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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  August 7, 2019 9:00pm-10:01pm +03

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it would be your mental women or any other not mr brown now the little mother sucked her dog annoy you and then you him to him in the. summer lol nah this. was a lot of rob rob there why the muzzle. lit for hustler last you heard it came leads me to death i got older and he didn't tell me they didn't. list the divide the oh god what i'd be santa of office for the hudna guy mafia was my bob. the one the government gives you had to fit a scale of. one not. know how to kiss me a name. do you would you put his or me or had a whole. we're gonna miss one product at the.
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surely but they're filled with the law. and i live. here and i thought immediately of our code to be on i mean out of their very hacking into those that offer me our. well. is there is the head to my view i mean my money i'm might warrant a large amount of what all. of us if you look at how other girls are more here are the whole muslim like a mark on a target on muslim in your heart at that i needed me feel why you had. to have me as a syrian and on product of the. disco somebody like h. that here so that he learned time so it's a lot to be sure a little bit of him was talking but all the talk about it and go has and i was a muslim i know how to really slam which he. had power by.
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combining student politics with academic study has an end to darby want to scholarship to travel to london where he earned a master's degree in law. newly qualified he returned to sudan and began teaching at the university of heart. there he met his future wife we thought and mattie not only was she one of these brightest students she was also the sister of solder connected a man who would later become prime minister of sudan. or 3 i mean. they are all the liberals the. 4 who are horrible for power and drama. that really got 30 min you know. sort of where they did then there would be all different lord would have us about a little and those of you know what influences on the 4th. quarter of
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a $1000100.00 rough a hotel room with a cool 1000000 we're going to the whole lowers to go we're going to $100.00 for a new kind of movie no i didn't know and you're. beautiful and you know and medicine from c different i don't. think you have to. buy you know what that's not. what you can. be well kind of money and i mean i think she'd be even better i mean when my you get. somewhere that a school. where there is a lot i do think it did where there was a lot of money and. what. i get there. and we'll get the house down with.
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me the. model allows you to. influence. so to for the seal. shall i let eternity a short. one so what's the real. stuff but i'll be the suck of it came here and let you take him out for covetously i mean i'll see him but a lot of him also and yet as i was. adamant they didn't use the danny in. it as i was a regular here at that it cut of. one issue completely dominated
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sudanese politics the many ways in which the southern part of the country differed from the north the economy religion and even the climates many in the south also felt prime minister ibrahim government and how to ignore their aspirations it was time to confront these problems and this presented with an opportunity. revolution was in the air kind of not of the. muslim going to sudan where the story live there were looked over this way the. front of a book. published to plan properly. similar so that we know that the should really go for. the whole or did then obviously you know.
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wasn't a drug what kind of agreement was in the underworld were kind of them across the lid on a. problem and i lost. my mark on an awful lot of your best of ability to move up a bit of the story for me to value. not bush or he'll let you give you a lot of. fear of card you did try to do that yes it is very good how these are. only i wish to see as well lisa i mean last 300 of whom are kind of karima here who are scary than islamia given your support. your. girl has an atari kind of fish on our ability yeah but
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a lot like you kind of feel bad. so talk to what little kind of what. but god who are not somehow in. the heart when what you're. for the house of them was all her. city in. the lobby. for. the lease. or for you know i mean a. lot of authority feel also this one or she. has a right we can. be a court that has a part of an order well how does one has a rally when asked how many who've. come on how do you come we will go home. tonight with our door.
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to anybody who has let in. soda pop over. fear. i know. how than others. curse you have for. about who knows where you did that. sort of top of the list how i could be about to 7 feet as i do but. yeah i need to keep other people are married you can all she could hear music my own. how to get the law patella dominant what an open mind you know her use of than i do that especially well so be it the general or the at the damage because if so then i was out of it yeah but i'm
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a thought. gonna learn i don't give yet i can make out then i will see about a half of the assault case at the end with that the thought of how if you walk with a sold on both of it. also the plans i'm up would with the fall of the hybrid government in 1964 has an ultra left his university job to devote his now considerable skills experience and energy to politics. he aimed to create a new political force in sudan which he called the islamic charter front the name was carefully chosen and it cast its net wide to gather followers from across to dance different factions. with. the fear. that if. you need to even bother with.
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the story. he was ready for his 1st political battle his party the islamic charter front contested the 1965 parliamentary elections as underdogs they faced well established opposition particularly from the communist party as well as from several other right wing groups having been a popular figurehead in the october revolution has an all too obvious personal vote was huge. pressure has added to that if it dire for there were 3 years. has a lot of. our lisa and for me all had done for her. at class and of. the oma party won the most seats followed by the democratic unionist party and the communists. began forming coalitions in order to
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confront the communist party. as an m.p. he began to work from within and his legal expertise enabled him to get elected as head of a committee to draft a new constitution for sudan. he was already emerging as a controversial figure. in the. u.s. that will lead it to be a matter of how to walk the. many were outraged by the students' comments but as he took a different view he channeled the anger into an attack on his sworn enemy the
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communist party. where some saw despair as to be opportunity. for. you know very. little ballot that. he. has an attitude of if you have the us of a should need. or. want to say you are. i said. he's going for it but i want you can feel a sense the country can't fathom but the sharpness of that he sold to some i saw
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would take a. normal brain but lamont and his bashir his but he didn't more walking the 100 nobody distort the. young at the end. up with a lot. of them and make this in the abbey i like i did he distort. when you leave his machinery for a moment where i would only see. on the mouth of the hell that has been through every. kind of falling from. the saga. enough to do him good by the. whole god my bag and. i limit that as i walk on by the name of the guy lim of the.
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car. has been sure. you know who can get the holy liberally what you i didn't do so lick a major hell be his one. be the columbia. kind they are go liberally. go whatever you got. water for the other has a hold for bigger fusel see it in more believe it in. we're going to try to be a home a lot you know the kind how do you know. i love the. look in the wall kind of how do i live before you were lisa come lately a serious tone of the demi is the moron. yes yes you know.
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well there had. been a. follow up to that and that's yes he would want to see as your mckenna's and kissed in monaco. so on. and. so danny. huston as to dobbie had taken his 1st political scalp he's proven himself a master manipulator and a force that could not be ignored however the communists refused to take their defeat lying down and vowed to return by any means necessary. for god here. assure you that a woman. is there so that. the on top of her may have
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a stroke and. let my man the common man not yet know and i'm whatever i don't like . i was raised in france. these are my grandparents. these are my parents and this is mean. by them both isis and us on. the 1st of a 2 part epic tale of a remarkable family. the father the son and the jihad. one on al-jazeera. for the last 2 years these students have been collecting rubbish every day it's helped clean up the campus and helped build so.
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of its facilities for every 2 kilo's of plastic waste they collect this school receives a brick made of plastic and cement. for some activists this may not be the most ecological way to eliminate the problems of but this is seen as an immediate solution to the growing problems of landfills across the country waste can now be used to manufacture building materials. all dizzy or explores prominent figures of the 20th century and how why bill rees influenced the course of history beginning with the giants of the struggle for civil rights america over hundreds of miles over the barrel of 1st. degree and continue to keep the mic role would be different but what you mean by that about malcolm x. and martin luther king preached to fix. this is
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a really fabulous news from one of the best i've ever worked in there is a unique sense of bonding where everybody teams in that something i feel every time i get on the chair every time i interview someone we're often working around the clock to make sure that we bring new friends as i currently as possible to the viewer that's what people expect of us and that's what i think we really do well. hello again these are the top stories here it is era pakistan says it will put maximum pressure on india over its decision to strip indian administered kashmir of its autonomy prime minister a man can call for international intervention following india's move to change the status of the disputed region meanwhile indian ministers kashmir is still in
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lockdown with residents are unable to use mobile phones in the internet india's governments rejecting criticism from china saying other countries should stay out of its internal affairs beijing claims part of the kashmir region and had denounced india's mover's unacceptable the taliban's claimed responsibility for a car bomb explosion at a police the building in kabul 14 people have been killed at least $145.00 injured the suicide bomber detonated his car at a security checkpoint outside the complex setting off a huge explosion turkey's defense minister says talks with the u.s. on a planned safe zone in northeast syria have so far been positive. says his country would like to establish the area with washington's cooperation but will act alone if necessary u.s. national security advisor john bolton says new sanctions against venezuela will cut
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off funding for president maduro washington has frozen government assets and blocked american companies and individuals from doing business with the mature government and its supporters judges and lawyers in hong kong the march in silent protest to accuse the government of political persecution dozens dressed in black held a vigil at the department of justice there demanding an independent inquiry into weeks of mass protests. british airways has been forced to cancel at least 60 flights at a number of london airports because of an i.t. failure thousands of passengers at heathrow gatwick and london city airports are affected this is the airline's 3rd major computer failure in never more than 2 years. in the battle to stop the virus from spreading row under in the democratic republic of congo have agreed to improve screening on the border more than 1800 people have died from the disease since the latest outbreak was discovered in the
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d.l.c. over a year ago today those are the latest headlines let's go back there. by the mid 1960 s. . b. had become the rising star of the denise politics networking building alliances and seeking opportunities to outmaneuver his opponents these included the communist party which would be purged in 1971. these were desperate times in sudan which some believed called for desperate measures. sharon the whole you will have to get him. and move on your story happily. my city. by the
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end of the 1960 s. has an islamic charter front looked likely to gain a parliamentary majority so the communist staged a military coup installing joffe an immediate of the sudanese socialist union as prime minister. travis power and freedom were in jeopardy but can tell you though if you're in the home and a point. is there so the value of the old interpreter may have a stroke in. my mind the coming year and whatever to do it like he'll be sure of what i'm working get done and what you would dodo or indoor you would forego so you know nice the huddled masses to call on. well for god to. assure you encounter a woman. with
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a. limo having to love gonna be. a hell of a poem surely a female officer can not only are we on the road to our own reality and a female and mighty mouse someone who can in 5 brotherly love going to f.l. be. with the other must be on the let it. bother you they are going to be there for sure you know. it was the last walk around and. i mean there isn't as a lot here who would be the president of the whole if you want a little. bit is about the. we're going to see the hottest new york. i mean the. weather here come to los altos all by the senator yeah sometimes it's the threshold of whether. it. be on the evening
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a living hell to not be was not afraid of serving prison sentences for him writing books and planning his next political moves were a welcome distraction during his months sometimes years behind bars. and it. says you know how decision mr mayor how you know we had to he would deny me pierre to cut a hole. through the worked and only to him with a nobody. you know. you're looking at. so you must know are in this are going to. be now a lot i went a little could do a little. guitar. but even. with a little money eleanor i looked
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a lot of money and i've been mocked all my hardware and i the most amount of light has led the look of i walked. yeah i mean warn us about it is your was you know about walking the how do i show. the moment. in the song be heard be there will be more to come out on you i should like and you'll more later. than. face the death of a mountain on an icy an artist on a lake to go along. me if you look at us is that the get. go one of the. is about.
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to islamic charter front and its successor the national islamic front had branches of support outside sudan these were led by ultra dobby's brother in law saw the can maggie who'd been in exile in cairo by the mid 1970 s. this broad coalition served as an opposition leadership but revolution was never far away as to robbie's opponents the communists were determined to seize power. if they succeeded to robbie would be imprisoned again if they failed it would be to his advantage for this young family and his later while. we certainly want. more than a couple to live in that 170. little company cian. phone company maybe elaine who i'm in the community and that he was abandoned his
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business senility can kill his shoppers and then he limped out with no illegal we must handle being it he can i leave her alone. with telling. me to see by the media coverage. missy by the way i don't have a michelle like it. no matter what we see in a model or how critical is that. with iraq i know that i'm not going out of the. home because i have a little mother had a studio at the village to hear the answer than any of the ha ha ha the more they are get on the horn and when you look at you know a lot of. the senior passes in fee when zylon much sooner but they are for q i'm looking for is
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companies are we saw a shabby so to shabbir it has it again. i wouldn't has said that kind of to figure out a letter that he. had written also one that someone was. just one of the sold out mean i would support them but. in a lot of somebody. this revolved ultimately feel to dislodge mary so not for the 1st time half enough to not be found himself in prison again the national islamic front redoubled its efforts towards a further coup. i want to tell you. how c.s.e. the town for us could work. but the apathy but the lamb alaska the list cotton
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islam was up to the libya with it than the. one in the one the fucking i love and my heart to thank you at that hamlet. and the wide or so not. a lot of them on the run what if. somebody did you know. sit to somebody. you know if you saw that. the habit was to have. one of the director walk shall be and will look at our level in love with me maybe for she looked. at that for she knew what he that it was a lot of how often it. and the last of oddly enough and no no it was on one of would be some you know. we're not going to tie their stock of on the model. and if the.
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with the new one. and all lead islams out to understand if you wish to. and it had this up i had this is islamiah with a in my head if i'm on the ship but the other stock. the biggest stock. by for the. money and that was a. technique . as attorney general. to attain power at all costs.
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was behind. this throughout the year. and it has some of. this throughout the year to come clean. bigger. one of their it looked at the cold war and. i was in. i was in field. i was in field and. i was in.
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a. billet. i know a lot of. while but i literally had the hump or whatever and the liver over to how they said well i can tell you here we can have a life for them a liver created. mario bin laden or like him with ellen. mckinnon i look at the law. and in this way. we. we feel a lot lot. going on out there with mohammed abdul mosul and now passing i mean mama khalid almihdhar females but dr mohammad omar has so than we do not. get the loan
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of. the british. well if you wait another hour really been tossed about in the heart attacks that me and others to read and. she has seen with what i have had a christan universe. had death you are too raggy for that said what can i wear my to set my demi has ever had to grab me who i know not god has a fixed. and if the fighting of it and semi. they haven't figured out of the new up it will get it done on friday as in this really. hustler the economy how would a home in that fit had a country slam you know kind of what the your the in a bill that the police were bill at office or gun. or they have been roughed. up if you listen to that and try to come up with. humans now on your call no no i think
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the vatican boasted of what the problem is now. well in a long way. i love all you want to be. my wife you can probably be if you are me on the bottom of the us you had that. i love you and i see a lot of plutonium. is god is good. i love you but then i will add to the media. by using our bottles let me in with the shipping will add up with the holly the still the nia the whole political upheaval and the the how a lot of it the i'm a d.m. but with a lot of having seen men play all the law the collies were a technological feel enormous shock that you know they think a lovely idea out of the ship while the geneva gave the order of all the way here.
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to lobby was a thinker and politician or wrote about unity freedom the renewal of islamic thought. and ways of governing a modern muslim state. his writing on politics and government from an islamic perspective changed much contemporary thoughts about the role of islam and government. summing up as to darby's achievements is not easy complex unpredictable ambitious his influence has been felt far beyond sudan's borders you can. think of the. limiting element they're worried ok with that they will be. trying to look to where the harder the person doesn't have that it was as a result of the can be ridden on everything liberman
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a ship up. boom all resemble. a minute before. work a 1000000 records in the mint and one of them you feel. a. little . victory in moderation and so i had an al-qaeda. day minute month in the nitty. monk that said that. by 983 as robbie had achieved a remarkable turnaround his old enemies the communists were propping up the new mary regime which needed the backing of someone with the ear of the people who better than the son of a religious judge with a deep understanding of islamic law. the american one behind anonymity and the idea of going to work on a that move or minute his wish. we were at for that look at the well the valley
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that they're in in the for you the phillies lamine official poverty slam your home a little bit of a sheria you'll be her. alone i. can know that i live lost was the shot of the syrian. army come as i will they will feel nothing else. but i filed my alien you know the wally. about i wouldn't. job and no shop either give. me but. i love why you need. to be in public release and i'm the kind of the i lead about we. were kind of with the the university are some of the clubs on the hook. for the name so i doubt that. any
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of you have got the same. how do you know. the mind i've already been there from want to assure you that even humbled by this attic. or have. his ear with a. very wary of. the reason almost a whole lot of other what is. it hell are much of them to be introduced what were called the september laws in 1983 large sectors of sudanese society among them intellectuals and politicians likes article maddy and mahmoud mohammed oppose them punishment was harsh for anyone who infringed them. stars might want him upon a lazy or a game some of them i mean we don't with the read that well i was going to do with
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the real. deal can only you know. the dude shot i am in. a barber who. may be awkward with the. world. as an attorney mark and if he's a little noble and the name alarm. maybe mark coming read to a new senator. in the slack at least let me or a never yet be as in minute as in a trap. to leave a. towel in and. there's a lesson when one. is come by on us well you know.
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i need to let. the media. but. that. was right and. a little buck. i have has an attitude of his influence was huge at one stage underneath me he was both attorney general and foreign affairs advisor he accompanied limited on trips abroad met foreign dignitaries and communicated with them in their own languages being fluent in english french and german the west began to notice us to robbie and him a sense trouble ahead. useful us missing anything if anything the people. in the whole slam would develop into a civilization who would realize it but either very chow down
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a little higher or lower than a fork and how because they were the selfish of our up for the law. was our honor with on the honor of. would. know by now mcmanus i mean i'm one of the last with a lot. but the lobby or possibly the got about 30 or no less include only. 20 maybe. a few can see it in i mean. no and by ad hoc to slow walk up a little or a dummy to move or if you look at them as a threat because of but are they are that a particle is. that an article islamiya feel. the toughie.
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but. they were the others. here and there were. over there nobody that was over there it was a suburb of dillon. you see and what it. was arrested and once again and despite holding high office he found himself in jail. in the streets there were widespread anti government protests against the high prices of consumer goods harsh living conditions and the perennial problems with the south. the defense minister announced that the army supported the people. was overthrown and exiled this heralded a new chapter for has an. example where the delhi high has
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a missing. a lot. of the not. for the. who or. so let it come at the most a gun. and a do misses. a sob and fatah a little knot of aileen are gathered out of this levee after a brief transition in 1985 the military stepped back and allowed the new prime minister south can imagine to take office the following gear and matty and robbie were old friends and related by marriage but this was no guarantee of either power or influence for the other performer the reader. has brought home variables
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in a dependable real islamia harbor has been. because he lived in mcconnell they were different of about what was about to the menorah. would be some of them were his interests of their own agreement and for. then and so the women of the inner moribund were part of. c.s.e. work on the c.s.e. and now you can be a man of years at this yes if you want it well in my view would be that the c.s.e. i that to harry could get my here why the hell to be openly mia why i love your enemy. let after it and will c.c.'s if just said bomb lehman with a massive for so long. it was a shoo in give me money to an american in the bungling with a massive government upward as i was sure fifi. lackey at the rugby is tomorrow is
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a month but we've done and enough of a week. and the young ones we were are but i'm working with a lot better than my does the money but we need them when you have. one me up to i'll see that and see that and that's that in the sudan how do you see it i'm also seeing in the end of all that away on a shop you'll surely wash up with. us posh. with will be. if i get a lot of that you know would be. a nice place on a beach that bought when i was going to be the journey to the top of sudanese politics had been a rough one as an l to be had risen from bright young lawyer to having a seat at the top table but events were set to take a dramatic turn catapulting into a new role. of right hand man to the president always in the future when my own.
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what do abut among me with the pursuit. hello again welcome back to international weather forecast well here across parts of south america it's going to be dry over the next few days with possibly a shower down towards argentina as well as into europe way now we're going to be seeing some clear skies for much of the area some clouds along the coast here in parts of brazil but for rio it is going to be
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a nice day for you at $27.00 degrees behere though showers across much of montevideo as well as into one of his where the temperature for one is not as of 14 degrees there where across much of the caribbean it is going to be quite active not in terms of travel weather but plenty of showers across much of the region heavier showers across parts of has been your over the next few days that is going to start to educate way a little bit more towards the west but over here towards east bridgetown heavy rain few at 31 degrees they're getting a little bit better by the time we get towards thursday and rain up towards ness of the palmers as well where across much of the united states it is going to be off and on showers particular here across much of the east heavy showers did push through parts of washington we are going to see those temperatures stay into the high twenty's for new york for washington at $32.00 degrees but down towards atlanta expect to see some scattered showers at about $32.00 degrees there and as we go towards thursday heavy rains across much of the central plains and for dallas it is going to be a hot day for you at $37.00 and chicago clear at $28.00 degrees. sponsored
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. perception is validation we believe what we see but in one life time we cannot see everything. we would lie and experiences of others and the legacies of previous generations. of that testimony we have no value to me with this documentaries that open your eyes on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. hello and welcome to this al-jazeera news hour live from. dennis coming up in the next 60 minutes security clampdown continues for
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a 3rd day in indian administered kashmir phone and internet links remain down by the i have a pension of 40000 bolivar's that i can buy 2 kilos of cheese the cost of further u.s. sanctions on venezuela and already cash strapped nation. ok activists say victims of human trafficking are being jailed instead of helped we'll hear one man's story. in spall the president of the german board of the your club temporarily steps down are the racism allegations plus preparations going to plan for the world number one ashley barty just 2 weeks so worrisome for. the fountains of indian security forces are in forcing a clamp down in indian administered kashmir for a 3rd day. the new delhi took away the region's autonomy neighbors pakistan and
9:50 pm
china who both have territorial claims on the region have opposed india's move but new delhi maintains it's an internal matter where they've been small protests in the region but the streets pretty much it dominated by the security forces the internet is being cut curfews are in force and local politicians are still detained meanwhile people across the line of control in pakistan administered kashmir have been protesting against india's actions protests have also taken place in the indian capital this one was organized by left wing groups but by and large a significant support for the government's actions a bill splitting up the region into to pass parliament with a huge majority. right let's go to priyanka gupta now our correspondent live in new delhi with all the communication links then down priyanka what information are you managing to get about what's going on in indian administered kashmir.
9:51 pm
martine very little information is trickling in and out of the indian and mr bush mirrored what we do know is that tens of thousands of indian security forces have managed to put a lid on protests in the region for the time being but there have been sporadic protests mostly led by young people who are angry about the complete telecommunications blackout in the region and we're getting conflicting reports about one protester who died while what wayne protesters were trying to defy curfew orders and heat and drought in the river while trying to duck from a security forces 2 others we believe are critically injured and are right now at the main hospital in srinagar but for the time being there are no major protests in parts of indian administered but the but the concern really about family members of . outside the region and also people inside is that there is no way to
9:52 pm
communicate and no way to know what's happening in the area so even for journalists it's really hard to find summation from the place or i'd priyanka thank you for that priyanka gupta there live in the indian capital new delhi. well residents in the region indian administered kashmir is capital say they are struggling as movement restrictions enter a 3rd day the robot me her body it is no work over here. young people are sitting unemployed and there is a shortage of food in water so we could if you shouldn't be imposed the conditions were good earlier but suddenly they imposed a curfew there are problems in our houses and problems related all things i stepped out just now and i've walked for 2 and a half kilometers and i was asked by 10 people where i was going. the taliban has claimed responsibility for a car bomb explosion at a police building in the capital kabul 14 people were killed at least 145 were
9:53 pm
injured the suicide bomber detonated his car at the security checkpoint outside the complex setting off a huge explosion. turkish defense minister says talks with the u.s. on a planned safe zone in northeast syria have been positive and constructive. says washington is getting closer to turkish on military deployment and ankara would prefer for both nations to work together however they admit there is still some way to go let's go live now to our correspondent zain a hoarder who is in southern turkey very close to the syrian border. so it sounds very much there's a great deal of optimism that a deal can be struck. yes positive statements from the turkish defense minister what we understand that meetings in ankara between a high delegation from the pentagon and a high delegation from the turkish ministry of defense they are still discussing
9:54 pm
the issue of creating what turkey calls a safe zone along syria's north eastern border they have been discussing this for months it has been very difficult discussions the defense ministry of defense minister saying talks have been positive that the united states is getting closer to turkey's views but really stopping short from saying that a deal has been struck so we are not there yet we still do not know whether or not they can iron out the deep differences but what has been agreed clearly is that talks will continue which means it will give time to prevent a possible turkish cross border operation into syria turkey has repeatedly said that we will act alone there will be a unilateral cross border operation if there is no deal with the united states for turkey this is a national security threat the why p.g. the syrian kurdish armed group is along its borders 400 kilometers of turkey's border is controlled by the y.p. g. so they consider this as a threat they believe that the united states has been stalling but this has been
9:55 pm
testing their relationship these are 2 nato allies so they don't want this for their relationship really to rupture so they are giving time to try to find some sort of an agreement but still there's not as we understand there's no agreement on the length the depth of the zone who is going to control the zone and the future of the white peachy turkey wants the united states to end all cooperation with the white p.g. for the united states they still call them our partners in syria right ok for now thank you very much zain the honda correspondent live from gaza into. the body that oversees the u.s. defense department has warned that eisel is once again on the rise and it's detailing how the armed group is changing tactics once in control of large territories across iraq and syria isis now fighting a guerrilla war within the past 6 months it's carried out targeted assassinations ambushes and suicide bombings. thought to still have between 14 and
9:56 pm
18000 fighters and it continues to recruit worldwide mainly using social media the report attributes eisel successful operations to the weakness of local forces u.s. commanders say groups like syria's s.d.f. need more training and equipment but this is become more difficult as the u.s. has pulled out its troops from both iraq and syria to a large extent president trump declaring victory against the group last year since then most of the 2200 troops that were in syria have left leaving a small residual force alive in speaking to judith nuri author of the war on isis on the road to the caliphate and she says recent developments in syria could lead to i saw getting even stronger. the main problem is really that eyes a lot of isis fighters got away they got away to syria so for that moment iraq was yeah it was sort of safe but since then isis was beaten in syria and
9:57 pm
isis fighters and their families were taken to camps in the area of syria and in iraq since then really just about daily and sometimes morse more than one times a day we have attacks by people who are affiliated to isis who have sympathy for isis we don't know it except there are sleeper cells. and the army these days is actually working on a on a big. campaign in 2 areas trying to get rid of these people one of the reasons why this report is getting so much attention is because turkey is saying that it wants to finally install this safe zone across the border now that border is already guarded by a big war why exactly want to have this zone as well is not quite clear but what is clear that if this happens that the syrian ports will have to take over their
9:58 pm
ministry to that place to that area because it's quite a big area and they will no longer be able to guards isis in the camps and already we've had people escaping from there have been smugglers taking people out but then it will be very easy for all these isis leaders and fighters to get back into the mainstream and get back into fighting. all right let's go back to the issue of. kashmir the region of kashmir which of course is disputed in the recent moves by india to strip its section of the region over its autonomous status we can go and get the view from the other side of the line of control now as i'm a binge of aid is our correspondent what are bad that's impacting sonnet minutes of kashmir and as we speak osama it seems very much as the pakistan government is still mulling its response. yes martin it is day 2
9:59 pm
of very heated debate that we've seen in the parliament where a compassionate appeals have been made by government leaders to the opposition leaders asking them to come on one page rather than criticizing the government and came out with a unified voice against what they called naked aggression by the indian forces are the military has said that this essentially brings down the status of kashmir to the partition level 94748 where indian government was did not have any provisions in the constitution so we are still waiting to hear from the national security committee meeting of the pakistani government's cabinet a box that has a number of options we've been hearing from sources and politicians on the ground saying that they could either revoke the various diplomatic channels that they have with india they could close down the bog a border crossing they could also increase their presence across the line of control on this side of the line of control of the line which divides pakistan and
10:00 pm
india the defacto border which came into effect when the country's 4 wars over the state as of kashmir which remains divided we've been speaking to people on the ground here as well especially families who've been divided because of this conflict and people are very worried they're waiting to hear from family members the indian side of me continues to remain under lockdown and internet services as well as phone lines continue to be blocked and some how much pressure is prime minister imran khan under to respond in a very sort of tough and uncompromising manner because the language coming from the military was very tough indeed even some suggestion in the 1st instance of shutting down at least part of the air space and how much pressure is there instead for him to take a more diplomatic route in getting the united nations where it is a difficult spot for the pakistani prime minister because just.


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