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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 10, 2019 10:00pm-10:35pm +03

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military has blamed lightning for another blast at a depot in siberia reports an investigation tame meets near a military facility in russia's far north moscow says they're investigating the explosion of a rocket engine at noon your site is used for testing missiles for the russian navy russia's state nuclear company since staff members died in the blast u.s. analysts suggest it was likely a new nuclear powered cruise missile president putin said russia was producing in march last year the united states formally withdrew from the. intermediate range nuclear forces treaty with russia last friday russia's defense ministry said no dangerous substances were released in the explosion well the local authorities closed waters north of the site to shipping for a month greenpeace site of government data showing a radiation spike 20 times above normal in a city 30 kilometers from the. some of. the biggest threat is the release of
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radioactive substances on the inhabitants of a settlement located next to that military base never the less for the inhabitants of said road to being a city they could also be a danger depending on what kind of substances were released and whether they reached the town. residents took no chances they bought medical i are doing no one to block the absorption of radiation national. events have shaken up the whole town people started to panic within a matter of an hour although i had been and i had been continually drugs were sold out. yes. 4000 kilometers away in eastern siberia another explosion at a military ammunition dump site the government blamed it on lightning. there was a bigger explosion i saw a colored mushroom cloud it was very bright i was slammed by a door that sent me flying but. a fire triggered powerful explosions at the
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facility on monday it was home to more than $40000.00 shells thousands of residents were evacuated. russians in both regions are now demanding transparency from authorities and the potential risks posed by the blasts . al-jazeera. claimer head of the news hour including a spiritual chemical as more than $2000000.00 gather for one of the world's largest permitted. now the u.s. trade war with china could provide a windfall for mexico. and exports. for the 1st time since the controversial u.s. open final more on that ahead of the program. a lockdown of back and forth force for the people of indian administered kashmir
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after thousands marched in srinagar rallies after friday friday prayers ended with police firing tear gas in some areas are protesting against n.d.s. decision to revoke the region's autonomy to has more from new delhi. became out in their thousands defying barricades at checkpoints tear gas and pellets only infuriated by the government's decision to take away their autonomy. * to speak again after friday prayers in srinagar the largest city in did it because to. restrictions from east on saturday in some parts of the reach of but phone lines are dead so is the internet in areas of. getting to see a doctor is difficult it was another long walk with the families of patients outside st augustine largest hospital. not the u.k.
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that i can't even explain the hardship i had to face to get here there's no food or milk for children we are suffering there are no doctors in the hospital. here in new delhi a majority of politicians in the parliament about the government's position of revoking autonomy of the in did administered kashmir but there also was skeptical. about the timing and the way in which it's been implemented. india's economy is slowing tens of thousands of factory workers are losing their jobs all the issues around the economy have obviously taken a backseat i mean nobody is discussing that exhibit pollution would be so essentially yes the performance of this government in this town as well as the previous town has always been overshadowed by something or the other some believe it's the rage of modi trying to leave his mark after winning the 29000 election
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with a massive mandate the more the mandate was not an economy mandate it was not based on the dream of fulfilling jobs economy but it was a national security election mandate and this is a legacy to him from within this is where he wants to leave a mark on india in the way the 1st one was me merely a preparation for this more the leads they had the nationalist b.g.p. repealing article 370 on autonomy has been one of its core ideologies there's nothing linda stouffer about is this i think he did not go to the big apologetic being apologetic about it we've done what we had stood for all those 5 off what we have committed ourselves to all this way more the looks like he's fulfilled the long cherished dream of his party but it's not clear how his government can win the hearts and minds of kashmiris living under lockdown. al jazeera you deli and in pakistan there have been large protests against india's actions in kashmir
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as foreign minister is now back from china after seeking beijing support hyder has more from islamabad. this is just the start of what appears to be a matter of diplomatic activity that i did like need to start within the next few days. statement by the secretary general of the united nations but the biggest. and the diplomacy the biggest. the humanitarian did. go on for years and then. down for a week on day evolve. richard a very big. day indeed did a big. prime minister there's been. one stu's people come out and then again. there's going to happen even in the. tens of thousands of
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people of mourning coming out despite that. whenever question meetings have been created by the indian security forces what did the. 1000000 people are going through how are they going to celebrate and what will be that action. by the indian or toward. a summit engine fate has more. capital and the pakistan administered territory. i treat him at any cost that's the most popular still going to pakistan administered kashmir. and many towns and cities throughout the speech. to protest infuriated at india's decision to move special status and the military lockdown of the most majority region. beast not muslim i don't go 12000000 muslims have been made hostages we appealed to amnesty international the organization for islamic cooperation and all human rights
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organizations have to take notice of these indian violations and plans to replace the muslim majority within the us i. students were among the young voices civil society leaders see the government and by this fund administered kashmir should support their plan to cross the line of control the border which separates kashmir . students young old and children watched the line of control on august 15th we will reach for a new car and stand with our kashmiri brothers their. anger to what some see is the belated response of pakistan's government they want prime minister imran khan to do more. than their best resolutions and cutting off trade ties will not a freakish mia for the last 72 years they have been presenting resolutions they destruct trade for a vehicle to and then they will asians are back to normal we demand a day either reach the other side themselves or let us go their. protesters took to the streets in other parts of pakistan as well workers for the ruling very can
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suffer party rallied in favor of the government's decisions it has downgraded diplomatic ties with india trade and stop bus and train services. it's also stepped up diplomatic efforts to shore up support for minister mehmood qureshi visit to china the 3rd party involved in the disputed kashmir himalayan region china says its all too concerned about the situation in kashmir and asked all parties to avoid unilateral actions in the islamic among does accused of creating threats and sheer a spokesman said anyone attempting to destroy peace in the kashmir valley will be in his words eliminated microsoft's army says its response will be harsher than when to track down an indian jet in case there is military involved as pakistanis continue to protest against what they call i'm mixing of a disputed region the united nations is sides to refrain from changing the status of kashmir some of the jar with al-jazeera with pakistan administered kashmir for palestinians have been killed near the gaza israel border this video appears to
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show flares being fired in the air in the southern area. as israeli soldiers shoot at the men really army says the palestinians were armed and attempted to breach the border. and macca are climbing mount arafat on the 2nd day of hodge they will pray and recite the koran before perform performing the stoning of the devil ritual more than 2000000 people are in saudi arabia for this religious gathering as one of the 5 pillars of islam. visiting a researcher on islamic studies at george mason university he says takes place on muslims all over the world are deeply troubled because of conflicts flaring from yemen to kashmir. make no mistake. a large swath of the global muslim community is deeply deeply troubled with the role that saudi arabia is playing in yemen and in some parts of the region and is just and most muslims are
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deeply dismayed with what's happening in places like kashmir and with the syrian refugee crisis and a lot of people do blame south of saudi arabia for its role in causing these problems however there is a long tradition within the muslim community globally to bracket political issues when it comes to the performance of the hostage one has to remember today's day the sacred day of your meal out of that is the day in which muslims return to their original and final state in this world and in the hereafter you know seeking for forgiveness from god speaking directly to god from the mountain signals a kind of a recollection of adam's pristine moment and and a kind of practice for the day of resurrection so yes people are not heeding a boycott but make no mistake that the that there is a sort of displeasure and a somber mood around this around this pilgrimage because of what's happening in parts of the world. after what are now
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a cap and we're going to get you an update on what is happening with the came up of course it made landfall early saturday morning just after midnight on the east coast of china now at one point the chemo was a super typhoon but at that downgraded town to an acquittal into a category 2 hurricane once it made landfall now the storm is weakening as it does on land but still a lot of rain is going to be coming out of the storm the winds are still quite high across much of the syria now the joint typhoon warning center put out the latest this was 120 clobber from winds gusting to $148.00 they're getting close to being a tropical storm force winds now because it is over land but the big problem is going to be the rain for the next few days as the storm makes its way towards the north and the areas north of the storm we could be see anywhere between $2250.00 millimeters. rain over the next 72 hours so flooding is still going to be a big issue there of course what also is happening is what is happening out here towards cross this is another's typhoon that is really kind of going up and down in terms of the. intensity of the storm right now we're talking
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a $120.00 chlorophyll winds gusting to $148.00 over the next few days though we're going to be watching the storm make its way towards the northwest and north and possibly by wednesday or thursday we're looking at a typhoon making its way towards the southern portions of japan so flooding storm surge as well as the risk of mudslides and landslides is going to be a big issue as we go from mid to end of week and haven't had on al-jazeera once a world heritage site a city in southern tunisia is damaged by pollution plus. was big i was not able to hear from a bahraini activist who feared he might be thrown from the roof of his country's embassy in london. and in sport a former world number one i was looking to and hoping trout warhol will have that in just a bit. what
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are you going to give them to the people will be attending the workshop we listen i'm supposed to explain apologize for someone who is also terrorizing we meet with global newsmakers and talk about the stories that matter. this is the opportunity to understand the very different way where there. is a little. i've been looking at your instagram account and. this is a dialogue when donald trump announce his candidacy for president after that everyone has a point the best chance the democrats have to be. donald trump used to nominate an exciting inspirational callus mother nominee to join the conversation in your thoughts to twitter and a huge amount is iraq. watching
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al-jazeera let's pick up the top stories right now internationally recognized government says it's lost control of all of its military camps in the southern port city of aden it says they have been occupied by u.a.e. backed southern separatists it's been battling since wednesday. a fuel tanker has exploded in tanzania and at least 60 people have been killed the truck overturned and crowds arrive to gather at the leaking fuel. in hong kong have now taken their rally to the popular shopping district of. crowds have barricaded streets and a busy area as police move and. update arm our correspondent rob mcbride who
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is and hong kong. so the day began with a demonstration in a town called typo that's in the new territories up near the border with mainland china it was very good natured families were involved walking through the streets even though the police had said that the demonstration wasn't allowed there was no way they were going to stop the thousands of people who turned out at the end of that demonstration most people then drifted away but several 1000 people stayed they occupied the streets they set up barricades there was a standoff where i lined up with riot police and then soon as they heard arrive then the word went out spread very quickly amongst the group which we know this is a group that says it doesn't have any leaders. from one thing to another they decided to leave which they did and come to a number of other locations around new territories and cow loued and this is one of
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the this is shot in this is where there have been confrontations before they have quickly moved into this intersection in this junction have set up makeshift barricades as quickly as they can trying to block traffic they have partially managed that they brought traffic to a standstill but then very quickly word went out again that the police were on their way they have moved very quickly to set up these barricades but now we see that there are police that have come from a nearby police station very close to here it remains to be see now what these police will do and the police have just charged across that intersection clearing the protesters away and reopening the road again as the protesters we think have melted away again into the shopping center here possibly then to get on to the subway system the n.t.r. one maybe to go to another location but the police were leaving the scene they
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detected some protesters using laser pens against them and they responded with guns which used to. so cold i don't believe will be the issue but the protesters have taken off they too without back in their vehicles waiting for the next cold as these plants and mouse game continues through saturday evening around the streets of. amman say the rebels say they've launched another 2 drone attacks on an airport in southern saudi arabia a spokesman for the group says the strikes hit a fueling station at airport and targeted a monitoring tower disrupting flights that's the latest in a series of trone attacks by the who these in recent days. recognize government says it's open to observing a cease fire during the 48 on a holiday starting on saturday the u.n. mission in libya earlier requested the break in all still bodies including a ban on airstrikes it's calling on fighters loyal to warlord playful hoft are to agree but they have yet to comment of stars forces have been attempting to take the capital city tripoli. meanwhile 80 migrants have been saved by
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a french run rescue ship off the coast of libya a group doctors without borders posted photos of the migrants being ferried from ending in a tie and interior minister mikhail sabine he says he is preparing to ban the ship from entering italian waters under a new government to create the vessels owner could be fined about a $1000000.00 another $45.00 people have been rescued by the libyan coast guard and waters near tripoli pollution from chemical plants in tunisia is calling devastating damage to the land and sea that's according to environmental groups the warning comes as the country plans to increase its export of phosphates by 50 percent the chemical is mainly used and fertilizers take the cheater's in the coastal city of goddess which has seen some of the worst of the pollution. this is where he says he was once considered as a world heritage site by the united nations it borders a baby that was a rich spawning ground marine life in the mid-stream. but ammonia now hangs in the
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air above the palm trees as this chemical complex vents the toxic gases produced by using soft fury acid to process phosphates nasy her head see association formed to defend the u.s. says he describes what's happening here as an act of industrial terrorism from up moreover we're getting diseases of all kinds like lung cancer cancer of the nose and sort briskets we 1000000000 people every day because of these diseases. 13000 tons of chemicals and way start channelled into the bay through this train every day it's making a desert out of the sea floor the residents here say before the chemical plants began operating the sea was so close the fish used to jump into the fields and their children used to swim amongst its problems i've been standing by this river
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of toxic sludge for just over half an hour now already my eyes are stinging in my throat feels wrong or it's been flowing into the sea behind me for more than 40 years it's killing everything it touches the locals have a name for it it's called the fatal shore you don't see any crabs here nor any bird life above its hauntingly empty only occasional pool with an algal bloom a line of black slime shows the high water mark the tunisian chemical group which runs the complex claim they are taking measures to tackle the pollution abdel heloc has seen his living as a fisherman destroyed by the chemicals washing into the bay and his own health ruined by their city gas plumes he's now suffering from cancer of the coal on his boat is rotting in the harbor which is becoming a graveyard for the trawlers any hope of the future has gone. the neighboring port
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transporting phosphate to the world though has never been busier. than the sport has ruined everything it's polluted the ear and the agriculture and is lead to a deserted cation of the marine life in one of the main parks in the city of god as graffitti warns of dangers of pollution the device which actually monitors the gases has been broken for years now. it's hanging in a road called environment of a new home we don't need a large rubbish dump an old rusty because. many here say the whole city seems to have lost hope david chase al-jazeera gulbis at least 13 people have been killed by a landslide in china after super typhoon the camera and its eastern coast around 1000000 people have been forced from their homes after it made landfall in the province so she's saying there are been widespread power outages and more than $200.00 houses and play collapsed the storm is now expected to move up the east
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coast towards shanghai south korea's military says north korea has fired what appears to have been 2 short range ballistic missiles from its eastern coast into the sea last week north korean leader kim jong un oversaw similar launches he says the tests are a warning to the u.s. and south korea over their joint military drills. here as president has called for what he says are common sense solutions to address gun violence made the comments almost a week after 31 people were killed in 2 mass shootings in texas and ohio. frankly we need. intelligent background ok this isn't a question about already republican or democrat i will tell you both. mitch mcconnell yesterday he's totally on board he said i've been waiting for your call he is totally on board i spoke to senators that in some cases friends of mine but
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pretty hard line senators we don't want. guns in the hands of the wrong people i think. the republicans are going to be lead the charge along with the. early 100 tons of humanitarian aid has been delivered to venezuela as the nation faces political and economic crisis the red cross says the shipment includes medical supplies and i arrived in caracas from panama that's come after the u.s. president is whaling government assets and banned its citizens from doing business in the country. the tariff war between united states and china has created new trade benefits for other countries where the biggest one appears to be mexico has more from mexico. mexico has taken the top spot among the united states is international trading partners according to data from the 1st half of 2019 this potential gain from mexico is the result of a 12 percent drop in imports of chinese goods to the united states as
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a tariff war between the world's 2 largest economies plays out. uncertainty from international investors over the u.s. china trade conflict however has also rattled markets on august 1st the mexican stock exchange reacted with the worst trading day since the start of the year but it is because of these terrorist between the united states and china we are seeing this disruption to global financial markets imagine what such a confrontation involving mutual terrorist between the u.s. and mexico would bring this is not good for anyone. this disruption to global markets has also hit the mexican peso which devalued by 1.57 percent on august 1st . not good for a national economy which is only projected to grow by point 2 percent through 2019 is that this economic equilibrium that mexico appears to have is not solid i would say that the economic situation in mexico is shaky at best mexico could maintain
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this balance at least until the end of the year but it depends heavily on the policies pursued by president donald trump. earlier this year mexico avoided its own trade war with the united states which could have had a devastating effect on the national economy the reaction by global markets to growing tensions between the u.s. and china puts into question whether mexico really is the clear winner of the ongoing trade war or if there are any real winners at all the dipping the stock prices also serve as a reminder that the mexican economy is subject to the confidence international investors have in the u.s. trying to relate. sure there may be nervousness in the markets but mexican exports the united states are still on the rise as mexico continues to pick up the slack left over from china there is one thing however that could on balance mexico's position the sluggishness of its own economy would up a little and zita mexico city a bahraini activist says he feared for his life after staff beat him for climbing onto the roof of his country's embassy in london during
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a protest in july some ahamed was protesting against the executions of 2 bahraini dissidents laurent slave reports from london. in the dead of night mussa mohammed used the cover of scaffolding to gain access to the roof of the embassy. once there he unfurls his banner i'm risking my life to save 2 men about to be executed in the next few hours that reads we did when you brought us we do send them letters for their human rights organization under you and as well it doesn't stop but i feel in my in my heart there's something i can do to save their lives that's why i went to the top of the embassy shortly afterwards the police arrived and for a good 10 minutes nothing much happens as they try to work out how to handle the situation on the roof mr mohammad appears relaxed sipping from a water bottle occasionally calling on the british prime minister to call the king of bahrain to urge the country to respect human rights was. a
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god it was but suddenly everything changes a figure appears in the least next to the protest of the police response to the dramatic. was no. look at it again it's at this point that mr mohammed says he was beaten with a stick and almost forced off the roof was was mr mohammed can be seen being pulled from the ledge to the ground during this time he says he is threatened with being beaten to death we want to pull from here as a sheep and no one is going to help you here even though your cable is their 1st even their thanks was done and the 2nd time they said even. if they can't they can't help you no one can come to ours here and there in our land and so you are quite clear that you thought that they were going to beat you to death inside the
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embassy yes it's was a clear and they say this as well certainly his friends filming it all from the ground. refined the police to do something officers forced to push them back. are you there you are going are you. within a minute or 2 the fire service has forced the doors of the embassy and offices go in and some numbers the embassy has said it regards mr mohammed's protests as being in support of what it describes as terrorists and in the end what happened on the roof is their word against his but what was extraordinary was the police response because officers plainly were so concerned about mr mohammed safety that they had no compunction in breaking every rule in the diplomatic handbook on ordering the forcing of the doors of the embassy of another country mr mohammed says when the embassy staff realized the police were in the building the attitude changed in
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telling the 3rd man who told them. what he said make in the dark and before before now and that's when they stopped attacking you is it yes he told them don't beat him as for the 2 men mr mohammed was protesting for their executions went ahead as planned i mean allegations that they've been tortured in jail and in london an indication of how concerned the police are about what might happen to protest is inside the walls of the embassies of gulf states lawrence lee al jazeera. and italy one of the 2 governing party says put forward a motion of no confidence in prime minister decepticons a deputy prime minister in the tail slovenia's far right league party is hoping the move will trigger a snap election 7 he says differences within the ruling coalition cannot be mended the heads of political groups in the center meet on monday to schedule the no confidence vote the prime minister says it's not up to sylvania to dictate the
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steps of the political crisis. he's not the interior minister to decide the timing with the 2 crises the institution that is very involved in his responsibilities as said this and later that lead me must explain to the votes his reasons why he has interrupted actions of the government. portugal has declared an energy crisis and will start rationing fuel nationwide as tanker drivers threaten to strike the drivers want higher wages and better working conditions will face jail restrictions starting monday to ensure supplies are not disrupted. spain's acting prime minister pedro sanchez will hold more talks at a bid to break the deadlock over forming a new government he says he'll meet with far less than cattle on and fast nat nationalist by the end of the month sanchez has twice failed to secure a parliamentary majority social slater has 6 weeks to be confirmed as prime minister or put forward another candidate failing natter new election will be
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a call for an ember of the ninety's there. is something like the end of august we will have an open progressive proposal ready we will discuss with the different political parties that could support the confirmation of the socialists and spain's government we would talk with the national party and we will also talk with the cost of a national forces and logically we will talk with today most to see if we can reach an agreement the forms of government. place in kurdistan have raided the t.v. station on by former president autumn bya as arrest on thursday has raised fears of instability and a potential power struggle with the country's current leader over manly reports. the state also and orders out of the t.v. station owned by kirk his sons former president also sent in the latest move again . he was arrested in his home last week.
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that this followed a violent confrontation between his supporters and police one officer was killed and dozens injured. attend b.f. remains in police custody after failing to cooperate in a criminal case the tempi of a previously been accused of corruption in parliament stripped him of immunity after he fell out with presents a room by jean because. a 10 bia who served 20 eleventh's 2017 rejects the charges and accuses the authorities of a piece of office looking to capitalize on the political fallout a more backdrop and off he's a former president to contend and it's returned to the country after fleeing 2 years ago when he was accused of inciting ethnic hatred. i want to note the arrival of baghban off won't destabilize the situation now everyone is looking for the next parliamentary election and 2020 political parties including
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president jean because of an baba knobs will unite for the sake of stability the timing is perhaps coincidental the same day as return from moscow russia's prime minister made a scheduled visit to the country. achieved. in my opinion it's obvious that in the 21st century kurdistan has reached its limit for revolutions and it would be really bad if these events resulted in any political and consequently economic instability in the country with us. the former soviet nation had seem to thole the leaders deposed an uprising since $991.00 many in the capital bishkek 5th political fallout. i want to address both jane because of a tom by of police sort all your issues without involving the people were tired of political tensions and instability in. the sky.


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