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tv   After School - Armenia  Al Jazeera  August 4, 2019 7:32am-8:01am +03

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showing solidarity with the police russian police have arrested more than 800 opposition protesters who are running in moscow after the government disqualified a number of opposition candidates from contesting in city elections next month last saturday more than a 1000 people were arrested at a similarly but were released. shelling close the only functioning port in libya's capital tripoli for several hours on saturday the airport has come under repeated attack since walt cleaver have to launch an offensive to capture the city in april and sudan's military and opposition coalition of finally reached a constitutional agreement but the deal is yet to be signed the agreement should lead to the formation of a transitional government to run sudan until elections are held in 2022 and you can follow those stories on our web site at al-jazeera dot com and back with more news in half an hour next on al-jazeera rebel education do stay with us. the saudi u.a.e. war on yemen has led to thousands of deaths and left millions hungry what role has
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the u.s. played in the world's worst humanitarian crisis is the entity that has the right to begin and robert malley a top advisor on the middle east to president obama talks to al jazeera education matters the universal rights to expand the rise and offer better prospects the passport to a better life yet around the globe schools and institutions braking. systems been deemed to be no longer fit. me thinking one school of and how they one identifying the skills and knowledge needed in the 21st century and now a new wave of rebel education is sweeping. educate and a radically changed the way the land challenge the old and bucking the system creates opportunities which will impact individuals and then tie
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a community. since 91 our media has been changing quite fast but you can still feel the legacy and the luggage that came from the soviet union and its past i purchased to came to i mean 1997 when i was involved in any internet based educational project a few years later when i moved to a menial i realized the i mean an indication of them even though you really go in and sounds but he was lacking the creativity the flexibility the
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problem solving and there is a peak need to link education with technology and be able to develop a new generation of competitive i mean. this says to me all this is an afterschool program for young 12 to 18 year old they come free of charge and this is the place where art meets technology and where students get to create their or nonbeing plan it is a place where we put them in an environment where they can absorb as much as
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possible. i don't like asking her this month now that he's going to do stuff like spending cuts and numbers that's not. working and that's ok. the. one of the beauties of 2 more is being able to invite amazing professionals from around the world sometimes i mean yes sometimes and i mean yes but who knows by the way that sprouts coming and being able to teach and bombard them with all the solo each and every source says that this professionals have the soul of the kind of hearing about
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artists who each one of us can share. music can share some beautiful ideas to work in a team to collaborate to create something really great well you know a beautiful it's really unique opportunity and i'm very excited by it 1st to get food to love me this interest and work for me just sucked it up on the menu into my i don't have the grades and if you feel it's ok you learn from feeling but in school you feel it's bad you have to do more good than stuff so should we have them go rewrite the verse yeah newberg not now rewrite a new version entirely the verse to compress crap it through trash let me see the lyrics you do what you're used to living and you decide your path here's what i would you you're you're pre-court this brings in the idea that you're under the same skies without saying good words guys and then you're chorus puts the 2
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together. all right i was attacked doing. it's a tall order it's really cool to see just even and weekly you guys have done with some of the things that we've talked you know it's really impressive and we go on and we talk about like how impressed we are by that you soak so much stuff up and it's been so much fun like there's so much yet to show you that really gets thrown of cool stuff with you guys with. you absorbing it knowing and being ready to go for something else you know that's also the mind goes up take your time with it when i came here the 1st day i was like was like this doesn't look like a technology school you come here and it looks like like the crime lab in a television show with like these huge snakes of wires everywhere and robots and like the the newest technology the newest design it's it's such an incredible opportunity and i don't i don't just think like oh it's an incredible opportunity
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if you're from armenia it's an incredible opportunity for anyone anywhere to see this facility it's an outstanding facility and it's very well run it's right to move with you know we could play yes. right sitting clearly in the jungle much but that. said about specific body out i just ridiculous make a demand to where encountered or you don't. start us and you're the bank you're
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committing come with it's. her stomach that i've written i might have affection but look nicer to our shock shock most national not good children in shut up shut up. shut up or sort of already and then such as for the entire family and sometimes by the government imho margo craven's got oh me i think you should be a good little me thought here good night from. new stuff about us crossover us about the war you could have left j. m c r us and make into minds in the meantime. that it that's not going to have no bearing on the 1st thank you for the whole infrared make huge cake make not think where it hits were bits. of it.
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going to differ do a charcoal for 6 and soon soon to know. we told them how to do the graffiti how to build the defeated outer how to sketch the letters and the most important good i mean you could do it in their own letters. just workshop was amazing and it's very fun to work with omar my mind is just full with all events i learned here i think every kid wants to be here to be a chill mom if it's amazing. being
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teenager is really difficult yeah like a lot of the r.c. church teachers are from the soviet. system so do ye be confused about what you learned but here you are to him it's news to people who have new ideology able to tell you a lot so this is really takes place here they say here is your i've trained here is your canvas go and do whatever you want to do. it's the 1st time they use break and the 1st time they do a compass so for me this one mature firesign minute i could search for summer in the $1000.00 and i think the bulk of book of the students was we impressed. right then.
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by the way the last was 11 years ago we decided to move out which was quite a decision. but within the realize are moving here for for that long with other coming for one or 2 year assignment. which ended up being an 11 year kind of lifetime decision i think that the thing we're married about most having 5 children of different ages was their education we didn't know whether we were ruining their future or giving them a huge opportunity. i remember our. one of our younger son's crying when he 1st saw the can the school conditions in which he would would have to study just the physical state of the school something he was not used to and of course any time your child cries a parent the things what am i doing today it turned out ok though.
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their me education system is very traditional it's a lot of rote learning you go home you do your homework you come back the teacher lectures you now a lot of activities in class i had a lot of tests the saying indefinite left its mark because most of my speeches at least were teachers back then so their form of teaching their form of strict teaching and stayed with them in the union. and then you. did something like keeping up because. my parents are very large from education obviously my mother being an education specialist and my dad always had a passion for it. what army and school lacked in their creativity and innovation they really foster didn't like that they never got the chance to do.
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i'm going to be some of the green i'll. give break is the 2nd city i mean. it was demolished by the earthquake he really didn't get to recover completely after the earthquake you can still see the damages and. after they were never able to cover and it still is very vivid in their memories. a lot of international came and they tried to rebuild it but it was mismanaged the fact that it was mismanaged a lot of cooption. misuse of. resources it was a waste that's the shape of course we're all trying to recover and leave the
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past and think of the future and it's happening but it took time. so this is to hold your green we opened the door just a year ago we started this project with 6 numbers to mine it through up to 992500 and we have a waiting list off 300 more if. we consider all of the way. you can see is your target. if it is to screen target. not here are you tired. that they're getting. the word out that the busy.
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you know. the way. the are going. so it are going to see our due tomorrow i know i know you're going to say are you crazy but this is it they i'm in love with this place this is a big challenge for us but this is when we saw it we all fell in love we said this is it this is the space we're going to convert this to an amazing tomorrow it used to be an alternator i think if i'm not mistaken it was built in 860 it went through 2 big earthquakes it was the home of the 1st opera it's a it's a very important armenian opera and every time i get here i feel it i can feel i
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can feel the theater i can feel the people i can feel the spirit. it's not like you're building something from scratch very easy to do no we are solving the problem and we want the kids to understand that that along you life through your professional life you always have to solve problems to be creative to find solutions to make it exciting and that makes to more more interesting i guess the fact that this was difficult the difficult project made does right away decide this is it this is what we want to do. because my 7 mom. got 0000. 000 s. to my sports car you could hang one tradition across many more months because paul has become funny. not according to my notice my return to the votes.
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would have been with the no more tickets also here's what i would do we've got the bulk of the song absolutely but only one more pass of. the end there baby so proud don't just. say. funky. well you know that your metal music well done. well. i am doing the reverse but. for tomorrow it is important to spread that not only in the main cities it is important to find a solution for different ledgers for the free market areas to just see how we can contribute to the development of these scary yes and how we can help people to stay
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and be able to work in areas where they were born and great. that's only going through the garbage her out. in the stores and got this meeting in the open of a hostel in boise guy are there and there's just one boris yes mr linden this piece of me is young john because for us in the. if me the star single bit of a hostile i'm too low then us moved us a little they knew us where they get their butts good or thin buns were sent girl a beautiful obvious book they gave shots coming to a movie to work us market fish meat believe it on a day number just had a dozen more laying on me so restoring them to their daily quests in the mussulmans
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could be when they're made up with her and the trouble with them is ask you go book now 100 already are there some still. love ones and there are. oh oh oh oh oh. oh oh oh oh. 000-000-0000 extension 000. i believe that this them a stray sions have a positive aspect to the lives of the citizens in armenia it's part of the growing pains that the population is going through 2 words a brighter future and
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a more democratic future for the country. and i guess it is a learning moment for all of us it is a learning moment for our students because we're not only thinking about teaching them giving them resources but we also want them to become active citizens people who understand what they want make their own choices for their lives this country needs active citizens needs active participants and these young generation the new generation is going to be part of it.
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these kids who are 10 people see what you're doing when we 1st asked you to be to watch leaders to come to be on our main idea was to drill be performing go to war leave the city. they want to go back to the region to paint something and. they gave me a lot of support. to a good spin to see more of the. problems you put something to rethink from. i go to british students here with me. i wanted to bring all the 16 but it's a bit hard to recall 60 and. they helped me a lot with everything. i asked for permission by the was of about a mission it was not written permission and i knew that i shouldn't go for a compression once you go to the compression you're going to do detail and i knew that going to the telly was going to be enough.
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for you 1st thing to do to preserve the childhood you after discipline were unknown and on we used to watch it a lot so it seems odd to me and for me it is like oh and i had always save your i don't know from each and everyone can look at it in a different way the graffiti is of course controversial. you're doing art but sometimes the government or or day authorities are not seeing it as an art piece they're seeing it as damaging the walls of the city. so the fact that we're participating in that like bet is something important for us because it means that we're bringing change we're bringing a new culture it's just. for your. little.
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sister. the fact that everybody complains about schools and that schools are killing creativity is sad if we can turn education into something it's not about fun that it's something interesting and something that's the most important and making people like what they're doing and i guess would create more spaces and places to more where you can make that happen this can be a model towards what education should be geared to and how learning should happen.
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when i've been planning the 5th anniversary of tumult for a while everybody was looking forward for this event and this day started because of some incidents happening in the city. the opposition started protesting and organizing meetings and in the middle of the night last night we discussed it again and again and we felt something is wrong we should not do it kinetic our search ain't gonna know my child's heart on my source telling me to tar all my. children in your chair i'm an inch i'm an inch cherry on. marketing her favor i'm exhausted on many charter length fights turn connally over over the bomb her martyr or get. to mimic it's me or i do it as if i think khomeini chunk out of the chair.
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will be. the end. of the world. mean you can't. remember a bit of time the only time. i think like that when you're still seeing. the mayor we stars is not. the
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money and the people create the country and as well people create 2 months of computer. i guess to my head start menu to develop. in a country with high youth unemployment one again i say asian helps turn school children into entrepreneurs who can tell us what i mean by the word fundraising empowering them to reclaim their futures retention them out of bestowing question how to make the best of it and build more prosperous communities some of them invest the money into other businesses school for life uganda part of the rebel education series on al-jazeera. aug. a unique story about
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a french syrian family who traded their peaceful lives in europe for revolution in syria marking 2 years since the start of myanmar's military campaign that's forced hundreds of thousands of range of muslims into exile musicians shaking up stereotypes of africa a powerful new witness documentary from ghana another bid to preserve multilateralism within a group of the 7 most advanced economies will cohesion prevail over challenges for the g. 7 faces drawing on a decade of al-jazeera documentaries rewind revisit the archive to find out how the story moved on august. america is divided like never before inside is so convinced that they're absolutely correct that the other side is dangerous people in power investigates how partisan politics oh raiding the civil norms are vital to american democracy every indicator shows
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america to be the least well functioning democracy of any established democracy. one of the strange death of american civility on al-jazeera. as are the. police in texas investigate a possible hate crime as one of the motives behind a mass shooting that's killed 20 people in el paso. a welcome to our lives that i'm so whole raman in our headquarters in doha coming up in the next 30 minutes. phone calls braces for more demonstrations are turning a tense standoff between police and pro-democracy protesters. also crackdown in
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russia as hundreds of detained during demonstrations against the removal of opposition candidates in moscow's local elections and.


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