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of solidarity with the push medias on both sides of the sea and beaver announced the 15th of august is going to be a black to be observed by a committee is that pakistanis all over the world every capital they will be standing shoulder to shoulder with their beady brothers and sisters what are your biggest fear is and what is the hope that you have that pakistan's version of events pakistan's what pakistan's point of view is is going to be heard and it will prevail my biggest fear is. the. the genocide. that can take place on the inside of which we have no evidence. open up open up here did anybody stop you you went to the elysee you make people you into it will be allow you that big why don't you attempt and try to having been
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here. and to make a request to the indian side and let them allow you to go to to me to lead a ship over there will be allowed i doubt it so we have nothing to fair we have nothing to hide and i think pakistan has a solid. case and a to believe that case you know to put the case into the world community international community and we are concerned about the nations that are taking place because today in india you have a regime which has the fascist mentality you know that nazi approach that they have is that out as has been you know this is the political wing of the r.s.s. . and that is of great concern. innocent people. being attacked killed raped mean and threw the pellet guns you know losing
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eyesight. what is going to be what is your biggest fear is i ask you because the bird is watching closely that 2 nuclear rivals are now in a battle for words where they don't you've cut off a deep almost diplomatic relation to downgrade it to the maximum level you've cut off trade for that so. that my question is is there a fear that this could lead to an escalation where it would go to a point of no return but be a fairing that to divert. attention from the atrocities that have been committed. in indian occupied kashmir the indians might undertake if false flag operation and then. sort of twisted and distorted events and say ha you know this was
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a cross border terrorism you know the pull to that stage drama that they did in february they would try and create some kind of a situation to divert. attention and that is why we are saying that on that predicts they might do something stupid what they have done already that was. it's over the rational in our view and. it's a responsibility you know yes you said yes to nuclear states we think war is not a solution it's through suicide never be neural. response even for every was defensive in nature we were not aggressive so we are going to conduct our case diplomatically. politically and we will look at the good options we will
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see besides what options to be had what are those options because people have been bombing out people have been talking about pakistan stepping up its military presence in the line of control no stopping airspace no not those options that i think incorrect we have not stopped it's best that we qualified that we clarify that we have not. be in the habit of generating fake news and you know they take advantage of that but we have not. we have not going to sort of are you going to we haven't taken that in yet but it depends on how they react how they behave and what is it out to what we are saying is we have a case that case is pending this could come so they have rejected davidic to mediation they have rejected 3rd party facilitation and they are all. shy of a bilateral interaction and on top of that they are changing the status of speed
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which is a disputed territory internationally recognized dispute so what do we do the only rational reasonable. option but pakistan was go to the security council and the security council it is their responsibility it's on their agenda it's a pending item and peace and security is that prime responsibility is a question thank you very much for being with us well there you have it that was the foreign minister of pakistan chairman with great she's speaking to us telling us that pakistan believes in a diplomatic solution out of this crisis pakistan is going to employ all of its resources to find support for its version of events and is going to be going to the security council soon. thanks. protesters in hong kong with been out in force once again across different parts of the city the
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latest standoff took place inside a train station that was filled with smoke after police fired tear gas at protesters bryant has the latest from hong kong we've had a another day of the typical hong kong protests they start quite peacefully almost in a carnival type atmosphere as you mentioned that the protests that were taking place today are not allowed to have taken place they didn't have permission from the police nonetheless thousands of people turned out police were nowhere to be seen they just basically allowed people to take over the streets they they have their own marshals or there were marching along that seemed to control the traffic but then as predictably perhaps again the ends in these violent clashes the protests we've been following in particular this has been on the cow kalou district of hong kong from an area called champs and basically thousands of people marched all the way across the calhoun peninsula to this place which is trying to show one when
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they people reached here thousands of those simply went home but there was always in these protests a hardcore that advanced on the police station that's in this area they advanced as they have done many times before build a barricade put up the umbrellas to get closer and closer to the police station basically trying to get within throwing range and they were using not only a few rocks this time but also marbles being fired from catapults devices there are . different types of devices being used and police did respond in force there was tear gas and also quite a few rubber bullets and then after that in this particular area of calhoun police really did come out in force whole squads of riot police took to the streets very much just stamping their austerity wants more on this place that they are in control. israeli police moved into a lock some mosque compound in east jerusalem during a standoff with palestinians at one of the gates to the holy science dozens were
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injured when officers set off sound grenades and rushed people out but trouble began when rightwing jewish groups demanded access to the sides on the muslim holiday of a de la herefore said reports from occupied east jerusalem. chaos and confrontation inside the mosque compound on the 1st day of her. usually non muslims are barred access on muslim holidays but for a 2nd time this summer significant dates for jews and muslims have overlapped and for a 2nd time israeli security forces decided to allow in jewish groups having said they would only do so if they assess the security situation is favorable. toward. a more thought out of if the extreme right wing government in the state is supporting the settlers to target the holy sites and to invade them in order to control into judea zone they try continuously and repeatedly but we jerusalem people are resisting and we will fight on against these practices. earlier on sunday tens of thousands of
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muslim worshippers had answered the call from the islamic walk the trust that operates the compound under your thora t. of jordan to pray in and around other local mosques were ordered closed to maximize numbers the muslim officials aware that right wing jewish nationalists had been demanding access to the site known to jews as the temple mount on t. shirt but hour of the day jews mourn tragedies in their history including the destruction of the 1st and 2nd temples perhaps the key question about today's events is why the israeli security forces decided to change their minds in the early part of the day it aside it's a ban on was thems entry to the al aqsa mosque compound for fear of friction a change that position and friction ensued anyway a police spokesman said the situation changed after they dispersed muslim worshippers using stun grenades tear gas. and rubber bullets he denied that was a tactic to clear the way for jewish groups saying security forces responded after chairs and stones were thrown at them there has been an increasingly vociferous
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movement on the religious right in israel for more access to the site a change to the status quo arrangements in force since the start of the israeli occupation in 1967 you heard a glick is a leading voice in the movement i asked him whether the decision to allow access was a political one by a government that wants to satisfy right wing voters ahead of september's election mr netanyahu last week told the police you do what you think is right i'm not going to get involved and if you say on line that he did it for political reasons you are lying to your crowd it has nothing to do with the decision was made personally by the office of the police palestinians those see this as intensely political the senior p.l.o. politician hamas row we accusing israel of recklessness and aggression designed to provoke religious and political tension this holy site is once again a flashpoint and a focal point in the conflict are a force that al-jazeera occupied east jerusalem for he had program engine saudi
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arabia is coming to a close for millions of muslims it's the world's largest annual religious gathering there performing the stoning of the devil ritual some will later sacrifice animals to mark the beginning of evil of ha on saturday more than 2000000 climbed the sacred hill of mount. they prayed and recited koran and people in indonesia marked the start of a dialogue with morning prayers indonesia is the world's most populous muslim nation thousands gathered in the capital jakarta on the 1st day of the holiday. voters in argentina are taking part in presidential primaries that are expected to give an early indication of what's to come in october the general election the 2 major parties have already chosen their candidates incumbent president is up against opposition leader and birth of. voting is also under way in guatemala where people are choosing a new president in
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a runoff election their opinion polls suggest the former 1st lady sounded i thought is ahead of center right candidate a 100. john home and has more. room for. who was in the air at the last quarter mile than elections a groundbreaking united nations backed commission is growing up the corrupt politicians the president himself and food i in the street thousands marched for change and for a moment it looked like they get it done. fast forward 4 years hopes you but your anti corruption commission has been slowly dismantled and both both candidates are talking the talk. but i'm going by corruption what about. combating the disgusting corruption will be a priority need of plans to renew the anti corruption commission's mandate sunda the tortoise and i love 100 have other priorities.
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she says she'll bring back the social aid that made a popular as 1st lady and send the army on to the streets to combat gangs he's a conservative who's promised training credit for farmers and 9 faced on crime a move to or isn't but they're far from popular and both have checkered pasts curtis was accused of illicit funding for her last presidential campaign gemma was acquitted of 8 should judicial killings while head of the prison system whoever wins will take on extra baggage left by outgoing president jimmy morales he signed a deal with the u.s. that migrants crossing the country mainly from honduras and el salvador would have to request asylum in guatemala rather than continuing to the u.s. if the deal is ratified it could mean tens of thousands of new arrivals in a country where already more than half the population lives in poverty. but it has less on it for many reasons like high malnutrition rates inequality and corruption
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allegations in the health system what a mullins themselves lave the country that shows it can't guarantee those rights to the hundreds of thousands who would ride the the candidates keen on the deal with the u.s. but neither has rejected it outright part of governing guatemala for whoever wins will mean getting along with the power to the new john home and does it or. thousands of venezuelans have taken part in a protest against u.s. sanctions after new measures came into force this week president nicolas maduro addressed supporters at the no more trump rally in caracas he says his country will resist what he calls the us president's racist government talks were planned in. norway this week between maduro and opposition leader one why though former dura has pulled out in protest. and president duros also rallied hundreds of supporters with an upbeat message of defiance against those u.s. sanctions but his critics say that message will do little to help venezuelans
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suffering from severe shortages of essential goods those living on an island once dubbed the paradise reportedly trying to survive on just a few cents a month stories about reports many on toss finding it hard to feed their families. the island of toss in the lake of mike i will in northwest venezuela was once a tourist destination. now its residents are struggling and so people like pina are trying to help out we went with him to anyone silas house her brother george is 33 he's autistic he's also undernourished this will be his only meal today. i need help he has no bed to sleep we have no diapers his situation is getting worse every day nobody helps us he's been losing weight and we can barely feed our family. and what complicates the situation even more is that you are going
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to has a problem in his throat but there are no doctors to diagnose him his source says there are many cases like his around the island and even though he's trying to lend a hand it's not been easy well. i don't have much but i started to ask people to give me just one spoon of rice to feed them times are difficult for everyone nobody has much food to give away those who take care of their relatives with disabilities are suffering and cannot give much. his hooves is also helping out at least 8 others in this island of around $10000.00 people many have already migrated somewhere else because of food and medicine shortages we're told the water sanitation plant is broken and there is no gas or electricity. if we went to the house of mike kelly just seen a mother of 5 she has no money to buy her children clothes or diapers even though
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her husband works as a fisherman she says they barely have enough to eat people here are desperate they don't have running water they don't have gas and this is the only food they have for the whole family the situation is so dire that they were forced to sell this window in order to be able to buy medicines for the children. michael lee says all government help has been gone for months the venezuelan government says boxes of subsidize food but they're not arriving fast enough. for the little food we have is because we were given one government box last week after 6 months the government is gone and if they have something they give it to people that vote for them we don't vote because we don't have an id. economy say the crisis in venezuela is caused by a drop in oil prices corruption and mismanagement of government resources.
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it's the 1st crisis that last so long in an oil producing nation it's the 1st oil nation with hyperinflation and it's the biggest collapse of an economy in a country that did not go to war the impoverishment in the country is brutal now with an increase in u.s. sanctions many fear the situation will deteriorate even more on saturday precedent or lead a protest against the united states the sanctions implemented by donald trump an opposition leader one way though. all of this making this all of this brutality has been requested an openly supported by this despicable outlaw traitor to the homeland named one dog. but in the island of course most people say the crisis began before the u.s. sanctions they're desperately waiting for a solution that will help them survive there is a war i just seen or dos island venezuela.
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let's take you through some of the headlines here now does iran now yemen's government is condemning the u.a.e. and saudi arabia after sudden separatists took over large parts of aden the interior minister says the u.a.e. supplied the separatists with hundreds of armed vehicles for the major push on saturday saudi arabia and the u.a.e. our coalition partners in yemen it was supporting government forces in the fight against hoofy rebels. hundreds of vehicles laying didn't identify fully loaded with weapons and ammunition this is to combat mercenaries hired guns who are being manipulated we are just fighting with their hands with whatever however we criticized the silence from our brothers saudi arabia we condemn the silence for 4 days while our partner in the coalition a slaughter in us we will make to serve on the ground. police in hong kong of fired
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tear gas on the 10th weekend of anti-government protests a large group of demonstrators marched in the code district after an unauthorized march earlier on sunday police say they had to fight to get some of the crowd holed bricks and refused to disperse several arrests have been made. as karma a mosque compound in occupied east jerusalem for now after israeli police moved in dozens of people palestinians gathered at the site for the 1st day of the muslim festival of. they were angry over right when jewish groups demanding access. a former sri lankan defense secretary accused of war crimes is hoping to become the country's next president a political gathering was held in colombo gotto by rajapakse his candidacy was announced by his brother and former sure lankan president mahinda rajapaksa rajapaksa has been accused of overseeing atrocities during sri lanka's decades long
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civil war those are your headlines the news continues after inside story. china intervened to stop protests in hong kong beijing warns protesters saying its patience is wearing thin after many weeks of chaos but what options does it have to deal with anger in hong kong and is a military intervention possible this is inside story.
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hello and welcome to the program. china has warned it might be losing patience with what it calls a color revolution in hong kong it said those who play with fire must not mistake beijing's restraint for weakness they will eventually be punished a few days after that warning protesters were back on the streets for the 10th straight weekend they've defied a police ban on some of the marches and again faced tear gas activists have also staged a protest at the international airport to make arriving tourists aware of their campaign protesters want chief executive leader kerry lamb to resign greater democratic reform and an inquiry into alleged police violence but lam says her priority is to stop the unrest that she says has hurt the city's economy and just see it as rob mcbride has been covering the protests. another day of protests on the streets of hong kong and predictably perhaps one small ending of violent
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clashes with the police this march that we were following started in a district called sham choice that's a part of the calhoun area of hong kong where thousands of people took part even though it was technically an illegal demonstration that didn't put people off given the strength of feeling really exists here in hong kong at the moment once they reach the end of the march most people simply went home but a hard call pressed on and try to stall show one police station which is just a couple of 100 meters down this road here they formed a barricade they pushed to get try to get within throwing range of the walls with police very much barricaded inside a predictably a clash broke out police fired tear gas and also rubber bullets dispersing the people who then slipped away it's part of the protesters tactics of hit and run and then very quickly squads of riot police arrived to very much of the place there all starts he once more on the streets of hong kong it does seem to be perhaps
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a more robust response from the police here watching very closely of course will be beijing and they would applaud such a tough move they would applaud taking a tougher stance with these demonstrators that we've published probably seen today as we know from the remarks that the chinese central government has made of hong kong a very quickly it's almost reaching a point of no return is almost on a knife edge as people here have said that this whole system of one country 2 systems is possibly in danger of collapse which could of course mean eventually having to declare a state of emergency and sending and the people's liberation army we are nowhere near that at this stage but china is watching very carefully robert fried for inside story. this is what the director of the hong kong and macau affairs office jang shamming who's a top chinese official had to say on wednesday the violence is getting more and
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more intense impacting an increasingly why part of the society it can be said that hong kong is facing the most serious situation since its return to china the movement about the extradition bill has gone bad and it has the clear characteristics of a color revolution if the situation in hong kong continues to worsen into unrest that the hong kong special administrative region government cannot control the central government will not sit back and do nothing. all right let's bring in our guests from hong kong via skype tom grundy is editor in chief and founder of hong kong free press an independent publication from beijing einar tangan is china political analyst and advises the chinese government on economic issues and development and finally from nottingham via skype steve saying is director of the china institute at s. oas university of london welcome to the program steve let me start with you the protests have been evolving what have you noticed changing in the past week well
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the really big development in the last week was the language to chinese government is using. it is now describing events in hong kong as close to that that crucial now doesn't know it very important change in language that we thank something very important to the chinese communist party revolutions ultimately a boat unseating to parties in china and that is something which the party or xi jinping absolutely not totally it is a single most important development in the last week i know what does it mean to you in beijing the china is using this kind of language they're describing it as a color revolution. well i think you should look at it as a reaction to what's happening in hong kong i mean this is morphed from the kind of political theater that somehow this extradition treaty was unfair to hong kong to a full blown cry for
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a complete democratic system universal suffrage i mean in essence this is a direct challenge to the existing basic laws and also to beijing so i think they're going to they're reacting to that and they will continue to react if these kind of fringe elements continue to push this idea tom we've talked about the demands that protesters have put out there we're talking about a complete withdrawal of this extradition bill an independent inquiry into the crisis an investigation into what they say is an excessive use of force by police and also for hong kong chief executive kerry lamb to step down if one or 2 of these demands are met would that put into the protests i'm sure that hong kong could not make any such concessions because it mean the protests were unlike what misapplying was just saying that universal suffrage is actually something bait into the mini constitution here the basic law one of the articles phase i have it right here that the ultimate aim is the election of the chief executive by universal suffrage so if
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idea of a color revolution or evolution he for not fighting for something new from what we've been thing and who we've been speaking to on the street there defending the freedoms in the civil liberties the promise them anyway in many ways with the demands that you have lifted that they are conservative that they simply want the freedoms that were promised in the basic law in the one country for the cream to be maintained. i know it looked like you wanted to jump in so i'm going to i'm going to let you have your reaction but also i want to ask you about a development that's come about in the past couple of days where. communist backed publications are essentially accusing the u.s. of being involved busy in these protests what kind of direction does this move all of this into well quite frankly from beijing's point of view the meeting is by senior democratic party founder mr lew going to washington meeting with pump aoe with pat and also bolton and in addition to congress and seeking
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support for an independent democratic home kong and then this latest meeting between a senior embassy official and mr wong the student leader has made it very clear in least in beijing's eyes that the u.s. is supporting this particular action and they believe it's part of a kind of all pressure situation that in addition to the trade issue in addition to sending ships through the taiwan straits that this is another tactic and that the u.s. doesn't care what happens to hong kong only if they can use this as a pawn in a game to gain economic advantage steve it looked like you were reacting to some of what i had to say there so i want to see if you want to jump in i also want to ask you what do you think about these accusations by china or by communist backed
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publications that are essentially alleging that the u.s. is also involved that there are foreign influences involved in these protests as well. well if i would it director of the cia i would be very pleased with what the chinese government was saying because it will say that the cia is delivering miracles that is totally and utterly incapable of delivering i think all these allegations of american and other foreign interference completely quantised at least a protest that is very much developing out of hong kong because of the way how both the special mission special initiative in government and the chinese government have been dealing with people in hong kong but having said that i think we do have to take the chinese government albeit mistaken view of foreign intervention seriously we have to be aware that policies are never make on the basis of reality
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but on the basis of one's perceptions and on assess of that reality they see a lot of shadows behind hong kong that ken's in their language when they really isn't any black hand and this is a very important issue because it means that. the chinese government is not understanding where the problem really lies in hong kong in a mirror situation and the protesters in hong kong are also not seeing what the chinese government may actually do in response to what they are doing even though they are not pushing for. democracy at this stage that the mines has been very much focus on the issue of the last to have to be withdrawn and that the protesters who are arrested should be free and just let enquiry should be instituted they are not really the kind of things the chinese government are saying about it kind of revolution but beijing season they have
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a problem. to understand each other in order to find a way out at the moment we're not seeing that happening some adding listen to what steve just said do you believe that beijing no matter what their rhetoric might be no matter what moves they've made do you believe that beijing really understands what lies at the heart of these protests and these demands from protesters. i don't think it's coming from abroad i think those favor is a wacky at best and wild conspiracy wildly conspiratorial of were looking at some of the videos and things put out by state media it's quite comical there is just no evidence for meetings with officials like consulates and and others abroad are pretty normal including meeting those of the opposition i've seen videos of cajuns a presence at the protest and we know a lot of them as journalists or local residents and most comically we've seen local lawmakers point to some of the good protestors are using like walk lead source winning floats or you know laser pen them and gas mask of these things are
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available really you know here i don't think the ca cia has much of a budget if that's what they're furnishing the protesters with the fact is. this is an organic you know home grown movement that has come out of years of prostration whereby peaceful protests have not worked through decades of demands for universal suffrage and to suggest that it's coming from elsewhere is kind of oriental if to suggest that people cannot have independent thought here organize themselves or purchase facemask without the help of foreigners i know we're hearing more and more warnings from china and seems to be indicating that beijing's patience is wearing ever center so what exactly is china prepared to do if these protests don't diminish. well that's a very large question i mean there's a legal way to do that in which case it would be the hong kong government would
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request under the basic laws that this situation had become civil strife and that they could have the p.l.o. they actually come in and take control the situation that would be an invitation the other way is if china thought that a foreign power was behind these attacks and was financing them now both my fellow guests have said oh this is nonsense but they didn't refute the fact that there were meetings between the pro-democracy side and the high level officials of bolton pence and pompei 0 and the the the leader of the house palosi who all encourage this and said that home call should pursue a democratic future so in this particular case it doesn't make sense for them to just say poo poo this doesn't exist it's all imaginary now the also you start looking at how organized these protests are how they're morphing there are
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strategies they're doing this hit and run as your lead in indicated this is not the kind of sophistication that you would expect from students nor it's fine to say that you can buy these things but the fact is if you go to these sites they will give you a helmet they will give you a gas mask they will give you other things signage is all of it are all freshly printed this takes a lot of logistics coordination getting all these people inks now there are 2 bias and a grammy one are the legal demonstrations which are fine like at the airport. tom go ahead ask you what you said. we know exactly how the protesters are organizing themselves in acquiring that they have buying it from shops from the internet you can see it really happening it's out in the open on telegrams on social media unlike the mainland where they're having fun to ship the free internet into the
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neighbor people to do that do you not feel that local people a capable of making such a thing no i don't feel that there may capable of making these purchases in the mt they have to remember this is a group of people who are protesting in essence against the unfairness of the system you have a country that has the 8th largest g.d.p. per person in the world and it's one of the richest it's done very well with its trade as a open door to both sides into china and outside of china yet the masses of people in these young people cannot even think of affording a basic house their wages are basically stagnant in a country where they are forced to compete against the very wealthy expatriates who are coming in so the underlying issue here is the economic unfairness and you talk about this as if they have lots of extra money to spend on such for policies as gas masks hard helmets and signage it has to be coordinated they're not buying that of
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themselves and giving them out you know that gentleman you know let go you can see gentlemen let me play many other things gentlemen they are losing the let me just stop you there i'll give you tom in a minute a chance to respond and i want to get to steve because steve i saw you shaking your head so i want to see what your response is what i was saying but also i want to focus on one point he was making he was saying that perhaps there would be a scenario or a legal mechanism by which hong kong would request that the people's liberation army come to hong kong to deal with these protests and so what i want to ask you is do you think that there is any chance that the p l a would at some point in the near or long term future show up on the streets of hong kong it went yes. now we are not seeing a being deployed in the immediate future i don't see that. by some way away there are other options that are not still available to the chinese government but if it comes to it and if she jinping or the chinese government views
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that the authority of the chinese communist party in hong kong and which is part of the p.r.c. is being challenge they will do whatever it takes if it means sending in the p o a or calling out if you know a government in hong kong they will do it and i don't think we should have any illusions about that now having said that i think the. conversation was really a bit rather unreal we have to deal with realities there's no point in making allegations which are totally ungrounded in reality people in hong kong are perfectly capable of organizing themselves people who say they don't simply don't understand a whole operates and the young people in hong kong may not have a lot of money now perfectly capable of. powered tyson what they believe to be important they believe what they are protesting today is the last chance for damage
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to the path to defend their core values and if people things that for something as important as these people in hong kong and they will power ties to korea wanted and they're spending the money to buy the. hants and. i don't think they really understand what's actually going on in most of the demonstrators in hong kong activists ones are in a graduates or law university each students they have a good economic future in hong kong they are there. for what they believe in i think beijing needs to understand. a train crashed in hong kong tom i know you want to jump in cement you do that now but i also want to ask you is what's going on now proof to you and many others that china as one country 2 systems model is no longer viable. well yes i want to
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respond to mr tang and his expertly calling the beijing's line that by trying to refocus on economic issues and the plight of young people which are which exists but that doesn't mean that they can't just you know face math and things that saddam insulting to say that they can't it's quite an educated and middle class you know society a lot of people live with their parents and they can afford a few dollars to buy a what lead to cover to go to the chop at them. a lot of these items are donated and we've seen fundraising campaigns on line in the millions of dollars to support them because they raise a decent level of support locally for what's going on as for the 2nd body question one country 2 systems is the big concern i think these young people are going to be alive when this agreement they set to expire in 2047 and we're going to be an unknown that's why they're protesting for that future many of them don't have you know a 2nd option or elsewhere the lives but when it comes to pal
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a involvement which is also suggested i think that is also i think way far busy off into the future because there are other you know toys that the police can bring out such as water cannon and we've really seen a bit of a crackdown the last week or 2 with police being more forthright in making arrests unlawful assembly but it's true to say this is just being bring a big question mark over one country 2 systems and certainly if there was pale and involvement that would be admitting that that that agreement for hong kong autonomy that einar let me ask you specifically about hong kong see if executive kerry land where do things stand between kerry lam and beijing right now and is there any chance that some point soon she loses the support of beijing and has to step aside . well and realistically i think she lost the support through the handling of this matter it was her idea to push this particular extradition treaty at the time she
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she thought it would be a very sympathetic cause because of the murder of this young young woman and her child hong kong citizen after he took took her to taiwan at least alleged that this is what happened and i think but beijing is not going to abandon her they do not want to be seen to be giving in to a mob rule i'm actually kind of appalled by both of my fellow commentators that they don't seem to have any kind of sympathy for the people of hong kong who are being not only inconvenienced but actually physically harmed by this you know the police officers who have been attacked and wounded last fingers the woman at the subway station who was pregnant and could not get to the hospital you know this is not about attacking mainland china now what these students these radical elements are not for and so the whole movement the ones that are illegal are going after
2:43 am
their own they're setting fires in front of police stations they're defacing public property you saw what kind of who would listen they engaged in at the at the main house of government this is kind of if they're blocking tunnels i mean how is this helping it preventing people from getting to work is this is this the way is this the face of democracy is this how you protect the rule of law by breaking it by not only inconveniencing but harming your fellow citizens what's the response to this is this somehow all part of the cost of pushing this kind of color revolution tom i'm going to give you the last word here but just be aware we don't have a lot of time we only have about a minute left i want to ask you to respond to what i was saying and also from your vantage point there in hong kong and having been on the streets there what about this specific charge of danger to residents and people being caught up in the violence when it happens. well just to respond with carol lam
2:44 am
i mean i tend to agree beijing is going to stick by her. so now maybe in a few months we will see a stepping down for family reasons or something like that but with the man that's been brought up a couple times during the show her to be for her to fat down we've not heard that on the streets for a while i think protesters would prefer a lame duck in place so that demand has been replaced with the implementation of universal suffrage for some if with the time i was thinking i was ready to defend protestors and some of the violence actions you've seen on that side bearing in mind you know i've been hairy things coming from both sides and i'm not going to i've seen them be seized a police station just at the bottom of my building using bricks and slingshots they're not seen tear gas canisters in their hundreds thrown in putting indiscriminately against the people outside including residents and tourists in the heart of the tourist district and as i left to do that showed that the anger on the
2:45 am
street was coming from residents and they had a few choice words and profanity for the police because whenever we speak to people we have no holes in this we find that there is still a decent level of support from the resident despite that being a tear gas birthday across the city all the protesters are we're going to leave it there because we have run out of time thank you to all our guests tom grundy einar tangan and steve sang and thank you too for watching you can see the program again any time by visiting our website al-jazeera dot com and for further discussion go to our facebook page that's facebook dot com forward slash a.j. inside story you can also join the conversation on twitter our handle is at a.j. inside stories for me mamma jim joel and the whole team here bye for now.
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talk to al-jazeera. what guarantees would you give to the people will be attending the minimal workshop we listen i'm supposed to explain apologize for someone is also terrorizing me we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that matter on the soldiers 0 set in the discussions police in cape town have struggled to regain steadily dying by examining the headlines now and a president who to russia is making a push to engage explore an abundance of world class programming designed to inform motivate and inspire but. it's almost 2nd nature and i
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also know what they see the world from a different perspective on al-jazeera in one lifetime we cannot see everything with our own eyes but i had testimony we were nowhere enough to witness documentaries that open your eyes on al-jazeera. with a big breaking news story can be chaotic and frantic behind the scenes. people shouting instructions in your ear you're trying to provide the best most accurate up to date information as quickly as you can. it's when you come off air on being seen pin that you realize even witness history in the making. until now the coverage of latin america and most of the world was about covering
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could a top. it's tragedies. and that was it but not how people feel how they look how they think and that's what we do we go. 5 months. when education system that was introduced to. latin america as year has come to fill a void that needed to be filled. this is al-jazeera. hello i'm sam and this is the news hour live from coming up the next 60 minutes. in india you have
2:49 am
a routine which has been pretty. an exclusive interview with al jazeera pakistan's foreign minister attacks india over the kashmir crisis. the interior minister of yemen's u.n. bank government says 400 u.a.e. army vehicles were used by separatists to seize a. brady soldiers clear palestinian worshippers from parts of the compound in east jerusalem. to gas and arrests police in hong kong out in full force as protesters hold more rallies across the city. pakistan's foreign minister has strongly criticized the indian government for its revocation of kashmir's autonomy and in the exclusive interview with al-jazeera the
2:50 am
minister said he just returned from consultations with the chinese government says they completely support pakistan's position over the kashmir region. but i have come back with satisfaction that it completely understand and indorse our point of view they have considered the indian action as unilateral. unlawful. and they feel that the matter should be resolved under the un charter and according to the pickable security council resolutions they have endorsed or to few concerned about the peace and security of the region this action that undermine the currently of the region. will have more of that interview later in the show meanwhile security remains tight in india administered
2:51 am
kashmir paramilitary forces continue to patrol the streets of certain about they were deployed before the indian government revoked the autonomy of the disputed region on monday telephone and internet connections are still down a brief lifting of the long run on friday was met almost immediately with protests priyanka go to reports now from new delhi. has been walking for 3 hours from one pharmacy to the next he needs injections for his 70 year old mother she has cancer. injections are not available in the market so the situation here is bad nothing is available here. pharmacies in srinagar are running out of medicine. and we don't have 50 percent of our stock if the curfew continues will run out of our medicines and tina 15 days. families like these are stuck at home because of security restrictions imposed by the indian government after the reaches autonomy
2:52 am
last week. 4 lines are down and internet is not working nobody knows what happened nobody tells us. everything is. this is not live this is not the modern world this is all gone i mean we are living in. this editor of an english daily says she hasn't been able to reach a journalist in the valley since monday she spied a petition in india's top court to ask the government to live for strictures on the media we don't know the truth we are seeing a lot of different and very strikingly different words coming out which one is. the authentic. it's very difficult to say with certainty the government says the restrictions are temporary and are aimed at ensuring law and order in the region but the editors guild of india say
2:53 am
it's concerned that they're making it difficult to report accurately from the region and people here say that that vacuum is being filled by mr porter and what they call fake news on the internet fact checkers of the quaint and indian online news website say they have found 13 instances of fake news flooding the internet in recent days says there is no communication we don't know what's happening so i think when you talk about propaganda other thing isn't easy but anybody actually on board decides to just read or whatever they want to read greek news be the kind of me was that they want people to believe it. back in srinagar through those finally manages to get one injection for his ailing mother but not all he will now have to look elsewhere for another day as people and indeed it means to live under these unprecedented restrictions in these uncertain times. are dizzy are you telling.
2:54 am
well india is trying to remove some of that uncertainty around essential supplies it says it will ensure adequate stocks of food by opening ration stations throughout the kashmir valley. certain commitments commitments like that will ensure that good stocks of food and essential come on from order to use will be available all around in the valley and. we have fulfilled what i said get there to all the. russian outlets those will be open and today and yesterday also all the outlets in the valley they would open and people would actually put using their actions from different locations to yemen now where the interior minister says more than 400 armored vehicles from the united arab emirates were used in the last few days of fighting in aden sudden separatists are now effectively in control of the port city it was the seat of the internationally recognized government the u.n. says at least 40 people have been killed in the last 4 days of fighting lorber the
2:55 am
manly has more. after 4 days of intense fighting finally some common street debated but also an accusation of betrayal from the country's interior minister that hundreds of vehicles lane didn't identify pully loaded with weapons and ammunition this is to combat mercenaries hired guns who are being manipulated we are just fighting with their hands with whatever however we criticized the silence from our brothers saudi arabia we condemn the silence for 4 days while our partner in the coalition is slaughtering us we will make to serve on the ground. hours later it was reported that the minister had been evacuated from aden to the saudi border town of shura in mecca his government's leader was photographed with the saudi king but abu drab a month so hard he has lived in exile in saudi arabia for years. this latest
2:56 am
classical agent began wednesday when southern separatists backed by the u.s. he fought against saudi backed government soldiers took control of the city. was by saturday the separatists taken over the city's presidential palace as well as several military camps was a cease fire was called that evening for the eat holiday hours later saudi arabia warned the separatists to stop fighting then followed that warning with airstrikes and aid in central crater district. in all at least 40 people have been killed in the latest fighting it's actually kind of odd that you would have a cease fire so quickly because that allows the southern separatists to consolidate their gains rather than be ousted rather quickly and so it's clear that saudi arabia believes they can mediate and find a solution here and i'm not so sure that they can do that easily the u.n.
2:57 am
humanitarian coordinator for yemen says it's heartbreaking the families are mourning the deaths of their loved ones after dozens of people killed since wednesday. this flag represents southern separatists final goal to once again create an independent state of south yemen which existed from 1967 until 1990. and the recent fighting has exposed a rift in the saudi military alliance that has been at war with the rapper's since 2015 but it may also open a new front in a war that has killed tens of thousands of people and it's pushed the country to the brink of famine. about a manly al-jazeera. is a former u.s. diplomat and deputy chief of mission in yemen joins us by skype from lebanon good to have you with us so most of the takeover of aden how much of a strain is it putting on saudi relations and battle lines.
2:58 am
well they definitely have different perspectives they've had those fall on they also work with different elements inside of yemen but i find it hard to believe that they are really at loggerheads over what's happening now i don't think we are seeing a proxy war between the 2 allies simply different priorities and i think in the end neither saudi arabia nor the emirates are unhappy. i think they're under clear goals have all along been to control the saudi i think after 5 years of fighting. convinced that they are not going to win the war against the hoti is they're not going to liberate son are it has cost them too much already so i think they are making do with simply they king or the saudis
2:59 am
completely. they have different interests in the south side i think the emirates are mainly interested in controlling the sea poor all along the southern yemen he throws and they can do that. currently with the militias that they create that then are supplying. as for the saudis i think they all along wanted the hug them out of which is that there's an area adjacent to their southern border and all along they've wanted to extend a pipeline so they can explore the oil through that lifeline all the way south to probably and that is to avoid using the strait of hormuz in case a war closes that down and that's what they are getting now with this take all were
3:00 am
. so in that case surely that's going to put a lot of strain at least between the coalition and the yemeni government which they were backing well you would think so but it seems that president is practically old livia's to what's going on. was reported in america today doing the hiring which is their knowledge of time to be doing it i know this . guy but with his government being under so much pressure under bombardment and aden it's a very odd time for him to be thinking religious thoughts instead of political ones and i think is the minister of interior practically accused them of being and total harmony with the saudi led down because the saudis could have resupply the forces protecting the gulf.


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