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but with it there is a problem as far as our civilians are concerned who have suffered so much in this conflict the saying wallace talk there's hope rings a very very dull tone in their ears and it's hardly surprising now to yemen where who see rebels have launched a medium range ballistic missile on saudi and amorality back forces a military parade was targeted in aden $36.00 people were killed including a senior military commander it comes just weeks after the u.s. began to reduce its military presence in yemen well there was also suspected i saw suicide car bomb attack targeting a police station in aiden's shake off man district at least 13 policemen were killed and dozens of others injured women in saudi arabia will no longer need the permission of male guardians to travel or to obtain
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a passport after the kingdom received a series of decrees the changes are part of sweeping reforms led by crown prince mohammed bin sultan man it's unclear when the order will take effect that saudi arabia has long face international criticism over the treatment of women as 2nd class citizens but despite these reforms women in saudi arabia still face many restrictions they continue to be considered legal minors and will still be under the authority of their male relatives in other areas of life the system makes it virtually impossible for victims of sexual abuse or domestic violence to follow all reports as women would still need to be accompanied by a male and last year the kingdom stepped up its crackdown of women's rights activists many of them are still in prison human rights groups have reported that some were tortured. well if it's an international human rights lawyer he says saudi
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arabia let's follow your tree that's human rights record in order to be taken seriously. let's bring a travel restrictions on women for human rights brings them firmly into the 20th century while the rest of us live in the 21st century. in you know in the grand scheme of neuter human rights being no it's a small. small monumental shift for women but again there's a lot of political repression we just saw going on and it comes a clinical dissidents women right women's rights activists and use it and propaganda and so again i think that we should be taken with a grain of salt well i think you know the recent history of saudi arabia you know just a few months ago it will be executed 39 political dissidents 33 of whom were minorities human actually has only represent 10 percent of the booms and population they represent in 92 percent only people who are executed we are we still have you know
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the blowback from the aftermath of the assassination of washington post journalist jim martin struck the i was the cia themselves publicly said i was ordered by muhammad a man and so again you know this is a small step for saudi women in terms of getting the right you know to travel freely in terms of human rights in saudi arabia we have a long long way. there are more protests as a killed in sudan in what's been called the 1000000 man march against the generals plus. a vote for any democrat in 2020 years a vote for the rise of radical socialism. president travels back on the campaign trail immigration tops the agenda.
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and though they're fairly quiet picture across much of indonesia most of the rain is staying well to the north it's all tied into the plum rains in china and also the monsoon rains so as you can see him as we head off into the 1st part of the weekend it's mostly dry across much of borneo and really a center picture to equally fair and fine across so much of sumatra singapore that could be the off to new shower or thunderstorm but actually is a fairly calm couple of days that you can see that on sunday again most guys maybe just some cloud with a child pushing into more central areas of borneo that we had for the south into australia it is clear and dry across much of the country the southeast again bearing the brunt of the weather some fairly windy conditions as the next front just sweep spy and we could also see if you into melbourne with a hive 13 a windy day in high about a 10 degrees not already much rain in your forecast path so we could see some showers actually over the next couple of days a little bit cooler on sunday with a high the of 18 celsius and
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a fine day in brisbane on sunday 22 degrees because he does cadbury blanketing much of victoria so the touch is not too bad and it should stay mostly job because you see those showers into melbourne and then across into new zealand an unsettled couple of days christ church generally that's where you see the showers over the next couple days and feeling cool at 9 celsius. the wilderness of cambodia is under 3. for profit. betrayed. investigates the plunder of cambodia's forests. 0.
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time for us to take a look at the top stories here it out 0 south korea says it will remove japan from its list of countries with preferential trade status it's a retaliatory measure in response to japan's decision to drop south korea's fall strike export satans south korea's president in his plane. the situation. the south korean military says north korea's launched a short range missile from its eastern coast if it's confirmed would be the 3rd such launch in just over a week. rebels in yemen have carried out a major attack on saudi and packed full scenes a military parade was hit by
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a missile in aden 36 people were killed and comes just weeks after the u.a.e. began to reduce its military presence in yemen. sudan's military has dismissed and detained 9 members of a paramilitary group it says a responsible for the killings of protests is. paid doctors say at least 5 people were killed in nationwide marches on thursday demonstrators were rallying against the killing on monday of at least 6 other protesters the military is blaming the paramilitary rapid support fulton's for the deaths. one year since the outbreak of ebola in democratic republic of congo and the death toll is still rising 2 more cases have been detected in the eastern city of goma that prompted rwanda to briefly close crossings to the border city of say katherine sawyer has more from the kenyan capital nairobi. on
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a normal morning this main border crossing between the democratic republic of congo and rwanda is busy with people going back and forth 15000 people use this crossing daily as families visit relatives and traders stake their goods to the markets millions of dollars a made in border trade every year but for a few hours on thursday the barriers walk losed the rundown government saying it wanted to evaluate a boiler situation in the congolese city of goma. the decision taken by i wonder to close the border it's not a good decision. but we haven't checked it did yeah on the border. we crossed over yesterday and we didn't have any problems here but a large quantity of corn but this morning we came back to get our goods and therefore bidders from crossing into rwanda because the customs office was not working quiet about it and he said just because of the color. health workers in
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goma say they are well prepared and are continuing to trace people who could have made contact with a ball of victims when the wild health organization declared a bola in the d.r. c. a public health emergency of international concern of the shawls want countries against closing borders saying people may start using informal crossings where there are no proper medical check points and this could just make things west we're talking hundreds of process if not more. so this country is counterproductive because it interferes with that in a separately feeling find another way or more remote here is where if you can go across the name border you can find a different way. of vaccination campaign is underway and other regions in the eastern d.r. c but a controversial proposal by the world health organization to deploy a new 2nd vaccine for clinical trials is raising concern this new maxine that's
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being discussed is one that requires 2 doses about 56 days apart so there's a lot of discussion about if we know we have an effective vaccine that's being used and has taken so long to get acceptance by the population if there's enough of that dexie and we know it's effective why introduce another vaccine into into this outbreak for now at the border travelers are relieved that operations are back to not only but many people in this city of around 2000000 are afraid that the disease that has arrived on the doorstep may spread catherine sorry al-jazeera nairobi kenya. britain's prime minister barak's johnson has suffered his 1st electoral defeat his governing conservative party lost by election in brecon in wales leaving it with a one vote majority in parliament the seat was taken by the pro e.u. liberal democrats and they tell me. make it much harder for mr johnson to push
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through his plans for a possible new deal brant said let's go live now to rory chalons our correspondent who is in london and rory how should we interpret this result given that the lib dems have beaten the conservatives and boris johnson obviously is in a very precarious position when it comes to parliament now. absolutely he's just 8 days into his premiership and already he's being given a pretty cold shower in this byelection he talks about optimism and confidence but this really does leave his new government hanging by a thread really it reduces his parliamentary majority to just one and a that means that the already dodgy situation that he was in is made even more dodgy he has to rely on the unity of his conservative party and the support
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of the democrats a unionist party of northern ireland to basically prop up this new government and allow it to pass any legislation but not just to pass legislation but to survive as well because it would only take a couple of defectors it would only take a few of those the m.p.'s deciding they didn't want to support the conservative governments to bring this whole edifice crashing down and there are many members of parliament within the conservative party who have said that they don't like boris johnson's idea of taking the u.k. out of the european union without a deal something that boris johnson has said that he's he's very willing and able to do and a couple have even suggested they might vote against the government if it looked like he was going to do that so they could at some points be a vote of no confidence raised by the labor party in opposition and if there were
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some defect is that a vote of confidence might be successful so on the face of it we this i think increases the chances that the u.k. is heading for a general election with less of fewer than 100 days to go until bracks that right rory thank you for that very chair. live in london now we're going to go up the road actually we're going to edinburgh because there is a considered the single biggest celebration of arts and culture in the world it's this year's edinburgh fringe festival and it features more than 50000 performances ranging from comedy shows to dances and musicals our correspondent charlie angelo is there in the capital of scotland and charlie quite often what you pick up to the edinburgh festival is a sense of how the united kingdom feels would imagine these 3 being rather divided
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where you are today. absolutely although i just have to give you a sense of the scale of this festival is the most remarkable feat of human endeavor some 4000 shows coming from 63 different countries will be performed in every nook and every cranny of this city over the next 3 weeks behind me i actually have a group from north carolina the united states they've come all the way here and in the background you can probably hear the piano going this is the royal mile where performers come to try and promote their show handing out flyers and trying to entice those businesses in because there is so much competition and these shows range from fear sir comedy circus cabaret musicals not just with artists trying to break into the industry but also some big names and like you said a lot of the the shows are political a couple of years ago we were seeing a lot of bricks it shows but i'd not seen so many this year i think that's probably
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because playwrights didn't think that politicians would still be arguing over how to pull off brits in august 29th teen stead we're seeing a lot of shows related to climate change carbon emissions freak storms global warming seem to be the backdrop to a lot of performances in a show called 1.5 degrees the most comprehensive report on climate change the i.p.c.c. report is going to be. read by actors and that will take 5 days but the performers say it's a chance for audiences to really delve beneath the headlines they don't see climate change as a tech technological problem or a political problem but now is a cultural one and they're using their voices artists to try and transform public opinion because they are not activists they are storytellers and they're trying to sway the public to get them behind making a difference the other. issues the looming large migration identity and the audience's fascination with true crime is now bled onto the stage we're seeing some
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documentary style investigations into historical murders it's going to be interesting to see how they play out you can probably see a number of tourists around me because this festival is incredibly lucrative for the city it generates some $117000000.00 in august alone not so much for the artists putting on a show here can be absolutely crippling the ticket sales rarely cover their costs and most will go home empty handed but every year they come back because like you said this is the greatest arts and culture festival in the world. live in edinburgh thank you that president trump is back on the campaign trail taking his 2020 reelection reelection bid to cincinnati and home ohio there he launched a blistering attack on his democratic rivals but the issue of immigration too became the big talking point. with their. democrat lawmakers care more
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about illegal aliens a protester holding a banner reading immigrants built america took the air out of trump's speech for about 5 minutes but the president largely avoided attacking minority and immigrant leaders by name a practice his opponents had labeled racist instead trump doubled down on criticism of the majority african-american city of baltimore the homicide rate in baltimore is significantly higher than el salvador honduras guatemala i believe it's higher than afghanistan thousands of supporters have lined up for hours to attend the rally he's only saying the truth and i don't know how that's racist if to say a place is trash and he's not racist at all he's just merely pointing out the problems that exist in our society and we're just going to have to correct trump pointed to the declining number of border arrests as
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a product of his hardline policies despite criticism of his administration's detention of children in squalid conditions trump lauded his crackdown at the border and the numbers are way down you'll see that way way down. democrat lawmakers care more about illegal aliens than they care about their own constituents they put forward citizens before american citizens we're not going to do that the last few days have seen the democratic presidential candidates in the spotlight back to back televised debates with trump attacking their performance polling shows democratic front runner joe biden leads trump by 8 points in ohio at this early stage of the election season a vote for any democrat in 2020 years a vote for the rise of radical socialism and the destruction of our
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great our beautiful our wonderful american dream we're not going to lead our country ever go down the route of socialism. the trump campaign says ohio is a must win state in 2020 this bellwether state has in fact the presidential winner nationally going on more than 50 years and so we will hear much more about ohio as the battleground between front and the democratic nominee joe castro al-jazeera cincinnati ohio. tough as a take a look at the top stories here it out to sarah south korea says it will remove japan from its list of countries with preferential trade status in retaliation to japan's earlier decision to drop south korea's fast track export status south
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korea's president has blamed for worsening the situation relations between the 2 countries have been strained disputes have a compensation for wartime laborers during the 2nd world war. japan's decision is a reckless decision that projects diplomatic efforts to solve the problem and rather worsens the situation i express my deep regret. the rebels in yemen have carried out a major attack on saudi and emira back forces a military parade was hit by a missile in aden killing 36 people and it comes just weeks after the u.s. began to reduce its military presence in yemen. where there is also a suspected eisel suicide car bomb attack targeting a police station in aden shake off man district at least 13 policemen were killed and dozens of others were injured. all right you're out today those are the very
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latest headlines from us here at al-jazeera don't go anywhere though coming up next it's 1018 and then about 30 minutes south of these a-w. will be the chad to take you through. after 25 years of affording the world's waste china for the global cycling industry into chaos. the growing pressure of a grain of skies that is resulting in changed we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in. counting the cost on al-jazeera. it's a pristine wilderness like no other. these are some of the largest and last remaining evergreen forests on the indo-china peninsula. but across the land the cambodian government has allowed agricultural developers to slash the implants cash crops. and illegal logging has spread out to nearby protected forests
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leading to a team the pillaging cranes in. one of one east investigates the wholesale destruction of cambodia's rainforests. reasons cambodia's wild east where the mekong river borders prey long forest one of the last remaining evergreen woodlands in southeast asia. it's also the domain of environmental warrior and lawyer lang who's made it his mission to protect the forest. up in a bun turning come home but when i saw logging companies cutting trees and transporting logs right in front of me i was committed to do. in the forest.
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today killing is gathering evidence of illegal logging to pass on to conservation agencies and phone governments a joint taiwanese cambodian owned company called think biotech can legally clear trees here but only within a specified boundary so where are we going now to. mr chen. but for now it looks like we won't be travelling further than the company roadblock . yet. it's much more. that's what. blaine is investigating claims the company is pressuring villages to give up the precious brazen trees they legally entitled to tap. com paul and the company says
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if you don't accept the money you get nothing the company cuts them down anyway. we take another road that leads to the boundary between a protected forest and the company concession. here we find him tapping resin trees is his family has done for 3 generations. the trees provide a sustainable living for his family and a supposed to be protected but he has something devastating to show activist laying that out on top of the top down but i don't move on to that canal on a path why i'm the one. jim says he refused to accept any money for the trees but think by take cut them down any white 2000 of them. playing records the carnage in takes the satellite coordinates of every fall and tree. where. i feel very upset for the last forest from which i make my livelihood when i came here i'd
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always see many monkeys jumping and screaming all over the place now it's quiet. as we film other villages scavenging for leftovers many still timber back to the companies that chop down the trees in the 1st place. this is a village divided some here are trying to protect the forest others are paid by the company to tear it down. to get people village chief saying knowing he's on the side of consecration even though he's an official from cambodia's ruling party. of. we all really want to stop the farmers from being destroyed but we don't know how to do it but you are a government official and your own government is allowing this to happen what do you think of that. and then we're here with the people down not see anything at all
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government already granted the concession. the government is like our father and we are the children. as we drive off into the darkness the forest comes alive with activity on a road directly out of the protected area we encountered a rattling convoy of timber tractors so this is a legally logged isn't completely illegal because any cat inside that area. then in a clearing a roadside stop and what lengths is a ranger post the water illegal loggers doing to write your station. that can detect the money from the tractor. accusing rangers of taking bribes is a serious crime i take lang's allegation tonight's picture a senior ministry of environment official an activist told us that. paying bribes
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to the riaa injures do you believe that would be the case then we're here to work out about how this is an illegal act and the ministry would not tolerate this we do not support those who abuse the law and any activist who saw such activities should gather evidence and report to the ministry of environment so we can take legal action. 6 and to gather evidence is precisely what wing has been doing things using g.p.s. tracking satellite imagery and drawings he forensically exposes the big illegal loggers. i gather evidence in order to make reports about forest crimes. the simple try to the syndicates and recorded reams of damning evidence the picture that emerges is one of an environmental apocalypse ocus traded on a national scale but it seems the govern. lent is not listening. i used to
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submitted to the government on several occasions but my reports were deemed dissenting negative and baseless against the government. this is the destruction of pristine wilderness in the ecosystems. the companies have another woodward reforestation. bay planting cash crops like rubber and acacia. we follow the trial of grazing trees cut down from for a long forest ended up this primed. with chairman think biotech is luci chang he says he can do what he wants as governments cross that concession in my area i must create a whole even my competition because nice. must be created then we planned of tree. as this area we cannot. do you clear timber
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outside of the concessions. no we spoke to a villager said he was told that if. the company couldn't buy the trees they would take them anyway just that happened. and they moved. the for the beach by jazz a text from my concession. clued me it's protected timber might end up in he saw him and applying any by lation on unscrupulous contractors he can't explain why big coordinated logging convoys traveling at night why do they travel at night time. they travel in 1000 yes. you surely i know when they chirp that they. the company chairman claims
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he's supporting poor local communities offering jobs to clear the forest so that something else can be planted highway were created to move power. for the local people. who state. school to set up everything in these common dr he summary of. cambodia's self waste lies a natural treasure. the cardamom ranges contain the 2nd largest village in rainforest on mainland southeast asian. illegal logging is rampant with the criminals who are up against a determined fools intent on stopping them so you conducted effective survey us good good good good and we discover that the illegal logging starts again. american conservationists so want to go to it is being briefed on the latest spike
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in illegal logging can you show me the exact where you want she leads the non-government organization wildlife alliance they supported by the government to work with police and local ranges to uphold the law so it's out of hand these kingpins have their own kingdom and the they have their informants in place they have their local people they have their tractors their buffalo carts they have everything in place. so when his team includes former soldiers from eastern europe some who served in the french foreign legion today on a road leading from a national park they stop a procession of vehicles are going loaded with timber. the biggest role of our foreign law enforcement officers is to be watchdogs because good governance is the weakest point of the government agencies in this country it's. a very important
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that each case may follow it up. large swathes of the condoms being handed over by the government to big agricultural companies and developers. those areas have been stripped of valuable timber now the bordering protected forest is being ravaged. on patrol the wildlife alliance offices intercept a slow moving target with a prized and valuable tool. that they can do that culpable. but there's a lot of humor now the wildlife alliance ranger from logan in marks tells us this man could face up to 5 years in prison for his load of luxury hardwood timber it might have been sold for many thousands of dollars it had reached its final destination just by the expensive anybody having to feed people to the water's going to be on the water and it's the south pacific smell.
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the ranges copus going to timber in seas the longest tunes are tried as well. and very must have permission to put down some of the big tech name of a but it'll have to big that better way out here at the right. look at this this. jihad against us that's. it only 2 years left here so what does this represent for us these are weapons of mass destruction each change well this. one. that this clear.
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i'm heading into the wilderness with while my phone lines in forces police in dry and use. they have intelligence of an illegal logging camp deep in a protected area. after walking 7 kilometers it's the camp dog that gives away the location. it's a rough life for the logan in these evidence they've been here for weeks you cannot live on. cannot leave a national park. and to send a message this forest camp is destroying. the camp well it tells us he only arrived here the day before and had been looking for dead trees to cut fence posts but he and the other occupants will be looking for somewhere else to sleep tonight . by the team discovers
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another illegal activity. the locals have constructed cumin to make charcoal. so when did i last year do you think. they just run away. and they have traffic for sure because. maybe. not. despite all we've seen an official with cambodia's ministry of environment downplays the situation. we accept that cutting the remaining forest does happen however large scale logging no longer exists. medium size and small scale operations the evidence suggests otherwise. just 5 months ago playing film this large scale illegal logging on legs.
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conservationists. cambodian forests are being systematically. moving in and they're headed. there. if you. use this to go outside. under it on the mark. least. to hold back the. destruction. in the country. i've. thought about this and i think the feeling.
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across the country. is taking us to. it's a sanctuary in name only here to the government has allowed select companies to log in assigned areas. of the sanctuary some of the forest most precious timber. this is the really special forest is it. to see how. it's. going to be
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worth it for the caring valuable painting that killed the apple a lot of the family in a couple. of little padded. claims they kept the team inside a company concession between lang says there's no such valuable team to their live to count i think the lie to us is not true so what he's saying is not the truth he actually stole it from the protected area. each piece of timber can be so to try to use for as much as $250.00 of this is probably a $10000.00 condo. assigned to clay is the syria is deserving of the highest level of protection so now owns taking much notice of a lot of the government government sang officially a catalogue us side european union big sign sign the cause i'm precious forest.
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it's still being lost and. sometimes i cry i feel disappointed because i'm not able to protect the forest but i see that the destruction is so big but no one helps to protect it the government does not arrest the tree cutters but it arrest the forest activists. for companies to operate in this forest the since it got the rectitude. of the sawmills easy to find. them wrong. the government gave the green light to reopen the sawmills that had been closed as we can see 100000 hectares of the forests were cleared from the meat it's now extinct and will never return. we find a large stockpile of song timber the main gully good site was confiscated and this place is a ranger post it's another unlikely story. and
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. the further we drive the more sawmills wing finds it's important for him to record every discovery. that's coming out illegal activity can be perilous in cambodia. at a grave in the capital phnom penh a proud sung remembers a brave father an icon of cambodians environment movement who daum is the son of church would pay the ultimate price for his activism. as are the sound of. the language he really wanted me to love nature what he wanted was to stop the destruction of combo did forests.
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7 years ago while investigating a logging company chewed wood he was shocked and he's remembered for confronting the most powerful illegal loggers in this country about an elephant and the kids mourn those he upset with him a businessman. back then and today him a businessman of powerful people who work in the government. investigation into the killing of chewed wood he was closed in made conflicting accounts of what happened . to dawn is now following in the footsteps of his father and then salvage there are a lot of unforgettable memories of his there always there was a brave man a good father and a respectful data. finding a similar path to child woody lange navigates the dangerous calls it that there were no cats out of the royal government is involved in corruption and therefore
6:42 pm
the government armed forces and the companies hate the forest defenders. my drone was smashed several times when i received death threats i fled cambodia to thailand to see him. however i still continue my work. in these teams the camp down to the. they've been tipped off there is timber on the moods where it's going is an international scandal. to find out more we travel to cambodia's border with vietnam on a stretch of road playing is most familiar where. he will fall. along the road lang recognizes sponsors for the timber
6:43 pm
smugglers they had to report anything they can upset business including the appearance of activists like him. it's more program for me he. can. this is the official border but it's not the favored route we've returned to smugglers of my they're armed with about 20 illegal crossings here. and i can see the checkpoint today there is a rampant illegal industry smuggling timber across this border but despite the work of laying in divers exposing it the news recently struck a deal that will allow vietnam to certify its own timber exports to europe vietnam is a fictive lee laundering then exporting illegally logs timber from cambodian forests i'm fed up with the european union they are good they engage in the timber trade with vietnam even though they know that vietnam is a rascal and a thief who steals the timber for. the a use is the deal will only proceed if
6:44 pm
it's convinced vietnam is acting locally for there is no doubt about this illegal cross border trade it's something even high ranking officials in the government it made it out i mean there is still timber going. across the border because there is a black market in that area these activities are illegal that's why the ministry of environment as well as other relevant ministries and border officials are cracking down on forest crimes. back in the caribbean mountains wildlife alarms foreign enforcers the new school drug and another day's patrol with local rangers and police. illegal logging and poaching go hand in hand here where the locals are going in the forest . to collect fruits or whatever they are bringing with them to homemade gun
6:45 pm
snares so they can honk and set up truck from the same time. by entitled to harm for their own use hunting in a protected area it's illegal and i was. illegal but right fortunately sometimes the hunters get caught the good job guys who are what you did yesterday really happy you confiscate quietens what is going to happen today we're going to go up the river and release the snakes. are you going to solution has 7 right just scattered over a large area of the current. that is promised to be an issue so they do it's natural inhabitants at a time of great amount on the black market so as the idea to to trap and bring these animals back alive or is it to kill both. traditional medicine has always been the biggest drive along with restaurants for the animal parts that are
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trafficked to china and vietnam and they are range from the charismatic elephants in tigers and bears all the way down to lizards and snakes and turtles and turtle ices. the pythons are released into an area where they should be so it. would most of cambodia's so cold protected areas are anything but likes new wildlife sanctuary we the vietnam border this is a satellite image from 10 years ago. this is how it looks today. almost completely bereft of animals and forest. and. what actually happened here a few years back. here. in
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this poor country people are living off. of fast money. seemingly. government. may soon be a lost. business updates brought to you by qatar airways going places together.
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business updates brought to you by qatar airways going places together. this is al jazeera. peter wu watching the news hour live from our headquarters here in doha coming up in the next 60 minutes. i. protest in
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south korea after japan moved to restrict trade relations as part of a growing political dispute. i think he wants to make a deal but frankly it's not going fast enough president donald trump ups the ante in his trade war with beaching as he announces new tariffs on chinese goods. after an explosive few weeks how a cease fire is holding up in syria's rebel held it live in cement more peace talks . also ahead embracing peace the moment that signals an end to 40 years of hostilities in mozambique. and in spite of the 1st day of cricket's ash is dominated by one man. really i'm sort of lost for words of the moment from national disgrace to national hero state smith stars for australia in the opening test against england.
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top story it is a political standoff that plunged relations between japan and south korea to the lowest level in years south korea says it will remove japan from its list of preferential trading partners now that's in response to tokyo's earlier decision to drop south korea's fast track export states rob mcbride has more for us from seoul . at an emergency cabinet meeting called to discuss the deepening rift with japan president moon j in. korea laid the blame squarely with his neighbor. japan's decision is a reckless decision that projects diplomatic efforts to solve the problem and rather worsens the situation i express my deep regret he was responding to the latest escalation in the trade dispute with japan removing south korea from the so-called white list of countries allowed to receive exports of sensitive strategic
6:51 pm
components that it needs for its high tech manufacturing. it comes on top of restrictions last month on the export of raw materials for the production of semiconductors in south korea with fears of a knock on effect to manufacturing in neighboring countries. japan denies it's linked to a decades old dispute over its water time record. deal this move was approved to revise japan's export controls appropriately and was not intended to hurt japan south korea relations or to craft counter measures japan has been angered by a supreme court ruling in favor of victims of forced labor during world war 2 with several japanese firms ordered to pay compensation that's despite japan's insistence that an agreement in $965.00 was meant to have result the issue once and for all but those studying the history of the turbulent relationship say it's clear
6:52 pm
the 2 sides have always held opposing views on the nature of that agreement. up until now they have lived with their separate interpretations but this state of agreeing to disagree has been shaken and can no longer stand after this court decision and now we are at a most critical juncture in korea japan relations south korea has promised a firm response without specifying exactly what but it seems intent on retaliation rather than reconciliation robin pride al-jazeera south korea. ok let's get more on that for you friday selami has more now from tokyo. that administers that they caught the day after the decision before just half an hour he had a press conference on the exhibit and that this is what a seizure is because japan has discovered some material some japanese material exported to tell him what he has to be in between north korea. he also explained
6:53 pm
this is not that he didn't have a television procedure and he also emphasized that now even though south korea is out of the white the so-called white list but it is still in the same zone with his young countries with taiwan with india which are companies that have very good relationships with japan and at the same time they enjoy many trade very good trade relations here listenership to the country so in a way he's trying to push away the accusations that this kind of this that is going to affect the global supply chain or we're going to affect. global consumer sort of i don't want to always saying that basically what the south korean companies have to do you know even given its companies who want to support their world that's cool south korea now they have they have to go through the same procedure with yours as so many countries that this what if they just gon be done within 90 days ok joining us here on news kelly professor of international relations at tucson national
6:54 pm
university in south korea he joins us from wellington new zealand great to talk to you again what does this do to what was already an a bitter existing row between the 2 countries yeah i mean it just keeps it going right i think that's one of the big differences between this and previous tension between korea and japan and this one looks much sharper than before the japanese are punching back much harder than south koreans are used to i think and it looks like this is going to drag on the americans are really mediating very much which is what usually happens new scenarios so i think we're looking at least a few more months of this could this impact the global tech sector. i've political side as much as i'm qualified to say that i'm certainly the south korean government has insisted that's one of the big reasons why that this is should be a major concern not just for south korea but for others and certainly the american press places like bloomberg and so many the wall street journal places like that have said that this is sort of a looming issue i don't know my sense is that south korean companies have
6:55 pm
a stockpile of the stuff for several months and that the actually the really severe bite of this might not begin to be felt until the fall but i mean if this continues for a lot of course talk about still talking about this in 6 months yes then i think it will be a genuine issue for the tech industry to what degree is this really about those questions over compensation because it was a time labor oh it's almost certainly because of that right i think i think the japanese are being i don't set a line but i think that it's of deflecting on this i mean it's pretty clear i think almost everybody who's worked in korea japan issues that the japanese are sort of headed up here with korea regarding the war or there's a lot of anxiety in the japanese side of the koreans constant change the terms of what the final deal in wartime issues will be and jeopardize your segment and this is their way of sort of punching back you're in the korean side the argument is you know we didn't know about a lot of these issues that the plan the treaty was signed in these things keep coming up we have to figure them out as they go but yeah i think i think it's pretty clear to everybody that it's not about sanctions busting it's about the war ok some people are saying part of the problem here is because seoul has inadequate
6:56 pm
export controls if those export controls what changed in a positive direction with that take the temperature of the political situation. it might help but it would sort of weaken japan's case to argue to a global opinion that this is actually about export controls and sanctions busting basically the north korea but the south koreans already sort of hit back saying the japanese don't have a good don't have good controls in this stuff either it's up 3 newscasts it's going to show japanese products in north korea that suggests that there's been some kind of sanctions running maybe if you a 3rd party or something like that but also it's not going to sort out on the tension in south korea or parties to get started get boycotts of japanese products and stuff like that we're very you know i mean in south korea very quickly these these flaps with japan turn into fights over or history and that's really what needs to be worked out here it isn't about the sanctions on north korea from what you're saying well but it doesn't sound as if either side is going to blink anytime soon. yeah that's right add to that i'm actually pretty worried about this one
6:57 pm
myself and we've had these sort of sharp things in the past there was a really nasty one about 4 or 5 years ago but this one is this one is really different i think for 2 reasons the 1st is like i said the japanese are sort of punching back on these things a little bit much harder than before it's really clear that they are big government spent a lot of time thinking about what kind of vulnerabilities and pressure points south koreans had where they could sort of hit hard and forced south koreans to really think about this right i mean that the south koreans are really not used to this right which is one of the right thing to south korean government flailed in last couple weeks trying to figure out what to do and the other big change of course is that the trump ministration just isn't interested in what you might call alliance management when the when president obama was in there president obama actually stepped in himself personally at one point to help mitigate a previous dispute in the truck ministration is just not that keen on it i mean the trump ministration has a dim view of u.s. allies often says they're free riders and things like that the trump people just aren't intervening as a korean japan are really on their own on this one which is also kind of new really kelly thank you. north korea has launched a short range missile from its eastern coast that's according to the south korean
6:58 pm
military it's the 3rd launch in just over one week north korea's state media released these images on 1st day of the leader kim jong il in overseeing the test firing of a new rocket launcher system on weapons day south korean says pyongyang fired 2 short range ballistic missiles khan expressed deep regret that north korea's missile launches including ballistic missiles could negatively affect efforts to establish peace on the korean peninsula so we will keep a close eye on the relevant movements and prepare well in the states the u.s. president didn't seem particularly concerned about the tests. short range missiles we never made an agreement on that i have no problem we'll see what happens but these are short range missiles they're very standard. correspondence called laila joins us live from bangkok here on the news and scott over to you. peter well there's been a lot of discussion obviously on those 2 issues we've been hearing about the
6:59 pm
situation between south korea and japan as well as the situation in the growing tension on the korean peninsula and those firings of the missiles and right now when you look at that 1st issue there's a tripartite meeting going on with the united states south korea and japan and these are the foreign ministers in the secretary of state so it's not sure certainly how quickly it's going to slide over to the strait situation obviously the main rhetoric for that situation's going to come out of the capitals but they are meeting here during this aussie on foreign ministers meeting that's been going on the last couple of days now to discuss this further in particular how that impacts that's right this region let's bring in was not one to a watch with to a long horn university here in bangkok thank you very much for joining us. so when you look at what's going on in the north still in the east eastern region of asia how and what kind of impact is that going to have on the nations that are here meeting all the foreign ministers and nations how will that have impact on what happens here on the trade front but also on the political front. i think it's
7:00 pm
rather worrisome from the same perspective i think because. in fact if you look at the geopolitical situation that has been developing since the end of the cold war you see a. continuously receding u.s. influence and then. you have what you call i see in plus 3 that is i c.n. and china japan korea south korea that is. and. in the recent years the strongest influence in ass in has been the p.r.c. the people's republic of china and especially with the conflict in the south china sea we see we have been seeing japan and korea as a kind of. stabilizing force or balancing for us both in the trade.


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