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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 10, 2019 5:00pm-5:34pm +03

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take place in iraq for example and in some parts of india that also involved millions and millions of people. but the hives pilgrimage itself is one that is quite unique for its logistical burdens and for the mass migration of people through different stages of the of the ritual over the course of a number of a number of days and so it does create take quite a bit quite a bit of sophistication to pull this up. in atlanta in the states thank you. the protesters are occupying the arrival area of hong kong's international airport for a 2nd day they're planning to stay there for the rest of the weekend to make people flying into the territory aware of their dispute with the government the protests to plunge the city into its most serious political crisis in decades $1000.00 protesters are marching in typo in the north of hong kong the demonstrations organizer called the event off on friday after it was banned by the police but much as went ahead with it anyway riot police reform the blockade in front of the
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protestors bride joins us live from hong kong so rob how would you sum up the police authorities attitude towards this so far it seems to be a case of gently gently. i think so peter if they have learned the tactics they've adopted this tactics since to the very much the early days of this whole movement rather than trying to inflame the situation they tend to keep a low profile they tend to keep in the background as long as there's not too much misbehaving going on the police have not given permission for this march but there's no way they were going to stop the numbers that have turned out for this south thousands have turned out many of them are wearing masks because technically they could face i suppose some sort of action for what they are doing where in the high street of typo market as it's called is one of fairly medium sized town up near the border with china in what's known as the new territories here and it's a medium towns like this that you do see that kind of the numbers they do swell and
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they quickly suck up space in these much smaller streets that we have in these small towns now we've been watching people go past here they've been going down this main street and basically taken over this whole street for the best part of an hour or so thousands of people have been going down here a number of businesses are closed down here in the anticipation possibly of some trouble having said that there are a couple of stores still open normally stores that are supportive of these protesters and yes we've heard a lot a lot this week from lead to carry lamb about the effect of these protests on business and business has been damaged but quite a few businesses actually support these protesters this is one over the back here it's a thai restaurant they say they're closed except for giving stuff out to passing protestors and we've seen a couple of stores like that being open and giving giving away drinks giving away water on what is another swelteringly hot day as they moved down here now thousands
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of protesters are moved down here we will continue after them in the big question is once they get to their destination which is another park what happens then many people we know will go home but there's a very good atmosphere it has. to be said on this march a lot of families a lot of people with young children but as we go along you do see people starting to reach into their backpacks start to bring out the the ubiquitous yellow helmets the goggles the gas masks and there are police we've seen them down towards the main police station here riot police ready and waiting so it does look as though once this demonstration is over it may morph into something else we don't know where their destination is probably a lot of the people marching don't know where the destination is but i think that's probably a good bet it could well be something like a typo police station peter you get the feeling there of that maybe the protesters have to think of a different tactic because they're not going to get it would appear what they want you would have been taking us through the 5 key demands that they've been after now
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for several weeks and carry lamb is signaling very clearly again i see be careful what you wish for because you know our friends in beijing they're watching this. that's right there's only so much that carry all the governments of hong kong could and would ever concede you always have to assume that behind them is beijing standing firm not wanting to give ground or be seen to to give ground so it's a real it's a real a deadlock there are the it would be possible for with beijing's consent for hong kong to give just a couple of those concessions not maybe some of the more far fetched or demanding ones but something like announcing a an independent judicial inquiry into the police handling of those protests that's something that has been done here before it's something that gets done as a matter of course in any developed society it wouldn't be that hard to do or just giving the official withdrawal of this extradition bill but after all of this this
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marching in the street all of this unrest the last thing that beijing you sense will ever do is make it look as though it's going to give way to people marching and demonstrating in the street that's what they did just the kind of thing that beijing doesn't do you said you have heard from some officials that you know if people just get off the streets then maybe you know if it doesn't look as though beijing is being forced to back down it may give concessions but you know what they said that 5 years ago people got fed up with the protests they stopped occupying streets everybody thought well maybe now with the cooler heads can prevail beijing could allow some concessions and in the past 5 years it looks like beijing and also the government here has done pretty much 0 peter rob thanks very much we'll check in with you a little later. plenty more ground still to cover for you on al-jazeera including these stories why violence in aden is threatening to open a new front in the conflict in yemen. and fears of radiation exposure after rockets
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explode a tune russian military bases. hello again a welcome back this hour i do want to update your what is happening with our typhoon like kima it did make landfall on early saturday morning here on the eastern coast of china now it was equivalent to a category 2 hurricane when it did make landfall but now watch that storm really begin to weaken as it is over land winds right now 139 kilometers per hour gusting to about 167 now the storm is still bring some very heavy rain and that is going to be the problem over the next several days as it does continue to make its way towards the north so here on sunday expect to see the storm just to the northwest of shanghai so for shanghai still very heavy rain still gusty winds view over the
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next few days as it goes towards monday the storm is going to slowly make its way to the north slowly also getting weaker but still we do expect to see a tropical storm intensity with this storm on monday though we're going to be seeing some rain also crossing over here toward north korea so localized flooding could be a big problem there but in terms of how much rain we do expect to see well over the next 3 days we could be seeing anywhere between $200.00 to $250.00 millimeters of rain across much of this area and that rain will extend even more towards the north so for beijing also some very heavy rain for you as well shanghai expect to see the rain start to dwindle as we go towards monday as well for seoul though it is going to be a nice day we do expect see clear skies for you. whether sponsored by cattle. it's very difficult. for restaurants or to buy shrimp with the confidence that what you're serving is going to be good seafood by nature is a high commodity sometimes. production drugs. are not approved for
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us the f.d.a. simply isn't asking. market to really find these bio. take note at this time. ok let's just have a quick trip through your top stories for you so far today a fuel tank has exploded in tanzania 200 kilometers west of the capital dar es salaam local media says at least 50 people were killed is not yet known what course the blast. is back in force for some people in indian administered kashmir after thousands marched in sri lanka but restrictions have been eased in a few areas the indian government also disputes the number of people who took part
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in the protests. one of the story pilgrims in mecca a climbing mount. more than 2000000 people are inside the. 4 palestinians have been killed near the israeli border in southern gaza this videotape appears to show flares being fired into the year in the area east of. israeli soldiers shoot at the men the israeli army says the palestinians were armed and attempted to breach the border. there's been a series of explosions at 2 russian military installations the state company says 5 of its staff were killed when a rocket engine exploded while radiation levels temporarily rose in terms in the northwest of russia the military has blamed lightning strikes for another blast at a depo in siberia shallop ballasts as the latest investigation tain meets near a military facility in russia's far north moscow says they're investigating the explosion
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of a rocket engine at noon your site is used for testing missiles for the russian navy russia's state nuclear company cid staff members died in the blast u.s. analysts suggest it was likely a new nuclear powered cruise missile president putin said russia was producing in march last year the united states formally withdrew from the 30 year old intermediate range nuclear forces treaty with russia last friday russia's defense ministry said no dangerous substances were released in the explosion although local authorities closed waters north of the site to shipping for a month greenpeace cited government data showing a radiation spike 20 times above normal in a city 30 kilometers from the test site some of. the biggest threat is the release of radioactive substances on the inhabitants of a settlement located next to that military base nevertheless for the inhabitants of
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said road to being a city they could also be a danger depending on what kind of substances were released and whether they reached the town. residents took no chances they bought medical i adding no one to block the absorption of radiation it actually you could use this event have shaken up the whole town you people started to panic within a matter of an hour although i you didn't and i you didn't continue drugs were sold out. yes. 4000 kilometers away in eastern siberia another explosion at a military ammunition dump site the government blamed it on lightning. there was a bigger explosion i saw a colored mushroom cloud it was very bright i was slammed by a door that sent me flying but. a fire triggered powerful explosions at the facility on monday it was home to more than $40000.00 shells thousands of residents were evacuated. russians in both regions are now
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demanding transparency from authorities and the potential risks posed by the blasts shallop ballasts al-jazeera. to yemen where the hoofy rebels the say they've launched another 2 drone attacks on an airport in southern saudi arabia a spokesman for the group says the strikes hit a fueling station at a port and targeted a monitoring tower disrupting flights it is the latest in a series of drone attacks by the movies in recent days and the u.n. secretary general says he is deeply concerned about violence in yemen southern port city of aden fighting between back groups and government forces has continued for a 3rd day with reports of at least 25 people killed and schapelle has more. as some residents of aden remain trapped in their homes to try and stay away from street battles they're finding little protection at least 4 people were killed in southern separatists shelled this residential area north of the city and
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a 3rd day of fighting with the presidential guard the u.a.e. backed separatists and the saudi backed government troops are believed to be targeting each other with heavy weapons in a power play for the city. the u.n. secretary general is calling on the parties to engage in an inclusive dialogue to resolve their differences and address the legitimate concerns of all yemenis and he says the conflict in yemen can only be resolved through a political solution. on friday the commander of the presidential guard brigadier general sun. was filmed visiting the city center as was honeybun break the deputy chairman of the southern transitional council who visited wounded troops in hospital an even break has become a central figure in the rebellion on august 1st the who attacked a military parade and. killing scores of new recruits many are all youth facing here shortly before his death was
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a top commander of the security belt a u.a.e. trained paramilitary force at his funeral there was an exchange of fire between the s.t.c. aligned fighters and the presidential guards honeybun break then accused hardy's forces of playing a role in the attack and on wednesday called on southern separatists to march on the presidential palace and topple the internationally recognized government of president i'll drop 2 months or hadi the clue that i've been at how he and the security forces are supported by the u.a.e. which announced its withdrawal from yemen last month how does government has accused him of fomenting sedition saying this will only serve the who these they remain in control of the capital sana despite more than 4 years of war by the saudi u.a.e. coalition residents there received some good news on friday the world food program has reached a deal with the who peace to resume food aid next week peace said we will resume food distribution following the festival for the 850000 people in sana city
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who have not received food russians from devery f.p. for the last 2 months. the past few days have raised fears that yemen's war may be evolving into something even more complicated with rival factions vying to control its future and how does or. libya's u.n. recognize government says it's open to observing a ceasefire during the 4 day. holiday starting on saturday now the u.n. mission in libya earlier request of the break in hostilities including a ban on airstrikes calling on fighters loyal to the warlord after to agree but they have yet to comment his forces have been trying to take the capital tripoli for several months now meanwhile 80 migrants have been saved by a french run rescue ship off the coast of libya doctors without borders posted photographs of the migrants being ferried from a dinghy the italian interior minister material salvini says he is preparing to ban the ship from entering italian waters under a new government decree the vessels owner could be fined about $1000000.00 another
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$45.00 people have been rescued by the libyan coast guard in waters near tripoli the u.s. president has called for what he's term in commonsense solutions to address gun violence donald trump made those comments almost a week after 31 people were killed in 2 mass shootings in texas and ohio but he's also assured the influential national rifle association that its views will be respected. frankly we. intelligent background ok this is a great event are a republican or democrat i will tell you both. mitch mcconnell yesterday he's totally on board he said i've been waiting for your ball is totally on board but 2 senators that are. friends of mine but pretty hard line senators we don't want. guns in the hands of the wrong people i think that the republicans are
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going to be graded. along with the democrats. a canadian citizen held in syria since december has been released he's christian leader baxter he was freed after mediation efforts by lebanon's security chief it's unclear why baxter was detained in syria his family says he was backpacking and wanted to visit every country in the world. south korea's military says north korea has fired what appears to have been 2 short range ballistic missiles from the eastern coast into the sea last week north korean leader kim jong un over source similar launches he says the tests are a warning to the u.s. and south korea over their joint military drills donald trump earlier said he had received what he called a quote very beautiful letter from mr kim and that he wasn't bothered by the recent launches he's 13 people have been killed by a landslide in china after a super typhoon lucky hit his eastern coast around 1000000 people have been forced
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from their homes after made landfall in the province of gian they have been widespread power cuts and more than $200.00 houses of collapsed. the british economy has shrank for the 1st time in almost 7 years gross domestic product fell at a quarterly rate of 0.2 percent in the 3 months to june the pound has fallen more than 4.5 percent against the dollar since the start of july it's been dragged down was by a slump in manufacturing just as the new prime minister boris johnson prepares to leave the european union october 31st halloween with or without a deal. this is al jazeera these are your top stories a fuel tank has exploded in tanzania 200 kilometers west of the capital city daraa salaam local media says at least 57 people have been killed it's not yet known what caused the blast. a lot done is back in force for some people in indian
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administered kashmir off with thousands marched in sri lanka but the indian government disputes the number of people who took part in the stands foreign minister is now back from china after seeking beijing's support against the indian move to strip away kashmiri autonomy. is in islamabad this is a conflict that had been brewing for what 7 decades therefore the wardrobe where they go back to running very high indeed. foreign minister were going to. china had now landed back in its early that morning that all fired up or down on the national forum of including the united nations security council the united states state department had said that the united states can. view. and of god that did not change in the u.s. . pilgrims in mecca of climbing mount arafat's on day 2 of the heart still pray and
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recite the koran before performing the stoning of the devil ritual more than 2000000 people are in saudi arabia for this religious gathering the hard is one of the 5 pillars of islam or protests that taking place in hong kong occupying the arrival area of hong kong international airport for the 2nd day in a row they're planning to stay there for the rest of the weekend to bring more international attention to their dispute with the government in the north another protest is taking place in typos. 4 palestinians have been killed close to the israeli border in southern gaza this video does appear to show flares being fired in the air in the area east of dia. israeli soldiers shoot at the men the israeli army says the palestinians were armed and tried to breach the border. with the rebels in yemen say they've launched another 2 drone attacks on an airport in southern saudi arabia a spokesman for the group says the strikes hit the fueling station at airport
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targeted a monitoring tower disrupting some flights those are your headlines the news continues after techno i'm back immediately after that i'll see that. america is divided like never before all is said is so convinced that they are absolutely correct that the other side is dangerous heaven has a wall of strict immigration policy people in power investigates the partisan politics eroding civil norms vital to american democracy are you concerned that the the political divisions today could lead to violence or it will the strange death of american civility patu on al-jazeera the latest news as it breaks. up. with detailed coverage no one is willing to return home to me on my own without sort of the ship papers and security guarantees from around the world the talent is facing
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a new prime minister. negotiate a new rx that he'll say a deal the e.u. says cannot be renegotiated. this is techno innovations that can change lives the science of fighting wildfires we're going to explore the intersection of hardware and humanity and we're doing you a unique way. this is a show about science blow not nice scientists. tonight techno investigates shrimp safety the seafood by nature is a high risk commodity for americans love their shrimp but most of it comes from countries that use extensive antibiotics that could make you ill now techno goes inside the federal testing program and working through all. that's supposed to protect the food supply doctors should use more is mechanical engineer she will
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share the results of her investigation to how dangerous is that for human beings and i'm still taurus i'm an entomologist i visit a shrimp farm in the middle of indiana. yes indiana that could revolutionize the industry well this is like a little laboratory here yes it is for sure santa maria it is a neuroscientist. imagine that you are one of the 1st to take a trip to mars. this is the definition of pioneering that's what makes it exciting that's our team now let's do some science. yes. hey guys and welcome to techno on phil tours joined by dr should you some laura and kara santa maria because i'm not going to one of my favorite things is shrimp singling away on a hot grill but i also have
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a fair amount of hesitation when it comes to actually knowing where that shrimp comes from then you may not realize it but shrimp raised overseas can have high levels of antibiotics and other additives that don't always pass american safety standards and america imports a lot of shrimp ira 1000000000 pounds worth so we also the food and drug administration the agency responsible for policing us ports if we can follow them while they test unsafe shipments. that america has a jumbo appetite for shrimp it's a little piece of flesh that they could be easy it's kind of like popcorn of the sea americans it's an average of 4 pounds pop past a year. at fred 62. chef fred eric serves a lot of shrimp and it's very difficult as a chef or a restaurant or to buy shrimp with the confidence that what you're serving them is
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going to be good try called fresh make sure. americans taste the shrimp comes with a price. 90 percent of only shrimp eaten in the u.s. is imported. much of it from countries like india thailand and indonesia sometimes trip is raised overseas using production drugs like antibiotics that are approved for use in those countries but not approved for use in the u.s. johns hopkins microbiologist david love surveyed federal data on drugs found in imported shrimp some of the top drugs that we found in shrimp were fewer and chloramphenicol tetracycline itself on a meds and instructor meissen what does it mean for the consumer to be exposed to antibiotic resistant bacteria if you get an infection from these bacteria it can be hard to treat using antibiotics especially if these bacteria are resistant to the antibiotics that your doctor would prescribe. bombs that use antibiotics
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often farm with overcrowded pawn diseases are a big deal in shrimp farming can be a high mortality rate in some shrimp farms. the food and drug administration polices shrimp imports. $5500000000.00 pounds of c. think it is imported into the united states every year and much of it ends up in a cold storage facility like this one in southern california but only a tiny fraction of all of that seafood is actually inspected so we've come here today to find out exactly how the f.d.a. . emily morrison is a veteran f.d.a. inspector we've collected one subsample out of 50 brand boxes
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and now in the process is bagging them. put them in coolers. and ship it to the land a computer system. red flags imports believed to pose the greatest risk based on country of origin and the company's past history of violations seafood by nature is a high risk commodity done so lease has inspections at the ports of los angeles so there are many boxes here and there will pop full what percentage of the song pool gets chosen to be taken to the lab so f.d.a. reviews all electronic transmissions and we utilize things like foreign inspection domestic inspection whether it was sampled and another for all that information is gather within the predict application and then that shipment will be given a risk or the higher the risk or the more chances one of these officers will sample that much at. once the f.d.a.
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inspector picks samples for inspection is sent to an f.d.a. lab like this one and find california. you may see a shrimp maybe i'm working. through i can't imagine. that the shrimp powder is mixed with a chemical solvent dried and liquefied again run through an analyzer. is an f.d.a. chemist so kind the results are written from the tests what are they showing us in this closed the compound working for sponsored programs and how dangerous is that for human beings virtual current is dangerous for human beings because it's cost some of the night. before now so for this hour 1. 1 cause for this improvement to avoiding one salt you know that size swimming. so how
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many parts per 1000000000 is this result i was is about $100.00 true cost of building so $2.00 grains and so in the olympic sized swimming pool when you've managed. i find it. is incredible so that batch of shrimp is not allowed in this country essentially this is not going to be along this the f.d.a. simply isn't testing enough on the imported market to really find all of these violet of residues dr rangan had a study of imported for the june 2015 issue of the influential magazine consumer reports of the $205.00 imported farm samples that we found a leaven of those actually had illegal residues of antibiotics on them that comes out to about 5 percent of the imported farm shrimp samples being contaminated with an illegal antibiotic residue the fact that the f.d.a. only tests about point 7 percent of all the shrimp in this country for those
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antibiotic residues suggests that the agency is not actually testing enough shrimp to catch the amount of legal residue products that may be coming into the market however many of the countries that export the shrimp commit the use of antibiotics when you feed low levels of antibiotics every day you're not feeding them enough to necessarily kill bacteria those bacteria can become resistant to those antibiotics and that can make those antibiotics less effective in people if we're infected by those bacteria just as worrisome was the number of shrimp that tested positive for bacteria we found about a 3rd of the shrimp that we had had vibrio contamination vibrio is one of the few food borne illnesses on the rise 7 of the samples we found had mercy that's concerning to you and that's probably primarily associated with the amount of processing that goes on the shrimp production both have the potential to cause illness in the cooking process they can be killed we do know that there are shrimp
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farms and production practices that are doing a lot more to address those issues that are addressing hygiene and addressing. other issues so that they aren't heavily reliant on drugs or other chemicals. 600 miles from the nearest ocean nestled in a patchwork of windmills and soybean and corn fields. indiana. a mom and pop indoor salt water shrimp form. their own there over and asked during a welcomed r.d.f. travis county. carlina and darryl brown or accidental shrimp farming pioneers are you going to now i'm at 6 pounds with $32.00 dozen basic backyard pools as growing tanks they've perfected an indoor system with 0 waste no chemicals in the 90 percent survival rate. that's
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a 3rd higher than traditional outdoor shrimp farms well this is like a little laboratory here yes it is in the short form yes it is we do 9 tests every single day we do temperature dissolved oxygen night shy c o 2 salinity alkalinity ph ammonia and flop as you can see our water is brown the test for doing here right now is we're trying to see how much bacteria is in our water and we call the settling so you're basically waiting for all this bacteria to go to the bottom and that tells you how much is it how much we have an exact like and for over a certain level then we have to get it out of the tanks otherwise it's going to start suffocating the shrimp that's very important that has to be done every day basically we're not even stripped farmers anymore we ask ourselves guardians of water as long as the water does what it's supposed to be doing the trick to just fine we add no antibiotics no hormones are ever added into our tanks you heard that right no antibiotics no hormones just fish food salts and baking so it's called
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ahead route trophic by a flock system a process that revolver around bacteria no it looks very grown what is this round that i'm seeing the ground is the bacteria the bacteria. why they excel their way so that they can survive without a major filter here's what's happening below the surface the shrimp eat their feed in excrete the monia the bacteria turns that into toxic nitrates other bacteria turn that into benign nyjer traits and as the waters air rated the nitrates turn into a harmless gas and around and around and how long have you had this water for years and how does it compare to other short forms some don't have water that we by mistake actually kept our water it's like it's maturing it's like one you know the us and we just found out that the older it gets the better it gets and so too for the shrimp the growing process starts every month with about $250000.00 newborns called post larval zx nicknamed if you.


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