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experts believe that the situation is going ahead 2 words the separation of aden from the united arab from the united yemen so also be. this in the case in the of the deporting people from the north especially that they have lived they have lived there in aden for a long decades they are businessmen and also people who are. deeply rooted with the society of aden you have been all but also expelled from the city reports about thousands of people have been deported so we as expects preschool leave that the situation is going ahead for for the separation of the south especially starting from aden. which is going to head to the separation of the south probably not unless the united nations is about to take serious control many observers hope they will do something about it. the us now with the rain protests against president
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donald trump and texas and ohio the states where 31 people were killed in 2 mass shootings last weekend donald trump traveled to the settings of dayton and possibly to meet the engine 1st responders and local officials rob vinyls reports from. president donald trump's visits to the stricken cities in ohio and texas took place largely out of public view he praised law enforcement officers for responding swiftly to the heavily armed gunman preventing worst carnage all over the world are talking about the job you've done as a least as law enforcement as 1st responders to the job you've done as a credible and he and 1st lady malani a trump spoke privately with family members of victims and wounded survivors being treated in hospitals. in both cities public protests were held against trump in dayton the now familiar blimp depicting the president as
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a scowling baby flew over the crowd in el paso democratic party figure said trump was not welcome he's used our community as a prop misrepresented yard described as something dangerous city a place to be here describe to people in my community mannix immigrants as people to leave it to me to take responsibility. senator cory booker who is running for the democratic presidential nomination excoriated trump's rhetoric at the african-american church in south carolina where an avowed white supremacist gunned down 9 black worshipers in 2015 had act of anti latino anti immigrant hatred we witnessed this past week and did not start with the hand that pull the trigger it was sold from the highest office in our land. receive tweets and rhetoric hateful words that all commit lee endangered the
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lives of people in our country before leaving washington trump dismissed his detractors my critics are political people besides the big boys. they're running for president and they're very low in the fall. as for the prospects of more restrictive gun laws president trump said he and congress would come up with something quote really good but gave few specifics he said a ban on assault style weapons like the one that sprayed death in el paso seems politically out of reach now people here in el paso and in neighboring cities across the border with mexico are preparing for another painful ordeal the 1st of $22.00 funerals will be held on thursday robert oulds al-jazeera el paso. as the hell's washington editor at large and he. took on the home.
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it greatly pains me to say this but. we have seen after horrific mass murders in the united states including the mass slaughter of young children where president obama was in the white house then the parkland shootings in florida in orlando more than 50 people being gunned down in a nightclub we've been at these points before where people have said this is a turning point this is a time when both parties need to come together and do something even president trump himself committed to making these changes after another bout in our past mass murder and then after meeting the national rifle association representatives he did a complete change and so right now as we're 14 months from an election republicans have shown themselves to be weak when it comes to working across the aisle on reasonable gun control and gun regulation even with regard to background checks
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which is getting a lot of air time right now so i find myself a cynic because we have seen equally horrific moments equally painful social upheaval massive marches in washington d.c. and absolutely nothing happened and i don't see anything happening until there's a change in congress. plenty more ahead on the news hour including venezuelan government supporters protest against tough new sanctions while opposition. backs the measures while no deal. coming up later the chairman of german football club. temporarily. puerto rico's new governor has been sworn in the 3rd person to hold office in less
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than a week the appointment of justice secretary follows weeks of political turmoil in the u.s. territory vasquez replaces pedro pier after the supreme court ordered his appointment as unconstitutional well some say vasquez is being too close to former governor ricardo rosie o. he stepped down last week after protests triggered by a scandal over a fence of text messages and corruption. political uncertainty really continuing here with puerto rico on its 3rd governor in less than a week the governor now on the vasquez as of a few days ago said she didn't even want the job of governor she's only there because she's obligated to as a minister of justice she's next in line in succession to take over the governorship so now this island of 3000000 people as a governor that someone that didn't even want the job really this all matters because puerto rico as a territory of the u.s. really relies on washington d.c.
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and washington has said they could withhold hundreds of millions of dollars in money that's meant for the puerto rican government and that's for the puerto rican people in till this political crisis is resolved in a lot of people on the streets here said this was about someone that they viewed as a corrupt governor that was a. c.e.o. who's now out of office but they also said this was about health and education services that they want and now many puerto rican cyr on the streets are saying that they took to the streets by the hundreds of thousands of people to call for a new governor and they got one now 2 since the one before is out of office they called for change they're now asking is this the change they really wanted. venezuela's government says it's a pause in negotiations with the opposition because of u.s. sanctions the latest are an attempt to cut off funding for president. opposition
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into one quite those supports measures saying they put pressure on what he called dictatorship a correspondent or as a boss sat down with why the us. venezuelans government's response to recent u.s. sanctions supporters of. gathered in central caracas to denounce what they say is a brutal embargo by the united states. on monday u.s. president donald trump signed an executive order banning u.s. companies from doing business in venezuela he seized venezuelan assets in the u.s. and threatened foreign powers and companies doing business in this country we met with opposition leader who has been challenging my buddhist government he says the sanctions i meant to pressure mother little into some sort of negotiation the united states has announced sanctions there's already sanctions on. there's already sanctions on over 100 individuals from the government what do you think this new
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sanctions will achieve in a law. venezuelan capital has flooded the world economy it is estimated and it's a wide guess because of the magnitude of theft around $300.00 to $600000000000.00 was stolen from the venezuelan people to put it into context that's 10 times or 15 times the marshall plan in europe after the 2nd world war they are part of the money laundering circuit these sanctions are meant to put pressure on a dictatorship and it's a tool of the free world of modern diplomacy to pressure a regime with the characteristics of material that have relationships with drug trafficking proven in international courts. functions like this once have been implemented in north korea and iran and their leaders are still in power and the population is poor suffering why do you think it's going to be different this time but i mean the order of the problems we face today are not the sanctions it's the
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dictatorship the reason why even israel is poor today is because the expropriated fertile land and did not grow anything in it they destroyed national production they stole productive land created fake exchange controls and internal sanctions that persecuted people that is what keeps venezuela poured the sanctions that have human rights abusers teves and corrupt officials as an objective are meant to pressure a dictatorship i don't want to compare the case with cuba iran and north korea or syria i don't know if the opposition had a role in those countries how long they controlled parliament previous to the sanctions if there were thousands of people on the street each case is different and use tools like diplomatic pressures sanctions and protests in venezuela isolating any of these are a mistake. you're talking about talk about negotiations that are happening right now what what can we expect. when it's not as. it's
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a relative question what can we expect from a dictatorship nothing what can we expect of human rights abusers nothing but we can do our pressures we are implementing of being the majority of institutional pressure we could find a solution in alternative to the conflict venezuelans are living in we are skeptical because they have laughed at us in the past but we have to cover all spaces and find a solution that doesn't mean the government wins time. why though for now discards the possibility of a military intervention in spite that he says all options are on the table. 7 but government supporters say there and direct attack now and say they need to be ready for what may come they say the sanctions will not only heard the government but waiting crease the hardships they're already facing every day. the president off on the us is under pressure from protesters to resign while in orlando hernandez denies allegations of accepting bribes from illegal drug gangs 6
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years ago. reports. police fired tear gas at protesters but it didn't stop them from marching in their thousands through old congress in the honduran capital. thank you suppose 10900 actions are demanding his resignation the president denies the corruption claims several people were injured in the protests organized by a coalition of trade unionists and public workers some businesses were set on fire . but. the people want this narco dictator out of the presidency we don't want him can't they understand it out with one orlando hernandez is the only slogan i can tell you out with him. we're sick of this category we have nothing to eat at home to all of honduras allies throughout the country so that the government feels the pressure for that man to get out of power last week u.s.
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federal prosecutors accuse the numbers of receiving $1500000.00 from illegal drug traffickers in exchange for protection and funding his election campaign in 2035 these accusations are. made up by a drug trafficker called alexander and they want revenge against the only president who's done what he's needed to be trying to stop us in our fight against drug trafficking but we're not going to stop. the conservative leader has enjoyed a good relationship with the u.s. government donald trump backed him in the disputed 2017 reelection and is approved him for stemming the flow of migrants and illegal drugs to the u.s. but the opposition disagrees i don't buy we live in a country that is a narco state with the supreme court of justice the public ministry congress and the armed forces are used for drugs to cross the border drugs have been crossing through one door since 2000 to 17 years of it 17 years of money being handed to
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politicians. the drugs war means honduras has one of the highest murder rates in the world are the crimes coupled with poverty and corruption is driving the need to escape hundreds of hundreds attempts to migrate to the united states every day so i highly doubt. the firefighters are trying to stop a large blaze from reaching ancient ruins and peru emergency crews have been battling the fast fire for 4 days it's fair the flames could reach the clear lot that's a walled settlement dating back to the 6th century. police in south africa have conducted a series of raids and johanna's for going to bed to cut crime but shop owners so they feel threatened by the move farmer the miller has moved from johannesburg police have begun raids in the center of johannesburg behind us there of confiscated counterfeit goods they say this is the reason behind these raids and
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also to find illegal firearms so far they say they have confiscated at least 7 automatic rifles as well as hand postals they say if areas like these that they are targeting in these raids will continue they say throughout a business districts in several south african cities these areas and this one in particular has a high concentration of foreign owned businesses people here say they feel targeted but the police say this isn't about targeting foreigners this is about criminality they say this is what their work is about and there isn't any special focus on foreigners but that's not how the people who are operating businesses feel it's under criminality is not until. all people bought and sold off to go well documented keeping the law or will come even to the prisoners of what many foreign nationals that are doing the business of the country that come and kill our economy
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killing our style in the streets everything a week ago police tried to conduct similar raids in this area but they were pushed back by business owners who threw petrol bombs and stones and police had to leave this time around the raids appear to be more successful business owners here have shut their stores some of the most thing that closed doors mean their goods will be protected still ahead on the news hour the controversial turkish that has locals and environmentalist up in arms. zimbabwe's food crisis the president calls for international some. and the list of the righteous cause one is really used to and it's good news for the current u.s. open champion peter will have the details and.
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hello they are watching very closely typhoon kima now this storm system is continuing to strengthen and continuing to move on towards taiwan and you see this massive cloud on the satellite the rain is going to be trench over this storm system and the winds now by thursday sustained at about 210 kilometers an hour and as we move on into friday as it really does come very close to making landfall really across northern sections of taiwan we could see sustained winds about 230 kilometers an hour means that the rains will accumulate about $250.00 millimeters of rain coming down on taiwan and also the storm surges could be as high as 2 meta so we'll watch this very very closely elsewhere in china usual story from those the plum rains that kara along those coastal areas a lot of the rain further to the southeast staying away from bourne you some entre as well but still as you can see really pushing across much of the philippines and actually all these monsoon rains right there back across to southern thailand
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vietnam and across into much of my family and then into india still very heavy particularly long the west coast although really just blanketed in cloud as you can see here but the rains of the warnings are in place or way from state right the way down to kerala by thursday and probably on into friday and very heavy rains poor as you can see 26 degrees celsius but again these rains could well lead to flooding. whether sponsored by qatar or. eradicating leprosy in cambodia relied on education and treatment in equal measure. on him barry early you know disability yet we will be waiting until 3 year old or year more people have disability rate is ok and in normal weight the next generation of antibiotics may just be waiting at the bottom of the ocean maybe this but if it does it. revisited on al-jazeera.
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every. charter has one of the world's highest obesity but maybe it takes up the fox again for military star white not too bright and surgery what i want to investigate is the chinese battle to get in shape on al jazeera. it's good to have you with us ahmed there's a problem and these other top stories on al-jazeera august august expelled india as a best seller and suspended trade of
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a new delhi's decision to revoke the special status for ending the minister of kashmir and the and security forces are imposing a clampdown on the region. the u.n. says it's alarmed by an upsurge in violence in the yemeni city of aden at least one person has been killed and 2 others seriously injured during clashes between government forces and u.a.e. backed militias and they have. protests against u.s. president donald trump and ohio and texas he visited 1st responders and survivors of 2 mass shootings in the cities of dayton and passover and which 31 people were killed last weekend. now the turkish defense ministry says that one quarter named what the u.s. and what it's calling a peace card or on turkey's southern border the nato allies have also agreed on measures to repatriate displaced syrians say a ha there has the latest from the turkish syrian border. 3 days of talks in ankara between high level delegations from the pentagon and the turkish defense ministry
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have reached some sort of a breakthrough the united states and turkey have now agreed on creating a safe zone along syria's north eastern border that area is under the control of the white p.g. the syrian kurdish armed group which is allied to the united states turkey believes that group is a terrorist organization and it believes its presence along the border and its presence all together really is a threat to this country so that is why turkey has been insisting on creating this stone it also wants to create the zone to allow syrian refugees to return and that's why in this statement they talk about an agreement to set up a peace accord or now turkey and the turkish and the american delegate delegates agreed to set up a joint coordination center which means that these 2 nato allies which are their relationship really has been strained over this particular issue have now agreed to work together which means any unilateral actions at least for the time being are now off the table turkey has repeatedly said if there is no agreement it is going
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to carry out a unilateral cross border operation into syria to deal with the why p.g. threat so right now turkey and the united states agreeing to work together but there's still no agreement on how how the zone is going to look like the length the deps who is going to control it and the fate of the white p.g. and those really have been very contentious issues. the deep differences between the both sides as they have been negotiating for months trying to solve just those issues that are controversial a gold mine project has sparked protests in northwestern turkey and the mentalist said the mines operator is doing ever the 1st civil damage to the area of reports from the cars mountains and china calif province. in the cars mountains protesters on the move past wilderness often called the lungs of turkey. the area is rich in plant and animal life it's also rich in gold leading to this
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a scar on the landscape maybe this this crime will stop. our only hope you think is a crime it is a crime yes a living thing killing a living thing is a crime is the work of the canada based gold mining company alamance gold and its turkish subsidiary. according to these environmentalists 195000 trees have been cut down to make way for this mine 4 times the approved number there's also a huge amount of concern about the potential use of cyanide to separate gold from it or the material that could end up polluting the soil and the water supplies oh oh the turkish government rejects the pollution fears major projects such as this have helped fuel the economy in recent years. near to the mind a protest camp is taking shape it's highly organized with power and regular
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supplies of food and water. or given by the local municipality run by turkey's main opposition party the c.h.p. preparing for a long fight think about people in turkey who are relying on these beautiful nature. there are lots of villagers here making use of the forest making use of the trees so. why why do we do this. in this drawing this land is the turkey's got the vietnam and the word is losing your finger everyone should care about what's happening here. the chief executive of gold called the protests politically motivated misinformation john mccluskey said in 6 and a half years the whole focus of this area will be to replant and in a decade maybe a bit more than that it will look like a forest again he also said that cyanide leakage during gold extraction is
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impossible convincing these environmentalist otherwise will be no easy task not far from the mine is mount where according to legend the god zeus watch the trojan war now environmentalists look down on a very different fight one for the natural environment. some demonstrators support saplings to replace felled trees one at a time in the hope of returning life to this area hoping to that their protests grows new park al-jazeera the cows mountains. a charity has appealed to european countries to take in more than 120 refugees and migrants rescued in the mediterranean sea last week the group was picked up off the libyan coast by a spanish rescue ship italy and malta have refused to allow the vessel to dock the charity proactiv or. many of those rescued appear to have suffered violence from the pier the ship remain stranded an international waters between malta and the
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italian island of lampedusa. i don't know what we. need but. he's made us the world maybe he's right maybe. i don't know way but we need b.s. . we need the years to come good we. used to look. like we and he you know you look at my life. now u.s. share prices have bounced back to their worst performance of the year on monday the wakes and the falls were triggered by fear global growth will be hit by that china us trade war and interest rates and other parts of the world being caught in reaction to the us treasury treasury designating china a currency manipulator scott hardly has more from beijing on what that means for the well 2nd largest economy. a new battleground in the intensifying trade war
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between the world's 2 largest economies currency valuation the chinese government eased its control over the yuan allowing the currency to surpass the 7 per us dollar level for the 1st time in more than a decade that prompted the u.s. treasury department to designate china as a currency manipulator something it hasn't done in 25 years with the yuan worth less chinese exports become cheaper allowing to compete better in the u.s. than across the world partly offsetting the u.s. tariffs imposed on chinese imports but it will come at a cost to chinese consumers they will pay more for imports china's central bank is denying the u.s. accusation saying it's a protectionist practice. some economists think china allowing more u.n. volatility can only go so far china is trying to say that we're not going to be buoyed by the us and a small reminder to escalate of the trade war and what china can do about a further escalation for china to use exchange rate as
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a weapon is highly unlikely because one day drops to a say $7.00 then it becomes a political issue after share prices worldwide fell earlier this week in reaction to china's move some experts say the view inside china is not as pessimistic and a weaker you one was expected at some point in the past the u.s. has been hesitating with the currency manipulator label or concern that it could trigger a trade war but we're already in one so the consequences are low and the negotiations with the international monetary fund could take up to a year and some feel that the i.m.f. won't act against china despite the u.s. accusation of manipulation when he starts mentioning the i.m.f. the question is what could he do there the i.m.f. is a consentual organization they're not going to take sides in fact 2 weeks ago they already issued their own statement about china's currency and they said that it is
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and why with international standards despite the arguments the u.s. says it's still planning for a visit from a chinese trade delegation in september it's got harder al-jazeera beijing now judges and was in hong kong have marched in a silent protest to highlight what they see as political persecution by the government dozens of people dressed in black held a vigil at the department of justice the demanding and dependent inquiry into police handling of weeks of mass protests lawyers say police have arrested hundreds of protesters but now alleged gang members who attacked them. stars governments as a police officer was killed when security forces stormed the home of former president. of gunshots were heard from his home on wednesday as police tried to arrest him on corruption charges hundreds of supporters clashed with police outside kurdistan's health ministry says at least 36 people including 15 security forces were injured. ukraine's president vladimir is
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a landscape has urged his russian counterpart vladimir putin to resume peace talks a day after 4 ukrainian soldiers were killed by pro russia separatists selenski also called on france and germany to help broker an agreement for the donbass region more than 13000 people have been killed since the conflict began in 2014 after russia's annexation of crimea. i just had a phone conversation with russian president vladimir putin i called him immediately i see that this doesn't bring us closer to peace i beg you to influence the other side so that they can stop the killing of our people. step last and has more from moscow. it was a long phone call between the ukrainian president and russian president and the 2nd time that selenski the new ukrainian president has called put in since his inauguration in may this year selenski told putin that the death of 4 ukrainian soldiers on in donbass on tuesday won't help to bring peace to this region zelinsky
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blames russian backed militias who are active in that area for the attack and mortar attack but the authorities in dumbass have denied any involvement and they said there were no militias in that area at that time since 2014 more than 13000 people have died in the violence between the ukrainian army and russian backed militias in the east of ukraine and zelinsky has made it his highest priority since he became the president to bring peace to that area he has also suggested to bring back the so-called normandy group which consists of russia ukraine france and germany and that's something both leaders have also discussed during this phone conversation and both leaders also decided to speed up the process of releasing prisoners on both sides there are still $24.00 ukrainian sailors in the attention in russia since late last year and they were basically charged with illegally and russian watrous and despite russia international pressure to release 2 sailors this
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still in detention here they don't have nations as increasing its core for help for zimbabwe which is suffering its worst hunger crisis millions are on the brink of starvation and president anderson mother has declared the drought a national disaster how the mythos of reports from the village and dana. gideon gono has lived in there my district all his life aged 74 he says over the years the rains have become more and more erratic drought in just by the el nino weather pattern has cut zimbabwe's maize harvest by half and reduced water levels in dams and rivers to what degree program where did it go i did you miss that we don't eat in the morning and in the afternoon we eat only at night we eat as little as possible so that the food can last longer. president has declared this latest drought a national disaster and the united nations once more help to prevent
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a humanitarian crisis is raised its appeal to international donors to $331000000.00 we're talking about people that truly are marching toward starvation if we're not there to help the 2300000 people in this country by this fall it will be substantially higher 3600000 people because only season is coming upon us then by early next year we're looking at 5.55.3 you ever take 1000000. those numbers mean about a 3rd of the country's 15000000 population will need food aid. some of the money raised would be used to buy food provide clean water and give cash had also vulnerable families but raising all the money needed could be difficult the body is competing with other crises around the world such as syria yemen and south sudan.


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