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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 1, 2019 7:00pm-7:34pm +03

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was called to go where they felt that they had a stronghold in additon number 2 they showing that the on not on board with this idea of a secession in yemen and that they would do everything that they can to actually quell the style than movement in yemen that they would not agree with a group going up of yemen i think this is quite clear also i think trying to sound i would say a tribal message in a way to to mohamed bin hammam and telling him that the northern tribes of yemen are united they are quite strong militarily they can't hurt the saudi when they are at the weakest point and i think there's a lot of perception now in sana'a that the saudis are losing big grip not just on their military christian but politically speaking in terms of the international consensus to was this when yemen that they are being seen as being weak economically speaking as well and so for them it is the time to strike and show. if
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you will. i don't know whether this is going to be well received by the saudi with the international community because of course it could lead to a further escalation in violence and civilians will take most of the heat but it's definitely a very clear sign that they resist being a shift in dynamics in the days to many conflicts and if anything i think the relation of violence on the part of this i would you have strengthened politically militarily speaking there are. quite a great deal and be all benefiting from a lot of call producible because they are being seen as the only power which today and going out to saudi arabia catherine just to push you for a 2nd just to unpack what you're saying there you seem to be saying that the seas are still behaving in a tribal way taking the fight to people who are the groupings of people who are behaving in a very tactical military way and whilst they use these have the power it has been reported claimed to get a ballistic missile north of bahrain in effect which is highly significant i guess
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they don't quite get the tech tricks of what they're doing they can't quite make those game is growing together. i would not completely underestimate them but i think there's a great deal of trouble is there are still in the way that they behave in the conduct they also affairs and the decisions that they make a i mean we are literally on the verge of the u.a.e. withdrawing from yemen there was a new port to meet you there was a window where we could have seen a space created would you perhaps like efforts and yet they decided to strike and show military strength and aggression as opposed to trying to maybe call in the situation and and offer what we flew would away from military violence and they've chosen violence instead so i don't know how these going to be translated on the part of the political scene you know in riyadh and in other capitals across the world and all into what is happening in yemen and as you mentioned before yemen is
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very unfortunate just for the region for 1st ability in degree to middle east and to an extent in the world yemen and its position out across florida between africa europe and asia we cannot discount instability in yemen and think that it only matters to the yemeni it is something that is absolutely crucial for oman iraq iran saudi arabia other states you see countries and beyond that egypt and of course you know western capitals we need to have a safe and stable yemen in order to move forward and tackle radicalism in the region so i think that this is collation is not all positive stuff it is just again another military posturing on the color of of different see saying we can hurt we can hurt you badly so we're going the problem at hand i'm not a social because we need to we out of this will not not qualities entrench further into this ministry to schools saying that you know we can hurt you we can't get
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shit whenever we wish as demonstrated by these that that condemn on this dimension before we need to we advocate we need a way towards peace and i think that intent got entangled i was saying additional months in time is not a great idea. thank you very much. as we move on rwanda has partially closed its border with the democratic republic of congo earlier one year old girl became the 3rd patient to test positive for the ebola virus in the congolese city of goma close to the border with rwanda breaking the yasi is still spreading exactly one year since the 1st case was reported in the province of north kivu our correspondent catherine sawyer joins us live now from my ruby so we've got a sketchy picture catherine as to whether the border is completely closed or sections of it are closed what do we know. what we know is that there is a lot of uncertainty right now at the border particularly there go magazine you
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border which is one of the busiest along the route and we've been speaking to people in goma we're trying to go to the border to run and get a ton of the same you were saying that they're being turned back by run then immigration officials and also speaks folk and to people from across the border particularly rwandans who are saying they're not being allowed to come to go we've also seen a statement from the democratic republic of congo presidency that has said that this decision by rwanda really is regrettable and it is runs counter to wild health organization recommendations not to close borders now this decision has been confirmed by the ministry of foreign affairs actually the minister for foreign affairs and we've also spoken to officials at the border in rwanda who are saying that it's just a temporary decision and all this as you mentioned comes at a time when this girl has been confirmed to have a bullet in goma she's at
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a treatment center now her mother is in an isolation unit where she's waiting for her resolves her father died on wednesday in goma he died of a bullet has a story we did. this is a clinic in goma where the man sought help before he died he fell sick days after returning home from an infected area where he was working in a mining area the clinic is now closed some clinicians have been vaccinated and health workers are trying to trace people the victim made contact with more than a 1000000 people live in this city on the border with rwanda. we do not know what was happening we just saw people looking like doctors carrying him away they said they will come back to the mater. we are free and resident because we have seen how people are dying it would term burn benny night and day
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the 2nd worst outbreak in the country's history was declared a year ago and has since claimed the lives of 1700 people it's 2nd only to the outbreak in west africa that killed 11000 people 5 years ago health workers trying to combat the outbreak are having to deal with militia groups and communities both hostile to them as well as poor infrastructure in vast regions where villages are hard to reach. for to mark a humble is an airball a survivor who spends her time taking care of children whose parents are the sick or dead she also talks to people and have believed in the town of benny about the importance of health care some congolese want to know about a new ball a vaccine they've hired out from other towns. people are saying the new proposed vaccine isn't good enough workers need to seem surprised people so they can understand because this virus needs to go away the proposal by the world health organization to use a vaccine for clinical trials is controversial critics say the drug is experimental
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and shouldn't be tested on congolese people. vaccination is important for research experimentation. clinical trials to get more information on the. effectiveness of recommendations the best way. for the search back in go more doctors try to work out how to stop the disease from spreading health workers in goma say the wall prepared to deal with this situation they've set up hand washing points in different parts of the city they say the treatment centers are well equipped and they have enough personnel but they're also warning people to keep vigil avoid unnecessary contact with each other but not to worry about people that we've been speaking to in goma a telling us it's very difficult to keep calm at this moment and catherine if that
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border stays closed what kind of impact will that have. well peter the implications will be huge this is a very busy border crossing more than 50000 people use a buddha every day some most of them are for trade we have ex-pat trades who work we have expired trades who work in goma for the u.n. and other n.g.o.s and then they go back home to. the border city of the seine then we have run dence who have set up businesses in in goma so they are also being affected now just to give you an example the u.n. says that in 27000 alone approximately $100000000.00 was made in cross border trade between the 2 countries so the loss is a huge the implications are huge with talked to this border fishel who are saying
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well this is just temporary in a few days you're going to review but traders there are saying just a few days is going to massively affect us catherine thanks very much. plenty more still to come for you here on the news including the humanitarian crisis in this expected to be the focus of the latest round of the syrian peace talks. 6 months after it was at the center of a deadly attack by. a kenyan hotel has reopened. and in the sports the canadian teenager making a big impact against last season's champions league final this. is the latest escalation in the rising tensions between washington and tehran the americans have imposed sanctions on iran's top diplomats the foreign minister zarif is accused of promoting what the americans call quote the reckless agenda of iran's
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supreme leader zarif said the u.s. acted because it considers him a huge threat and sanctions on his u.s. assets don't affect him because he doesn't have any iranian president hassan rouhani is accusing the u.s. of quotes childish behavior especially after proposing unconditional talks in another development germany has rejected a u.s. request to join a british and french mission to help secure the strait of hormuz the german government says it wants to avoid escalating tensions in the gulf jordan from washington. the u.s. says maximum pressure campaign against iran has claimed a new target foreign minister zarif american educate comfortable in front of the cameras and the 100 go see it at the 2050 nuclear deal with world powers. but the trumpet ministration says the wreath is no honest broker and has imposed sanctions
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on him we consider javid zarif the foreign minister an illegitimate spokesman for iran are and iran itself is a government you consider illegitimate do not well exactly it is a state sponsor of terrorism it is the world's central banker of terrorism biggest finance or biggest arm are the sanctions come at a time of great tension between tampon and washington whether in the waterways of the gulf or in proxy conflicts around the middle east any assets zarif might have in the us are frozen these approvals to visit un headquarters in new york are no longer guaranteed and the fact that ministration says it's no longer obligated to talk to zarif since the us quit the iran nuclear deal last year on this point one expert says the u.s. is recognizing the real source of power in town brought on the managed power is not mr rouhani the president is not was is are you the foreign minister it is the
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supreme leader ayatollah and iran and he was in charge of the armed forces the judiciary the course of after august intelligence agencies ministries and so on and so forth and not not to say that he is a nice old power broker are making the country by far the most important and all the armed forces special of the revolutionary guards that you dish surely sauna so forth are most loyal to that end but another expert says this isn't why the u.s. is targeting zarif the troponin stray shin or at least the faction that is behind this decision is not interested in the pla mysie they want to prevent it at all cost this is an effective measure towards at least making it much much more difficult for us and iran to talk and if the u.s. and iran cannot talk that increases the likelihood of a military confrontation which is the explicit desire of john bolton the national security adviser even as the u.s. was rolling out its sanctions and else meant as a reef was reacting on twitter thanking the trump ministration for considering him a threat to its agenda. rosalyn jordan al-jazeera washington let's get more on this
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and bring in correspondent big who joins us live from the news from tehran so basically mr zarif seems to be saying he's not particularly concerned about these new sanctions. no he's not bold sold in the last hour the revolutionary guard has come out to condemn these sanctions and praise mr zarif for his diplomacy and his efforts against what they call is media propaganda now these sanctions have come as a surprise for some people because essentially you are putting sanctions against an individual tasked with negotiations mr zarif did take to twitter earlier this morning and he said everyone knows that calling for dialogue and peace is a threat to the b. team and the b. team he's referring to is the u.s. presidential advisor john bolton the israeli prime minister binyamin netanyahu when the crown prince of saudi arabia mohammed bin some man he went on to say that the
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reasons that these sanctions have been opposed against him are because of his words and people don't need a license to read his writings or interviews he's also said that he has no assets outside of iran so this won't affect him but he did live in the united states when he was representing iran at the united nations from 2002 to 2007 and he also studied there at school from the age of 17 human to college they completed his degree master's and ph d. now the u.s. says that they imposing these sanctions against. because he is acting on behalf of the supreme leader and many now. was selected for this position by president rouhani because of his experience and he's diplomacy and has been. has been praised by the supreme leader for his diplomatic efforts now these sanctions come a month after donald trump signed an executive order imposing sanctions against the supreme leader and that this is a part of what washington calls maximum pressure camp. jane and this is been going
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on since you know the united states unilaterally pulled out the 2015 nuclear deal now here in iran people see this new set of sanctions as another indication that the united states really fails to understand how the islamic republic works because the united states is trying to brush aside the foreign minister and think that they can negotiate the someone else or someone more senior and that's not going to happen and doesn't necessarily bode well for future negotiations. thanks very much . the russian president ordered the military to help fight wildfires in siberia nearly 30000 square kilometers have been affected and a state of emergency has been declared in 5 regions some of fires are common in russia but the temperatures in siberia and roughly about 10 degrees celsius above the average for this time of year and the fires are spread further than usual in a few moments the world weather for you with rob also still to come here on the
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news at the top u.s. and chinese diplomats have met today with trade and security on the agenda we'll have the details live from bangkok. also ahead why the u.s. central bank has cut its main interest rate the 1st time in 11 years. and of the sports news for. their hands on approach we will be here with that story in about 20 minutes. let's have a look at we push away this massive cloud here which was a tropical storm is no longer easy to find as such this is what went like we went through hong kong 24 hours ago it was windy admittedly but mainly vast amounts of rain has been minor wind damage along the coast of southern china as this massive
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circulation drift is tell us was towards i've put this symbol on have tropical storm for convenience to be honest. it really isn't a tropical storm anymore he's just a depression so depression is still there now his main risk as i say has been the amount of right it could bring and it's been in the last 20. than towards. between $1.30 millimeters well that's still going to be the main risk i think in the next 24 hours but the still them subsidiary for next fall tides maybe of a storm surge about 1.2 meters above the normal high tide level and also all this coast is rocky some has been a bit of a flood risk a bit basically we're talking about rain and this is the accumulation of the next 2 days where the yellow coal which goes from hong kong westward through the science is about 250 millimeters or more. cats.
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welcome back you're watching the al-jazeera news hour my name's peter dobby let's just recap the top stories for you so far today 2 attacks on the security forces in southern yemen have killed dozens of people who see fighters say they targeted a military camp in aden used by amorality trained forces separately a police station was attacked in the city center. rwanda is imposing border restrictions with the democratic republic of congo because of the a bone a crisis one year old girl is the 3rd patient to test positive for the virus in the congolese city of goma close the one to the border her father died of the disease on weapons day. and the iranian president is accusing the u.s.
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of course childish behavior by imposing sanctions on the foreign minister in tehran job sorry for the u.s. says he's promoting what it calls the reckless agenda of iran's supreme leader. the front runner in the race to be the democratic party nominee to challenge donald trump has had a tough night the former vice president joe biden faced attacks from 9 other presidential hopefuls during a 2nd night of debates john hendren reports from detroit. the front runner spot was joe biden's to lose any plan to win or go down fighting in debate one comolli harris attacked biden got a boost in the polls. on the way in to debate 2 easy minutes later on question one he has sailed her plan for publicly funded health care the senators had several plans for you can't be president trying with
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double talk on this plan we are now paying 3 bill a trillion dollars a year for health care in america over the next 10 years it's probably going to be 6 trillion dollars we must then inside detroit's fox theater came an avalanche of counterattacks on immigration it looks like one of us has learned the lessons of the past and one of us hasn't on criminal justice because you stood up and use that tough on crime phony rhetoric we got a lot of people liked it but destroyed communities like mine and on climate change washington state governor jay inslee called biden's plan in adequate his disagreement with his response with me it did. he said. there's no working this out this is our last chance in the next presidency we had to move our house is on fire we're going to put it out. had a target on his back he was hit again and again by his critics. back over the next
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few days the polls will determine whether those repeated attacks left a lasting mark to win against president democrats who have to win in states like michigan which won in 2016 detroiter mario moral hazard vice come here often work hard make sure they connect with the voters make sure there is some type of connection with issues. just black issues black folks like everybody else want to talk about those issues that are going to be successful in the future student loan. in his closing remarks biden bungled his own fund raising fund number he meant to say tax joe to 30330 instead he said go to joe 30330 and help me in this fight the repeated attacks it apparently randall the leading candidate john hendren al-jazeera detroit . let's talk to richard johnson he's a lecturer in u.s.
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politics and international studies richard welcome back to the news who came out on top during that debate for you. i think cory booker did and i think that this was important for cory booker because he's really struggled to break through since he announced his kind of the same in february and i thought that his attacks particularly on joe biden were well placed and i think that he really has shown through he is a good performer and i think that he rose to the occasion last night how does he build on that. well i think there are different groups within the democratic primary electorate that we're looking at we're looking at people who want a candidate who can be electable and that's against donald trump and that's where joe biden is profiting from you have some candidates who want. you want to have voters who want candidates who are sort of purists and that's where sanders and warren are doing well and i think that you know booker and harris are really trying
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to appeal to both that heart and mind constituency which is somewhere somewhere in the middle and i think that maybe at the next debate we could see booker and harris potentially squaring off against each other you mentioned the primaries there we're talking about an election in november next year 2020 but it feels like the campaign's already begun that's going to be exhausting for everyone. these are american campaigns in the united states and you know i think if someone was designing the electoral system to appeal to political junkies and hope it's this would be the one they would design but it is i think for the electorate can be very exhausting and i think it's also worth noting that many many voters. maybe are just tuning in for the 1st time now and many more won't be really paying attention until the primary campaign starts up in chatham if every time so we've got
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a long way to go yet and just to unpack one element of a report that we've been carrying on the program on this channel today which is when people talk about how important detroit's is that's a function of the way that in the last u.s. election 2016 and in the run up to the election in 2016 the democrats aka hillary clinton they forgot about michigan she forgot about that and they can't make that mistake again hillary clinton strategy was premised on this notion of the midwest and blue wall that she saw which was that states like michigan and wisconsin and pennsylvania which had been voting reliably for every democratic president since the late 1980 s. every every democratic candidate were more in the back so she didn't need to worry about those states which was a responsible strategy in some ways because the campaign strategy was entirely premised on the notion of winning those states back and really her campaign presence in and in
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a state like michigan was was thin on the ground and so i think any democratic nominee is going to not have you know not make that mistake again and what we heard from that report from that voter about candidates actually being much more present in the upper midwest i think is something that's almost inevitable going to see this time next year richard thank you. the u.s. secretary of state has met china's foreign minister in thailand mike pompei is also meeting leaders of the as he and regional organization in bangkok let's go live now to bangkok and our correspondent covering that story for us here on the news scott hardness of scope there has been this bilateral set of discussions do we know what's come out of those talks. peter well the details of those talks particular between the united states and china not much came out of it there a lot of platitudes a lot of niceties if you will on the big topic south china sea tension on the korean peninsula and then this situation with
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a trade war between the united states and china nothing really advancing the any of those issues but at least out of that both leaders coming out both foreign minister and the secretary of state coming on saying these were discussed will continue to work toward a goal like and one when it came to north korea and the situation on the korean peninsula the chinese foreign minister said that they were going to continue to work with the united states we hope the united states will continue to push for more discussions same thing about the south china sea that they're going to continue discussions about the disagreements over territory there and then also the trade war we know there were discussions negotiations in china chang high earlier in the week nothing really came out of that but they said the leader said that they're still discussing it so at least they sat down across the table from each other but really no net gain out of that meeting today here in bangkok but when we talk about the trade war as it is at the moment scott i mean you've got all those big beast you've got those big heavy hitters the 7 as the foreign minister is there equally you've got high powered delegations from the united states and china are
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there any questions about influence here. absolutely no this is something that's a minute ongoing dialogue here in austin and a lot of the times at the meetings like this and the particular the summits that take place later in the year what is really being focused on now because you have the superpowers economic superpowers china and the united states and they have specific and very different strategies and how they're dealing with. so a lot of the leaders here feel as though they gravitate for financial reasons for alliances gravitate toward one of them and a lot of leaders say that they feel as though they have to pick sides now we spoke with an analyst earlier today that very interesting because of that it really threatens what aussie on is all about and that's supposed to be essential body for these countries these 10 countries in southeast asia they feel as though they're being pulled apart because of the united states demands or china's demands so that's something moving for both of the china in the united states saying my
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company has said this specifically today that's not what they're trying to do they're trying to do it or not it's still happening because certain nations that align themselves with china because of infrastructure projects or with the united states because they have territory disputes with china even if that's not the intention of china the united states it's definitely happening here on the ground in us you know it ok scott great to talk to thank you very much. the capital of cassocks don is the venue for the latest round of talks on ending the conflict in rebel held areas of syria a 3 month campaign of strikes has killed hundreds of syrians in the province of idlib under simmons is our correspondent he's in noise small town main talks they have in stocks he did yet but you will there the syrian opposition seems to be taking a hard line around it what are you hearing. yeah it's been taking a hard line all along but this could be a negotiating stance but i don't think so this statement which was attributable
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from a senior member of the syrian national coalition says basically that no agreement no concessions will be made in these wide ranging talks by the opposition unless there is a full cease fire a meaningful cease fire coordinated live there's already major pressure on the russians and indeed the regime itself to stop the fighting the offensive that started 3 months ago that seen so many deaths hundreds of civilians killed and also now this extra pressure from the united nations this week with 2 thirds of the security council calling on busy until new york of terror as the secretary general of the u.n. to mount an internal investigation into attacks on medical facilities this is really a range of pressure on these talks however the russians have already responded by saying the situation has been exaggerated and that propaganda is being peddled by
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the united nations on this issue the u.n. is has observer status here and they will be in fact they have arranged talks with the s.n.c. delegation to talk about the overall political position but of course the political position some resolution of that and how new government effectively can be formed in damascus is still on hold it dates right back to january the 2018 when the 1st agreement was made to opt for a constitutional committee there's a lot of issues still surrounding that arrangement which is 50 members of the syrian regime 50 members of the opposition 50 from civil society. still no agreement there it was hoped that this meeting would see a final settlement there but we keep going back to this awful onslaught on the
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civilians of lib in which so many have died and in which so many people have tried to get out 3000000 syrian civilians in that region many of them are fled there for safety this was remember one of the deescalation zones which the start of talks one of the major agreements the start of talks actually came to to have these deescalation zones but of course that region is anything but a deescalation zone right now briefly and root we're seeing representatives there as well from iraq and lebanon at this stage in the game what can they bring to the table. very questionable everyone has a vested interest in these talks there are so many interested parties of course these talks just to remind you of sponsored by iran and also turkey. and russia and then others have observer status the opposition here has full status but the
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observer status goes towards countries like lebanon here for the 1st time its interest is a return of refugees so many.


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