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tv   A Cold War Family Reunion  Al Jazeera  August 5, 2019 1:32am-2:01am +03

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havel's and eventually passed him to take the lead with 3 laps remaining. he crossed the line 1st to win he's gone free of the season extending his chairmanship lead to $62.00 points it's the 7th time hamilton has won in hungary and he now also moves to within 10 of michael schumacher one time career record of $91.00 race wins . very grateful for the day in. and and really for the team for continuing to believe in me and continue to push and to be out there for a race to be able to push like that and turning in the rain all the way yeah we were just not fast enough but. yeah i tried everything i could on that hard tired food to stay alive but a fortune was just not enough. there were great scenes in the preceding formula to race make sure america son of the 7 time f one champion michael clinched is made in victory on the f 2 circuit the 20 year old that started from pole position at the hungama ring make one the formula 3 championship last year and is
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a ferrari academy drive em with through performances like this it might not be too long before we see him following his famous father's footsteps to compete abayas level. world champion mark mark is goes from strength to strength in moto g.p. he won the 50th race of his career in the czech republic to take his overall lead in the standings to $63.00 points it's the 6th victory of the season and he becomes only the 4th rider to achieve 50 premier class victory. and murder school doesn't get to get much more spectacular than really in the driver's flying through the a in the latest legal group championship in finland in the end it was a stony it's not a lack of finish for 16 leaves lead at the top of the overall standings to $22.00 points at its 4th win of the season so. let's get to cricket now and another steve smith century has put a strain firmly in control of the ashes 1st taste against england smith hit 142
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this time and there was also a century for matthew wade australia eventually declared with a lead of 397 in them close on 13 for no loss they need 385 to win smith really the star of the show is now scored well over a 1000 runs and he's lost same ashes innings averaging more than $139.00 that includes $600.00 remember the former captain is playing in his 1st taste since serving a ban for ball tampering have never doubted my ability. yeah . it's kind of a dream come back in a way. to be able to score $200.00 in a match in the 1st ashes test match. it's something i've never done in any form of cricket before in my life so. it's incredibly special and special to be able to i guess put us in the position that we're in now going into day for manchester city have beaten liverpool in the community shield of the match puts the winners of the
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previous seasons premier league against the f.a. cup winners so he won both trophies and so liverpool were invited to play in the league runners up after a $11.00 draw in 90 minutes man city were the ones who triumphed 54 in a penalty shoot outs. both times it was into tim and again i think a lot of chances in the last 20 minutes. liverpool was better but you know independent record when we had big amount of chances we had today is a very good side for us absolutely i like the game don't like the result but i like the game a lot and so for us to post it was today very very important liverpool's local rivals everton have signed 19 year old italy striker moyes aiken from eventers deals reported to be with $33500000.00 can scored 6 goals in 13 games to help events is claimed last season city our title he also became the youngest player to score for its early since 1958. in golf it was
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a dramatic finish to the women's british open japan. hold a long birdie putts on the final hole to win the title at wogan on sunday it meant she finished on 18 on the par one shot clear of americans excel us she do know is 20 years old and remarkably this was her 1st tournament ever outside of japan and in the country's 42 new wait for a major champion. chris froome is targeting a return to cycling in time for next year's tour de france the 4 time to a winner brodie's next leg elbow hip and ribs in a horror crash that forced him to miss this year's edition which was won by any us teammate a gun better know the accident happened in june when froome hit a wall at 54 kilometers an hour during a practice ride. for me the underlying goal here is to get to the start of that sort of france next year 2020 and to be at a similar or better position than i was this year unforeseen it's not going to be
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doesn't make my bones go any faster so. i have made a lot of progress but at the same time i have to be patient and we'll leave it there for now lauren back to you in london. thanks so much indeed and i'll be back in a moment with another full run of the news but meantime thanks so much need fortune news out. america is divided like never before each side is so convinced that they are absolutely correct that the other side is dangerous heaven has a wall of strict immigration policy elders not people in power investigates the
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partisan politics eroding civil norms vital to american democracy are you concerned that the the political divisions today could lead to violence or it will the strange death of american civility pot 2 on al-jazeera the latest news as it breaks. up. with detailed coverage no one is willing to return home to me on my own without sort of the ship papers and security guarantees from around the world the challenges facing the new prime minister and negotiate a new bricks that day a deal the e.u. says cannot be renegotiated. all jazeera explores prominent figures of the 20th century and how why the recent influence the course of history beginning with the giants of the struggle for civil rights america. through just miles over the
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barrel of the 1st movie we can continue to keep the new growth. that's what you mean by about malcolm x. and martin luther king face to face. u.s. prosecutors treat the passo mass shooting as domestic terrorism after 20 people were killed in a shopping center. eleanor and train of this is the out of there live from london also coming up. turkey's
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president says his country's military will move into northern syria setting up a potential fight with america's kurdish allies. iran says it seized and the rocky oil tanker in the gulf that was smuggling fuel to baghdad says it has no ties to the vessel. and the dad devil flying frenchman finally succeeds in crossing the english channel on a jet powered overboard. begin in the united states where 2 mass shootings in a little over 12 hours have left at least $29.00 people dead u.s. prosecutors say the shooting in texas is being treated as a domestic terrorism case a white man in his twenty's is now facing the death penalty after 20 people shot dead including 6 mexicans in a shopping center in el paso and police in dayton ohio have released more
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information about a mass shooting that took place hours later outside a bar in the city center at least 9 people were killed including the gunman sister the perpetrator was shot dead 30 seconds after firing at people fleeing the scene. today at one o 5 am officers were patrolling the oregon district barque losing time in her gun fire. they observed a large crowd running away from this gunfire the officers immediately advanced toward the gunfire and within approximately 20 seconds being gauge the suspect who was actively firing in attempting to enter crowded liquor establishment threat was neutralized in approximately 30 seconds the suspect firing his 1st shots and then it will happen on the shooting in el paso with rob reynolds 1st. in washington d.c. and then we have heard from the president in person about this it's been
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24 hours in the united states the president on his way back to washington d.c. he spoke very briefly to the media he praised the law enforcement officers both they'll paso and in dayton ohio for their quick reaction it took 6 minutes to get police officers in the scene in texas it took less than 30 seconds from the far short speaking fire in dayton ohio for police officers to neutralize that is kill the man who is firing the guns the president says that he'll have thought of that announcement to make on monday and there is a national debate ongoing what created the conditions for people to fire guns the way they did both in texas and in ohio there are laws that can be changed that can be tough and that will make it more difficult how does the president of the united states do what his primary role is which is to keep american citizens safe all of that should become clear in the next 24 hours as this national conversation
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continues. many americans went to bed shocked by the deaths in el paso and walk on sunday to news of another mass shooting this time dayton ohio 9 dead more than 20 wounded the shooter killed as well he'd walk through a busy area pipe with bars and nightclubs firing indiscriminately and we don't know the thoughts of the shooter at this time we know that he was wearing body armor and had high capacity magazines next to me right now our focus is on the families and friends frankly that went 2010 town on saturday night and thought that they go home safe and they but didn't happen the president has ordered all flags across the u.s. to fly at half staff until sunset on thursday in memory of those killed and he praised the response of local law enforcement. hate has no place in our country. and we're
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going to take care of it i spoke with attorney general bill barr i'd like i spoke to 1st separate director of the f.b.i. spoke to the governors both governors that we're doing a lot of work a lot of people are working right now a lot of law enforcement people and others spoke to members of congress about whatever we can do we have to get it stopped it's been going on for years the man being held for the el paso shooting is a 21 year old white male police and federal authorities are trying to confirm if he posted a racist anti immigrant anti hispanic screed to an extremist web site just hours before the shooting one democratic presidential candidate paid to ork who comes from el paso says the president bears the responsibility for that shooting the president's language his rhetoric has produced the kinds of hate crimes that we saw you know passed yesterday but we've been seeing across this country they've been on
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the rise for each one of the last 3 years so. we cannot act as though this were just some kind of natural disaster or a matter of course for this country or the new normal for the united states but the president's chief of staff dismissed that idea i don't think it's fair to try to lay this at the feet of the president i think there are people in this country this morning thinking the president was was was happy by this that's a sad sad state of this nation he's angry he's upset he wants it to stop. i don't think it's at all fair to sit here and say that that he doesn't he doesn't think that white nationalism is bad for the nation dayton and el paso are no different. parts of the list of places in america where they have suffered experienced lived through shootings and with the presidential election 15 months away changing america's gun laws may become part of the bigger conversation. sherrod brown who is the democratic senator from ohio says he wants to see the
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senate recalled busy from its summer break so they can pass a new law which would improve background checks in the united states for anyone who wants to buy a gun he believes it could be done in an afternoon the house of representatives which is democratically controlled that has already been passed but it seems unlikely that the majority senate leader mitch mcconnell will call the senate but not least because in the last couple of hours we find that he has suffered a fractured shoulder intends to what from home for the next few days donald trump after the part when shooting said 9 times he would like to see better background checks than the very next day he met with the national rifle association and suddenly that idea went away so people will be interested when the president speaks to the nation around 10 o'clock on monday if he's going to do something concrete and if his words will be followed with actions. thank you very much. well reynolds had joins us now from el paso and rob just in the last few minutes there's
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been quite a strong reaction as night from that makes the case for mr twist to what he's been saying. yes that's right foreign minister marcella. in a statement said that the shooting in the united states which involved several mexican citizens was a barbarous act he demanded that the united states do more to protect mexican citizens on its store so oil vowed to take legal action under international law against the united states and the foreign minister also demanded the u.s. strengthen its gun laws and he said that if necessary mexico would request the extradition of the suspect in the el paso shooting to stand trial in mexico this as federal authorities here in el paso announced that they are looking at the crime through the lens of domestic terrorism and that patrick cruz is
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the suspect the 21 year old suspect but could this person this could stand trial on various federal charges including gun violations and others that could wind up if convicted giving him the death penalty fischel is here in texas also are planning to try a curse just cruciatus excuse me on a number of capital murder counts the penalty for those of course are. life without life in prison without parole or the death penalty so this has become not only a tragedy for this city and an international tragedy involving citizens of 2 countries. in this border town but also the.


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