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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 12, 2019 10:00pm-10:34pm +03

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not by security this was his words from outside the should come talk and in gauge with iran for the sake of regional security the situation continues to further deteriorate i asked him about whether iran words one day consider pulling out from the deal of nothing happens in the if president trump decides on maintaining the sanctions he says that he's voted search about the potential for any blow military confrontation but for the time being iran will definitely stick to the deal because they consider it to be the best option available or on the table. and you can see hashes full interview with the iranian foreign minister on top 2 are just there on tuesday and there is there are 30 greenwich mean time don't miss it. lots more to come on this al-jazeera news hour including. down those of people who were injured in scuffles between israeli security forces and palestinians at the al aksa mosque come. on the brother of sri lanka
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a former president launches his own bed for the top job. and in sport the go for he's given himself a great chance of winning $15000000.00 will be here later with all the details. right it's exactly a week now since india's government revoked the will tanami of indian administered kashmir there's been a security lockdown in the region for a whole week meanwhile many a marking the muslim holiday of eads but phone lines and the internet they're still not working the situation is turning into a full blown diplomatic crisis in a moment we'll have an exclusive interview with pakistan's foreign minister 1st so let's go to our correspondent priyanka gupta who is in the indian capital new delhi it's a week since article 370 was revoked what is the situation now in indian
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administered kashmir. when martine was to bush was across india celebrated either the most one of the most important festivals in the islamic calendar but was the largest city in the disputed region have to offer their prayers and the tightest security restrictions in a week understand that they are confirmed reports of the protests that followed after the eats prayers it was a peaceful demonstration against india suspicion to us to revoke the autonomy of the region the protests to soon dispersed after the indian government is saying there the press were offered in a largely peaceful environment even though the image of. was completely off balance for the worship was a curfew like situation is in place in the law in srinagar thousands of troops are deployed worshipers were only allowed access to their neighborhood mosques but
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across the region in jumble and several other parts of the prayers were largely peaceful that's according to the indian government and they are also saying that no untoward incident was reported communication lines as you mention martin are still down and it's making it really difficult for us to to know what's happening outside the region they can't even find out what's happening in a different part of the city so when it comes to funerals or deaths or in the family or boats in the family they have to resort to local cab gable channels as a conduit to display their messages and that's how they communicating with each other the communication blackout also means that journalists are cannot really get verifiable or accurate information in time to report and for the outside the valley it's really a grim eades because it contrary exchanged greetings with their families back home so there are many people here in new delhi who we spoke to said they were not
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celebrating me that i thought they were just observing it but like i said it's really really difficult for kashmiris to communicate with each other under such intense and unprecedented restrictions and for journalists to do their job. through those has been walking for 3 hours to one pharmacy to the next he needs injections for a 70 year old mother she has cancer usually alone but that's the injections are not available in the market so the situation here is bad and nothing is available here . pharmacies in srinagar are running out of medicine to cut them or we don't have 50 percent of our stock of the curfew continues we'll run out of our medicines and 13 or 15 days. families like these are stuck at home because of security restrictions imposed by the indian government after a few folk the region's autonomy last week phone lines are down and internet is not
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working nobody knows what happened nobody tells us the result of everything is gone mobile phones are of. this is not life this is not the modern world this is all gone i mean we are living in. this editor of an english daily says she hasn't been able to reach a journalist in the valley since monday she's filed a petition in india's top court to ask the government to live for strictures on the media we don't know all the truth we are seeing a lot of different and very strikingly different words coming out which one is the. picture it's very difficult to say with certainty the government says the restrictions are temporary and are aimed at ensuring law and order in the region but the editors guild of india say it's concerned that they are making it difficult to report accurately from the
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region and people here say that that vacuum is being filled by mr porting and what they call fake news on the internet fact checkers of the quaint and indeed online news websites say they have found 13 instances of fake news flooding the internet in recent days so there is no communication we don't know what's happening so i think when you talk about propaganda other thing is it becomes very easy for anybody actually on board decide to just read or whatever they want to read think neo's be the kind of me was that they want people to believe it. back in srinagar through those finally manages to get one injection for his ailing mother but not all he will now have to look elsewhere for another day. as people in india means to live under these unprecedented restrictions these are certain times. well they say that it's like living in ancient times but the government is saying
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that these are temporary restrictions that will be lifted as soon as the security situation improves the governor also says that these that their policy is easing off restrictions but as we saw in street are during the restrictions have all the been tightened more and the communication lines still remain snap the internet still is not working and millions of kashmiris remain cut off from the outside world priyanka got to live in new delhi thank you. for meanwhile the pakistani foreign minister. she has been using some really strong language to criticize india's decision to revoke kashmir is tanami is accusing indian government of having what he calls a fascist mentality in some of what he had to say we are concerned about the us that are taking place because to be in india you have a regime which have passions mentality that knock you approach that
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is a bit odd as has been billeted you know this is the political wing of the out of service . and that is of great concern to pakistan innocent people. being attacked. killed raped mean and threw the pellet guns you know losing our sight. what is going to be what is your biggest fear is i ask you because the world is watching closely that 2 nuclear armed rivals are now in a battle for words where they don't cut off a dip almost kind of diplomatic relations or downgraded to the maximum level you've cut off trade relations with without so is it is who is responsible for that my question is is there a fear that this could lead to an escalation where it would go to a point of no return but we are fearing that to divert. our attention from the across cities that are being committed. in the fight to where the indians
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might undertake a false flag operation and then. sort of push the wench and distort events hard you know this was a cross border terrorism you know. to that stage drama that they did in february they would try and create some kind of a situation to die word of world attention. i look alive after our correspondent is in the pakistani capital islamabad as a really strong language then coming from the foreign minister and even from imran khan the prime minister himself likening it was seen as a same likening what's going on in indian administered kashmir to naziism and warning that if the world ignores this is almost equal to the appeasement of hitler . absolutely strong read today of course
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coming from the foreign minister. but always of the prime minister should be interesting to note that the bugs on the foreign minister left all august on the administered kashmir yesterday he said he would be celebrating or rather all deserving not celebrating aid would it be better for your sunny administered maid and the old age. because she made it to have fled india and minister because she made i've started. the message was that by just on board bar and and cause. obviously right now besides that war of words. ratcheted up diplomacy the foreign minister has been speaking to poland. because they have a seat permanency if i'm not drawing at the united nations security council it will
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have to galvanize the 5 member therefore it can move on a different order. just on is are observing ignored celebrating. even priyanka mentioning about the people who are of course. to have barred one off because people expect anything can happen between. you and all i done now on who makes the next next move and how different orders going to. play out because right now the pakistani effort more on diplomacy but a strong message that. born. to name listed rate that's exactly what i want to ask you about how much pressure is there domestically upon him and calm to come up with tough action beyond the tough rhetoric.
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tremendous pressure the government has said that there is something even the foreign minister mentor and you said you have to understand that. stage so water he said would be stupidity it would be tantamount to suicide on both sides and i think it but he also warned and i did something that the prime minister had. about the. big divert attention from the rally in india that mr bush made. that go to destruction that lifted and that people are finally out on the streets. flag all petition like the one that happened and for wal-mart india blamed. august on denied then the country's gotten more growth through the word. just on events are down and . that is the big white heat right now. tried.
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to buy heating up the line of control. to be on that line richard goldstone at the line of the white. live in the pakistani capital islamabad thank you right now it's one of the world's most endangered species but the mountain gorillas of central africa are making a slow but definitely 10 back from the brink of extinction stephanie deca reports now from the middle mountains in rwanda the center of the conservation effort. what you. were at the foot of the very good mountains and getting a briefing on how to behave around the mountain gorilla that's what everyone here has come to see and they've paid $1500.00 each to spend one hour with the great apes in their habitat you excited i am beyond excited this is international treasure that is being protected in rwanda and i'm so lucky to be able to
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experience it i can't wait and the cost is they put the concept where you think about it i think i think that's fair it limits access certainly to people who can afford it but i think by talking about what the guerrillas are providing for the communities that makes a lot of sense. this hike is not for the faint of heart it's beautiful but challenging terrain we trekked uphill for over an hour. our guide augustan shows us how gorillas get their water. and keep the energy high and then. right in front of us a family babies mothers and the impressive great big family man the silverback. the young ones are curious we have to move back not to get too close. others seem
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almost bored by our presence. then a display of power. we walk around to get another view it's incredibly close. to his critics and their bad acts to straighten us which is great apes are facing extinction just a couple of decades ago their surprise could pick up. chris. before we know it the hour is up and it's time to track back down so. let us see. what. pace. rwanda's tourism policy we're told is one of low volume high value visitor numbers are restricted and the prices high translates to $25.00 per minute for the hours
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spent with the gorillas tourist actually who come to see the girl as i understand why we've done that understand that it's all about conservation for the species and you can even see it in the in the in the last recent sessions that we did our strategy has actually proven to be done right away to do this we've seen a 26 percent increase in the number of individual poorness so it's working both on the conservation side and on the tourism side it's a fragile success story critically endangered for years and now their status has been adjusted to endangered the latest census shows or just over a 1000 gorillas spanning rwanda uganda and the democratic republic of congo up from just around $200.00 a few decades ago but that still doesn't seem a large number when you think that it's the whole world's entire population of these incredible animals stephanie decker al-jazeera in the video of rwanda.
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right now let's talk to julian miller who's director of the guerrilla organization she's joining us from london thank you very much indeed for talking just so a rare good news story we're all delighted to hear it out there to be looking at these wonderful creatures and to hear the good news but a 1000 stephanie pointed out and her report up from 200 is good news but they're still not out of danger all their. no they're not in danger but he is a conservation success story remember we're talking about a man to go to this there are all subspecies of gorilla this is not only the man too early that is the story but my goodness. and what's the key to the rwandan success i mean we had stephanie talk about low volume high value so fewer tourists are paying a lot more. yeah that's true there's been an economic incentive and i think 1st of all the commitment. in the late ninety's sixty's 22000 acres of.
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forest was cut down and sent to site people thought that didn't have any value legs days then they realized that they do have and the people look a lot of money to come see them but you can't run down the environment needs to be . so i don't you know what high prices. and also people knows you are really a family to. you then you get this is the one time you had in the film when. the lot of endangered species you think you think could have it's not remains intact it well it really will survive it is don't have a lot of needs what they need is to be in this space than afforded the space to be able to read and write and why write so therefore i guess that there is a real high premium then placed on peace because of course this is a part of the world part of the continent just the other side of it ogre of course
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you've got d.l.c. which is which is experiencing long term low intensity conflict i wonder if the story is the same for the gorillas there and then on the other side of course you've got rwanda which although not as bad as d.l.c. also has its problems in terms of fighters i mean all the populations in these other 2 countries doing as well as they are aware on that which of course is experiencing pace. landau and uganda and parts of d.s.t. and of rome the forests of logan mankins are actually on the borders so when we talk about a 1000 just over a 1000 well as the 1004 amount in the list we're talking about read in all 3 countries causes the safety in uganda and the safety in rand that has allowed him to thrive over the border in congo plus you you've got you've got more which we've back where the $1520.00 as they've also now confirmed the virus as well which is
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the problem and yet at the same time the eastern there and. now the ranches that i work with now discovered 705-0700 gorillas that have never been hunted big ones so there's a lot more that we need to find out that congo is very dangerous and that's the mark gilliam a. guerrilla organization thank you very much indeed good to talk to you thank you thank you bubble. right it's time for the weather now with jenny a montane yes i've been told by the heat of course united states and it is not going away anytime soon and so the satellite these you can see to the north of the united states we got a lot of activity all this cloud and it's streaming across this open area to the south this is where we have this dome of high pressure this is where the he really is on so no sign of any rain not for the time being but the temperatures are of a big concern we've got 38 in dallas this is monday you can see here 35 in kansas city not these time which is not only the very high but we have got to factor in
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the humidity and say because of this we have got these widespread heat advisories all the way from texas right there across almost tools east coast but certainly down into georgia and northern florida so it's making me feel a lot hotter than even these values about 30 asian dollar's feeling more like $43.00 degrees celsius now the system to the north that rain it is heading on its way through it'll bring some cooler air behind it not exactly cold but 30 degrees in kansas 39 even a bit warmer in dallas and as i say the heat advisories will stay in place over the next couple of days but the cool air eventually beginning to push into the south now across into europe we've got some warm hey erica much of the south but it's across the northern and western areas this is where the worst of the weather is we have been in this continuous unsettled weather pattern some very strong storms have been coming in there's more in the forecast again continuing throughout monday and as he had gone into cheese day it doesn't get much better across the north that system heading across into scandinavia still some scattered thunderstorms strong at
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times in the south and again generally just all the wet and windy across much of the north. jenny harrison there still to come here in the news a full time lucky guatemala center right candidate claims victory after 3 previous failed attempts at the presidency plus. find out why serena williams was in tears on the tennis court coming up in school. scholar and lawyer thinker. and politician. radical and prisoner in a 2 part series al-jazeera world tells the story of one of the most enigmatic figures in sudan's turbulent history. whose influence is still felt and events in the country today sit down i'll to robbie's life and politics on al-jazeera.
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al-jazeera where every. millions of workers are being inflated in the british jones of india why i want to waste explores how satellite technology is now helping to set them free on al-jazeera. take a look at the top stories here and there are all flies leaving home kong airport
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are being canceled after more than $5000.00 protesters flooded into the arrivals hall over $100.00 flights have been impacted deal thora to say flights which have already checked in those currently on route around affected. iran's foreign minister says u.s. military buildup in the gulf could threaten the entire region in an exclusive interview with al jazeera zarif says more international vessels in the area will only lead to more insecurity. people in indian administered ministered kashmir marking the muslim holiday of ied while under a security lockdown internet and mobile networks have been down for a week now on friday police in srinagar the main city broke up several demonstrations. al-jazeera has learned that back southern separatists in the yemeni city of aden have ran sites the private homes and several government officials saudi arabia meanwhile has shown its support for yemen's president. mansoor holiday
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after a so-called coup by fighters in the port city the separatist forces are holding out against riyadh schools to vacate government sites but their leader says they're ready to take part in saudi brokered talks aimed at finding a solution anderson chapelle reports. despite the shards of broken glass and burned out reminders of days of fighting people in aden are speaking of hope that they are finally being heard but that. once the ceasefire. started life returned to normal police returned security returned and people cars and children started returning to the markets and music the separatist forces who represent us agreed to the cease fire that was proposed by saudi arabia and the coalition forces and i hope that saudi arabia and the coalition can provide justice for the southern citizen. as his presidential palace fell to separatists control months or hadi yemen's
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internationally recognized leader was in saudi arabia where he spends most of his time as he met with the king how does own officials were publicly casting doubts about who the coalition is really supporting in yemen and aid through sells a baby the leader of the southern transitional council made his own pitch to the king from a new found position of strength is that. we are ready to work responsibly with the leadership of the arab alliance led by the great sisterly nation saudi arabia in managing this crisis we reiterate off firm position to stand firmly with the arab coalition to fight a rainy an expansion in the region led by saudi arabia we renew our confidence in the kingdom of saudi arabia and declare our readiness to work with them and through them as an ally we have proven to be a strong ally that they can trust to work with on the ground for the last 5 years unlike others who are full of empty talk. without calling for
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complete secession so babies comments may hourly fears of more internet scene fighting between members of the coalition. i don't think we are seeing a proxy war between the 2 allies simply different priorities and i think in the end neither saudi arabia nor the emirates are unhappy i think after 5 years of fighting. convinced that they are not going to win the war against the hoti is they're not going to liberate. it has cost them too much already so i think they are making do with simply taking or the south completely. security returns to aden and its residents go on with their lives it appears the 4 days of violence the experience may have completely changed the lay of the land and given them a greater say in their own future whatever they decided to be enter chapelle al
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jazeera. dozens of protesters were injured after israeli police moved into the al aqsa mosque compound in occupied east jerusalem the start of an important muslim holiday israeli police set off sound grenades and move people out of the area after a standoff with palestinians at one of the gates to the site the trouble began when rightwing jewish groups demanded access to the compound on the holiday separately on the gaza border a palestinian was shot and killed by israeli soldiers the 3rd such incident in recent days. in guatemala conservative candidate alexandra matej will be the next president election officials declared him the winner after early results showed him with a commanding lead over the center left contender and former 1st lady sandra torres john homan has more. what tamal is new president elect a 100 jim a take on his 4th attempt the man they call the eternal candidate has finally won
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we don't i'm very happy happy and satisfied with the results with the confidence of the guatemalan people. who is gemma today a conservative planes to resolve polls say a guatemalans top 2 concerns the 1st security danger there's a lot of crime and you're free to go out because there are many thieves giamatti plans to get tough bringing back the death penalty and restricting rights to gang members in jail. and the 2nd a lack of jobs that leads to guatemala city more people to the u.s. border than any of the country and probably why it is that on the way the problem is that since there's no work in guatemala many people migrate and sometimes it's sad what happens to those who die or get killed while searching for a new future to help their family get him a taste promised to stop creating jobs by increasing tourism and foreign investment to build what he calls an economic wall it's going to be tough inequality is deeply
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ingrained in a country that's the biggest economy in central america but in which more than half the population live in poverty as we all confirm it added to all this is an unexpected challenge to do just signed by the outgoing president with the u.s. it says that migrants crossing the country mainly from honduras and el salvador have to ask for asylum in guatemala rather than continue to the states if it's ratified it could mean tens of thousands of new arrivals mr giamatti doesn't want that deal but he may have to take it us a threatening tariffs of not. one other thing he doesn't want the u.n. backed anticorruption commission which he graphed in the business and political elite hard he's shown no interest in renewing its mandate that's made him far from universally popular in a country struggling with impunity starting from january when he takes office is 4 years to win over the dial to his own home and. the value of the ocean time
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passe has plummeted in value against the u.s. dollar after president mauricio macri was handed a major. defeat in primary elections the press so lost 14 percent of markets opened on monday mrs makris governing party polled 15 percent than the opposition candidate alberto fernandez and his running mate former president cristina fernandez de kirchner they secured more than 47 percent of the vote. a court in south africa has temporarily suspended plans to investigate president cyril ramaphosa for corruption president ram opposer had been accused of deliberately misleading parliament over a $50000.00 donation to his leadership campaign which he denies for me to miller has more from pretoria for president has managed to get a in interdict to stop the remedial action that was recommended by the public
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protector against him and that's link to her reports that she said he had deliberately misled parliament when answering questions around donations to his campaign when he was running for president of the african national congress on the public protector it said that the president issued to be referred to the ethics committee within parliament he that he had violated the executive ethics code and also she believes that there was enough evidence to indicate that there were this potentially money laundering involved in the movement of these campaign funds now this is something the president has denied he sought this interdict to prevent the remedial action from being implemented but is also wanting that report to be reviewed by the court he says the courts will decide whether or not the sir report should stand now the public protector has had difficulties in the past and some of our other reports with the constitutional court has also said that she's acted
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a conducted in in an improper conducted herself in an improper manner and is in fact also lied under oath no the spat between the public protector. and i'm up or so is one that's dominated the public debate a here in south africa there are a lot of questions being raised around what question still remark was a has to on so with regard to campaign donations which all parties and political leaders we receive but also the agenda behind the public project there are media reports in observers who who say that the public protector has a political agenda and that some of these reports that she's issued are unfounded and this has a great a deal has more to do with the issues within the african national congress in that it's a split party and there are perhaps people behind the scenes who potentially want the president out but essentially she's been able to get that interdict.


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