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of the man who died on wednesday after he tested positive on tuesday he came back home to go from it to a region a mining area to the region is one of those areas that have been affected by a ball and he just started filling 6 days after he arrived health workers are still looking for people who could have been in contact with so you can imagine elisabet is a lot of fear right now in go mind to see more than 1000000 people have been talking to neighbors of this man of this family and they're saying that they're very afraid they're waiting for health workers to come and vaccinate him and it's not just. the fact that there's all these people living in goma it is a very strategic city the border with war and it's very easy for people to go to other countries from goma it's very easy for people as world to move to other parts of the country lizabeth and there is confusion catherine about whether the border with rwanda remains open while we wait to hear from the world health organization.
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yes a lot of uncertainty there we've been talking to people in goma who are trying to cross to the other side of the border town. and border town of the seine and they're saying that they have been turned back who've also been talking to one resident on the other side of the boat and us into not being allowed to cross into gold mine appears that the border has been closed but then it's important to note that we've not hired a new word from the. from the round of forest tees with the statement from the presidency of the democratic republic of congo and it says that if this is true to unilaterally this is a decision that was made unilaterally and the congolese authorities deplore this decision which runs counter to w.h.o. recommendations not to close borders we are also seeing media reports from both countries that the border is closed but again very important. no word yet from
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london authorities catherine thank you very much for that for now that's catherine sawyer with the latest live in nairobi thank you. still ahead on the button why the u.s. central bank has cut its main entrance straight for the 1st time in a decade. and 6 months after it was at the center of a deadly attack by al-shabaab functions a kenyan hotel we are. and i was flooded yesterday in northern england as the very unseasonal low this wall of cloud here went through now this is a total and frontal system from it along not there will be yet more rain i don't
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think would be any flooding necessarily but you can see that that is part of the joined up system within which is quite cold and 60 degrees in moscow about 7 or 8 degrees below normal now the rest of this chart pushing all of europe is more or less where it should be hard twenty's low thirty's occasional big shows on the big issues i think we're going to be on that frontal system that run down through germany through austria to rumania the winds to large in the north sea but it's coming down the british isles however towards denmark or even the low countries when will be in there's a pool are running your overnight now so the picture on friday has produced yet more showers now in northern italy southern alps the austrian alps and down through the northern balkans as well with a fair scattering of what's potentially thunderstorms in this part of europe from germany eastwards it's fine to the west in france spain and portugal the sun is the predominant feature the wind direction was to temperatures along north coast of africa although you see cloud coming if you look at the direction it is coming from
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the side so you think certainly tunisia is now feeling pretty hot. sponsor. i have been looking at your instagram account and reading the atmosphere behind the scenes this is a dialogue when donald trump announce his candidacy for president. everyone has a boyce. chance for democrats to be. inspirational charismatic join the global conversation on your thoughts get twitter . on down to 0.
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it's good to have you with us on al-jazeera these are our top stories there are reports of casualties after 2 separate attacks on security forces in yemen's port city of aden the 1st explosion hit a police station but the fighters say they attacked a military camp using an armed drug and and a ballistic missile while. iran's president has denounced u.s. sanctions on the country's top diplomat as childish washington says foreign minister mohammad job and zarif is promoting what it calls the reckless agenda of iran's supreme leader and a 3rd a boulder case has been diagnosed in the city of goma in the democratic republic of congo a one year old girl tested positive on wednesday the same day that her father died from the virus. now the frontrunner in the race to be the democratic party's nominee to challenge donald trump has had a tough night former vice president joe biden faced attacks from 9 other presidential hopefuls during the 2nd night of debates john hendren reports from
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detroit. the front runner spot was joe biden's to lose any plan to win or go down fighting in debate one comolli harris attacked biden got a boost in the polls. on the way in to debate to easy minutes later on question one he has sailed her plan for publicly funded health care the senators had several plans for you can't be president trying with double talk on this plan we are now paying 3 bill a trillion dollars a year for health care in america over the next 10 years it's probably going to be 6 trillion dollars we must then inside detroit's fox theater came an avalanche of counterattacks on immigration it looks like one of us has learned the lessons of the past and one of us hasn't on criminal justice because you stood up and used that tough on crime phony rhetoric that got a lot of people liked it but destroyed communities like mine and on climate change
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washington state governor jay inslee called biden's plan in adequate his disagreement with his response with me it did. when he said. there's no working this out this is our last chance in the next presidency we had to move our house on fire we're going to put it out. had a target on his back it was hit again and again by his critics. back over the next few days the polls will determine whether those repeated attacks left a lasting mark to win against president democrats who have to win in states like michigan which won in 2016 detroiter mario mauro has some advice come here often work hard make sure they connect with the voters make sure there is some type of connection with issues. just black issues black folks like everybody else want to talk about those issues that are going to
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be successful in the future student loan. in his closing remarks biden bungled his own fund raising from number he meant to see checks joe to 30330 instead he said go to joe 30334 and help me in this fight the repeated attacks that apparently rattled the leading candidate john hendren detroit. now u.s. secretary of state mike pompei o has met his chinese counterpart meeting of southeast asian foreign ministers and bangkok the 2 are believed to have discussed issues including trade and security on peo is also meeting with members to reassure them of washington's commitment to the region as a visit to bangkok as the 1st stop in a week long trip that will also include australia and micronesia. china as preventing a many of its citizens from traveling to taiwan the decision to stop issuing travel permits will affect people from 47 mainland cities which one of you is taiwan as
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a breakaway province and tensions between beijing and taipei have been rising in recent months when haye has more from shanghai. in the 1st half of this year more than $600000.00 people from china visited taiwan so this decision will certainly have an economic impact and that seems to be the motivation behind it to apply pressure on the government in taiwan led by president sighing when who very much opposes the one china principle we have the election 2 coming up in january next year and there's no doubt that the government in china would prefer to see a more pro beijing person in office in taipei the decision also comes after some fairly provocative events recently we had the latest arms sale announced by the united states to taiwan worth more than $2000000000.00 that certainly angered beijing there was a visit also by president sighing when to some caribbean nation some of the few
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countries that still have diplomatic relations with taiwan on her way there and back she stopped off in the united states words which also angered the government in china and the government in taiwan is also offered to provide sanctuary to protesters in hong kong who have been rallying against their own government and also increasing influence from beijing. that u.s. central bank has cut its main interest rate for the 1st time and 11 years in an effort to boost spending the head of the federal reserve says he's concerned about the global economic slowdown and the trade war between the u.s. and china she had bhutanese has more from washington d.c. . the chairman of federal reserve cited 3 main factors for the rate the weakening global economic outlook the weakening outlook for u.s. trade around the world as a result we conflation in the united states his argument seems to be look the u.s.
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economic indicators are humming along why don't we just give them a little bit of a boost with this quarter percent rate cut he denied any political pressure but we do know the dog has been pushing for a rate cuts from. if i had larger than this one that is because clearly don't trust once the economy to keep on expanding into the 2020 economic cycle drone pilot 1st saying that he didn't see this is a long succession of rate cuts but then he clarified that suggested that there may be more rate cuts to come perhaps all job will get him more rate cuts simply because of his economic policy the uncertainty over trade as a result of his trade wars and trade rhetoric but also the economic policy that prioritized enormous cuts for the wealthy and corporations and not sustainable investments into the u.s. economy itself so he he may yet get his his rate cuts but he won't so much. the israeli army says it's killed a palestinian man who crossed the garza fence to shoot at soldiers the military says 3 of that soldiers were injured it's also reporting that it targeted
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a nearby hamas military post during the incident. now turkey's defense minister says his country will set up a so-called safe side and northern syria where the without the u.s. and nato allies will resume talks in an effort to reach an agreement but as they know how the reports from gaza and southeastern turkey divisions between them randi . more soldiers arrived at already heavily fortified positions the show of force coinciding with turkey repeatedly warning it might carry out a possible cross border operation its military wants a safe zone inside the y.p. g. controlled area in northeast syria it considers the syrian kurdish armed group a threat to its national security but it is also an ally of the united states which has warned turkey against taking any unilateral military action we know that there are officially $2500.00 u.s. soldiers and nearly $220.00 u.s.
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military facilities in the region so in case of a military operation there is a risk that. not all militaries come face to face there has been a marked increase in u.s. army patrols close to the border with turkey in what seems to be a message to its nato ally they have deep disagreements this fight months of discussions over the creation of the zone turkey does not just want to wipe e.g. to disarm and withdraw from the border area it wants control of the zone that's at least 30 kilometers deep and would stretch from the syrian town of gerard loss to the iraq border that would include why peachey controlled cities and towns like oh bani commission. as well as members. turkey says the u.s. needs to end its support to the y. p.g. which it considers an offshoot of the outlawed kurdistan workers' party or the p.k. kate it is also not satisfied with the buffer zone solutions proposed by the united states those proposals reportedly involve a zone with
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a depth of 10 kilometers that excludes the main population centers along the border . right e.g. supporters have held protests against a possible turkish takeover saying they'll only accept an internationally enforced zone in turkey and the syrian opposition say areas under y p g control are historically hours and a proposed zone means millions of refugees can return to syria. turkey dependent. or russia so i. say that it is hard to make a prediction about. steps. cooperation with russia has allowed turkey to clear the white b.g. from at least 2000 square kilometers along its border since 2016 but russia doesn't seem to want turkey to increase its influence in syria it says any safe zone needs the consent of the authorities in damascus for now it is under u.s.
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control but if u.s. policy shifts how long that will remain the case is unclear jennifer there. now a hotel has reopened and kenya's capital 6 small this after an al shabaab attack 4 gunmen and a suicide bomb a stronger and killing 21 people welcome webb has the story from. the d.c.d. to hotel in kenya's capital nairobi wants the world to know it's open for business once again and. it was a different picture 6 months ago gunmen from the somali armed group al-shabaab attacked it says it wants kenya's army to leave neighboring somalia. one of them detonated a suicide bomb i just saw something like that got like a gas explosion tracy $10.00 so it always was something i saw like an explosion from here so i saw a hind that i don't know whether it was a hand or it was
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a leg for you down there so she hid inside the hair salon where she worked into police came but since that day i have feel like even to do when i came in i just shed tears because they act like i so how could risky get me into such an emotional moment for me. but the message of the hotel management and politicians is defiant. this. is. not what we. visitors coming to see. soldiers and police arrived about half an hour of the attacks starting they swept through the buildings they rescued hundreds of people killed the remaining attackers and the whole thing was over in less than 24 hours the security agencies with phones with scene is much more effective than in previous attacks.
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when i sent gunmen to the westgate shopping mall 6 years ago the attack blasted hours but security forces besieged it for days shops were looted by soldiers dozens died. the bloodiest attack in kenya by al-shabaab was a university in 2015 nearly 150 students were killed repeated requests for security at the campus had been ignored. the attacks began when kenya's army entered somalia 8 years ago along with its allies who controls the major cities a terrorist group could be degraded their military power could be diminished as been consistently done in somalia but that does not mean that the they cannot mount attacks inside somalia in kenya and other places to carry out attacks
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to announce the read of. the. movie back up on its feet the security is now tighter here. kenya's conflict with is far from over. malcolm webb al-jazeera nairobi kenya. russia's president has all of the military to help fight wildfires in siberia nearly 30000 square kilometers of it affected a state of emergency has been declared and 5 regions some fires are common and russia botch temperatures in siberia and now about 10 degrees celsius above average and the fires have spread further than usual and a fire and an explosion at a texas or refining has injured at least $37.00 people it happened at an exxon mobil plant a houston the company says most of the engine suffered minor burns the cause of the blast is being investigated.
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hello again i'm elizabeth ron i'm in doha with the headlines on al-jazeera there are reports of casualties after 2 separate attacks on security forces and yemen's port city of aden the 1st explosion hit a police station while what the fighters say they attacked a military camp using an armed drone and a ballistic missile. iran's president has dismissed u.s. sanctions on its top diplomat as childish the americans say foreign minister mohamad jobs of relief is promoting what it calls the reckless agenda of iran's supreme leader. has more from tehran we've heard from the foreign minister again this morning he tweeted the following saying that we know that calling for dialogue and peace is an existential threat to the bt and since reason for deserting me is my words would u.s. persons need a c.
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license to engage with me by reading my. writings or listening to the interviews this is the foreign ministers reaction saying that really he has absolutely no interest in what the united states is saying their reason behind his resignation the sanctions on him is really something that he said is irrelevant to him he has absolutely no assets in the united states even though he was iran's permanent member to the united nations from 2002 to 2007 a 3rd of all a case has been dog learns to the city of goma in the democratic republic of congo a one year old girl tested positive on wednesday the same day that her father died from the virus. the frontrunner of the race to be the democratic party's nominee to challenge donald trump has had a tough night former vice president joe biden faced attacks from 9 other presidential hopefuls during the 2nd round of debates and detroit biden was challenged on a range of policy issues from health care to immigration. well those are the
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headlines on al-jazeera the stream is coming up next thank you for watching. we. give to the people would be a workshop. apologize for someone it's also terrorizing. newsmakers the stories that matter. i have any ok. you're in the stream today in hawaii we'll protest helped save a sacred summit we'll look into the controversy over the proposed construction of a $1000000000.00 telescope at hawaii here and we want to know what do the monuc here protests mean to you share your thoughts with us via twitter or in our live youtube chat.
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meineke here is more than just the tallest mountain in hawaii for some native hawaiians the summit represents the realm of the creator but pro-business groups and scientists interested in boosting hawaii's tech industry what monuc here to also house what would be the largest telescope in the northern hemisphere known as the 13 meter telescope or t.m.t. the project has for years drawing criticism because its proposed location is considered to be one of the most sacred sites for native hawaiians for more than 2 weeks protesters have been blocking construction vehicles from entering the mountains access road i don't choose they why is governor david de announced an extended deadline for telescope construction to start before september 2021 where protesters on the mountain call themselves the or protectors they say their current struggle is yet another chapter in a long history of racial discrimination and the denial of indigenous rights by the
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state so with us to talk about these issues and hilo hawaii hello uppish otop president of malik here and i'm a ho or. people who pray for the mountain but as a cultural organization that advocates for the protection of monaco and honolulu david copper and staff attorney with the native hawaiian legal corp also in honolulu blaze love a reporter who's been covering the 30 meter telescope story for honolulu civil beat we also reached out to officials in the hawaii government as well as representatives from the 30 meter telescope project to join our program and they said they were unavailable to comment at this time so welcome to the rest of us like to bring in our community right away and start with this tweet we got from christopher chan who tries to put this all in perspective for those who might be new to this story christopher says the telescope can be built anywhere in the hemisphere with roughly the same media logical conditions why on secret land
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colonial hubris is what's holding science back not native people were protecting a cultural place and their ancestors so strong words right there kilo are for you what do you see these actions on mount and someone called them protests others we call them protections but what do they look like for you. you know this is this is why these version joining all these global networks. from you know. the that are actually pushing back on the colonial and i'm going to say corporate. structure. pressing humanity. this is what i think it is about it's about raising the standard of aloha and couple aloha because that is our cultural way and unleashing the piece. from our from our cultural. kana you are protesting protecting us money here. pretty much every
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day you're not there right now but what are you doing can you explain can you set the scene can you describe what would normally be around you and what the anus well you know there's there's global chiari there from all the different iman's you know i'm just we've just been doing it for a really long time so we're recognised in that way we've been doing the legal aspects as well on many levels but basically when it comes down to it we're all just joining together steen and couple aloha raising the standard of the law for a whole day and the world every people every people indigenous peoples and everyone's indigenous to somewhere have a gift to give and i think a little has one of our gifts and. it's time for us to unleash that in the world. to raise a killer has a beautiful way of describing what she is doing but as you as
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a reporter have to do tonight exactly what do you see what is going on people lying in front of construction vehicles how are you carrying this story for your audience . as a reporter we really need to. you know get both sides but i think with what the protectors are doing there on the mountain it's a very peaceful demonstration it's also very well organized demonstration that's one of the points i want to hit is that there are utilized. public relations company governments would use but. only when there is a better the. cost of the project and the government. showing. demonstrating. so on the other side of the debate are people like peter peter here is on twitter who says the 38 meter telescope is essential for scientific
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scientific advancement and discovery it's not a resort condos a tourist trap strip mall or anything such as that it's a research institution with science under siege around the world my home state should stand up to defend it david you've been involved in at least 3 lawsuits surrounding mounted what is at the heart of them and this point from peter is is this one of the issues. well the heart of all of the legal disputes around the mona came out really is this idea that native pointing culture and rights appear to be foreign in their homeland and like peter. views this as a battle of science versus peace but whether you really it is recognizing that the people from hawaii the people who are holy consider this place to be sacred in their beliefs are intitled to be held and in
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a high esteem like science like everything else it is not subordinate to this idea that we need to have science in progress and and really it comes down to holding these beliefs these practice this is being important their constitutional rights they should be honored protected and not just considered another road block reconstruction can no i add in oh yeah i just sat in there because you know this idea that it's why and against science is really a canard and it needs to be addressed here because really what this movement is about is raising indigenous fois we are indigenous also more 1st nation people and our our knowledge our wisdom that this millennia old busy is a sphere of science and what we're doing here is actually reaching out to science to say science we need to do better because basically destroying the earth
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destroying where we're living isn't it isn't the way to go about it you know mama care is is. it contains the biodiversity of a viking because what he's endangered species top of the world every species is either where threatened and or danger up there and plants and animals also protecting our waters so saying yes to development means we're saying no to all of these things so i really want to break that canard because it's it's really not correct i want to show that you've got. yes i think. media also has a role to play in a scene in the national media the narrative is that this is native koran versus science and maybe it's a local extent local media also have a part to play in this i think journalists around the world especially in great need to do a better job of telling that story and i think local media has done a better job in the national media breaking that narrative that it isn't just lines
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for society this is this is a very complex issue there's a lot of moving parts and is a much more nuanced and that's simple given the examples that nuanced than that. for example. you know you could say it's neat appliance versus science but it's not needed florida versus science a lot of the native lions on the mountain monaco are opposed to science a lot are opposed to the event some of them say they could be moved to spain in the canary islands a lot of them are scientists themselves there's also cultural issues that play issues of heritage this for a lot of the protesters on monaco this is just the latest event in a long line of unfortunate events that started with the overthrow of the foreign government the way the united states came in it's all these things.
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co-leading and what t.m.c. has become a symbol for which is. you know so many of your approach and of the dimmest people you know plays it so interesting that you mention that and kilo i also mention that because we got a comment from someone via video who talks about having to choose being forced to choose because of the way this narrative has has come out in media this is a roar a ph d. student in honolulu and here is her take on it i am not involved in their action on monica yant and watching concern it happen through writing challenging the dehumanizing narrative resistance to t.n.t. action i'm not here. reflects. the winds that are anti-science. this is just how it's been preached read. until recently in the community and i have deep concerns over this training because
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it's affected not only me and my peers to students who worked with and forced people to feel as if they have to take sides when it comes to taking sides kyllo you must understand this struggle because you yourself are a telescope systems specialist you're there consulting talk to us about that dichotomy having to be forced to take sides. i understand this and i do i really appreciate your is not all her philosophy here and for her to express that struggle the thing is like i said it's a canard this idea that. i mean basically the racism in it is for them when the they call this in court they call this backward looking extremists now those are hot bed words and the irony is is that astronomy itself is based on. looking back in time right looking back towards the origin of the universe when
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you look back and then and actually astronomy has the issue to prove that it has modern relevancy because some of the things we're looking out there are say 200000000 years. light years away that means it happened to whatever event we're looking at now the light took 200000000 light years to get years to get to us so that's kind of the dichotomy we're actually looking at but she's correct in assessing that we're having to defend not only our cultural rights which should be protected not only by the united states constitution even though we challenge u.s. occupation here but us constitutional provisions as well state provisions that i was speaking about these are premises you know supreme rights that should be honored dave just. gets lost in.


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