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it's been developing since the end of the cold war you see a. continuously receding us influence and then. you have what you call i see in plus 3 that is the end china japan korea south korea that is. and. in the recent years the strongest influence in the in has been the p.r.c. the people's republic of china and especially with the conflict in the south china sea we see we have been seeing japan and korea as a kind of. stabilizing force or balancing for us both in the trade area and also in the political tension that his has continuously jeopardy now because of the tension between those 2 nations and we're talking about tension that really hasn't been seen for decades i think i think definitely i think
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the situation. is from the point of view of the koreans and the japanese i think they're they're looking at things in a more kind of. in terms of domestic in national politics but when you look at 80. miles national cooperation like an seon and this situation i see in plus 3 we really need. a stronger balancing force from japan and korea so this is this is not this conflict the more it's as it escalates i think it would only be more difficult for us in years thank you very much so obviously peter that's going to have knock on effect of what's going on between south korea and japan but also china and the united states has influence in this region too these are 2 nations very strong nations that are almost pulling apart because some feel as though they have to take sides it's got thank you u.s.
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president donald trump today announcing more tolerance on goods from china he says he's not happy with the progress of trade talks and wants 10 percent tariff imposed on the remaining $300000000000.00 worth of chinese imports ellen fisher from washington. the chinese u.s. trade talks have been going on for more than a year and the americans thought they had a deal a few months ago but see that the chinese suddenly changed their position and that put everything into a state of flux and created the climate where more discussions were needed they also brought 25 percent tabs on $250000000000.00 worth of chinese imports into the united states no further type of swer put on hold when the 2 leaders donald trump and the chinese president met at the g. 20 in japan but after the trade talks in shanghai over the last couple of days
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produced no real advancement donald trump said that he was going to impose far the tariffs on u.s. goods this time 10 percent on $300000000000.00 worth of imports speaking before he left for a rally in cincinnati he said he believes the chinese want a deal they're simply not moving fast enough now i think i think presidential somebody i like a lot i think he wants to make it but frankly is that going he said he was going to be buying from our farmers that he said he was going to stop fenton all from coming into our country it's all coming out of there he didn't do that well is it thousands of people felt at all and this was 2 things to highlight 1st of all the united states believes that china is dragging its heels on making a deal for 2 reasons 1st of all that the longer this goes on then the u.s. economy me we can and make donald trump very keen to do a trade deal with china the other with the 2020 alexion on the horizon they wonder
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if a different president might be easier to negotiate with the other thing is that donald trump has proven that yet again at the rally in cincinnati in ohio he doesn't quite understand how tired of swag. seeing that china is pouring money into the u.s. economy that is not true it is businesses and people here in the united states who end up paying their talents in fact there was a report out just last week that see the trade war with china which you remember donald trump said should be quick and easy too when it's costing the average american family of 4 somewhere in the region of $2000.00 a year. plus more still to come for you here on news including be a builder crisis in the d r c is one year old and the death toll is still growing and the sports news will meet the female boxer fighting for equality in ghana.
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syrian state media says a conditional cease fire has been reached in the last rebel held province of italy but there's been no response yet from the opposition at least 2 children were killed in fighting it live on 1st thing this video does appear to show syrian government forces bombing villages in nearby hama more than 400 civilians have been killed in the north west of syria since late april under simmons joins us from seoul tom so we've had this joint statement what are we getting from that. well certainly there is a ceasefire in place these syrian state media announced that on thursday there has been a report from the syrian state media of already that attack from what they call terrorists in taqiyya with one death reported there but it seems to be quiet on the ground
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the syrian national congress has confirmed that there is a cease fire or they're very skeptical about what is going to happen next because there has been a history of cease fires being agreed at talks like these before and they have of losses and that's because of high at atari or all sharm what russia syrian regime described as terrorists large grouping of fighters of being in the buffer zone which is a 20 kilometer section between the opposing forces and that is really still a problem no one has control over this faction a very large faction so in this statement the joint statement simply refers to reaffirming ultimate the elimination of terrorist groups h.g.'s and others and also goes on to say that they have to all sides have to follow the
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morals set down the regulations set down in the socially agreement back in september 2800 but what does this all this mean well the opposition who say they're only here for one reason and that's to try to stop the killing the bombing in the province they're very skeptical this is what one delegate had to say. ceasefire never worked for a long time so we are ready for any surprises and. the regime supported by russia's always finding reasons to. attack it live again and cause casualties on civilians it's using this as a card to to you know tell the international society that we have a terrorist be considered a regime and russia because they're all population living in it as terrorists so right now yes we might have
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a cease fire but actually we have never trusted russia and the regime to have a sustainable ceasefire agreement and andrew doesn't look like that the un secretary general's announcement about an investigation into russia over its bombing campaign had an impact there. not necessarily there has been a fiery response from russia about that investigation it's really being used words using words like propaganda and false hoods in the past but we're hearing from sources that russia really is keen on a ceasefire there was been very little progress by the syrian regime and even the russian bombing in terms of actually getting control of the other parts of the northwest region and so therefore there is a general feeling that diplomatic solutions have to be sort of however the russian
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the syrian regime is intent on taking this space this taking it has a scorched earth policy that's the view of the opposition and the so we're talking here about so many civilians 3000000 all in that region being under threat still this really represents some form of karm some form of. safety for a while but the fear is that it won't take much time before there is a response to what the russians and the syrian regime will call provocation for what they call terror groups under simmons live for us in norse tom thank you very much let's talk now to sami hamdi he's editor in chief of the international interest account affairs magazine on the middle east he joins us from london sorry i'm be welcome back to they are just your news are no people are focusing in on this idea of constitutional committees that work.
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yes it is the one refusing the constitutional committee the idea is that this committee will come together made up of the regime made up of the opposition go through clause of the constitution that includes that the back party are the only ones who can rule that includes that there cannot be other political parties and the like there is this idea of altering the constitution over what is vital about this stunning agreement is the environment in which it is actually taking place the circumstances have changed from the previous a stunning meeting this time turkey is a key player in the sense that the russians are trying to balance between their relationship between us and their relationship between turkey they're aware that the turks are providing logistics providing support for the groups that are fighting the assad regime not necessarily because they want to defeat us it but because they are upset that neither russia all the us are taking into account that they want to preserve the security of their border the northern border in particular in other words until there is clarity about what happens in the future syria in the northern region until there is a guarantee that there will not be an independent kurdish state to continue backing those forces for the russians they have not been willing to back as 100 percent in
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taking it because they do not want to upset the turks as it has been frustrated the iranian militias that he relies on refused to go north because all they're interested in is securing the bridge that goes from iran iraq's southern syria into lebanon they see no interest whatsoever in going to the north so he's been struggling on that front and the russians are only willing to provide air support with regards to lives as it has lost many troops and tanks in trying to seize it and he's very upset that the russians now are genuinely thinking that maybe they should go towards this constitutional committee he feels that the russians and the iranians are now believing that yes it is dispensable not the regime as you'll notice as it has done reshuffles in his government because he fears that the russians in the iranians it is a possibility that they might try to create power factions contrary to said or against said within damascus itself because the iraq let me just interrupt you there for a 2nd just to boil down what you're saying to us then would it be fair to say that bashar assad wants to completely take it lube but he can't because the russians are
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only prepared to go so far and the iranians feel they don't need to go any further than they've gone. exactly and the turks as well are making sure they're basically threatening to saying look if the u.s. won't give us a safe zone will go into northern syria and we'll establish our area in northern syria and will become the guarantees this a guarantees of security that the russians don't want the turks to go in but they also don't want to upset the turks so russia is trying to play there is a really good saying in arabic school shouted my ear which is when you try to keep even the most basic of relationship with your enemy russia is trying to play between s.s. and the turks it is making the turks happy but it is infuriating s.s. and this is why we see it as stunning even though there was much hope for a constitutional committee as it is outright refusing it because he fears that his days are becoming numbered so he will have to leave it there great to talk to you as about many thanks. libya's interior minister has ordered the closure of 3 migrant sentient centers after condemnation from the un over conditions there 2
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facilities are in the coastal cities of misrata and homs the 3rd is into georgia and that's a suburb of the capital tripoli forces loyal to the warlord holly for half the hit that facility in strikes a month ago killing at least $52.00 migrants in the census is under way but it's unclear where the migrants are now being sent. one year since the outbreak of ebola in the d.r. see the democratic republic of congo the death toll continues to rise to more cases have been detected in the eastern city of goma prompted rwanda to briefly close crossings to the border city on thursday catherine sawyer has more now from nairobi . on a normal morning this main border crossing between the democratic republic of congo and rwanda is busy with people going back and forth 15000 people use this crossing daily as families visit relatives and trade to stake their goods to the market millions of dollars a made in border trade every year but for
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a few hours on thursday the barriers walk losed their run down government saying it wanted to evaluate their bullets situation in the congolese city of goma. their decision taken by a 200 to close the border it's not a good position that people are television but they haven't checked it that yeah on the border. that. we crossed over yesterday and we didn't have any problems here but a large quantity of corn but this morning we came back to get our goods and they forbade us from crossing into london because the customs office was not working quiet about it and he said it's because of the. health workers in goma say they are well prepared and are continuing to trace people who could have made contact with a bottle of ink tims when the wild health organization declared a bola in the d r c a public health emergency of international concern on the shoals want countries against closing borders saying people may start using
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informal crossings where there are no proper medical check points and this could just make things west we're talking hundreds of crossings if not more. so that's kind of it's counterproductive because it interferes with that and then secondly people find another way or more remote here is where if you can do across the knee border you can find a different way. a vaccination campaign is under way and other regions in the eastern d.r. c but a controversial proposal by the world health organization to deploy a new 2nd vaccine for clinical trials is raising concern this new maxine that's being discussed is one that requires 2 doses about 56 days apart so there's a lot of discussion about if we know we have an effective vaccine that's being used and has taken so long to get acceptance by the population if there's enough of that dexie and we know it's effective why introduce another vaccine into into this
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outbreak for now at the border travelers are relieved that operations are back to normal but many people in this city of around 2000000 are afraid that the disease that has arrived on the doorstep may spread catherine sorry al-jazeera nairobi kenya. let's get more on that story for you joining us here on the news our malcolm web our correspondent also in nairobi malcolm how bad do they think it might get. for the fears are that in a city like goma which as the population is not really known hasn't been affected senses there from. many years a lot of people think it's $2000000.00 a lot of people think it could be a lot more and it's a joins to the neighboring rwandan city of descent is basically one area where the border running through the middle. break since it started a year ago has reached such a densely populated urban area the fear is of course the number of cases could grow
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exponentially within goma there's a lot of poverty a lot of crime being. response major challenges from trying to vaccinate people many people haven't wanted to to be vaccinated also communicating preventing travel going to become much more difficult now that the virus outbreak of the virus has reached this densely populated area on the border between 2 countries and do you think that the relevant authorities in the medical agencies that were involved in the ground 0 campaign against can sustain what they've been doing so far. with their own talking about stepping it up step it up as we saw in katherine story there is talk about bringing in a 2nd new type of vaccine. regarding that the congolese health minister former
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health minister he resigned days ago said that congolese people are being used as guinea pigs but then on the other hand are people saying that everything that can possibly be done needs to be done before this gets any worse it's congo's worst ever polar outbreak and it's the 2nd worst that the world has ever seen the health officials have the health workers have faced major challenges there's a lot of mistrust in this area in eastern congo of government governments have been associated with violent armed groups the neighboring governments have committed atrocities general failure to provide public services even at the best of times now that means when governments and health officials are asking people to be vaccinated asking to take away bodies in bags and they beat me to a lot of resistance and skepticism from the local population makes the health response difficult welcome thanks very much. in a moment we'll be joined by jenny with your very latest world weather forecast but
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also still to come here on news. they vote for any democrat in 2020 years a vote for the rise of radical socialism. u.s. president donald trump is back out on the campaign trail and immigration still top of the agenda. in the sports news the form a major champion aiming to win his 1st title in more than 2 years. hello there will still continuing to pound much of southern china it's all among this massive cloud you can see on the satellite but have a look at these pictures because it really is impacting heinen and guangdong province now this is actually pictures taken from thursday said the cleanup operation has already very much begun they're very on top of things of course in
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southern china they can see here just how ferocious these waves have been of course with the strength of those tropical storm winds that it is the time being a tropical storm it is expected of course to actually weaken but it will continue to produce some very very heavy amounts of rain so this huge an idea where it is at the moment as i say it's mixed within all that cabot really what it's going to do is continue just to hug the coastline and so continue to bring these very heavy amounts of rain in the last 24 hours we've had a couple of high totals 173 millimeters 132 but remember all this rain is being added on to walls is already there so over the next couple of days as a system continues to work its way along that south coast heading towards the southwest you keep relations will continue to add up and you can see here on this chart the colors so in these areas of yellow nickels northern vietnam is really getting a lot of rain to the system is heading in that general direction so we're looking at another $250.00 millimeters of rain in the next 3 days so all of this could well
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lead to some widespread flooding so we'll keep on top of it and keep you well updated. sponsored by qatar in. a conflict that is now considered to be the world's worst humanitarian crisis how many did not have to die it's still responses on are really for sale and investigation into how billions of euros are made from supplying arms to saudi arabia a leader of the coalition fighting a war in the south the case. yemen war profiteers on al jazeera. america is divided like never before. inside a cell convinced that they're absolutely correct that the other side is dangerous people in power investigates how partisan politics on eroding the civil norm is vital to american democracy every indicator shows america to be the least well
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functioning democracy of any established. one of the strange death of american civility announces the era. welcome back welcome if you just joining us you're watching news our live from dallas just a truck through the top story south korean president has held an emergency cabinet meeting to condemn japan's decision to impose trade restrictions mr moon says he will remove japan from its own list of countries with preferential trading status. the south korean military says north korea has launched a short range missile from its eastern coast if confirmed it will be the 1st such launched in just over one week. one year since the outbreak of the ebola crisis in
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the d.r. see the death toll is rising to more cases have been detected in the eastern city of goma. the u.s. president donald trump is back on the campaign trail taking his 2020 reelection bid to the city of cincinnati in ohio there he launched a blistering attack on his democratic rivals but the issue of immigration soon became the big talking point heidi joe castro was there. democrat lawmakers care more about illegal aliens a protester holding a banner reading immigrants built america took the air out of trump's speech for about 5 minutes but the president largely avoided attacking minority and immigrant leaders by name a practice his opponents had labeled racist instead trump doubled down on criticism of the majority african-american city of baltimore the homicide rate in baltimore
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is significantly higher than el salvador honduras guatemala i believe it's higher than afghanistan thousands of supporters have lined up for hours to attend the rally he's only saying the truth and i don't know how that's racist if to say a place is trash and he's not racist at all he's just merely pointing out the problems that exist in our society and we're just going to have to correct trump pointed to the declining number of border arrests as a product of his hardline policies despite criticism of his administration's detention of children in squalid conditions trump lauded his crackdown at the border and the numbers are way down you'll see that way way down. democrat lawmakers care more about illegal aliens than they care about their own constituents they put foreign citizens before american citizens we're not going to
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do that the last few days have seen the democratic presidential candidates in the spotlight back to back televised debates with trump attacking their performance polling shows democratic front runner joe biden leads trump by 8 points in ohio at this early stage of the election season a vote for any democrat in 2020 years a vote for the rise of radical socialism and the destruction of our great our beautiful our wonderful american dream we're not going to lead our country ever go down the route of socialism the trump campaign says ohio is a must win state in 2020 this bellwether state has in fact picked the presidential winner nationally going on for more than 50 years and so we will hear much more about ohio as the battleground between front and the democratic nominee joe castro
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al-jazeera cincinnati ohio. asylum seekers in mexico who've been sent back from the u.s. while waiting for an on site can now use a new shell to ensure top what is the center was opened by the mexican government and is the 1st of its kind to come house more than 3000 people the government says new shelters will open student teyana and no way for low grade to the u.s. has returned more than 20000 asylum seekers to wait in mexico since the program began last january. the u.s. is pulling out of an international arms control agreement on friday the in to mediate range nuclear forces treaty was signed with the former soviet union during the cold war but the trumpet ministration says russia has not kept. to its side of the bargain white house correspondent kimberly hellcat explains. it's a treaty u.s. president donald trump has repeatedly accused russia of violating right guys not
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adhering to the agreement they should have been done years ago the intermediate range nuclear forces treaty was signed in 1987 by then u.s. president ronald reagan and soviet leader mikhail gorbachev for 31 years it's ban both sides from deploying medium range land based missiles halting the arms race between the 2 superpowers but washington and moscow clashed for years over russia's development and deployment of a cruise missile system the united states and its allies say was prohibited under the cold war pact in february us secretary of state mike pump a 0 announced that of russia did not begin to comply with the agreement the u.s. would withdraw on august 2nd russia has jeopardized the united states' security interests and we can no longer be restricted by the treaty while russia shamelessly violates that announcement prompted russian president vladimir putin in the united states against deploying new missiles in europe well showcasing next generation
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russian weaponry i'd like to tell you about this hypersonic missile which can travel at about 9 times the speed of sound has a range of more than 1000 kilometers for months nato leaders urged russia to comply with the deal to prevent its collapse u.s. concerns on nato concerns about the new russian missiles have been raised with russia over several years but last minute pleas to keep that deal intact failed in july putin signed a law suspending russia's participation in the agreement now hopes are diminishing for preserving the last remaining arms pact between the united states and russia the new start treaty signed in 2010 and set to. higher 2021 trumps national security adviser john bolton has called the treaty flawed i fear that without i and now and with the attitude of mr ball with
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a lack of interest and focus of president we end up with out a new start treaty as well we go into a nuclear arms race like we saw in the 1960 s. only more expensive and more dangerous the pentagon has announced it will begin flight tests of new intermediate range ballistic missiles and cruise missiles by the end of this year and it's requested funding to develop new missile systems that previously would have been prohibited under the eye enough treaty kimberly helped get al-jazeera the white house ok let's talk to terry gross fee's a nuclear arms control specialists he worked previously for the international atomic energy agency he joins us from vienna telegraph need so is blaming the russians is that fair it's not entirely fair because the russians have also konqueror accuse that the united states is in violation of the iron f. preview on 3 counts that they have a lawn chair that can launch
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a long range cruise missiles and some of these are deployed in poland and in romania they're also complain that they hear up and missile test missile also qualifies as an intermediate range missile ban by the i.n.f. treaty and thirdly they argue that heavy combat drones like the predator have a range in excess of 500 kilometers and therefore also is covered by the iron afridi so both sides have accusations against each other and it's very unfortunate that this treaty is going down that you why would either side within the strictures of what they had signed up to why would either side do the wrong thing because then the world is in a lose lose situation potentially. that's a very good question when under the bush administration in the year 2000 the united states would drew from the seminal antiballistic missile treaty a few years after that president putin said for the 1st time that this i.n.f.
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treaty no longer serves russian security interests because countries like china were also developing missiles in the range of i n f but later on under the obama administration in 2013 where the 1st allegations were made about this current missile which is the 9 m. a $7.00 to $9.00 that the u.s. believes has a range in excess of 500 kilometers whereas the russians argue that the 9 m. $7.00 to $9.00 cruise missile has a range of only 480 kilometers so both sides have also charged that not only china but india pakistan iran and israel have missiles that fall in the eye and therefore ange so there is a multiplicity of reasons and also both the russians and the americans unfortunately are now moving to nuclear war fighting back cranes developing low yield nuclear weapons and moving to a posture that looks at early use of nuclear weapons to stop
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a conventional war ok here's the thing when you start talking about nuclear site seeing doctrines that sounds like the choreography the language of what may become another arms race. that's absolutely correct for in the united states' nuclear posture review of earlier this year and then the nuclear operations guidance that came on came out in june this year it's very explicitly stated that the u.s. would use low yield or small nuclear weapons to prevail in a conflict and to restore strategic stability on the other side the russians argued that they now have. imbalance they have nato conventional forces are superior and they could use nuclear weapons to escalate to deescalate in other words to stop a nato conventional attack against them by early use of nuclear weapons so this is very dangerous rhetoric and i think the world needs to be concerned and we all need to speak out against that telegraph in vienna thank you so much. sudan's military
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has dismissed and detained 19 members of a paramilitary group it says are responsible for the killing of protesters in amman and by doctors say at least 5 people were killed during next month marches on thursday demonstrators were running against the killing on monday of at least 6 other protesters the military is blaming the paramilitary rapid support forces for those deaths. mozambique's president has struck a peace deal with the leader of a former rebel movement ending years of hostilities phillippi and you see sign the agreement with a soulful moderate who leads the unarmored that's the main opposition party its armed wing is disbanding as part of the deal is shelob alice.


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