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tv   Yemen War Profiteers  Al Jazeera  August 8, 2019 9:00am-10:01am +03

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the governor has been sworn in the 3rd person to hold the office in less than a week the appointment of justice secretary as follows wakes of political turmoil in the u.s. territory replaces. the supreme court for his appointment was unconstitutional some say as being too close to form a government. he stepped down last week after protests triggered by a scandal of offensive text messages gabriel and he's on the has more from san juan . political uncertainty really continuing here with puerto rico on its 3rd governor in less than a week the governor now under vasquez as of a few days ago said she didn't even want the job of governor she's only there because she's obligated to as a minister of justice she's next in line in succession to take over the governorship so now this island of 3000000 people as a governor that someone that didn't even want the job really this all matters because puerto rico as a territory of the u.s. really relies on washington d.c.
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and washington has said they could withhold hundreds of millions of dollars in money that's meant for the puerto rican government and that's for the puerto rican people in till this political crisis is resolved in a lot of people on the streets here said this was about someone that they viewed as a corrupt governor that was. hard to receive you know who's now out of office but they also said this was about health and education services that they want and now many puerto rican cyr on the streets are saying that they took to the streets by the hundreds of thousands of people to call for a new governor and they got one now too since the one before is out of office they called for change they're now asking is this the change they really wanted still ahead on the u.s. president's visit to a city scott by mass shootings but protest to say who isn't welcome and why another day and breaks it could be. what severe food shortages.
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hello there watching very closely typhoon kima now this storm system is continuing to strengthen and continuing to move on towards taiwan and you see this massive cloud on the satellite the rain is going to be trench over this storm system and the winds now by thursday sustained at about 210 kilometers an hour and as we move on into friday as it really does come very close to making landfall really across northern sections of taiwan because the sustained winds about 230 kilometers an hour means that the rains will accumulate about $250.00 millimeters of rain coming down on taiwan and also the storm surges could be as high as 2 meta so we'll watch this very very closely elsewhere in china usual story from those the plum rains
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that kara along those coastal areas a lot of the rain further to the southeast staying away from borneo some entre as well but still as you can see really pushing across much of the philippines and actually all these monsoon rains right there back across disciplines vietnam and across into much of my family and then into india still very heavy particularly long the west coast although really just blanketed in cloud as you can see here but the rains of the warnings are in place or way from state right the way down to kerala by thursday and probably on into friday and very heavy rains around poor as you can see 26 degrees celsius but again these rains could well lead to flooding. sponsored by qatar in this. competition. radical. prison in a 2 part series al-jazeera world tells the story of one of the most enigmatic figures in sudan's. influence is still felt and events in the country today.
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i'll to robbie's life and politics on al-jazeera. i mean this is the problem and these are the top stories on al-jazeera has expelled and is a pastor and suspended trade of a new delhi his decision to revoke the special status for indeed administered kashmir and indian security forces are imposing a clamp down in the region. the u.n. says it's alarmed by the escalation of violence in the yemeni city of aden at least one person has been killed and 2 others seriously injured during clashes between
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government forces and the u.a.e. backed militias and a puerto rico's new governor has been sworn in the 3rd person to hold office and less than a week the appointment of justice secretary while the vasquez follows weeks of political turmoil in the u.s. territory. now there have been protests against the u.s. president in texas and ohio the states where 31 people were killed in 2 mass shootings last weekend donald trump traveled to the cities of dayton and paso to meet the engine 1st responders and local officials rob reynolds reports from a possible. president donald trump's visits to the stricken cities in ohio and texas took place largely out of public view he praised law enforcement officers for responding swiftly to the heavily armed gunman preventing worse carnage all over the world are talking about the job you've done as police as law enforcement is 1st responders who just returned as a credible and he and 1st lady malani
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a trump spoke privately with family members of victims and wounded survivors being treated in hospitals. in both cities public protests were held against trump in dayton the now familiar blimp depicting the president as a scowling baby flew over the crowd in el paso democratic party figure said trump was not welcome he's used our community as a prop misrepresented yard describe to seventeen's your city a place to be here describe to people in my community can extend the princess people to leave it to me to take responsibility. senator cory booker who is running for the democratic presidential nomination excoriated trump's rhetoric at the african-american church in south carolina where an avowed white supremacist gunned down 9 black or shippers in 2015 the ant act of anti latino anti
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immigrant hatred we witnessed this past weekend did not start with the hand that pull the trigger it was sold from the highest office in our land we receive tweets and rhetoric helpful words that all commit lee endangered the lives. of people in our country before leaving washington dismissed his detractors critics are political cecil the sons say born. they're running for president they're very low in the polls as for the prospects of more restrictive gun laws president trump said he and congress would come up with something quote really good but gave few specifics he said a ban on assault style weapons like the one that sprayed death in el paso seemed politically out of reach now people here in el paso and in neighboring cities across the border with mexico are preparing for another painful ordeal the 1st of
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22 funerals will be held on thursday robert oulds al-jazeera el paso to venezuela now a supporters of the government to protest against a new economic sanctions imposed by the united states the white house says the measures will cut funding for president. as well as president says the freezing of assets as a global threat and an attack on private property tourism has moved from caracas. people have gathered to denounce what they say the united states located in venezuela what you see here now that family and militias that are now part of the armed forces buried here with hundreds of other people who have made big a warning about what will happen to venezuela what influence when this latest sanctions have monday donald trump signed an executive order banning american
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companies from doing business with them when it's stealing venezuelan assets in the united states threatening countries like russia and china from doing do business with venezuela at least later mentions just soared from being a bargain mostly because there's not a private companies of course many of the companies that we have spoken to say that there was. about what impact they're going to have the government to see that they're trying to find a way in order to find a way out that it doesn't have an impact on. other talking to russia and china and even though we thankfully did in the west continues to have the support of other countries like. china. obviously leader. challenge governments are not. very. bright actually the opposition believe. their way out of the current economic
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crisis. now firefighters are trying to stop a large planes from reaching and ruins and emergency crews have been battling the forest fire for days it's feared the flames could reach the current up that's a walled session meant to dating back to the 6th century. at least 14 people have been killed and almost 150 injured in a suicide bombing near a police building in kabul the attacker detonated a bomb in his truck at a security checkpoint outside the complex setting off a huge explosion the taliban has claimed responsibility for the attack now police in south africa have conducted a series of raids and to harrisburg in a bid to cut crime but shop owners say they feel threatened by the mood of the miller has more from johannesburg. police have begun raids in the center of johannesburg behind us there of confiscated counterfeit goods they say this is the
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reason behind these raids and also to find illegal firearms so far they say they have confiscated at least 7 automatic rifles as well as hand postals they say if areas like these that they are targeting in these raids will continue they say throughout a business districts in several south african cities these areas and this one in particular has a high concentration of foreign owned businesses people here say they feel targeted but the police say this isn't about targeting foreigners this is about criminality they say this is what their work is about and there isn't any special focus on foreigners but that's not how the people who are operating businesses feel it's under criminality is not until. all people bought and sold off to go well documented keeping the law will come even to the pieces of what many foreign nationals that are doing the business of the country are coming to our economy
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killing our textile industry everything a week ago police tried to conduct similar raids in this area but they were pushed back by business owners who threw petrol bombs and stones and police had to leave this time around the raids appear to be more successful business owners here have shut their stores some of the most thing that closed doors mean their goods will be protected the united nations is an increasing its call for help for zimbabwe which is suffering its worst hunger crisis and millions on the brink of starvation and president has declared the drought a national disaster how much gas of reports from the village of dam are. gideon has lived in them a district all his life 87. for he says over the years the rains have become more and more erratic drought by the el nino weather pattern has cut zimbabwe's maize
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harvest by hoth and reduced water levels in dams and rivers to what degree though graduated oh i did you meant that we don't eat in the morning and in the afternoon we eat only at night we eat as little as possible so that the food can last longer president has declared this latest drought a national disaster and the united nations once more help to prevent a humanitarian crisis is raised its appeal to international donors to $331000000.00 we're talking about people that truly are marching toward starvation if we're not there to help them 2300000 people in this country by this fall it will be substantially higher 3600000 people because elisi season is coming upon us then by early next year we're looking at 5.55.3 you ever take 1000000 people. those numbers mean
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about a 3rd of the country's 15000000 population will need food aid. some of the money raised would be used to buy food provide clean water and give cash handouts to vulnerable families but raising all the money needed could be difficult the bar is competing with other crises around the world such as syria yemen and south sudan. making an already die situation even worse tropical cycle in devastated parts of an acclaimed province in the east of the country earlier this year heavy rains flash floods and strong winds destroyed crops leaving thousands homeless and hungry the cash strapped government says it is buying grain from other countries to replenish stocks we are the government are doing our part we are doing a lot of work really sitting back and working from colleagues from wrong un and others to bring something else else. ministry looking after special protection problems. but many zimbabweans already frustrated by rising inflation
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and a weak economy feel they government isn't doing enough. getting to is one of them he only has a few bags of maize left if we completely runs out he says he's praying for rain or humanitarian aid to reach them whichever comes 1st how do we pass al-jazeera them zimbabwe. now the u.k.'s food and drink industry has warned of major shortages if it crashes out of the e.u. without a deal prime minister boss johnson has insisted that breck said it will happen by the 31st of october even if he can't work out a new withdrawal agreement with the european union that's the beginning of winter in the u.k. when 40 percent of the food is imported and no daily breaks it could clog up ports of motorways for days leaving frozen vegetables to rot preparations for no deal could cost the food industry $121000000.00 a week for the 3rd and drink federation says breakfast is the u.k.'s biggest
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challenge since world war 2 john holl reports from london. businesses shot supply chains interrupted jobs lost the chances of britain leaving the e.u. on october the 31st without a deal to regulate trade have become all too real warnings about the potential consequences from manufacturing to medicines now joined by the food and drink federation so we know there's going to be disruption at the ports particularly across the short straight streaming and in france where a lot of our food comes from and we know that that will have knock on effects that there will be some shortages of food in the u.k. in the weeks and months after and. the food industry isn't alone and u.k. transport storage is attempted earlier this year to test the scenario of certain customs checks leading to long queues at the main u.k. e.u. ports of trade. an exercise that involved parking trucks at the disused airfield
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did little to allay fears but brooks its supporters including the new foreign secretary in canada drumming up interest in a trade deal this week say the short term pain of a heart breaks it worth it for the long term gains we want to expand our horizons and raise our level of ambition in the world and as part of that we want to take our friendship with canada and the canadian people to the next level in its 1st fortnight in office the johnson government has made clear that if the e.u. won't renegotiate the existing withdrawal agreement then a no deal breaks it is inevitable and as for those die industry warnings where the government seems largely to shrug them off never mind that lorry load of fresh produce wouldn't last long sitting on a disused airstrip and retailers say even efforts at stockpiling dry goods will be complicated by the fact that warehouses are already filling up ahead of christmas most m.p.'s have vacated westminster for the summer recess but remember those late
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night knife edge votes in the spring well never far from their minds now will be the battle to come between those who support the government's no deal threat and those who want to stop it in parliament that will be all the people are talking about and already you hear the reports about m.p.'s meeting to try and figure out ways they can stop the government taking us to their deal what we don't know because we've had so little time to watch boris johnson interact with poland we only had one day before the recess is whether sufficient numbers of conservative m.p.'s will be willing to take that ultimate step of voting the government down to try and stop no deal and a fraught autumn of politics lies ahead jonah al-jazeera london. with the headlines on al-jazeera pakistan has expelled india's ambassador and
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suspended trade of a new delhi's decision to revoke the special status for the administered kashmir and indian security forces are imposing a clampdown in the region. the u.n. says it's alarmed by an upsurge in violence in the yemeni city of aden at least one person has been killed and 2 others seriously injured during clashes between government forces and u.s. backed militias there have been protests against u.s. president donald trump in ohio and texas he visited 1st responders and survivors of 2 last shootings in the cities of dayton and paso in which 31 people were killed last weekend demonstrators say troublous rhetoric may have contributed to the el paso attack but the president says people there gave him a warm reception. as you know we love. the respect. i wish to believe that
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we could. be the symbol of love the respect and also really see if we can get something republicans want to do the democrats want to do you know. puerto rico's new governor has been sworn in the 3rd person to hold the office in less than a week the appointment of just a secretary one the vasquez follows weeks of political turmoil in the u.s. territory because replaces pedre clearly receiving his appointment was for unconstitutional by the supreme court. supporters of venezuela's government are protesting against a new economic sanctions imposed by the united states the white house says the measures will cut off funding for president nicolas maduro but his vice president says the freezing of assets is a global threat and an attack on private property the taliban's claimed responsibility for killing at least 14 people and injuring almost 150 in
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a suicide bombing near a police building in afghanistan's capital kabul well those are the headlines on al-jazeera do stay with inside stories coming up next thank you for watching. what's at stake for the kurds in syria turkey considers a kurdish led syrian democratic forces to its security and wants to establish a border buffer zone the u.s. backed the kurdish fighters and says it wants to prevent a turkish offensive against the can the nato allies bridge their differences over the this is inside story.
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hello welcome to the program. turkey's president has warned his lost his patience with the united states over the establishment of a safe zone in northern in northeast syria and iran says he will always out an offensive against the kurdish led syrian democratic forces the turks consider the u.s. backed s.d.f. a terrorist organization and wants to protect its border with a buffer zone but american troops are there and the pantai gold warned against and it turkish incursion targeting is kurdish in the battle i guess i still. sooty any clues indicate that about talk to the new quarterback it's our top priority to train the terrorists want in northern syria turkey cannot feel safe as long as the structure in the south which is growing like a cancer cell and is increasing with a heavy weapons of our allies is not eliminated if we don't do what's needed today
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we would have to do it tomorrow by paying a bigger cost he said god willing we will bring our operation so different phase very soon so. we've been heavily engaged with the turks with regard to their own security interests in northern syria. clearly we believe any unilateral action by them would be unacceptable and so we're trying to do now is work out with them and arrangement to address their concerns and i'm hopeful we'll get there at the same time we're going to do is prevent unilateral incursions that would upset again these mutual interests that both the united states turkey and the s.d.f. share with the article in syria. saying the whole doha's more of the talks from ghazi on tip on the turkish syrian border. for months the united states and turkey have been engaged in discussions over what turkey calls a safe zone along syria's north eastern border those negotiations have been difficult differences it has been difficult really for the united states to try to
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balance the interests and demands by 2 allies turkey being a nato ally the syrian armed kurdish group the y p g is an ally of the united states in its fight against eisel. the differences really have been over the length and the steps of the road as well as who will control those zones and most importantly the fate of the wife p.g. turkey considers the rice ligi a terrorist organization and its wants the group to be in its words neutralized but the united states wants to continue to cooperate with this actor in syria it's what it calls a partner in syria in the in the ongoing fight against eisel so it is not clear if the these 2 countries will be able to reach a deal it has tested their relationship a lot with the us is at stake because turkey has repeatedly warned that it will act alone it will carry out a cross border operation if there is no deal with the united states the united
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states has warned against this of course across the border a unilateral cross border our operation would be risky there could be unintended confrontation between 2 nato allies and it's not just that the white peachy house promised to fight back for a corner of syria which is so strategic for many players many players want this corner of syria it's rich in oil and it is of course a breadbasket to syria and it gives each of these players more influence in the syrian conflict. xenophon there for inside story. if turkish army commanders get the go hand it will be the 3rd incursion into syria in the past 4 years the 1st was 3 years ago operation of freighters shilled aim took up ter the northern town of jobless which was held by ice and for 2 and a half years the turkish operation was also aimed at limiting the growing influence of the syrian kurdish led alliance and the formation of a kurdish state on turkish border turkey considers the us back soon democratic forces a terrorist organization there and
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a 3 in offensives followed in the next 2 years turkey agreed to set up a deescalation zone as part of a deal with russia now turkey plans to target areas east of the euphrates river where hundreds of u.s. troops are stationed. let's bring in our guess here with us in doha is syria political analyst and head over policy analysis of the arab center for research in ankara but in k.l. law professor of world history of the american university of iraq so a manny and from norman oklahoma via skype just one on this director of the center for middle east studies university of oklahoma and editor of syria comment blog welcome to the program marwan this seems to be. a push to come up with an agreement between the turks and the americans about safe buffer zones but.
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is this something they can agree on permanently or do you see the potential for confrontation between the americans and the turks while they're thickly i mean they might come up with an agreement on what i mean there are major differences on the on the buffer zone as in actually mentioned the border is the differences over the depth of the borders on the americans are willing to give the turks something like 5 kilometers inside syrian territories whereas the government is seeking actually something like between 20 and 50 miles. within inside syria it's about also where the scan actually enter could dish villages and towns on the borders on the borders between syria and turkey and also there is the question of what happens to the heavy weapons with. because the turkish government is also asking the united states to this arm the kurdish militia from the heavy weapons which had been provided.
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while it was actually fighting fighting isis so there are major differences still between talking the 2 barty's although i mean as is said i mean there thickly they can actually agree on a compromise but i mean that is not the only issue and we must keep in mind there is another issue that is very important in my opinion because although it looks very much like a bilateral issue between the united states and turkey there are different regional . for the regional implications but the turks and the americans seem to be now narrowing differences over the issue of the safe zones but is this the focal point of the issue of the problem but is there is more to it. thank you 1st of all thanks for having me on the show that's a great question whether the issue of the buffer zone as an issue of self or part of a much broader set of problems in u.s. turkish relations the answer is both on the one hand. genuinely sees the p.y. the. the. party for. people's unity
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party in syria as an extension of the p.k. case and in fact the p.y.t. and its and its armed wing y p g do not deny the fact that they take inspiration from of the imprisoned leader of the p.k. k. a belligerent and as we know in the west and since 2014 of the p y d as part of the syrian democratic forces as the f. have expended in the their the area under their control in the northeast and serious part of the operations as part of the operations against isis this is a genuine security threat for turkey but it also is a very important problem in u.s. turkish relations because the p y d's main sponsor main international backer is the us government since 2014 starting with 1st airstrikes and then u.s. special busy operations operatives being inserted into north east and syria the
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united states has become. the main sponsor of the p.y.t. and the s.d.f. . it's it's basically sophie's choice you know on the one hand you have your nato ally and on the other hand you have your main and when affective local actor against isis since you mentioned the u.s. influence and links to the y.p. dnd why p.g. just is a whole debate just about the buffer zone of the details about buffer zones how deep should be who should be in control who should monitor the area all. why is it from an american perspective because the moment they said that they would like to go east of the a for vegas that was a red flag from and from that for them for the fall for the trump administration yes you know i think to understand the turkish point of view you have to look at the 2 major shifts in american policy we have to remember that that obama and courage the turks to get involved in syria and that america would fall behind they
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were going to put the sunni arabs in power then america got spooked by the sunni arabs it's switched from the sunni arabs to the kurds in order to destroy isis it promised the turks that once it had destroyed isis it would get rid of the it would take back the heavy weapons and it would leave the region now that has infuriated the turks because both of these promises to help the sunni arabs come to power and then to leave syria after isis with the story have not been fulfilled and the united states has switched its policy to an anti iran policy and staying in syria for the long duration now from an american point of view. they want to stay in syria because they believe that roll back iran there to continue fighting isis is the war on terror and that turkey is upsetting the apple cart america is convinced that they can have it both ways they can have
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a turkish ally and they continue to support the white b.g. because they believe the white b.g. is not a terrorist organization they can successfully build a firewall between the white and the pe k k ok sharks aren't by nest and we're at loggerheads. just was basically saying that it is specter or there's a deal or not about the buffer zone we're talking about now and never going to political landscape in syria itself where the americans are looking into different potential challenges particular when it comes to iran isn't this something which could further complicate the task for the turkish government which says that he's determined if there's no agreement to move forward with its minister campaign well i think i mean well i add this is something in my opinion it's going to be very difficult for actually to move in without the consent of the united states specially now after the u.s. secretary of defense has warned against against that and in my opinion turkey has been actually threatening to invade to go and side syria for the past few months at
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least since a president actually said that he would like to withdraw from eastern syria. but of course i mean they knew what their u.s. administration the strategy of the u.s. administration because it is very much complicating the situation for turkey not only for took it it's also for russia because turkey and the shop was was actually we're expecting the united states to leave the eastern part of syria instead of the fifty's the moment they defeat i said but that actually is not is not the case right now we all know that president is very willing to leave actually but it's been tagged on which wants to stay very much because you know i mean president from the twice actually he quit for the withdrawal of u.s. of u.s. troops from the country but i think now they convinced him that it's more useful to have for the united states to stay. because they can actually prevent iran from having the if this land got a door between iraq syria and lebanon and they will actually prevent that evolving of ice and they will use actually the presence military presence of the if it is in
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order to put pressure on the syrian regime to accept a political solution to this conflict because we all know that there is somebody of syria is useful to syria in fact it includes oil as water and almost everything that syria needs in and no regime in damascus can sort of arrive actually without having back without any covering that is symbolic of the fifty's so they are this is actually feel now that this could be used as a card in order to put the pressure on the regime to accept a political solution that asia and its allies but as you said it's much more complicated than that there are other actors and they are not actually have as much say in this in this conflict as the united states and to bahrain when when when when let's set aside the differences between the americans of the turks what went on and says that he's determined that sets are moving forward to east of youth euphrates should we really take him seriously on this given the fact that the
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military establishment seems to be really really really skeptical about a deeper involvement in the conflict in syria. yes and no that's also a great question yes and no i would say because on the one hand since turkey conducted its 1st major military incursion into syria in 2016 against 1st isis in august 26th the. operation euphrates shield and then last year early last year against the p y d in the region operation olive branch there has been talk of staging an operation they even have the code name out operation euphrates sort of very clearly geared aimed at the eastern part of the eastern part of the euphrates river and so he exists on the one hand yes we have heard this before on the other hand. president adlon may either deliberately or
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unintentionally paint himself into a corner and and that end up delivering if you will. basically forcing his own hand to conduct some sort of operation into eastern syria as for the turkish commands the turkish military brass is a position on this they really are not in a position at the moment to completely resist president add on's desires we had seen this in 201-320-1420 extension 15 when president add on wanted some sort of intervention by the turkish military in northern syria and the high command was a post of his but after the failed coup attempt of july 26th president i do i still holds the reins over the military and a former chief of general staff would use yucca is still the defense minister so busy we see a very serious control on the part of president out on the military and i don't think the turkish military irrespective of its position is in
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a position to resist. its commander in chief's orders if they're ordered to go in syria just when defense across the mark has been spoke about the u.s. taken action without specifying what kind of action if them if the turks decide to the most the ministry offensive east of the euphrates was he talking about sanctions or. a potential for an aggressive response from them against well that's a that's an excellent question and he didn't specify and there's there's a comfort confusion about what america can do and what it should do because america does not want to get in a shooting war with turkey we have to remember that the reason that america is in northern syria is based on a resolution about provided by congress about fighting the war on terror that means isis so if this spins into a warrant turkey the congress is going to be furious and americans will be furious and even president trump has been painting himself in the present president shall
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campaign as somebody who wants to get out of middle east look what he's doing in afghanistan he says withdrawing american troops he says at every occasion just a month ago he said we're going to leave syria and we can they can take care of themselves so president trump does not want to shooting war with turkey if and anyone knows that and he is playing on that and every time he escalates he gets and can get trump on the phone trump says we're leaving and then the men around him roll that back so he is trying to split trump from the pentagon and the state department and so forth and and that's his strategy right now is to escalate get trump on the phone he needs the americans to get out of there and fulfill their promise that he's going to be beating this drum until the americans leave ok and we have to remember this is an inhospitable environment for the americans the syrians don't want the iraqis don't want the russians don't want the iranians don't want to
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and the turks don't want to so he's going to raise the price and they're all going to raise the price on america until america leaves that's the stretch when we turn sometimes to talk about the big players that but we were not talking here about the syrians what does it leave syria when actually what the king had a crush on in fact mainly because it is what simplicity. that talks between the americans and the turks and we have not this over the past few months that when the russians feel that the americans and the turks are close to having an agreement on that it's in your feet there's the other skating on the west and it lead mainly and i think the russians that he has always from the very beginning there's a bit between turkey and the united says it's a clear that the russians they want the americans are but they don't want to key and they want actually the regime to recover the eastern if we tease. region because i said before it's very rich in oil and gas in water and the regime in damascus will be dependent on the russia hand out if if if it doesn't get already
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covered that is to defeat these and egypt for the russians that they're one that isn't very much and how does the syrian government see this well of course i mean this is a basic interest for the syrian government as well actually is he covered the region of east of the of with these and. once or once again so that they're actually important in my position in my opinion is very important here as i said they are watching closely what's happening between the russians between the americans and and the turks bahrain we have here the regional players vying for the biggest say in the aftermath of what happens in syria so you have the iranians you have the russians you have the americans and you have the turks i mean from a turkish perspective can we see this a pretty good to turkey trying to rethink its presence militarily politically once syria splinters or is divided. turkey's interest
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i would say is to keep syria as much of a unitary state as possible several times turkish president himself has said that turkey does not wish to see an autonomous kurdish region in northeastern syria in northern syria the way there is now a kurdistan regional government in the north of iraq even though turkey still enjoys fairly good relations with the k r g with the iraqi kurdistan regional government. it policy makers are not character early do not cannot foresee a scenario where they could enjoy similarly good relations with an autonomous kurdish administrative and in northern syria that has of course much to do with the fact that ideologically whatever syrian kurdish autonomous administration has
9:42 am
established in order to syria it would have ideologically a very different outlook on turkey's kurdish question than that of iraq's k r g just so i see a party's 1st issue is to maintain syria as a unitary state and to find a space in northern syria to repopulate some of the syrian refugees in turkey this is becoming at an increasingly bigger hot potato in domestic turkish politics just say those 2 thank you just when you spoke earlier about the. political considerations taken by the american a recession but by maintaining a presence there in a very complex political landscape and too concerned that this could backfire in the future knowing that you have the same time the buses were pretty much concerned about the americans trying to expend that influence in syria. yes
9:43 am
you know there's 2 considerations united states one is their plan it is to make autonomy zone in the north of syria even if they succeed in using the leverage of of northern syria in order to change the government damascus which is their plan is to weaken damascus to such a point that assad and the russians have to agree to you any ill over sponsored elections democratic elections that assad leaving some other regime that would allow for autonomy that's the american wish in all these regions and in lebanon northern aleppo and so that each area would have their own set up that means the kurds get relative independence turkey isn't going to put up with that america is going to have find it extremely difficult to remain in this area as we've seen already arabs and kurds are coming to have deep differences in the region and all the regional players want to merica out it's going to be a difficult ok heavy push united states model one of the syrians talking about
9:44 am
what's next. they went into a debate. a divided syria north damascus of the north east bit perhaps if there is something that that he and the opposition would agree on is that to keep one united country they might be actually fighting over every other think but but the course i mean not this one so this is why i mean the russians they are hoping actually that they can bring in the opposition. in order to agree on a political solution that is tailored by the russians and that would actually maintain the unity of syria and that might also be the interest of turkey and and iran because we are seeing those on the bottoms of the asset than a process trying to do something and they are very suspicious of the intentions of the united states in the east in your fifty's and this is going to have some people think that it is american troops and as just one has as mentioned actually to have an antonym a scottish region in the northeast of syria but any less than 30 seconds please is
9:45 am
there a general sentiment in turkey in favor of the military offensive or do you think there are enough of economic and political problems we do want to stay away from to from from syria. turkish people from what i can see been here for my summer break for about almost 3 months now and my sense is that most of my compatriots are more interested in seeing that the country's economic problems are resolved however given that as i mentioned earlier the there is a groundswell against syrian refugees if out of the one president there could also package any impending military operation as a way of increasing turkey's our bargaining power in syria that could be sold to turkish domestic to the turkish thank you to public opinion thanks ali gas manuel couple unbutton cola and just learned this. and thank you too for watching you
9:46 am
can see the program again any time by visiting our website al-jazeera dot com for further discussion go to our facebook page that's facebook or facebook dot com forward slash a.j. inside story you can also join the conversation on twitter 100 is a.j. inside story from a hotshot about the whole team here in doha by phone now. america is divided like never before each side is so convinced that they are absolutely correct that the other side is dangerous heaven has
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a wall of strict immigration policy elders not people in power investigates the partisan politics eroding civil norms vital to american democracy are you concerned that the the political divisions today could lead to violence or it will the strange death of american civility patu on al-jazeera. responding 6 continents across the globe. al-jazeera is corresponding sleeve in bring the stories they tell me and if you have it was not enough but these are not the letter she. were at the bridge of versioning camp for palestinian refugees al-jazeera fluent in world news. i was raised in france. these are my grandparents. these are my parents
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and this is mean. fighting both isis and assad. the 1st of a 2 part epic tale of a remarkable family. the father the son and the jihad caught one on al-jazeera. there's a problem and with the top stories on al-jazeera pakistan has expelled and the as ambassador and suspended trade of a new delhi's decision to revoke the special status for and the administered kashmir and indian security forces are imposing a clampdown in the region priyanka gupta reports. street after
9:49 am
a ghost town troops on every corner barricades everywhere in the largest city in the idiot administered kashmir india's government says recent true brute force winds are to ensure security. order as you see the effects of the significant changes to their autonomy and statehood. didn't tell us anything and we walked article 37 all the phone lines are down trains are not working we haven't seen anything like this english meet in our lives. by good workers who hope to find employment here happened stranded for days. internet is down we can't access cash machines no one is listening to our plight no one cares about us liberals in new delhi this problem filmmaker is worried about his elderly parents and she dogger he questions the thai bag of the government's decision to remove all the
9:50 am
states autonomy and divided into 2 federally administered territories the one thing about the timing of this decision is very seems awfully time. and so then one is forced to wonder as to why this would have happened and crudely yes the story has pushed the impending economic crisis off the front pages for this week and who knows until the next round of elections legal challenges are already being planned * the 1st public interested again against the government's decision has been filed and they are expected some constitutional experts say that there are some legal loopholes that the judges may consider the process. is a certain amount of scut constitutional skullduggery which i
9:51 am
expect. the supreme court or any other constitutional court to look at very closely constitutions do not work on the whims of a few people alone no matter how high in the constitutional structure india's government led by the party to the party of the hindu nationalists the special status was discriminatory and with a change of status to be open divestment jobs for now the shops of st our girls are closed and no one knows for how long. al-jazeera delhi. and other news the u.n. says it's alarmed by an upsurge in violence in the yemeni city of aden and at least one person has been killed and 2 other seriously injured during clashes between government forces and u.a.e. backed militias there when protests against u.s. president donald trump in ohio and texas have visited 1st responders and survivors
9:52 am
of 2 mass shootings in the cities of dayton and passover and which 31 people were killed last weekend then as well as government says it won't be attending talks with the opposition this week because of new economic sanctions imposed by the. u.s. protesters have been rallying against the measures in the capital caracas the white house says the factions will cut off funding for president. puerto rico's new governor has been sworn in the 3rd person to hold office in less than a week the appointment of justice secretary as follows weeks of political turmoil in the u.s. territory some see her as being too close to former governor overcard over as a euro he stepped down last week after protests triggered by a scandal over offensive text messages and corruption and a charity has appealed to european countries to take in more than 120 refugees and migrants rescued in the mediterranean sea last week the group was picked up off the libyan coast by a spanish rescue ship italy and have refused to allow the vessel to dark it remains
9:53 am
stranded in international waters well those are the headlines on al-jazeera do stay with us al-jazeera world is coming up next. sudan a country is in almost constant turmoil since the 1950 s.
9:54 am
. regime change coups street protests famine war political division and in april 21000 the toppling of president on what invest in. the army tried to take complete control of the country but was forced to negotiate with protesters in. sudan's history is trouble 10 years after independence from britain just for nearly led the military coup only to be deposed himself 14 years later. in 1989 on what is seized power in another cool triggering further change orchestrated by half and a 2 dobby. well educated elite matic he was an
9:55 am
islamic thinker spiritual leader philosopher lawyer arch politician. he was never prime minister nor president but his influence has been vast. this is the untold story of the man some call the architect of modern sudan has a 2 dobby the man has mind his mission. but. if you are my lama fan you refer to. we're kind of a government in a person and we're here for. the younger son had a typically conservative upbringing in 1930 s. cazorla where his father was a judge. the
9:56 am
family was sufi muslim but also had a maddest history. this was a religious and political movement that fought a war in the late 19th century against the forces of 1st the governor of egypt and then the british. english. for kal sophia lived here for sudan where he made a element. if you don't have a number of it of carry the misery here or here or life or the law but here a lot of the classic here lity to me is that we had to him and from my acct or. from my of. the family's values clearly sheep the youngest son. his father a religious judge paid particular attention to his son spiritual education and
9:57 am
encouraged him to learn arabic his work as a judge meant the family often moved home but this exposed the younger to darby to life in different cities and people across the down where she a 3rd of the rugby world cup he alerted to that. you 2 are living here one has. without fareed the back a lot. in my euro and a whirlwind with or so we have for. 30 years maybe we're a long talk about always having medicine and. to dissimulate you had litter or was organised the way your. technicians. house and went to come to secondary school. and lot for the final year. of the women that is one of.
9:58 am
their commanders a plan to withstand a real well here medal from what mothers on with their menus or did the benefit of them as it is for some of them. but there's a time there was no year i left a lot of them my dad is a bit of bania and was a year or home a lydian a cut a $1.00 and $1.00. 100 of us we have in the home on a robbery on the non-graphic no matey. some classmates would later become political colleagues or rivals or indeed bitter enemies as to be himself recalled in this 2012 interview but in 2 he had. also blow do not sign know he eliminated with any great to. see him. but you know what yeah they're here to skin a lot with us and we're someone to help them with anything women cannot not claim i want to know why
9:59 am
a lot. of our middle being an average american will be and for going to them on. your i mean i learned of her use of the world home more and better the way i see them and i carry as you so we have i have with. them but humble if you are like in the. you know i mean is that we have them bury them. so i definitely learn all kind of isn't there a lot of the attorney here or kind of. you know yanick with almost every album i could do just possible so i don't know what senator mark if i look at alex i mean but also felt a lot that i had. no. matter what the was let me on. for who are 5th senate that had not heard of. can i live here the young cause of. the son of robert from miami and in the hunt game but it. would be young and
10:00 am
a little when the army other not mr brough now that old mother is at her door nor you read any i'm in a. lot. of lot of rob rob there was a little. late for hustle our last you heard that cambridge minute i got older. and he didn't tell me they didn't. list the divide garden what i'd be santa of office for the hudna guy mafia mob are. the one the government moves ahead fittest the last. one not. me a name. the usual for does owe me or had a whole. lotta how to case let me a.


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