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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 6, 2019 7:00am-7:34am +03

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it's like every palestinian living in the aspirant felt it was the 1st time they proport using their identity al-jazeera world hears music as a force for unity the diaspora orchestra. a major escalation in the trade war the us names china a currency manipulator as the one drops to a new low. cards the whole robin you're watching out is there life while headquarters here in doha also coming up ramping up the pressure on president do rope reports that donald trump is imposing an economic embargo on venezuela. also a ceasefire collapsed syria blames turkey as it resumes military operations against rebels in the north west and the u.n.
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calls for calm along the india pakistan border after new delhi revokes the special status for the disputed kashmir region. welcome to the program there's been a new escalation in the us china trade war washington is accusing beijing of manipulating its currency after it lowered the value of the one stocks have dropped nearly 3 percent on wall street beijing says it will stop chinese companies from buying u.s. farm products allan fisher house wolf in washington d.c. . well donald trump said he was going to call china come see manipulator on his 1st stay in office it's taken until now you certainly were expecting from the treasury sexist evolution some sort of ruling on whether or not he thought china was a currency manipulator in october it's been brought forward just in the last few
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hours donald trump said on twitter that he believed china was manipulating its currency to try and gain an unfair advantage against the united states now when they made their surely they could have years one of 2 laws they could have gone with the 2015 law or the one that was drawn up in 1900 they decided to go with the 1988 there's a reason for that it's a slightly broader remit it gives them a wider option on how they can declare china to be come see manipulator what it means know is that stephen ition with donald trump's backing will go along to the international monetary fund and see china is essentially blocking the rules and you need to punish them but this is something donald trump has promised for a while and as you see we would in a trade war no we're also in a currency war well done well is that the list in the economist intelligence unit china service she says an escalation of this kind was inevitable. overall the spirit is still the same the u.s.
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want to eliminate its trade deficit with china but from this point on it looks very difficult because china is waiting to take more mahler to that in its current and that means with more of a longer lingering are below 7 and that means in fact working from china and searching many of the u.s. companies will continue to import from china or we have expected from last year that china would bridge this 7 exchange rate as a psychological sly. anyone who think they can short chinese yuan in the future there are wrong perception because the central bank has signaled that it's willing to take more volatility so the 7 regions that means inevitable but for it to float further like $7.00 or 8 under central government would not let that happen south korea says the north has fired what appears to be 2 short range ballistic missiles the launch took place in the south how
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a province earlier the north korean government condemned joint military drills between the u.s. and south korea describing them as hostile. well of korea has generated an estimated $2000000000.00 for its weapons program using cyber attacks and that's according to a new u.n. report by the reuters news agency it says that pyongyang used increasingly sophisticated cyber attacks to steal from banks and crypto currency exchanges the report seen by reuters was presented to a committee of the u.n. security council sanctions were imposed on north korea in 2006 at a bit to stop funding for its nuclear and ballistic missile programs. us media are reporting the trumpet ministration is set to impose a complete economic embargo on the venezuelan government it would target any company or individual that does business or off a support to anyone affiliated with the government of president as madeira that would be the 1st measure of its kind against a government in the western hemisphere in more than 30 years on monday washington
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froze all of venezuelan government assets in the united states petro brayley is a venezuelan national and a financial advisor he says the sanctions will affect everybody including countries that are doing business with venezuela well i think is escalation. must be a reflection of the position that the united states had into it and also the european union that in norway mediated conversations that dial change did not generate an outcome. they would ratchet up sanctions so this by itself was already an indication that the agreement or that those conversations came to stalemate on the remaining of what mulatto remaining bar before an election so there's an apparently an agreement on presidential action but not on what happens with a little between now and the presidential election. the why do all government wants
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model to exit immediately and have the elections be conducted other decision government and clearly mother who want to stay until the election so this escalation is that credibly sharp. ratchet of the pressure that will be put on them as well or will affect everybody secondary sanctions will affect also countries 3rd countries that are doing business with that as well. or u.n. secretary general antonio terrace has appealed to india and pakistan to exercise maximum restraint on monday india said it's revoking kashmir's autonomous status abruptly upheaving a 20 a $75.00 mi 70 year old agreement in the coming hours the government in new delhi will move a bill in the lower house of parliament for discussion and a vote. well i can tell you that we are following with concern the tense situation in the region we're also aware of reports of restrictions on the indian side of
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kashmir and we urge all parties to exercise restraint i would add that over the past few days the un military observer group in india and pakistan otherwise known as on mortgage has observed and reported an increase in military activity along the line of control the indian government says the constitutional changes are necessary to integrate the region into india opposition politicians say is a dark day for democracy and the reports. a wide ranging security clampdown kept people largely off the streets in indian administered kashmir on monday thousands of troops have been deployed and internet connections were cut to deter any opposition to the sudden revoking of article 371 to a certain the uproar in the new delhi parliament when the decision was announced by home minister ahmed shah. the opposition leader angrily accused the governing b j p of murdering democracy by revoking article 370. this
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isn't many ways a black defendant democracy we have seen if not the letter of the constitution certainly the spirit of the constitution and the soul of indian democracy being shamelessly violated but those have been elected to protect it article 370 allows the regional government to make its own laws except in finance defense foreign affairs and communications residents of kashmir live under different laws from the rest of india in matters such as property ownership and citizenship now the central government plans to split up the region into 2 parts kashmir and jammu and led back which will both be directly governed by new delhi. reaction has spread along religious and political lives despite the security clampdown in jammu and small groups of hindus celebrate at the end of what they. as 30 years of banishment. the kashmiri muslims complain bitterly about their rights and identity being stolen
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from them and they have been opposition demonstrations in indian cities such as calcutta and new delhi. the hindu nationalist party came to power in the elections in may this year with enhanced majority based on promises that it would remove these special provisions which the band of the muslims of india so there is a clear political polarization here with the ruling party trying to pander to its hindu vote bank. as part of the government security crackdown 3 prominent kashmiri politicians have been placed under arrest 2 of them former chief ministers. kashmir is one of the most militarized areas in the world and both india and pakistan claim it is there they've gone to war more than one server kashmir since their independence from british rule pouring yet more troops into that contested region now may not necessarily be a recipe for calm. al-jazeera or pakistan's government is condemning india's move
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and says it's ready to exercise all possible options. in pakistan administered kashmir. white spread across pakistan raid protests taking place in major cities or what the indian moves or what their job and kashmir region the pakistani foreign office summoning the high commissioner of india to the foreign office and lodging a strong protest and complain about the indian moves now there are tensions which have been growing up over the past few weeks also because of. just on the accused india of using cluster munitions the indians of course denying that but pakistan has been taking foreign diplomats and even the united nations military observer group for india and pakistan to show them the evidence of the indian artillery barrage in the needham valley and wasted munitions were used now it is going to be
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important to see what happens within the next few days of august on intent to go on a diplomatic offensive to try and rein in the international community that the only way forward a tradition that is to quiet in order to diffuse this dangerous. although project on in india had been a game and back in 1702 to discuss and rejoice all outstanding issues including through bilateral talks that particular pod had been closed because of india and the according to pakistan to come to the negotiating table the pakistani prime minister start taking office just a year ago had already said that if india wants to take one step forward that pakistan ready to take to. the u.s. envoy to afghanistan says excellent progress has been made in the latest round of talks with taliban. has just left heading for talks in india he says
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a final deal on u.s. troop withdrawal will be reached soon the taliban has also been optimistic saying it's ready to negotiate with the afghan government wants foreign forces withdraw. in syria's rebel controlled provinces collapsed the government has resumed its offensive with strikes reported in the southern parts of the province syria's government has accused rebel forces of violating the terms of the truce and is blaming turkey for not enforcing its cease fire was agreed in kazakhstan on thursday. the turkey syria border. the ceasefire has collapsed the airstrikes have resumed the syrian military is announcement that it would resume military operations in that rebel controlled province in northwestern syria came as a surprise really because the ceasefire seemed to be holding since friday night there have been no air strikes the warring parties have been shelling each other along the front of shelling out each other along the front lines but
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a far apart from that there was really no indication that we were heading to a collapse of the cease fire in fact earlier on. on monday. syrian government website quoted a military official as saying that the government would give the rebels until august 16th after the muslim holidays in order to comply with the truth so sudden announcement that this ceasefire is now over it really raises a lot of questions and we've been speaking to people here in turkey turkey of course. it's a message to turkey this is how it is being felt here because in the syrian military statement they they blame turkey saying that its proxies on the ground are violating the truth well still ahead here on al-jazeera puerto rico said it cools off a vote you can see the new government. in made she went to extraordinary lengths to escape prison in brazil those stories after the break.
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how we have no shortage of hot sunshine as per usual across the middle east little bit more cloud up towards the caspian sea it will see the black sea just around the caucuses might just catch you off but they will be few and far between i think the main feature to watch out for over the next couple of days will be this increasing wind spilling out of syria down across iraq and it pushes its way further south was it is going to fade a fair bit of dry air lifted dust and satirized across the eastern side of saudi arabia down across us here in casa other side of the peninsula just notice the 3rd if you show is over towards the red sea on tuesday where the state looks a somewhat the drier and brighter affair here 4546 celsius in doha meanwhile fine
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and dry across much of southern africa in the cloud just around the southern cape i might even see some welcome buying fall just not being in here as we go on into the middle part of the week but for much of southern africa well dry and sunny pretty much sums it up the harare around $26.00 degrees celsius you can follow that fine weather further north up around the highlands pushing up towards the horn of africa just around the red sea you got that area cloud and frame that extends its way right across into the gulf of guinea there are plenty of showers the west africa. the weather sponsored by countdown and. on counting the cost this week we're on patrol off the coast of west africa as nations deployed naval forces to counter the scourge of piracy and hostage taking after 6 years of treading water and gold prices are on the rise plus how iraq plans to cut its gas is. counting the cost on al-jazeera.
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well you know. some of it i like. welcome back you're watching i was there at least the whole run the reminder of our top stories the u.s. has accused china of being a currency manipulator as the trade war. between the 2 largest economies intensifies stocks have dropped nearly 3 percent on wall street after china let its currency sink to an all time low. also u.s. media are reporting that the trumpet ministration is there to impose a complete economic embargo on the government of the venezuelan president nicolas maduro it will be the 1st measure of its kind of case to government in the western
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hemisphere in more than 30 years. and a ceasefire in syria's rebel controlled provinces collapsed the government has resumed its offensive with airstrikes reported in the southern part of the province syria's government is accused rebel forces of violating the terms of the truce and is claiming turkey for those who foresee. the u.s. defense department delegation is in turkey for a last ditch effort to set up a safe zone in northeastern syria turkish president reza the one who has said his country is running out of patience with washington on sunday he announced troops would be sent to the area controlled by the kurdish y p g fighters but the white peachy has been an important u.s. ally in the battle against eisel but ankara sees it as a terrorist group need parker has more than a stumble. turkish and u.s. military officials are locked in talks to try and revive hopes of creating a safe zone in northern syria but neither side can see eye to eye on how deep that
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safe zone should be who should be in control of it turkey wants complete control and whether or not the white p.g. the kurdish fighters based in the region should be forced completely from that part of syria why p.g. were close allies with the united states armed by the u.s. to and were heavily involved in the fight against eisel the white b.g. of youth here in turkey is a terrorist organization the turkish leadership growing levels of frustration when it comes to talks with the united states and earth sign of how frustrated the country is over the weekend president reminded the world that turkey would be prepared to stage its own incursion east of the euphrates this would be the 3rd incursion into syria by turkey in the last few years but in addition to this standoff between the u.s. and turkey is the dispute over turkey's decision to buy the russian made s. 400 missile system seen as being not compatible with turkey's mende
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membership of the nato alliance in response the united states hit back by expelling turkey from the f. 35 stealth fighter program a number of turkish companies volved to manufacturing several 100 parts for this fighter we know that diplomatic channels are still open over that dispute but when it comes to the creation of a safe zone will either side give ground when it comes to forging forward with this plan the u.k. has joined the u.s. on an international maritime security mission to protect cargo ships in the strait of hormuz britain has been giving you case like vessels in the region a naval escort since iran seized all of its oil tankers last month european nations have been reluctant to take part in the u.s. naval mission. well rowles foreign minister says the real reason the united states has sanctioned him is because he refused an offer to visit the white house and hold talks earlier this month. the call was in the news conference in tehran on monday
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us a birdhouse law. when it was a very passionate and animated foreign minister the press conference went on for back to us and he took questions from local and international media in fact this was his 1st public press conference with the media since the us face sanctions on him last week on thursday the u.s. says that he's not an honest broker and that he acts on behalf of the supreme leader ayatollah khamenei but the reef says that these sanctions won't affect him because he has no assets outside of iran but today he also added this matter. they impose sanctions on a minor government employee like me what does it mean to impose sanctions on the foreign minister it means the failure of dialogue the failure of diplomacy it means they disagree with talks our security and stability has never been caught and it is not. he was also asked about dialogue with regional countries here specifically the united arab emirates and saudi arabia he mentioned the conflict in yemen and what
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that shows is how vested everybody is in that conflict he said if saudi arabia and the u.a.e. were to revise their policies in yemen and choose negotiations over conflict that iran was ready to talk basically saying take a step back from yemen and we will sit down and have a dialogue with you and possibly restore ties you also mentioned the blockade and he said that it was unacceptable that regional countries were present this blockade on that there and also for to discretion on a fellow member of the gulf cooperation committee so a very passionate jihads of reef today is still out there putting his message out despite the u.s. sanctions against him and in fact the establishment here in iran has rallied behind the foreign minister. a citywide general strike in hong kong turned into another confrontation between police and protesters police fired tear gas to record crowds that were blocking traffic but earlier the city was brought to a standstill by strike action andrew thomas is there. a general strike is what was promised general chaos across hong kong and before the sun even set
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is what people got. it was very different early monday morning and central hong kong was deserted many had responded to protesters calls to strike but many more simply couldn't get to work protesters have blocked the doors of subway trains to stop them running and put barricades across roads at the airport absent air traffic control is meant more than $200.00 flights were canceled striking workers had plenty of support shutting down on come to call me which effectively the strike is doing it's not a good idea. world. for one day for you when we. were. bringing some kind of reminder so you support the strike yes i suppose. but there wasn't a total shutdown and some were not happy you didn't join the strike today why not
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follow it because they have to work i think if there is to be distrustful very good place don't stop destroying hong kong who the protesters or the got close to not the government of israel good government holding up is the best hope of course is the best. at a rare news conference hong kong's chief executive condemned the strike and the broader protests such extensive disruptions in the name of certainty months or uncooperative movement have seriously undermined hong kong's law and order. and are pushing our city the city we all love. and many of us helped to build to the verge of a very dangerous situation. it already feels dangerous protest to stop
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disrupting transport to gather initially peacefully in 7 locations across hong kong after some threw stones police responded with a canister of canisters of tear gas. to run down from the skies used some food they were using to be clear protesters used traffic cones to contain the smoke hong kong's government shows no sign of being able to contain this after thomas al jazeera hong kong. let's go to africa now where the break in the democratic republic of congo her doctors without borders says nearly 2 thirds of those who've been infected have died rwanda briefly shut its border with the d.l.c. on thursday after 4 patients in the border city of goma tested positive for the disease stephanie decker has more from. these people are coming from goma in the democratic republic of congo that is goma that you're
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looking at and this is how close the border is when it comes to practically the same city the way it's described on here in london which is why the authorities here the government got so nervous when the border was discovered in kabul look at the amount of people that are crossing the border this is happening every day people will cross in the morning whether it's to work whether it's to pick up the goods whether even children to go to school and then they were tired during the day and what they're having to do now is a set up these stations to get people to watch them because of the way that the market is transmitted and they're also taking their temperature you know me. but now the speaker in the background while that's telling people to wash their hands not to shake people's hands i'd also that if they feel guilty sometimes for the moment to move things like fever to go to one of the stations of the government has set up so again it gives you a sense of the proximity of the 2 cities of ever having been discovered in goma and
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this is why the authorities here are taking it so seriously because certainly nobody wants the virus just. well staying on the continent a nigerian court has granted bail to a prominent shia leader and his wife to allow them to travel abroad for medical care ibrahim zaki supporters have been holding daily rallies the capital demanding his release successfully and his wife has been in custody since 2015 rights groups accuse the army of killing hundreds of his followers during violent protests before his arrest last month the government outlawed his organization he was present ultra pose condemned to bigotry racism and white supremacist following mass shootings in texas and ohio that left 31 people dead speaking at the white house he blamed social media and mental health issues for the country's increase in gun crime and he calls for new legislation to run background checks on gun owners. in the 2 decades since columbine our nation has watched with rising horror and
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dread as one mass shooting has followed another over and over again decade after decade we cannot allow ourselves to feel powerless we can and will stop this evil contagion and that task we must honor the sacred memory of those we have lost by acting as one people in puerto rico no leader politicians of decided to delay the vote to confirm a new governor now the country's senate's will now wait for its supreme court to decide if the man who came into office on friday is even eligible to take office and this comes after a scandal and 2 weeks of protests falls to his predecessor to resign alexander has more from someone. chaos that's how one senator described the political situation in puerto rico after more than an hour of debate the senate decided to cancel their confirmation vote of pedro pierre lucy an interim governor and let the supreme
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court decide his fate when he began hearing the case on tuesday appear louis c. was sworn in friday night but the senate filed a lawsuit with the court saying he's illegitimate since he was not confirmed by the senate the government is paralyzed waiting for a decision the longer this political crisis goes on in puerto rico the more it could impact the average everyday puerto rican people let's remember puerto rico is a island territory of the united states and already washington has said they could withhold hundreds of millions of dollars in funding to the people here until this crisis is resolved it's a huge crisis puerto rico is right now in the middle of its biggest bankruptcy. we have a huge financial fiscal crisis but then we also have the aftermath of hurricane rita so there are many families thousands tens of thousands of families that are still
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waiting to recover towns small towns in the middle the mountains and the whole mess we don't have a government we have a government crisis the sun set on another day a government filled with uncertainty lawmakers unable to solve it and a governor many view is illegitimate gabriels on al-jazeera san juan puerto rico. so to europe now activists in france are demanding stronger measures to ensure that clean that work of the not cathedral doesn't expose people to dangerous levels of lead hundreds of tons of toxic like melted when the gothic church was almost destroyed by fire in april restoration work has been suspended of the concerns were raised about health risks the clean up was supposed to resume this week after decontamination procedures were put in place but environmental groups and france's largest labor unions say the measures don't go far enough. a convicted drug dealer who was trying to escape from a jail in brazil disguised as
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a teenage daughter vino in the silver used to mask a wig and glasses to fool guards as it tried to leave the prison in rio de janeiro after visiting hours of says became suspicious when he started talking and here's the moment he was amassed silver has now been moved to another prison. you're watching over there with me is the whole rama reminder of our top stories the u.s. has accused china of being a currency manipulator as the trade war between the world's 2 largest economies intensifies stocks have dropped nearly 3 percent on wall street up to china let its currency sink to an 11 year low alan fischer has more from washington d.c. the global markets don't like the idea of the world's 2 biggest economies going head to head in a trade war even though donald trump said that the cheap and easy to when now the
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chinese are playing quite cleverly here by targeting agricultural products they know that war heart donald trump because he won a lot of states where farmers are strong and therefore they think this is striking him at his political base donald trump and the white house believe that china haven't really entered into trade talks with the best of graces south korea's the north has fired what appears to be 2 short range ballistic missiles launched took place in the south hong hey province earlier the north korean government condemned joint military drills between the u.s. and south korea describing them as hostile moves and puerto rico said it has called off a vote to confirm a bedrock by the e.c. as governor it will now wait until the supreme court decides on a case concerning his eligibility we see came into office on friday after weeks of protests forced his predecessor to resign. un secretary general until you get terrorists appeal to india and pakistan to exercise maximum restraint on monday
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india said it's revoking kashmir's autonomous status abruptly upheaving a 70 year old agreement in the coming hours the government in new delhi will move a bill in the lower house of parliament for discussion of the vote. the u.k. has joined the u.s. on an international maritime security mission to protect cargo ships in the strait of hormuz britain has been giving u.k. flag vessels in the region and naval escorts since around seized one of its oil tankers last month european nations have been reluctant to take part in the u.s. naval mission a citywide general strike in the home calm turned into another confrontation between police and protesters police fired tear gas to break up crowds of the city was brought to a standstill by strike action those are the headlines here all jews are back with more news in half an hour next it's the street to stay with us talk to al-jazeera we ask what guarantees will you give to the people who will be attending the minimal workshop we listen i'm supposed to explain apologize for
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someone who is also terrorizing we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that matter on the ground to 0. at least 31 people are dead this weekend after 2 mass shootings in the united states both attacks were carried out by american citizens today we ask on the strain why isn't the u.s. doing more to stop white supremacist violence i'm femi oke and you know the drill thoughts by twitter are life on huge. just hours ago president donald trump addressed the nation about the attacks. the shooter in el paso posted a manifesto online consumed by racist hate in one voice our
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nation must condemn racism bigotry and white supremacy these sinister ideologies must be defeated.


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