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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 8, 2019 8:00am-8:34am +03

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international law it is awaiting the supreme court's decision and has said that all eyes and ears are on the indian judiciary now are to decide and to function truthfully to sustain our case midnight to. their constitution now having said that i also want to make it very clear that focus media is autonomy is not necessarily the big question the question really and that i see jane has raised the central question is that of self determination and that's a right that has to be upheld by the international community by the united nations security council right now it's incredibly hard to see how we can even have a conversation about self-determination when the autonomy that they were promised to the constitution has been eroded away over the years we do have legal challenges that are going to be presented in india but what about internationally are you hopeful that this decision will be
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a challenge internationally especially given as pakistan has pointed out india is going against you when president sions here. absolutely. i would hope so and that's that's why the google fassel group of academics yesterday wrote another letter trying to enlist international support i would hope that the united nations security council would step in the member states would step in the international i mean to him sounds as if it is a statement from yesterday is quite powerful although i do want to are also stamp a very clearly that right now as a as it sounds aloof he said all your ears and eyes are on india's judiciary system because what india is also lost is. international belief in its democratic institutional our ethos so in some ways i think this is a very opportune moment to bring back the question of self-determination for the international community so instead of actually trying to only our speak to
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questions of autonomy this is this is the time really to bring back the fundamental question that can and that relates to push me is. a disputed status and the claim to our eyes are the independence of freedom however they conceptualize it and so i would say that. unfortunately we've run out of time but we do thank you very much for your time on those that. live in etc ques new york thank you. we're going to move on to other news now the united nations says it's alarmed by the escalation of violence in the yemeni city of aden. at least one person was killed and 2 others seriously injured during clashes between government forces and u.a.e. bet separatists fighting happened near the presidential palace they have been reports of saudi fighter jets in the skies above the port city shops have been closed for the day because of fears of clashes during the funeral of
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a high ranking commander. that. they attacked us we are peaceful and they are firing bullets the mercenaries and 5th column while we were holding the funeral of our roic martyrs may they rest in peace well yemen's and theory minister has called for calm. beginning at the end of the. as the minister of the interior i called on the citizens of alden to stay calm and be patient we are capable of dealing with such irresponsible behavior we were doing we asked everyone not to respond to the call made by honeybun breck because war is its objective such a cold only serves the. marne griffis the special envoy for yemen said he is alarmed by the military escalation that are taking place in today including reports of clashes in the vicinity of the presidential palace he's also deeply concerned by
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the recent rhetoric encouraging violence against yemeni institutions mr griffiths said that escalations of violence will contribute to instability and suffering in arden and will deepen yemen's political and social divisions the special envoy calls on all parties involved to abandon violence and engage in dialogue to resolve differences he also orders all those with influence to deescalate the situation and ensure the protection of civilians our correspondent mohammed has more from gavin's capital sana. the 1st confrontation started when the funeral procession of the commander of a 1000000000 mamma who was the commander of the security and support. forces which is backed by the united arab emirates the 1st confrontation started as the funeral procession. moved from the presidential palace which the
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confrontation taking have taken place between the forces of the internationally recognized government of hardy and the security forces who are loyal to this killed commander. there are reports that they have already critique and control of the 1st gates of the presidential palace members of the hardee's government had been reportedly fled the area. many spare experts believe that this situation is going ahead to words separation off aid in from the united arab from the united yemen so also the this in the case and of the deporting people from the north specially that they have late they have left there in aden for long decades the are businessmen and also people who are. deeply eroded with the society of aden you have a noble also expelled from the city reports about thousands of people have been
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deported so we as extra experts believe that the situation is going to head for for the separation of the south especially starting from aden. which is going to head to the separation of the south home for the north unless the united nations is about to take serious control many observers hope they will do something about it. but plenty more ahead on the news hour and a clear anger in the streets of venezuela supporters of president nicolas maduro protest against tough new sanctions why and no deal said curtly brush and severe food shortages and coming up later in sport the chairman of german football club steps down temporarily amid a racism rally. u.s. president donald trump has been met by protests in texas and ohio the states in
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which 31 people were killed and 2 mass shootings over the weekend 1st in dayton and then in el paso trump landed to hundreds of people demanding gun control reform and an end to divisive rhetoric he had been told he wasn't welcome by democrats in both cities the president privately met the 1st responders but of the shooting still in hospital and local officials where president just moments ago dismissed criticism saying he was shown respect and love he also alluded to potential reforms. as you know we love. the law of the respect. i wish to believe that. in the years of the love the respect and also telling see if we can get something republicans want to do and
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democrats want to do that is going out to our correspondent bob bennett is joining us live from and el paso when usually robert president visiting the city after such a tragedy would be without too much controversy but not this time. yes elizabeth that's right to your you're absolutely correct and that of course has to do with president trump's past rhetoric towards this city el paso which he as described before as a some sort of a nest of violent crime which it is not is in fact a very safe city it's also as everyone knows made illegal immigration part of his part of his whole political platform and he has used the kind of language including talking about places that are infested with immigrants the immigrants who commit inordinate numbers of crimes and immigrants invading the united states that that is the same kind of rhetoric that was actually used in the
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online diatribe that police here are attributing to the suspect in the mass shooting here now i wanted to tell you also liz but the president from has just as you saw popped up on camera and in a day that was largely private for him and the 1st lady malani a trump but he was at the hospital here university medical center showering praise on doctors nurses emergency room personnel and 1st responders he was then we saw him also at the emergency and police services center again talking about the bravery of 1st responders but also being at his critics saying that some democrats who accompanied him on his trip to ohio then turned around and criticized him he called them dishonest and earlier today he said that everyone who's criticizing him including democratic political candidates for president are
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simply political politicking because they're suffering low numbers in the polls. and rob you been talking to people and politics aside they've been telling you how they feel about what's happened and what changes they would like what is next for the people of an apostle. a lot of people have talked about the need for some action on gun reforms some people saying that it's important for background checks that's one of the things that the president has mentioned but also why should anyone be able to buy a weapon of war an automatic or a modified automatic or a semiautomatic rifle with a huge clip of bullets in a civilian society a weapon that is used for nothing other than killing people on the battlefield and why should those be readily available in stores in texas and other parts of the country so that's certainly one thing and unfortunately. this city this area has
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gone through so much and it's about to go through another painful ordeal because the 1st of $22.00 funerals that will be held in all paso and in surrounding communities across the border in mexico are due to start on thursday rob thank you very much for that that is rob anil's with all the latest live in as possible we are going to stay with the story knowledge on by steve clemons he's the hills washington editor at large and he's joining us live from san francisco mr clemens always a pleasure to have you with us on that you know and as they are there is a lot to talk about here perhaps we can pick up with the last thing that drop reynolds was talking about which is of course gun control democrats are saying that something has to be done a lot of people are saying that something has to be done and it's likely that democrats can pos legislation in the democrat controlled congress in the house but how likely is it that that legislation we will be passed in the republican
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controlled senate is there anything that feels different to you after this after these mass shootings in america is it greatly pains me to say this but. we have seen after horrific mass murders in the united states including the mass slaughter of young children where president obama was in the white house then the parkland shootings in florida in orlando more than 50 people being gunned down in a nightclub we've been at these points before where people have said this is a turning point this is a time when both parties need to come together and do something even president trump himself committed to making these changes after another bout in our past of mass murder and then after meeting the national rifle association representatives he did a complete change and so right now is work 14 months from election republicans have
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shown themselves to be weak when it comes. to working across the aisle on reasonable gun control and gun regulation even with regard to background checks which is getting a lot of air time right now so to answer your question i find myself a cynic because we have seen equally horrific moments equally painful social upheaval massive marches in washington d.c. and absolutely nothing happened and i don't see anything happening until there's a change in congress mr clemens what about the talk at the moment about the turmoil within the cell a powerful and now a national rifle association itself could that be an opportunity does that present an opportunity to do more than has been done in the past. that does i mean there been some scandals about the n.r.a. the national rifle association and the internal. spending and discrepancies and how various funding was used in personnel policies unfortunately
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this is news that we were all looking at several months ago and has largely disappeared now that doesn't mean that the n.r.a. hasn't been crippled a little bit but it still remains there as an enormously rich and enormously powerful lobby one of the most powerful lobbies in washington you have a situation where 90 percent of americans today through polling clearly want background checks they say this is a bipartisan everybody wants an issue the n.r.a. does not and so it is a classic example where legislators are not responding to their constituents they are responding to their fear of the n.r.a. mr clemens we thank you as always for your time and expertise that steve clemons live in san francisco thank you thank you. now puerto rico's new governor has been sworn in the 3rd person to hold the office in less than a week the appointment of the justice secretary as follows weeks of political
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turmoil in the u.s. territory baskets replaces pierre louis c. his appointment was ruled unconstitutional by the supreme court but some see vasquez as being too close to former governor ricardo over a year or he stepped down last week after protests triggered by a scandal over offensive text messages let's go now to our correspondent gabriel is on the he's joining us live from the territories capital san juan so another day another governor in puerto rico gaev. yeah that's right it's quiet here on the streets of puerto rico a little after 730 pm i think a lot of people here are just trying to digest the information and sort of see what's next year it's interesting because one of ask is the new governor there is just sworn in a couple hours ago just as of a few days ago she said she didn't even want the job of governor but she's obligated to take it because as justice minister she's next in line except in succession to the governorship when a governor steps down so she was sort of the one that doesn't want it but that
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she's there now she is also viewed very skeptically by and viewed very much with skepticism by a lot of the protesters here because she was the justice miniatures to a former governor that was a scandal plagued and that was kicked out of office that was forced to resign. ricardo rosales so we'll have to see in the coming days if major protests break out again here in san juan and other parts of the country but listen this is really been a political upheaval and it seems to be not indeed now i'm gay but there's a lot at stake here because those protests were just really offensive text messages that were released by the former governor. but the fact that puerto rico has not recovered 2 years off of that devastating hurricane and it is a u.s. territory the u.s. government is even threatening to withhold aid that the territory needs to recover
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if it doesn't get its books and want to. that's right there are lots of problems here it's going through one of its worst financial crisis ever here in puerto rico and there really be hold on the united states be hold on washington to get funding they need they're not self-sufficient here through no fault of their own they're just a territory of the u.s. and congress in washington has said that they could withhold hundreds of. dollars and money that is needed here until this crisis gets resolved you know appear luis the governor that just resigned a couple hours ago. he said the 1st thing he was going to do if he stayed in office was to go to washington to try to get this money will hit now he's out of office because of the supreme court and so there's lots and lots of problems here and as a u.s. territory it's even made more difficult for the people here but ultimately this is not really a story about political upheaval it's really
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a story about the 3000000 puerto rican that rely on a competent functioning government to provide them the services they need health and education and this is not helping at all this political crisis that now really has been going on for well over a month now and really with no end in sight the puerto rican people here will not have a chance to elect their own governor someone they vote for in till november of next year that's when the next gubernatorial elections are scheduled to be held ok thank you very much for that for now that's the latest live and thank you. still ahead on the news hour the controversial turkish gold mine that has locals and environmentalists up in arms. bob weighs food prices the president calls for international assistance. and in sports free local officials are in pakistan as they consider a return to test cricket 10 years after their team boss was attacked by gunmen.
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hello there plenty of often scattered thunderstorms across the southeast of the united states out of the line of rain showers working their way across the northeast but it's not just the very widespread as i say we've got some fairly heavy rains across much of texas right way down into louisiana but also opt into arkansas oklahoma so wet day in kansas city and similarly damp in dallas there with a high of 37 pleasant and 27 degrees celsius and then on friday and not a great deal of change but we have got more rain as you can see out across the western plains states and possibly got a thunderstorms into washington d.c. on friday as well 30 degrees celsius but a nice end to the week in new york with a high of 28 quite mixed across the caribbean we have got those got
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a child and thunderstorms not too bad across much of hispaniola although we have got quite a bit of cloud in the 4 calls but the leeward islands windward islands some scattered showers and thunderstorms there and also more rain in the forecast across into those western and central areas of cuba lingering as we head through friday and then across central america we've got a fairly widespread rainbow thursday and friday in fact on friday quite heavy particularly back across into panama 31 degrees celsius the high at 25 in guatemala bit cooler with the clouds and a wet day in southern mexico and 24 in mexico city. scholar and lawyer. and politician. radical and prison in a 2 part series oh just 0 world tells the story of one of the most enigmatic figures in sudan's turbulent history. whose influence is still felt on events in
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the country today. to robbie's life and politics on al-jazeera until now the coverage of latin america and most of the world was about covering khuda todd's tragedies 1st quake's and that was it but not how people feel how they look how they think and that's what we do we go anywhere 5 and a half months are demanding a good education system that was introduced. in latin america al-jazeera has come to fill a void that needed to be filled. under
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the pradhan and these are the top stories on al-jazeera pakistan has expelled and the ism basta and suspended trade of the new delhi's decision to revoke the special status for andy the minister made indian security forces are imposing a clampdown on the beach and. the u.n. says it's alarmed by the escalation of violence they get many city of aden at least one person has been killed and 2 others seriously injured during clashes between government forces and u.a.e. back. the assurance and u.s. president all trump has met 1st responders in the city of el paso these visiting the scenes of 2 mass shootings in texas and ohio which killed 31 people last weekend. supporters of venezuela's government are protesting against a new economic sanctions imposed by the united states the white house says the measures will cut off funding for presidential. his vice president says the freezing of assets as a global threat and an attack on private property to raise
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a bug has moved from caracas. to the united states ok to venezuela what you hear now that. militias that are now part of the armed forces are very here with hundreds of other people worried about what will happen to venezuela what influence many. thanks to have. donald trump signed an executive order banning american companies from doing business when it sealing venezuelan assets in the united states threatening countries like russia and china from doing business with venezuela later sanctions just from being a bargain mostly because it does not affect private companies of course many of the companies that we have spoken to say that they're worried about what impact they're going to have the government is saying that they're trying to find alternative ways
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in order to find a way out so that it doesn't have an impact on the economy the other talking to countries like russia and china and even though it seems that venezuela a cycle a did in the west it continues to have the support of other countries like russia and china that. will be officially leader of the challenges that governments are they going to be saying that. in order to pressure . the president actually eat up with asian believe that elections. are way out of their parents' economic crisis. the turkish defense ministry says it will coordinate with the u.s. on what is calling a peace card on turkey southern border the nato allies have also agreed on measures to repatriate displaced severance the decision comes after 3 days of negotiations and ancora saying aha there has the latest from gaza near the turkish syrian border
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. 3 days of talks in ankara between high level delegations from the pentagon and the turkish defense ministry have reached some sort of a breakthrough deny that states and turkey have now agreed on creating a safe zone along syria's north eastern border that area is under the control of the white p.g. the syrian kurdish armed group which is allied to the united states turkey believes that group is a terrorist organization and it believes its presence along the border and its presence all together really is a threat to this country so that is why turkey has been insisting on creating the stone it also wants to create the zone to allow syrian refugees to return and that's why in the statement they talk about an agreement to set up a peace accord or now the turkey and the turkish and the american delegate delegates agreed to set up a joint coordination center which means that these 2 nato allies which their relationship really has been strained over this particular issue have now agreed to work together which means any unilateral actions at least for the time being are
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now off the table turkey has repeatedly said if there is no agreement it is going to carry out a unilateral cross border operation into syria to deal with the why p.g. threat so right now turkey and the united states agreeing to work together but there's still no agreement on how how the zone is going to look like the length the deps who is going to control it and the fate of the white p.g. and those really have been very contentious issues the deep differences between the both sides as they have been there. for months trying to solve just those issues. now a controversial gold mine project has sparked protests in northwestern turkey environmentalists say the mine's operator is doing every verse of all damage to the area of reports from the cause mountains and china cull a province. in the cows mountains protesters on the move past wilderness often called the lungs of turkey. the area is rich in
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plant and animal life it's also rich in gold leading to this a scar on the landscape maybe this this crime will stop. our only hope it is a crime it is a crime yes a living thing killing a living thing is a crime is the work of the canada based gold mining company alamance gold and its turkish subsidiary. according to these environmentalists 195000 trees have been cut down to make way for this mine 4 times the approved number there's also a huge amount of concern about the potential use of cyanide to separate gold from it or the material that could end up polluting the soil and the water supplies. oh the turkish government rejects the pollution fears major projects such as this have helped fuel the economy in recent years. near to the mind
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a protest camp is taking shape it's highly organized with power and regular supplies of food and water. or given by the local municipality run by turkey's main opposition party the c.h.p. epic pairing for a long fight think about people in turkey who are relying on this beautiful nature. there are lots of religious here making use of the forest making use of the trees so. why why do we do this. in this drawing this land is the turkeys got the vietnam and the word is losing everything go everyone should care about what's happening in. the chief executive of cold called the protests politically motivated misinformation john mccluskey said in 6 and a half years the whole focus of this area will be to replant and in a decade maybe a bit more than that it will look like
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a forest again he also said that cyanide leakage during gold extraction is impossible to convincing these environmentalist otherwise would be no easy task. not far from the mind is mt where according to legend the god zeus watch the trojan war now environmentalists look down on a very different fight one for the natural environment. some demonstrators support saplings to replace felled trees one at a time in the hope of returning life to this area hoping to that their protests grows leave barca al-jazeera the cows mountains. a charity has appealed to european countries to take in more than 120 refugees and migrants rescued in the mediterranean sea last week the group was picked up of the libyan caused by a spanish rescue ship italy and malta have refused to allow the vessel to dock the charity proactive or open arms as many of those rescued appear to have suffered
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violence in libya the ship remain stranded in international waters between walter and the italian island of lampedusa. we. may be right maybe. we need. at least 14 people have been killed and almost 150 injured in a suicide bombing near a police building in the afghan capital the attack and detonated a bomb in his truck at a security checkpoint outside the complex setting off a huge explosion the taliban has claimed responsibility for the attack. but is in south africa have conducted a series of raids and johanna's going to bed to cut crime but shop owners say they
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feel threatened by the move form of the miller has moved from johannesburg police have begun raids in the center of johannesburg behind us there of confiscated counterfeit goods they say this is the reason behind these raids and also to find illegal firearms so far they say they have confiscated at least 7 automatic rifles as well as hand postals they say areas like these that they're targeting in these raids will continue they say throughout a business just strikes in several south african cities these areas and this one in particular has a high concentration of foreign owned businesses people here say they feel targeted but the police say this isn't about targeting foreigners this is about criminality they say this is what their work is about and there isn't any special focus on foreigners but that's not how the people we're operating business just feel this
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community is not. all people who go well documented keeping the law always. come even to the prisoners of what many foreign nationals that are doing the business but they can't come and kill our economy killing our textile industry everything a week ago police tried to conduct similar rates in this area but they were pushed back by business owners who threw petrol bombs and stones and police had to leave this time around the raids appear to be more successful business owners here have shut their stores some of the moping that closed doors mean their goods will be protected if the united nations as an increasing has called for help for zimbabwe which is suffering it's worse than hunger crisis and millions are on the brink of starvation president amisom mangala has declared the drought a national disaster at the mythos of reports now from the village of dana.
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gideon gono has lived in them a district all his life aged 74 he says over the years the rains have become more and more erratic drought induced by the el nino weather pattern has cut zimbabwe's maize harvest by half and reduced water levels in dams and rivers to what degree program i did you miss we don't eat in the morning and in the afternoon we eat only at night we eat as little as possible so that the food can last longer president has declared this latest drought a national disaster and the united nations wants more help to prevent a humanitarian crisis is raised its appeal to international donors to 331000000 dollars we're talking about people who are marking or starvation if we're not there to help the. 2.3000000 people in this country by this fall.


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