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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  August 10, 2019 1:00pm-2:01pm +03

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1st of all for the 850000 people in sana city who have not received food russians from devry f.p. for the last 2 months w f p is also beginning to roll out a smart car driven bin if you cheri management system that will register 9000000 people in areas of yemen controlled by the sun abased authorities these vital measures provide for the protection and privacy of the people w.s.p. serves and the independence of humanitarian operations well the number of people in mecca in saudi arabia for the harvest pilgrimage has passed 2000000 pilgrims are climbing not to pray and recite the koran before performing the ritual stoning of the devil the hostages one of the world's largest annual religious gatherings is one of the 5 pillars of islam. but also it's coming on al-jazeera including a russian rocket engine explosion causes a spike in radiation levels and sends people into a panic. and why the u.s. trade with china can prove to be
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a win for the mexican war enough stay with us. however the monsoon rains have made another search northward so pakistan seeing a fair bit of wet weather at the moment are sent in the case into the south of the country white cloud tops showing up here from the heads pushing up into central parts easing a little further north it's as well a must see further showers as we go through the next day or so the heaviest of which will be down towards the south and i think we could well see some flooding here as we go through saturday and on into sunday the cloud just not seeing a little further west but also where across the region it's generally dry as per usual 45 celsius in baghdad a rather more pleasant 30 celsius there for beirut come down into the arabian
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peninsula the winds tending to drift them from north westerly direction not too bad but i think we'll just see something of an easterly fade in the winds and that will just be the humidity up as we go on into saturday and maybe also into sunday fair bit of cloud across southern parts chances some showers just around the southern end of the red sea into that western side of yemen not too many shows on the chart there for southern africa areas generally sets there temperatures in durban at around $25.00 celsius and sas they were still as we go on into sunday a little more cloud just making its way towards the far south chances and right here but also where they find dry and sunny. the weather sponsored by catherine. talk to al jazeera we ask what guarantees it will be given to the people will be attending the minimal workshop we listen i'm supposed to explain apologize for someone who is also terrorizing we meet with global newsmakers and talk about the stories that matter on the soldiers there are
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. some. welcome back a quick amount of our top stories here this hour this a dozen people have been injured in srinagar as thousands rallied against india's crackdown kashmir's autonomy police fired pellets and to gas to disperse protesters in the indian administered region which remains under a security lockdown. the u.s. president's call for commonsense solutions to address gun violence but donald trump assured the national rifle association its views would be respected his comments come almost
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a week out the 2 mass shootings in ohio and texas killed at least 31 people. on a number of people in mecca saudi arabia for the highest pilgrimage has passed 2000000 pilgrims are climbing to pray and recite the koran before performing the ritual stoning of the devil one of the world's largest annual gala that will just gatherings is one of the 5 pillars of his life. north korea has fired 2 unidentified projectiles the south korean military says the devices were fired into the sea of the north eastern coast last week north korean leader kim jong un inspected several missile launches he says the tests were a warning to the united states and south korea over their joint military drills earlier the u.s. president said he was saved what he called a beautiful letter from kim that he wasn't bothered by the recent missile launches but gordon chang is author of nuclear showdown north korea takes on the world he thinks the u.s. needs to do more to put pressure on north korea. well the north is up to
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a 1000000 in the present united states you know just hours after the president posted about letter from kim kim fires off these missiles and you know on one level you can say well the president's not perturbed he's letting the north koreans just play this out but we've got to remember that this is the 1st stage of an escort or cycle the north koreans will continue that stage and when they do it will be much more difficult in the later parts of the cycle to stop it and certainly much more dangerous so i think president trump needs to sort of changes policies and impose some costs on north korea for violating these u.n. security council resolutions on missile launches this sort of harks back to his predecessor president obama's policies it's you choose your patience you just ignore what the north koreans do and don't appear to be bothered by it but the problem is that north korea is continuing to produce to solve material and it's continuing to improve its missiles so this is not
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a good story for the united states you know the north koreans are not making any concessions we're making all the concessions this is not good time the chemo has hit eastern china causing widespread power cuts and flight cancellations the storm made landfall in the provinces as young many high winds and torrential rain china's weather bureau has issued a red alert for the region because most of the a warning a team has already back to taiwan killing at least one person and leaving 60000 households without power. and rescue teams in southern me and such emphasis by was not a landslide killed at least 10 people dozens more are missing days of heavy rain and floods 7 gold homes and displaced 12000 people. at least 60 people have been killed in southern and western india as monsoon rains lashed the country 22 of the victims were in the state of quetta landslides and flooding have cut off some areas and forced the closure of them. major airport care less so recovering from last year's
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floods which were the worst in a century meanwhile more than $200000.00 people have fled their homes in the western states of maharashtra go up and karnataka. islamic authorities in jerusalem are calling for the closure of the city's mosques on sunday and a mass prayer to be held at alexa must compound instead are a force that has more now from western muslims. or islamic work theo 40 which runs the locks a mosque compound in accordance with the jordanian government it has decided to close all mosques in the local area calling on people instead to come to our itself and the surrounding area to carry out the prayers the main prayers for eat have been delayed from sunrise to the 2nd pres of the day at 730 local time in the morning presumably to maximize the number of people who can attend them and also that coincides with the time that usually the site would be open from the other side to non muslims now there are right wing and religious nationalist jewish groups that are calling for access on this day despite the fact it's
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a major it was them 1st or because it also falls on the same day that jews mark to shutdown of that as a commemoration of the falling of the 1st and 2nd temples and the jewish exile the background to this is that there has been a wide ranging political effort by the right wing in israel and the religious nationalists to get more access to your ex a mosque compound site known as the temple mount to jews a lot of what happens next will depend on the actions of israeli security forces and police there has been a precedent going back many years that normal thems are not allowed access on a major it was the festival day but that president was broken earlier this year in june the end of ramadan coincided with a jerusalem day which is when jews and israelis mark the seizure of east jerusalem by israeli forces in 1967 there were limited scale knishes at the site as a result of the police decision then to allow jews in. all not day a lot now depends in terms of how confrontational this sunday becomes
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a lot now depends on the actions of israeli security forces. libya's u.n. recognize government has agreed to a cease fire during the 4 day holiday starting on saturday the u.n. mission in libya made the request and includes a ban on air strikes that called on fighters loyal to war to leave the have todd to allow the ceasefire after us forces of attempting to take the capital city tripoli un mission responsible for monitoring any violations. 80 migrants have been saved by a french run rescue ship from the degree of the coast of libya the aid group doctors without borders posted photos of the migrants being ferried the norwegian flag rescue ship the ocean viking. italian interior minister matteo he's preparing to sign a ban on the ship's entry into italian waters under a new government decree the ship was a fine of just over a $1000000.00 that comes the libyan coast guard ship rescued another 45 by grams including women and children from the sinking of the coast of tripoli. as in
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a series of explosions at 2 russian military installations the state nuclear company says 5 of its staff were killed when a rocket engine exploded while radiation levels temporally rose and towns in northwest russia the military has been lighting for another blast of a depo in siberia china balance reports. and investigation tain meets near a military facility in russia's far north moscow says they're investigating the explosion of a rocket engine at noon your site is used for testing missiles for the russian navy russia's state nuclear company sit staff members died in the blast u.s. analysts suggest it was likely a new nuclear powered cruise missile president putin said russia was producing in march last year the united states formally withdrew from the. intermediate range nuclear forces treaty with russia last friday russia's defense ministry said no dangerous substances were released in the explosion although local authorities
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closed waters north of the site to shipping for a month greenpeace cited government data showing a radiation spike 20 times above normal in a city 30 kilometers from the test site. some of. the biggest threat is the release of radioactive substances on the inhabitants of a settlement located next to that military base never the less for the inhabitants of said road to being such a city they could also be a danger depending on what kind of substances were released and whether they reached the town. residents took no chances they bought medical iodine known to block the absorption of radiation. event have shaken up the whole town people started to panic within a matter of an hour although i had been and i had been continually drugs were sold out. yes. 4000 kilometers away in eastern siberia another explosion at a military ammunition dump site the government blamed it on lightning. there was
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a big explosion i saw a colored mushroom cloud it was very bright i was slammed by a door that sent me flying but. a fire triggered powerful explosions at the facility on monday it was home to more than $40000.00 shells thousands of residents were evacuated. russians in both regions are now demanding transparency from authorities and the potential risks posed by the blasts shallop bellus al-jazeera. police in kurdistan have raided the t.v. station owned by the former president must beg the time by of his arrest on thursday has raised fears of instability and a potential past trouble with the country's current leader nor but many reports. he's been off air and ordered out staff at the t.v. station owned by kurdistan's former president are sent home in the latest move
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against a teddy bear. he was arrested in his home last week. that this followed a violent confrontation between his supporters and police one officer was killed and dozens injured. attend b.f. remains in police custody after failing to cooperate in a criminal case attendee of a previously been accused of corruption in parliament stripped him of immunity after he fell out with presents a room by jean because. a temp who served 20 eleventh's 2017 rejects the charges and accuses the authorities of a piece of cake looking to capitalize on the political fallout and more back off he's a former presidential contender and it's returned to the country after fleeing 2 years ago when he was accused of inciting ethnic hatred. i want
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to note the arrival of bob and off won't destabilize the situation now everyone is looking for the next parliamentary election and 2020 political parties including president jeenbekov and baba knobs will unite for the sake of stability the timing is perhaps coincidental the same day as a term from russia's prime minister made a scheduled visit to the country. achieved. in my opinion it's obvious that in the 21st century kurdistan has reached its limit for revolutions and it would be really bad if these events resulted in any political and consequently economic instability in the country with. the former soviet nationhood seem to form a leaders to pose an uprising since 1901 many in the capital bishkek 5th the political fallout. i want to address both jane because of the tom by of police
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sort all your issues without involving the people we're tired of political tensions and instability in. the month of august is the business period for tourism and reordered work and business will be affected. and there's no sign that the political tensions will. attend they have supported the fowling further protests and there are fears the country could be thrown into turmoil. in manly al jazeera. a political crisis in italy is deepening one of the 2 governing party has put forward a motion of no confidence in prime minister just 70 kaante the deputy prime minister matteo salvini is far right leaning party is hoping the move will trigger fresh elections the heads of political groups in the senate are due to meet on monday to schedule a no confidence vote saudi and he says differences within the ruling coalition cannot be amended and the general election should be called soon. i mean
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that he's not the interior minister to decide the timing of a political crisis other institutional actors reinvolved in his responsibilities as senate and later the late. eighty's the vote is reasons why he has interrupted the actions of the government. and the tariff war between the united states and china has created new trade benefits for other countries one of the biggest winners appears to be mexico. and mexico city. mexico has taken the top spot among the united states is international trading partners according to data from the 1st half of 2019 this potential gain from mexico is the result of a 12 percent drop in imports of chinese goods to the united states as a tariff war between the world's 2 largest economies plays out. uncertainty from international investors over the u.s. china trade conflict however has also rattled markets on august 1st the mexican stock exchange reacted with the worst trading day since the start of the year but
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it is because of these terrorist between the united states and china that we are seeing this disruption to global financial markets imagine what such a confrontation involving mutual terrorist between the u.s. and mexico would bring this is not good for anyone. this disruption to global markets has also hit the mexican peso which devalued by 1.57 percent on august 1st . not good for national economy which is only projected to grow by point 2 percent through 2019. this economic equilibrium that mexico appears to have is not solid i would say that the economic situation in mexico is shaky at best mexico could maintain this balance at least until the end of the year but it depends heavily on the policies pursued by president donald trump. earlier this year mexico avoided its own trade war with the united states which could have had a devastating effect on the national economy. the reaction by global markets to growing tensions between the u.s.
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and china puts into question whether mexico really is the clear winner of the ongoing trade war or if there are any real winners at on the dip in the stock prices also serve as a reminder that the mexican economy is subject to the confidence international investors have in the u.s. china relationship there may be nervousness in the markets but mexican exports the united states are still on the rise as mexico continues to pick up the slack left over from china there is one thing however that could unbalance mexico's position the sluggishness of its own economy went up on the al-jazeera mexico city. part of a quick check of the headlines here on the al-jazeera at least a dozen people have been injured in srinagar as thousands rallied against india's crackdown on kashmir as autonomy. and its intake gas to disperse protesters in the indian that ministered region remains under a security lockdown. at all 7 large protests across pakistan 8000 people turned
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out for a demonstration in about their urging the international community to take notice of the kashmir situation most of whom and china stand pakistan. the u.s. president has demanded commonsense solutions to address gun violence donald trump made the comments almost a week out the 2 mass shootings in ohio and texas that killed at least 31 people. frankly we need intelligence background check ok this isn't a white event are a republican or democrat i will tell you i spoke to rich mcconnell yesterday these are totally on board he said i've been waiting for your call is totally on board i spoke to senators that in some cases people are friends of mine but pretty hard line senators we don't want. guns in the hands of the wrong people i think
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that the republicans are going to be graded we think along with the democrats north korea has fired 2 unidentified projectiles the south korean military says the devices were fired into the sea of the north eastern coast last week the north korean leader kim jong un inspected several missile launches he says the tests were a warning to the u.s. and south korea over their joint military drills the u.n. secretary general says he's deeply concerned about violence in yemen southern port city of aden fighting has continued for a 3rd consecutive day with reports of at least 20 people killed government forces backed by the saudi led coalition are battling a separate expansion supported by the united arab emirates. a number of people in mecca in saudi arabia for the pilgrimage as pos 2000000 pilgrims are climbing mount arafat to pray and recite the koran before performing the ritual stoning of the devil. is one of the 5 tenets of islam.
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well those are the headlines the news continues here on out to 0 after talked about as if stations down somewhat. al-jazeera. swept every. city. the to a boil of post soviet russia in the ninety's saw a handful of business people grow rich. while the country itself group poor. and the world stage a once proud nation was humiliated. into the mix of chaotic capitalism and wild west opportunity step to young stanford business graduate ready to make his fortune
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. bill browder built the largest foreign investment fund in russia revelling in deals that saw his investments increased 10 fold overnight emboldened by his own success sprout a began to speak out about a culture of corporate corruption. soon forwarding foul of russia's new president. in 2005 browder was expelled from the country and declared a threat to national security he's head of intelligence vestment fund was raided and he says a complex fraud conducted by russian officials resulted in the theft of some $230000000.00 it was a scheme uncovered by broder's lawyer surrogate magnitsky whose later death in prison apparently the result of torture gave brown to a thirst for revenge and justice purpose of putin's regime has been to commit terrible crimes in 2012 the united states congress passed the magnitsky act aimed
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at freezing the assets of those suspected of financial crimes and human rights abuses and magnitsky style provisions are being adopted by the european union so russia is a country where a 1000 individuals have stolen all the money bill browder multimillionaire investor turned anti putin activist talks to al-jazeera. bill bratton thank you for talking to al jazeera you've been on record describing yourself as flooded near putin's public enemy number one is that something that scares you or do you wear it as a badge of honor well i would say both i mean of course when vladimir putin wants to go after you he's got resources and he's not constrained in ways that others aren't so i live a very precarious life which may end very suddenly and tragically however the
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reason that i'm in this position is that. vladimir putin and his regime killed my lawyer sergei magnitsky from covering a massive putin connected corruption scheme and they killed him in a in a horribly sadistic way at the age of 37 and i've been going after them. ever since they killed him and we've created a law in the name of sergei magnitsky in the united states in the u.k. in canada in the stony a laugh we're lithuania and many other countries and there's a lot putin hate so much and that's the reason why he hates me and the fact that this law is causing him so much grief is something which which shows that we've got him back and that's what you with with pride you've been convicted in russia in a censure on 2 counts accused of tax fraud arrested very publicly in madrid last year accused among other things of killing mr magnitsky yourself. and then we come
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to this meeting in helsinki between trump donald trump the u.s. president and mr putin last year when putin said we'll give you the 12 indicted military intelligence officers indicted by special counsel robert mueller but what we want in return is you bill browder how did that make you feel well again i was i was actually in america at the time and it and donald trump's reaction to that was i think it's a brilliant idea so i of course i couldn't feel anything other than. a little uncomfortable but 2 things that made me feel 1st was that in america donald trump doesn't have his own personal rendition squad this that's to go through the department of justice in the courts and the united states the rule of law wouldn't have handed me over to the russians whatever donald trump's reaction was but again the fact that i'm living rent free in putin's head shows just how how effective
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the magnitsky act has been that i would be the one thing he brings up at the summit and so from my perspective it only emboldened me to carry on and to push harder to get other countries do magnitsky and it was an extraordinary example was it of the state of modern politics and geopolitics his vladimir putin russian president all he's done in the last few years in ukraine and over the decried by obama and the obama administration donald trump willing to embrace them and willing to trade you. for secrets extraordinary well it was extraordinary what he was willing to do but it was also very comforting to see how the system rallied around to protect me and and the next day he didn't walk back his his agreement to this thing the next day after that he didn't. but then the senate of the u.s. senate then had a vote what would it be a good thing or a bad thing to hand me over and along with i should point out 11 others and and
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they voted 98 to 0 not to hand me over which shows that that whatever donald trump is thinking that's not a consensus opinion among his people or in america generally you're involved at the moment exclusively understand in following the money trail what happened to the missing millions from your fund in russia. in the process of that you know many people wonder what the basis of this relationship and trump and putin it is about money is it about favors have you in your following the trail discovered any secrets there well everybody asked me that because so for 9 years we've been looking to who got the $230000000.00 of tax money that we paid that surrogate magnitsky discovered was stolen and went back to various corrupt officials we've we've traced out for 9 years and we found all the money and through law enforcement investigations the private investigations the whistleblowers and so far there has
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not been any money that went to donald trump having said that there's a lot of money that went to vladimir putin ok will leaving the money to one side i mean youth in the miller inquiry in another respect in that in a secret meeting that took place in trump tower in mid 2016 campaign time between trump officials and a senior russian lawyer. the key subject matter was you indeed has mr miller contacted you about that well i can't really talk about what mr miller has contacted me about or not but what i can say is that in on june 9th 2016 natalia vessel nice guy on a russian lawyer the lawyer involved in that meeting the lawyer involved that meeting who went to trump tower along with a couple of other russians and sat down with donald trump jr. and paul man of fort and this is this is now before donald trump just after he was nominated before he was elected president and they said. if your father talking to donald trump jr
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donald trump is elected president can you repeal the magnitsky act and could you indict bill browder and. she wasn't there just as a private citizen she was there effectively on behalf of lattimer putin in the russian government and it's remarkable from him from almost every different standpoint that that the russian government would send an emissary to talk about me in the magnitsky act is remarkable that donald trump jr. his son his son in law and his campaign manager would meet with this russian to talk so is it possible do you think in the end that if collusion is proven that it may turn out that bill browder in the magnitsky magnitsky act with powerful motivators well we know for sure that the russians were there because of the me in the magnitsky act and we know for sure that they supported donald trump because they thought he would be more favorable about these issues than hillary clinton and we know for sure that they were willing
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to do things in order to make that happen what we don't know is whether the donald with whether donald trump personally agreed to that and colluded all we know is what the russians intention was we don't know what donald trump's response was going back to the money trail. the basis of the act of course passed by barack obama or under the administration of 2012 how successful in practical terms has it be in the last 6 years in terms of strangling the funds of the oligarchs in terms of cooling human rights abuses to account well so extremely successful it's been a dramatic and sort of tectonic success and what why has it been so successful because because of the nature of russia so russia is a country where a 1000 individuals have stolen all the money from the country literally a $1000.00 individuals have stolen a trillion dollars over
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a 20 year period so if stolen all this money and so that the other 145000000 russians are in destitute poverty there's a 1000 individuals and so. historically when you do sanctions you sanction a country and it's all very blunt in the average person it starves them and the elite they fly in their champagne and caviar in private jets but instead what the magnitsky act does and the successor sanctions rules have done which have all been copies of the magnitsky act is go after those 1000 people and there's no if they're ready to kill for money there's nothing more painful for them to have their money frozen and it's and even if you haven't frozen their money just the the idea that their money could be frozen it is like a sort of sword of damocles hanging over their head and and and that's why putin is hates the magnitsky act so much is because he's a kleptocrat 1st and foremost i believe he's worth $200000000000.00 i believe that he keeps that money in the name of other people offshore and and if that money is
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put at risk of being frozen and some of it has been frozen that touches him. more than anything else that more than anything else the act has also had its powers expanded it's not just focused on russia. used recently against 17 saudis believed responsible for the death of jamal khashoggi was that a victory for you to find that the act was now being broadened so that after manusky act was passed in 2012 budget senator john mccain and senator ben cardin they looked at putin's reaction which was hysteria here that he literally lost his cool and they said we're on to something big here. and there's no reason why a chinese will in saudi villain or a venezuelan villain should be able to get a better deal than the russian villains and so they they created the global
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magnitsky act which passed unanimously in 2016 which goes after bad guys everywhere and and the united states government has been rolling it out. quietly and steadily across all different parts of the world and when jamal khashoggi was was brutally murdered i saw this and i thought this is like the textbook case for the magnitsky act he was a truth teller he was exposing corruption in his regime in the regime that he came for in the saudi regime and then they lured him to the saudi consulate in istanbul and extrajudicial he murdered him in the most gruesome reflect way if there was no this was this was the textbook case for them and for the global magnitsky act and then they used it they used it on 17 saudis and they didn't use it on mohamed bin solomon and i and i along with many members of congress think that that's that's really bad and expanded as well in recent months into the european union what what
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what do you foresee for its its use in the e.u. can you see it for instance begin to influence what appears to be the fairly insidious and creeping russian influence in european political affairs i'm thinking of russian money allegedly used to prop up the. populist government in italy also suggestions of russian money being involved in breaks it. tell me about the european angle well so your key united states is the most powerful country in the world but if you get the united states doing saying sions and europe not then then these guys are all going to the south of france and buying villas in the hotel in front of the hotel du koppen in marbella in sardinia and so the so europe has to has to conform with the rest of the world in order for this to be an effective policy and europe up until now hasn't now in december we had a breakthrough in europe where they were finally after 9 years of my campaigning
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they finally agreed. in principle to do it but it in principle and having a law there's a lot of dots to connect and the devil is in the details and the one thing i can say is that europe is where the russians are most active they find lots of corrupt politicians and officials in the united kingdom in italy and in spain everywhere and they corrupt them and so europe is a very hard place to get this legislation passed they're fighting like hell behind the scenes right now to try to stop it and they've got countries like hungry in italy who are sort of at the moment sort of expressing objections. and even if it does get past getting 28 countries to agree on who to sanction is a very hard thing to do but it is the big prize if we get europe then we got them where they are where it really hits them which is the bill was the all that kind of stuff let me ask you about surrogate magnitsky now he was your lawyer in russia.
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as you explained he died in. prison in 2009. and all of these global. acts of legislation are in his name do you feel responsible for his death well i feel extremely responsible for his death he wouldn't be dead he wouldn't have died he would've suffered some horrific torture if he hadn't been my lawyer they effectively tortured him and killed him as my proxy and and so he was a young truly amazing great man of the 2 children great great life ahead of him and he was cut short in the most horrific way at the age of 37 and for me every day i feel terrible about that and and that's that is that feeling of guilt and that feeling of responsibility and that feeling of anger that drives me for nearly a decade to devote my entire life to getting justice for him well you've talked
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about revenge who at what point do you imagine you might feel a vengeful well thought about revenge as it is about justice but you know just revenge revenge is something he has we're told it's part of justice it's that's what justice is you don't let people get away with with murder it's going well beyond sort of a magnitsky you know other many other victims come to me with their issues and their problems in that's it's become his legacy to to try to try to create a tool. a tool of fighting impunity in his name and so it's not just about justice or revenge or any of those things it's also about his legacy you've talked about the $1000.00 gawks you talked about the trillions of the stole taking you back to your time at the beginning in russia as the soviet union fell you also made a fortune in a fund that was investing in the privatizations of the day taking advantage of
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century of the collapse of the soviet system isn't that exactly what they did definitely not what they did so 1st of all what i did was i when when they pride. ties the country they had a stock market and i invested in the stock market and i vested in big companies in the stock market and what i did which is totally different than what they did was that the oligarchy and these corrupt officials were stealing from gas prom the biggest state company lukoil etc and i came up with an investment strategy which was to help to try to stop the stealing and to expose these guys as i was doing just the opposite which is they were stealing from the state from the people from their companies and i was researching how they were doing the stealing and then exposing the research the international media to get them to stop it which is how they which is why the regime turned on me and went after me in such a vicious and horrible way but isn't there a gap in timing here initially you made your money and then you. turned to
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criticizing know the regime initially you made your money in much the same way they did by taking advantage of a collapsing system well they only similarity is that we were both investing in the system at the very same time the difference was that almost immediately after i started i started exposing corruption which is which is i think that anybody who knew me in russia at the time said that's what russia needs that's a very brave thing to do and it's a good thing for russia nobody said it's a bad thing to to to invest in companies and i was doing it for money i wasn't doing it for the goodness of the state but to invest in companies expose corruption and try to stop it that definitional is is is a good thing well given what was going on at that time then it could have come as much of a surprise to you when the rug was pulled out from under your feet because it did happen to me a couple of the gox he's now a friend in our viewers here in london he stuck his nose into opposition politics he criticised the kremlin and he had his wings clipped as did all the others you
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must've seen that and thought what if i carry on like this the same fate befalls me all or did you feel somehow sort of immune as a phobia well it arrogance is arrogance it was stupidity it was bad bad judgment. but it was also circumstance so for a while i could get away with doing it for a very weird reason which was that when vladimir putin came to power he he was he was really sort of powerless because the oligarchs were stealing power from him and so every time i was exposed one of these all of darks he would come to my aid this is the very beginning around the year 2000 he would come to my aid and and and there's this expression your enemy's enemy is your friend and so for a while i was on my side you know cleaning up russia the the problem was that he wasn't trying to get rid of the oligarchs he just wanted to become the biggest oligarchy itself and. effectively did that by arresting michael horta kosky the
1:41 pm
richest man in russia you put the richest man in russia in jail and you feel you are the television cameras the film and sitting in a cage what's your natural reaction going to be as another all of arc is is you don't want to be in a cage and that was the moment that the oligarchs came to him and said what we have to do flatter me or to not sit in this cage and he said 50 percent and so at that moment and that was in late 20032 going into 2004 that was the moment the vladimir putin. turned in turn into the biggest oligarchy and that was the moment that my activities became intolerable to you no longer useful to him and indeed i mentioned you were arrest in madrid last year interpol warrants 2 convictions in absentia do you fear for your life. well i i live in a very precarious position where any day i could be killed or arrested illegally rendered back to russia but i don't spend my life living in fear because if i did
1:42 pm
that they would have already achieved 90 percent of their objective and so i take precautions. when and how i can i know that probably all the precautions i take can prevent the russians from killing me if they really want to kill me. and. i carry on doing what i'm doing i'm not going to i'm not going to stand down while you've chosen quite some place in which to do it london the u.k. a country in which 121314 estimated russian critics have lost their lives have come to a sticky end in dubious circumstances in just recent years why here why are you in london why are you living such a public existence well as i said i'm not the person who's going to live in fear i'm not the person who's going to withdraw i'm not the person who's going to go into hiding my reaction is to go straight back at them and. i'm not going to change locations. and you know the fate may or may you know deal me
1:43 pm
a very ugly blow but but that's the decision i've taken well from from the perspective of being in london. and in the context of the wider european question which we mentioned earlier why do you think these things keep happening in britain is it the case that britain is itself compromised in terms of its ability to deal with russia because of all the money parked here because of bragg's it because it can't in a sense afford to alienate countries like russia well what i've seen is that the british government on a regular basis doesn't create consequences for really horrific crimes committed by the russian government in this country and. xander living in co was murdered with radioactive polonium in 2006 and it was discovered that was the russian government who did this russian f.s.b. and there was no serious consequences just a few diplomats expelled alexander polygyny a whistleblower in our case was killed after jogging outside his home in surrey the
1:44 pm
police didn't even investigate it as a murder. and then of course the script all poisoning where high grade military chemical weapons were used in in a cathedral town in the center of the u.k. and the only thing that happened was 23 diplomats were expelled and those $33.00 diplomatic slots are now being negotiated to be replaced so some pretty undiplomatic language passed between the 2 but the diplomatic language words are cheap there is there was no consequences and so it's created an environment to allow this to happen and then the question is why and the answer is that this country is compromised because there is russian money that's polluted the political process here and i've seen it up close and personal where members of the british establishment in the british lawmaking bodies are taking money to support russians in the magnitsky case and other cases take lord barker. he's
1:45 pm
a member of the house of lords it's he's a lawmaker and he's on the parent payroll of all leg pasta running around the world trying to reduce sanctions on him. why is that not illegal maybe it is illegal i don't know but that's outrageous and that's allowed to happen and nothing is nothing's being done about it you've described to me of putin not as a man of conviction or ideology but as a modern day public he. doesn't have he's not he's not like joseph stalin he's not doing all these crimes for some communist reason he's not he's not doing this for some religious reason he's doing this for money he's a kleptocrat all he cares about is money and staying alive but and that makes him much more similar to a public escobar than a joseph stalin or adult hitler the problem is that you give pablo escobar. the powers of a sovereign state with military and intelligence services and nuclear weapons and
1:46 pm
that's a streamlined scary combination well speaking of staying alive and we certainly hope you do do you feel that the efforts that you've put in place now are unstoppable even potentially come a day when you're not around to loping constantly in that cause the absolutely the the magnitsky act is now turned into a viral phenomenon it's jumping from country to country to country there's minsky proposals all over the world in different parliaments and governments etc and of course i can help and i can stir up the pot make things happen but without my presence they would happen at the same time and in addition to that the the money laundering investigation the who got the $230000000.00 and sergei magnitsky was killed over has led to a massive international money laundering investigation which is snared danske a bank nor dia banks where bank credit suisse u.b.s. banks all over the world are 16 countries with money laundering investigations
1:47 pm
going on as a result of the making its case in its march much much larger than just the 230. bill browder thank you for talking to us as it thank you. captaining a leading used team at 16 years old takes determination. to that staying on top of your game at school. the whole family bands together and shares the sacrifices necessary for a son to have a shocked at becoming a professional footballer. my tunisia home game on a jersey you know. it's
1:48 pm
very difficult as a chef or restaurant or to buy shrimp with the confidence that what you're serving is going to be good seafood by nature is a high risk money sometimes trip was raised using production drugs like that are not approved for use in the us the f.d.a. simply isn't testing and now on the imported market to really find all of these pilot the president take note at this time on al jazeera. a load. thousands defy a lockdown in the indian administered kashmir to protest against the removal of its autonomy. low on down jordan the saudis their own lives and also coming up. frankly we.
1:49 pm
intelligence background the us president calls for stronger checks on gun ownership . when america's powerful gun lobby support the. i will be in mecca the destination for more than $2000000.00 muslims. and the waiting game the struggle to get lifesaving stem cell treatment for ethnic minorities in canada . protesters have defied a security lockdown in indian administered kashmir to demonstrate for the 1st time against the stripping of its autonomy thousands turned out after friday prayers in the capital. coverage from new delhi. they came out in their thousands defying barricades and checkpoints. tear gas
1:50 pm
and pellets all infuriated by the indian government for taking away their autonomy protests began after friday prayers in srinagar the largest city in did administered kashmir security was eased for a few oz but by friday evening the 5 day lockdown was tightened again. 4 lines are dead so is the internet gated to see a doctor it's difficult it was another long walk for the families of patients outside just hospital. i can't even explain the hardship i had to face to get here there's no food or milk for children we are suffering there are no doctors in the hospital. here in new delhi a majority of politicians in the parliament about the government's position are revoking autonomy of the in did administered kashmir but there are some who was skeptical about the timing and the way in which it's
1:51 pm
been implemented. india's economy is slowing dens of thousands of factory workers are losing their jobs. all the issues around the economy have obviously taken a backseat i mean nobody is discussing that except business newspapers which nobody beat so essentially yes the performance of this government in this term as well as the previous has always been overshadowed by something or the other some believe it's the ridge i'm already trying to leave this mark after we did the 29000 election with a massive mandate the more the mandate was not an economy mandate it was not based on the dream of fulfilling jobs economy but it was a national security election mandate and this is a legacy to him from within this is where he wants to leave a mark on india and the way the 1st one was me merely a preparation for this more the leads they had the nationalist b.g.p.
1:52 pm
repealing article 370 additionally autonomy has been one of its core ideologies there's nothing claimed this time about is this i think he did the border did not think apologetic being apologetic about it we have done what we had stood for all this 5 we've done all of what we have committed ourselves to all this fight more the looks like he's fulfilled the long cherished dream of office party but it's not clear how his government can win the hearts and minds of kashmiris living under lockdown. i'll just read are you telling. me what tension has risen at the cease fire line that divides the region has been monitoring developments in indian administered kashmir. this village is about 3 kilometers in the line of control the defacto border separating indian and pakistan kashmir this entire village was evacuated about 2 years ago who was hit by shelling between the indian and pakistani military from over there now despite tensions being high right now many
1:53 pm
here say they intend to stay put this time if anything happens. we will move the children from here but we would stay we have the bunkers we can leave already monson and homes because we are dependent on them many villages are building bunkers like this one in case the shelling resumes believing it's better than evacuating their homes but small arms fire is still being heard at night. they've also been large protests across pakistan and is not about has launched a diplomatic offensive against new delhi's mood pakistan's top diplomat is in china to muster support some of the reports now that. freedom at any cost that's the most popular slogan in pakistan administered kashmir. and many towns and cities throughout the region came up to protest infuriated at india's decision to remove special status and the military lockdown of the muslim majority region there were these large muslim i don't know $12000000.00 muslims have been
1:54 pm
made hostages but we appealed to amnesty international the organization for islamic cooperation and all human rights organizations that they take notice of these violations and plans to replace them with the majority within the us. students who are among the young voices civil society leaders see the government and by this fund administered kashmir should support their plan to cross the line of control the border which separates kashmir. nor do all students young old and children watch the line of control on august 15th we will reach for a new car and stand with our kashmiri brothers their. anger to what some see is the belated response of pakistan's government they want prime minister iran can to do more. resolutions and cutting off trade ties will not a freak me out for the last 72 years they have been presenting resolutions they destruct trade for a vehicle to and then they were lesions are back to normal we demand a day either reach the other side themselves or let us go their. protesters took to
1:55 pm
the streets in other parts of pakistan as well workers for the ruling very can suffer party rallied in favor of the government's decision it has downgraded diplomatic ties with india to trade and stop bus and train services. it's also stepped up diplomatic efforts to shore up support for minutes to shower mehmood qureshi visit to china the 3rd party involved in the disputed kashmir himalayan region china says it's all to concerned about the situation in kashmir and asked all parties to avoid unilateral actions india's army commanders accused pakistan of creating threats in kashmir a spokesman said anyone attempting to destroy peace in the kashmir valley will be in his words eliminated microphone's army says its response will be harsher than when to track down an indian jet in case there is military involvement as pakistanis continue to protest against what they call an exciting of a disputed region the united nations is both sides to differing from changing the status of kashmir. with pakistan administered kashmir the u.s.
1:56 pm
president has called for commonsense solutions to address gun violence donald trump made the comments almost a week of the 2 mass shootings in ohio and texas killed at least 31 people and also assured influential national rifle association that its views will be respected. frankly. intelligent background in a. republican or democrat i will tell you both. yesterday he's totally on board he said i've been waiting is totally on board to. me by friends of mine but pretty hard line senators we don't want. to. i think. the republicans are going to be. along with the democrat kristen something he has more. president has yet to specify
1:57 pm
what he means by quote intelligent background checks but the fact that he is even considering gun control legislation is a shift for him and the republican party the national rifle association heavily supported the president in the last election and the n.r.a. has come out against these background checks they say they wouldn't have helped in the el paso shooting situation they would have prevented that from happening and while the majority of americans say that they would support universal background checks republicans and democrats according to polls republicans just haven't been willing to go there in the past in fact earlier this year the democratic controlled house of representatives passed a bill that called for universal background checks but it went nowhere in the senate the republican leadership didn't advance it now however the republican leadership in the senate mitch mcconnell is saying that this issue will be front
1:58 pm
and center when congress comes back from its summer recess that's not fast enough for democrats who wanted to take this up right away and call a special special session some of them also want assault weapons bans and are skeptical that republicans are serious about meaningful change but again the fact that they're even discussing a form of gun control is a shift the u.n. secretary general says he's deeply concerned about violence and yemen's southern port city of heavy fighting between members of the saudi u.a.e. coalition that's continued for a day with reports of at least 20 people killed on the ship reports. as some residents of aden remain trapped in their homes to try and stay away from street battles they're finding little protection at least 4 people were killed in southern separatists shelled this residential area north of the city and a 3rd day of fighting with the presidential guard. the u.a.e. backed separatists and the saudi backed government troops are believed to be
1:59 pm
targeting each other with heavy weapons in a power play for the city. the u.n. secretary general is calling on the parties to engage in an inclusive dialogue to resolve their differences and address the legitimate concerns of all yemenis and he says the conflict in yemen can only be resolved through a political solution. on friday the commander of the presidential guard brigadier general sana was filmed visiting the city center as was honeybun break the deputy chairman of the southern transitional council who visited wounded troops in hospital an even break has become a central figure in the rebellion on august 1st the who attacked a military parade and. killing scores of new recruits many are all youth facing here shortly before his death was a top commander of the security belt a u.a.e. trained paramilitary force at his funeral there was an exchange of fire between the
2:00 pm
s.t.c. aligned fighters and the presidential guards honeybun break then accused hardy's forces of playing a role in the attack and on wednesday called on southern separatists to march on the presidential palace and topple the internationally recognized government of president i'll drop 2 months or hadi the clue that i've been at how he and the security forces are supported by the us which announced its withdrawal from yemen last month how does government has accused him of fomenting sedition saying this will only serve the who these they remain in control of the capital sana despite more than 4 years of war by the saudi u.a.e. coalition residents there received some good news on friday the world food program has reached a deal with the who tees to resume food aid next week peace said we will resume food distribution following the festival for the 850000 people in sana city who have not received food russians from devry a fee for the last 2 months.


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