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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  August 6, 2019 4:00pm-5:01pm +03

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and the day after tomorrow they'll send back 2030 or if we were given citizenship in myanmar then there would be no need to take us back there we would go back on our own we must remember the range of all among the most persecuted minority used in the world. this is al jazeera. hello and welcome to this hour jazeera news hour live from doha i'm martin denis coming up in the next 60 minutes pakistan's army chief says the military will go to any extent to support the people of kashmir as india revokes its own htan the mistakes of. president trump says the u.s. is in a strong position as the trade war with china intensifies a with the value of the yuan. we don't mistake restraint for
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weakness china warns hong kong protesters that its army will defend every part of its territory. controls at the border health officials in rwanda and democratic republic of congo meet to work out how to stop the spread of ebola. in school the world mourns the death of a young rider 22 year old gold lambrakis killed in a crash at the top of poland. tensions are rising between india and pakistan over the disputed kashmir region the 2 nuclear neighbors are at odds over india's decision to strip indian administered kashmir of its will tanami paving the way for the territories complete integration into india. pakistan's army chief has pledged to do whatever is necessary to
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support the people of kashmir prime minister imran khan says he plans to take the message to the un security council meanwhile india's government is preparing to split indian administered kashmir into 2 debates is currently underway in the lower house of parliament where the initiative is expected to easily pass indian troops meanwhile have the area on lockdown internet and phone lines are down curfews are in place and local political leaders are being detained we've got 2 correspondents on the story we have come out in result for about in pakistan administered kashmir 1st said let's go to new delhi and our correspondent the feds jamail fez say that process is still underway in the lok sabha the lower house of parliament but we do expect it to policies of the largely because the b j p has such an enormous majority. that's exactly it martine
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right now we're just being bogged down in the usual parliamentary procedure but home minister ahmed shah which is really been spearheading the government's push on this in the lower house of parliament has said some interesting things in the past hour he claims that this is the government's move in revoking the autonomy for indian music a shmear will actually help build a bridge between indians and kashmiris he says the wall is now been taken down and he says this split taking the area and making to 2 territories will one day be undone and the region can become a state again while also again reiterating india's position that the pakistan and mr kashmir is also an integra part of india now as you mentioned this is expected to pass because of the government's majority in the lower house but what's interesting is on monday this also easily passed the upper house of parliament where the government is in a minority and that's because there's actually been a large opposition support this idea of taking away autonomy or special status
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regions and uniting india has a broad appeal even in the opposition and the public at large. new delhi let's go over to kemal. for about and so we've got the head of the army saying that he's prepared to do whatever is necessary to stand by the people of kashmir. absolutely. 11 meeting of the pakistani military high come on also the pakistani. prime minister has been speaking before parliament and richie accused india of ethnic cleansing and preparing to carry out general you said that wall between the 2 countries will be devastating or just for there to board for the entire region and warned that any nation would fight to its largest drop if. any
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adventure on august on so indeed strong language coming from the civilian leadership. the military and at the same time the leader of the opposition shahbaz sharif also drawing their support behind the government and saying that the people of pakistan should not take this lying little bright and then in islam a bad we understand the call and he's he's had was talking to a visiting u.s. allegation sensibly about afghanistan but no doubt this will come up and also suggesting that he will launch a diplomatic initiative. absolutely the diplomatic offensive or something that august on i started to undertake it really tried to go to the security council it will also go to the international court of justice and also saying that they knew it would be open as far as progress on were
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concerned so as far as the government is concerned it is coming out tough language but the big question here is how far are both countries reeling to take this any escalation we're snowball into a bigger conflict that is their fear and right now all eyes are on the line of control also known as the line of their white with separate. army. live images offer about thank you very much for that well as the parliament of i think pakistan talk about the developments in indian administered kashmir a reminder of what that lore is the law that granted significant to talk to me to the disputed region article 370 is now repealed and it allowed indian administered kashmir to make its own laws except him finance defense foreign affairs and communications and it means that the residents of the state lived under different laws from the rest of the country masses including property in a ship and citizenship and as we've already mentioned the state is now being split
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indian administered kashmir which includes hindu majority will be directly run from new delhi but will have a local assembly dock which is largely made up of buddhists and shia muslims will be a union territory as well but it won't have its own assembly. now people living in indian administered kashmir have been reacting to the military crackdown some say basic necessities are hard to find. me at this time my wife does not have medicine i am compelled to get medicine but there are no medical facilities this keeps on happening but there should be some facilities for people if they are not well where will they go. at least they should have informed as if they wanted us to implement any rules or regulations at least they should have thought about if we could arrange necessities and commodities this is not
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india that i believe. is a democratic india. or india. whatever your religion or your region. right now we can see today. who is an advocate with the russian. song nationalists organization is then as the r.s.s. which is closely allied to the ruling b j p joining us live now from the indian capital new delhi thank you very much indeed for talking to us this decision to revoke article 370 i understand you support wholeheartedly and yet it is being decried by so many sections as being illegal unconstitutional and is likely to face several legal challenges. let us be very clear that this is not a part of the government is an independent social organization world's largest social organization that has to be kept in mind one thing yes we support the
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question of partial to 70 and the bifurcation of the state of jammu and kashmir to say that it is illegal unconstitutional and invalid i don't agree with it the reason being busy if one beats the language of 370 it is very clear that it was transitional and into. the moment when you see these 3 words which clearly means it was only for the purposes of interim government the prominent government was established actually so this. was supposed to go automatically the moment the prominent government was stopped. it was only for the transitional forces and therefore it was it was illegally continued for a very very long time bank pollak ok that's an interpretation i haven't heard before but if it is if it was just a transitional arrangement and it and it is and it is right and valid that it is
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now taken off the constitution constitutional books why has it been accompanied with a vast number of extra soldiers we think tens of thousands perhaps why is there a lockdown in terms of the internet in terms of the telephone service and why are local political leaders being held under house arrest. but if you look at the history of. german catch me what happened was there were few political families dynasty families would ruling and the and it was in their interest that they never wanted to feel them across it to be stopped and so whatever huge amount of money was going from the central government to the state government was you know taken away and they were not reaching the people so it would it is in their interests to foment trouble them create law and order problem and hence it's a precautionary step that will stick and and you you will also recall the role played by pakistan in cross border terrorism which has really troubled india for
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a very very long time and we were also expecting that the pakistan will again because of these this particular step will try to forment trouble to cross border infiltration a few days back about 7 people of the border action team which is one of the. busy border agency was trying to cross over india and they were killed and they have even written right vehicle leg of these of their soldiers i mean you make this is the state of affairs at the border this is because the step. you mention the critical word democracy wouldn't it have been more democratic to have taken the views of the people of indian administered kashmir before the government acted. you know people are presuming that the consultative process is not taken place it has taken place and it was told in parliament by the home minister a mature that they had done by district conservative since last 2 years they in
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fact off to the local body is also the local elections have taken place where 75 percent of the people wanted and their heads of the local bodies were consulted the widest conservation was done by the central government through interlocutor which was appointed 2 years ago and therefore to see that the consultation process has not taken place is a wrong statement right so why is it then that people are considering this move by the government as being part of an anti muslim campaign which has been carried out in propagated by the b j p government and now mr modi in his 2nd term and it must be said your organization the r.s.s. which is considered to be a hindu nationalist organization that will not stand for minorities being in india . as a starter in do nationals of my vision it's a nationalist organization whose members are cutting across all religions that
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character has to be maintained secondly india is a secular country there is nothing called busy muslim majority or hindu majority everybody's supposed to live together everybody has the constitutional rights and such mean if you recall about 56 lakh hindus look through no overnight in 1990 and there is still waiting to be have located the biggest party that was committed in kashmir was an 198990 and then they are also demanding their rights this is one way of you know sending them back home their lying in various camps all over india in general in delhi in very protected condition their properties have been illegally taken over and sold by many people so that this will be stored the balance the secular fabric of the country but the accusation is of course that those people in the indian administered kashmir have long felt marginalized and neglected and that this movie is going to add to their their grievances.
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you know if you look at what the 70 gave to crush me was not the special status it prevented you know the industries from buying land and setting up industries various laws like marriage probably bishan laws are not applicable child marriage just take place there is a woman discrimination if if a medieval when met he's somebody from outside she loses all her right property everything she has no in american. right then so there are a lot of discriminatory laws also right to education which is a fundamental right up because people all over india is not applicable in jammu and kashmir there are other laws like teachers training very you have to give good training to teachers doctors not applicable so you can skip. the endless talk as a backward country apart from the fact the central bureau of investigation which which is the premier investigating agency for you know investigating crimes and
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prosecuting crimes and got a cases of corruption there to destruction is also not there so we had vita spared you know corruption in jammu and kashmir the money sent by the government was pocketed by a few 3 or 4 quality good families huge packages were going but they were not reaching the ground so this will distort balance and ensure that the all round development takes place there. thank you very much indeed for talking to us. now moving on the arguments between the world's 2 largest economies are causing stock market volatility worldwide investors are concerned that china is allowing its currency to slide in using the yuan as a weapon in the trade war with the united states now on monday in the 1st move of its kind in 25 years the u.s. treasury designated china as a currency manipulator china's communist party newspaper responded by accusing the americans of deliberately destroying international order the u.s. announcement came just hours after beijing let its currency weaken the yuan has
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tumbled 2.3 percent in 3 days since president trance declaration that he will expand tiris to cover more chinese products from september and beijing says chinese companies have stopped buying u.s. agricultural products and all of that calls wall street to suffer its worst day of the year on monday although it's expected to claw back some of those losses on tuesday let's hear more now from scott scott hyla who's in beijing. the trade war between the united states and china has reached concerning new territory the u.s. treasury department for the 1st time since 1994 has labeled china as a currency manipulator this is because over the last couple of days the you on the chinese currency has gone up to over 7 per u.s. dollar now that's a territory a symbolic territory that hasn't crossed in quite some time that raise concern that also had knock on effect with markets around the world after that label was issued
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by the united states treasury department's pushback from the chinese government refuting that claim and also it seemed as though the chinese government on tuesday pump the brakes a little bit because offshore chair trading of the yuan went down below that symbolic 7 yuan per dollar mark so obviously a lot of back and forth this of course comes after we heard just at the beginning of the week president trump announcing a new round of tariffs on $300000000000.00 of chinese goods going to the united states now this is something you know there was a discussion last week in shanghai here in china negotiations between the 2 countries that really didn't go anywhere no real announcements until we heard at the beginning of this week and obviously a lot of firing back and forth now obviously this is very concerning territory in this trade war and also there's concern global markets were going down as a result of what we've been hearing there's greater concern what kind of knock on the effect it could have in global economy and some very strong words coming from beijing responding to what president trump was saying they said this is very
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irresponsible this is the central government here in beijing irresponsible and they're holding the u.s. administration's holding america's families hostage during this trade we're obviously it's going to have a drag on the global economy that's something that china is underlining have to see what happens next but there's been some very strong tit for tat at the beginning of this week all right let's get the view from washington now his white house correspondent kimberly how kimberly said president chavez waken up and is putting on a brave face. yeah brave face tweeting as he often does early in the morning as we discuss this trade war that is now escalate into a currency war the us president is sort of portraying that this is not going to have the impact on the united states that many has made the argument it will take a look at what he had to say on twitter to tweets this is one of them massive amounts of money from china and other parts of the world pouring into the united states for reasons of safety investment interest rates we are in
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a very strong position companies are also coming to the u.s. in big numbers a beautiful thing to watch i'm not sure many people thought when the stock market started to tumble that it was a beautiful thing to watch i think a lot of people are pretty nervous others that are also nervous usually nervous or american farmers because of course it all of this this escalation american farmers have already been hit hard by the fact that china is no longer buying a lot of their agricultural products and the president seems aware of that because in his 2nd tweet he talks about the american farmers knowing that china will not be able to hurt them in that their president who has stood with them he'll do it again next year if necessary kind of paraphrasing what he had to say there are essentially what he's saying is he's already had to bail them out twice with 2 different government aid packages he's prepared to do it again in all of this what the president has that he can stand on as he tries to run for reelection martín is the strong economy but now that looks like it could be in peril what many people are talking about are concerns about potential recession certainly this is
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a big political gamble for the president but also this is a big political or sort of financial risk for the global markets who are feeling very nervous as they watch these 2 worlds 2 largest economies in this major tit for tat that doesn't appear to have any quick resolution all right kimberly thank you for that kimberly how that white house correspondent. china says it'll take countermeasures if the united states goes ahead with plans to deploy intermediate range missiles in the asia pacific region washington withdrew from the cold war era into mediate range nuclear forces treaty the i n f that was just last week. we call on the u.s. to exercise restraint and i also want to make one point absolutely clear that. china will not stand idly by and we are forced to take countermeasures should the u.s. deploy into medium range ground based missiles in this part of the world still to
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come on this hour jazeera news out the syrian government resumes airstrikes in the province after the collapse of a cease fire find out why it's blaming turkey. and find out what's call this explosion the foresee a vacuum ration of thousands of people in siberia. and in sports news a footballer creating these chaotic scenes as he returns home to clues is the world's most successful supper player and this is brazil. the united states has warned turkey it is willing to prevent any unilateral incursions in syria saying such a move would be unacceptable and this comes as the turkish president rather tired bedouin announced he'd send troops to an area in syria that is controlled by kurdish why b.g. fighters why p.g. which is a u.s.
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ally and was in the battle against eisel is considered a terrorist group by ankara president said he is losing patience with washington over setting up a safe zone in the north of syria well amid turkey's threats of another offensive the us a sense of port to its allies in coming in syria this convoy of trucks is believed to be heading to why p.g. and s.t.'s fighters more than 200 trucks are reportedly carrying equipment and military vehicles need barca has the latest from istanbul. a 2nd day of talks between military officials from the united states and turkey they are trying to establish a safe cern in northern syria but so far no signs of any real progress we have heard though from voices from the sidelines including mark esper the u.s. defense secretary who said that it would be unacceptable for turkey to stage any kind of unilateral incursion into northern syria east of the euphrates he said that
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it wouldn't be in the common interest of the syrian democratic forces made up largely of kurdish y p g fighters or of turkey itself and also the united states to also him too that the u.s. would be prepared in some way to push back against any unilateral incursion into the north of the country but did say hoped for a positive outcome of the talks between u.s. and turkish officials we've also heard from the turkish president president who's been addressing ambassadors in ankara he said that if turkey didn't take action anytime soon that it could later on lead to he said a higher price later he also went on to slam countries double standards very much hinting at the united states when it comes to dealing with the white p.g. regarded very much by turkey as a terrorist organization in the same vein he said as i saw at the white p.g.
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have been firm allies of the united states heavily armed by the u.s. to in the fight against i saw they are singing very much of the moment from 2 very different him sheets turkey knows that it also wants to create a safe so in the north of syria to hopefully begin allowing syrians who are here in turkey in a large number to return at least temporarily to that part of the country but whether or not they can find common ground and establishing the dynamics for this safe zone is very unclear at the moment talks are continuing. and at least 8 people have been killed since a cease fire in syria's last rebel held province collapsed just days after it was broken in kazakstan on monday the army said it resumed its military operations against rebels in italy province then a hoarder has this report from gaziantep. the bombardment resumes on what is supposed to be
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a demilitarized zone the 4 day old cease fire in northwest syria came to an end on monday yet more civilians have since been killed minutes after the syrian military declared the cease fire dead syrian and russian warplanes again began targeting populated areas across southern italy province and the northern countryside of nearby hama following months of attacks it blamed the rebels and their backers in turkey for not complying with the order to suspend hostilities the turkish government didn't immediately comment but many here believe the ceasefire collapse was a message to turkey as it negotiates with the united states on the creation of what is being called a safe zone in northeast syria. and the message is turkey if tolkien able to you know conduct a military operation. in the eastern part of the ukraine leiber then trucking is going to you know control. you know very important part of the syria
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the syrian kurdish armed group the white peachey which is backed by the united states controls at least 30 percent of syria in the north east turkey considers the y.p. g a terrorist organization and wants to end its presence along its border by controlling a 30 kilometer deep buffer zone that will allow refugees to return a turkish presence there would increase its influence its local allies already control a significant portion of northern syria. prophet doesn't understand the concerns of 30 and of course russia understand that not east of syria not use forces. to destabilize the public the sea fishing segment. and the rest of his ition in the territory of integrity to the store. it liberates where russia and turkey which support opposing
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sides in the war have been bargaining the cease fire was fragile and conditional to begin with russia said discussions with turkey didn't focus on the terms of the ceasefire but on measures to fight what it calls armed terrorist groups but the decision to scrap the cease fire was unexpected and sudden because there were reports it will last until at least after the muslim holidays next week. yet again the fate of its people is in russia and turkey's hands. china's government has condemned protests as in hong kong as fogg's and promised all those involved in violence and those behind the scenes will be punished choose a was relatively quiet in hong kong battles andrew thomas reports that doesn't mean the widespread protests are over. for the 1st time in days hong kong on tuesday was free of protests and for a year canisters of tear gas instead the words were being fired in beijing
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a spokesman for the hong kong office of china's government condemned what he called the protesting fugs and promised they'd be punished well i would like to warn all these criminals don't even misjudge the situation and mistake our strengths for weakness. don't ever underestimate the firm resolve and the immense strength of the central government and the people of the whole country to maintain hong kong's prosperity and stability and safeguard the fundamental interests of the nation. in hong kong representatives of the protesters were asked whether they thought china's army the p l a could be deployed from their base in your territory. trying to tell the. whole course was certainly reacted. to. the police's news conference was interrupted by a protest from hong kong journalists who accuse them of heavy handed tact. ticks
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towards reporters. police say they fired more than $800.00 tear gas canisters on monday almost as many as on all the previous days of protest combined $148.00 people were arrested. close to 600 people have been arrested in weeks of protests which started against proposed changes to the extradition law and grew into wider condemnation of china's control and allegations of police brutality as pl whether the police wanted to support can hong kong's place cope with these protests if they keep going with the same intensity they have been and if you can't would you welcome the chinese army to come and keep law and order the chief executive from as well as the government official had that really clearly. stated this stance of the government about the deployment of the p.r. way. do i have anything to supplement hong kong's chief executive said on monday that online rumors of army involvement were aimed at dividing people and
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shaking confidence in her government but she did not rule out ever requesting military help the streets of hong kong have been wired on tuesday everyone protesters and the place is having a day of relative rest but there will be protests on wednesday and at the weekend many will still andrew thomas al-jazeera. the president trump is apparently govern understanding that north korea won't launch any intercontinental long range ballistic missiles that's according to his national security adviser john bolton his comments come after north korea fired 2 short range missiles the 4th test in just 2 weeks seoul meanwhile says they were fired from south wang hey province hours after the launch of pyongyang condemned what it called hostile joint military drills between the u.s. and south korea. all right time for a look at the weather now is jenny thank you we've been talking of course about
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these the trouble storms now look at this because we have actually not one not 2 but 3 to tell you about and you can see them moving very very clearly here these masses of wind on the satellite now this other one here this is actually just the name this is cross now the good news this one is it actually is going to be staying well out in the oceans and away from any areas of land however not the same for the other 2 we've got trouble storm kima and this actually is focus become a typhoon in the next 24 hours and then to the north a cultural storm francisco it has already really been impacting honshu heading on tools the korean peninsula is focused 1st of all on the kima so this is the position the area that we're watching very closely is taiwan a shipping taiwan is watching this very closely because as i say it is also 4 calls to develop into a typhoon in the next 24 hours that means winds sustained about 120 kilometers an hour and it's heading. up towards the northwest heading towards taiwan but what it will also do is pull away a lot of this moisture has been sitting across the northern philippines luzon mynor
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and particular it'll pull all of that with it all some of that with it and that is some good news there at least and then we had up towards the north and we can see that this is also going to be impacted by the next system this is a thursday so it's a it's moving very slowly than we had up towards japan on the korean peninsula and it's already really made landfall across western japan wednesday it is all about the rains will be producing into sudden sections and central regions of the korean peninsula south korea in particular but it's moving quite a good pace this one and once it makes landfall for the 2nd time the winds really will diminish right now at about 90 kilometers an hour but as you can see it will stay out in the city japan as we head off towards the end of the week so watching all of these storms beltane very closely indeed jenny harrison thank you very much still to come here on this out sirrah news made to last the new trend in fashion that's putting the environment. and install the new yankees block off their way into the record books brought home we'll explain.
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captaining a leading youth team at 16 years old takes determination. to that staying on top of your game at school. the whole family bands together and shares the sacrifices necessary for a son to have a shot at becoming a professional footballer. my tunisia home game on a jersey. if you were looking at this from the outside you would really wonder what was going on but what is this. is a religion that they have an in-depth exploration of global capitalism and our obsession with economic growth this is still the center of capitalism there is no limits i view myself as a capital artist we are trying to bankers a world smaller and smaller we don't want to be realistic in the world we would
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rather have a fantasy growing pains on al-jazeera. all right it's time to take a look at the top stories here on the. pakistan's army chief has pledged to do whatever is necessary to support the people of the disputed kashmir region his words come after new delhi stripped indian administered kashmir of its autonomous status on monday. president says the u.s. is in a strong position as the trade war with china intensifies over the value of the yuan china denies us accusations of being. currency manipulator the move has led to
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market volatility across the world. and china's ruled protesters in hong kong that those quote playing with fire will perish by it and it has immense strength the comments were made after a citywide general strike turned into another day of violent confrontation between the police and protesters on monday. the health ministers from rwanda and the democratic republic of congo are meeting to talk about how to contain the outbreak they're hoping to come up with a joint appeal to present to the world health organization on the matter last week rhonda briefly shut its border with the 4 patients in goma tested positive for the disease aid workers now warning that if the outbreak isn't controlled it could last for up to 3 years live now to 70 dekker our correspondent who's in which is on the
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rwanda side of the border and steph 1st of all tell us what these health ministers what kind of help and assistance to they need from the. well they're trying to figure out how best to move for their meeting in a conference room just behind us and they're trying to figure out how best to tackle this of course they need money but it's also about logistics martine we were at that border today and yesterday thousands of people cross this in close proximity and if you look at the jogger fee of the country of the of the cities sorry they are there side by side it's essentially the same city with a border that runs through it just a line so these are the challenges we've been speaking to officials and health workers and they will tell you they're very honest about it and it's very very difficult to contain when you have this kind of movement of people and just to give you a sense of what will that looks like this is a report from that border. everyone is on edge this
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border guard is making sure these people join the queue. no one can come into wonder from the democratic republic of congo without a health check but monitoring so many people is a challenge temperatures are taken hands are washed people are scared. ebola is killing badly this lady tells us. you stop bleeding in your head you get a fever and a cough that's why they tell you to wash your hands you know well firebird out yes i fear burleigh the blood comes from were head to our eyes and mouth and from everywhere in your body it makes me afraid so i wash my hunt. for people who are diagnosed with a bow in the border city of goma over the last few weeks it's escalated concern here in rwanda because the highly infectious disease has never come so close we are on the border between iran and the democratic republic of congo this is goma and just
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a few meters really right next door is the seine rwanda so this shows you just how close the 2 cities are and the problem is the mass movement of people thousands of people are crossing this border every day which is why i health workers will tell you it's a real challenge when it comes to checking people temperatures they have to wash their hands it's very difficult to contain. rwanda's tighten screening and security measures along its border it's a health workers nightmare i think you saw the traffic is. it's a huge number of people over 60. and that is this screening is not easy you so we have the numbers but they're not sufficient enough to do this we need. has managed by science we don't manage it by panic and so what you have to do is to ensure that we do the right thing at the right time protect our borders it get to the masses the population tell them you've heard about a good sikh what to do. doctors in the d.r.
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see say they're only discovering around 50 percent of the cases sharing their knowledge with their wanton counterparts here in the seine it's the 1st time the 2 sides meet to discuss how to fight the disease together experts report an increasing number of ebola cases and say much more needs to be done to be able to stop the outbreak spreading. of course this is been going on for about a year in the eastern part of the d r c but it just shows you the concerns of the neighboring countries when you have this kind of meeting it's the 1st time that both sides are coming together you also have uganda concerns all these border countries because of the nature of how heavily contagious the disease is so certainly they'll be a lot talk being talked about here but again a lot of challenges because also it comes down to community level marching in educating people making them less suspicious about what's going on about foreigners coming into vaccinate them and also figuring out how many people they have been a bowler patients have been in contact with and tracing them it's very difficult
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but certainly it's something that all countries are taking extremely seriously 70 deca live in in rome deafened q. as prime minister runner would call them a singer is due to testify before a parliamentary investigation into the easter sunday bombings then at least 258 people were killed in coordinated attacks on churches and tells later i saw claimed responsibility that senior police and intelligence officers of cues the president through palace in the center of not doing enough to prevent the attacks the president trump and signed an executive order to impose an economic embargo on venezuela the order freezes all venezuelan government assets in the united states and blocks u.s. companies and individuals from doing business the u.s. president says he's responding to what he calls the abuse of power by president maduro venezuela is now on the same blacklist as cuba north korea syria and iran.
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really is a venezuelan financial advisor he says the sanctions will affect everybody including countries doing business with venezuela. well i think this escalation. must be a reflection of the position that the united states had cut into and also the european union it is that in the norway mediated conversations that dial negotiations did not generate an outcome that would ratchet up sanctions so this by itself was already an indication that the agreement or that those conversations came to stalemate on the remaining on my little remaining bar before an election so there's an imprint barely even remember on the presidential election but not on what happens of either the between now and the presidential election. the white doll government wants model to exit immediately and have the
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elections be conducted other than this decision government and clearly mother who wants to stay until the election so this escalation is that credibly sharp. ratchet of the pressure that would be put on them as well up will affect everybody secondary sanctions will affect also countries 3rd countries that are doing business with that as well. constitutional crisis continues a u.s. territory has no leader and politicians have delayed the vote to confirm a new governor the senate now wants to wait for the supreme court to decide if the man who came into office on friday. to decide whether he's actually eligible for the job and this comes of course after the scandal of a leaked text messages that forced his predecessor to resign gabriel has more from the capitol someone. chaos that's how one senator described the political situation
4:43 pm
in puerto rico after more than an hour of debate the senate decided to cancel their confirmation vote of pedro pierre lucy an interim governor and that the supreme court decide his fate when they begin hearing the case on tuesday pierre luis he was sworn in friday night but the senate filed a lawsuit with the court saying he's illegitimate since he was not confirmed by the senate the government is paralyzed when for a decision the longer this political crisis goes on in puerto rico the more it could have affected the average everyday puerto rican people let's remember puerto rico is the island territory of the united states and already washington has said they could withhold hundreds of millions of dollars in funding to the people here until this crisis is resolved it's a huge crisis puerto rico is right now in the middle of its big as a bankruptcy. we have a huge financial fiscal crisis but then we also have the aftermath of hurricane
4:44 pm
rita so there are many families thousands tens of thousands of families that are still waiting to recover towns small towns in the middle of the mountains and about a whole mess we don't have a government we have a governance crisis the sun set on another day a government filled with uncertainty lawmakers unable to solve it and a governor many is. al-jazeera san juan puerto rico. now activists to say to protests around near an israeli military checkpoint they urge palestinian merchants to stop delivering israeli products to the palestinian market this comes as the palestinian government val's to cut economic ties with israel made abraham has this report from ramallah these protesters came here today near all for prison which is one of the commercial checkpoints that trucks used to cross from israel to the occupied palestinian territories these palestinians came
4:45 pm
here to say that these trucks shouldn't come here and they should boycott israeli products and not use them to benefit the israeli economy c. they handed out letters to the truck drivers urging them to stop dealing with israeli products they say they came here today to push the palestinian leadership to endorse boycott the palestinian president mahmoud abbas said he'll be looking into pulling out of signed agreements with israel because we're delivering messages calling upon businesspeople and agents of israeli products to stop these contracts emphasis is with israel which is an occupying status we want to be liberated from the occupation. israeli army dispersed the protest using tear gas bombs and stun grenades. to draw. we want the palestinian authority to impose a ban against these products from entering our markets and we want to see these business people held accountable so the palestinian authority has never indorsed an official ban of israeli settlement was really products only of settlement products
4:46 pm
however we've heard from the palestinian prime minister yesterday who said that palestinians ringback will get permits to visit israel should not be thinking about shopping there and should instead think about indorsing the palestinian economy. a russian weapons deafen has blown up forcing fountains of people living nearby to seek safety 12 people were injured and one remains missing after multiple explosions and fires near the city of of chintz that's in siberia the russian military sent transport planes and helicopters copters to drop water on the flames . and wear it once and throw it away cheap clothes mean many shoppers are buying into the disposable fashion culture a trend is also raising concerns for factory workers and the environmental impact the industry is having worldwide in britain efforts are being made to try to change that is a word. with a little scaling guidance anything is possible as
4:47 pm
a clinic to give old clothes a new lease of life and to counter the culture of trying to march to open its extending the life of clothes and by that you are reducing landfill you reducing waste and it's making active stand against just going out in buying on and on an impulse because you want to wear something tonight passion is big business in britain and around the world the availability of fast cheap passion with the sure shell plight to reflect the latest trends has transformed the industry but it's also come at a cost globally the un says the industry is responsible for more carbon emissions than a. and maritime shipping combined a recent report found that here in the u.k. we buy more clothes a person than anywhere else in europe some things are worn just once and then thrown away and there are increasing efforts to ensure that garments don't tend up
4:48 pm
in one fell global consumption of clothing is increasing so much so the consumption is predicted to rise by 63 percent by 2030 at a warehouse in london though they're trying to turn the tide with donated clothing being sorted to sell in the growing 2nd hand market we're still collecting the same thing that we've always collected that actually has an increase but what we are seeing a change in the amounts of clothing that we're selling the last 5 years sells of secondhand clothing within our shops has increased by $0.40. may though be down to the next generation of designers to make the difference graduates of the london college of fashion showcase their work using sustainable materials what happens here often ends up being replicated elsewhere so it's about really kind of valuing everything that goes into all of these precious resources whether it's cost
4:49 pm
or whether it's war. or whether even it's a synthetic use natural resources and we need to put a true cost on. campaigners want clothing like this that is made to last until that message gets through the empire mint and the workers making this week's must have item for low wages will continue to pay the price and he would al-jazeera in london . for the nobel prize winning author toni morrison has died at the age of $88.00 this is news just coming in she was the 1st black woman to receive the prize her novel beloved in which a mother decides to murder her baby to save the girl from slavery won the pulitzer prize for fiction in the 1988 so tony morrison has died at the age of $88.00. the there was try to escape prison in brazil disguised as his teenage daughter silva used to moscow and glosses to full the guards as he tried to leave the jail
4:50 pm
in rio de janeiro to visiting offices became suspicious when he started speaking and this is the moment he was. still has now been moved to another prison. so to come in the sports news hanging up of the all time greats of australian athletics announces a retirement. thank
4:51 pm
you. all. right it's time for the sports use now here's rachel martin thank you very
4:52 pm
much the former england captain wayne rooney is leaving m.l.s. side d.c. united having just signed an 18 month deal with 2nd tier english club darby county the 33 year old whose influence record goalscorer will join the club in january as a player coach he will see out the remainder of this year's m.l.s. season before returning to the u.k. rooney says he is excited by the opportunity and is confident he can make a significant contribution to the site. of the world of cycling has been paying tribute to the belgian rider bureau of land brecht's who was killed once racing in the tour of poland on monday or earlier on tuesday his fellow riders including members of his lot of the doubt saying held a minute's silence 48 kilometers into stage 4 it's a mark of respect wrecked had his fatal crash 48 kilometers into straits ring or choose a side has also been deemed noncompetitive by tour organizers which means they will be no racing while the 22 year old lambretta the promising climber who is riding
4:53 pm
for the 2nd gear as a problem for the lotto sit out saying he was named the most promising youngster in june tour de france warm up event he tried to do door for name. so if there's those who take a moment nobody was expecting such an accident to happen in that particular place there are many dangerous places on the course corners descents where cyclists ride 90 kilometers an hour but that the road was white the speed was around 30 and there was no collision with another rider he just pulled to the start of the road and fell into a concrete culvert he had such heavy injuries that nothing could be done it. 3 senior german football officials who organized the 2006 world cup been charged with prosecutors are before the allegations the charges against heels of i'm sorry go horse. back and swiss x. 50 secretary-general lynsey relate to a suspect payment of $7500000.00 prosecutors allege the payment was used as a fund to buy votes in favor of germany's hosting bid for deny the charges franz
4:54 pm
beckenbauer who led the germany 2006 organizing committee is also being investigated but separately for health reasons. or injury is forced out forced one of australia's most successful athlete through retire less than one year before the tokyo 2020 lympics only pearson is a former olympic and 2 time world champion in the 100 meter hurdles the 32 year old said after a string of car killie's and hamstring problems it's time to hang up her spikes his son won the olympic tartlet london 2012 and the world titles in 20112017 but you know why i'd be defending her target of the world championships in doha next month . every time i want to go faster when he doesn't want to say. i don't think i could take any more injuries and i have huge doubts for the next year for me to be able to continue at the level that i expect of myself and also what the country state of me when i go. meanwhile in new zealand another sporting retirement for cricket
4:55 pm
captain brendon mccullum has announced his retirement from all forms of the game the 37 year old wicketkeeper batsman had stopped playing international back in 2016 but he was still playing in various t 20 leagues around the world while in total mccullum played $101.00 test matches for new zealand scoring nearly 6 and a half hours and runs a high score $300.00 soon he played 261 day international scoring more than 6000 runs and in 2015 he led new zealand to their 1st ever world cup final but he saved the best for last in his final test match against australia in 2016 he smashed the fastest century of all time 100 in just 54 balls or some big hitting in new york as well where the yankees baseball team of lost their way into the record books they smashed 5 home runs against the baltimore orioles on the way to a narain states victory means that now his 3200 runs this season at baltimore stadium camden yards as the most hard hit by a visiting team at
4:56 pm
a single venue in the same season the yankees have played 8 games there so far and still have 2 more coming up on tuesday and wednesday and it wasn't just the yankees batting that was impressive to. talk about aaron just that with him at full stretch out in the field the man is certainly don't fall for this having made a stunning catch or went viral. ok tennis and some big name exits in the 1st round of the rogers cup in canada maria shara part of a one of them the russian one the 1st set but a very chilly last and it counter-violence a 23 year old former star you know this study will go on to play either cauliflowers navarro venus williams is 2nd round. one another multiple grand slam champion 12 seed only really care about is also out
4:57 pm
the german for the world number 116 out of the 1st set back as good as it got for her because she lost to the un ranked russia. doesn't clean up the start for credit tina fey's either eugenie bouchard or bianca and desk. and in the men's stroller which was taken back to montreal start wearing care continues his comeback from injury starting on the back channel to gary in the beginning of the 4th he'll know by rushing 60 pounds actually. i was very successful footballer danny always has returned home to brazil to play for south power as you can save a couple of people turned up at the airport to see him you'd be forgiven might be missing out there is in that crowd so we've made it a little bit easier for you. here is the former barcelona defender has more trophies and any other footballer winning the cup america last month with brazil was his 43rd major. stories but for now to all lighter marty the whole thank you very much indeed and thank you for your company for this are just their news but
4:58 pm
don't go anywhere i'll be back in just a minute with much more of the day scenes. except in the discussions for years police in cape town have struggled to reach in steadily die by examining the headlines now under president putin russia is making a push to engage explore an abundance of world class programming designed to inform mounted. come to inspired me but 1st of all. it's almost 2nd nature and i also know what they see the world from a different perspective on al-jazeera. scholar and lawyer. thinker. and politician. radical and prisoner in a 2 part series al-jazeera world tells the story of one of the most enigmatic figures
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a very old who oppress. the victory and continue to keep it make role would be different that what you mean by that about malcolm x. and martin luther king face to face on 00. pakistan's army chief says the military will go to any extent to support the people of kashmir as. india revokes its autonomous states and. hello again i'm on team dennis your without is there live from doha also coming up president trump says the u.s. is in a strong position as the trade war with china intensifies over the value of the yuan. collapses syrian government forces.


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