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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 8, 2019 7:00pm-7:34pm +03

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mother says indian forces have killed other relatives in their fight for freedom it's an emotional issue when she talks about not being able to contact her extended family because phone lines and the internet remains cut off. was an audio home what if they're burned alive what if they were killed we don't know anything about what's happening in our cash me or what's happening to our brothers sisters and children there's anyone care at the girls' school in the camp children discuss politics as parents in most homes talk about a freakish me or a few weeks before the latest escalation. relatives are asked them not to call anymore because they fear housman by indian security forces. they say if we talk to them they will be detained so we haven't spoken to them for many days we are very worried and we've seen on t.v. that people are being persecuted in kashmir even the children here know about how tensions are flared since constitutional changes by india to the status of kashmir kashmiris here say india is holding 12000000 of their people hostage and are
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calling on pakistani government leaders to do more than the usual rhetoric. i guess on administered kashmir. including. bracing themselves for a collective punishment after an israeli soldier was found. the latest figures put a new spin on the us china trade war will have reaction from beijing. remain on course for a u.s. open rematch action from the rogers is coming up a little later. the 1st the u.s. has raised its travel warning for hong kong as protesters there plan yet another weekend of demonstrations a senior chinese official overseeing hong kong affairs has warned the city is facing its biggest crisis since its handover back to chinese rule 22 years ago rob
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mcbride reports from hong kong. sweltering through its summer of unrest hong kong prepares for another weekend of protests a short way across the border in the mainland city of shenzhen a meeting of pro beijing business and political leaders is told to support the beleaguered hong kong government its intended all 4 year spirit conveyed by the central government is to stop the violence and end the chaos violence is not good for hong kong at all. hundreds of protesters have been arrested in increasingly violent clashes with some now facing prosecution for the serious offense of rioting that many lawyers believe it's politically motivated we are going to be no political prosecution thousands of lawyers staged a protest how they ask can the department of justice immediately charge the
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protesters while the suspected triad gang members filmed beating up protestors last month still haven't been charged the one. that's the that's. not the us this. was the department of justice says it's above any political interference but the suspicion is it's fast tracking the prosecution of people on rioting charges to keep a lid on the violence although for many that does nothing to resolve the underlying problems here like trying to buy an apartment in the world's most expensive property market working in financial services will laois relatively lucky and could one day by his own home many he went to college with can't they don't and that much so in that case it might take. decades for them to save up of the deposit for the lump sum that you pay for for for the flat for him and the hundreds of thousands
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who've been protesting peacefully there's the deeper discontent with inequality and the political system which doesn't offer the true democracy to address it we're we've been driving people like myself or you know my peers taking it to the streets and protesting against the government is is that the fact that we see not just the difficulty but the fact that we see you know the growing imbalance in the system it's a system under increasing strain not sure how many more we can end up here bulls can bear bryant al-jazeera hong kong or china or maybe in the middle of a trade war with the u.s. but it's global exports have grown in the past month and figure is just out so it's the u.s. that's falling further behind in trade between the 2 let's bring in scotland who's joining us from beijing so they're better than expected figures scott but is there a sense of the trade momentum in july will not last thanks to the ongoing trade war
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with the us. absolutely and you know there are a lot of factors at play when you come into these trade figures these are monthly trade figures that are released you know looking back at the previous month so these are july's numbers and he said that at least one and that was overall export numbers 3.3 percent increase now that's something we haven't seen since this trade war really has been going on at least the last couple of months an increase in those exports again that's overall not just the united states to the united states specifically we're still seeing decreases but less than we have the last month 19 percent down exports to the united states. and it's something that we're going to see probably going forward and one thing to really underline is that when you look at these numbers particular during a trade war they could be very erratic because there are so many factors at play you know we have we're looking at you know the what's going to be happening in august we're going to see another round of tariffs implemented by the united states in september so a lot of companies based in the united states might front load their orders so they
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can get these orders in the if they can get these products from china before those tariffs go in so we could see some numbers spike again when we have this discussion again in a month's time looking back at august numbers so it's very erratic and and then as i said there are many factors at play and another one is. the title the label that was given by the united states officially as a currency manipulator to china this is something they haven't done in about 25 years and there here's a look at what it means to china. a new battleground in the intensifying trade war between the world's 2 largest economies currency valuation the chinese government eased its control over the yuan allowing the currency to surpass the 7 per us dollar level for the 1st time in more than a decade and that prompted the u.s. treasury department to designate china as a currency manipulator something it hasn't done in 25 years with the yuan worth less chinese exports become cheaper allowing to compete better in the u.s.
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than across the world partly offsetting the u.s. tariffs imposed on chinese imports but it will come at a cost to chinese consumers they will pay more for imports china's central bank is denying the u.s. accusations saying it's a protectionist practice. some economists think china allowing more un volatility can only go so far china is trying to say that we're not going to be brave by the us and a small reminder to escalation of the trade war and what china can do about a further escalation for china to use exchange rate as a weapon is highly unlikely because it won a drops to say $7.00 then it becomes a political issue after share prices worldwide fell earlier this week in reaction to china's move some experts say the view inside china is not as pessimistic in a weaker you one was expected at some point in the past the u.s. has been hesitating with the currency manipulator label over concern that it could
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trigger a trade war but we're already in one so the consequences are low and the negotiations with the international monetary fund could take up to a year and some feel that the i.m.f. won't act against china despite the u.s. accusation of manipulation when he starts mentioning the i.m.f. the question is what could he do there the i.m.f. is a consentual organization they're not going to take sides in fact 2 weeks ago they already issued their own statement about china's currency and they said that it is and why with international standards despite the arguments the u.s. says it's still planning for a visit from a chinese trade delegation in september it's got harder al-jazeera beijing. spreading record rates in bangladesh more than 2000 people have been infected in the last 24 hours that takes the total number of infections to more than $29000.00 people the government has confirmed that 23 people have died from the fever but the
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bangladeshi media is saying at least 60 are dead and there are concerns that the virus could spread further in the capital dhaka the number of female mosquitoes that carry is 14 times higher than it was before the monsoon season began in july and june excuse me let's bring in 10 of your child or he's joining us from bangladesh so what's being done to control this record outbreak of. i've lost the i've been started can you hear me yes time to go ahead the situation is very dire. the country is really struggling to deal with that dengue fever outbreak and intermittent rain and that warm weather has made it easier most of the hospital really struggling to cope with the number of patients coming in we visited the holy family hospital today and they said they're getting an average of
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200 patients and they only have 400 beds and this is the same scenario all across the city whether it's a public hospital or government hospital where at the center for disease control and research i spoke to dr flora should told me this could get even worse during the ied because a huge number of people close to over a 1000000 people actually will be traveling across the country to see their family in the either holiday and they'll be carrying that dormant virus with them which could actually in fact the most cato's which eventually will spread across you know in the district towns but that's another part of the worry the government is doing its part to prevent the. spread of this it is also the stakeholder and citizens citizens rather who has to clean their backyards containers because the weather makes it very difficult how the dangle spreads with containers. and things like that as far as the number of patients died or infected there's
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a confusing report from what the government is tallies and what the newspaper and other sources are telling from the hospital because sometimes the tally goes much delayed into the government. where they actually see actually was it really that dangled that was the case as you mentioned so far i can confirm you say 23 in the center for disease research they told us that they can confirm at least 29 dead so far and of course over 29000 people infected during a right time to charge me thank you for. update from dhaka let's speak more about this with mohamed manure he's of raleigh just a lecturer in biomedicine alang castor university in the u.k. thanks very much for speaking to us why do you think bangladesh is grappling with the earlier record dengue fever outbreak this year well that matter of the fact is that disease has been there in that region for a while it's just that when the factors which are. when they got appropriate an
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environment they can spread the disease and that's how we see the search so there are a couple of reasons that are really favoring the spread of in bangladesh at the moment is that one of the thing is that is being highlighted that is the. rainy season and there's a quite a bit of movement because of celebration among the community so all these are contributing to or the surge of the infection but another fact that is more scientifically relevant is that the previously it had been reported that there are . one and 2 with a problem but this year 3 and 4 are emerging which means that the people who have been infected before and recover they were still be able to be infected which is another factor into the existing situation which is what i wanted to ask you about so it seems that bangladesh specifically is witnessing a more a deadly 2 strands this year in this outbreak why's that.
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it is because that. itself can be divided into 4 different groups so previously 1st and the 2nd one were more prevalent that mean the immunity against those 2 would protect against any off the re infection of it those 2 biases however in this year the situation has been a little different because there are 2 other biases 3 and 4 that are causing disease outbreaks so that means that existing immunity won't be any more healthful therefore any patient who will get across to these infection would have relatively severe in fact and what authorities there do to keep it under control our reporter was saying that there is real concern for the next few days as people travel across the country for each holiday yeah absolutely so just wanting to make it clear that the donkey virus does not spread from one person to another person he ran from that lead acquired into the media's factor which is. as
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i did she that has to be you know has to bite one person and then it go to the next person and one thing is very clear that if people move doing this celebration days from urban to rural area there the infrastructure for the health care it would be relatively new to holidays that in the stuff will be a work at that will lead to higher chances for the transmission occurs through the musky to between different individuals so therefore there are anticipation that disease would be relatively increased in coming days because of. low infrastructure in rural area in terms of health care system availability to leave it there mohamed money or we thank you for speaking to us from lancaster. with climate change. security is at risk if we don't change the way we use the planet's resources in a major report on climate change it says raising global temperatures are creating
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more extreme weather events such as heat waves and droughts leading to land degradation and decertification desertification at the same time poor practices are contributing to global warming the destruction of natural habitats to make way for livestock and cultivation is responsible for about a 5th of global greenhouse gas emissions the report authors are calling for a shift to sustainable practices and for action to drastically cut greenhouse gas emissions and while they have stopped short of telling people to stop eating meat they say reducing consumption will take pressure off our planet's limited natural resources let's speak security hangs she's a climate policy adviser joining us from london hi carrie thanks for joining us what stood out for you in this report released by the i.p.c.c. . so i think what it really shows is that climate change is already having
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a devastating impact on particular on poor communities who live off the land it's making it more difficult for people to put food on the table and that's that and those are those are the very same per communities who have done little to cause the climate crisis in the 1st place so they're portis showing that climate change is is causing land to come drier less fertile as you mentioned and but to their more erratic weather and shifts in growing seasons mean that small scale farmers who depend on rain to grow their crops are left guessing about when the whether the rains are going to come whether they'll be enough so it's really an urgent message to governments to to actually say take arjen action and slashing emissions yeah and speaking of the governments of india do you think that there is this sort of being the will by decision makers to raise this up on the political agenda to factor in
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how to better plan for the land the fuse the use of land excuse me. yes it the report sets out. to fit the choices that face governments and it's really it gives governments the tools to make to make impositions the tools to make better choices and how we use our land and that means investing more and small scale farmers so there are 1500000000 small scale farmers in the world to his farm sustainably more sustainably than than our current model of destructive big business and they're not getting the proper investment that they need at the moment and they have so much potential to to increase their yells to you know unlock makes oils farm in a way that makes oils more healthy and looks carbon then so that's a big thing this is. a big message coming out of the report that we need to fundamentally shift our the way we the way we farm why do you think it'll go into
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a little community. or why do you think it's important to look at the impact of climate change on land separately from the impacts from global averages for example well land this. land is critical to for i brickell ciarĂ¡n for providing food and. the the warming on land is actually twice as much just kind of global average warming and it's really having a. really devastating impact on on on the poorest communities to who rely on land for their lively isn't and to grow enough food all right q hanks we thank you for speaking to us from london now increasing growth as one of the consequences of climate change in kenya it's left more than a 1000000 people on the brink of starvation it's also causing friction between
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communities of herders who compete for water and pastor in many of the affected areas often saw reports from some brewer county. listen gerry and her family are heading to an area in north in kenya where they've been told there's enough water and pasture for her livestock it will take them a day to walk there there's a drought in parts of kenya months of rain have just ended but weather experts say it wasn't enough and millions of people are likely to suffer was an influence and what a shortage is and it did not rain where we were so we had to come to speak to a settlement area where my animals can survive hiders from different parts of this region are bringing their army most to areas such as my weight has rained but frequent droughts as cassidy of resources often causes conflict between hardening communities many of the conflicts begin from watering point cattle markets and grazing areas like this one and it takes so little to start
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a fight with can spiral out of control and trigger revenge by communities. these are elders from neighboring some. ethnic groups they started peace meetings after 10 years of fighting killed hundreds of people many clueless its father was killed while trying to break up a gunfight. who was then a teenager was also shot by a stray bullet he says fighting in some areas has wasn't because of easy access to guns political interference and cattle rustling. roy went to court is dry they come here because it is green is dry we go to court when they come here they steal our cattle and when we go there we steal their cattle in the cycle keeps repeating itself. it's a job of elders in marlow to ensure peace among neighbors every so often they come together at this highest point of the rift valley a neutral ground they discuss how to handle the large number of hiders arriving
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from other drought hit areas. we also started a peace market pockets and some boos who neighbor each other live in cohesion but those who live far from here are the ones causing problems we are also trying to talk to them those helping to keep the peace including the catholic church say those such meetings are a good start into ethnic fighting is common in some parts of northern kenya people are moving from community owned land to individual ownership so that's going to pose a serious threat because there'd be no more land to move with the lifestyle for now hardass coming to my enjoy relative safety negotiated by their elders those from distant areas are warned against starting trouble one mistake may take the communities here back to a conflict they worked so hard to avoid catherine saw al-jazeera kenya. in a few moments we'll have the weather with jenny but still ahead right here on the al-jazeera
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news hour donald trump visits the site of 2 mass shootings but not everyone welcomed the u.s. president. why a no deal breck's it could leave britain with severe food shortages. and then sports tiger woods back at the p.g.a. tour playoffs but will injury derail his chances we'll hear from a former world number one in about 20 minutes. all eyes on the western pacific we have got no one but 2 typhoons one is the ticklish strong but let me just start by saying we're staying away of course what was the remnants of tropical storm francisco that to just continue to dissipate up into eastern china but look at this we have got here 1st of all typhoon krosa and
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then out towards the west much further much closer towards land we have got the cayman now the kima has actually strengthened into a super typhoon these are the winds right now this is the strongest this storm will be so it will begin to very gradually we can look at this is staying winds 240 kilometers an hour we've got some gusts over 290 kilometers an hour but it's moving at a pretty good speed up to the northwest at 18 kilometers an hour so what that means is it will produce heavy amounts of rain but it will be lingering very long over any one particular area but taiwan is really going to feel the brunt of this storm system you can see it here on the map now as it continues to spin and work its way northward it really is just going to clip sort of the northern shores of taiwan which will begin to make it weaken and then it will continue its own woods journey but it will produce some very heavy amounts right now on the up side if there is one as it moves up tools north it also pulls a lot of this rain away finally from lose on so a slightly better day as we head through the next 24 hours but look at the
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accumulations we could in some parts of taiwan see over 350 millimeters of rain so we will undoubtedly be saying some fairly widespread floods. sponsored by time anyway. al jazeera. every.
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china has one of the world's highest good bases but maybe taking up the fought against for military style white let's go to break them surgery what i want to investigate is the chinese battle to get in shape on al jazeera. the top stories on the al-jazeera news our. security forces in indian administered kashmir have arrested around 500 people it's been 4 days since new delhi removed the disputed territories autonomy pakistan is continuing to protest and has suspended a key train service with its neighbor. the un body dealing with climate change is
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issued a warning saying global food security is at risk if we don't change the way we use the planet's resources the report offers are calling for a shift to sustainable land use practices. dengue fever risk reading at a record rate in bangladesh more than 2000 people have been infected in the last 24 hours. 3 congolese doctors have been arrested in connection with the murder of another a doctor from cameroon who was treating ebola patients richard moves oco was shot dead during an attack in april on a hospital in the eastern democratic republic of congo often lab is covering the story from the kenyan capital nairobi what are you hearing about this welcome. it began 4 months ago when militia tacked on a boat a treatment center in the city of the tempo and the military prosecutors they killed the doctor from cameroon who was working for the world health organization as part of its response to us about outbreak that began years ago and in the
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military prosecutors now announce that he has 4 congolese doctors were behind the killing he says that they paid the militia and this is based the prosecutor said on the testimony of someone from the militia and of one doctor so the doctors 3 of those 4 doctor have been arrested one is still at large and the doctors union in the city of the temblor says they will go on strike starting from tomorrow if those doctors are not released on bail right marcum web thank you armed police have made a series of raids in south africa's largest city to seize weapons and counterfeit goods and foreigners working illegally in johannesburg were arrested and either miller has more. police have begun raids in the center of johannesburg behind us there of confiscated counterfeit goods they say this is the reason behind these raids and also to find illegal firearms so far they say they have confiscated at least 7 automatic rifles as well as hand for stalls they say areas like these
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that they are targeting in these raids will continue they say throughout a business districts in several south african cities these areas and this one in particular has a high concentration of foreign owned businesses people here say they feel targeted but the police say this isn't about targeting foreigners this is about criminality they say this is what their work is about and there isn't any special focus on foreigners but that's not how the people who are operating businesses feel it's under criminality is not until. all people bought and sold off to go well documented keeping the law will come even to the prisoners of what many foreign nationals that are doing the business but they can't do that come and kill our economy killing our industry everything a week ago police tried to conduct similar raids in this area but they were pushed
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back by business owners who threw petrol bombs and stones and police had to leave this time around the raids appear to be more successful business owners here have shut their stores some of the most thing that closed doors mean their goods will be protected syria has rejected a plan by the u.s. and turkey to establish a so-called safe so along the northern border foreign minister in damascus said the proposed buffer zone as a blatant attack on syrian sovereignty the americans and turks agreed on wednesday to establish the zone as a way of managing tensions between turkish forces and enemy kurdish fighters. the israeli army has stormed a palestinian town after one of its soldiers was found dead in the occupied west bank the off duty an unarmed soldier was found with stab wounds near its yond settlement block early on thursday morning israeli troops later search the nearby
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town of beit prime minister benjamin netanyahu has vowed to find those responsible . in southern yemen fighting between government forces backed by the united arab emirates has killed 3 people. were also injured in the city of aden gun battles started after a funeral for a high ranking commander killed in a home. then . they attacked us we are peaceful and they are firing bullets the trenches ministries and 5th column while we were holding the funeral of. may they rest in peace. yemen's interior minister is calling for calm. beginning. as the minister of the interior i called on the citizens of and to stay calm and be
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patient we are capable of dealing with such irresponsible behavior. we ask everyone not to respond to the call made by honeybun breck because war is its objective such a call only serves the. proto rico has a new governor the 3rd in less than a week the swearing in of justice secretary was as follows weeks of turmoil in the u.s. territory she replaces pierre lucy whose appointment was ruled unconstitutional vasquez is accused of being too close to the former governor ricardo resell oh he quit last week following protests over offensive text messages and corruption. venezuela's government has canceled talks scheduled with the opposition this week because of new economic sanctions imposed by the united states government supporters have been rallying against the measures in the capital caracas the white house says the sanctions will cut off funding to president nicolas maduro and as well as the
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freezing of assets is an attack on private property and the opposition leader one has told al jazeera that he supports the u.s. sanctions and the pressure it puts on my dear oh our correspondent who has about sat down with him in caracas. venezuela is government's response to recent u.s. sanctions supporters of. gathered in central caracas to denounce what they say is a brutal embargo by the united states. on monday u.s. president donald trump signed an executive order banning u.s. companies from doing business in venezuela he seized venezuelan assets in the u.s. and threatened foreign powers and companies doing business in this country we met with opposition leader who has been challenging my buddhist government he says the sanctions i meant to pressure mother little into some sort of negotiation you know law. venezuelan capital has flooded the world economy it is
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estimated and it's a wide guess because of the magnitude of theft around $300.00 to $600000000000.00 was stolen from the venezuelan people to put it into context that's 10 times or 15 times the marshall plan in europe after the 2nd world war they are part of the money laundering circuit these sanctions are meant to put pressure on a dictatorship and it's a tool of the free world of modern diplomacy to pressure a regime with the characteristics of material that have relationships with drug trafficking proven in international courts. functions like this once have been implemented in north korea and iran and their leaders are still in power and the population is poorer suffering why do you think it's going to be different this time but i mean to all of the problems we face today are not the same sions it's a dictatorship the reason why when israel is poor today is because the expropriated fertile land.


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