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across the world. al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. hello i'm adrian forgive and this is the live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes u.s. prosecutors treat the el paso mass shooting as domestic terrorism after 20 people were killed at a shopping center. turkey's president says his country's military will move into northern syria setting up a potential fight with america's kurdish allies. and other top stories from europe including the day flying a frenchman finally succeeds in crossing the english channel on
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a jet powered home aboard. and i'm peter stem to the sport as another steve smith puts australia in control against england in the 1st ashes test and lewis hamilton wins the hungry and. lead in the formula one championship the best of the action coming up later in the. u.s. prosecutors say the mass shooting in texas is being treated as a domestic terrorism case a white man in his twenty's now faces the death penalty after 20 people were shot dead at a shopping center in el paso it was the 1st of 2 things at a little over 12 hours reigniting the debate over gun control been $22.00 mass killings so far this year police are searching the home of the suspect who's now been charged with capital murder he's believed to have posted a document online to. of what he calls an hispanic invasion of texas. a
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popular downtown area in dayton ohio was in lockdown after a 24 year old man shot dead 9 people at a bar including his own sister he was killed by police at the scene but why fran i want to express to victims victims' families. the date community our great sympathy. this is a heartbreaking tragedy. and. it is that type tragedy that. never comes to your state or to your community for in a few minutes we'll get the latest on the shooting in el paso with world rentals but 1st let's cross to alan fischer who's in washington d.c. allan drew this all together for us true mass shootings in a little over 12 hours. well we've just got some more information about what happened in dayton ohio the officials there have updated the media as i say just in
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the last 30 minutes or so we know there were 9 victims 5 men 4 women 6 of them were black the oldest was $57.00 the youngest was $2200.00 name was meghan betts and she is the sister of color betts the 24 year old who carried out the attack the police say he was armed with a high powered rifle he hide a large amount of ammunition with them and he was wearing body armor his intent they say was to kill as many people as possible but the police were on site they responded within a minute of the 1st imagine c. call being made and they say that with response the number of dead in dayton ohio could have been much greater. many americans went to bed shocked by the deaths in el paso and walk on sunday to news of another mass shooting this time dayton ohio 9 dead more than 20 wounded the shooter killed as well he'd walk through
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a busy area pipe with bars and nightclubs firing indiscriminately and we don't know the thoughts of the shooter at this time we know that he was wearing body armor and had high capacity magazines and extra magazine flynn it's been it's been a tough tough 6 months for our community. but you you work through down and right now our focus is on the families and and friends frankly that went. to town town on saturday night and thought that they go home safe and they didn't happen the president was fully briefed and tweeted out the f.b.i. local and state enforcement are working together in el paso and in dayton ohio information is rapidly being accumulated in dayton much has already been learned in el paso law enforcement was very rapid in both instances updates will be given throughout the day the man being held for the el paso shooting is a 21 year old white male police and federal authorities are trying to confirm if he
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posted a racist anti immigrant anti hispanic screed to an extremist web site just hours before the shooting one democratic presidential candidate back to ork who comes from el paso says the president bears the responsibility for that shooting the president's language his rhetoric has produced the kinds of hate crimes that we saw you know passed yesterday but we've been seeing across this country they've been on the rise for each one of the last 3 years so we cannot act as though this were just some kind of natural disaster or a matter of course for this country or the new normal for the united states there is a very real cost to this and president trump is part of that but he exists in a racist environ. that is being fueled by by fox news by those who on the internet traffic in these conspiracy theories the open hatred and intolerance that has found a home in people like the shooter and what he did yesterday but the president's
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chief of staff dismissed that idea i don't think it's fair to try to lay this at the feet of the president i think there are people in this country this morning thinking the president was was was happy by this that's a sad sad state of this nation he's angry he's upset he wants it to stop. i don't think it's at all fair to sit here and say that that he doesn't he doesn't think that white nationalism is bad for the nation dayton and el paso are no different. parts of the list of places in america where they have suffered experienced lived through mass shootings and with the presidential election 15 months away changing america's gun laws may become part of the bigger conversation. on what will this week we can mean for the debates around gun control in the u.s. will it affect any change. well there are those who would say that if nothing happened after the shooting at sandy hook elementary school when more than 20 children were killed then nothing is going to change in america certainly we've had
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sherrod brown who is the democratic senator from ohio calling for the senate to return from its summer recess to debate but grown check laws but it's unlikely that the republicans and the republican leader in the senate mitch mcconnell will bring a vote to the floor even though a bill outlining just that has passed the democratically controlled senate we are seeing republicans on the sunday talk shows here in the united states talking about how there needs to be action over video games rather than the real violence that we're seeing and have seen over the last 24 hours on the streets of the united states and 2019 those who want to see change well they believe there may be a glimmer of hope and that is the presidential election. in just 15 months time in 2020 our number of democratic candidates are talking about how there has to be a change donald trump himself has talked about in the past how there needs to be
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a change but is he ready to move away from his base to try in court people who want to see change interestingly enough the majority of people in the united states want to see different gun laws at the very least they would like to see background checks of those who go to buy a weapon but those closest to the president say he cannot be blamed for what has happened they have been mattia things for many many years in the united states and that much is true and they say that those responsible for the most shootings are those that walk through the streets of dayton ohio and el paso in texas pulling the trigger on their weapons and killing people that they came across. on official reporting live from washington out of many thanks the secu live to el paso i'll just soon as rob reynolds is there rob what's the latest on the investigation into that shooting. well relevant to your discussion with allan just now adrian the rifle that 21 year old patrick brucia is
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allegedly used to carry out the shooting of 20 people in the wounding. of more than 2 dozen more was purchased legally that's according to the chief of police of el paso greg allen and chief allen also noted that in the state of texas there is a law that permits open carrying of rifles and other types of weapons so that it's possibly and i stress possibly one reason why as patrick perseus stormed into or strolled really nonchalantly as eyewitnesses say toward the mall in the wal-mart shopping center with his weapon. described as an a k 47 type semiautomatic weapon and no one really raised much of an alarm because again it's legal now the other main development here today is that
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federal authorities are considering taking charges taking measures against bruce is that could result in the death penalty here's u.s. attorney john basher we are also treating this as a domestic terrorist case as a statutory definition of domestic terrorism 18 u.s.c. 2331 this means that it appears to be designed to intimidate the civilian population to say the least we're treating it as a domestic terrorism case and we're going to do what we do the terrorists in this country which is deliver swift and certain justice. of course many people in the united states have questioned why domestic terrorism charges are rarely brought against right wing extremists who commit violent acts whereas they are routinely brought against people who advocate the ideologies of groups like al qaida or the islamic state but be that as it may patrick cruciatus is in custody
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he's been formally charged the 21 year old also faces charges of capital murder in the state of texas and those charges could result either in life imprisonment without the possibility of parole or the death penalty adrian. reporting live from el paso robin a thanks to a case president threats of top of the one says that he's sending troops into an area controlled by kurdish y p g 5 says in northern syria the y.p. g. has been an important u.s. ally in the battle against eisel but turkey sees it as a terrorist group some good. shit about it is they do to me the opposition leader warned us against entering afrin and we did then we entered jet up to the us and then i'll bump city and now we will enter the east you free. yes we have talked to russia and the united states because we cannot remain silent with the continuation
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of the provocative strikes that come from that area we have been patient but our patience has limits from of zeros in a hole to who's in gaziantep. turkey is growing impatient to believes that there is a national security threat along its borders and it wants to deal with that threat president or the guns statement is just another it's just another really in a series of threats being made by turkish officials that they will carry out a cross border operation in the east of the euphrates area an area under the control of the syrian armed group the white p.g. a group turkey considers a terrorist organization and and an affiliate of the outlawed kurdistan workers' party the p.k. case so for turkey it is a national security threat and it has carried out cross border operations in syria over the past 2 years but on both occasions the area of operations was under this fear of influence of russia turkey and russia cooperate in syria but east of the
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euphrates is an area under the control of the united states which is allied with the white p.g. so this this issue really is testing and already frail relationship between nato allies turkey and the united states they've had meetings over the past few months turkey accusing the united states of stalling a new delegation is arriving in ankara for further talks on monday but whether or not they can find common ground it's hard to see because deep differences remain over a planned safe zone they're discussing a plan safe zone turkey's insisting it's 20 kilometers deep in turkey can insist that they it controls the zone which is something the united states has so far not except that iran's revolutionary guard say they've seized an iraqi oil tanker in the gulf which they accuse of smuggling fuel to quote some arab states this would be the 3rd season by iran in less than a month in gulf force is still such a binary reports now from turkey. the revolutionary guards media relations
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department have released a statement saying that they have seized a vessel that they've accused of trying to smuggle 700000 liters of fuel this seizure apparently took place near the island of farsi island which is in between iran and saudi arabia and it apparently happened on wednesday the revolutionary guards have said that they seized this vessel and the 7 crew members on board and this vessel is currently now at the port city of shared the 7 people they have been arrested in iran and their national police have not been revealed yet this is another example of how the revolutionary guard have exerted their power and strength and willingness to carry out the security and safety of the waterways around iran this is the 3rd vessel that they have seized in the past month earlier on sunday the government spokesperson ali rabbi spoke about the latest sanctions on the mohammad javad zarif that have been imposed by the u.s.
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government and the invitation that was extended to the foreign minister while he was visiting new york at the united nations earlier this month let's hear what he had to say in. the u.s. action on foreign minister zarif is against all diplomatic procedures and is an unprecedented event in the history of diplomacy that one government keep claiming to be ready for negotiations and then to put sanctions on a foreign minister of that country well isn't that ridiculous he was invited by a senator to have a meeting at the white house then they imposed sanctions on him foreign minister zarif is responsible for foreign policy and the diplomatic path should pass through him. the feeling here is that the sanctions that have been imposed on the foreign minister are another example of how the united states doesn't really understand the power structure in iran the c excuse that was given for the sanction was that the foreign minister is not a person they want to negotiate with and they were looking for someone higher up now the officials here have said that if they think the u.s.
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government is going to negotiate with anybody else other than the foreign minister who is tasked with hold the negotiations with western powers they're very much mistaken the position here is that the foreign minister is not going to hold any kind of talks with u.s. officials until the united states lifts its sanctions on iran which they've imposed since they withdrew from the nuclear deal last year the ukrainians say that the u.s. government has waged economic terrorism on iran and until they seize this behavior they will be no discussions how between the 2 countries still focus is a lecturer at the university of applied sciences in turkey he says the both iranians and forwardness have been smuggling oil in the region for decades. as a matter of fact and i'll ever since oil was found in discovered in iran. the governments before and after the revolution they have been subsidizing fuel prices
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heavily because the people believe that now they have the largest or 2nd largest oil reserves in the war so they shouldn't be paying much for fuel so iranians are not paying even 110th that's 10 percent of real prices and the persian gulf any other open market for each leader a fuel that is encouraged in all smuggling and it has made it a very lucrative illegal business activity and there are been thousands of iranian and foreign arabs who have been smuggling huge cargoes in order to make a fortune and after decades of fighting by the law enforcement police coast guard and others they called i.r.g.c. nabi for help in especially considering that he cargoes like 1000000 liters or dis one that they just seized today this 700000 will be their cargo that was being
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smuggled out of iran and seized in the iranian water near the far sea island in the persian gulf it was heading south work toward some arab states on the southern rooms of the persian gulf we are not sure exactly if it was headed to the scent or to some business activity is the legal business people or else this is the news out from al-jazeera still to come on the program as a bonus spreads to a border city in the democratic republic of congo but look at how other countries are preparing to tackle the disease a change of tactics by protesters in hong kong as they try to keep police guessing . and in schools high flying the best of the action from the world where the championship coming up a little later with these. it turned out to the outbreak in the democratic republic of congo and doctors without
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borders says that nearly 2 thirds of those who've been infected have died one in 3 patients is under the age of 18 now other countries are preparing to prevent the disease reaching that border which is 2000 kilometers away is setting up disease checkpoints along its border with malawi rwanda briefly shut its border with the sea on thursday after 4 patients in the eastern congolese city of goma tested positive for the disease 12 others are being tested for possible infection al-jazeera stephanie decker reports now from rwanda's capital kigali. it's a health workers nightmare a busy border crossing thousands of people in close contact and constantly on the move further than only going to get this medical worker tells people to wash their hands on the. health checks and hygiene measures of titan between the democratic republic of congo and rwanda ever since multiple cases of the abode of virus were
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discovered here in goma the congolese city of more than 2000000 people. people are washing their hands as a precaution to to the outbreak of disease they tell us it is spreading through the front that's why they are going to wash water mixed with medication. the virus is paul through budget the fluids including sweat there is a vaccine that has been used for quite some time the world health organization says it has a very high success rate and you only need one shot but there's a problem. but vaccination is not approved for mass use it's usually given to those exposed to the virus and it's also given to the doctors and health workers as they are handling those cases to protect them from contracting the virus there is still no. fishley approved vaccine on the market but we're told this one is expected to be officially approved at some stage there is also a lot of confusion around the virus and a lot of suspicion of foreign health workers here in eastern d.r.
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see. it's a remote region that has been neglected by the government and torn apart by years of conflict. it would have been better if our leaders and those who are concerned would give us more information they have not informed us where we can get this vaccine so that all of us can go and actually get it. all of us need to be vaccinated this is the 2nd worst outbreak on record more than a 1800 people have died of the virus in the d.r. c. over the past year but the fact that it is now reached a border city is what's causing the renewed alarm that prompted the government here in rwanda to close its western border for a few hours on thursday as it beefed up its health screening procedures on the problem with this virus is once you identify someone infected by it do they need to trace back all the people they have come into contact with test them vaccinate them and potentially it is a highly infectious disease and containing it is
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a real talent stephanie decker al-jazeera. is a serious specializing in infectious diseases with the johns hopkins center for health security joins us now via skype from pittsburgh good to have you with us dr what is this break in the proving so difficult to contain. one of the things we know about ebola outbreaks is that there are simple methods that can usually stop them but it only works when the community is engaged and they're actually receptive to that idea and you saw this in the west african outbreak in 2014 is that a community isn't going to be receptive to these public health interventions you can really have an outbreak spiral out of control and out what we've seen in the d.r. c. and a couple to that we have armed violence there as well which is made and probably the most challenging ebola outbreak in record in history if this outbreak is allowed to continue to focus on a month he is even what impact upon the people of the sea could it have.
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what the real fear would be is that ebola would become what's called in demick in that area meeting it becomes a normal infectious disease that they deal with on a day to day basis and that would be a disaster if we let that happen to the d.r. see ebola has never done that in any other place we've been able to stamp out these outbreaks but it would be devastating in terms of the economy in terms of the isolation that would happen to that country and the stigma that would happen we've already seen a border slowdown in rwanda we've already seen saudi arabia failing to issue a visitor's visas to people going to the heart from the d r c that would only get worse if this isn't controlled we heard a man expressing frustration that he hadn't yet been offered the vaccine in our report a few moments ago that there is a vaccine i was reading today that there is another one as well which is as yet untested but the signs are that it is affective as the vaccine that is currently in use why isn't there a widespread vaccination program against a boner. well right now you have to remember that this ebola vaccine is
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experimental and we don't have a whole lot of it there are stockpiles of it and we're using what's called a ringback the nation strategy when we can which means vaccinating the contacts of people down were in that have ebola trying to really use this vaccine in the most strategic manner to stop the outbreak but it actually hasn't worked so there are some some calls to really start vaccinating in a more blanket action if we can in the fact that we've got a 2nd vaccine now going into clinical trials is all good news these are tools we didn't have even 5 years ago against ebola so that makes us a little bit more optimistic but we have to use this acting in the most effective manner and we also have to do the normal public health activities of finding cases and isolating them and getting people to stop this now brace so what is the magic bullet here if there is one is it the vaccine is it the public health initiative is it getting the people on board so that they are aware and they learn to trust the health care specialists who are there to try to prevent the spread of the disease
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there isn't one single magic bullet but if there was one thing that's lacking in this outbreak it is community and receptiveness of the population to health care workers there that are trying to save their lives and stop this outbreak and what we've seen is unprecedented violence hospitals being bombed doctors being killed that can't that's not going to do anything but allow this virus to continue to spread so there has to be some control of this violence there and some receptivity by the population to any kind of intervention to work towards a really good to talk to many thanks indeed for being with us. and on the other thank you hong kong government is warning that illegal protests a pushing the territories what it's calling an extremely dangerous edge hundreds of people of blocks major roads offer a last peaceful protest sonia and the day activists are angry over a proposed extradition and the police response to the protests on syria's andrew thomas is that. sunday night in one of the most
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upscale districts of one of the most sophisticated cities on earth. but in hong kong this is becoming the norm. i protest as tactics have changed. rather than targets one building and wait for the police to clear the. room for all their aim is maximum disruption across the city be like water they tell each other flow everywhere. on sunday they marched to china's liaison office in hong kong on route some hid behind umbrella's as they use spawn is to break apart fences gathering the metal foot barricades. you're. finding pleece protecting their bus targets they moved swiftly on. taking metro trains
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to the shopping district of kools wife a. then they built barricades used pliers to cut the wires of traffic lights and stopped traffic people over there disabling traffic lights that taking a paul barry is there some of it will compile it rolls and it will compile into the roles actually we try it peaceful means and i bet there is no any response and so we tried to introduce maybe to increase the pressure dropping the rolls and so the more people interrupt. and we tried to do it just out there was just around message but you faithful that's the way they say it is this rumor is that china might send in its on me actually i'm not afraid of. my belief that's not going to happen the protest does have support. even among those
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disrupted that in the end disruption here near the entrance to a cross harbor tunnel didn't last long i mean stay one step ahead of the place where it's come to hate gets a good take us on the streets of hong kong there's a general strike planned for hong kong on monday and promises the protest that day will be the most widespread yet. al-jazeera hong kong where at the midway point on the next stop a weather update that will travel to a rare natural wonder in mexico by thousands of tourists breathing new life into a struggling community. coalition agree a power sharing deal that paves the way for a transitional government. and in sports a chip off the old block michael schumacher some mick takes his 1st win in formula to the best of the action coming up.
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however we've seen some wet weather pushing up into where probably stan recently a fair bit of cloud just easing up towards the south of the country latest pulse of the monsoon rains running right up the western side of india and into the south of pakistan there but by and large in the treatment it remains draw across a good part of the reason that said in the cases we push over through iran into iraq quite gusty winds from time to time having said that not gusty winds driving is way down across cuba waits 30 celsius in the sunshine for beirut notice fine and dry just around the black sea over towards the caspian sea in the states dry in karate $32.00 celsius here by gusty winds will make its way a little further south which sent our rolling down across northern parts of saudi arabia towards us here in qatar $46.00 celsius on monday still temps as you go on
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into choosing to see that wind just starting to pick up cloud thickening to just across the other side of saudi arabia around the southern end of the red sea might catch a spot or 2 of light rain here into the southwest of yemen as well charles have a spouse or 2 of light rain into the far south of south africa but for the most part it stays dry fine and sunny as at the cloud just easing its way through the southern cape. perception is validation we believe what we see but in one life time we cannot see everything but we would lie and experiences. and the legacy of previous generations. testimony we would you know very little. witness documentaries that open your eyes and his ear and.
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captaining a leading used team at 16 years old takes determination. to that staying on top of your game at school. the whole family bands together and shares the sacrifices necessary for a son to have a shot at becoming a professional footballer. my tunisia home game on a jersey. and i get it's great to have you with us a very unforgiving here with the news on al jazeera headlines u.s.
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prosecutors say the mass shooting in texas is being treated as a domestic terrorism case a 21 year old white man is facing the death penalty after 20 people were shot dead at the shopping center just hours later the gunman killed 9 people in downtown dayton ohio including his own sister. took his president richard typo to one says that he'll send troops into an area controlled by kurdish y.p. . in northern syria why p.g. has been an important u.s. ally in the battle against the turkey views it as a terrorist group but hong kong government is warning that illegal protests are pushing the territories of what it calls an extremely dangerous edge activists angry over a proposed extradition law and the police response to the protests. more on our top story the mass shootings in the u.s. police are looking into a 4 page statement that said to have been written by the suspect in the texas shootings it was posted online to the site bonus 8 chan cohen is an expert in
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internet law he joins us now live via skype from london good to have you with us what on earth is. the question please what's a chan. discussion forum is a place where people can post stuff ideas discuss whatever they want people can go there anonymously without without disclosing their identity. they won't unfortunately. i'm going to say decides like this then play any role in instigating hate speech and leading to situations like the mass shootings we've seen this weekend. absolutely massive you see india that it states free speech has been straight nearly to its limit sold the law says that people who operate
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a website such as the one they won the talking about they have a blanket immunity from prosecution no mater walked is being posted on the website which is under their control unless of course what is being posted is something to do with breach of copyright and then they are they can be prosecuted so so they can be only prosecuted full breach of copyright but they cannot be prosecuted full stop . providing the platform for people who who provide for example guidance over region on how to kill people on white supremacy muslim hate hate jews hate. everything everything is ok to post and those operating the this website have good complete immunity by law nothing could be done to them. it's they come to shut down can they at least be policed is there a way of at least supervising what's actually published on these sites and keeping
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it within the laws unless of the media has to abide by. no the reason however the us government have found. a way around there the problem of free speech often limit the spread of free speech but putting a lot of pressure on search engine providers such as google to the index the sort of for discussion forums altogether so you are you will not be able any longer to find those posts on google so so the only way to get into those websites or even becoming aware of them is i had a very out online gaming would of or people of course good. more clever now so instead of posting usual takes they started to post images containing text via social media such as twitter and facebook and this is how this
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sort of websites become a more more. almost almost a challenge to get to and to be found and yeah i want to ask you one more question about the prevalence of online shooting games that we've seen now sometimes you know you look across at that kids using using their phones and they're playing these and assassin games these hitman games does the overall acceptance now of these online shooting games normalize. killing with guns. edgin sally the this is a body of evidence to say that the answer to your question is yes. because those. gaming platforms they provide a route for young people directly to those sort of websites where they can have free discussions about all sorts of things and this is how they are being
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introduced to at supreme c 22 to all sorts of extremist. ideas and also to ideology and vision of some crazy people who go and encourage them to go to go and shoot shoot innocent people absolutely there's a direct correlation between certain gaming and acceptance of those sort of activities in the real world the online will in the real world the offline world they become very blaring and people get confused especially young people they don't really understand the difference anymore it's a little depressing but it's been great to talk to you yeah cohen many thanks indeed for being with us you're welcome. sudan's military and the opposition coalition of signed a deal on the constitutional declaration the african union's envoy to sudan says the document outlines the division of power until elections can be held in 3 years time al-jazeera as mohammed added reports. after months of violence and protracted
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negotiations the people of sudan finally hubbard wrote up to a peaceful future. at a ceremony in the tomb general mohammad hummed the deputy head of the military genter and protest leader signed the declaration. dear honorable citizens today we turned a page a very difficult page in our country's history that was full of conflict and fighting we agreed to move forward to build a new state in the transitional phase there greenman provides for a joint civilian military council to oversee the formation of a transitional cabinet and parliament to govern for a period of a little more than 3 years until elections can be held our formal signing in front of foreign dignitaries is to take place on august 17th to the following day the generals and protest leaders are expected to announce the members of the new ruling sovereign council opposition leaders are promising to investigate past injustices
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and crimes committed against civilians in sudan. the priority during the transitional phase will be transparency and investigation for all the crimes for the sake of justice in order to put on trial the perpetrators who killed our muscles we have to have pace because without pace we can't have democracy based on today's declaration the transitional government will be committed to finding justice for all it's a sentiment echoed by the ethiopian mediator. on. this day will be highlighted in sudan's history as a disturbed as a civilian democratic rule that aims to build a state of law and equality and a state that doesn't marginal. as its citizens the agreement is also a huge boost to the african union smiddy issued a force under the montreal african solutions to african problems. reactions to it signed it will swift a will in the whole of the present both sides shook and triggered celebrations on
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the streets of the couple. it's a real continent that civilians and military officers come together to form a joint transitional authority it's likely to face some difficulties but having with the recent months of violence some say is some mountable for sudan. algis either. europe's migrant crisis continues with the latest group of rescued people finally given permission to dock safely what to do with the flow of migrants trying to cross the mediterranean from camps in libya is dividing e.u. governments more about lauren taylor in london who has more from our europe broadcast center lauren is right adrian a group of 14 migrants rescued by a charity ship landed in malta and were taken in by several you countries under a deal brokered by germany the migrants were rescued from
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a small boat on wednesday off the libyan coast they were picked up by the charity ship island could be operated by the german and geo cia they were initially taken to the port of lampedusa in southern italy but were banned from docking there by italian authorities a meeting of interior ministers from germany france italy and malta is planned in the maltese capital next month to come up with a way to deal with e.u. migrant arrivals by sea and avoid it repeated standoffs. germany is urging russia to release protesters detained during a demonstration in moscow so those protests called for the inclusion of opposition candidates barred from participating in next month's moscow local elections the german foreign ministry says the protests were peaceful the arrests unjust and the crackdown undermines the right to fair elections up to 800 people were detained at the rally a previous demonstration a week ago resulted in more than 1000 arrests. to edinburgh now where the world's
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biggest arts festival is underway almost $4000.00 shows from $63.00 countries will be poor performed this month often political this year fake news is the subject of a number of performances john engler went to see how artists are interpreted in our so-called post truth world. beginning with a bang the edinburgh fringe festival a month of arts and culture capturing the guys and holding up a mirror to society. the show conspiracy is a study in how facts can be unpicked if you sound convincing enough i'm sure that our. earth was a car that is inspired by the statistic that 60 percent of britons believe in at least one conspiracy theory the idea sort of 1st came to me i was trumpeting president realizing that we had a conspiracy theorist in chief in the white house felt like a sort of instigator but i think as we've just as we've dug into it more it's
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become it's become bigger and it's not just about the sort of people who we think might be soft on lying on reddit. you know much spouting things about a movie that actually we all in all of us have this propensity for wanting to believe in something that perhaps doesn't seem immediately real audiences in edinburgh scene are drawn to performances about how truths the manipulated and capitalized on. those men begun to form a news producer plays an ambitious journalist in his sold out show fake knees where the audience play his in terms you will be graded on 3 things editorial accuracy style of writing and commercial market given that you know what i want to do is to show people what the media is really like what a news room is really like exactly how it operates kind of warts and all but show people that it's not some sort of there's no conspiracy theories here you know it's not there's no agenda that is being pushed it's not some sort of people in an ivory
9:44 pm
tower who are disconnected from the public it's ordinary people trying to do their jobs trying to do the best they can it's a cautionary tale and a jet to exploring how journalists can make innocent mistakes these festival goers will be able to explore every facet of faith need. with friends will false information to genuine error through to foreign interference one so will even teach audiences how to dismantle false claims with logic so that all sin wells infamous radio play or of the world also gets an update for the digital age. the drama allegedly caused mass panic in america in 1938 but its effects were exaggerated like so many examples today just fake news born from fiction charlie angela al-jazeera edinburgh a french inventor has crossed the english channel on a jet powered overboard frankie's
9:45 pm
a platter departed from song get their kalai and reached over in just over 20 minutes but he had to stop for fuel reports. emerging from the early morning mist flanked by helicopters frankie's apart and his jet powered hub aboard reached over just after 7 30 am local time. it was an extraordinary sight and a remarkable achievement. the french inventor reach speeds of 160 kilometers an hour flying just meters above the waves. 110 years after louis blair is famous crossing of the english channel a new name has now been added to the record books. i'm feeling happy and so happy for my my family my friends and my gym is just. an amazing moment in my life you know it's just. now i can take some rest. there was a palpable tension as a part of took off from sangat cali in france a previous attempt last month that ended with him falling into the sea this time
9:46 pm
though the mid-channel refueling stop went smoothly as a part has swept in past the famous white cliffs of dover. having waved him off from some got supporters wife had waited nervously for news when the phone call from dover came the relief and the joy were overwhelming. now there is a void out here don't go for it's cool he made it so it's over we did it and i'm happy because it's a lot of work. it was hard but i'm happy for him because it's been really hard lately and now we're going on holiday i'm happy so thank you. if you could. so how does hava board is powered by 5 jet turbines and fuelled by kerosene which he carries in a backpack it is
9:47 pm
a complex craft and difficult to control but the inventor has been awarded a $1000000.00 development ground from the french army and there is now international interest in exploring why the uses for the technology paul brennan al-jazeera. has are pretty amazing that's it for me the team here in london back to adrian in doha difference or trying one absolutely that would be great lauren many thanks a new form of eco tourism is helping to rejuvenate one of mexico's poorest regions over just 3 months each year tens of thousands of tourists travel to see a magical spectacle but all appollo explains from none none are coming i knew i was going to trouble with that. at a campsite in central mexico dozens of tourists are starting to gather just before dusk they're here to witness a where natural wonder that takes place every summer in a forest just outside the town of 9 a commuter. it starts with a miniscule flash of light then another and then another. before long the force
9:48 pm
begins to burst with light as thousands of fireflies take flight. there is a great biodiversity of flora and fauna here among them species that are made of such as far flies which is because we are very look at account of this unique microclimate that is home to such an important species as this dance of aerial bioluminescence last for about one hour every night between the months of june and august as male fireflies desperately compete for the attention of a mate for visitors hoping to be completely surrounded by fireflies the really only 2 rules keep as quiet as possible and turn off all the lights seeing that pulsing swarm of neon dots in the forest really is an experience like no other and mexico is one of only a handful of countries where you can see that spectacle for yourself. is visiting from a neighboring state he and his friends have set up camp for the night they're among an estimated 50000 tourists who visit the 80 square kilometer firefly sanctuary
9:49 pm
every year and you better know what i mean they were i came here thinking i would see a few fireflies 20 or 30 at a time maybe i didn't imagine i would see so many i'm very impressed. and. it's hard to imagine this unique in pristine habitat was once threatened by excessive logging. while lumber is still big business in this community residents here have discovered they can generate more revenue from a single season of firefly tourism than an entire year of cutting down trees and that's good news for mexico's most in chanted forest mounted up a little. mexico. that's how you say it just ahead here on the news hour the bad boy of tennis gets a little help from a fire in the front row of the best of the action coming out tricky to play for a. bigger
9:50 pm
and potentially more dangerous that's the best way to describe what's happening with the smoking alternative known as vapor i enjoy the taste of it and not get the harmful effects of what smoking does between 201320148 lonely start tripling in use among us high school students and head to head comparison you say versus conventional cigarette which one do you think has helped my opinion i think they're both dangerous take no one else is in. combining all until. to challenge soviet era methodologies. through making creating and performing. turning a generation of children. into the trailblazers of tomorrow. after school. part of the rebel education series. on al-jazeera.
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to introduce the man who is just a show with the deal was with say socks his face it was like the bright colorful variety of the adrian the ashes to come but 1st a formula one lewis hamilton has extended his lead in the world championship with victory in the hungary and grand prix he started 3rd with red bulls maxwell stepan on pose for the 1st time in his career have often immediately moved up to 2nd of the making contact with his teammate felt harry potter on that one step and lead for most of the race but his time is degraded to match it as much as he tried to hold the move hamilton eventually posted to take the lead with 3 laps remaining.
9:52 pm
see the pivotal moment to cross the line so many 8 grand prix of the season extending his chairmanship to 62 points it's the 7th time hamilton what i'm hungry now also moves to contain not michael schumacher time career record of 91 race wins . 6 6 6 very grateful for the day in. and and really for the team for continuing to believe in me and continuing to push and to be out there. where race to be at the push like that and saying as henderson and all the way yeah we were just all fast. yeah trying everything i could on that tire to just stay alive but a fortune was just not enough. there were great scenes in the preceding formula to race make sure america is one of the 7 time f one champion michael clinch leaves maiden victory on the year 2 so you could see the 20 year old had started from pole position of the young goring make one the formula 3 championship last year and the ferrari academy driver and with more moments of like this might not be too long
9:53 pm
before we see him follow in his father's footsteps to compete at the highest level . and world champion mark mckay this goes from straight strength in moto g.p. winning the 50th race of his career in the czech republic to take his overall lead in the standings to $63.00 points the 6th victory of the season and becomes only the 4th rider to achieve the 50 premier class victory. for doesn't get much more spectacular than rarely anybody drivers for lying through the a in the latest leg of the world championship in finland in the end it was a stone years ot tannock who finished 1st to extend his lead of the top of the overall standings to $22.00 points but if he's 4th win of the season so far. it gets a cricket now in another steve smith century has put a straighter firmly in control of the ashes 1st test against england smyth $842.00 this time there's also a century for matthew wade
9:54 pm
a straight eventually declaring with a lead of 397 england 13 without loss at stumps they need 385 to win steve smith really the story of the show is now scored well over a 1000 runs in the last 10 ashes innings averaging more than $139.00 that includes $600.00 remember the former captain is playing in his 1st test since serving a ban for ball tampering manchester city have beaten liverpool in the community shield the match that puts the winners of the previous seasons premier league against the f.a. cup winners so he won both he said liverpool were invited to play as lead the runners up after a 11 draw in 90 minutes and city were the ones who triumph i fall in a penalty shoot outs. it was intertainment game i think a lot of chances in. liverpool was better but. you know independent. having these the amount of chances we had today is a very good sign for us i like the game and don't like the result but i like the
9:55 pm
game a lot and so for us to most of us today very very important. love him or hate him a bad boy of tennis nick curious served up some great entertainment as he reached the final of the washington open the australian age the past stephanus to pass well who help from a friend in the front row as david stokes will show you the if you cut through the controversy the carry off has more talent than his number 50 ranking suggests that this was always going to be a tough match against the top seed stefano sits a pass they played doubles together this week but never faced each other in singles and it was curious who looked most comfortable early on. i several crowd pleasing shots including this one to wrap up the opening set 6 ball i back came sits a pass though the greek began to dominate the key points and he broke serve twice to square up the match at once at all while it could have been much closer in the
9:56 pm
decider and it went to a tie break carry off saved a match point before fighting back to set up one of his own by the still time to play to the crowd and then for the 2nd match running he asked a fan where he should put his serve and whatever was said worked curiosus put it out right. setting up an easy winner to secure a place in the final i thought the e.q. 1st of all the australian but i want to thank the front for his help before going on to embrace his opponent after such a close match 6 the past will feel hard done by but he could sell himself knowing he'll move up to a career high world number 5. when the rankings are released on monday give us i think 36 a.t.p. title fights russia's daniel bet the dead for the trophy later on sunday. they did start al-jazeera. but you're gets better and better if it's seen a sensation corrie go off the 15 year old won her 1st senior title in the women's
9:57 pm
doubles in washington alongside katie mcnally who's only 17 was the youngest ever qualifier at wimbledon this year and reached the 4th round. to go from there was a dramatic finish to the women's british open these pictures just into us japan's he. hold a long birdie putt on the final home to win the title of world and on sunday men she finished on 18 on the par one shot care of american as it silas she do know is 20 years old and the markedly this was her 1st tournament ever outside of japan and into the country's 42 year wait for japan to have a major chance. and we'll leave it there for now i'll have more sport again a little bit later many thanks date that's it from the team in doha will hand you to the team in london law and taylor here to update you on the latest in just a few moments i'll see you again thanks for watching but.
9:58 pm
the saudi u.a.e. war on yemen has led to thousands of deaths and left millions hungry what role has the u.s. played in the world's worst humanitarian crisis on this is the entity that has the right to begin and end wars robert malley a top advisor on the middle east to president obama talks to al-jazeera august. a unique story about a french syrian family who traded their peaceful lives in europe for revolution in syria marking 2 years since the start of myanmar's military campaign that schools
9:59 pm
hundreds of thousands of range of muslims into exile musicians shaking up stereotypes of africa a powerful new witness documentary from ghana and. the bid to preserve multilateralism within a group of the 7 most advanced economies will cohesion prevail over challenges for the g. 7 faces drawing on a decade of al-jazeera documentaries rewind revisit the archive to find out how the story moved on august on a. conflict that is now considered to be the world's worst humanitarian crisis how many did not all have to die this stock is hearts is really for sale and investigation into how billions of euros are made from supplying arms to saudi arabia a leader of the coalition fighting a war in the south the case is interesting to watch the amount of money involved yemen war profiteers on al-jazeera.
10:00 pm
u.s. prosecutors treat the el paso mass shooting as domestic terrorism after 20 people were killed in a shopping center. on our intent of this is our jazeera live from london also coming up. turkey's president says his country's military will move into northern syria setting up a potential fight with america's kurdish allies. iran says it has seized another oil tanker in the gulf it appears is the iraqi vessel of smuggling fuel for some arab countries. and the daredevil flying frenchman finally succeeds in crossing the english.


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