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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 2, 2019 7:00am-7:34am +03

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iranian government saying it wanted to evaluate the above the situation in the congolese city of goma saying iran made that decision taken by it one day to close the border it's not a good decision but people televisual in goma but they haven't checked a bit yeah on the border. that. we crossed over yesterday and we didn't have any problems here but a large quantity of corn but this morning we came back to get our goods and before bed us from crossing into rwanda because the customs office was not working inquired about it and he said just because of a polar. health workers in goma say they are well prepared and are continuing to trace people who could have made contact with a ball of victims when the wild health organization declared a bola in the d.r. c. a public health emergency of international concern of the shoals want countries against closing borders saying people may start using informal crossings where there are no proper medical check points and this could just make things west we're
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talking hundreds of process if not more. so that's kind of it's counterproductive because it interferes with that and then secondly people find another way or more remote here is where if you can go across the knee border you can find a different way. a vaccination campaign is underway in goma and other regions in the eastern d.r. c but a controversial proposal by the world health organization to deploy a new 2nd vaccine for clinical trials is raising concern this new vaccine that's being discussed is one that requires 2 doses about 56 days apart so there's a lot of discussion about if we know we have an effective vaccine that's being used and has taken so long to get acceptance by the population if there's enough of that exene and we know it's effective why introduce another vaccine into into this outbreak. for now at the buddha travelers are relieved that operations are back to
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not one but many people around 2000000 are afraid of the disease that has arrived on their doorstep nice bright catherine sorry nairobi kenya. saudi arabia says it will now allow women in the kingdom to travel without approval from a male guardian the changes are part of sweeping reforms led by the crown prince mohammed bin salon the amendments also grant women the right to register childbirth marriage or divorce for the 1st time saudi arabia has faced international criticism of the strict rules imposed on women with rights groups saying they're treated as 2nd class citizens so to come in this half hour why iran says washington's latest sanctions are childish and will have no effect and trump supporters gathered to watch his reelection rally in cincinnati we'll be live in ohio.
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how after a near record warm july yes between toronto but that was the case for sydney and brisbane things don't change very much still a shortage of rain where you might want to do in southern queensland in new south wales and victoria that's not going to change on friday temperature wise or at least when the t.v. is from melbourne adelaide not bad in hobart obviously it's warmer in perth it off mrs towne the the wind coming out of the interior 22 degrees the next frontal system is keeping quite a long way so so you might catch crowd from it on the coast of victoria and some rain in tasmania otherwise what has changed to a temperature very have gone up in sydney and brisbane now the weather is heading further south so it's going to hit new zealand square on new year on it is coming across a certain tasman you'll catch the northern edge it might be quite ferocious quite windy wet snow of course the tide in the. sand north on the dry air but still quite
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windy the temperatures there remain almost in the teens this is throughout the next 2 days now japan has seen fairly dry and warm weather recently that's not going to change $34.00 in tokyo it is a little bit less hot car cooler really kind of but humid and with rain likely from beijing across towards north korea and again that's for the next 2 days. the wilderness of cambodia is under threat. pillaged for profit by an illegal timber trade one of one east investigates the plunder of cambodia's forests. on
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al-jazeera. i am. going. to ask you. a reminder now the top stories on al-jazeera who the rebels have claimed responsibility for a major attack on saudi in iraq he backed forces in yemen 36 people were killed when a military camp in the port city of aden was targeted. 4 people have been shot dead at a rally in the sudanese city of durham on it happened during a march demanding justice for the killing of at least 6 protesters on monday and the united nations says it will investigate attacks on the u.n. supported facilities in northwest syria that's after 2 thirds of the security
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council petitioned for the investigation. the south korean military says north korea's carried out on an identified short range projectile launch from the country's eastern coast it's the 3rd such launch in one week it was korean state media says the leader kim jong il an oversold the test firing of a new rocket launcher system on wednesday but south korea says it fired 2 short range ballistic missiles u.s. president donald trump says he's not concerned by the missile tests and speaking of trump in less than one hour's time the president will outline his pitch for reelection in 2022nd ping rally in the city of cincinnati america's economic strength is likely to dominate the event even as worries remain over the trade war with china in fact the tramp tramp administration is reportedly frustrated that talks are progressing as fast as it wants and has now announced a new set of tariffs so let's cross live now to heidi castro she's live for us in
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sea. hi the 1st of all let's start with nice is new tariffs what do we know about the. welsh presidential announcement on twitter prior to departing washington to right here in cincinnati where he is scheduled to speak in about an hour and on twitter the president said that this would be a 10 percent tariff on an additional $300000000000.00 of goods imported from china he said the reasoning was because china has not fulfilled its promise to find more american agricultural products and has also not done enough to curb the export of sentinels and precursors to the united states now these tariffs are set to take effect on september 1st and it is history today effectively put an end to this truce that we had seen between the 2 nations on this trade war front back in
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june both china and the u.s. said that they would avoid further escalation while traits hotspur ongoing and it's interesting that in fact president trying to sell such just a few days ago that these talks appear to be constructive and that he was looking forward to more positive dialogue but today apparently had a change of heart as he explained further to reporters. what would you say were gyde up for the last 20 years is ridiculous hundreds of billions of dollars out of our god 3 and we had a president that would never do anything a number of presidents that never would do it if they go about it what would you say for many years china is prevent getting money out by the hundreds of billions of dollars a year we have rebuilt gyda so now it's time that we change the ground if they don't want to trade with us so therefore that will be filed with me which i have a lot of money. will be interesting to see if that issue will come up at the trumpet rally tonight there's no one behind you right now i'm guessing they're all inside now what can we expect from probably it's
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a little late when. weeks. sure the stadium behind me holds more than $17000.00 people and we saw a steady stream of rally goers that were going in for the last several hours and appears they are inside the president should be taking the stage in about an hour's time well we are expecting are these continued attacks on the democrats were vying to be the party's nominee that will be the tone into donald trump in the general elections come november democrats have dominated the u.s. headlines of the last 2 days because there were back to back debates in which all 20 candidates took on each other trump though of course was the missing voice but he did weigh in on twitter saying today that if any of those candidates were to win the white house that foreign adversaries with then celebrate because of his words it would make the u.s. easier to rip off he also said that these candidates that none of the past have
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what it tastes stand economic growth that the u.s. has enjoyed since trump has been in the white house now that is the message that has resonated not only with his base but with what americans in general as they're growing economy has indeed benefited people's pocketbooks and that's what advisers of the president from have told him to stick to hell ever we don't know this is an unpredictable president he may go again for that rhetoric of division that has been accused of being racist as he has done in the past remains to be seen whether or not he will encourage that here tonight we'll see indeed how does your castro lie for us in cincinnati heidi thank you. iran and the u.a.e. have signed an agreement to strengthen and expand security cooperation on joint borders but the deal was signed by iran's border police commander and his and iraqi counterparts on thursday it's the latest sign over iran's increasing strategic ties
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with the u.a.e. although it struggles with a spike in tensions with the u.s. at the same time. and the right has accused america of being childish for imposing sanctions on its foreign minister mohammad javad zarif sas it's in the us of being frozen washington says he promotes the reckless agenda over iran's supreme leader. has more now from the iranian capital iran's president taking center stage at an event in azerbaijan province but his speech was yet again dominated by foreign politics attacking the united states decision to impose sanctions on iran's top diplomat foreign minister mohammad javad zarif. this shows that they got frustrated and now if they say we want to negotiate well the path to that is with the foreign ministry and the foreign minister as the head of that ministry they're afraid of the ministers interviews this shows that the white house is shaken and it is afraid of the logic of an intelligent deployment. zarif is the
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latest victim of the u.s. maximum pressure campaign on iran it's freezing his assets in the us and these approvals to visit united nations headquarters in new york will no longer be guaranteed. in a tweet he said the u.s. reason for designating me is that i am iran's primary spokesperson around the world it has no effect on me or my family as i have no property or interests outside of iran thank you for considering me such a huge threat to your agenda the western educated diplomats is one of the architects of the 2015 nuclear agreement with world powers. but now he's fighting to keep the deal alive following the united states withdrawal from it last year ago u.s. national security adviser john bolton says the foreign minister is no honest broker we consider job and zarif the foreign minister an illegitimate spokesman for ron r and iran itself is
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a government you consider illegitimate do not well exactly it is a state sponsor of terrorism it is the world's central banker of terrorism biggest finance or biggest arm or the sentients come at a time of heightened tensions between tehran and washington be it in the waterways of the gulf or in proxy conflicts in the middle east the united states says it doesn't recognize the reefs authority in leading the goetia. many here see that as ironic given zarif is known to be very close to iran's supreme leader ayatollah ali khamenei and if anyone has the authority to engage with the west it would be him but washington says it also doesn't want to engage with anyone from iran's government the foreign minister is now the latest on a long list separating officials under u.s. sanctions and with each new designation any real hope of resolving the conflict between tehran and washington gets bleaker there are such a pari al-jazeera to her on. violence by drug cartels and criminal gangs is pushing
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mexico's murder rate to a record high and that's this fight a pledge by the president on the us find a way. to make the country safer now there were 700608 killings across mexico from january to june and that's worse than the peak of mexico's drug war in 2011100 people are killed every day nationwide the figures for mexico and of course the more murders in 2019 than any other year the current record stands at $29111.00 murders in 2018 money while apollo has more now from vatican state one of the worst hit regions. a cycle of violence has gripped the mexican state of bear crews once a thriving economic hub from mexico it appears as though insecurity here has spiraled out of control not only has there been an increase in homicides and drive
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by shootings but also other crimes like extortion. in the coastal city of. the perception of insecurity many residents feel has led to a sharp economic decline forcing business owners to close shop and leave town a kidnapping is a what really of. making news headlines about kidnappings has also been bad for us it's had a devastating private investment in the city. the escalating violence and vera cruz is just one example of the deteriorating security situation across much of the country there were $17608.00 murders recorded nationwide in the 1st half of the year a 10 percent increase from 2018 which happen to be a record setting year for homicides in mexico. i worry about homicides i worry about kidnappings and robberies against people. the mexican president's strategy to combat violence has been the create. the national guard critics say this
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militarized response by the government has until now failed to deliver its intended results the almost a list that they have been seen by the main strategy of this government has been the national guard which has not even finished being established so it's difficult to evaluate if they are even fulfilling their goals. and much of mexico in security is rooted in the splintering of drug cartels who fight over control of territory that violence however frequently spills into the community we're walking along the boardwalk in quotes a. part of town that would normally be full of people enjoying the beach in the sun as you can see there's hardly anyone here afraid of becoming the next victims of extortion or kidnapping or murder many of chosen to leave. what's a better cruise. a new video being circulated by china's army appears to be a warning to protesters in hong kong beijing has been relatively quiet about the
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months of unrest in the semi autonomous region but the video is being seen as a possible threat of how it could respond if the demonstrations continue and thomas has the details from hong kong. this video has been released by the hong kong garrison of china's people's liberation army and given the timing in the context it's clearly aimed at those thinking of taking part in further protests it starts with a zoom in from spice directly down on to hong kong. and then it plays out like an action film full of pumping music quick cut edits and dramatic shots of soldiers training explosions guns but a big section in the middle of this 3 minute video focuses in on how the army would deal with protests and riots. a soldier shouts out all consequences are at your own risk and then you see soldiers with riot shields marching down the street clearing a protest involved tanks or
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a water cannons used as well so far china's army the military has not gotten involved in any of the protests but clearly they're showing that they are prepared to and at an event to mark the anniversary of the army the head of the hong kong garrison chang dao shun he said that the protests of the damage they've done to the prosperity of hong kong should not be tolerated taken all together this is a clear message from beijing via their garrison here that if they need to they could send in the military to deal with future protests. and now a reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera there's been a deadly escalation of violence between who the rebels and the saudi and. the coalition in yemen it was 2 attacks in the city of aden and another on the saudi side of the border the biggest attack happened that
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a military camp used by iraqi trained forces in the port city of aden at least $36.00 people were killed who the fighters also say that they fired a long range missile across the saudi border at a military facility in a mom. so that is opposition coalition says the ruling military council is responsible for the deaths of 4 people who were shot dead during a rally in the city of on the run just outside the capital khartoum several others were injured after security forces opened fire on demonstrators who were taking part in a nationwide rally paper morgan has morning. we know from the sudanese central doctor's committee that at least will protest as have been killed and has been so full of those aged and in critical condition from the military council namely some members of the record support forces which is headed by the deputy head of the military council with the deaths on monday but they're also blaming the students the sudanese the question's association for the killings of protesters saying that the association is the one and the opposition coalition is the one in sight and it
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will justice to the streets in the 1st place therefore any our deaths will be the responsibility of the opposition coalition which is that claim that the up with single issue is also growing on the military council saying that we should reject justice from any harm and from our security forces. the united nations says it will investigate attacks on un supported facilities in northwest syria the secretary general and the tatars announced the investigation after 2 thirds of the security council petitioned for it it will look into syrian government and russian airstrikes on sites including hospitals in the province. rwanda has reopened its western border with democratic republic of congo to briefly closing it to prevent the latest ebola outbreak from spreading to more cases have been reported in the border city of goma the one year old child and the wife of the man who died of a brawl on wednesday the entire family are inquiring well those are the top stories
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and that's it from the team in london stay with us one n one east this coming up next and then more news from our headquarters in doha. after 25 years of affording whirls waste china for the global cycling industry into chaos. the growing pressure of agreement skies it is resulting in changed we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in. counting the cost on al-jazeera. it's a pristine wilderness like no other. these are some of the largest and last remaining evergreen forests on the indochina peninsula. but across the land the cambodian government has allowed agricultural developers to slash and burn in plants cash crops. and illegal logging has spread out to nearby protected
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forests leading to a to live pillaging frenzy. one on one east investigates the wholesale destruction of cambodia's rainforests. reeses cambodia's wa the east where the mekong river boat is pretty long forest one of the last remaining evergreen woodlands in southeast asia. it's also the domain of environmental warrior and lawyer or link who's made it his mission to protect the forest. a bit and by turning come home but when i saw logging companies cutting trees and transporting logs right in front of me i was committed to defend the forest. today glenn is gathering evidence of
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illegal logging to pass on to conservation agencies and phone governments i just. the taiwanese cambodian owned company called think biotech can legally clear trees here but only within a specified boundary so where we go now to assume that a 2 seed is until mr chen. axis. but for now it looks like we won't be travelling further than the company road block. yet. that's much more. that's what. blaine is investigating claims the company is pressuring villages to give up the precious brazen trees they legally entitled to tap. and the company says if you don't accept the money you get
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nothing the company cuts them down anyway. we take another road that leads to the boundary between a protected forest and the company concession. and here we find him tapping resin trees as his family has done for 3 generations. the trees provide a sustainable living for his family and is supposed to be protected but he has something devastating to show activist laying it out on top of the top down but i don't move on. why i'm the one. jim says he refused to accept any money for the trees but think by take cut them down any white 2000 of them. playing records the carnage in takes the satellite coordinates of every fall and tree. where. i feel very upset for the last forest from which i
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make my livelihood when i came here i'd always see many monkeys jumping and screaming all over the place now it's quiet. activities we film other villages scavenging for leftovers many still timber back to the companies that chop down the trees in the 1st place was to last this is a village divided some here are trying to protect the forest others are paid by the company to tear it down. to get people village chief saying knowing he's on the side of consecration even though he's an official from cambodia's ruling party. that we all really want to stop the farmers from being destroyed but we don't know how to do it but you are a government official and your own government is allowing this to happen what do you think of that. and then we're here with the people dare not see anything at all
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government already granted the concession. the government is like our father and we are the children. as we drive off into the darkness the forest comes alive with activity on a road directly out of the protected area we encountered a rattling convoy of timber tractors so this is a legally logged isn't completely illegal because any cat inside that it. then in a clearing a roadside stop and what lengths is a ranger post some water illegal loggers doing it all right just a show me that can detect the money from the tractor. accusing rangers of taking bribes is a serious crime i take lang's allegation tonight's picture a senior ministry of environment official an activist told us that. paying bribes
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to the riaa injures do you believe that would be the case the money created to work out about. this is an illegal act and the ministry would not tolerate this we do not support those who abuse the law and any activist who saw such activities should gather evidence and report to the ministry of environment so we can take legal action. law and to go reverences precisely what wing has been doing things using g.p.s. tracking satellite imagery and drawings he forensically exposes the big illegal loggers. i gather evidence in order to make reports about forest crimes. the simple try to the syndicates and recorded reams of damning evidence the picture that emerges is one of an environmental apocalypse ocus traded on a national scale but it seems the gulf. ment is not listening. i used to
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submitted to the government on several occasions but my reports were deemed dissenting negative and baseless against the government. this is the destruction of pristine wilderness in the ecosystems. the companies have another wood for it reforestation. they plant in cash crops like rubber and acacia. we follow the trial of grazing trees cut down from for a long forest have ended up this primed. with chairman think biotech is luci chang he says he can do what he wants as governments cross that concession in my area i mustn't create a whole even my competition because leasing a video must be created then we planned of tree. as aerial we cannot. do you clear timber outside of the concessions.
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no we spoke to a villager said he was told that if. the company couldn't buy the trees that would take them anyway just that happened. and they moved by the throne of. the of the for the beach i just said take throw my can say show. me it's protected. he saw women replying to any by lation on unscrupulous contractors he can't explain why big coordinated logging convoys travelling at night why do they travel at night time. they travel in 1000 yes. you surely i know when they chirp that they'd. the company chairman claims
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he's supporting poor local communities offering jobs to clear the forest so that something else can be planted i will create the new power. for the local people. who set up a school to set up everything in these coming back to his summary of. cambodia's self waste lies in natural treasure. the cardamom ranges contain the 2nd largest village in rainforest on mainland southeast asian. illegal logging is rampant with the criminals who are up against a determined fools intent on stopping them so you conducted effective survey us good good good good and we discover that the illegal logging starts again. american conservationists so want to go to it is being briefed on the latest spike
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in illegal logging can you show me the exact quote where you want she leans the non-government organization wildlife alliance they supported by the government to work with police and local ranges to uphold the law so it's out of hand these kingpins have their own kingdom and the they have their informants in place they have their local people they have their tractors their buffalo carts they have everything in place. so when his team includes former soldiers from eastern europe some who served in the french foreign legion today on a road leading from a national park they stop a procession of vehicles are going loaded with timber. the biggest role of our foreign law enforcement officers is to be watchdogs because good governance is the weakest point of the government agencies in this country at. a very important that
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each case may follow it up. because of memes being handed over by the government to big agricultural companies and developers. those areas have been stripped of valuable timber now the bordering protected forest is being ravaged. on patrol the wildlife alliance offices intercept a slow moving target with a prized and valuable whole lot. that they can do that ultimately. but there's a lot of humor out of wildlife alliance ranger from the dominion mox tells us this man could face up to 5 years in prison for his load of luxury hardwood timber it might have been sold for many thousands of dollars it had reached its final destination to fight expansion anybody having to feed people to the water is going to be on the water and if the south pacific smell.
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ranges copus going to tim and sees the locals tunes and tried as well. very must have permission for council at the big check namable but i don't have the big that that anyway as you know right because. look at this this. jihad against us that's. it only 2 years left here so what does this represent for us these are weapons of mass destruction a change just like the one. that. cleared.


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