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tv   The Cure Revisited 2018 Ep 5  Al Jazeera  August 2, 2019 8:32am-9:01am +03

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east asia what were discussed though were the big east south china sea territorial disputes the tension in the korean peninsula the trade war between the united states and china but none of those issues were really moved forward they were just brought up a lot of pleasantries people saying they want to continue working together but no real concrete action but interestingly later in the day u.s. secretary of state mike pump aoe held a press conference and in that press conference a lot of these pleasantries but also some very strong words to china and its relationship with cambodia i want also to address something that came up in the u.s. ministerial meeting cambodia refuted reports that is allowing a chinese military installation to be built on its territory the united states welcomes cambodia's strong defense of its national sovereignty and we encourage other nations in the region to follow cambone easily and protecting it and the meetings will continue here on friday again a lot of bilateral meetings trilateral meetings but one meeting that is quite interesting it's actually a forum it's a regional forum so all of these hundreds of diplomats who have gathered here in
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bangkok will meet under one roof the u.s. envoy for afghanistan has met pakistan's prime minister and other senior officials in islamabad it's before a crucial round of talks between the u.s. and talabani in doha come on high to has more from islamabad. it has taken almost a year of intense diplomatic efforts as a u.s. special envoy has been shuttling between beijing islamabad new delhi and called was also important or nor did for the 1st time there was room for optimism both the other one taliban and the united states upbeat about the prospects of reaching a final status in maine to end an 18 year old war and of understand recently the pakistani prime minister who was invited to washington by the u.s. president what story by the united states that the united states would be appreciative of august on his role in trying to come to some sort of an agreement by fertility dating that drugs with the afghan taliban also important in order that
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it is their state of qatar which has given the taliban representation in their country and therefore also acting on their fertility and ordered to find a solution 2 days decades or wall of more than a 100 people have died in weeks of flooding in bangladesh and 7000000 are at risk that's according to the red cross with water levels falling there's worry about the spread of disease can be a chali reports. thousands across bangladesh have lost their homes due to heavy flooding and landslides over 7000000 people have been affected and 163000 hectares of cropland damage in 28 distinct according to bangladesh red crescent society families have been struggling with the impact of the floods the worst in 2 years many are now facing the elements without any kind of protection shilpi big mother of 6 children is finding it hard to cope with the situation. it's
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hard to compete the children are full square meal when there's so much water still around their father can't find work when there's a flood we somehow manage to survive on dr rice pops many communities are finding it difficult to access food and little aid has arrived so far. if we got some financial help then we could rebuild our home somehow we could then manage to live a normal life that's all we want. over $40000.00 children are been kept out of schools which have either been too damaged to access or are being used as makeshift shelters and. there is water everywhere in my home and at school i can study at home and now we are lagging behind in study. the majority of bangladeshi lives in rural areas most of home rely on every culture for their livelihood and
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it's this communities that have been hit the hardest according to environment experts bangladesh is becoming increasingly more vulnerable to climate change especially those living in river islands and coastal belts severe flooding has left many bangladesh is at risk of disease and hunger crops up been washed away a life stock sale and fisheries room although water is receding in some places for the fact that communities have lost their means to make a living and which are very well just set up for bangladesh. a state of emergency has been declared in 6 provinces of indonesia a series of wildfires have destroyed more than 30000 hectares satellites of so far detected 96 separate places on sumatra borneo islands many may have been deliberately started by farmers to clear land for planting a mexico's a murder rate is at record levels on average around $1000.00 people killed every
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day $17000.00 died in the 1st half of this year and much of it is linked to fighting between drug gangs but other crimes are also on the rise. reports from a cruise. a cycle of violence has gripped the mexican state of veracruz once a thriving economic hub for mexico it appears as though insecurity here has spiraled out of control not only has there been an increase in homicides and drive by shootings but also other crimes like extortion and kidnappings. in the coastal city of quotes acquired goes the perception of insecurity many residents feel has led to a sharp economic decline forcing business owners to close shop and leave town in a quest the kidnapping is a what really of hits as hot making news headlines about kidnappings has also been bad for us it's how to devastate the name of private investment in the city to. the escalating violence in vera cruz is just one example of the deteriorating security
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situation across much of the country there were $17608.00 murders recorded nationwide in the 1st half of the year a 10 percent increase from 2018 which happen to be a record setting year for homicides in mexico because of the vandalism the c.e.o.'s i worry about homicides i worry about kidnappings and robberies against people. the mexican president's strategy to combat violence has been the creation of a national guard critics say this militarized response by the government has until now failed to deliver its intended results the almost a list that they have been seen by the main strategy of this government has been the national guard which has not even finished being established so it's difficult to evaluate if they are even fulfilling their goals. and much of mexico in security is rooted in the splintering of drug cartels who fight over control of territory that violence however frequently spills into the community we're walking along the
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boardwalk in quotes likewise goes but it could use a part of town that would normally be full of people enjoying the beach in the sun as you can see there's hardly anyone here afraid of becoming the next victims of extortion or kidnapping or murder me. we have chosen to leave madrid up a little. bit of. all right still to come in sport it was a history making win for this teenager i'll tell you why.
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time to support his family. thanks very much steve smith has led an australia fight
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back with a century on day one of the 1st ashes test in birmingham it's his 1st test match after completing a ban for his role in the australian ball tampering scandal so with how long as england reduced australia to 122 for 8 he got some support from the tail stands of 88 with peter siddle and then 74 with nathan lyon help the aussies reach 284 so with himself getting 144 stuart broad was the pick of england's bowlers with 5 for 86 side have started their innings they closed on 10 for no loss at stumps i'm sort of lost for words at the moment just really proud that i was able to help pull the team out of a bit of trouble. obviously in them both exceptionally well in the 1st 2 sessions and it was. i'm just sort of proud that i was able to dig in and fought
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through those difficult periods and. and get ourselves to you know a competitive total i think after losing the toss and boring if you take a good team out from the 300 every day that week. we don't know how good a school that will be until we parted on it. i think here day 2 is normally the best time to bat so that's a positive and. the way steve smith played shows that runs come to go on the pitch . major league baseball has acted quickly to punish those involved in a mass brawl that disrupted a game on choose day cincinnati reds pitcher amir garrett decided to charge the entire pittsburgh pirates. he's been hit with an 8 game ban and he's one of 6 players to get a suspension all of them are appealing the ruling the managers of both teams have also been given that.
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arsenal have completed the english premier league's most expensive signing of the pre-season so far they've snapped up by rico's international nicholas pepe from french club lille for $80000000.00 the fee is also a club record for the gunners pepe was the 2nd highest scorer in the league last season with 22 goals it's a huge boost for the londoners who will be looking to get back into the champions league group the missiles. being here is very emotional because it has not been easy for me to live come a long way and struggled a lot to my line of standing for this great club is the big reward. the professional golfers association says the arrest and allegations against ryder cup player thorbjorn or listen are deeply troubling oeuvre ports police have arrested the 29 year old on suspicion of sexually assaulting a female passenger while she was asleep on a flight to london is also been accused of failing to comply with the orders of
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cabin crew and being drunk on board the aircraft. danish national also has 5 european tour victories. the women's british open is taking place in england it's one of 5 golf majors on the calendar south africa's ashley high tops the leaderboard after the 1st round in world when she shot a 7 under par round of 65 world number one who was aiming for a 3rd successive major title is still in the mix a south korean finished 3 shots back on 4 under. now one of the biggest events on the surfing calendar is offering equal prize money to men and women for the 1st time the u.s. open a surfing is currently taking place in california $7.00 time world champion stephanie gilmore is among those taking part the australian says she hopes achieving gender pay a quality will encourage more girls to take up the sports. you know there's girls
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i've never even heard of and they're dropping big school was early on in the like you know they're excited they're. doing so much better in their actual performances and it's like no easy hits anymore and it's really showing the progression of women and then to have equal prize for them you know so much more coverage for the women telling us stories it's incredible and it's really moving the sport forward in such a fast pace and finally 18 year old kid asian male has made history by becoming the 1st british jockey to compete and a major event wearing a head job male with her horse harder land beat out 11 other female jockeys to win the magnolia cop at the goodwood race course the teenager who had never sat on a race horse until april said it was crazy that she was the 1st female muslim jockey in british competitive horse racing. i just like a card even expand i just started writing out and it was really difficult next year
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. race was very difficult i had quite a few mishaps but as soon as i got the hang of it i started doing it loads and i want to continue running and i love it ok that is all your sport for now more later and that is it for this news hour stay with us though more news in a couple. where there is water there is life but finding it on australia's arid desert is a skill few still possess they took us to raise
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a small white spartans in the closer and this was this is very important place and they've been telling us about for the last 5 days who painted. and under orders against all odds an aging population and his posse on its knowledge the rainmakers of the outback on. the latest news as it breaks. up. with detailed coverage no one is willing to return home to me on my own without sort of friendship papers and security guarantees from around the world the challenges facing the new prime minister and negotiate a new brics that he'll in 90 days a deal the e.u. says cannot me we negotiate. al jazeera exposes controversial allegations about the bahraini government. they
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told me you're a member of al qaeda you can stop the advance of the shia. and it's good lucia with al qaida to conspire against and assassinate key shia opposition figures 25. playing with fire on al jazeera. south korea says the north has fired projectiles off its east coast even as u.s. president donald trump plays down its recent missile tests. on cause i'm sick of this is as you see it our live from doha also coming up dozens
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killed in 2 attacks in the yemeni port city of then one who defied his claim another hit on saudi arabia. mozambique's president signs a peace deal with the leader of a former rebel movement ending years of hostility. another day another murder scene fear of crime is creating ghost towns in mexico. along the south korean military says the north has launched an unidentified short range projectile from the country's east coast if confirmed it will be the 3rd launch in just over a week earlier on thursday north korean state media released these images of lead. there kim jong un overseen the test firing of a new rocket launcher system on wednesday but south korea says it fired 2 short
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range ballistic missiles. live in saw south korea's capital seoul for some rob what morrie hearing about these latest tests we are still waiting has them for more details we know that they were apparently 2 short range projectiles that were fired from the east coast and it happened much earlier than some of the other launches we've seen in the past week or so in fact in what's basically the middle of the night here and you are reminded about an apology that kim jong un famously made when he met during one of his summits with moon j.n. of south korea last year when he said he all of the missile launches that have been taking place during 20162017 had been waking up the people of south korea he was sorry for that but that was all a thing of the past well think again why are we having this flurry of activity as you mentioned there the 3rd such testing in about
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a week it could well be more monday reasoners given by south korea's spy agency in a briefing thursday to the government here that basically the north and accepts that we are about to have these very important long awaited negotiations working level talks between north korean and u.s. officials after the meeting between donald trump and kim jong un on the d.m.z. and you cannot be launching these things in the air while people are sitting at the negotiating table so according to south korea's spy agency we could print probably see until those talks take place which might be in the next couple of weeks more launches like this one so what kind of a message north korea sending with these missile launches that. they are always very calculated in doing these launches it may look appear to be reckless but we know from donald trump that he isn't bothered by these short range
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missiles being launched so they know they can get away with it basically also they are angry at the exercises that are about to take place the military exercises between the u.s. and south korean forces even though they've been scaled down so normally characteristically they have to make some sort of gesture this seems to be it's also of course a reminder of the huge arsenal of weaponry that they still have and that they've been building up while these summits been taking place there's no concrete agreement that says they have to dismantle their nuclear or missile arsenal so they are continuing to develop their weaponry as we can see it will be those slightly depressing for south korea because of course they do have an agreement with north korea about these tests their joy and one of the summits last last september at the south and north korea signed a military pact a military agreement that was meant to ease tensions on the korean peninsula and
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a very important part of that was north korea stopping these missile tests so it will be very depressing for the government here of south korea that we are seeing this flurry of missile activity and also gives ammunition to many of the more conservative critics of this liberal administrator here who say look this is what an agreement with a north korean signature on the bottom of it is worth as i'm rob thank you rob mcbride in seoul for us alan fish airs morning from washington d.c. . we talk about short range missiles but these missiles have a range of about a 1000 kilometers an hour would certainly bring in most of south korea and japan were not only are the u.s. allies but there are many thousands of u.s. troops based no donald trump just a week or so ago was hailing the fact that there's been enormous l. launches there for 18 months as a great foreign policy achievement when it comes to the most recent launches he
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says no big deal here at range missiles we never made an agreement that i have no problem we'll see what happens. range missiles a very standard. there are talks ongoing between the united states and north korea to come up with some sort of deal that the 2 leaders can sign that will lead to north korea reducing its nuclear arsenal but there's no sign of any breakthrough at the moment and certainly these missile launches don't help the atmosphere what is clear though is that donald trump needs some sort of political when they're given how much capital he has invested and if he doesn't get something and get it soon then what we've seen are just 18 months of for 2 or and warm talk from donald trump rather than any concrete steps towards reducing north korea's missile. now u.s. president donald trump has announced more tariffs on goods from china in a bid to raise a pressure on them to reach
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a deal he says he's not happy with the progress of trade talks and wants a 10 percent tariff on the remaining $300000000000.00 worth of chinese imports trump is back on the campaign trail for his 2020 reelection bid attending a rally in cincinnati ohio alongside fice president mike pence castro is also there for so heidi on the terrace 1st how did this come about so we're all hearing about it. why hasn't trump made news prior to departing washington on this tariff each we did about the 10 percent tariff on the additional $300000000000.00 worth of chinese goods he said that the u.s. was doing is because china has not followed through on its promise to buy more american agricultural products nor limit the number of sentinel and precursor chemicals that slipped through and are shipped to the u.s. now this effectively ends the truce that we had seen between the 2 countries that's
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that was the agreement struck in june when both china and the u.s. said that they would try to avoid further escalation of the trade war while tasks were ongoing and in fact those talks have continued in just a few days prior president from hold those talks that said they were making progress and that he was looking forward to a positive dialogue to continue however today it appears that there was a change of heart and he has announced this temper centerra that could be put into place september 1st and as we can see from the live pictures there are president trump still speaking of this rally been speaking there for almost an hour now i think what's he been telling his supporters at that rally. yeah well a big question here was whether he would continue a rather controversial line of attack against american large urban cities he was
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criticized because he equated one of those cities baltimore to what he called quote a rat infested place that you would never want to visit any attacked that city's black representatives in congress so he took a lot of heat for that but today he didn't back down he actually just said that he thinks the homicide rate of baltimore is higher than that of afghanistan without providing any evidence he also equated san francisco another large urban american city it's another problem this urban area controlled by democrats of course san francisco the hometown of house speaker democrat nancy pelosi the other topic that's come up so far has also been the border outing what he calls excess in lowering the number of illegal border crossers at this at the border because of the pressure he had put on mexico to step up its immigration and force meant but
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notably during that part of this speech there was a 5 minute interruption in which he really couldn't get out a word because of protesters there was one young man holding up a sign that says immigrants made america and of course after that break he was quickly ushered out of the arena by security as a. castro live for us in cincinnati. iran and the u.a.e. will strengthen and expand their maritime border security cooperation a deal was signed in tehran by iran's border police commander and his an iraq officials say it was the 1st meeting between the 2 sides in 6 years and it follows a number of incidents in the gulf. pretty rebels seen yemen say they've carried out 2 major attacks on saudi and amorality backed forces both the attacks in and around the port city of them killed $49.00 people they come just weeks after the u.a.e.
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started reducing its military presence in yemen stephanie decker has more. it started as a military parade. it ended in this the result of what he said was a missile strike in aden the seat of the saudi backed government the campus a base for amorality trained and supported units among those killed the senior military commander brigadier general monied seen here earlier in the week wearing the red bray but it wasn't the only message the hooty sent on thursday they also said they'd fired a long range missile at the port city of demand in saudi arabia hundreds of kilometers away a 1st in this saudi led 4 year long war 2 brazen attacks with a very clear message they are layers you know true to this military action by her and i think that one of the 1st thing that they want you to do is that the moment in conway the new reason actually during cro-magnon i think they wanted to show the
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saudi duck when they are losing support and their and allies there who are the all quite capable of actually hitting them and he didn't quite where they fell them with calls to go where they fell but they had a stronghold in the saudi led war was launched to remove the iranian backed 2 things from yemen or to weaken them at least there seems to be no end in sight the latest attack is going to the message that. the buck to voters is going to come under attack under the are a legitimate target because the are working with a buck towards has no political achievements on either side saudis ally the u.a.e. is pulling back its presence and even held a rare meeting with an iranian delegation on cheese day to discuss issues in the strait of hormuz it's a political stalemate in a conflict this killed thousands of civilians left tens of thousands of children starving and crippled what was already one of the world's poorest countries.


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