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coming out which one is the. big picture it's very difficult to say with certainty the government says the restrictions are temporary and are aimed at ensuring law and order in the region but the editors guild of india say it's concerned that they're making it difficult to report accurately from the region and people here say that that vacuum is being filled by mr porting and what they call fake news on the internet fact checkers of the quaint and indeed online news websites see they have found 13 instances of fake news flooding the internet in recent days says there is no communication we don't know what's happening so i think when you talk about propaganda other thing is it becomes easy but anybody actually on board decides to just read or whatever they want to read the news be the kind of news that they want people who believe it. back in srinagar or through those finally manages to get want to jack should for his ailing mother
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but not all he will now have to look elsewhere for another day as people in india still live under these unprecedented restrictions in these uncertain times. are just here you telly. or pakistan's foreign minister has attacked india's government for revoking the autonomy of indian administered kashmir he accused of having a fascist mentality. she also told al-jazeera that he believes india may try to distract the world's attention from the disputed territory. we're concerned about the while issues that are taking place because today in india you have a regime which has the ashes mentality you know that nazi approach that they have is that our us has been telling you know this is the political wing of the r.s.s. . and that is of great concern to pakistan innocent people.
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being attacked killed raped mean and to the pellet guns you know losing i think. what is going to be what is your biggest fear is i ask you because the world is watching closely that 2 nuclear armed rivals are now in a battle for words where they don't cut off a dip almost kind of diplomatic relations or downgraded to the maximum level you've cut off trade relations with for that so if it is who is responsible for that my question is is there a fear that this could lead to an escalation where it would go to a point of no return but ringback we are fearing that to divert. world attention from the across cities that are being committed. in indian occupied kashmir the indians might undertake a false flag operation and then. sort of twist events and
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distort events as a hot you know this was a cross border terrorism you know the pull rama to that stage drama that they did in february they would try and create some kind of a situation to die word of world attention earlier we spoke to. the south asia director at human rights watch and she says a communication blackout is not a sustainable solution. the state might have the right to impose some restrictions because they have concerns over law and order but on one hand we have the state say that things are calm on the other they are all these restrictions now the thing is that. everything will become if people are not to their homes so there has to that is not a sustainable solution there has to be a rights just thinking but which 100 the situation where people are able to speak
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to their loved ones have access to communications have access to essential supplies and have access to hospitals we seem to know that instead what we're hearing are a number of unconfirmed reports unconfirmed reports of protests unconfirmed reports about excessive use of force and confirmed reports about arbitrary arrests including of the people so it is it is at this point of time this is not a sustainable solution and the indian government if they decided to take this action should want to placed i suspect in misha's that it shows that babies are able to live their lives nominee philip head on al-jazeera for time lucky guatemala's center right candidate claims victory after 3 previous failed bids for the presidency. and from crack down to touch why am i watching. at all cost $25.00.
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hello there will still looking very much other evidence of what was tropical storm the kima continued reason very heavy rains across much of the korean peninsula and as far north east an area of china now it really has produced a huge amount of rain this is shandong province and just watch what happens here the force of this water as the rivers have actually burst their banks just buildings that brings on these buildings that also is forced evacuation of over 3000 people as well from the region some reports of about 400 millimeters of rain as well the rain has been very heavy will continue to be quite heavy through much of tuesday particularly across these northern sections of the korean peninsula even as far up as you can see there towards a lot of all stop but it does begin to ease by wednesday so rain in the forecast but hopefully not as heavy what you will notice is this this is the next tropical
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storm this is cross that now it is on its way towards western japan expected to make landfall probably about thursday into key issue so we'll keep a very close eye on the progress of that storm because it could also strengthen in the coming couple of days meanwhile further to the south we've got more rain across much of the southern regions of china also across to the northern philippines and taiwan again will see his a slight easing as we head through wednesday december what a few days ahead 33 in hong kong 36 in taipei. if you were looking at this from the outside you would really wonder what was going old what do you see this. is a religion that they have an in-depth exploration of global capitalism and our obsession with economic growth this is still the center of capitalism there is no limits i view myself as a capital artist we are trying to do the world smaller and smaller we don't want to
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be set realistic in the world we would rather have a fantasy growing on al jazeera. hello again the top stories on al-jazeera flights leaving hong kong airport have been cancelled after more than 5000 protesters flooded into its arrivals hall over 100 flights have already been impacted say flights which have already checked in and those currently on route to the city are unaffected. iran's foreign minister has accused the us of leading a military buildup in the gulf that could threaten to destabilize the region in an exclusive interview with al jazeera says more international vessels in the area
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would only lead to more insecurity. southern separatists in yemen say they are committed to a cease fire in the city of aden with the saudi led coalition at least 40 people have been killed in the past 4 days of fighting. forces overran government bases and the presidential palace. south africa's president cyril ramaphosa has successfully blocked an inquiry against him by the country's anti corruption watchdog ramaphosa has been accused of deliberately misleading parliament over a $50000.00 donation to his leadership campaign which he denies. conservative candidate out of 100 will be quite a mahler's next president election officials the cleared him the winner after early results showed him with a commanding lead over a center left contender and former 1st lady sandra torres john holeman has more.
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what tamal is new president elect a 100 gym a day on his 4th attempt the man they called the eternal candidate has finally won we don't think i'm very happy happy and satisfied with the results with the confidence of the guatemalan people. but who is gemma today a conservative waynes to resolve the whole say guatemalans talk to concerns the 1st security. there's a lot of crime and you're free to go out because there are many thieves giamatti plans to get tough bring in but the death penalty and restricting rights to gang members in jail. and the 2nd a lack of jobs that leads to guatemala city more people to the us border than any of the country is probably why it is that all the way the problem is that since there's no work in guatemala many people migrate and sometimes it's sad what happens to those who die or get killed while searching for a new future to help their family. promise to stop creating jobs by increasing
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tourism and foreign investment to build what he calls an economic war it's going to be tough inequality is deeply ingrained in a country that's the biggest economy in central america but in which more than half the population live in poverty this way i'll confirm it added to all this is an unexpected challenge to do just signed by the outgoing president with the u.s. it says that migrants crossing the country mainly from honduras and el salvador have to ask for asylum in guatemala rather than continue to the states if it's ratified it could mean tens of thousands of new arrivals mr jim at day doesn't want that deal but he may have to take care. u.s. is threatening terrorists if not. one other thing he doesn't want the un backed anti corruption commission which he graphed in the business and political elite hard he's shown no interest in renewing its mandate that's made him far from universally popular in a country struggling with impunity starting from january when he takes office is 4
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years to win over the dieties gone home and. the argentine president hopes of reelection have been dealt a severe blow official results show opposition candidates are better for nando's and his running mate the former president cristina kirchner who received more than 47 percent of the primary votes from the reports from one of sirees. a defeat for president was always a possibility but few even his bitterest opponents expected it to be quite so convincing this was only a primary election to confirm candidate for october's presidential elections but voting in argentina was obligatory and the results and a clear message that the electorate is not happy with the government's handling of the economy president machree acknowledged the defeat even before the 1st official results were announced we were going to see and i recognize that we've had
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a bad election and that obliges us from tomorrow to redouble our efforts so that in october we get the support we need to continue making changes. his main rival is a. cabinet chief between 20032008 in the left of center government of mr kitchener there as yes. thank you from the bottom of my heart i am sure that argentina needs to finish with this era and build a new history. he's running with the former president cristina fernandez the kitchen his biggest challenge is to convince the electorate that he she is in command she's fighting off a number of corruption charges from her time in office for the which she denies. perhaps the biggest prize of the name was the province of one osiris the country's biggest home to more than one 3rd of argentina's total population the governing party retain the city of one osiris but over the whole country the prime results
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seem to indicate that argentina is ready for change after 4 years of. power. and. it's an opportunity it's a fresh opportunity to choose change that's what i'm often i'm not reading that the current government is time for change. this makes it possible to keep participating in our democracy we can elect trying to improve giving people the opportunity. to reward those who do good things and throw out those who died. in 2015 promising to tackle inflation and reduce poverty but both of increased under his watch the people have spoken and what they seem to be saying is that they've had enough of mari thier mackie's i.m.f. sanctioned market friendly austerity measures or they seem to prefer is the previous government's more socially inclusive but costly policy is or is likely to now follow is a long and hard fought battle leading up to october as presidential elections. one
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of cyrus there's been more evacuations on the spanish island of gran canaria as a wild fire threatened several towns of already is hard to clear the fire contained on sunday but high winds caused it to flare up again overnights more than $200.00 firefighters are battling the blaze as it spreads towards a national park police believe it was started by someone using welding equipment and have arrested one man. south korea has dropped from its trade white list as a rift between the 2 countries deepens their big protests and so after tokyo removed it from its own preferential list that followed the tightening of for strictures on south korea by japan on crucial exports of high tech materials the moves been seen as retaliation for a south korean court ruling ordering japanese firms to pay for forced labor during world war $2.00. it's one of the world's most endangered species but the
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mountain gorillas of central africa are making a slow and fragile return from the brink of extinction stephanie tucker reports from the mountains in rwanda the center of the conservation efforts what you didn't want to step back were at the foot of the very good mountains and getting a briefing on how to behave around the mountain gorilla that's what everyone here has come to see and they've paid $1500.00 each to spend one hour with the great apes in their habitat are you excited i am beyond excited this is international treasure that is being protected in rwanda and i'm so lucky to be able to experience it i can't wait and the cost is they put the concept when you think about it i think i think that's fair did limits access certainly to people who can afford it but i think by talking about what the guerrillas are providing for the
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communities that makes a lot of sense. this hike is not for the faint of heart it's beautiful but challenging terrain we trekked uphill for over an hour. our guide augustan shows us how gorillas get their water. and keep the energy high. and then. right in front of us a family babies mothers and the impressive great big family man the silverback. the young ones are curious we have to move back not to get too close. others seem almost bored by our presence. then a display of power. we walk around to get another view it's incredibly close. to his bout credits and their bad acts just watching us
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watch these great apes facing extinction just a couple of decades ago and their surprise could use the page numbers increase. before we know it the hour is up and it's time to track back down. to see. the. pace. rwanda's tourism policy we're told is one of low volume high value visitor numbers are restricted and the prices high translates to $25.00 per minute for the hours spent with the gorillas tourist actually who come to see the girl as i understand why we've done that understand that it's all about conservation for the species and you can even see it in the in the in the last recent systems that we did our strategy of proven to be the right way to do this we've seen
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a 26 percent increase in the number of individual born in the us so it's working both on the conservation side and on the tourism side it's a fragile success story critically endangered for years and now their status has been adjusted to endangered the latest census shows or just over a 1000 gorillas spanning rwanda uganda and the democratic republic of congo from just around $200.00 a few decades ago but that still doesn't seem a large number when you think that it's the whole world's entire population of these incredible animals. stephanie decker al-jazeera individual mountains. hello again the headlines on al-jazeera of flights leaving hong kong international airport have been canceled that's after thousands of anti-government protesters
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flooded into the arrivals hall more than $100.00 flights have been affected but all thorny say flights which have already checked in and flights currently on route to the city are unaffected members of the public are being told to stay away from the airport robin wright has more from the airport. people here are carrying various banners and posters calling police brutality calling the police murderers and so on it is true that police did seem to adopt tougher tactics in clearing away sunday's demonstrations i possibly it was a way of trying to maybe scare people into not coming out not taking part in illegal activities if that was the case then maybe they have to think again iran's foreign minister has given an exclusive interview to al jazeera and accuse the u.s. of destabilizing the region said more warships in the gulf would only lead to more insecurity the comment comes after the u.s.
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announced it's working to form a military coalition to protect commercial shipping following attacks on oil tankers. hundreds of people in indian administered kashmir have rallied after or you. know violence was reported the demonstrations took place under the strictest regulations since the region was stripped off the top of the one we go internet and phone lines remain cut off. forces in the yemeni city of aden have ransacked the homes of several government officials but southern separatists in yemen say they're committed to a ceasefire at least 40 people have been killed in the past 4 days of fighting and forces overran government bases and the presidential palace. south africa's president cyril ramaphosa has successfully blocked an inquiry against him by the country's anti-corruption watchdog ramaphosa has been accused of deliberately misleading parliament over $50000.00 donation to his leadership campaign which he
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denies. those of the latest headlines on more news coming up that's right after inside story do stay with us. china intervened to stop protests in hong kong beijing warns protesters saying its patience is wearing thin after many weeks of chaos but what options does it have to deal with anger in hong kong and is a military intervention possible this is inside story.
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hello and welcome to the program. china has warned it might be losing patience with what it calls a color revolution in hong kong it said those who play with fire must not mistake beijing's restraint for weakness they will eventually be punished a few days after that warning protesters were back on the streets for the 10th straight weekend they've defied a police ban on some of the marches and again faced tear gas activists have also staged a protest at the international airport to make arriving tourists aware of their campaign protesters want chief executive leader kerry lamb to resign greater democratic reform and an inquiry into alleged police violence but lam says her priority is to stop the unrest that she says has hurt the city's economy and just see it as rob mcbride has been covering the protests. another day of protests on the streets of hong kong and predictably perhaps one small ending of violent
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clashes with the police this march that we were following started in a district called sham choice that's a part of the calhoun area of hong kong where thousands of people took part even though it was technically an illegal demonstration that didn't put people off given the strength of feeling really exists here in hong kong at the moment once they reach the end of the march most people simply went home but a hard call pressed on and try to stall show one police station which is just a couple of 100 meters down this road here they formed a barricade they pushed to get try to get within throwing range of the walls with police very much barricaded inside a predictably a clash broke out police fired tear gas and also rubber bullets dispersing the people who then slipped away it's part of the protesters tactics of hit and run and then very quickly squads of riot police arrived to very much of the place there all starts he once more on the streets of hong kong it does seem to be perhaps
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a more robust response from the police here watching very closely of course will be beijing and they would applaud such a tough move they would applaud taking a tougher stance with these demonstrators that we've published probably seen today as we know from the remarks that the chinese central government has made of hong kong a very quickly it's almost reaching a point of no return is almost on a knife edge as people here have said that this whole system of one country 2 systems is possibly in danger of collapse which could of course mean eventually having to declare a state of emergency and sending and the people's liberation army we are nowhere near that at this stage but china is watching very carefully robert fried for inside story. this is what the director of the hong kong and macau affairs office jang shamming who's a top chinese official had to say on wednesday the violence is getting more and
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more intense impacting an increasingly why part of the society it can be said that hong kong is facing the most serious situation since its return to china the movement about the extradition bill has gone bad and it has the clear characteristics of a color revolution if the situation in hong kong continues to worsen into unrest that the hong kong special administrative region government cannot control the central government will not sit back and do nothing. all right let's bring in our guests from hong kong via skype tom grundy is editor in chief and founder of hong kong free press an independent publication from beijing einar tangan is china political analyst and advises the chinese government on economic issues and development and finally from nottingham via skype steve saying is director of the china institute at s. oas university of london welcome to the program steve let me start with you the protests have been evolving what have you noticed changing in the past week well
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the really big development in the last week was the language chinese government is using. it is now describing events in on coal as coal to that that crucial now doesn't know it very important change in language that we rank something very important to the chinese communist party of revolution and ultimately a boat unseating to parties in china and that is something which the party or xi jinping absolutely will not tolerate it is going to the single most important development in the last week i know what does it mean to you in beijing the china is using this kind of language they're describing it as a color revolution. well i think you should look at it as a reaction to what's happening in hong kong i mean this is morphed from the kind of political theater that somehow this extradition treaty was unfair to hong kong to a full blown cry for
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a complete democratic system universal suffrage i mean in essence this is a direct challenge to the existing basic laws and also to beijing so i think they're going to they're reacting to that and they will continue to react if these kind of fringe elements continue to push this idea tom we've talked about the demands that protesters have put out there we're talking about a complete withdrawal of this extradition bill an independent inquiry into the crisis an investigation into what they say is an excessive use of force by police and also for hong kong chief executive kerry lamb to step down if one or 2 of these demands are met would that put into the protests i'm sure that hong kong could not make any such concessions could it mean the protests were unlike what misapplying was just saying that universal suffrage is actually something bait into the mini constitution here the basic law one of the articles phase i have it right here that the ultimate aim is the election of the chief executive by universal suffrage so if
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i do a cover revolution revolution he for not fighting for something new from what we've been thing and who we've been speaking to on the street defending the freedoms in the civil liberties the promise them anyway in many ways with the demands that you have lifted that they are conservative that they simply want the freedoms that were promised in the basic law in the one country people of the cream to be maintained. i know it looked like you wanted to jump in so i'm going to i'm going to let you have your reaction but also i want to ask you about a development that's come about in the past couple of days where. communist backed publications are essentially accusing the u.s. of being involved busy in these protests what kind of direction does this move all of this into well quite frankly from beijing's point of view the meetings by senior democratic party founder mr lew going to washington meeting with pomp aoe with pat and also bolton and in addition to congress and seeking support for an
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independent democratic home kong and then this latest meeting between a senior embassy official and mr wong the student leader has made it very clear in least in beijing's eyes that the u.s. is supporting this particular action and they believe it's part of a kind of all pressure situation that in addition to the trade issue in addition to sending ships through the taiwan straits that this is another tactic and that the u.s. doesn't care what happens to hong kong only if they can use this as a pawn in a game to gain economic advantage steve it looked like you were reacting to some of what i had to say there so i want to see if you want to jump in i also want to ask you what do you think about these accusations by china or by communist backed
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publications that are essentially alleging that the u.s. is also involved that there are foreign influences involved in these protests as well. well if i would it director of the cia i would be very pleased with what the chinese government was saying because it will say that the cia is delivering miracles that is totally and utterly incapable of delivering i think all these allegations of american and other foreign interference completely quantised at least a protests that is very much developing out of hong kong because of the way how. the special mission special initiative in government and the chinese government have been dealing with people in hong kong but having said that i think we do have to take the chinese government albeit mistaken view of foreign intervention seriously we have to be aware that policies are never make on the basis of reality
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but on the basis of one's perceptions and nonnes of that reality they see a lot of shadows behind hong kong that kens in their language when they really isn't any black hand and this is a very important issue because it means that. the chinese government is not understanding where the problem really lies in hong kong in a mirror situation and the protestors in hong kong are also not seeing what the chinese government may actually do in response to what they are doing even though they are not pushing for. democracy at this stage that demands has been very much focus on the issue of the last to have to be withdrawn and that the protesters who are arrested should be free and just let enquiry should be instituted they are not really the kind of things the chinese government are saying about it kind of revolution but beijing season they have
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a problem. to understand each other in order to find a way out at the moment we're not seeing that happening tom adding listen to what steve just said do you believe that beijing no matter what their rhetoric might be no matter what moves they've made do you believe that beijing really understands what lies at the heart of these protests and these demands from protesters. i don't think it's coming from abroad i think those favor is a wacky at best and wild conspiracy wildly conspiratorial of work but i think that some of the videos and things put out by our state media is quite comical there is just no evidence for meetings with officials like consulates and and others abroad are pretty normal including meeting those of the opposition i've seen videos of kazan to present at the protest and we know a lot of them as journalists or local residents and most comically we've seen local lawmakers point to some of the good protestors are using like walk lead source winning floats or you know
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a laser pen and gas mask of these things are available really you know here i don't think the ca cia has much of a budget if that's what they're furnishing the protesters with the fact is. this is an organic you know home grown movement that has come out of years of pushed rationed by peaceful protests have not worked through decades of demand for universal suffrage and to suggest that it's coming from elsewhere is kind of oriental if to suggest that people cannot have independent thought here organize themselves or purchase basic math without the help of foreigners i know we're hearing more and more warnings from china and seems to be indicating that beijing's patience is wearing ever center so what exactly is china prepared to do if these protests don't diminish well that's a very large question i mean there's a.


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