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tv   Inside Story 2019 Ep 216  Al Jazeera  August 5, 2019 2:32pm-3:00pm +03

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the condoms are being handed over by the government to big agricultural companies and developers. those areas have been stripped of valuable timber now the bordering protected forest is being ravaged. on patrol the wildlife alliance offices intercept a slow moving target with a prized and valuable one. that they can bet culpable. but there's lots of humor. now that wildlife alliance ranger from the dominion mox tells us this man could face up to 5 years in prison for his load of luxury hardwood timber it might have been sold for many thousands of dollars it had reached its final destination to defend expansion and it's about having people to look at what is going to be on the water and its south pacific smell. the ranges copus going to move in seize the locals tunes and try as well. and very
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must have permission put down for a big check and i am over but i don't have the big that better way out here at the right. look at this. jihad jane that's. it only 2 years left here so what does this represent good for us he's our weapons of mass destruction a chainsaw well this. one. that is clear. i'm heading into the wilderness with while my phone lines in forces police and drying jizz. they have intelligence of an illegal logging camp deep in
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a protected area. after walking 7 kilometers it's the camp dog that gives away the location. it's a rough life for the logan in these evidence they've been here for weeks you cannot leave. cannot leave a national park. and to send a message this forest camp is destroying. the camp well it tells us he only arrived here the day before and had been looking for dead trees to cut fence posts but he and the other occupants will be looking for somewhere else to sleep tonight . by the team discovers another illegal activity. the locals have constructed cumin to make
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charcoal. so when did i last year do you think. they just run away. and they have traffic for sure because. maybe. despite all we've seen an official with cambodia's ministry of environment downplays the situation. we accept that cutting the remaining forest does happen however large scale logging no longer exists. medium size and small scale operations the evidence suggests otherwise. just 5 months ago to claim film this large scale illegal logging on legs leased by an advisor to cambodian prime minister when sam. long time conservationists.
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cambodian forests being systematically. moving in and they're headed. there. if you. use this piece of paper to go outside. under it on the mark. least. to hold back the forest destruction. in the country. i've often. thought about this and i think the feeling.
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across the country. is takings to. it's a century in. here too the government has allowed select companies to log in assigned areas. of the sanctuary some of the forest most precious timber so this is the really special forest is it. to see how. it's.
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pamplin a couple. of little padded. claims they kept the team inside the company concession between lang says there's no such valuable team to their live to count i think the lie to us is not true so what he's saying is not the truth he actually stole it from the protected area. each piece of timber can be so to try to use for as much as $250.00 of this is probably a $10000.00 condo. assigned declares the syria is deserving of the highest level of protection so much notice other not of the government government sang officially a catalog u.s. side european union big sign sign the cause i'm precious forest. it's still being lost and. sometimes i cry i feel disappointed because i'm not able to protect the
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forest but i see that the destruction is so big but no one helps to protect it the government does not arrest the tree cutters but it arrest the forest activists. the companies allowed to operate in this forest the since it got the rectitude. of the sawmills easy to find. them wrong. the government gave the green light to reopen the sawmills that had been closed as we can see 100000 hectares of the forests were cleared from the meat it's now extinct and will never return. we find a large stockpile of song timber the main gully good site was confiscated and this place is a ranger post it's another unlikely story. and . the further we drive the more sawmills ling finds
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it's important for him to record every discovery. but calling out illegal activity can be perilous in cambodia. at a grave in the capital phnom penh a proud sung remembers a brave father an icon of cambodians environment movement who daum is the son of church woody who paid the ultimate price for his activism. as are the sound of. he really wanted me to love nature what he wanted was to stop the destruction of combo didn't forests. 7 years ago while investigating a logging company shoot woody was shocked and he's remembered for confronting the
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most powerful illegal loggers in this country but up and down the beach mourn those he upset with him a businessman back then and today him a businessman a powerful people who work in the government. investigation into the killing of truth when he was closed and made conflicting accounts of what happened. who don't is now following in the footsteps of his father and salvage there are a lot of unforgettable memories of his there always there was a brave man a good father and a respectful data. feel free to a similar path to church would be lange navigates the dangerous calls faith that there were no cats out of the royal government is involved in corruption and therefore the government armed forces and the companies hate the forest defenders close to my drone was smashed several times when i received death threats i fled
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cambodia to thailand to see him. however i still continue my work. in these teams the camp down to the. the been tipped off there is timber on the mood. where it's going is an international scandal. to find out more we travel to cambodia's border with vietnam on a stretch of road playing is most camillia where. he will fall. along the rugged lang recognizes sponsors for the timber smugglers they had to report anything they can upset business including the appearance of activists like him. and smaller program for me he.
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can. this is the official border but it's not the favored route of return to smugglers of my they're armed with about 20 illegal crossings here. and i can see the checkpoint today there is a rampant illegal industry smuggling timber across this border but despite the work of laying in divers exposing it the news recently struck a deal that will allow vietnam to certify its own timber exports to europe vietnam is a fictive lee laundering then exporting illegally launched timber from cambodian forests i'm fed up with the european union they are good they engage in the timber trade with vietnam even though they know that vietnam is a rascal and a thief who steals the timber for. the a use is the deal only proceed if it's convinced vietnam is acting lawfully for there is no doubt about this illegal
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cross border trade it's something even high ranking officials in the government it made it out i mean there is still timber going. across the border because there is a black market in that area these activities are illegal that's why the ministry of environment as well as other relevant ministries and border officials are cracking down on forests cripes. back in the car to mountains wildlife alarms foreign enforcers a new school drug and another day's patrol with local rangers and police. illegal logging and poaching go hand in hand here where the locals are going in the forest. to collect fruits or whatever they are bringing with them to homemade gun snares so they can honk and set up shop for the same time.
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by entitled to harm for their own use hunting in a protected area it's illegal and i was. illegal but right fortunately sometimes the hunters get caught the good job guys who are what you did yesterday really happy you confiscate quietens what is going to happen today we're going to go up the river and release the snakes. reorganisation has 7 right just scattered over a large area of the current. that is promised to be an issue so it's natural inhabitants at a time of trying to mount on the black market so as the idea to to trap and bring these animals back alive or is it to kill both. traditional medicine has always been the biggest drive along with restaurants for the animal parts that are trafficked to china and vietnam and they are range from the charismatic elephants in tigers and bears all the way down to lizards and snakes and turtles and turtle
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ices. the pythons are released into an area where they should be so. good most of cambodia's so cold protected areas are anything but likes new wildlife sanctuary new vietnam border this is a satellite image from 10 years ago. this is how the books today. almost completely bereft of animals and forest. 10 year goes. it's jungle and forests and. what actually happened here a few years back i would come to destroy the forest here. in this poor country people living off the land as they always have. with
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a fast money is pushing many to ravage their irreplaceable forests. promoted by logging companies seemingly condoned by cambodia's government the largest rainforest in southeast asia my soon to be a wilderness most. china has one of the world's highest are based but many a take up the farmers against that for military style white to radical surgery one o one east investigates the chinese battle to get in shape on al jazeera. presence on the truck journey or was promised damaging information about hillary clinton allegation like to see an investigation seductress did the trunk campaign
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with russia did you at any time birch a former f.b.i. director james comey in any way shape or form the closer the backdown the investigation into michael flynn and also as you well know. next question battlefield washington on al-jazeera. i'm not sure who's there with me so robin a reminder of our top news stories breaking news coming out of india the indian government says it's scrapping a law that grants special status to the indian administered kashmir article 370 grants the regional government complete jurisdiction over all matters except defense foreign affairs finance and communications the residents live under a separate set of laws including those related to citizenship ownership of property
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and fundamental rights as compared to other indians well ahead of that the government has imposed an indefinite security lockdown in parts of the disputed region prominent local politicians have been put under house arrest so new lines are down and the internet is not working on to our other top story and that's protesters in hong kong have launched a rare citywide strike blocking trains tunnels and major intersections there's anger over the government's handling of protests against an out shelled extradition bill and china's influence on the territory need to carry law and is accusing protesters of trying to destroy hong kong such extensive disruptions in their name months or are uncooperative and their men have seriously undermined. the law and order. and are pushing
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our city the city we are lost and many of us helped to build through the verge of a very dangerous situation. opposition politicians say kerry has lost all legitimacy to continue in office. i carry land has cryptically tell the hong kong and international community is that she has done nothing wrong and that if that proves that to she and head government morally bankrupt and her use of diversion tactic claiming that ted the people is the mountains have changed morphed into something else that said that seriously a lie. hopeful. well she said the hong kong is on the verge of a very dangerous situation a lot of people in hong kong think we're already in a very dangerous situation economically so what does she mean by the verge of
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a potentially more dangerous situation did she mean one where we could see. the chinese army for example on the streets that is one of the rumors flying around on social media didn't address that directly but what does that phrase on the verge of a dangerous situation very dangerous situation me she also told about the protest is putting at risk the one country 2 systems that hong kong is essentially part of china but governed separately not the protests the course want to put that at risk is i want 2 countries 2 systems democracies. seem to be implying that if the not get one country one system china's here as well so a lot of big questions that come about that press conference not many answers she's not standing down the chief executive she's not getting any further ground to the protesters and across the city as well as a quiet what they were going to say perhaps more protests in one day than any other 7 different ones a plan for the city and if previous protests are anything to go by they could morph into something more violent like the us president has ranted too much shooting
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saying hate has no place in america 29 people were killed in the attacks in ohio and texas the shooting in el paso is being investigated as a possible hate crime. human sooty rebels say they've launched a series of drone attacks targeting to a base in saudi arabia their bases one of them there's no confirmation of the strikes from riyadh libyan media reporting that 40 people have been killed in a strikes by forces loyal to ward cleaver after the victims were attending a wedding in the town in the southwest of the country dozens were injured in the attack turkey's president recipe urged one says he's sending troops into an area controlled by kurdish y p g fighters in northern syria to i.p.g. has been an important u.s. ally in the battle against eisel but turkey sees it as a terrorist group those with the headlines are back with more news in half an hour here on al-jazeera but next on al-jazeera it's rewind to stay with us.
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hello and welcome again to remind i'm elizabeth prochnow. some of the most important programs and more than a decade of documentaries and to find out how the story has moved on since. today we're returning to a film which had
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a major impact on the world's biggest plane maker in 2019 boeing hit the headlines when they were forced to ground the brand new 737 max after 2 fatal crashes in indonesia and ethiopia but this wasn't the 1st time they've been forced to ground a new aircraft type back in 2013 the 787 dreamliner then boeing's newest and most advanced plane ran into trouble midair when a on a flight made an emergency landing in japan after a battery caught fire at high altitude just days earlier a similar problem had occurred on 787 at logan airport in boston usa the dreamliner boeing's flagship aircraft was in trouble but as al-jazeera is an investigative unit discovered there was more to worry about on the dreamliner than just smoking batteries from 2014 has broken dreams.
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generally 16th 20 searching chuck amounts to. a brand new boeing 787 dreamliner makes an emergency landing. passengers muse the plane was in trouble. it was a new. poll engine off from india. on a. schedule my join you put us you can see always you know you. need to take to you know. issue almost. any ball and all you. want. there and all came. to blue books was one of the dreamliner
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is to. reach the most powerful and risky ever committed on a commercial aircraft. it's just the latest in a string of embarrassments for boeing state of the art aircraft 9 days earlier dreamliner battery that caught fire in boston massachusetts. to battery failures in less than 2 weeks japanese car is all nippon airways and japan airlines are grounded their fleets of buying 787 dreamliner japan airlines and a and a have been the 1st to fly the dreamliner now they became the 1st to counsel all flights breaking news the united states federal within 24 hours the u.s. safety regulator the federal aviation administration grounded the 787 all 15 of the new boeing 787 dreamliner been grounded. the rest of the world followed no boeing fleet had ever been forced from service but on january 17th 20 searching the
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dream was. i'm will jordan. for a year my team and i have been investigating the dreamliner it's the boeing company's big bet on the future a plane created to save fuel improve comfort and boost profits. built in a new way designed and manufactured by schools of companies around the globe. the company that makes the factory is g.s. you also based in kyoto. we wanted them to tell us what you've gone so wrong. hi how are you and all. out there how does. one know when you might
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be willing to do an interview they refused. to cause harm to. the battery is only one part of the dreamliner is complex electrical system is also a charger made is a factory thousands of kilometers away what happened there shows boeing learned years ago just how dangerous a lithium ion battery could be. in tucson arizona we tracked down michael lane. an electrical technician. of your work and electronics since i was 17 years old my drawing the paratroopers i was assigned to like trying to communications a tie in of 82nd airborne. and this is the 1st time i've been here since. 2007.
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it's hard to believe that this is what's left of a 3 story engineering structure. on a november morning in 2006 and dozens of other workers cloaked in secure a plane the company that makes the battery charger. and i started a pot of coffee then i went into my lab and started working on my battery charging unit. and then it happened and there was a very valid explosion and all of us saw i was lying on the floor and there i was coming out the side of this battery it was about big and it wasn't like fire it looked like a jet afterburner large jet exhaust. the prototype battery secure plane was using to test its charger had exploded. i heard a very loud series of metallic corralling bangs kind of
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a shock and just this jet of steam of fire was literally rolling up the walls around me and on the ceiling i could just see it eating up all around me. i know that if that happened on board an aircraft there there would be no chance of survival. it was the biggest chemical fire into someone's history. a $10000.00 square foot 3 story structure burnt to the ground. after my building burned out. after that they realize very emphatically.


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