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tv   Inside Story 2019 Ep 219  Al Jazeera  August 8, 2019 10:32am-11:01am +03

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you mean a dusty attorney will see what almost a letter polishing my sumi billet to sublease let me for you sort. of are essentially a leg mill for nearly ragas. in a sudan it is a martial martial artist let me. come in over the last. while with a little huddle humped or whatever and then over to how they said had the well i can tell you here we can have a life for them a little creative. bin laden or like in math and then. return on. our own in the swiss. we. we feel a lot lot. going on out there with mohammed abdul mossad and now passing a mean momma khalid almihdhar female slave but drive home one of the markets with
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than we do not know yet alone a cash with tips for its members of. the. civilian. well if you wait another hour to really been to the well in the heart attacks that me and others to read and. she has she with what i have for how to stay means. death you are to rag me for that but what can i put on my to set my demi has ever had to grab me who i know not god had fixed. and if this article has been a semi. they haven't figured out of the up it will get it done friday as in this really. hustler the unicron we had a home in the 5th had a canoe slam you know kind of what the year the inability that the police were below that officer daniels or the liberal left to do that but if you listen to that try to come up with. humans now on your own you know oh i see the
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vatican both good and what the problem is now a lot. you know long. i love all your. memoirs you can probably get the army on the bomb again you know if you heard that. i love you and i see a lot of plutonium hard it is god is good you know it's i love you but then i will add to the media to. have my do so when i want how to live let me in with the shipping will add up with the color of the soul the nia the whole secret behavior and the the how a lot of it the i'm a d.m. but i was in when we all the lies the colleagues were a technological feel enormous shock that you know i think a lovely idea out of the ship while the geneva gave the order of all the way here.
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to lobby was a thinker and politician all wrote about unity freedom the renewal of islamic thought. and ways of governing a modern muslim state. his writing on politics and government from an islamic perspective changed much contemporary thoughts about the role of islam and government. summing up as to darby's achievements is not easy complex unpredictable ambitious his influence has been felt far beyond sudan's borders you can. think of the. limiting element the worried well you have to take the. product where harbor that one doesn't have that it was there as a result of the can be ridden on everything liberman
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a show about. blumenthal resentment. and living out there for her. work a 1000000 record of the men and one a woman feel. a. little. victory in moderation and so on to other than al-qaeda. on this. day minute month in the nitty. monk that. by 983 as a hobby had achieved a remarkable turn around his old enemies the communists were propping up the new mary regime which needed the backing of someone with the ear of the people who better than the son of a religious judge with a deep understanding of islamic law. 6 the american idea one b. i learned in marion that my dad can work on it that move or minute his wish. me
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well but for that look at them with alec that that entity for you the fleas lamine official poverty slam you who will all be a shari'a you'll be her. alone i. can know that i live lost was the shot of the so yes i'll be there for you on income as i will they will feel nothing else. i filed my alien loyally over there. they are my body slam here by a wooden. charbonneau xabi they give the money with. the trial and why anything. i mean public release alone the kind of the violator are to. their kind within the fantasy i somewhere where the clubs and the hook up the me for the bad. i mean me to be
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another you had better the arteries they made of. the bar you love me. out of mind i've already been there from one of the shia the one hummer up there they said it. well. why he's here with the. i thought everybody off i was going to islam live you don't know what the whole like you know what islam. is hell are many of them all to be introduced what were called the september laws in 1983 large sectors of sudanese society among them intellectuals and politicians like saw the committee and mahmoud mohamed oppose them punishment was harsh for anyone who infringed them. or give him some of the reforms of the money we don't with the read well that is
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going to do with the. bill can only give. them. the dude shot i am in. the sorry. about. if he. were to that. as an attorney mark and of his alec a noble and you know the neighbor. made it mark can you really do a new senator and yourself. in the sly had police let me or a yet be as in men as in a tribe willing to leave the. towel in and that there is a lesson when one. is come by on us or you know. a
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daddy let alone. what you can feel about yourself but. that. was rotten madness about. a little buck. i have has an attitude of his influence was huge at one stage underneath me he was both attorney general and foreign affairs advisor he accompanied limited on trips abroad met foreign dignitaries and communicated with them in their own languages being fluent in english french and german the west began to notice us to robbie and him a sense trouble ahead. useful us missing anything if anything the people of. the whole slam would develop into a civilization who would realize it is now the right of any child animal higher or
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lower than a park and how it is ever the selfish of our app. from the law. i shall run it over the knee on a felony assault with. a name and i'm a communist i mean i'm one of the littlest with the lot. but the lobby of possibly the guy but that he and i will essentially would only. 20 maybe. cassini in i mean. no and by ad hoc to. walk a little way down little moves here or if you look at them as a threat. good luck they are that i'm going to. go look they are not an article islamia feel. i'm going to. i'm going to.
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want to. as they were the others. here and there are. over there nobody that was over there it was a suburb of dillon. fellow rather save you see you know whether. he was arrested and once again and despite holding high office he found himself in jail. in the streets there were widespread anti government protest against the high prices of consumer goods harsh living conditions and the perennial problems with the south. the defense minister announced that the army supported the people. was overthrown and exiled this heralded a new chapter for has an. example where the delhi high has
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a missing. a lot. of the not. for the. eyes of the needed. who are. so let the time of the most again. and the do listen. to what you have been a sob and for trapped a little knot of valinor gather the article slimmy after a brief transition in 1985 the military stepped back and allowed the new prime minister south dakota mad to take office the following gear and maggie and robbie were old friends and related by marriage but this was no guarantee of either power or influence for the other performer the reader who has been home. was
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a man in a deep well of a real islamia well the harbor has been on our border because you didn't remark on a late where the feelings of about what was about to the menorah for drama. were made some of them. of their own agreement and for. credit for then and so the demon of honor moribund. c.r.c. work on the c.s.e. and now you can be a man of years at this yes if you want it well in my view would have to see as the i that the herrick again i hear why the hell to be in your poems we me why i love your enemy. let. see if you said bomb lehman with a massive. drug it was a shoo in giving him a little run american in the room with a massive going up world as i was sure fifi. lackey him to robbie the model as
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a man but we've got in the office a wee. bit on the. ward with a lot of in my does the money but we don't want to. hear. that in the sudan how do you see done. a shop you'll surely wash up with a hard. ass posh with will be. like you know would be. a nice place on a beach the back when i was going to be the journey to the top of sudanese politics had been a rough one as an oil to be had risen from bright young lawyer to having a seat at the top table but events were set to take a dramatic turn catapulting into a new role that of right hand man to the president always in the future when mao.
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what do abut among me with the pursuit. hello there plenty of often in scott across the southeast of the united states out of the line of rain showers working their way across the northeast but it's not just that it's very widespread as i say we've also fairly have much of texas right way down into louisiana but also into arkansas oklahoma city and similarly down
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there with a high of 37 pleasant and 27 degrees celsius and then on friday and not a great deal of change but we have got more rain as you can see out across the western plains states and thunderstorms into washington d.c. on friday. but a nice end to the week in new york with a high of 28 quite mixed across the caribbean we have got those got a child not too bad across much of his on your although we have got quite a bit account in the 4 calls but there. are some scattered showers and thunderstorms there and also more rain in the forecast across into those western and central cuba lingering as we head through friday and then across central america we've got a fairly widespread rainbow thursday and friday friday quite heavy particularly back across into panama 30 degrees celsius the high at 25 and a bit cooler with the clouds and a wet day in southern mexico and 24 in mexico city.
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captaining a leading youth team at 16 years old takes determination. to that staying on top of your game at school. the whole family together and the sacrifices necessary for a son to have a shot at becoming a professional footballer. this is al-jazeera. hello and welcome to the al-jazeera news hour on live from my headquarters in doha would be enough of a problem coming up in the next 60 minutes expels india's ambassador of
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a new delhi's decision to revoke special status as the region remains under lockdown. the u.n. . battles break out in the yemeni city of aden between separatist fighters and pro-government forces. u.s. president donald trump visits 2 cities scarred by recent mass protests to say he isn't well. and puerto rico swears and it's governor in 6 days after weeks of demonstrations and legal wrangling over the candidate. pakistan has stepped up the political pressure on an india over the disputed territory of kashmir expelled endeared him bassett a downgrade of diplomatic relations and suspended trade indian security forces are
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imposing a clamp down and did administered kashmir and 3 days after new delhi took away the region's autonomy al-jazeera has exclusive pictures from st a good which is under tight military control priyanka gupta begins our coverage. street are a ghost town troops on every corner barricades everywhere in the largest city in the indian and listed kashmir india's government says recent troop force months are to ensure security add to maintain order as kashmiris see the effects of the significant changes to their autonomy and statehood. they didn't tell us anything and we walked article 37 all the phone lines are down trains are not working we haven't seen anything like this in kashmir in our lives. migrant workers who hope to find employment here happened stranded for days. internet is down we can't
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access cash machines no one is listening to our plight no one cares about us liberals in new delhi this problem filmmaker is worried about his elderly parents and she nagar he questions the timing of the government's decision to revoke the state's autonomy and divide it into 2 federally administered territories the one thing about the timing of this decision is very seems awfully time. and so then one is forced to wonder as to why this would have happened and crudely yes the story has pushed the impending economic crisis off the front pages for this week and who knows until the next round of elections legal challenges are already being done the 1st public interested again against the government's decision has been filed and they are expected some
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constitutional experts say there are some legal loopholes that the judges may consider process. is a certain amount of scut constitutional skullduggery which i expect. the supreme court or any other constitutional court will look at very closely constitutions do not work on the whims of a few people alone no matter how high in the constitutional structure india's government led by the party to the party of the hindu nationalists the special status was discriminatory and with the change of status to be open divestment jobs for now the shops of st our girls are closed and no one knows for how long. al-jazeera delhi let's take a look now at the map of kashmir this is what india considers its sovereign
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territory part its more complicated on the ground and the administer is part of the disputed kashmir region and pakistan the other china also administers part of the territory the indian and pakistan administered parts a separation by the internationally recognized line of control where the conflict over the kashmir valley has forced thousands of families to be separated many who now live in refugee camps on the pakistani side so they fear for their relatives on the indian control a solid and jobs reports from the on board cab in pakistan administered kashmir. well documented a lot of there's a look at the woman of the body maybe safina moved from indian administered kashmir in the 1990 s. to this refugee camp her family has lived through the highs and lows of relations between india and pakistan but says this time it's different i thin than all the one for 10 it's been 3 days since we have heard from my sister and her family i
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heard rumors that 40 to 50 people have been killed we don't know anything even the internet is shot are they even alive her husband says they escaped when he was tortured and had his fingers and toes broken by indian forces occupying their lands hundreds are. all we want to freedom for god sake is there anyone listening any muslims all over the world the un god will ask him on the day of judgment. the conflict over kashmir has separated many families for years with a 35000 people live in refugee camps on the pakistani side of the divided region most people in a war camp are from indian administered kashmir although temporary structures have been turned into concrete homes but almost every household has family or relatives cell on the other side they fear the worst as the indian government crackdown continues. there a bihari came here when she was just over a year old she went to school in the camp and now teaches at a college for refugees one of her brothers was killed before they moved and her
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mother says indian forces have killed other relatives in their fight for freedom it's an emotional issue when she talks about not being able to contact her extended family because phone lines and the internet remains cut off. what if they're burned alive what if they were killed we don't know anything about what's happening in our kashmir what's happening to my brothers sisters and children there's anyone care at the girls' school in the camp children discuss politics as parents in most homes talk about a freakish near. a few weeks before the latest escalation 3 refer relatives are asked them not to call anymore because they fear harris meant by indian security forces. they say if we talk to them they will be detained so we haven't spoken to them for many days we are very worried and we've seen on t.v. that people are being persecuted in kashmir even the children here know about how tensions are flared since constitutional changes by india to the status of kashmir
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kashmiris here say india is holding 12000000 of their people hostage and are calling on pakistani government leaders to do more than the usual rhetoric some of the job it does there are. artist on administered kashmir the mana bar as professor of south asian studies at syracuse university and she says that the international community needs to condemn and his actions. media is a condom is not necessarily the big question the question really and that i.c.j. has raised the central question is that of self determination and that's a right that has to be upheld by the international community by the united nations security council so in some ways i think this is a very opportune moment to bring back the question of self-determination for the international community so instead of actually trying to only speak to questions of autonomy i think this is this is the time really to bring back the fundamental question that then that relates to kasmir is. a disputed starters and. our
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claim to our eyes are the independence of freedom however they conceptualize it we're going to move on to other news that the un says it's alarmed by an upsurge in violence on the yemeni city of aden. at least one person was killed and 2 others seriously injured during clashes between government forces and you a in bet separatists the fighting happened near the presidential palace they have been reports of saudi fighter jets in the skies above the port city shops have been closed for the day because of fears of clashes geography you know of a high ranking commander. because then. they attacked us we are peaceful and they are firing bullets the traitors masteries and 5th column while we were holding the funeral of our roic martyrs may they rest in peace while yemen's interior minister has called for calm
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. given at the end of the garden. as the minister of the interior i called on the citizens of odd and to stay calm and be patient we are capable of dealing with such irresponsible behavior we were doing we asked everyone not to respond to the call made by honeybun breck because war is that subject of such a call only serves the. marne griffis the special envoy for yemen said he is alarmed by the military escalation that are taking place in today including reports of clashes in the vicinity of the presidential palace he's also deeply concerned by the recent rhetoric encouraging violence against yemeni institutions mr griffiths said that escalations of violence will contribute to instability and suffering in art and in will deepen yemen's political and social divisions the special envoy calls on all parties involved to abandon violence and engage in dialogue to resolve differences heal sergers all those with influence to deescalate the situation and
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ensure the protection of civilians and that correspondent mohammad the. capital sana. the 1st confrontation started when the funeral procession of the commander of a 1000000000 mamma who was the commander of the security and support. forces which is backed by the united arab emirates the 1st confrontation started as the funeral procession. moved from the presidential palace to the confrontation taking have taken place between the forces of the internationally recognized government of hardy and the security forces who are loyal to this killed commander. there are reports that they have already critic in control of the 1st gates of the presidential palace members of the head is government had been reportedly fled the area. many experts believe that the situation is going
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ahead to words separation off aid and from the united arab from the united yemen so also the this in the case and of the deporting people from the north specially that they have late they have left there in aden for a long decade at the are business men and also people who are. deeply rooted with the society of aden you have a noble also expelled from the city reports about thousands of people have been deported so we as extra experts believe that the situation is going to head for for the separation of the south especially starting from aden. which is going to head to the separation of the south home for the north unless the united nations is about to take serious control many observers hope they will do something about it thank you.


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