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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 6, 2019 5:00pm-5:34pm +03

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well all of us. we continue to keep the meat rove libby defense that's what you mean by that about all comics. came face to face. pakistan's army chief says the military will go to any extent to support the people of kashmir as india revokes its autonomous state and. hello again i'm martine denis you're without is there live from doha also coming up president trump says the u.s. is in a strong position as the trade war with china intensifies over the value of the yuan. a cease fire collapses syrian government forces resume as strikes in italy.
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don't mistake restraint for weakness china warns hong kong protesters that its army will defend every part of its territory. that tensions are continuing to rise between india and pakistan over the disputed kashmir region the 2 nuclear neighbors are adults over india's decision to strip indian administered kashmir of its autonomy paving the way for the territories complete integration into india that pakistan's army chief has pledged to do whatever is necessary to support the people of kashmir the prime minister imran khan says he plans to take the matter to the un security council meanwhile india's government is preparing to split the indian administered minutes of kashmir into 2 parts and the lower house of parliament has just passed that legislation indian
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troops have the area all knocked down internet and phone lines are down curfews are in place and local political leaders are detained. we can speak to come out correspondent he's in the south what about that's the capital of pakistan administered kashmir so behaving very very tough rhetoric then coming from the minute trade but also hearing from iran come the prime minister that perhaps is much more of a diplomatic option being considered. absolutely a tough message from the budgets on the military but if you listen to the complete speech of the prime minister. that in mind for our dns. which happened inside indian administered kashmir a few months ago and indian security forces were again after that india retaliate kate despite bog standard denial that it had nothing to do with it they launched an
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attack in court which is not very far from where i am and progress on the administered kashmir and that then led to the shooting down of the indian prime minister saying that the pilot was relieved that the gesture of good rating by dead . the body language of the indian delegation knew that they were ignored whole thread india. august on board very. generous side that was going to take place he said dad. there are more days party war and a party dad believed in ratios superiority and would go to any length of a strong language although as you rightfully said more diplomatic than the message going out from the pakistani military. live and most often about thank you now let's go to fester male our correspondent who's in the indian capital new delhi as
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we hear that the locks of of the lower house of parliament has just passed that amendment to the constitution. that's correct martine it happened just a short time ago and it was expected because the government has a majority in the lower house but what was unexpected was monday when it was passed in the upper house with the government in minority that's because many opposition members came out supporting the government on this and even in the lower house today when we all knew that the government passed a bill many opposition members came out to support the government on this move some of them saying though in some mild criticism that they didn't like the method that this would be done or the question the legally nuva ring that the government reached to get to this point but still overall supporting this and that widespread support is seen inside parliament and in the public at large as well. live in new delhi thank you so as parliaments both in india and in pakistan have been talking
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about the developments in indian administered kashmir that have a closer look at the actual law is now being revoked but it did grant significant autonomy to the disputed region. it allowed indian administered kashmir to make its own laws except in finance defense foreign affairs and communications means the residents of the state they lived under different laws from the rest of the country in masses including property ownership and crucially citizenship and the state as we've already mentioned is now being split into 2 india then the minister of kashmir which includes hindu majority jamel will be directly run from new delhi but will have a local assembly dock which is largely buddhist and has shia muslims will also be a union territory but it won't have its own assembly. right now to hong kong where china's government has condemned the protests as fog some
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promise to all those involved in violence and those behind the scenes saying they'll be punished choose a was relatively quiet in hong kong as andrew thomas reports that does not mean the widespread protests are over. for the 1st time in days hong kong on tuesday was free of protests and for a year canisters of tear gas instead the words were being fired in beijing a spokesman for the hong kong office of china's government condemned what he called the protesting fogg's and promised they'd be punished well i would like to warn all these criminals don't even misjudge the situation and mistake our strengths for weakness. don't ever underestimate the firm resolve and the immense strength of the central government and the people of the whole country to maintain hong kong's prosperity and stability and safeguard the fundamental interests of the nation. and hong kong representatives of the protesters were asked whether they thought china's
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army the p l a could be deployed from their base in the territory of a certain. time to tell. us was certainly reacted. to. the police's news conference was interrupted by a protest from hong kong journalists who accuse them of heavy handed tactics towards reporters. place say they fired more than $800.00 tear gas canisters on monday almost as many as on all the previous days of protest combined $148.00 people were arrested. close to 600 people have been arrested in weeks of protests which started against proposed changes to the extradition law and grew into wider condemnation of china's control and allegations of police brutality as pl whether the police wanted support can hong kong's place cope. with these protests if they keep going with the same intensity they have been if you can't
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would you welcome the chinese army to come and keep law and order the chief executive from as well as the government official have clearly. stated the stance of the government about the. way. your have to supplement hong kong's chief executive said on monday that online rumors of army involvement were aimed at dividing people and shaking confidence in her government but she did not rule out ever requesting military help the streets of hong kong have been wired on tuesday everyone protesters and the police is having a day of relative arrest but there will be protests on wednesday and at the weekend many will still andrew thomas al-jazeera. the arguments between the world's 2 largest economies are causing stock market volatility around the world the main indices in asia suffered losses in tuesday trading in europe the market stated
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after posting their biggest 2 day drop in over 3 years investors are concerned that china is allowing its currency to slide in using the yuan as a weapon in the trade war with the united states on monday in the 1st move of its kind for 25 years the u.s. treasury accused the chinese of being currency manipulators china's communist party newspaper responded by accusing the americans of deliberately destroying international order the value of for your own has fallen almost 2 and a half percent in 3 days since president declared further terrorists on chinese imports from next month and in response china's commerce ministry says chinese companies have stopped buying u.s. agricultural products let's go live now to our white house correspondent kimberly how cat who is in washington d.c. so a very turbulent picture what is the president had to say this morning. yeah a turbulent picture but that the president is really sort of downplaying the
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concerns and fears not just of ordinary americans but also around the world he's taken to twitter put out 2 tweets we've got one of them for you to take a look at it president saying massive amounts of money from china and other parts of the world poor into the united states for reasons of safety investment and interest rates we are in a very strong position companies are also coming to the u.s. in big numbers a beautiful thing to watch what the president's talking there is and what his been disputed many times is that he says that he is making considerable better money for american companies as a result of these tariffs he's put on chinese goods as you pointed out there the latest round some 300000000010 percent could escalate up to 25 now in the midst of all of this who has been getting hurt in this escalating trade war turned currency war martín well it's american farmers that have been taking a big hit they have been suffering as a result of china no longer buying
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a large number of u.s. agricultural goods including soybeans to aid packages by the federal government already the president responding to that as well on twitter saying that the american farmers know china will not be able to hurt them and that their president has stood with them and will do what no other president will do and i'll do it again next year if necessary sounds like he's promising another aid package what the shorten of all of this is that this is a political risk for the president's also a big risk for the global economy projections are that what could be looming is a potential recessed recession as a result of this ask elating tit for tat just very quickly the president's top economic advisor larry kudlow was in the driveway behind me in the last hour he's defending the president saying look at sometimes in order to get the big rewards you have to take big risks this is a transformative president and he's pushing forward feels that he's on the right track not everyone around the world feeling the same way feeling pretty nervous right now in fact right kimberly thank you for the company how could i want house
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correspondent live in washington thank you. still to come here there are controls at the border health officials in rwanda and the democratic republic of congo meet to try to work out how to stop the spread of people. hello there we have the next tropical storm this one is the kima and this one is heading on towards taiwan at the moment where you can see on the satellite it is mass of clouds it is all mixed in with that cloud there so some very heavy rain now this storm is continuing to strengthen right now but winds at about 90 kilometers an hour it is expected to generate winds strong enough to become a typhoon in the next 48 hours also possibly even less than that it's moving very slowly this is so picking up quite a lot of energy from the wall so we've got to $34.00 in taipei with those rain
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showers elsewhere across into china the usual rain showers and thunderstorms and then you can see by thursday it really is much much more evident where this storm is and it really will begin to have an impact across taipei the winds will be strong and they will be damaging so we'll keep you regularly updated with the progress of this system meanwhile into india the rains here of course a very strong at the moment very widespread as well you can see on the satellite just a huge mass of cloud really and very heavy rains particularly across the state on towards much of pradesh and then out towards the west there's rain stretching all the way down now into carola and also as you go through the next couple days those rains very extensive across interpol and also the northeast of india bangladesh 28 in katmandu with those rains. i was reason friends. these are my grandparents. these are my parents
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and this is me. by them both my sis and a son. the 1st of a 2 part epic tale of a remarkable simony. the father the son and the jihad. on al-jazeera. all right let's have a look at the top stories here is out there are politicians in new delhi eventually stripped indian administered kashmir of its autonomous status earlier pakistan's army chief pledged to do whatever is necessary to support people in the disputed
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kashmir region china has warned protesters in hong kong it has immense strength and those playing with fire will perish by the comments were made after a citywide general strike turned into another day of violent confrontation between the police and protesters. president says the u.s. is in a strong position as the trade war with china intensifies over the value of the yuan china denies u.s. accusations of being a currency manipulator the majors lead to market volatility across the world. the health ministers of the democratic republic of congo am rwanda meeting today choose day to try to work out a plan to fight the latest outbreak it's hoped that these discussions will lead to the adoption of a joint plan which could then be presented to the world health organization stephanie decker is a chorus. and in the rwandan city of defend the right on the border with. everyone is on edge this border guard is making sure these people join the queue.
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no one can come into wonder from the democratic republic of congo without a health check but monitoring so many people is a challenge temperatures are taken hands are washed people are scared. is killing badly this lady tells us. you stop bleeding in your head you get a fever and a cough that's why they tell you to wash your hands you know got fired yes a fear burleigh blood comes from were head to our eyes and mouth and from everywhere in your body it makes me afraid so i wash my hunt. for people who are diagnosed with a bow in the border city of goma over the last few weeks it's escalated concern here in rwanda because the highly infectious disease has never come so close we are on the border between iran and the democratic republic of congo this is goma and
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just a few meters really right next door is the seine rwanda so this shows you just how close the 2 cities are and the problem is the mass movement of people thousands of people are crossing this border every day which is why i health workers will tell you it's a real challenge when it comes to jacki people temperatures they have to wash their hands it's very difficult to contain. rwanda's tighten screening and security measures along its border it's a health workers nightmare i think you saw the traffic is. it's a huge number of people over 60. and that is this cleaning is not easy you so we have the numbers but not sufficient enough to do this we need. has managed by science we don't manage it by panic and so what you have to do is to assure that we. do the right thing at the right time protect our borders it get to the masses the population tell them you feel about a good sikh what to do. doctors in the d.r. c.
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say they're only discovering around 50 percent of the cases sharing their knowledge with their wanton counterparts here in the seine it's the 1st time the 2 sides meet to discuss how to fight the disease together experts report an increasing number of ebola cases and say much more needs to be done to be able to stop the outbreak spreading. stephanie decker al-jazeera husseini on the rwanda d r c border. right we're going to go straight to leisure mountain capital colombo and join our correspondent menow fernandez because men now the prime minister running with karma singer has been giving evidence hasn't he to a parliamentary committee which is investigating the easter sunday bombings what happened. that's right martin the prime minister on a vehicle missing her appearing before this committee the highest place government official to appear before this committee he did take questions from the sort of
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multi-party committee that is investigating those easter sunday bombings he did admit that there had been serious shortcomings particularly that had led to this tragedy he also basically answering questions admitted that he had not been informed that his security officials had not been sort of privy to information regarding the bombings the intelligence and also saying that he can't run away from this fact that his government had mitchard obviously that they had literally sort of dropped the ball and that the country and away from that fact martin and so were the questions tough i mean are there parliamentarians seeking blame to be apportioned to this what is a complete government breakdown that led to such catastrophic results.
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you know that the right money and i mean if you look at the questions that were put to the prime minister by this committee there were there were parliamentarians even from his own party that said you know how as a prime minister can he sit there and say that his government did not know that they had to wait until they were informed by foreign intelligence agencies that there was such a threat that something would happen of this nature and scale on easter sunday these are questions that literally the prime minister could not give any answers to the prime minister also talking about the fact that the breakdown the serious fraction between himself and the president might be policy center after that sort of feel cool political coup. at the end of last year in october where the prime minister was sacked a new prime minister was appointed basically until such time the supreme court said it was unconstitutional he did the fact that the tensions ever since things were
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restored back to normal hadn't allowed a sort of a smooth running of government he did say that he had tried to seek answers as to why he wasn't privy to any of this information and that until today he hadn't received a satisfactory answer also talking about the fact that relations hadn't been anywhere near a core deal and that's why he said this parliamentary select committee was considered important according to the prime minister he also alluded to the fact that the president had appointed he's on presidential sort of body to look into these attacks but basically what he said is an independent body to look into what exactly happened was important frontin so a number of layers a number of issues trying to sort out what exactly happened that ultimately led to the loss of more than 250 lives here in sri lanka and i did live in colombo thank you. the united states has won turkey it's willing to prevent any unilateral
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incursions into syria saying such a move would be unacceptable and it comes as the turkish president rather tired or announced that he would send troops to an area in syria controlled by kurdish y p g fighters the y.p. ji which is a u.s. ally in the battle against ties or is considered a terrorist group by ankara president or one who said he was losing patience with washington over the setting up of a safe zone in northern syria well amid turkey's threat of another offensive the us a sense of port to its allies in coming in syria this convoy of trucks is believed to be heading to why p.g. and s.t.'s fighters more than $200.00 trucks reportedly carrying equipment and military varicose has the latest. mr. a 2nd day of talks between military officials from the united states and turkey they are trying to establish a safe cern in northern syria but so far no signs of any real progress we have
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heard though from voices from the sidelines including mark esper the u.s. defense secretary who said that it would be unacceptable for turkey to stage any kind of unilateral incursion into northern syria east of the euphrates he said that it wouldn't be in the common interest of the syrian democratic forces made up largely of kurdish y p g fighters or of turkey itself and also the united states to also him too that the u.s. would be prepared in some way to push back against any unilateral incursion into the north of the country but did say hoped for a positive outcome of the talks between u.s. and turkish officials we've also heard from the turkish president president who's been addressing ambassadors in ankara he said that if turkey didn't take action anytime soon that it could later on lead to he said a higher price later he also went on to slam countries double standards very
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much hinting at the united states when it comes to dealing with the white p.g. regarded very much by turkey as a terrorist organization in the same vein he said as i saw it but the white p.g. have been firm allies of the united states heavily armed by the u.s. to in the fight against i saw they are for singing very much of the moment from 2 very different him sheets turkey knows that it also wants to create a safe so in the north of syria to hopefully begin allowing syrians who are here in turkey in a large number to return at least temporarily to that part of the country but whether or not they can find common ground and establishing the dynamics for this safe zone is very unclear at the moment talks are continuing. meanwhile in northwestern syria at least 8 people have been killed since a ceasefire in the syria's last rebel held province collapse just days after it was
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brokered in kazakhstan on monday the army said it resumed military operations against rebels in italy then a holder has this report from gaziantep. the bombardment resumes on what is supposed to be a demilitarized zone the 4 day old cease fire in northwest syria came to an end on monday yet more civilians have since been killed minutes after the syrian military declared the cease fire dead syrian and russian warplanes again began targeting populated areas across southern italy province and the northern countryside of nearby hama following months of attacks it blamed the rebels and their backers in turkey for not complying with the order to suspend hostilities the turkish government didn't immediately comment but many here believe the ceasefire collapse was a message to turkey as it negotiates with the united states on the creation of what is being called
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a safe zone in northeast syria and the message is told if tolkien able to you know conduct a military operation well in the eastern part of the ukraine leiber. is going to you know control. you know very important part of syria the syrian kurdish armed group the white peachey which is backed by the united states controls at least 30 percent of syria in the north east turkey considers the y.p. g a terrorist organization and wants to end its presence along its border by controlling a 30 kilometer deep buffer zone that will allow refugees to return a turkish presence there would increase its influence its local allies already control a significant portion of northern syria. prosthodontist you know that security concerns over 30 or 40 rush on this you know ask that east coast
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here not be used by any forces. to destabilize. their asking position is that the syrian. integrity. or it libya where russia and turkey which support opposing sides in the war have been bargaining the cease fire was fragile and conditional to begin with russia said discussions with turkey didn't focus on the terms of the ceasefire but on measures to fight what it calls armed terrorist groups but the decision to scrap the ceasefire was unexpected and sudden because there were reports it would last until at least after the muslim holidays next week. yet again ad lib in the fate of its people is in russia and turkey's hands. iran's president is showing support for his foreign minister job ad serif after the u.s. phrases assets and impose
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a travel ban speaking at the foreign ministry president rouhani reiterated the need for the u.s. to lift sanctions if it wants to negotiate mr zarif said the u.s. sanctioned him because he will fusion invitation to go to the white house for talks our correspondent asaad baig has more from tehran. well president rouhani as address was broadcast live over state media he said that he favors talks with the united states but the sanctions imposed against iran must be lifted he took aim at iran's enemies referring to u.s. hawks israel and what he called reaction estates in the region as a triangle of evil he talked about the 2015 nuclear deal and how it's good for iran that they had been those from the outset had that been working to undermine he said iran's policy is security for security straight for straight to free into the strait of hormuz peace for peace and oil for oil and also in a rare event the president have visited the foreign minister you should expect the foreign minister to visit the president in the context of this of the u.s.
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sanctions against of odds of a rift that they put on him last week on thursday the u.s. says that he's not an honest broker and he acts on behalf of the supreme leader ayatollah khamenei but this very much is establishment getting behind the reef and telling the u.s. that the consulate line in another remove the major general of the all could force which is a faction under the revolutionary guard that deals with operations outside of iran mainly in iraq and syria visited the reason that the meeting isn't really but what is read is the fact that it was made public and again these are the different factions within iran getting behind the foreign minister with president rouhani saying that the reef is the primary spokesman for iran outside of the country the u.s. sanctions though have made one of the most popular politicians inside the country the u.k. has joined the u.s. on an international maritime security mission to protect. cargo ships in the strait of hormuz britain's been giving u.k. flag vessels in the region a naval escort since iran sees one of its oil tankers last month european nations
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though they've been reluctant to take part in the u.s. led naval mission as they fear being dragged into conflict with tehran tensions between iran and washington of escalated since the us pulled out of the iran nuclear deal last year. a russian weapons death as blown out forcing thousands of people living nearby to seek safety 12 people were injured and one remains missing after multiple explosions and fires near the city of a chin sc in siberia. thanks tavis take a look at the top stories here it out jazeera politicians in new delhi have officially stripped indian administered kashmir of its autonomous status earlier pakistan's army chief pledged to do whatever is necessary to support the people of the disputed kashmir region china has warned protesters in hong kong it has immense
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strength and that those playing with fire will perish by it the comments were made after a citywide general strike turned into another day of violent confrontations between the police and protesters president trump says the u.s. is in a strong position as the trade war with china intensifies over the value of the yuan china denies u.s. accusations of being a currency manipulator the move has led to market volatility across the rock the world. the united states as well in turkey it is willing to prevent any unilateral incursions into syria saying such a move would be unacceptable it comes as turkish president roger tie a veteran announced he would send troops to an area in syria that's controlled by kurdish y p g fighters the y p g a u.s. ally in the battle against eisel is considered a terrorist group by ankara president added one who said he was losing patience
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with washington over setting up a safe zone in northern syria a limiter his threats of another offensive the u.s. a sense of port to its allies in coming in syria this convoy of trucks is believed to be heading to y.p. jian s.t.'s fighters more than $200.00 trucks reportedly carrying equipment and military vehicles the u.k. has joined the u.s. on an international maritime security mission to protect cargo ships in the strait of hormuz britain's been giving u.k. flagged vessels in the region a naval escort since iran seized one of its oil tankers last month european nations though have been reluctant to take part in the u.s. naval mission as a fear of being dragged into a conflict with tehran. ok you have today those are the very latest headlines from us here at al-jazeera do stay with us because coming up next is the stream. talk to al-jazeera. what guarantees would you give to the people would be attending
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a workshop we listen i'm supposed to explain apologize for someone who is also terrorizing me we meet with global newsmakers and talk about the stories that matter is iraq. at least 31 people are dead this weekend after 2 mass shootings in the united states both attacks were carried out by american citizens today we are on the stream why isn't the u.s. thing more to stop white supremacist violence i'm femi oke a and you know the drill they send us your thoughts via twitter or life on huge. just hours ago president donald trump addressed the nation about the attacks. the shooter in el paso hosted a manifesto online consumed by racist hate.


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