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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 13, 2019 10:00am-10:34am +03

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0. and. more protests in hong kong despite warnings from the trees leader demonstrators are damaging the rule of law. and this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. the. protests after prayers in indianapolis and kashmir against new delhi's decision to
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revoke the disputed regions of ptolemy. the arjun time leader to bounce back after a shocking defeat in the presidential primaries problems market turbulence. plus it's been credited with saving the bald eagle and grizzly bear but will explain why the u.s. is weakening its endangered species act. thousands of pro-democracy protesters are beginning to stage a new rally for a 2nd at hong kong's airport this comes a day after a massive demonstration that triggered a massive a shutdown rather at the busy international travel. meanwhile hong kong's leader kerry says weeks of antigovernment protests are damaging the rule of law the chief executive told the media in hong kong the territory is seriously wounded she warmed
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it will take a long time to recover the violent demonstrations. molinari homicidal violence no matter if it's using violence or condoning violence will push hong kong down a path of no return will plunge hong kong society into a very worrying and dangerous situation i believe that those who heard my words previously might have only half believed me but the situation in hong kong in the past week has made me very worried that we have reached this dangerous situation. meanwhile operations are slowly resuming a hong kong international airport after protests shut down the travel habit monday passengers are being queuing to check in less than 24 hours after demonstrators flooded the main terminal the protest forced the cancellation of more than $100.00 flights. i'm trying for the 3rd time to get out ok but. it's a bit rough when your luggage is one side and you're one side and you. know
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it's just it hasn't been funny i don't think i would if i fly a whole comic. now we have 2 correspondents across the story in the moment scott high blood joins us from shams in china 1st straight over to rob what bride was actually at hong kong ports starts and still at hong kong airport tell us about how the process is shaping up there 1st before we talk about caroline. yes here at home airports more protesters are gathering you this time yesterday monday they were simply streaming in by their thousands and probably got up into the 10s of thousands that kind of number that just brought this place to a standstill messages have been going out on social media one more time asking people to come along here and do the same thing has to be said we are seeing a buildup we are seeing far more protesters arriving here the basically the your
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arrival this is pretty much a tale of 2 levels if you like if you have a look down here this is the arrival hall and this is very much in the main of the protesters they've been having this rolling city and telling visitors here all about the alleged brutality of the police force here the police the terrorist violence being exerted by the police especially after these violent clashes that disperse demonstrations on sunday but then up here at the departure level this is very much still the demeanor of the traveling public if you like about the same time yesterday 24 hours ago this was completely congested all of these walls were getting filled up with posters alleging all kinds of abuses by the police all of this departure board was pretty much solid red but if we have a quick glance over here there is some red gradually flights the backlog of
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flights are being cleared hong kong is quite good at this kind of thing it's used to having typhoons which typically will cancel a day's worth or half a day's worth of flights we have had it could be. this type of people and it does take a couple of days to get those flights moving again but that is what the staff are doing here we go and have a look over here all of these checking counters are working but it has to be said that we do see more protesters out this departure level and the question is as we go through the next few hours it's all very good natured very good humor that doesn't seem to much anger certainly the kind of anger that we saw yesterday monday after the violence on the streets and alleged brutality by the police on the sunday they seem to be far karma the question remains whether the numbers will get out to the kind of level that's going to disrupt flights army. and briefly doesn't look like they're heeding then the strong warnings from kerry lamb and that tense press conference. no need to be
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a fan i think it just seems to the type 2 sides to be seem to be as entrenched as ever for many of the protesters she is simply parroting beijing's position there was nothing new in it and the bad news for kerry lam is of course that the organization that organized all of these mass rallies the 2000000 people out on the streets for example the last demonstration they organized was more than 3 weeks ago which ended in violent clashes at the chinese liaison office for the 1st time they have put in and are planning to organize another big rally for this coming sunday summit thanks so much from the bride there it's governor scott heide lay he's on the other side and in mainland china in shen's and so scott where the said there's been some military drills going on how are they being perceived. so you know where in jenin you're right behind me that is essentially the gateway from mainland china into hong kong we've got a railway station we've got a bus station and also an area for
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a pedestrian traffic that flows into hong kong and this is a busy busy place during the normal time what's interesting going to those paramilitary forces and equipment that we've seen from state media this came out on monday it's very interesting c.c.t.v. and a local newspaper that's run by the government put out images and video of armored personnel carriers being driven down here into shenzhen they're being housed in a plastic stadium just on the outside of the city now what we know is that this is clearly a signal you know the rhetoric coming out of the government the central government in china shifted also on monday we heard them relate to what's happening in hong kong as terrorism that there are terrorist activities associated with with the protests they also firmed up their position with with kerry lamb they say that she has our full support this the central government and stand behind all of her decisions and again we heard from her today as rob was just mentioning so those drills that kind of could be looked at as
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a kind of smoke screen for having those armored personnel carriers come down obviously that was sending a message a strong message the also use the term iron fist crackdown if it gets too bad over in hong kong this coming again from the central government but also it's going to be interesting because they say that there's going to be an exercise a large exercise and that's why these armored personnel carriers are coming down but with the timing semi it appears to be a bit suspect. how do people in the main the view was happening in hong kong. well it's very interesting sam you know we just spoke to some people just behind me in that train station and they say that they're angry and frustrated and scared they want the hong kong government the central government of china to do more to stop the protests they say here these are people here on the mainland china side and it comes down to some very specific reasons according to one family we spoke with and that's because they want to take their kids to hong kong disneyland and they're worried about the safety of their children so they are frustrated about
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what's going on just across the border behind me sammy in hong kong so obviously a very personal take on it but overall that's kind of the feeling we've been getting from people in cent in mainland china is that they're frustrated because they they don't have the freedom that the people in hong kong do so they don't quite understand this process of doing the protesting that's been going on sami. there from shands. has overshadowed the muslim holiday of aid in indian administered kashmir hundreds of people came out to protest against new delhi's decision to strip its autonomy they marched on the streets of the capital srinagar defying a security clampdown in place for more than a week. has more from delhi. it's the muslim holy day of even street the largest city in india that ministered to me under the tightest security you know week. 10 prayers but only
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mosques. a peaceful protest followed. meetings. at the indian government's decision to reform their autonomy to the muslim on oh dear god you know what their limbs there were 2 days which are festive and sacred and that's 8 but this is not. we're just mourning kashmir. the government says security restrictions are being eased in most areas in general and parts of. our policy is greater relaxation and great easing out so that people can come out and greet each other but at the same time we are keeping a watch on the situation if they are any mysterious elements who want to disturb peace we'll be tough with them. going to. a new delhi me students meet the best of the holiday far away from home d.c.
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they haven't been able to speak to their families for over a week. to gather for a feast but their minds are on the events unfolding back home. this is the 1st time that you know we have not been able to walk or talk to our parents are important which is not only interesting not only just really important but culturally important as well we have not been able to speak or might have not spoken to my family for 7. more some chris midis and activists gathered in the heart of the capital determined to get their voices heard. there is anger and frustration among these kids marries a new delhi stunned by the extent of the communication blackout that stopping them from reaching their families especially in the muslim holiday of the government says these are structured is a temporary but its impact can be felt on the daily lives of those cut off from the outside world. al-jazeera new delhi. argentina's
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conservative president korea's vowing to win a 2nd term despite his shock defeat in sunday's presidential primary financial markets in argentina reacted strongly on monday the peso fell more than 30 percent against the dollar. has more from one of. the day after his shock overwhelming defeat in primary elections president mackey said he would listen more he appealed to argentina's the patience for his policies to show results his address to the nation came after a day of emergency meetings firstly with the head of the central bank then with his cabinet i mean to live in the oh you must to you. we've had a very bad day today we're poorer than we were before the primaries we've been hit hard the dollar has gone up again with all the consequences that will have. the markets reacted to sunday's result what the government was still reeling the action time base so last one 3rd of its value against the us dollar in the 1st few hours
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of trading stocks and shares in both wall street and one osiris took a pounding the argentine electorate has clearly rejected president machree smear liberal austerity measures while the opposition is offering solutions to argentina's problems that the financial markets are clearly said they don't like. and that if the results of sunday's primaries are repeated in october and it would signal a clear 1st round victory for a birthday or fernandes. his vice presidential running mate is the former president cristina fernandez to kitchener and the markets return to her populism high spending on social projects and the allegations of corruption that still haunt her . it seems to me that i was in diamonds haven't learned much in all these years i think a hard god knows i was going to come back to the government which i think is bad news equally mackley is a bad manager the economy a bad marriage the economy we're better graduates and. can't believe divert is
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preferred. a criminal a mob and it don't appreciate all the public work that's been done it's bad i'm mad and i'm sad because this can be. the result has resulted across latin america the right wing president of neighboring brazil one of the return of a left wing government in argentina could lead to another venezuela. we don't want our rajan time brothers playing here that would happen if the results of the elections held yesterday are confirmed in the october vote. the size of the argentine government defeat is still being analyzed it is a difficult situation the voters votes was a pocket and the best of votes was runs with the expectation of a konami policy with a little over 2 months until presidential elections the argentine electorate must now consider which of to start clear opposing economic models will best result of their dire economic difficulties than shwe i know how to 01 osiris also the head of
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al jazeera antibiotics have saved millions of lives but we'll tell you why they're losing their effectiveness. hello again a welcome back to international weather forecast well we have seen a lot of better weather here across parts of western europe that we did have a big storm that did push through the region brought some very gusty winds a lot of power outages across much of the area the storm system is now making its way up here toward scandinavia now we are picking up a few more showers across parts of central europe we do have a frontal boundary that is coming down across this area this is going to give us some severe weather over the next few days we're going to be watching that very carefully but also the winds are going to continue here across much of northern germany denmark as well as poland as well temptress london though here on tuesday
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we are looking at about 20 degrees things to get worse as we go towards wednesday would you pick up a lot more rain a lot more winds temptress coming down to about 18 degrees there also we are going to see some very rainy and stormy conditions out here across much of eastern europe all the way down here across the balkan peninsula and those storms could be quite severe at times down here towards the southeast though the temperatures are still quite warm we're talking athens at $35.00 degrees and also istanbul at about $38.00 where across the northern part of africa we are looking at temperatures coming down for tunis study about 35 degrees here on tuesday but by the time we get towards wednesday 32 degrees here and look at 30.
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welcome back you're watching our time to recap lines thousands of protesters have gathered at hong kong's airport for a 5th straight day monday's rally caused a shutdown at the busy international travel help in 100 homes leader kerry says weeks of antigovernment protests damaging the rule of law. the muslim holidays been
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marked by demonstrations in india and administered kashmir hundreds of protesters defied the security lockdown and city of the ga 8 days after india revoked theory is autonomy pakistan's government is calling it illegal alex ation is calling for the un to would be. argentina's conservative president korea's vowed to with a 2nd term despite his shock defeat in sunday's presidential primary. plummeted as a result one point forming more than 30 percent think against the dollar. saudi arabia says it's offering its full support to gammons government after a sudden separatists took control of the port city of aden crown prince mohammed bin man and king sandman of leaders from the u.a.e. and yemen the u.a.e. is now urging dialogue despite backing the separatists who launched a major offensive at the weekend saturday
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a morality coalition has been fighting yemen's who 3 rebels more than 4 years. meanwhile civilians who have fled the airman's war torn west coast are now living in poverty with little hope of finding a decent home or job is in short supply is who faces and sadly u.s. coalition forces continue to battle al jazeera. has been following the struggle of a number of families across the country he sent this report. this year many victims of war are living next to a graveyard 1000 kilometers from their homes fighting force them to move south from radar problems to aden but now they face a different poverty and hunger they don't have the money to pay for the most basic commodities. that we consist of 11 families who have fled. we have found no shelter except this cleave yard we are scattered between the graves as we
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cannot be our shelter there are. 100 cells into plastic bottles which he collects from the streets he says it's all the way he can even attempt to provide for his big family. most days we eat and leftover food in the garbage i work all day to collect plastic bottle on the best days i end up with one or $2.00 so we asked for blankets and regular food aid from. the united nations says more than 2000000 many families have left their homes since the war began in march 20000 here in the south of people are being displaced from their homes is as great as those in aden across the country foreign help has failed to supply enough aid to those nader. 4 years of war has led to our credit. or basic essentials. fled the fighting and later
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for summer his family have taken over this long deserted house his son needs an appreciation to see his right eye but there is no money there but i haven't heard there that i flee the war and who data is the situation there has become unbearable especially after i lost my work i've also come here to treat my son before he loses his sight but i have ended up with no work and with no hope for a piece of future. as the fighting in her later goes on despite a ceasefire that was signed last december more civilians are likely to be forced from their homes in search of safety and food. i mean his family's long journey has brought them to this we've got but they don't know how they will survive over the coming months without bob. somehow iran's foreign minister is accusing the u.s. of leading a military buildup in the gulf that could destabilize the region in an exclusive
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interview with al-jazeera says more warships in the strait of hormuz will only lead to more insecurity. for us. as the u.s. batanes the pressure on iran tension is on the rise american and british vessels have been deployed in the gulf as the u.s. calls for an international military coalition to secure the strait of hold was one of the wells busiest shipping. but iran's foreign minister javad zarif told. the naval build up could destabilize the entire region this is a tiny body of water and the more poor and noble vessels you have been this body of water the less secure it is for everybody. based on experience presidents of the united states important neighbor pleat in the persian gulf has never produced security america will not be held hostage to nuclear blackmail it all started last
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year when u.s. president donald trump pulled out of the landmark 2015 year clear agreement with iran saying it was a bad deal he then reinstated sanctions targeting to her and countries trading with it. the sanctions were soon felt in iran is economy is struggling and inflation is soaring iranian officials remain defiant accusing the u.s. and its allies in the middle east of plotting to undermine their country. iran spent last year 16000000000 dollars on all of its military with almost a 1000000 people under arms we paid $16000000000.00 the united arab emirates with a total $1000000.00 population indigenous population spent 22000000000 dollars saudi arabia spent $87000000000.00 now if you're talking about threats
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coming from countries in the region the threat is coming from the united states and its western allies who are pouring weapons into this reader making it a tender box ready to blow up. the nuclear deal it may not hold the e.u. has established a mechanism to bypass the u.s. sanctions but iran is calling for more its leaders ward if the sanctions continue there will resume enriching uranium beyond the limit agreed under the terms of the 2015 deal runs and germany say they won't join the u.s. led naval build a move some see as an attempt by the 2 countries to give diplomacy a chance. and you can watch hashim this full interview with gerard zarif on talk to al-jazeera at 1630 g.m.t. on tuesday. antibiotics are credited with saving hundreds of millions of
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lives worldwide there are increasing availability has accelerated resistance rates that worry doctors in kenya researchers say many drugs losing their ability to kill germs catherine sawyer reports. this is a laboratory in nairobi run by kenya's medical research institute scientists are investigating germs and bacteria that cause diseases with a special focus on antibiotic resistance this problem initially was only in hospitals but now we're finding a lot of people who are getting think in the community but by the time they're getting to the hospital they are very very. researches have concluded antibiotic resistance has been increasing for a number of reasons misuse of medicines including taking too much or not enough taking the wrong drugs also bad environment conditions at best infections in neighborhoods and hospitals and poor handling or packaging of antibiotics
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jacqueline simmias not aware of all those things. has been feverish is vomiting and has diarrhea it's a typical case of a sun monella disease that kills $45000.00 kenyan children every year and resists most antibiotics in the market she took to a neighborhood chemist which in itself is a mistake in the company i took her to the chemist because she was getting worse i got some medicine in this one and another one but she's not improving they did not test her they looked at her and i told them the symptoms and they give me the medicine there are many chemists off am a system operating without license this woman told us not to reveal her identity she has no formal education in medicine yet thousands of people depend on how to help them when they fall sick. i did not finish nothing school but in 2013 a friend of mine taught me about medicine for fire. month i then worked with another pharmacist here for
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a while and when he had to leave i took over the chemist. doc to say i'm qualified fam assists contribute highly to the problem and here's why i'm going to a chemist here and i'm going to give the family says fictitious symptoms and see what medicine he gives me. the chemist over as it is registered and in a busy part of the neighborhood some of the symptoms i list suggest you read infection back there pharmacists don't question me much or even ask for any test results or doctor's prescription so i told them that i have a fever and my lower abdomen pain me i can call them the medicine that i want some of these drugs can only describe as a. back up to see me home as mother continues to medicate her hoping she'll get better soon and that even if she gets better whatever she's suffering from will not free car catteries al-jazeera and i will be. ministration as finalized a sweeping overhaul of the us and dangerous species act it's likely to clear the
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way for new mining and oil and gas drilling the $170.00 s. act is credited with bringing several iconic species back from the brink of extinction alan fischer reports. it's an iconic american symbol the national bird picked for its long life great strength and majesty and no could be under threat the bald eagle was just one of the things protected under the 1973 endangered species act signed into law by president nixon it's been described as the most essential piece of legislation protecting fish plants and wildlife in the u.s. supporters say it saved the likes of the grizzly bear and the florida manatee from extinction don't trump wants to expand oil and gas drilling and to do that means opening up the areas the protected species called home and no the white house has announced this to change the way the endangered species act is applied it says it will ease the burden on landowners and make economic growth easier before only
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science could be used to determine if a species should be protected no economic factors will also play a part what i would hope is that each city each each community each state in the united states takes their own independent action to protect the endangered species that are found in their locality in a sense bypassing the federal system just as they're doing with the climate change that you ation where cities and companies and communities have taken climate change seriously even though the u.s. government appears not to be the change will be lodged in the federal register it takes 30 days before it becomes accepted policy just 3 months ago a united nations report warned human pressures could push 1000000 species into extinction worldwide and it suggested protecting land in biodiversity was critical to keep greenhouse gas emissions under control very mentalists
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a polar bears and arctic seals could be among those at risk from these new u.s. regulations alan fischer i'll just say that. you can keep up to date with all the stories if you head over to our website al-jazeera dot com. let's take you through some of those stories now thousands of protesters are gathered at hong kong's airport for a 5th straight day monday's rally caused a shutdown at the busy international travel meanwhile hong kong's leader carol-ann says weeks of antigovernment protests are damaging the rule of law. more than i have the siple it violence no matter if it's using violence or condoning violence will push hong kong down a path of no return we plunge hong kong society into a very worrying and dangerous situation i believe that those who heard my words
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previously might have only half believed me but the situation in hong kong in the past week has made me very worried that we have reached this dangerous situation in indian administered kashmir hundreds of protesters have defied the security lockdown as residents of the disputed territory celebrate the muslim holiday of demonstrators marched in the city of srinagar 8 days after india revoke the area's autonomy pakistan's government says it will ask the un to rule on what it calls the illegal alex ation of the area by new delhi. argentina's conservative president maurice machree is vowed to win the 2nd term despite his shock defeat in sunday's presidential primary the pair so plummeted as a result one point for more than 30 percent against the dollar mike crees left wing rival alberta foreign and this came in a little over 15 percent ahead in the vote the results suggest machree will face an
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uphill battle going into your job or election. saudi arabia says it's offering its full support to yemen's government after 7 separatists took control of the port city of aden crown prince mohammed and son man and man of met leaders from the u.a.e. and yemen the u.a.e. is now urging dialogue despite backing the separatists who launched a major offensive at the weekend a saudi a morality coalition has been fighting yemen's hooty rebels for more than 4 years iran's foreign minister is accusing the u.s. of leading a military buildup in the gulf that could destabilize the region in an exclusive interview with al-jazeera divides i have says more warships in the strait of hormuz only lead to more insecurity. headlines the news continues here now desir after inside story. tool to al-jazeera. what guarantees that will be given to the people will be attending the minimal
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workshop we listen i'm supposed to explain apologize for someone who is also terrorizing me we meet with global newsmakers and talk about the stories that matter to 0. it's rare and it's deadly the democratic republic of congo has suffered its worst ever in full outbreak an experimental vaccine may prove effective against the virus but what does it take to contain the disease and how do you reach the people most at risk this is inside story. hello and welcome to the program. the democratic republic of congo is struggling to contain the 2nd largest outbreak of ebola ever it's killed at least $1800.00 people
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in just one year in the central african country and has been declared a public health emergency of international concern by the world health organization .


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