day job and dedicated her life to shutting down farms and rescuing dogs. if you're. sure. there was. a dog there is no such a thin meat dog packed up. i don't want to see that size of.
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any more in this country that's why i'm striving for. you know dogs they'd never like to. you love. love you back for. the fights to save one dog at a time right now there's legislation before the national assembly that would declassify dogs as livestock. at the moment under the law dogs treated the same as chickens pigs. but if the new no this monster could ban from from breeding dogs for human consumption. but this group of activists isn't willing to wait that long. they're taking matters into their own hands by raiding dog slaughter houses in the dead of night.
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activists jeanne your job is joining there and i've been warned things could get violent. to. this dog slaughter house has taken over the corner of a public park the activists believe it flouts regulations by processing sick dogs in overcrowded crew conditions that he had to document the killing and reported to authorities. who it also says on it all will soon own complicity in prison for all its own just allude to something all the fault of all because i'm a little deeply implicated in. telling the truth you. just . go along. with the goal so it's up to the boss or the office. he says.
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i'm not. going to get. worse than that i was. getting a little flat. footed it was like. a little that's what you're going to get you don't load. it up to get a grip. on the bottom was you know the other night. i strangled and he still he still has no use to this around his neck. area. his eyes are not even close. and he's still really war. next door. tension rises as the activists discover an incredibly close and sight this is where the recently killed dogs are being torched but their fur and budget.
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was. one. of the. biggest. what it was like to get people to touch what to. the slaughterhouse manager so enraged she comes out to attack one of the activists . even for an experienced activist like tonight seen it was horrific. busy little mr baez and they're.
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all coming. to. see to know. this kind of activism has been bad for business here at moore and market which was once the bustling hub of the dog meat industry. i'm here to try and talk to the last remaining dog butcher at the market but he's not too pleased to see me. eventually. grace to talk. even covers up the c.c.t.v. monitor of the cages before telling me that further legislation against the dog meat industry will ruin his life and the 1000000 people who work in it don't deserve to be singled out for the love of god muslims you. tell
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you to look for the box. office for goodness or you would judge the. truth would go to. mr sharon and his family have done well from the dog meat industry it's put his kids through uni and helped his family to live comfortably. if the ban does go through what would that mean for the working industry. of the. poor money. in the. world. i don't because. i ask mr what he would do if the legislation passed couldn't he just find a different job. it wasn't. good.
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and you know one who will be. going to as you know. write in the book. in korea everyone involved in this $1000000000.00 industry is under pressure. and a couple of hours out of salt one father has succumbed willingly handing over his dogs to the humane society to national. government regulation is making business tough for small scale farmers it's also the change in eating habits that helps in the brother. so what's the reason for the downturn in the dog farming industry. regarding. the time with
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who pushed him out of the war. out of the united action to return as a hobby u.w. gun cribbins who are honoring. the family is now trying to survive by growing chiles and hips but his financial burden has been eased by the humane society. r.j. want to give me that one yes. yes today was the existing tax in a trip and prepared for adoption of a sees how. this is number. yet. many many ways it is. yes a loan program was the work. not all koreans are happy about foreigners interfering in their dog meat debate but the fama is happy to have the help.
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of this summer when there was illiterate war ended. to learn. that the member who's. back in seoul the end of the book now dog eating festival is being mocked by candlelight vigil also eat it with concerned citizens have gathered to demand an end to the dog meat industry all. the politician pushing the bill to outlaw dog fighting is here police and all he tells the crowd that modern korea should move on from its dog eating days to the foreground i'm a. hospital room enough for the moment was. the boom boom boom boom you know. who you're going to know. not what you want to do or who.
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i'm going to. be on the. t.v. . we could not get you to call to. thank you. also here are members of the meat dog association they've turned up to keep on proceedings. per level one of them to put out when they're going to go with all. your muscles or what do you hope you are given the choice of all you could have a photo of you would think one of the trunk saw. the top military. will be. sitting on the roof of. it's an emotional issue and if the n.t.
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dog farming legislation moves through parliament it looks like half the population will be devastated if it fails. the industry will be disappointed if it's passed. back that not make him shelter mina is getting ready for a new life in los angeles i think. then i have to think you can. really like you to understand it's quite natural. i'm nice clergy yet. see there's a bit. it's taken a month of vaccinations rehabilitation and planning to get me no good family there
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. but that that this is the ticket for you to get the job yes. this song that i will say one about one. they really get the support after all you know they need to make up for it. so i mean no waits for her plane and her ticket to freedom. the movie. the. 3 weeks later in los angeles lena has been booked to adoption. this is a bit like speed dating for dogs and potential arness the competition is tough.
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nina's getting lots of pets but not potential matches. until melanie and scott i would. all. be separate but not for long briana still think it was a late night at least up the dog holly as a us rescue and they seem to be getting along so they're going to take it to the next stage there are a lot there and they hook. up a little bit leave well the love affair that actually end up in your poster that makes it. only looks good through no fingers crossed she's found a free of a 100 feet of. the wilderness of cambodia under 3. pillaged for profit by illegal timber trade
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one in one east investigates the plunder of cambodia's forests. on al-jazeera. it's my privilege to name al-jazeera english the broadcaster of the year the country has a fighting each other and we've been told that we can still hear this is the largest demonstration that's been held by will major refugees since over $700.00 we're going on why we're seeing some of the largest rules on the planet earth here calling to think of a complete bust of him elgin's era english proud recipient of the new christian fool's gold coast of the year award for the sunday iranian. talk to al-jazeera. what guarantees would you give to the people will be attending the minimal workshop we listen i'm supposed to explain apologize for someone who is also terrorizing me we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that matter on the go to
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0 bogost and i just. want to want to use to best case how illegal loggers a plundering some of cambodia's long string maining far as marking 2 years since the start of myanmar's military campaign that schools hundreds of thousands of the hinge of muslims into exile how you're looking in countries and billions of euros supplying arms used in the gamble resulting in the world's worst humanitarian crisis another bid to preserve multilateralism within a group of the 7 most advanced economies will cohesion prevail over challenges for the g 7 faces drawing on a decade of al-jazeera documentaries reviving visit to our cause to find out how the story moved on august. 80 percent of the visually impaired could be cured without access to treatment. or where there was a will there is a way. strong a state of the art tossed metal covering over 77 countries telling every his
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patients will be seen today every vote and to pakistan one learns passion provides free treatment for over one. patients begin. to queue revisited which is iraq. you're watching al-jazeera as though rob and these are all top stories. at least 3 people have been killed in a shooting at a food festival in gilroy california the police chief says police were on the scene within the minutes where they also shot dead the suspect at least 15 people have been wounded in the shooting police are still searching for a 2nd suspect in a treating the area as an active crime scene. officers were in that area
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engaged the suspect in a less than a minute. the suspect was shot. and killed we have at least 15 people injured. we have 4 feet tallit east that we know of including the suspect well brunell's our correspondent joins us now from los angeles brief details from the chief of police rob what they know you know so far but what we do know is that debate told and gun control gun ownership is going to be raised as we head towards a presidential election in 2020 it's a hot topic. it is always a hot topic so and this will reignite many of the same debating points that have occurred when smash shootings have happened in churches and synagogues and and mosques and bars and restaurants and nightclubs and you name it. and now i
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garlic festival so the 2 sides on this debate are very ardent. and it is a very strict partisan divide with democrats generally supporting more gun control and while a majority of people in the united states support you background checks for gun ownership and so forth things of that nature on the republican side there are very few. elected officials who would dare to suggest any more strict gun control now i should mention that the weapon used here was described by police chief scott smith the as a rifle he didn't say exactly what kind of rifle it is he also said that there was security at the garlic festival but that the shooter appears to have cut through a perimeter fence and gained access to the area in that manner there's also the
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possibility of a 2nd suspect that people alerted police to but that person if he or she was involved has not yet been apprehended it is a still a big intensive police crimes investigation an active crime scene the governor of california gavin newsome said the shooting was nothing short of a riff and it will continue to monitor events with you through the night that as it has in california rob runnels our correspondent thank you. now at least 65 people are being killed in nigeria in a suspected boko haram attack on a funeral that happened near the northeastern city of made a good reason borno state president mohammed to behati has condemned the attack and ordered a military operation to hunt down those responsible protests in hong kong have ended violently with tear gas fired at demonstrators for executive day tens of thousands protested perceived police and mob violence as well as interference from
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beijing the death toll after a powerful explosion in the afghan capital has risen to $21.00 of the 50 people including the president's running mate in the upcoming election where injured the afghan interior ministry says the attackers were targeting a seller's office in the busy part of kabul they came on the 1st day of official campaigning for the presidential vote jailed russian opposition leader alexina valley is in a stable condition after being rushed to hospital with what's believed to be a severe allergic reaction he was arrested on wednesday and sentenced to 30 days in prison after calling for an authorised anti government demonstrations britain has sent a 2nd warship to the gulf to protect u.k. flag vessels crossing the strait of hormuz the h.m.s. duncan has joined a british frigate already stationed there and the deployment follows a round seizure of a u.k. flagged oil tanker more than a week ago those were the headlines you can follow the stories of course on al-jazeera dot com and back in after do stay with us here.
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familiar ennia the oceans lay outside the dominion of man. as state's influence extended only 3 nautical miles from the coast a little further than a cannonball could travel but then humans discovered the ocean floor. and the largest land grab in won't history be kept and.
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her. name. thomas fly and i'm in the bedroom of rodeo should in the north atlantic twice i've sold it twice in small yards and also trust in a bottle bug in. a room in our lives on rockaway in this some people call a survival capsule i 1 call it a wooden box it's a house like this is my house this is a one man house i lived in it's a 40 day it did the job. it kept the wind off me i was warm and dry but don't
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forget i'm right at the top of the cliff it's just straight down to the city. hall mclean is one of the u.k.'s greatest adventure has he crossed the atlantic 5 times the 1st time in a globe once in a vessel shaped like a beer bottle for his latest trip he sailed from newfoundland children in the smallest sailboat ever to cross the atlantic. and. soon mclean traveled to new york in a boat built to resemble a whale. but it was more than an adventure it. was a mission a mission done in service to a mother and. somebody said oh well what about some killed and
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they go in there but so the rock or rock falls right there in the middle of the atlantic and there seems to be a dispute who owns it and i thought well if i be your 1st civilian to reside on rock call that would help the case it wasn't quite so good the wind carried their safety line. they closed in without it. is very dangerous there now you can see how it is quite dangerous. they were far from ok after that momentary triumph then don't whack the big the way down i go down there was 54 straight down into the foam flies helplessly into. the landing at $985.00. told him to clean his knife. but he eventually made it to safety and flew in london. getting to the top was only the
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beginning however great britain we wanted to claim the lockers and i learned but for that to happen international law stipulated that tom must remain there for $21.00 days or more when the boat turned to go home and leave me for the 1st time. i was glad to see them go i was on my adventure i'm here with iraq and the birds i'm happy to be here of achieved our making history. and those who may challenge it brittania ruled these waves. for the u.k. it was about more than just claiming a lump of granite in the ocean the real objective was to secure the resource which a oh yeah oh around local the islet was to play a key lonely in british territorial claims.
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the main players in british maritime claims work in an office on the south coast of india and. it's a fascinating area of work to do. there's not often somebody working in oceans signs that you do get the opportunity to mix both the legal on the technical aspects and see how they work together almost in order to develop something on behalf of the state. but we have united kingdom to the east and as we further west we passed the rock all rock itself onto the lot. the land area of great britain and 240000 square kilometers the area that the u.k. have submitted for the heartening rockall area is a 163000 square kilometers. to.
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my main reason to go to rockall was to inhabit it and if i stayed in international law less than 21 days i'm only visited i had to stay more than 21 days and by staying there more than 21 days it in fact 40 days it wasn't iraq it's an oil and i made it or not and. local. for the u.k. to claim the territorial sea overwhelmed along it had to prove that it was inhabitable yet the eyelids could be easily confused with any walk and tom stay was controversial so controversial that the u.k. had to put another territory into the mix st kilda the archipelago increased the british crowns claimed by 160000 square kilometers st kilda has been deserted ever since its 36 remaining inhabitants left almost
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a century ago but humans lived there once and they could live there again at least theoretically. what does the u.k. want with all this water. what do you mean by opening a piece of the ocean. the idea of the ocean has changed over time. the most from. the plan was to show how goods and their kotoko food is one source of the world and what they threw to an ocean is very much sure what was important to them and most of us. before 1492 before columbus's journey to the americas the ocean as a broad portion of the world surface as
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a major space that figured into our sense of the globe really wasn't there in the middle ages the world was thought to be a single large landmass a veritable mega continent without ocean. so the ocean really plays no role at all except to show a limit the ocean shows the limit of society and shows the limits of actually of god's kingdom of the kingdom on earth to the east beyond the ocean clay eden lay that the promised land lay heaven beyond that there was really nothing baptist. for most of human history the oceans were projection screens for the imagination unexplored and irrepressible loves a mighty.


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