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tv   Yemen War Profiteers  Al Jazeera  August 3, 2019 4:00am-5:01am +03

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again he certainly sorts of steps before only to back down he is saying though that he is staying firm to this of september 1st pretty much everything china imports in the u.s. will have some sort of duty whether it be 2010 percent or 25 percent but the president says he's going to do it thank you very much patty call hain in washington where it's not just trade tensions between the u.s. and china that have been escalating there is a political standoff unfolding and i mean that has plunged relations between japan and south korea to that the lowest levels in years south korea south korea saying that it will remove japan from its list of preferential trading partners that's in response to tokyo's early decision to drop south korea's fast track export status bright has more on this from seoul at an emergency cabinet meeting called to discuss the deepening rift with japan president moon j.n. of south korea laid the blame squarely with his neighbor.
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japan's decision is a reckless decision that projects diplomatic efforts to solve the problem and rather worsens the situation i express my deep regret he was responding to the latest escalation in the trade dispute with japan removing south korea from the so-called white list of countries allowed to receive exports of sensitive strategic components that it needs for its high tech manufacturing. it comes on top of restrictions last month on the export of raw materials for the production of semiconductors in south korea with fears of a knock on effect to manufacturing in neighboring countries. japan denies it's linked to a decade's old dispute over its water time record. deal this move was approved to revise japan's export controls appropriately and was not intended to hurt japan south korea relations or to craft counter measures japan has been angered by a supreme court ruling in favor of victims of forced labor during world war 2 with
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several japanese firms ordered to pay compensation that's despite japan's insistence that an agreement in $965.00 was meant to have resolved the issue once and for all but those studying the history of the turbulent relationship say it's clear the 2 sides have always held opposing views on the nature of that agreement. is one having up until now they have lived with their separate interpretations but this state of agreeing to disagree has been shaken and can no longer stand after this court decision and now we are at a most critical juncture in korea japan relations and now south korea is saying it will retaliate and remove japan from its list of preferential trade partners further worsening the dispute rob mcbride al-jazeera soul. as more still ahead on the program tens of thousands of civil servants in hong kong defy a government warning and show their support for pro-democracy protests and we'll
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tell you why britain's new prime minister is that really clinging to power. hello there is not a particularly sunlight picture across much of europe at the moment we've seen cloud we've seen rain some strong thunderstorms and there's more of that in the forecast as we start the beginning of the weekend now this is a bunch of clouds here but actually some warnings in place across is the region of europe as we continue through friday into saturday for more of these a strong thunderstorms not to worship temperatures a little bit lower but it's not exactly cold but it is a very very unsettled picture where it is rather cool is up there in super western russia moscow 17 degrees celsius is about 5 or 6 degrees below the average for this time of year meanwhile across the northwest but a break on friday look at this by saturday the rain and the back in the forecast
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spilling right their way across the channel on into northern and western areas over france on a scent of patients sunday so although i'd be particularly wet it will be a cloudy and probably feeling quite humid to the high of 26 in london sunny skies over madrid at 36 but that rain working its way further eastwards so we'll see quite a line of rain quite heavy at times and thunderstorms in there working the way through ukraine and again pushing up into western areas of russia so that 15 degrees is the best you'll see in moscow than we had down into northern africa is fine and dry no sign of any rain here tom just typically around the low to mid thirty's who had a warm 1st encounter on suffer day and then on sunday was the 36 in tunis. following 2 fatal crashes in the past year boeing decided to brown the brand new 737 max but this wasn't the 1st time they're grounded a new aircraft back in 2013 the 77 dreamliner ran into trouble when the battery
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caught fire but as alan does the u.s. investigative unit discovered there was new to the problem the just smoking batteries. rewind broken during the boeing 787 on al-jazeera. welcome back just a quick look at headlines now a cease fire in serious last rebel held province of idlib appears to be holding a finale after months of deadly ogmund on the say there were no as strikes in northwest syria on friday. there are warnings the latest of outbreak in the democratic republic of congo could last up to 3 years and that's the government improves its strategy the country's abode
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a response team says only hard of all cases are being identified. and u.s. president donald trump has announced a deal to sell more american beef to year up exports of the bloc will increase by more than 40 percent in the 1st year but the deal still needs to be approved by the parliament. china's ambassador to the u.n. says pro-democracy protests in hong kong should not be allowed to continue calling it reprehensible behavior that says thousands of civil servants defied government warnings and rallied in support of the demonstrators this is the 1st time government employees have joined the protest with many choosing to lost their identity they're demanding an independent investigation into alleged police brutality during weeks of protests which all started over a controversial extradition bill thomas brings us more now from hong kong. the been a lot of protests in recent weeks here but the hotz none as significant as this one because things people are really civil servants they would hold the government the
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government their employer that they have come out to protest against and that is despite an open letter published on thursday by the government to carry land saying the civil servant should not take part in this protest or any other so as to preserve the impossibility but they come out to meet strains of thousands filling this square here it's a capacity all the main roads around here are blocked with crowds of goods as well people i've spoken to here say that they felt they had to come out to show their support for protest as they said it has nothing to do with their employer the government what they do in their free time i spoke to a math teacher i spoke to translate some doctors as well say that this he's more in full frankly of what they do day to day in terms of working for the government now this cycle has been a completely peaceful protest there are a whole protest planned over the weekend too on saturday a further what on sunday and on monday calls for a strike right across from the. the governor of the u.s.
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territory of puerto rico is just stepped down in just a few hours time after triggering a political scandal that led to mass anti-government protests a counter to syria has said he would resign after public anger erupt over the corruption leaked obscene messages between him and his advisors a sale has put forward former congressman pedre perron we see to take over but questions over potential conflicts of interest have slowed his confirmation ok but joins us live now from san juan so why the on easiness of parenting we see. well he's got a lot of conflict of interests and that's why they're simply waiting before they confirm him if they even do confirm him he's a well known politician a very well respected doesn't have any ties to any corruption so to speak but. he was just nominated for this position to become the next governor just a couple of days ago and back here in this congress building you see behind me
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they've been the lower house of congress has been going through their deliberations with him for several hours and it does not appear very unlikely at least that he will get confirmed in the next hour and a half or so because in an hour and a half 5 pm local time here is when the governor is expected to step down and at some point someone has to fill the shoes of the governorship at that point and if he's not confirmed it will then go to the minister of justice one the basque is but she says she was even want the job so in short we've got a lot of confusion a lot of uncertainty and puerto rico right now is living through a constitutional crisis quite frankly no one knows what the future holds the next few hours but certainly a lot of people here very much on edge it's a great deal of uncertainty over the territory regardless all when that replacement is confined to cars that i say oh on that little protest planned. there are people
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have been pretty quiet the last day or 2 kind of waiting to see how this as they say mess transpires here it really is quite a quite a political mess if you will. but there are protests planned for this evening people are very upset with how this whole entire process has gone they think that this is not properly they want a good government in place they don't think they're going to get that here they think there's a lot of political games being played and there are protests being planned we saw several dozen riot police within the last hour or so being sent to la porte the laser the governor's mansion for what's expected to be some sort of protests in the early evening hours here in puerto rico but everyone right now is just waiting in the next hour and a half or so to see who will be the next governor and that will probably determine how big these protests are but sue clearly a lot of people here still very upset thank you very much with the latest from san juan gabriel. well in algeria thousands of protesters there of turned
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out for nationwide antigovernment protests now for the 24th consecutive week they are pushing for a complete overhaul of the country's ruling elite after the president stepped down in april elections planned for last month were canceled because of a lack of candidates the interim leader has set up a panel to oversee a national dialogue aimed at ending the political crisis. in libya will shut down 3 of its biggest migration detention centers after criticism from the united nations over there conditions officials have started evacuating the centers but it's not clear where the migrants are being sent one of the facilities is in a suburb of the capital tripoli forces loyal to walter leaf after hit that facility in an airstrike about a month ago killing at least $52.00 migrants which we are calling on now is for an orderly release before if you g.'s in detention centers to urban settings and we stand ready to provide for to you to provide these people
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with assistance through our urban programs asylum seekers and refugees should not be kept in detention we absolutely oppose any idea of the to any children. in whether they are refugees or asylum seekers who migrate. just 8 days out of a coming british prime minister and promising to take the u.k. out of the e.u. by the 31st of october arse johnson is just about holding on to power as conservative party lost a fiercely contested vote in wales cutting johnson's majority in parliament to just one seat or a challenge reports dream dodds is duly elected member of parliament for the said constituency was the announcement was made in an echo we haul in mid wales but this result will be heard very clearly in london the liberal
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democrats have taken this seat of brecken and ravisher from the ruling conservative party their whittles boris johnson's parliamentary majority down to just one m.p. the new leader's pre-vote visit to wales wasn't enough to prevent the chances of a government collapse going up barely 9 days since he took over as prime minister this is why this by election was so significant because we're looking at general election very shortly and it really shows some of the key factors that are going to be playing up in the election i was surgeon were made a vote under the liberal democrats and also bracks a party to contend with. the liberal democrats newest m.p. was clear about what she thinks this results means. and here we stand. thursday was johnson's bubble in the 1st week it was premonition. and here we are saying very loud. because we're just here. will not tolerate a new deal right. but somebody says do you want to know deal breaks it and although
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nigel farage is breaks it party didn't perform quite as well as they might have hoped with 10 percent of the votes they still arguably cost the conservative m.p. his seat by splitting the preprinted vote although local issues are often important for by election results this one could also be seen as another example of how brics it is rewriting the balance of britain's political system with supports for smaller parties like the lib dems and the bracks it party on the rise at the expense of the big 2 labor and the conservatives when parliament returns from recess at the beginning of september they will have less than 2 months to break that day and boris johnson the man who said he will deliver it come what may is clinging on to power by his fingertips or a chance now to 0 london a 6.8 magnitude earthquake struck off the coast of the indonesian island of java a jolt which was around 40 kilometers day it was felt as far as the capital jakarta
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it initially triggered a tsunami warning with authorities are asking people to head to higher ground but the alert was later lifted. meanwhile forest fires in indonesia are threatening the lives of endangered elephants and nature sanctuary animals have been fleeing the flames in the tests nearly a national park which is home to 140 elephants 6 indonesian provinces have declared a state of emergency over the blazes and 6000 people are involved in firefighting efforts. the densely populated community of broken in the name capital across has produced some of africa's finest boxes among them is a zuma nelson widely considered the continent's best ever fighter algis there is an interest travel to book him to meet the young boxers hoping to follow in his footsteps. this is one of the 20 bucks in gyms in.
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it's a step it's crowded with young men wanting to following the footsteps of their heroes . 17 year or philip trained here every day for the last 6 years. like many boys and girls in the community he dropped out of school to focus on boxing. every day of the year we wake up and go to the gym and fart and some people see me as a potential well champion but his parents want him to stay in school but says right now he's focused on his ambition. his coach says boxing up as a life to young men like philip who otherwise would be out on the streets with bad company. a little. give him some career. we have a little bit of this in looking at the. history and the $100.00 decision community. everyone in. the game it's
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a tough neighborhood. a limited wide that this area has africa's best roxas. a short distance away. on a continental championship. and growing up she had to dream. to join the army and be a good boxer. she believes doing well in the competition will help achieve a 2nd ambition but she's not happy with the lack of opportunity for girls in the sport if we are being given treatment. there's no way we're. going to will be get out of. this the way we come to training and no one want to be top. 40 days confident of reaching our goals of becoming a professional boxer but not many young women and girls can see that. it was. the other hand has a lot of ground to cover. as competition here is stiff and there is little help
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coming his way but says he is determined to give his best to get there. at the crease al-jazeera. gaba. now scientists according to an arctic miracle a recording of songs by beluga whales that was lost near the finals of canada has been found the crew of a swedish icebreaker ship located the research boy containing the recordings adrift in hazardous pack ice yes that's why they were a team tracking the device via satellite from california contacted the ship which staged an impromptu rescue it recovered a year's worth of songs by the new go whiles we've been nicknamed the canaries of the sea the device aims to use recordings to better understand the impact of climate change on the marine life it'll be fascinating to know what it sounds like .
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just a quick recap of the headlines now months of deadly bombardment have come to a pause in northwest syria after the government announced a conditional cease fire as strikes have halted in any province which is syria's last rebel stronghold the truce was announced during peace talks in kazakhstan the opposition says they will abide by the dail as long as the government doesn't violate it what. we withdrew the heavy weapons following the sochi agreement with the regime violated this agreement and took advantage of the withdrawal so they can launch their cunning criminal attacks if the regime commits to the cease fire we will commit on our end and there will not be any need to talk about heavy weapons in the area. araf is the latest break in the democratic republic of congo could last for 2 to 3 years the country's about a response team is saying the government is only identifying identifying about 50 percent of all cases out there with orgies of trying to trace anyone who came into contact with the latest victim of the virus in the city of goma they say the man
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who died on wednesday had a large family and infected several people u.s. president donald trump has announced a deal to sell more american beef to europe its government says it's a modest win as washington's trade war with china escalates exports to the bloc will increase by more than 40 percent in the 1st year but the deal still needs to be approved by the parliament. the governor of the u.s. territory of puerto rico's due to step down in a few hours time off to triggering a political scandal that led to mass anti-government protests a card or a sale said he would resign after public anger erupted of a corruption and leaked messages between him and his advisors the exchange showed the governess team making sexist and homophobic comments and thousands of protesters in algeria have turned out for nationwide anti-government protests for the 24th consecutive week of pushing for a complete overhaul of the country's ruling elite after the president stepped down
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in april algeria's interim leaders set off a panel to oversee a national dialogue aimed at ending the political crisis those are the top stories this hour do stay with us for rebel education that is the program coming up next we'll have another update for you after that. education matters the universal rights to expand arise and offer better prospects the passport to a better life yet around the globe schools an institution at breaking point system has been deemed to be no longer valid apartment. linking one school of all
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and how they won identifying the sale of the knowledge needed in the 21st century and now a new wave of rebel education is sweeping. educate a radically changing the way people live challenging the order and walk the earth of creating opportunities which will impact in the benchmark and then tired commutes. since 91 i mean it has been changing quite fast but you can still feel the legacy and the luggage that came from the soviet union and its past i personally to
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came so i mean 1997 when i was involved in any internet based educational project a few years later when i moved to a menial i realized i mean an indication of them even though you really go in and sounds but he was lacking the creativity that that could really be the problem solving and there is a peak we need to link education with technology and be able to develop a new generation of competitive i mean.
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this says to me all this is an afterschool program for a young 12 8 to 18 year old they come free of charge and this is the place where art meets technology and where students get to create their or nonbeing plan it is a place where we put them in an environment where they can absorb as much as possible. i don't. know that he's going to do stuff in my opinion and i'm not. and that's ok. the. one of the beauties of 2 more is being
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able to invite the amazing professionals from around the world sometimes i mean yes sometimes and i mean yes but who knows by the way that sprouts coming and being able to teach and bombard them with all the solo each and every source says that this professionals have to use all of the kind of hearing about artists who each one of us can share. music can share some beautiful ideas to work in a team to collaborate to create something really very well you know if you feel it's really unique opportunity and i'm very excited by it 1st of the bit gifu if you love me this interest and work for me just sucked it up on your arm and you into my i don't have the grades and if you feel it's ok you learn from philo but in school you fail it's bad you have to do more good than stuff so should we have them
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go rewrite the verse yeah newberg not the rewrite new version entirely the verse to compress crap it through trash let me see the lyrics you do what you used to live and you decide your path here's what i would do ready your your prick or this brings in the idea that you're under the same skies without saying good words guys and then you're chorus puts the 2 together. all right i was attacked doing. it's a tall order it's really cool to see just even and weekly you guys have done with some of the things that we've talked you know it's really impressive and we go on and we talk about like how impressed we are by that stuff up and it's been so much fun like there's so much yet to show you i really can't throw enough who will stuff with you guys with. you as your new 3 knowing you'll be ready to go for something else you know that's also on the mind was take your time with when i came here the 1st day i was like was like this doesn't look like
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a technology school you come here and it looks like like the crime lab in a television show with like these huge snakes of wires everywhere and robots and like the the newest technology the newest design it's. it's such an incredible opportunity and i don't i don't just think like oh it's an incredible opportunity if you're from armenia it's an incredible opportunity for anyone anywhere right to see this facility it's an outstanding facility and it's very well run it's right to move with you know we could play yes.
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right sitting clearly in the jungle much but that. said about specific body out i just yesterday's make a detour encountered already don't. think start us and you're the bank you're committing come with its. stomach not evolution i might have affection but look nicer to wash up with children at the shot or i should. shut up or sort of worry and then such as for as high as the momentum is by the government in kabul or goal driven scotto me i think you should be a good little me thought he could get on. which new stuff got us cuss over us about the war and left j. m c r us and make into minds in the midst.
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of that and that's not going to have no bearing on the 1st thank you for a fill in for a picture which cake make the tank where it hits were bits. of it. to defeat you a chance for success and soon soon to walk. we're told them how to do the graffiti how to build the defeated outer how to sketch the letters and the most important goods and i mean you could do it in their own letters.
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this workshop was amazing and it's very fun to work in omar my mind is just full with all that i learned here i think every kid wants to be here to be a tomorrow if it's amazing. being teenager is really difficulty and everything else like a lot of the r.c. church teachers are from so geared to. them so you are a bit confused about what you learned but here you are to him it's news to people who have new ideology able to tell you a lot so this is really going to place here they say here is your have trained here is your campus go and do whatever you want to do. it's the 1st time they used and the 1st time they do
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a compass so for me this one mature firesign minute i can sort of choice so for the $1000.00 and i think the outcome of. the students was really impressed. right then. by the way the loss was 11 years ago we decided to move out which was quite a decision. but within the realize we're moving here for for that long with other coming for one or 2 year assignment. which ended up being an 11 year kind of lifetime decision. i think that the thing we murdered about most having 5 children at different ages was their education we didn't know whether we were ruining their future or giving them a huge opportunity. i remember our. one of our younger son's crying when he
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1st saw the can the school conditions in which he would would have to study just the physical state of the school or something he was not used to and of course any time your child cries a parent the things what am i doing today it turned out ok though. their me education system is very traditional it's a lot of rote learning you go home you do your homework you come back the teacher lectures you now a lot of activities in class i had a lot of tests the saying indefinite left its mark because most of my speeches at least were teachers back then so their form of teaching their form of shape teaching and stayed with them was in the you know the new. things. the new life sounds like keeping up with because. my parents are very large from
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education obviously my mother being an education specialist and my dad always had a passion for it. what army and school lacked in their creativity and innovation they really fostered ish. that they never got the chance to do. i'm going to need some of the green i'll. give break is the 2nd city i read. was demolished by. earthquake he really didn't get to recover completely after the earthquake you can still see the damages and. after they were never able to cover and that still is very vivid in their memories. a lot of international came
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and they try to rebuild it but it was mismanage the fact that he was dispatching a lot of cooption. misuse of. resources it was a waste that's a shame of course we're all trying to recover that now and leave the past and think of the future and it's happening but it took time. so this is to hold your marine we open the doors a year ago we started this project with 600 sudanese mine if you up 299-2500 we have a waiting list off $300.00 more if. we consider holding the line.
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you can see your chairs there. if you can see screeners are. they're not there for you kyra. but they're getting. the word that the. you know. the way. it was going. so it are going to see our new tomorrow i know i know you're going to say are you crazy but this is it they i'm in love with this place this is a big challenge for us but this is when we saw it we all fell in love we said this
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is it this is the space we're going to convert to this to an amazing tomorrow it used to be an alternator i think if i'm not mistaken it was built in 860 it went through 2 big earthquakes it was the home of the 1st opera it's a it's a very important armenian opera and every time i get here i i feel it i can feel i can feel the theater i can feel the people i can feel the spirit. it's not like you're building something from scratch very easy to do no we are solving the problem and we want the kids to understand that that along you life through your professional life you always have to solve problems to be creative to find solutions to make it exciting and that makes to more more interesting i guess the fact that this was difficult difficult project made does right away decide this is it this is what we want to do. and. said above.
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ground 0 2. 000. 00 much to my sports car you could hang on to any more because pa has become funny are. not according to my notice my return to the votes. would have been with the no more tickets also here's what i would do we've got the bulk of the song absolutely but only one more pass of. the end there baby so proud don't just. say it's a funky. well you know that your metal music well done. well. i am doing the most important.
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for children all it is important to spread them not only in the main cities it is important to find a solution for the just for the remote areas to see how we can contribute to the development of the scaring us and how we can help people to stay and be able to work again here is where they were born and great. aunts and only go to the country raise her up. in the stores and got this meeting in the open a hostel in boise guy are there and there's just one boris yes mr lu and then this bill reaches me john john with this one still and then if me the star single bit of
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a hostile i'm too low then i just moved us a little they knew it was either get their butts good or thin bundt were saying girl i get a hold of this book they gave shots coming to movie 2 more guys mug a fish needs believe it's need a number just wrapped up in the laying on me so restoring them to their daily routine i must go has to be in there made up with or. rather than with a miscast google book now going to harm me are there some who are still. my loved ones and there are. oh oh oh oh oh. oh oh oh oh.
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oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh i believe that this them a stray sions have a positive aspect to the lives of the citizens in armenia it's part of the growing pains that the population is going through 2 words a brighter future and a more democratic future for the country. and i guess it is a learning moment for all of us it is a learning moment for our students because we're not only thinking about teaching them giving them resources but we also want them to become active citizens people who understand what they want make their own choices for their lives this country needs active citizens needs active participants and these young generation
4:41 am
the new generation is going to be part of it. the 2nd quarter and that people see what you're doing when we 1st asked his deputy which leaders to come to be on our main idea was to drill the performing go to wall in the city. they want to go back to for me to paint something and they gave me a lot of support. to a good spin to the point. of view and you put something to you think from. i go to british students you're with me. i wanted to bring all the
4:42 am
16 but it's a bit hard to recall 16. they helped me a lot when everything. i asked for permission by the was of about a mission it was not a written permission and i knew that i shouldn't go for it and promotion once you go toward a compression you get into detail and i knew that going to the tele was going to be enough. for you 1st thing to do to preserve the childhood you do after destroy the world and noumenon wish to watch it or not store things are to me and for me it is like oh and i have little or save your i don't know from each and every one can look at it in a different way the graph it is of course controversial. you're doing art but sometimes the government or or day authorities are not seeing it as an art piece they're seeing it as damaging the walls of the city. so the fact that
4:43 am
we're participating in that like that is something important for us because it means that we're bringing change we're bringing in a new culture it's just. for your. little. sister. the fact that everybody complains about schools and that schools are killing creativity is sad if we can turn education into something
4:44 am
it's not about fun that it's something interesting and something that's the most important and making people like what they're doing and i guess would create more spaces and places to more where you can make that happen this can be a model towards what education should be geared to and how learning should happen. when i've been planning the 5th anniversary of tumult for a while everybody was looking forward for this event and this day but because of some incidents happening in the city. the opposition started protesting and organizing meetings and in the middle of the night last night we discussed it again and again and we felt something is wrong we should not do it kinetic our search ain't gonna know my child's heart on my source telling me to tar all my.
4:45 am
children you know many inch i'm an inch cherry on. marketing her favor i'm exhausted on many charter length fights cenk on the over over there on her martyr for good. cheer. to mimic it's me or am i doing as if i think how many chant out of the church. will believe. in them. in. the. movie. you. mean you can't touch.
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me and remember when i had my time the only time. i think like that when you're still being. the mayor we stars is not. the money and the people create the country and as well to create 2 months of computer . i guess to my head start to develop.
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adored by millions for challenging social issues head on what women don't say is mexico's longest running sun. as the program celebrates its anniversary the producers revisit one of their most powerful storylines. and discover how the show has affected the women who inspired it and the 1st place. now i have a voice some box mexico on al-jazeera. one of the really special things about working for al-jazeera is that even as a camera woman i get to have so much empathy and contribution to a story i feel we cover this region better than anyone else would be for us as you know it's very challenging liberally but the good because you have a lot of people that are divided on political issues we are we the people we live
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to tell the real story so i'll just mend it is to deliver in-depth journalism we don't feel inferior to the audience across the globe. a conflict that is now considered to be the world's worst humanitarian crisis how many would not have to die behind this or stop these harnesses on are really for sale and investigation into how billions of euros are made from supplying arms to saudi arabia a leader of the coalition fighting a war in yemen the sapphic case is interesting to watch because the amount of money involved yemen war profiteers on al-jazeera. a lot. i'm maryam namazie in london with a quick look at the top stories now months of deadly bombardment have come to a pause in northwest syria after the government announced a conditional cease fire as strikes have halted in
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a province which is syria's last rebel stronghold the truce was announced during peace talks in kazakhstan the opposition says they will abide by the deal as long as the government doesn't violate it andrew symonds is monitoring developments at the peace talks inertial tahn. on the face of it there does seem to be a will for a ceasefire although there are many questions about how long it could last all parties say they intend to move forward with the agreement but there are technicalities which could cripple it very quickly one of them is whether or not all guns all removed from a 20 kilometer buffer zone which was agreed in the socially agreement back in september 28th seen this just in from the opposition spokes person ayman samy he says right now there is no trust right now there are no heavy weapons will be withdrawn again unless there's a signed agreement by russia and the turkish sides then we can talk more about
4:50 am
withdrawing our weapons now that was a precondition from the syrian regime in actually agreeing to the ceasefire in the 1st place so that's one problem and i asked the russian special envoy what he felt about this cease fire. will hope that it will last for a long time but it all depends now you should understand on those radicals because the main problem is that according to the source agreement. it's necessary to create a demand that. a lot of. members of the writers of. situated right now there is no trust right now no heavy weapons will be withdrawn again unless there will be signed guarantees from various parts on the russian and turkey side then we can talk more about we withdrawing our weapons and another problem is the civilians $3000000.00 of them living in the northwest region it live under so
4:51 am
much pressure so much suffering the civilians have to be protected how can that happen to reroute says that the 1st sign of any offensive towards them they will fire back so can the guns keep silent there is a lot of concern about whether that. will continue there's also the issue of the political settlement which has been part of these talks as well there are provisional agreements but nothing could be moved forward it would appear until there is a certainty that the guns are going to remain silent in the northwest region. there are fears the latest about outbreak in the democratic republic of congo could last for 2 to 3 years the country's about a response team says the government there is only identifying about 50 percent of all cases authorities are trying to trace anyone who came into contact with the latest victim of the virus in the congolese city of goma u.s. president donald trump has announced a deal to sell more american beef to europe his government says it's
4:52 am
a modest win as washington's trade war with china escalates exports to the bloc will increase by more than 40 percent in the 1st year but the deal still needs to be approved by the parliament. thousands of protesters in algeria have turned out for a nationwide anti-government protest for the 24th consecutive week they are pushing for a complete overhaul of the country's ruling elite after the president stepped down in april the interim leader has set up a panel to oversee a national dialogue aimed at ending the country's political crisis of the e.u. has chosen bulgaria's crystal as its candidate to lead the international monetary fund the 65 year old is currently chief executive at the world bank the i.m.f. says twin organization a former i.m.f. chief france's christine legarde resigned in july after e.u. leaders chose had to replace mario draghi as european central bank president under a convention with the us a european usually leads the i.m.f.
4:53 am
and american national heads the world bank coming up next rewind where we look at al-jazeera as 2014 investigation into the construction of boeing's 787 dreamliner stay with us for. thanks. hello and welcome again to rewind i'm elizabeth prochnow oddjob want to rewind
4:54 am
a survey visit some of the most important programs and more than a decade of al-jazeera documentaries and to find out how the story has moved on since today we're returning to a film which had a major impact on the world's biggest plane maker in 2019 boeing hit the headlines when they were forced to ground the brand new 737 max after 2 fatal crashes and an asia and ethiopia but this wasn't the 1st time they'd been false to ground a new aircraft type back in 2013 the 787 dreamliner then boeing's newest and most advanced plane ran into trouble midair when a on a flight made an emergency landing in japan after a battery caught fire at high altitude just days earlier a similar problem had occurred on a 787 at logan airport in boston usa the dreamliner
4:55 am
a boeing flagship aircraft was in trouble but as al-jazeera as an investigative unit discovered there was more to worry about on the dreamliner than just smarting batteries from 2014 his broken dreams. generally 1620 searching talk amounts to. a brand new boeing 787 dreamliner makes an emergency landing. passengers muse the plane was in trouble. it was in you give you the ball and chain off. on a. little mikey join you but i see always you know you. have to try to stand up so you know. issue almost.
4:56 am
any you must follow and all you. want about there and all came. to blue books was one of the dreamliner is to listen to my own batteries the most powerful and risky ever committed on a commercial aircraft. it's just the latest in a string of a barrister meant for boeing state of the art aircraft 9 days earlier dreamliner battery that caught fire in boston massachusetts. to battery failures in less than 2 weeks japanese car is all nippon airways and japan airlines are grounded their fleets of buying 787 dreamliner japan airlines and a and a have been the 1st to fly the dreamliner now they became the 1st to counsel all flights breaking news to the united states federal aviation all within 24 hours to u.s. safety regulator the federal aviation administration grounded the 787 all 15 of the
4:57 am
new boeing 787 dreamliner as of now been grounded. the rest of the world followed no boeing fleet had ever been forced from service but on january 17th 20 searching the dream. is over. i'm will jordan. for a year my team and i have been investigating the dreamliner it's the boeing company's big bet on the future a plane created to save fuel improve comfort and boost profits. built in a new way designed and manufactured by schools of companies around the globe. the company that makes the factory is g s you also based in kyoto.
4:58 am
we wanted them to tell us what you've gone so wrong. hi how are you and all. out there. doesn't. wonder when you might be willing to do an interview they refused to. tell me. the battery is only one part of the dreamliner is complex electrical system is also a charger made is a factory thousands of kilometers away what happened there shows boeing learned years ago just how dangerous a lithium ion battery could be. in tucson arizona we tracked down michael lane on. an electrical technician. of your work and electronics since i was 17 years old i joined the paratroopers i was assigned to alectryon a communications
4:59 am
a tie in of the 82nd airborne. and this is the 1st time i've been here since. 2007. it's hard to believe that this is what's left of a 3 story engineering structure. on a november morning in 2006 laon and dozens of other workers cloaked in secure a plane the company that makes the battery charger. and i started a pot of coffee then i went into my lab and started working on my battery charging unit. and then the top and there was a very loud explosion and all of us saw i was lying on the floor and there i was coming out the side of this battery it was about big and it wasn't like fire it looked like a jet afterburner large jet exhaust. the
5:00 am
prototype battery secure plane was using to test its charger had exploded. i heard a very loud series of metallic corralling bangs very kind of a shock and just this jet of steam of fire was literally rolling up the walls around me and on the ceiling i could just see it eating up all around me. i know that if that happened on board an aircraft there there would be no chance of survival. it was the biggest chemical fire into songs history. $10000.00 square foot 3 story structure burnt to the ground. after my building burned down after that they realize very emphatically the danger of this chemistry.


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