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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 10, 2019 1:00am-1:34am +03

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city's mosques on sunday and the mass prayer to be held at the luxor instead are a force that has more from west jerusalem or islamic walk feel 40 which runs the locks the mosque compound in accordance with the jordanian government it has decided to close all mosques in the local area calling on people instead to come to our itself and the surrounding area to carry out the prayers the main prayers for eat have been delayed from sunrise to the 2nd pres of the day at 730 local time in the morning presumably to maximize the number of people who can attend them and also that coincides with the time that usually the site would be open from the other side to non muslims now there are right wing and religious nationalist jewish groups that are calling for access on this day despite the fact it's a major it was them 1st or because it also falls on the same day that jews mark tisha by have that as a commemoration of the falling of the 1st and 2nd temples and the jewish exile the background to this is that there has been
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a wide ranging political effort by the right wing in israel and the religious nationalists to get more access to x. the mosque compound site known as the temple mount to jews a lot of what happens next will depend on the actions of israeli security forces and police there has been a precedent going back many years that normal thems are not allowed access on a major muslim festival day but that president was broken earlier this year in june the end of ramadan coincided with a jerusalem day which is when jews and israelis mark the seizure of east jerusalem by israeli forces in 1967 there were limited scale wishes at the site as a result of the police decision then to allow jews in on that day a lot now depends in terms of how confrontational this sunday becomes a lot now depends on the actions of israeli security forces. well the whole area is central to the israeli palestinian conflict and a constant flashpoint is both sides lay claim to it jews referred to it as temple
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mount which luxor is built on top of the hour long so compounds western wall is the holiest site where jews can pray the compound in occupied east jerusalem houses the dome of the rock on a log some mosque which represents the 3rd holiest site in islam jordan holds custody in ship of the locks a mosque but its role has been challenge repeatedly. still ahead on al-jazeera a canadian held for 8 months in a syrian prison for undisclosed reasons is now on his way back home. not my we hear from a bahraini activist who fear the toss from the roof of his country's embassy in london.
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we got some nasty weather now making its way into eastern parts of china this is typhoon a came just running across taiwan easing up towards the east coast grassy pushing into shanghai remember shanghai this china's largest city 26000000 people live here and are going to be badly impacted by the storm as we go through saturday sunday it makes its way further north was but those flooding rains over 202300 millimeters of rain quite widely across the area some parts getting up towards $400.00 millimeters of fright and of course those damaging winds associated with the storm. further south will continue across the south of china but not too bad here scattering a shot was of course the monsoon rains caused a good part of western india all lots of heavy rain up to into maharashtra as well and once again we do have some flooding pushing through here but we have seen some very nasty downpours causing major problems yes again then the the rains they are
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set to stay in a similar area right at the west coats pushing up in to go to right southern parts of pakistan could see some showers and even central northern parts of pakistan around the northwest of india again heavy rain pushing through here and notice some wet weather to into the far northeast. captaining a leading used team at 16 years old takes determination. to that staying on top of your game at school. but the whole family bands together and shares the sacrifices necessary for a son to have a shot at becoming a professional footballer. by tunisia home game on a jersey. back
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you're watching al-jazeera minded our top stories this hour huge crowds of taken to the streets of indian administrate kashmir in defiance of a crackdown by indian security forces these are the 1st pictures to emerge from the region on friday the area is under lockdown with the internet and phone lines cut. hong kong's chief executive kerry lamb is warning protesters are causing huge damage to the city's economy lamb says the rallies could hit business like a tsunami. the start of the holiday on sunday is a potential flashpoint between muslims and jews in occupied east jerusalem the islamic religious authority which oversees sites in jerusalem is calling for the
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closure of the city's mosques and that a mass prayer be held the mosque instead. now the white house is hosting technology company executives to discuss the rise of online extremism meetings in response to saturday's shootings in el paso that killed 22 people the gunman announced his attack on anonymous message board by decrying what he called the hispanic invasion of texas in march 51 worshipers were killed in attacks on 2 mosques in new zealand the shootings was streamed live on facebook before the signal was eventually cut after widespread criticism of its slow response facebook says it removed one and a half 1000000 copies of the year's hack from its site before he started shooting the alleged gunman posted a 74 page document denouncing muslims and immigrants are white house correspondent kimberly howard has more from washington d.c. . the white house is saying very little about the meeting is hosting with industry
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giants tech companies not giving any specifics other to say this is an internal meeting that is being white house staff led we know some of the questions the white house is looking at how to stop a platform for hate online will at the same time making sure that the cost attritional right to free speech is protected at issue is the concern that the paso shooter last weekend posted online a racist manifesto advocating hate towards hispanics the same online chat forum also had similar writings in advance of other mass shootings like the christ church mosque shootings in new zealand and also a synagogue shooting in california so as the white house examines what it can do to cut down on hate online there are also efforts at the congressional level that are continuing to try and put in place laws that make keep guns out of the hands of mentally ill people donald trump speaking from the white house as he left on friday
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told reporters that he has had conversations with top democrats and republican leadership in the u.s. congress that he says there is an appetite for some sort of compromise legislation that could include things like the so-called red flag laws if an individual flags that they are unstable that guns could be taken away from them or not given to them in the 1st place and also that there will be potentially an agreement on universal background checks now we know that congress is not in session right now the earliest this could be debated in then voted on is likely september. a former deputy director of the f.b.i. is suing the spy agency for wrongful dismissal andrew mccabe was fired last year the day before he was eligible to retire he says is sacking was unlawful retaliation because he refused to pledge allegiance to president donald trump
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mccabe's appealing to have his pension and retirement benefits reinstated. a behind the activist says he feared being thrown from the roof of his country's embassy in london during a protest in july most of mohammed scaled the roof of the gulf states embassy to protest against the exit queue sions of to bahrain the activists largely reports from london. in the dead of night mussa mohammed used the cover of scaffolding to gain access to the roof of the embassy. once there he unfurls his banner i'm risking my life to save 2 men about to be executed in the next few hours that reads we did many protests we do send them letters for their human rights organization under you and as well it doesn't stop but i feel in my in my heart there's something i can do to save their lives that's why i went to the top of the embassy shortly afterwards the police arrived and for a good 10 minutes nothing much happens as they try to work out how to handle the
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situation on the roof mr mohammad appears relaxed sipping from a water bottle occasionally calling on the british prime minister to call the king of bahrain to urge the country to respect human rights was. a god it was but suddenly everything changes a figure appears a little next to the protester the police response talking to dramatically. he was. look at it again it's at this point that mr mohammed says he was beaten with a stick and almost forced off the roof was that. mr muhammad can be seen being pulled from the ledge to the ground during this time he says he is threatened with being beaten to death we want to feel from here as a sheep and no one is going to help you here even though your cable is their 1st even their thanks was done and the 2nd time they said even that wouldn't you came
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in they can't they can't help you no one can. come to ours here and there in our land and so you are quite clear that you thought that they were going to beat you to death inside the embassy it's was a clear and they say this is well certainly his friends filming it all from the ground a terrified of the police to do something officers forced to push them back. here are going out. within a minute or 2 the fire service has forced the doors of the embassy and offices go in and some numbers the embassy has said it regards mr mohammed's protest as being in support of what it describes as terrorists and in the end what happened on the roof is their word against his but what was extraordinary was the police response because officers plainly were so concerned about mr mohammed safety that they had no compunction in breaking every rule in the diplomatic handbook on ordering the
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forcing of the doors of the embassy of another country mr mohammed says when the embassy staff realized the police were in the building the attitude changed entirely with their man who told them. the break in the dark and before the before now and that's when they stopped attacking you was it yes exactly he told them don't beat him as for the 2 men mr mohammed was protesting for their executions went ahead as planned i mean allegations that they've been tortured in jail and in london an indication of how concerned the police are about what might happen to protesters inside the walls of the embassies of gulf states laurence li al jazeera. now yemen's houthi rebels say the younger brother of their leader. has been killed they issued a statement denouncing the death of brahim by the dean and they didn't specify the
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cause they're blaming agents of what they say is a u.s. israeli saudi coalition a canadian citizen held in syria since last december has been released in lebanon christianly bank so was freed following mediation efforts by lebanon security chief it's unclear what banks there was doing in syria at the time of his detention. just like the thing. you know. like i think. has more from beirut. lebanon has mediated the release of a canadian national who was being held in syria the one of the top security
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officials in lebanon a bass for him was the man involved in this mediation effort he said that the canadian national mr baxter was detained last year for violating laws in syria they really didn't divulge much details concerning the circumstances of his detention this is not he's not the 1st foreign national to be released in the past month a few weeks ago and american national was released about him himself playing a crucial role now he's calling this a humanitarian gesture but many here believe that these are messages messages that the syrian government wants to give to the west as it tries to regain legitimacy as it tries to end sanctions at the end of the day these 2 these 2 foreign nationals who were held and in syrian jails are not among the high profile people who went missing and believed to be held by the syrian government so messages possibly from
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the syrian government to the west trying to regain lost legitimacy russia's government is accusing the u.s. embassy in moscow of meddling in internal affairs it says the american embassy published a map on social media with the root of an unauthorized protest in the capital last week the russian ministry of foreign affairs is summoned a senior u.s. diplomat over the post the united nations says new u.s. sanctions on but as well it could make life worse for millions struggling to get food in. the u.s. administration has frozen government assets and banned americans from doing business there venezuelan government leaders are refusing talks with the opposition in protest that the sanctions also triggered demonstrations in the capital caracas . some venezuelans escaping the crisis and chaos are getting caught up in drug related violence on the border with colombia human rights watch says armed groups are abusing civilians. ports in the colombian capital bogota.
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4000000 venezuelans have fled the economic collapse blackout and out of control inflation in their country most crossing into neighboring colombia and while the colombian government is receiving them with open arms some are being killed or recruited by criminal groups in the country's border regions it's one of the main findings of a report presented by the international watchdog group human rights watch a document focuses on the increase in violence in the cutter border region since the signing of the peace deal with fark rebels in 2016 delays in the implementation of a peace deal left a void that's being filled by smaller armed groups who are unleashing a new wave of drug related violence the type of abuses are frankly. atrocities. we have been able to document cases of disappearances
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executions. sexual violence. forced recruitment of minors they use land mines are renewal of war that has forced some 40000 people to flee their homes in the region well business women and children are forced to work harvesting coca leaves. i'm 14 years old and they scrape coca leaves there are children as young as 8 who scrape coca the government response to the violence has been mainly military increasing the number of troops in the region and local residents say that this has actually worsen the situation accusing part of the armed forces of being complicit with illegal armed groups. farmer says that hideous has been unable to return to cut because of the presence of armed groups he's working in a restaurant and he says the lawlessness means nobody knows how many undocumented
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venezuelans have been killed. often they get killed simply because they don't know who they are they might think they are informers potential spies the groups confronting each other kill who they don't know. the report says most of these crimes go unpunished in accuses the government of nervous meeting its obligations to protect civilians in the area it's calling for venezuelans to be given legal status to help them move to safer parts of the country alison that. the chinese tech company weiwei has announced a new operating system for smartphones that it says can replace its reliance on android harmony 0 s was created to bypass a possible band from accessing android in google and trump administration has imposed limits on why is access to u.s. technology saying it's a national security threat. let's
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take you through some of the headlines here and i'll just 0 now huge crowds take into the streets of india and minister in kashmir defiance of a crackdown by indian security forces these are the 1st pictures to emerge from the region on friday the area is on the lockdown with the internet and phone lines carte gupta has more from new delhi. the 1st reports of a massive protests where thousands of people marched. and were met with live fire tear gas rubber bullets several of their are believed to have sustained pellet injuries as well this is the largest protest of its kind since monday there have been sporadic demonstrations in the past specially towards the evening where security restrictions were relaxed but today was the largest demonstration of its
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kind after friday prayers hong kong's chief executive says she's making no concessions to protesters and is accusing them of reckless behavior carried spoke as a mass sit in began at hong kong airport the 2nd in a month thousands of spelling out their anti-government message to passengers flying in 17 goldman sachs executives have been charged with allowing malaysia's former leader others to steal billions of dollars from its development fund one be it's the 2nd time since december malaysia has accused the multinational bank of misappropriating funds razak is facing separate corruption charges goldman sachs denies any wrongdoing. a canadian citizen held in syria since last december has been released in lebanon christian baxter was freed following mediation efforts by 11 and security chief it's unclear what baxter was doing in syria at the time of
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