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tv   Iron Grandpa  Al Jazeera  July 30, 2019 6:32am-7:01am +03

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hours at least 17 people are being killed after a small pakistani military plane crashed into a residential area in roll bindy 12 civilians are amongst the dead 5 others are members of the crew in hong kong the morning rush hour descended into chaos after protesters blocked access to subway stations demonstrators prevented the trains for leaving key stations by stopping carriage doors from closing the british pound as fall of the gates the dollar to its lowest since 2017 it's up to the prime minister boris johnson's hard line breaks it rhetoric analysts say the pound could fall even further as fears grow over the likelihood of a new deal breaks it those were the headlines about that more news in half an hour here on al-jazeera next it's witness to stay with us.
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al-jazeera since it's swept every suits. from the leadership. leave. me.
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a good many many of them most of them more than a. now and then send up the one they've never managed to manage in my office and only get a 6. day. none of us. who are was. on. their school get all their talks again because we give an example we know will go and see amazing get up when i you know example is being accepted caulks solely for the bottomless well miss c.n.n. employee on up all the same still of us out there and then the person get on the dick sinking into easy one so we go inside and think you will see them had us cannot believe the folds of spittle until this open. and see my sister 3 just as in
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new york at intel or somebody calling a young guy getting catered to you know studies cook at the long pull me out or both parties he will be up by casanova clearly vehicles going to have called dick is the garcia move. but the guy never been sailing the guy you know well you see you back in the. i meant to say goodbye cokie is how you have to kind of come by their. own content to keep. bad to have a much needed minute. i've been in a mist that is our only choice of mysteries. now i know some fundamental to the core to.
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a little girl. asked. well why did. he call you could be honest yes. yes tell us where the girl. who. little time i love you. and i shall either. by the. russian couple made. it controlled. and pushed on a 5 minute i've rarely get to. go with them and i want to.
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run. very.
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many. a lot of. it want to. thank you. actually i think you will order. one here. over. here and i think. he. who would want to. play them off. that he. could have. done that it looks.
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good. because. they want to get. ready the. last word here. or someone. has. just come off work or. almost unwatchable. if. it's any. research or books or hospital they call and. look at these christian kids doing something or do something without faith that you have
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in fact that you've been there so. i agree unless it would mean that you know your biggest army is if you know that you've been done you need to go there so it will be done you know thinking of your pic and take what comes here yeah that's ok i don't think oh no it was nice kind of. going on just make sure i'm not giving him an important meeting and non-technical mention it came up in a cave on campaigning for senator from you neal. ok pat you're. going. to get killed.
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thanks. thanks. thanks. we. get to the senate much time. on. this. little. bit of. good. and i and i hope all right.
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i think. it. was. fish but then i think if you think i don't. know who. this whole. are going to work. on. half hour hour for. us and. i can.
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give you an hour. before we. look that up just because it was a good doctor so have i thought gives i like amazon style are looking. to get it it . should. be.
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i question mark your mentor that's up fire trucks who actually. i. home on the north bay lights as good because he acts like to call a method
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a good lead and he said project you should give it a little pussy. a sign. 2 i. think that's why they are going up or down the lot of us. have a lot of ok. got hit. by the by going to. a lot of money to pay got to. know that i'm not going to sit there i. hope. you have a. good i. do i it's. it. it's.
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ok. oh ok ok. you're going to. come off well if you read on our last day off your wall. of robot only if i said i. was your you're. funny. oh. oh. oh. oh.
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oh. what a. cool. live . there with that in the way that they eat here. and make a thank you. thank you thanks to my.
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i know i'm. going one. and one on p.b.s. and. i'm very funny. with the fair exchange you on the question look at the. city or school or you're talking. oh. yes. sean they're going to be anyone have a. mind of having fun and coming. to how best to wash.
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manuel are maryse elected and are in. the.
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last 8 to win their yellow car your money oh. and hell of a tandem has lost some of the equal but that's only a minority that or they really are as clear in that he doesn't know it when you ask one of the senators i know when i want to look at the euro now and love it and if we. will even pass that he can come back hey i'm screwed. when i heard a reality the other you know that there's a young squealing that the men are seen against the valley that us and i'm back on. but the man over here at the me back. we're going to welcome a call on one quarter. past interstate and. one
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of the locks of officers. in this box. where there is water there is life but finding it on australia's arid deserts is a skill few still possess they took us to waste a small wet spot in the sea in the desert and this was this a very important place they've been telling us about for the last 5 days the cleaner. and the warriors are fed up against all odds an ageing population is passing on its knowledge the rainmakers of the outback on a jersey or. do you stand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world.
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and al-jazeera. al-jazeera exposes controversial allegations about the bahraini government. written by you know they told me you're a member of al qaeda you can stop the advance of the shia. and its pollution with al qaeda to conspire against and assassinate key shia opposition figures 20 a level. playing with fire on al jazeera.
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the alleged mastermind of the 911 attacks offers to cooperate in a lawsuit against saudi arabia if the u.s. drops seeking the death penalty against his. colleagues the whole robin you're watching al-jazeera lines one headquarters here in coming up in the next 30 minutes at least 57 inmates are killed in a prison riot between rival gangs in northern brazil. also more protests in sudan after security for.


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