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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 13, 2019 8:00am-8:34am +03

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seeking them out to the classroom to solve problems in their local community. education inspiring song time. this time. accusing protesters of damaging the rule of law hong kong wants the financial hubs recovery will take a long time. for my headquarters in doha with me and the problem also ahead. the. protests prayers and didn't minister mean against new delhi's decision to revoke the disputed regions autonomy. balance back after
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a shocking defeat and presidential primaries leads to a market meltdown plus. the threat is coming from the united states and its western allies who are pouring weapons in. iran's foreign minister blames the us for rising tension in the gulf in an exclusive interview with al-jazeera. hong kong's leader kerry land says weeks of antigovernment protests a damaging the vote of law speaking to the media on tuesday the chief executive said hong kong is seriously wounded and warmth of the territory will take a long time to recover from the violent demonstrations. more than a 100 siple of violence no matter if it's using violence or condoning violence will push hong kong down a path of no return will plunge hong kong society into
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a very worrying and dangerous situation i believe that those who heard my words previously might have only half believed me but the situation in hong kong in the past week has made me very worried that we have reached this dangerous situation now hong kong opposition legislator cloudy of morrow says lance failed to answer questions about the suspended extradition bell that protesters want and tali withdrawn can relearn has basically been confined. to the press or the water who is actually running the show in hong kong and that is a change because. the press was asking whether she has the autonomy to do or what she things right about the slow explanation or is it all according to beijing's order and she wouldn't have received the journalistic suggestion that she may not be in charge now that's actually could be taken as
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insulting the suggestion for any normal. now operations are slowly resuming at hong kong to national airport but many flights remain canceled after protests shut down the tram hub on monday passengers have been cheering to check in less than 24 hours after demonstrations flooded the main terminal the protest forced the cancellation of more than 100 flights let's go to our correspondent rob bryant now he is live for us at hong kong airport will start with the address from carry lamb rob really strong words seem to reflect the more muscular police response of seen in the past few days. that's right it was classic kerry last very about you almost it could be beijing speaking again for a lot of people here especially in the protest movement the pan democratic campaign she is basically parroting what beijing has already said it's
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a very uncompromising stance it's rule of law and order must be maintained urging people not to take to the streets not to break the law. really supporting the police as you mentioned there it's almost as though the at the moment with the government so in battle beleaguered you don't see kerry lamb or her ministers that part from these brief press briefings they pretty much cancelled the official engagements or public engagements at least in the sign of the government or thora t. here is pretty much lines of police in the streets 6 deep in uniform occasionally firing off or tear gas and pepper spray that seems to be at the moment what we have in terms of government all or authority so very much carries i am saying once again that things are almost on a knife edge we are reaching this critical stage but supporting the police and urging people to get back to normal get back to work and then maybe we can have
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dialogue going well it has to be said that for a lot of these people those are the kind of things being said 5 years ago when the umbrella movement came to an end there was. i hope that there could be dialogue then that you have to say that in the past 5 years although there has been some tinkering with the fundamental problems here nothing much has changed so for a lot of people that question of dialogue about that ship has sailed a little bit and rob the protests have been going on for more than 10 weeks now but does it feel like with what happened at the airport that we've entered a new phase but the protests on just disrupting life in hong kong 100 flights were canceled on monday. all. absolutely it is it did take things to a new level we haven't been there before we didn't expect it there was all sorts of social media chatter monday about maybe getting thousands of people to the airport and maybe will bring it to a halt i have to say don't really believe that when we arrived here monday and saw tens of thousands of people here that's
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a real shock but things are gradually getting back to normal yes the flights were canceled monday a half day's worth of flights which always causes a big knock on effect for hong kong as one of the most important aviation hubs in the world it's not only flights coming in and out but all the connecting flights and the parts of china that hong kong connects with let me just give you a quick look here though they are gradually trying to clear the backlog and we have 2 levels here this is the arrival hall which still pretty much belongs to the protesters they are have their ongoing sit in trying to educate visiting passengers about what this dispute is all about and i would like to ban isn't posters alleging police brutality saying the police or the terrorist police or the murderers this is the departure hall and this pretty much belongs now to the traveling public wants more just a matter of hours ago this was completely closed it was swamped with protesters there were banners and stickers and placards everywhere it is
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a very worrying scene that they could do that and bring things to a standstill but it also elizabeth just quickly it also says something about this remarkable city that just a matter of hours later all of those posters placards of dan they places working normally they're trying to clear the backlog of passengers are checking in and there's lots of hong kong stuff behind those check in desks trying to get the place back up and running that's been rob thank you very much for that now that's wrong mcbride all the very latest live at hong kong airport thank you. we're going to move on to other news now an anger has shattered the muslim holiday of aden indeed administered kashmir need. as hundreds of people came out to protest against new delhi's decision to strip its autonomy they marched on the streets of the capital city in a god defying a security clampdown in place for more than one week priyanka got the has moved from new delhi. it's the muslim holiday of either. the largest city in india administered. under the tightest security in
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a week or. worshipers attend prayers but only in neighborhood mosques. a peaceful protest followed. these kashmiris are angry at the indian government's decision to reform their autonomy to. god in order there were 2 days which are festive and sacred and that aid but this is not. we're just mourning in kashmir. the government says security restrictions are being eased in most areas in general and parts of kashmir valley. our policy is greater relaxation and great easing out so that people can come out and greet each other but at the same time we are keeping a watch on the situation if they are any mysterious elements who want to disturb peace we'll be tough with them so. would you.
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in new delhi me students meet the best of the holiday far away from home they say they haven't been able to speak to their families for over a week. to gather for a feast but their minds are on the events unfolding back home. this is the 1st time that you know we have not been able to talk to our parents are important which is not only. not only religiously important but culturally important as well we have not been able to speak or might have not spoken to my family for 7. more some chris midis and activists. gathered in the heart of the capital determined to get their voices heard. there is anger and frustration among these new delhi stunned by the extent of the communication blackout that stopping them from reaching their families especially during the muslim holiday of the government says these are structured is a temporary but its impact can be felt on the daily lives of those cut off from the
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outside world. al-jazeera delhi or pakistan's government asked people there to tone down the celebrations in solidarity with bush may these and the come on high there has more. although it did in pakistan it is are not nor most of the television networks that would normally be throwing entertainment programs a concentrated on the issue of the pakistani foreign minister also expanding. in the focus on the administration. of course and send a strong message that international community in my state nor. crises. in pakistan right now nor just the political battle and the water of war that is going on between new delhi and they. are the humanitarian crises that people in
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indian administered kashmir have been in a state of lockdown for 7 days now they're running out of food and medicine and. i reports indicate from. their situation indeed grave and the apprehension that once these people come out and their district attorneys are lifted that people are they going to win. on the streets which would lead to more bloodshed i just something the pakistani foreign minister had been warning about the fact that the pakistani military chief general come our job red bar draw also spend time with their troops celebrating or rather or preserving with frontline troops on the line of control that day why is the indian and pakistani military forces. so that people. strong. imam musri manas the same lecture and international
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relations at king's college london. if there was an extent what if $947.00 as it as it happened round about partition india did actually annex quite a few of the princely states including the. princely states a jew general and and hyderabad kashmir it self was joined india through an instrument of atic station by the hindu maharajah at the time and that of course led to the conflict which eventually led to so of un intervention and call for a club that never occurred so pakistan is using the term. is i think using it to draw attention to the issue which absolutely needs to needs to have more attention to it i believe that the international community and the un as a sort of embodiment of that would see this is an ongoing. international dispute
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but also a major. question of concern for the human rights of a particular people their people the question about annexation the question specifically about the united nations is that there are a number of acts and un resolutions that the international community and the united nations i think would return to if they want you to start addressing this conflict . still ahead on the boston heavy rains hamper rescue efforts in china as the death toll from typhoon became a growers. and to end the shadow of conflict of a survey in the making or less will go a long way during an important muslim holiday.
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hello again or welcome back or here cross parts of afghanistan to pakistan we've seen a lot of rain pushing through but most of it has been down here along the coast where the monsoonal showers in karate have been deadly as the system pushed through causing a lot of flash flooding across much of the area now things are improving here we are seeing drier conditions few temps are there of 31 degrees here on tuesday as we go towards wednesday really not seeing too much for change there but over here towards baghdad it is going to be a very hot day for you with a temperature of 48 degrees well here across the gulf we are seeing days of humidity days of dryness and that is going to be playing out over the next few days as well when we sing about $41.00 degrees here on tuesday that means humidity is kicking back in by the time we go towards mid week also as we go towards wednesday the temp to comes down but the ability comes up going to be say about $39.00 degrees there $26.00 in the scott at about 30 degrees for you and then very quickly
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as a big way down here across parts of southern africa we have seen a lot of problems across much of the southeast coast with some winds as well as some clouds temperatures have come down for durban they were basically getting to 30 degrees early in the week we're down to about 19 degrees there johannesburg at 22 and on wednesday we'll be seeing durban at 21. on counting the cost a new world currency to challenge the dollar facebook's global dominance faces challenges. seawalls china lets the one to trump up the trade the economic and environmental costs of sand extract something that costs on al-jazeera .
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i'm elizabeth problem and these are the top stories on al-jazeera hong kong leaders in the territory will take a long time to recover from anti-government protests what she says pushing it down the path of more caravans comments follow a protest but shut down the airport on monday hundreds of protesters have defied a security lockdown and did administered kashmir as residents of the disputed territory celebrate the muslim holiday of. demonstrators marched in the city of sri lanka 8 days off that and the area's autonomy pakistan's government says it lost the un to rule on what it calls the illegal an extension of the area by new delhi.
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and anjan tina's conservative president has failed to win a 2nd term despite a shock to feet in sunday's presidential primary the peso plummeted as a result at $1.00 more than 30 percent against the dollar. the death toll from typhoon of chemo which is battered much of eastern china has risen to $45.00 rescue efforts underway with more than a dozen people still missing after the storm moved up the coast from shanghai towards the capital beijing scott hardly has the latest from county which was hit by typhoon leukaemia. when then super typhoon kima came ashore early saturday morning here on the eastern coast of china it was the worst storm i had seen for years and what happened as it hit the eastern coast very early saturday morning but what happened here in this community you know there are 5000000 people in china they are impacted by this storm system and why this
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community was impacted the most of any of those 5000000 that's because up along this valley now this is an area that's outside the evacuation zone over a 1000000 people were evacuated during this typhoon the people here were not because they're outside of that zone the storm wasn't supposed to come this far and it really didn't but what did happen is up the valley water started to pool a natural dam formed and then it broke and then flash floods came streaming down this valley and buried more than 20 people in a community just up the river a little bit and you can see here the community is still cleaning up and this is well after 2 days since the storm hit. what they're doing is they're having to clear these areas on the way up to where some of the biggest devastation is now obviously they're going to do this repeated times as they go up now they're telling us they just got here on monday you know it's couple days after the typhoon that's because they're specials to do exactly what just happened now again there are many more kilometers of this work straight up the road that they
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have to do now in the meantime though further down the line there are still people missing about approximately 9 people they think are still buried beneath this rubble so the searching goes on and the cleanup goes on but obviously this is very beneficial for the rescue crews that have to get further up the valley. iran's foreign minister has accused the us of a leading a military buildup in the gulf that could destabilize the region and an exclusive interview with al-jazeera john the city says more warships in the strait of hormuz will need lead to more and security. reports. as the u.s. batanes the pressure on iran tension is on the rise american and british vessels have been deployed in the gulf as the u.s. calls for an international military coalition to secure the strait of hold was one of the wells busiest shipping. but iran's foreign minister javad zarif told. the naval build up could destabilize the entire region this is
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a tiny body of water and the more poor and noble vessels you have in this body of water the less secure it is for everybody. based on experience presidents of the united states important neighbor pleat in the persian gulf has never produced security america will not be held hostage to nuclear blackmail it all started last year when u.s. president donald trump pulled out of the landmark 2015 year clear agreement with iran saying it was a bad deal and reinstated sanctions targeting to her and countries trading with it . the sanctions were soon felt in iran is economy is struggling and inflation is soaring iranian officials remain defiant accusing the u.s. and its allies in the middle east of plotting to undermine that country. iran spent
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last year 16000000000 dollars on all of its military with almost a 1000000 people under arms we paid 16 beauty the united arab emirates with a total $1000000.00 population indigenous population spent 22000000000 dollars saudi arabia spent $87000000000.00 now if you're talking about threats coming from countries in the region the threat is coming from the united states and its western allies who are pouring their pins into this reading making it a tender box ready to blow up where with the nuclear deal it may not hold the e.u. has established a mechanism to bypass the u.s. sanctions but iran is calling for more its leaders warn if the sanctions continue there will resume enriching uranium beyond the limit agreed under the terms of the 2015 deal runs and germany say they won't join the u.s.
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led naval build a move some see as an attempt by the 2 countries to give diplomacy a chance. and you can watch cautions phone interview with john as if on talk to al jazeera at 1630 g.m.t. on tuesday. now people in northern syria marking the 8th holiday against a backdrop of increasing violence government forces have been bombarding targets in northern hama and southern adlib since last week's shortlived cease fire now that's in stark contrast to festivities the syrian refugees living in southern turkey but isn't a back of reports many still want to return permanently to their homeland. it is a time of solemn sacrifice. in a country that suffered 8 years of continuous war food supplies in syria's italy province are precious before these animals will be shared among the community but
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not of the what is good for despite the lack of sheep the ongoing conflicts and the continual grim argument that we don't want to forget our religious commitment. says the collapse of a short lived ceasefire last week the killing has continued. activists say rockets of barrel bombs have targeted villages in northern and southern lebanon. the syrian government backed by its ally russia is advancing on the last part of the country in rebel control. it's an all too familiar scene rescuers trying to reach the site of a recent bombardment and another victim since april more than 800 civilians have been killed including hundreds of children 400000 people are homeless russia and turkey the countries that brokered last week's failed cease fire are unable to restore it. a few hours north of it in the turkish city of. eat holiday is being
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celebrated with ease and abundance the city has welcomed 500000 syrians it hasn't always been easy for turks and new arrivals to live side by side but unlike other turkey cities. was quick to realize that many syrians are here to stay and has done an awful lot to integrate them for many syrians especially the young this is the only home they've ever known. but even here in the safety of turkey the syrian conflict casa long shadow. and suffer fled syria 4 years ago with her son after her husband was captured by i still feel some. sadness in the event i remembered to post to all things my husband syrians just to eat any more you won't be able to celebrate it s. not his fault. the office hope an opportunity for her son but end stuff
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still moves among her memories turkey will never truly be her home while the war rages on me the 2 will syria neve back out jazeera. to argentina now a conservative president who has vowed to win a 2nd term despite his shock defeat in sunday's presidential primary financial markets in argentina reacted strongly with the peso wanting more than 30 percent against the dollar has more from brian aside it is. the day after his shock overwhelming defeat in primary elections president he said he would listen more he appealed to argentina's the patience for his policies to show results his address to the nation came after a day of emergency meetings firstly with the head of the central bank them with his cabinet i mean they live in the oh you must to you on the we've had a very bad day today we're poorer than we were before the primaries we've been hit
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hard the dollar has gone up again with all the consequences that will have. the markets reacted to sunday's result what the government was still reeling the ark in time bay so last one 3rd of its value against the u.s. dollar in the 1st few hours of trading stocks and shares in both wall street and one osiris took a pounding the argentine electorate has clearly rejected president makris neo liberal austerity measures while the opposition is offering solutions to argentina's problems that the financial markets are clearly said they don't like. and that if the results of sunday's primaries are repeated in october and it would signal a clear 1st round victory for a birthday often and is. his vice presidential running mate is the former president cristina fernandez to kitchener and the markets return to her populism high spending on social projects and the allegations of corruption that still haunt her . it seems to me that i was in diane's haven't learned much in all these years i
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think a hard god knows i was going to come back to the government which i think is bad news equally mackley is a bad manager the economy a bad man they're gonna me who are better graduates and but didn't walk. you can't believe devoted prefer crew criminal imo. under don't appreciate all the public work that's been done it's been a mad and i'm sad because this can be the result as resoundingly across latin america the right wing president of neighboring brazil one of the return of a left wing government in argentina could lead to another venezuela. we don't want our rajan time brothers playing here that would happen if the results of the elections held yesterday are confirmed in the october vote. the size of the argentine government defeat is still being analyzed it is a difficult situation the voters' votes was a pocket and best of votes were runs with the expectation of
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a konami policy with a little over 2 months until presidential elections the argentine electorate must now consider which of 2 start clear opposing economic models will best resolve the dire economic difficulties that how to 01 osiris. now a sweeping overhaul of the u.s. endangered species act has been finalised by the trumpet ministration and it's likely to clear the way for a new mining oil and gas drilling $970.00 s. act is credited with bringing several iconix iconic species back from the brink of extinction democratic controlled states california and massachusetts so they'll go to court to fight the changes alan fischer reports. it's an iconic american symbol the national bird picked for its long life great strength and majesty and no could be under threat the bald eagle was just one of the things protected under the 1973 endangered species act signed into law by president nixon it's been described as
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the most essential piece of legislation protecting fish plants and wildlife in the u.s. supporters say it saved the likes of the grizzly bear and the florida manatee from extinction don't trump wants to expand oil and gas drilling and to do that means opening up the areas the protected species called home and no the white house has announced this to change the way the endangered species act is applied it says it will ease the burden on landowners and make economic growth easier before only science could be used to determine if a species should be protected no economic factors will also play a part what i would hope is that each city each each community each state in the united states takes their own independent action to protect the endangered species that are found in their locality in a sense bypassing the federal system just as they're doing with the climate change that you ation where cities and companies and communities have taken climate change
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seriously even though the u.s. government appears not to be the change will be lodged in the federal register it takes 30 days before it becomes accepted policy just 3 months ago a united nations report warns human pressures could push 1000000 species into extinction worldwide and it suggested protecting land in biodiversity was critical to keep greenhouse gas emissions under control very mentalists a polar bears and arctic seals could be among those at risk from these new u.s. regulations alan fischer al-jazeera. dominance of the planet and die hard with the headlines on al-jazeera hong kong's leader carrier and says weeks of antigovernment protests are damaging the rule of law speak to the media on tuesday morning the chief executive said hong kong is seriously wounded and war the territory will take
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a long time to recover from the violent demonstrations. more than a 100 so people are violent no matter if it's using violence or condoning violence will push hong kong down a path of no return will plunge hong kong society into a very worrying and dangerous situation i believe that those who heard my words previously might have only half believed me but the situation in hong kong in the past week has made me very worried that we have reached this dangerous situation. meanwhile operations are slowly resuming at hong kong international airport but many flights remain cancelled after protests shut down the travel hub on monday passengers have been queuing to check in less than 24 hours after demonstrators flooded the main terminal the protests forced the cancellation of more than 100 flights. and other news hundreds of protesters have defied a security lockdown and it administered kashmir as residents of the disputed territory celebrate the muslim holiday of either demonstrators marched in the city
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of srinagar 8 days after india revoked the areas autonomy pakistan's government says it will ask the you want to rule on what it calls the legal and exception of the area by new delhi. conservative president maurice your mockery has valve to win a 2nd term despite a shock defeat in sunday's presidential primary the peso plummeted as a result at $1.00 in more than 30 percent against the dollar. saudi arabia says it's offering its full support to yemen's government after southern separatists took control of the port city of aden crown prince mohammed bin sandman and kings how man have met leaders from the u.a.e. and yemen the u.a.e. is now urging dialogue despite backing the separatists who launched a major offensive at the weekend. well those are the headlines on al-jazeera do stay with us counting the cost is coming up next. scholar and lawyer.
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and politician. radical and prisoner in a 2 part series al-jazeera world tells the story of one of the most enigmatic figures in sudan's turbulent history. whose influence is still felt on events in the country today sit down i'll to robbie's life and politics on al-jazeera. hello i'm from al santamaria and this is counting the cost on al-jazeera your weekly look at the world of business and economics this week. on balance it sounds like a solid idea or a new world currency to challenge the dollar given it's backed by facebook well it's just not that simple we will look at the challenges the social network faces from governments central banks and data account also this week the currency war within the trade war china lets the one depreciate as donald trump slams paging
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with the title of currency manipulator brags it also takes another lump out of the pounds i'm going to lecture.


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