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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 5, 2019 7:00pm-7:34pm +03

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there so there is a clear political polarization here with the ruling party trying to pander to its hindu bank. they have already been protests as rulers spread on sunday about the government's plan. article 35 in article 370 is our basic constitutional right we have made agreement with india the basis of this article and now they are trying to derail vocals articles this is an injustice to us. are not going to tolerate we should just. disputed kashmir is one of the most militarized areas in the world india and pakistan claim it as their own for now the region is on the edge as it prepares for what's to come priyanka gupta 0. well this is the pakistani reaction to india's actions pakistan strongly condemns or reject the announcements made today by the indian government regarding the indian occupied germany and kashmir the indian occupied jammu and kashmir is an internationally
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recognized disputed territory no union natural set by the government of india can change this disputed status as enshrined in the united nations security council resolutions pakistan will exercise all possible options to counter the illegal status when go live now to our correspondent come our hyder who's there in fact assad administered kashmir in just a class and the response from the pakistan government talks about their being exercising the possibility of exercising all possible options to counter what they call illegal steps what could they be. 1st before it's gone it's going to go on a diplomatic offensive that specially ofter the us president mentioned the fact that d.n.d. and prime minister had warned him to mediate something that d.n.d.
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and. also the fact that progress on had also beefed up hope along the line of control and that day will be a quick response and gave the indian side to go for more t.d.'s violations of the line of control at the same time there are demonstrations all across today against that indian move we got bogged down in an international dispute and there are relevant united nations security council resolution as far to the disputed dated idiots concerned that this will not be acceptable led you to indict foreign state and foreign minister statement nordics september do the people of pakistan or the people of jammu and kashmir what you can see behind me the river j m that emanates from india now administered kashmir. administered kashmir and while they did relative calm on this side of the border people are aware of the fact that people
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living on the other side of the an indian administered kashmir are going to have a different paradigm where their complete blockade of the mobile phone. and internet. on the pakistani side that perhaps read the induction of more troops into the rally india may also be planning more cross border while asia and along the line of control. that live in pakistan administered kashmir well. the chief minister of the indian administered kashmir and the head of the people's democratic passing she's among the politicians who are currently under house arrest and she's tweeted this today most adoptees stay in indian democracy. the decision of the german kashmir leadership to reject 2 nation theory and $947.00 and allying with india has backfired unilateral decision of the government of india to scrap article $370.00 is illegal and unconstitutional which will make india an
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occupational force for the dispute between india and pakistan over the status of kashmir goes back to the time shortly before independence from britain when india was partitioned in 947 muslim majority region was ruled by a hindu king he chose india after fighters from pakistan entered the region war broke out and the area ended up being split into 2 parts one administered by india and the other by pakistan the entire territory has remained in dispute ever since or fighting in indian administered kashmir has been mostly in the muslim dominated kashmir valley multiple armed groups operate in the region you either want independence all they want to merge with pakistan india is constitution has granted the regional autonomy and special legal protections for the people who live there but the governments removal of these provisions in our article 370 could see it become fully integrated into the indian states but let's speak now to
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curtsey singh who's a supreme court lawyer she's joining us live from new delhi by scott thank you very much for joining us now many people are pointing to the the question raising the question of the legality of the move can an executive order signed by the president supersede a constitutional amendment. well here's the couldn't have passed what's an order without. general anguish read assembly agreeing to it but seeing as there was. there's no assembly at the moment the presidential rule is there so taking advantage of that. to be government has. decided to scrap. 370 and. this is being seen as a very wrong move by several borders elin who say that this was
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a special status which was given to don't jumble in me and to define who with residents would be to see who. state will settle their state who can buy property there and generally can be employed there or will get scholarships there so this is or that was especially given your question and mean had its own constitution and our of course this has been scrapped right and the question of why it's there is still. the to question the legality of the action that is is a feasible option you seem to be agreeing yes what are the legal recourse is for those who would like to challenge the us. will they will organise this.
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they need this so order in the beginning or in the house or supreme court or so to the supreme court but the supreme court is believed by many to be currently much more favorable to the policies of the government of no end remote do you think that they can really get a fair hearing. well you know i don't thing we can define the entire superior won't like that i think it dependent on the inclusion of the individual. so i don't think once he'd see me girl or would argue right ok fair enough so what do you think is the main objective then of of the the j.p. led government by taking this action regarding indian administered kashmir what exactly do they want to achieve will do you want to. see that it's
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only take a road bike to get they want to actually join the powers that with day we don't know english we need assembly. and they want to. be able to do whatever they want to from a family in delhi you know so it wanted it seems that many many kashmir is in particular seem to fear that what the government is seeking to do is to change the demographics of the region to to allow for many more people to come into the region and and and receive their separate residence status which up until now has been largely restricted to regional authorities. to permanent or less to do that's where it is defined as one and there's of course what they have done is they have. promised a tool they have now. tool by those state of the more and more that will jump in the dark so they have sort of counted it spies and made it into
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a union territory which is the state of they're trying to make it will you. did it through the state of the jungle and this new and in love they have the only in making another union territory so a union did it she hires less clout then the state assembly does the spiders or getting out its. owners and so on and so it's clear that they want to all. make sure that they have their say in don't wish me apart from years we need them to buy property there being a circle there is symbols of all of that follows right he's saying thank you very much indeed for talking to us live on al-jazeera. that libya media are reporting 41 people have been killed in air strikes that have been launched by
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forces loyal to the warlord holly for half the this is an attack that reportedly targeted a wedding party in the town of was up in the southwest of the country dozens more were injured more than a 1000 people have been killed since half those forces launched an offensive in april to take control of the capital tripoli muffled up to what is our correspondent joining us now live from tripoli the libyan capital is this a new war front then for the forces of holly for hafter. this is apparently a new development and just about now the presidency council of the government of national called has just issued a statement condemning it says it is strongly condemning what it calls a crime and the attack against civilians about half the forces there also the and the back to government is. calling on the united nations support
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a mission in libya to open an investigation in into what it calls a crime against humanity committed by have to forces now we're getting reports from the south of the town over the murders of 900 kilometers or the virtually saying that dozens of people have been killed in civil. by a drone loyal to the warlord have to why and dozens others one did now i spoke to the member of the mr peggotty council of he told me that all the victims are civilians now have those forces have been battling against the tibble fighters since last february when the launching a military campaign to take control of his authority dic locations in the south of libya including towns in airports and also most importantly the oil fields there to pull fighters. as they say what they call the military all by have to
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forces on the other hand have to his forces are accusing the tibble fighters of recruiting their cousins. from chad which fighters are categorically denying marty markowitz abdul wahed heard thank you very much indeed for now. yemen's heathy rebels say they've launched a series of drone attacks against saudi arabia the reported targets were after and not drawn airports and the king holiday air base in the southwest of the country there's been no confirmation so far from the saudi government. that the iranian foreign minister says the united states government sanctioned him because he refused to go to the white house and hold talks earlier this month just as the reef made these comments at a news conference in tehran our correspondent. but i was there let's go live to him now as to what else did the radio foreign ministers say
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well it was a very passionate and animated foreign minister today he spoke for about 2 hours he took questions from the local and international media in fact this was his 1st public press conference with the media since the u.s. sanctions on him last week on thursday the u.s. says that he's not honest broker and that he on behalf of the supreme leader at the time devolves reef said that the sanctions won't affect him because he has no assets outside of iran but today he said this. they impose sanctions on a minor government employee like me what does it mean to impose sanctions on a foreign minister it means the failure of dialogue the failure of diplomacy it means they disagree with talks our security and stability has never been course and it is not a sales. he was also asked about dialogue with regional neighbors specifically saudi arabia and the united arab emirates and he spoke about
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yemen and what it shows is how vested everyone is is in the conflict in yemen what he said was that if the u.a.e. and saudi arabia were to revise their policies in yemen and choose negotiations over conflict then iran was ready to talk basically saying take a step back from yemen and we will go into dialogue with you and restore toys but he also mentioned the blockade and got there he said it was unacceptable for the regional countries to be put in that blockade uncut and putting such pressure on a fellow member of the gulf cooperation committee so a very animated and passionate foreign minister today and the sanctions don't seem to have affected him is out there putting he's putting his side across to everybody and in fact is really the establishment here in iran behind him i said big thank you very much indeed. and the united nations is calling for sanctions on businesses linked to me and miles military over what it says is a genocidal campaign against the ranger mammals army controls vast swathes of the
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economy u.n. investigators are urging world leaders to impose financial sanctions and say foreign firms doing business with those companies could be complicit in international crimes and military crackdown that began in 2017 has forced more than 700000 ranger to flee to bangladesh last week now to benjamin's a walk he is a lawyer and independent southeast asia analyst joining us live from bangkok thank you for talking to us i mean how how realistic is it this call for there to be sanctions face of arm companies that are doing business with me and miles military . well it will but it will depend upon the political will really and how much this call is taken up at higher levels of united nations and how much is taken up by u.n. member states we've seen for example in the situation in north korea and iran albeit for much different reasons or national community being willing to enforce sanctions
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against countries for various purposes and against company for that matter for various purposes it will really depend on whether your recommendations coming from a fact finding mission as opposed to a higher level entity will in fact be taken up writing day because it will take a match in a good proportion of the payment of 5 members of the security council and what we know to date say far is that china is is the biggest cover if you like full activities in nam are refusing to subscribe to any form of condemnation that's right in about 3 months after the genocide commenced in august 27th the un security council barely mustered a very anodyne presidential statement and despite a visit from the council to me on mar last may may have 28 c. it is yet to issue a resolution and yet and yet we're looking at a situation where the genocide commenced almost exactly 2 years ago in 3 weeks it
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will be the 2 year anniversary of one of the greatest if not the greatest international crime and yet the un body charged with with protecting international peace and security has not been able or willing to do to move the appropriate but we are getting a clearer patriot it would seem as to the involvement of specific european and asian companies that are doing business with me and now. that's right i mean that the actual list of companies will become clearer as time goes on but again it will come down to the political will it's not just the security council as an act in the u.n. general assembly which in acted or rather endorsed the u.n. responsibility to protect principle in 2005 has taken no appreciable action and even the un high commissioner for human rights or for human rights council rather we're going to put together a evidence finding commission about a year ago has still not been able to fully staff or operationalize that commission either and again we're looking at
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a situation in which the genocide is 2 years old and yet we're talking about here recommendations with sanctions at this point it's it's grossly insufficient benjamin's a lot he thank you very much. in a few moments we'll have the weather with everton also coming up in this hour is here in news our money talks we explained how china has ramped up its trade war with the u.s. by letting its currency tumble. the fireflies lighting up the night in a remote woodland in mexico. and serves up for the host says they strike gold in the pan american games again joe will have the teacher. however well myanmar is now saying a search in the monsoon rains lots of cloud driving across the by
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a single into that eastern side of the region on the other side of the other side of india through the western ghats western parts seeing huge amounts of rainfall still $256.00 millimeters of rain here in 24 hours and that really is quite typical of the kind of rainfall we are looking along the west coast at the moment you push inland you can easily double that figure flooding rains they are set to continue but as i said you can see that huge bulge of clouds surging across the other side of the goal into myanmar here we go under an 8 millimeters of rain in 24 hours plenty more where that came from as we go on through the next 24 hours because dark dark colors on our chart there is some really heavy rainfall across that eastern side of the region will gradually see some wet weather also just sliding back towards that northeastern corner of in the northern parts of out of the dash a good part of a disha could see some very heavy rain over the next couple of days and that wet weather pushing water up into west bengal and also into beer hard plenty of cloud
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and right through the central and northern plains of india up towards new delhi and staying extremely wet right along the west coast. who would sponsor. i can't tolerate this. eradicating leprosy in cambodia relied on education and treatment in equal measure on. him but he early you know disability yet still be would be wait until 3 year old 4 year more he bill had this ability to play eased a bit and didn't know wait for the next generation of antibiotics may just be way taking place at the bottom of the ocean in many respects it is now that. she'll have revisited on al-jazeera. i.
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get closer to the sea altogether their sea voyage cats are always going places together. travers take a look at the top stories here it out is there a city wide general strike saying things in hong kong police of tear gas to disperse the crowds that were blocking traffic in parts of the city earlier the strike disrupted train services and that to cancel flights india's government to scrap parts of the law that give significant autonomy to indian administered
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kashmir the region said to be split into pots and it special protections to be removed pakistan has condemned the. libyan media is reporting 41 people. have been killed in and launched by forces loyal to the war in the attorney for hafter the attack reportedly targeted a with wedding party of a town in the town of mosul in the southwest of the country dozens more people were injured. the russia's deputy foreign minister has been speaking for the 1st time since the u.s. withdrew from a landmark nuclear arms treaty washington walked away from the intermediate range nuclear forces treaty all the i.n.f. on friday it accused russia of not complying moscow's united this is as the u.s. has made a serious mistake let's go live now to our correspondent set vasant she's there in moscow so what else did the russian deputy minister have to say
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well he made it very clear that the risk of a new nuclear arms race has now risen significantly basically what happened is that in the 1987 this new nuclear arms agreement the intermediate range made an end to the called war it was signed then by ronald reagan and gorbachev but now with this u.s. complains that russia has violated that agreement the griminess basically that russia and ripped off has stressed again that russia has nothing to blame he blames completely the united states for what happened and for the loss of this very significant that historic treatment he says russia has this very well known the missile in 97 to 9 that everyone has been talking about which has according to the united states and europe violated to treaty but he says it's not true we never tacet this missile beyond the 500 kilometers boundary which would have violated the
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treaty otherwise severson live in moscow thank you. the turkey says it's met u.s. military officials to talk about the establishment of a safe zone in northern syria earlier president roger tired of one announce that troops will be sent to an area currently controlled by kurdish y p g fighters the y.p. g.'s been an important u.s. ally in the battle against sizable turkey sees it as a terrorist group. our motives are due to me the opposition leader warned us against entering afrin and we did then we entered jobless and then city and now we will enter the east you're free to use yes we have talked to russia and the united states because we cannot remain silent with the continuation of the provocative strikes that come from that area we have been patient but our patience has limits. china has deepened the trade war with the united states in response to
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president trance threatened increase terrorists the central bank stop propping up the yuan allowing it to fall to its lowest level against the dollar since 2008 the central bank blamed the trade war for the yuan's weakness is decision rattled markets and is likely to inflame tensions between washington and beijing we can speak to our economics editor abbott. and abbott what is the real significance in terms of markets. the central bank decision to allow the yuan to sink to such a low level so typically the congress's are traded freely sometimes countries like china they trade within a band because they're trying to manage their economy from one stage to another stage from from an economic boom to maybe a slow down so they try to manage that currency in this case they have allowed the currency to fall below that bracket where they were willing to prop up the currency why would you go out your way and do that in this case the central bank has been
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pretty clear is said we're doing this because of the threatened sanctions that we expect from president from in september right ok now in the past president trump has been himself accused of weaponize ing the dollar. in regard to actions taken against turkey is this the chinese doing exactly the same with their own currency this is exactly what economists are saying this morning saying you know the chinese are weaponize in the exchange rate to. managed at this to help manage the economy so if these new sanctions come into play then the chinese economy will contract by not point 2 percent but if it does not point 2 percent and that means that by lowering the currency by 10 percent they can mitigate this impact so that's their plan this is this is because they haven't got enough trade goods which they assent which they buy from the u.s. which they can sanction anymore so this is this is what they've left with the
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currency so this does indeed deepen the ongoing tradeable we're coming up to a year i think now more than of this more than a year of this what is has been a tit for tat tariff arrangement but now we're talking about currency manipulation as well so you know the chinese would argue this is not been a palatial what they allowed is the markets to take effect the markets analysts and economists think that china's economy slowing and what is the outlet when that happens the currency huge should depreciates which allows you to sell more goods overseas but you also have negative impacts like the inflation so this is just one mechanism that they can use to counter the terrorists so knowing as you do so well the trump team's economic behavior if you like will this give them pause for thought do you think in terms of ramping up the next level of terrorists and the threat for september so trump is a profound protectionist behind this these tariffs he's the one who suggested we want to go ahead ahead with the tires even though his advisors were saying to him
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last thursday according to the wall street journal that there's no need for additional terrorist not at this stage but he was insisting that he wants these tires so it's up to trump and trump is most likely to wake up this morning realize what's happened and is likely to accuse the chinese of manipulating the currency and ultimately who pays his pain because president trump is really key there is indeed to suggest that this is going to really. blow back on the chinese the chinese economy and try. these consumers for that matter but who's actually paying so once you put tariffs on any nation when those goods cool to your borders it's your consumers who will pick up the cost of of those particular tariffs now we already know that the farmers the very people he said he was going to help those people have been affected the most and the u.s. ins has introduced $16000000000.00 of subsidies to help the farmers and the next batch of of goods which will be sanctioned of the $300000000000.00 worth they
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actually start to affect all americans because these are consumer goods which are like your mobile phones right ok thank you very much avid alyea economics editor now thousands of people have attended a candlelight vigil in el paso taxes to honor the 20 people killed in a mass shooting at a shopping complex on saturday it has become the worst attack in the u.s. so far this year a 21 year old white man is facing multiple criminal charges and also in ohio a large crowd gathered for a vigil in dayton's oregon district to mourn the death of 9 people who were killed in another mass shooting that was early on sunday police say the gunman is among those killed 16 others are in hospital. whether rico's new interim governor is facing a possible challenge in the u.s. territories senate but to see took office on friday when the senate leader is calling on members to declare his swearing in unconstitutional he's also facing
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opposition on the streets where some protests as he forced his predecessor out of office and been rallying in the capital some hong gabriel elizondo. protesters again at the front gate of the governor's mansion and be their anger at the internal governor they did didn't vote for but have been told is the best option to leave puerto rico big disagree. the best available we have people here very good leave the country much better. corporate interests she's referring to pedro pierre louis c. the new governor who previously worked at a law firm that represented a company accused of polluting the island's groundwater with toxic ash louis c. is from the largest political party the new progressives he's a former justice minister who also served as puerto rico's representative to washington or he was sworn in late friday even though he was not confirmed by the
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senate as required by law the senate will vote on monday and he could be forced to step down but he doesn't get the confirmation votes he needs the people of puerto rico took to the streets to demand change they got it but for many of them it wasn't the change they want well piers we see has not been directly tied to corruption those who want to see the most change you him and the government he now leads with suspicion they are all corrupt they have all been allegedly implying the same corrections gives the governor was taken out so they think that. i going to come for arms or are going to simply the siletz a settle for the less than 2 evils we're not. we are tired of this and we know that the next 2 years are going to be fundamental to the restructuring of the because so we really need someone competent and honest to a percent us and they say they won't stop until they have it aprils on al-jazeera
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san juan puerto rico. a new form of eco tourism is helping to rejuvenate one of mexico's poorest regions magical displays of fireflies attract thousands of tourists to a special forest every yeah man well has more from now on that. at a campsite in central mexico dozens of tourists are starting to gather just before dusk they're here to witness a rare natural wonder that takes place every summer in a forest just outside the town of nona. it starts with a miniscule flash of light then another and then another. before long before speaking to burst with light as thousands of fireflies take flight. there is a great biodiversity or florida fall here among them species that are made of such as far floods which is because we are very look at a current of this unique microclimate that is home to such an important species as
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this dance of aerial bioluminescence last for about one hour every night between the months of june and august as male fireflies desperately compete for the attention of a mate for visitors hoping to be completely surrounded by fireflies the really only 2 rules it is quite as possible and turn off all the lights seeing that pulsing swarm of neon dots in the forest really is an experience like no other and mexico is one of only a handful of countries where you can see that spectacle for yourself. is visiting from a neighboring state he and his friends have set up camp for the night there among an estimated $50000.00 tourists who visit b. 80 square kilometer firefly sanctuary every year and you better know what i mean they will ask why i came here thinking i would see a few fireflies 20 or 30 at a time maybe i didn't imagine i would see so many i'm very impressed when i see it . it's hard to imagine this.


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