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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  August 11, 2019 1:00pm-2:01pm +03

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to try to get more access to the temple mount as they call it the arsonist compound where currently only muslims are allowed to pray sometimes when people get inside there is their attempts are additionally to pray and there have been minor skirmishes and clashes in the past what's interesting is usually police as i say don't allow people in non muslims in on muslim festival days in june towards the end of ramadan they did they went against that precedent we're all waiting to see what the decision is today and heidi there's been some recent violence in gaza how is that playing into today's events. well yes there is a background of increasing security concerns over the last few days just this morning the israeli army says that it shot a unarmed palestinian man trying to get through the border fence they say that he shot at israeli forces on the israeli side of the fence and that in response there was shelling of hamas outposts this follows just 24 hours after
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a similar incident where 4 armed men were shot you killed by the israeli army and it towards the end of last week there was an off duty israeli soldier who was stabbed and killed in the occupied west bank so there is this background of heightened security concerns how this plays out here at oxford today really depends on the decision that we're still waiting for from the israeli security forces here or to have a force at there in occupied east jerusalem ari thank you now muslims from around the world are in mecca as the hodge pilgrimage moves into its 3rd day the world's largest annual muslim gathering on saturday more than 2000000 plan the sacred hill of mount arafat's they prayed and recited the koran starting on sunday they'll perform the stoning of the devil ritual some later sacrifice animals to mark the beginning of eden. also to come here the news hour including the shadow of guns we bring you the latest on the tensions in the disputed kashmir region. and
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justice in hong kong continued in some of the demonstrations as hundreds of the by the turds little more that stay with us. and the most a care across much of the middle east however we all sing i once again an increase in those monsoon rains across into much of pakistan's of karachi sunday some strong thunderstorms 29 degrees is the high very warm couple of days in baghdad 45 in up to 47 on monday and by monday we should see a bit of caring and conditions across into karate it's fine enjoy elsewhere up to the north in the west that you want celsius your highness on monday now further to the south the schmall wind it is quite brisk at the moment so what really feeling that coming down from the north but what you'll see here on sunday is quite a particularly southern coast across yemen into i'm on as well and yes again more
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rain in the southwest of yemen of course this could cause some localized floods not by monday that cloud tending to pull away from the southern areas but really pushing up as you can see the tools isso muscat a very cloudy day similarly across into abu dhabi a whole pong ball so this is of those monsoon rains a cool time which is still very high 44 in doha 38 celsius in abu dhabi then into southern africa some good rain coming along starting to capetown sunday we should see a high 15 with those showers but look at this step and 29 degrees that is about 9 degrees above average but by monday it will feel positively cool with a high of 80. weather sponsored by catherine. in a country with high youth unemployment one again i say she helps turn school children into entrepreneurs walk on tell us what i mean by their wide fundraising empowering them to reclaim their futures we teach them how to operate this story my ship was
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how to make the best place and build more prosperous communities some of them invest the money into the business of school for life uganda part of the rebel education series on al-jazeera. welcome back a quick amount of our top stories here this hour southern separatists in yemen have agreed to a cease fire in the city of a saudi led coalition called for the true self to separatist forces took control of the presidential palace a military counts a southern port city the temper seat for yemen's internationally recognized government. the u.n. secretary general has condemned a car bomb attack that's killed 3 united nations employees in libya the explosion
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in the eastern city of benghazi happened moments before a u.n. convoy passed through the area. at least 70 people have been killed and dozens injured when a fuel tanker exploded in tanzania happened in the town of northwest of the capital . people were trying to collect fuel from a vehicle which had overturned. but more than 50000 opposition protesters have rallied in russia's capital the biggest demonstration of its kind in years they were protesting against the exclusion of some candidates from next month's local elections that vast reports from moscow through. this huge turnout shows that the government's crackdown is not working despite massive arrest in the past weeks more people have gathered to demand that and to police violence and asked those detained to be released what started as a local election protest has turned now into a broader movement i'm here to show the term. for the fish is no
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government against its own people alexander salafi of is the only opposition candidate who tried to run in the moscow election who is not in detention at least not at the moment before the rally we could only meet him at a public square because he's avoiding arrest by not going home he had been detained for 8 days after the previous protest or the authoritarian regimes collapse just because of their actions like this because they do everything vice versa they suppress the crackdown and the try to stop the spread of information they stop they try to stop something inevitable something that you cannot stop a big victory to stop telling the truth so progress did attention of opposition leaders like ilyushin and alexina at not deter people from taking to the streets at the authorised rally protestors were urged to take part in a not or an authorized rally that's where police started to detain people and again
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part of the center of moscow is under a loving god people are being detained for peacefully. here. people are being brought in one by one over the floor sometimes with. 4. screaming this thing and they're all being brought in. while flooding you put in is celebrating his 20 years in power analysts say more russian when their point is to be heard. the citizens are demonstrating something brand new and your way of interacting during this protest and importantly their persistency it's not valued enough but for a political process like this it's the key factor so far have not backed down people were detained during previous weeks but with tens of thousands on the street and more protests expected pressure will only grow. al-jazeera.
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security remains tight in indian administered kashmir although some restrictions have been eased to allow people to celebrate the muslim festival of. military forces continue to patrol the streets of the capital. they were deployed before new delhi revoked the autonomy of the disputed region on monday telephone and internet connections are still cut off a brief lifting of the lockdown on friday was met with. immediate protests. well thousands of kashmiris live with a constant threat of gun fire in villages on both sides of the line the divides india and pakistan shortly we'll have a report from pakistan administered kashmir but 1st this jamil met people on the indian side and tells their story. a serene and picturesque landscape just a few kilometers from the line of control between india and pakistan administered kashmir but for those living here. their reality is very different.
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mohammad the sock was hit in the back by a stray bullet 2 months ago it's a risk base by many people here who are caught in the crossfire between indian and pakistani forces but they say they can't leave. so we would we go bullets hit here all the time when the situation gets even a little bad bullets start flying but there's no option to leave my elderly parents are here apa zisha ins whatever we have is here live or die here. down the road there are more signs of conflict 2 years ago this village was evacuated for months after it was hit by shells but people have returned and built reinforced concrete bunkers going to meters or more underground in case the firing escalates again and this time they say they will leave but you've got to. we'll move the elders and the children from here but we'll stay we have the bunkers we call it leave all lands and animals because we're dependent on them. many here are forced to choose between
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life and livelihood this village is only about 3 kilometers from the line of control separating indian and pakistani administered kashmir despite the recent tensions most people here are deciding to stay if cross border firing intensifies but others who left before are scared to risk coming back. about a dozen kilometers from the border this school has been home to some villages. for more than 2 years after facing gunfire they're not afraid of a little rain but they are scared of going back to their homes. there was so much shooting our homes were destroyed all around here but there's no water no rations or firewood my kids travel far for school life is hard. distant gunfire breaks the serenity locals know the danger of living here but many say trying to decide whether to leave or stay is like choosing between a rock and a hard place fares jimmy el al jazeera indeed administered kashmir well civilians
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along the line of control in pakistan that minister of kashmir are demanding better security saw. for. these explosions or what kashmiris fear the most. disastrous safety been mortars and artillery shells hit the area. both sides exchanged fire regularly across the line of control that divides india and pakistan . these images were filmed on the pakistani side just days before india revoked partial autonomy in the part of me to do overseas civilians and both sides have suffered when tension increases between the 2 militaries one child was killed and others were injured in needham valley in the latest shelling from the indian side pakistani soldiers to cluster munitions are used and hundreds of unexploded bombs are scattered over an area approximately 10 kilometers wide. but many homes were hit with traffic from artillery rounds. of us
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a year or 2 particular we didn't see anything we just heard the sound of our house was filled with smoke my grandmother cards for a vehicle and then they took us to hospital a pakistani military did not allow us to film in the open because it says there is danger from posts like this one on the indian side behind me is the district of troy the proximity between pakistani and indian administered kashmir and how people are caught up in the violence in another village near to korti crossing there is an uneasy. being close to the frontline people here are under an ever present threat they are trying to teach their children to forget their fear from the last time they were hit by mortar shells. that are here we live in danger our children are always scared we don't have the shells to hide in the night we can't sleep every time there are shelling our children's education is affected because they can't get to school for weeks along the line of. like this one have begun to appear villagers
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here have been telling us that they have built these bases in case shells begin to drop from the indian side they want indian forces to stop targeting civilians and remind the pakistani government to live up to its promises to provide better security in the. they can begin shelling at any time as they have done before all these bunkers were built with our own money and the government gave us nothing despite promises for compensation and funds to build shelters the disputed kashmir region is one of the world's most dangerous flashpoints between nuclear armed rivals the ridge on the right is in india and the one on the left is in pakistan it's on to around 2000000 people and multiple un resolutions already exist on the issue but the latest crisis has again highlighted 72 years of failure in finding a solution for kashmiris. down to 0 at the line of control pakistan administered kashmir. at least 22 people have been killed in a 1000000 forced on their homes by
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a powerful storm that struck china's east coast from the chemo made landfall on saturday in the province of james yeah it cause widespread damage landslides and flooding several people still missing. felice in hong kong a fired tear gas at protesters forcing them to flee after starting a fire outside a police station testers also staged a demonstration at the city's airport to greet arriving tourists. for. permission for this protest had been refused but with thousands of demonstrators arriving in the town of typo's near the border with mainland china there was no way they were going to be stopped. it's part of the strategy to gain more support for the campaign against the government's now dead extradition back protesters around greece but the bill has not been formally withdrawn they say china is trying to
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gradually erode hong kong's freedoms. a number of stores in the town had closed fearing the same kind of violence that has marred the ends of otherwise peaceful protests but some stayed open to offer free drinks and snacks to the protesters one of the few shops that supports all camping and it will. be ok and you're not afraid of that other party trying to crack and as the march ended several 1000 protesters advanced on the town's police station where they came out against a cordon of police thousands of protesters have made it this far and built this barricade the police line is just another 100 meters further on there was a standoff everybody was expecting that there would be some sort of clash but then word suddenly went out amongst the protesters that they were pulling back and just as soon as they arrived here they have now fallen. well it's all part of this
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movement is hit and run tactics designed to have the biggest impact across hong kong. splitting up into smaller groups some protestors went to shopping districts others blocked roads and intersections like this one in shot in another town that has seen violence with police. protestors hastily assembled barricades to block the traffic before police arrived to drive them off was i to protest diskette or to cause disruption elsewhere as this weekend of civil disobedience dr . robert bright al-jazeera. south korea has opened the last of 3 hiking trails along the demilitarized zone the government hopes the initiative will promote cooperation with the north it coincides with the launch of several short range missiles by pyongyang. as more money thought it would get out the 3rd and
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last hiking trail along the demilitarized zone that separates north and south korea is now open to the public and i was once marked by fences and landmines along this highly militarize the border public access was restricted for decades until now it seems to be. a site that has been forbidden to the public is now open for the 1st time i believe this symbol of division will become one of peace. the program is part of an agreement signed in september by the 2 korean leaders that seeks to ease the decades long military standoff with the north would say leaders hold summits continuously and now more than ever people aspire to peace hyper unification can be peacefully achieved unlike other tourists to give the general public and president had access to a demolished guard post in the demilitarized zone or d.m.z. it was set up after a split. between the north and south but tensions have remained high since the
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truce ended the korean war in the 1950 s. but despite efforts to build trust the provocations continue north korea recently launched a string of new short range missiles and rockets an apparent warning against what it calls hostile joint military drills by south korea and the united states as all your north korea is one of the most isolated countries in the world for many visitors it's a rare opportunity to get a glimpse into the secretive communist state for the 1st leg of the d.m.z. peace trail was opened in april the 2nd in june while this program hopes to bring peace there's still a long way to go towards normalizing ties between south and north korea katia locus of the young al-jazeera. time for a quick check of the headlines here on al-jazeera separatists in southern yemen
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agreed to a cease fire in the city of the saudi led coalition call for the truce out a separatist forces took control of the presidential palace and military camps the southern port city is the 10 percent again and internationally recognized government. the u.n. secretary general has condemned a car bomb attack that killed 3 united nations employees in libya the explosion in the eastern city of benghazi happened moments before a u.n. convoy passed through the area the u.n. security council has met to discuss the convoy attack and the wider situation in libya. i join others in condemning in the strongest terms today's attack on the u.n. convoy in benghazi we send our deepest sympathy to the families of the victims the u.n. exists to help and protect people and attack against its representatives is an attack on the international community at large and we salute the work that this doing in
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libya at the same time as secretary general said scores of libyans have been injured safely the libyan representative can i convey my country's condolences and sympathies to his country and to his people at least 70 people have been killed and dozens injured after a fuel tanker exploded in tanzania it happened in the town of t.v. that's northwest of the capital douma people were trying to collect fields from the overturned vehicles security remains tight in indian administered kashmir unless some restrictions have been eased on our people to celebrate the muslim festival of . our military forces continue to patrol srinagar they were deployed before new delhi revoked the autonomy of the disputed region on monday telephone and internet connections are still cut off more than 50000 opposition protesters have rallied in russia's capital the biggest demonstration of its kind in me is protesting against the exclusion of some candidates from the next month's local elections more than 200 people were arrested but those were the headlines the news continues here on
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al-jazeera after rebel education and school for life uganda special thanks so much for. talk to al-jazeera. what guarantees ready to give to the people will be attending them and i'm a workshop we listen i'm supposed to explain apologize for someone it's also terrorizing we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that matter on the 00 education matters the universal rights to expand arise and offer better prospects. to a better life yet around the globe schools and institutions break. systems they deem to be no longer fit. linking school and how they want identifying the scale of the knowledge needed in the 21st century and now
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a new wave of rebel education is sweeping. the educator and a radically changed the way. challenging the old and bucking the. creating opportunities which will affect individuals and then tie a community. uganda has such a huge demographic of us a bit of a sense of elation it's actually young people under the age of 5 and the challenge that we're having is that there is
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a mismatch between the number of students that graduate from school and available jobs on the market. it's very common for you to go to marketplaces and you find young people doing different kinds of things most of them actually come without any plan what they're going to do for the day they just come and station here maybe they'll get a very kind person and they didn't care for them things to their cause. to. be. one of the things you do you go through and you're going to be you going to patients with they'll give you a lot of spirit to go knowledge he just went in there from whatever you know he needed to cram and then produce the same things in the papers doing exactly what
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typically happens it's tough for most of us that after school i don't find actual employment you don't actually have the right skills for you to get employed so if an employer is going to give you a job they have to ask train you again and very you know the best schools i should say like communication or critical thinking skills that ideally the patient should be providing. you're frustrated because you had all these your parents have invested so much of the money they hired much for a good school with the hope that actually after you're done with school you have this employment to be able to help your brothers or sisters but after school actually sit down and you're struggling because that promise has been broken out of the over 500000 ugandans that actually come out of university i did they call it it's only able to actually provide jobs to about 90000 so you can imagine what happens the other 400 what do they do and if they have not been equipped the right
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skills to start their own businesses what was going to happen to. be. the. key. to. educate his vision is to transform education in africa we do this by i don't mean with 2nd to school and working with them to teach youth skews in leadership into pinoy ship and workforce readiness. but you know. the media.
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needs. to be. doing no more classes is to dental does nothing will go on until unless one ends to tell. but in educate before a student even thinks of those the maze and idea is that in order to keep them active in class i'll. suck that's why i tell. it in your letter. that was. a. good roads are closed and lost all those that have. any.
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clue to say most of us that we are complaining is that we actually have placed source to be driven from so little that tight what that will be lining to the end of the day so it's not just him it's games or puppets i mostly see the case you know we're trying to present our young people to education i think what i actually learning should be fun learning should be directed by me should be some of the strength of. my 2nd risk pool didn't have educate but i used to attend educate from another school i suggest as quote my friend to that school so i tend to educate.
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without sound everyone. how was your last. what did you have for lunch today. oh boy it's busting i guess the 1st 3 words before we start the list on its own start up you're from the lands. you look for this sort of. i want to do the counting game that what. i want to do the counting game so already we find out if i said that was there ready to go. on like this if your fists fanned out. hot 12301. 2. 2. was hot. cold. a 2nd.
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though we are going to come on cause it is less so on. and it is quote fund raising kids how to say it's fund raising beats. oh go on tell us what i mean by a wide fund raising what is for fund raise yes. thank you give half hour was. she has tried someone. who is going to give us a better. talk. thanks for trying but it's not quite. the wow give us some love. she deserves love that is the as i wanted to hear. it
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the act of. my new that. is such an object to. you and i'll fight on. tuesday. i feel more comfortable because of nothing to. do we take on a play bill of rights and the ships kill and the wrath of. those less than some compared to the plane. that should be where. we treat what could be. one of the things i think that we pride ourselves in is that we are no it's landing organization so what we do here is it's really to think about how we can improve the program the i feel we're doing
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that we're talking to our teams in the field making sure that we're really new designs or new changes or solutions whatever challenges they have raised to us and sharing those with them and we actually also talking to schools paid to chose and making sure we're getting the feel of what the program is actually going to see with the. you'll see.
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most students come from the immediate entitled this is this county of a school or. they might get each of. these sounds. sets the stands for. the able now to up ford somewhat immediate in their systems like goes kind of forwards. students can't afford instruction on the t.v. other than.
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demichelis i'll go to the local mike tell you when you look at these there's just been. assembled and few beads around and it looks also they said it in the army that is that ranks of a problem within the school you know but sometimes our friends walk out of school during break tame trying to catch up with breakfast but they provide this school so they make as if you could make this that is and sell to them just to put it here that they made liquid soap we've been this cool is their liquid soap this cool advice from the club one way of supporting the club and also the students take their liquid soap to the community. this is just wasted paper so this isn't going
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to crash it that won't come up with the cardboard so this got word from the film even you can put it in your in your wallet then the pin in your sticky notes out towards you so might everyone here knows how to make whichever for you to see here is that important i just put here responsible by this scheme to divert by everyone who is involved in the club so there is a pool of skills to go out there and employ the skills that they have lantern in to get the able to and manage support their families and themselves. they don't want to be gone we can perceive that they want to become me a job. because of the skills they have gained in it is a need i may take one and they create maybe. i may be making banks in a simply different countries people and become a businesswoman. you only need someone to nature you someone to tell you can do this someone to mentor you and that's why we're here for this is savings so scared to we can encourage students to save their money you only paid one as
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a membership fee that they will be when you're with putting your money you get some costs they see on their money that. we do give out some loans after you've paid back the money we found interest and they traced it straight past. we have the where they call social finals this is the money they actually used to help the needy. a 2nd time we hoped for and we paid school for school and even. different maids a disco inferno. much money. when you select the sense of what we make sure that we have a 50 percent balance between guards and boards and also what we've done is that
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within the lessons that we believe are we teaching awareness concepts. that's something that the young people are watching with the boys and the ghost. even better is that we have noticed that the program is actually having a bigger impact on young women because we realize that actually for the goes we're having 120 percent increase in income. we are making this center of pilots because many students were missing classes and on researching it was like that when those ones having their periods they were only staying at home they can't afford that so i'm terrified the one we buy from this
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shop this sign terrified sad bitter because they come to be real washable and be reused i've told many people how to make this sign terabytes class my friend sat down and i'm sure that whatever 8 ish also goes on spreads the idea to restore the people this is one. theory class they handle then we also put one this is for you foul vand compared to they are that son terabytes which should be a back 8 and you pair 3000 i knew only use once i'm through our we saw if you voted vs you're sure that our view was for this month. then wait for the next 2 months to come the profit we make we are raised to reinvest as a project if someone else come up with the a new skew and eaten in serie it to me and see investing in it we get to the there money we've got on this we also invest we are not all about making profits but we
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are all about putting the posting of impact to the rest of the people. going to get. going to a house for brag out and they don't have and. i'll buy their dream as equality in. that area we are living again is not such a good mood and we are back down the road when i was trained to be and my family to leave the buddha to going to be going to. going to add and the old
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and going to the bad and the local my daily oh. now so as it were you a. still. in our country we entirely skills in late may be someone there is going to a new skill we'll come back to school and we'll raise a record. but started school senior in the army more books and even then not books and if we make sure they're true we sprayed all over the family so that we're facing this moment it knows how to mix charge and these if we believe that we decide to skew. we always teach the community make for the young goes who are dropped out of school because they
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are many in the stone of ours they are some bored boy we're in big mountain and maybe big good have in the infantry we dish them how to operate this always question how to make their bags and how to make them mad to spit out how to make the baskets even this time terrified by the chance to be there. to see them up the good old wounded. them save them and you are now it turns out well listen there's a listen when i did answer them up some overly lucky. to be.
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something that did a little part of the band. that until they. just taken 4 days to get all this got to see all but yeah. big guy. she starts from our own am in the morning until 6 in the evening 6 days in a week she has been doing this for the last 10 years she sells it for about 50 dollars. the people who helped her carry that from down in the the big. to opt out and then the ones to load it on the truck and then the remaining balance is what she will pay hostel. i've witnessed some of my
1:42 pm
relatives doing good and the people in my community doing it which has made me feel so bad and i've decided to at least bring for them something that can help them more buy from this hectic swap. to. tell about who's going to. tell you you can stimulate. now simply. gives them. a year later. learn. that if you believe you can do.
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the letters right now i rolling papers out they run the back into i beat them and the bins i used to sit for the necklaces after rolling hills of collect the beads and then put it on one string and then vanish it eventually to make the final product that can be designed in any different way that you want this lady is used to walk a mile stone quarry and they talked to them we went through want that what they go through the whole day without lunch sitting on us. watching simon and with all the heat with all the hard work it breaks them down and it makes them weaker and weaker the majority of them hiv positive so it is not healthy for their lives i talked to them and they introduced to them to making this paper products where they can get income and they can start different income generating activities besides working in the stone quarry they make the products that they're making they sell it and an
1:44 pm
income from it and this income is distributed differently some of them have even gone ahead to invest the money into different other businesses which we so much encourage to happen and then some of them have also going to have to take their children to schools are also going to have to pay for their own house rent also going to have to buy for themselves clothes take themselves to the hospital and all that i want to see a change i want to see a transformation from from being an impoverished community to being middle income community because poverty ha ve aids and single motherhood we don't have good is so much in this area. when i was being mentored all throughout my. classes my mentor kept on
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telling me the principle of money. running my own business have helped me pay for myself at school helped me pay for my pipes not in business. school it helped me also take my daughter to a school it also helped me to get that lovely house that a holiday home. to . me i'm very proud was i'm seeing my true grandma you learn as a dream some seem to go to which probably going to go in the market and somebody. else also develop that say we've got the down side maybe now but married for the job just to have some life going one day if it will be it will be to the present but in this case. what we're seeing is that the youth that i've been through that
1:46 pm
it could program actually become lead us become community leaders because you know we're cautious about what's going on in the community i'm sort of provide solutions for those challenges that are commuters going through. flood to see that they could start businesses that have a positive impact to the community. a society's progress is dependent on the quality of its experts we need more in finding professionals a top priority is to model right in your generation to study find new teaching methods are infusing tiny students to become the agents of change taking them out to the classroom to solve problems in their local communities ready level education inspiring science timeline at this time on knowledge is in the growing up in the united states i learned that the 1st amendment is really key to being
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a good fit the freedom of the challenge is going to be something these men and women to the resources that are available but it's an al-jazeera story to me is that we just don't tell you what the subject of the story wants to know the government is not going to do the one thing the demonstrators want to apologize for that's what al-jazeera does we ask the questions so that we can get closer to the truth. it's very difficult allison a chef or restaurant or to buy shrimp with the confidence that what you're serving is going to be good seafood by nature is a high risk management sometimes firm has released losing production drugs. that are not approved for use in the u.s. the f.d.a. simply isn't testing enough on the imported market to really find all of these violent if present the take note at this time on al-jazeera. sets in the discussions police in cape town has struggled to making steady
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a gallon by and examining the headlines now under president putin russia is making a push to engage explore an abundance of world class programming designed to inform motivate and inspire news but. it's almost 2nd nature and i also know what's at stake see the world from a different perspective on al-jazeera. 6 a picture for and there are to about separatist forces in the yemeni city of new canal that agreed to a cease fire. alarm down jordan this is not as iran live from go also coming up thousands of
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palestinians gather phonied prayers at the al aqsa mosque compound despite reports of israeli settlers and entered the home side. for the foreseeable future i would place the remains early on so i believe in people the u.n. says it will continue operations in libya despite an attack that killed 3 of its peacekeepers. and at least 70 people were killed in tanzania after rushing to collect fuel from an old attempt unka. separatists in southern yemen have agreed to calls from saudi arabia for a cease fire that follows 4 days of fighting in the city a separatist captured bases belonging to the presidential guard after 1st being called in to protect the presidential palace saudi forces withdrew before it was overrun well the violence has exposed a rift in the military alliance between saudi arabia and the u.a.e.
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that's been at war with these since 2015 while yemen's government is supported by the coalition the separatists haven't been trained by the amorality is over but money has more. to eat battles are braced for 4 days in yemen 2nd 58 and since 3 of the rebels took over the capital sanaa in 2015. aden has been the seat of the country's internationally recognized government now key air. including the president too palace have fallen to southern separatists analysts say their goal is to win back the independence the south lost in the 2 yemens united in 1990 this is what they have been fighting for since 2007. that's about. more than 10 years now. since they have been demanding separation. and. the moment now. i think
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also the regional. national and international circumstances will be. their failure this is what is highly likely to happen the separation this represented south yemen when it was independent between 1967 until 1998 group doctors without borders is calling the city a battlefield. after dozens of the soldiers were killed in a hooty attack on aug 1st sudden separatists accuse the internationally recognized and saudi backed president of failing to protect them and called for the government to be overthrown. many people have fled 8 others are trapped in their homes including this aid worker we hear the sounds of mortar shells from time to time without knowing the source or the target to be hit some have said in the city are
1:52 pm
directly hit or fire fragments into houses or the cars for example a group of men sitting in a cafe yesterday were helped by a mortar shell the battling side who once part of a saudi led coalition they've been fighting hooty rebels in northern and western yemen for more than 4 years the latest violence threatens to open a new front in the 5 year war which just killed tens of thousands of people. 6 al-jazeera. well william laurance is a professor at george washington university he says it isn't clear of saudi arabia can broker a deal. it's actually kind of odd that you would have a ceasefire so quickly because that allows the southern separatists to consolidate their gains rather than be ousted rather quickly and so it's clear that saudi really believes it can. and find a solution here and i'm not so sure that they can do that easily even giving their
1:53 pm
wealth and their status because the southern separatists have been trying to do this for a long time they have longstanding grievances and it's not clear that there will be an easy deal to make i think this is also a story in many ways of what happens when a proxy war is fought and a power comes in and escalates the conflict but also in some ways stabilizes things on one side of the conflict and then leaves precipitously and what the u.s. did in leaving precipitously is actually further escalate the conflict by leaving a different factions that they had supported stronger against other factions that they hadn't supported and they actually are to blame in part for this mess thousands of palestinians have gathered in a mosque in occupied east jerusalem for the 1st day of the muslim festival of. at the same time there are reports that jewish settlers plan to storm the compound. well the whole area is central to the israeli palestinian conflict down has been
1:54 pm
a regular flashpoint as both sides lay claim to it jews refer to it as temple mount in acts of compounds west and warns the holiest site where they can pray the muslims the compound houses the dome of the rock and the al aqsa mosque which represents the 3rd holiest site in islam when jordan is the custodian of al aqsa mosque but its role has been challenged repeatedly with how the force that joins us live now from occupied east jerusalem how is that just talk us through what's the scene at al aqsa mosque now. well the main aid prayers which were delayed from dawn to 7 30 am to try to maximize the number of people at the al aqsa mosque compound the islamic authorities the walk for the compound had instructed all the mosques in the area to close this sunday and to have those prayers at that time to get as many people as possible as you can see many people are now leaving the question though remains what the israeli security forces have decided or will
1:55 pm
decide about whether to let non muslims in usually non muslims aren't allowed in on major muslim festival days such as this but there has been. a big effort by far right and religious national jewish groups to be allowed in because this is also a jewish holy day it coincides with the jewish holy day this year of tisha where jews mourn and fast various catastrophes in jewish history such as the destructions of the 1st and 2nd temples the jewish exile and so there are these groups that are demanding access to the site on the same day usually police don't allow people in who aren't muslim on important muslim festivals they did break that precedent earlier this year when the end of ramadan coincided with what israelis call jerusalem day when they mark the seizure of east jerusalem in 1067 by israeli forces they did allow jews in on that day and there were some skirmished. is at the site during the course of that day so far that we've had no word from the police on
1:56 pm
their decision today to have a force that they're in occupied east jerusalem a very thank you for that let's bring in moon rabbani if we can he's a senior fellow at the institute for palestine studies and joins us via skype from washington d.c. 1000000 so we're hearing reports that some israeli settlers plan to storm the al aksa compound just talk us through what they're hoping to achieve by this move. essentially these years are over to augment. the ration of sovereignty over an ex east jerusalem with effectively establishing your sovereignty over the heart i'm a city and everything within it and many of them have our end of the line you know if you will ideology which says that the unlocks a mosque and with all of the rock need to be demolished and your place well what
1:57 pm
with what they probably their temple so essentially it's trying to eradicate and eliminate any that since there are problems city and presidents and mystery at the holiest sites and more and more in in terms of the broad agenda politics how much is president trump's actions of embracing the agenda of israel's extreme right further emboldened the israeli government and israeli extremists but very well so i mean i think it's fair to say that these agendas did not originate with the tron ministration and preceded by many years but nevertheless you now have in the ministration in washington that has gone beyond the traditional. american support of whenever the government of the day we visited has in fact adopted the agenda of the most extreme forces within israel as its own and
1:58 pm
essentially adopted as an american agenda and what you now have is these israeli forces whether the government. rather is sensing or golden opportunity particularly in the period leading up the next american presidential elections in november of next year as kind of the golden opportunity to see to it. as as much as they can as fast as they can and i think this also inquire helps explain the increase here precedence in the world around these issues and a final thought from you there's also the ongoing blockade of gaza and we've seen increasing violence in gaza over the last few days i mean how is that playing out into the vents as well well we've seen increasing violence in gaza over the past years and back well past decades and what we're seeing now is. a gradual escalation of what the city efforts to increase the challenge.
1:59 pm
there is i think the real question to what extent will come out of the rules it goes astray or is involved in these and we see challenges of the law and to what extent these are being conducted by forces independently of a mosque even more challenging. hamas i think it's also fair to say that things are coming to have not only. occupied east jerusalem but also in the gaza strip because of the taller growing and it's all over and into a pit and innocence or raises questions about the status quo in the west. which many observers believe is becoming is untenable has a lot more in rabbani thank you very much talking to al jazeera if you're. on the
2:00 pm
mecca of the harsh pilgrimage has moved into its 3rd day more than 2000000 muslims have traveled to saudi arabia for the festival on sunday they'll perform the sounding of the devil ritual some relate to sacrifice animals to mark the start of the. the u.n. secretary general antonio but that is has condemned a car bomb attack that's killed 3 united nations employees in libya the explosion in the eastern city of benghazi up on moments before a u.n. convoy passed through the area the u.n. security council has met to discuss the convoy and the water situation in libya i join others in condemning in the strongest terms today's attack on the u.n. convoy in benghazi we send our deepest sympathy to the families of the victims the u.n. exists to help and protect people and attack against its representatives is an attack on the international community at large and we salute the work that this doing in libya at the same time.


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